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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, February 26, 1903, Image 7

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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An Induatry Ropiotn With P co
of Intonso Intoros'--Timo-Piec: ; by
tho ;undi"od3- Tioro Aro M1:iy B:i,y t
Factorios is This Count:y, huao of
Thom Emuployingl Thousa:tds o:'ald
- . :v ;utio . c .' cl Cr::i,:.
11221? Y.i I1t2':22 i::" ,l'' it Is gt'II:'r7 -
O o1t e ilcliu ti r is 1In11e Ire1
i,lete wi'itii itt2re1st;nt g ptO
Nd IiI:UIi's~ (ii 1111 u ii''t \ Ilt'11
( II11t1riutt:re. I t is 1ge'n:r
-y :(Inlitte"d that the a!ptn'ac"hin1: inl
Istrial sulpr"elney of the! l'nitedl
ate', i I 's lrg'Iy d e to the inltrolu('
ni of Iloor-s:t\'iliIinac' hiner"y, :and if
ly li)erson "ol"t'iersatt with the ihiole
-l r,i titlne-iav'tig and labor -Savinig
JIiinuces were to-daity lskd'( to indii
tie pe inte of activity in whi h th se
bor-Savitn ai))1hin's and autoatic
I n n11 21y it :t, I1eenl in thei ' iiist
ttd 1('oi i o iond rful d'velt1itll,t he
i 111 unstly tougge t iil '21st watch
takin :as e(trid n on at n of the b,ig
lelr.tileiau i faclurie2 which arte nlow
pdi!IyIiig i lige part of thi worwld
'ithi tiliiec:es,
frn the lden('1 days watches wi"ere
unde alillost e(Itisl\ve1y by haRtal, and,
:1deedI , they aye so itoilstruc'ted ill Eu1
oi112 to-a(Ily. It wa svti, Yankev genlius
vehvovdthe idea of applying
nahinery to watch iallufature. T'1his
'adienl tu novtion wa':s first lintroclueed
)y n Iii B n waIO1l'tlrh n:tker nani1d I )lln
'1Qis n, abou t. Ite linitlle of 1ite 11s1
'(enlttury. The t hery which 12t New",
Eng lanl n ink1112: of watcies ('onci'i1'e1
anid which he ullinitely'arrit'Il out
i u('e'ssfIllyt wans 211t special tlnnhirtts
inig;ht he aubs,titutedt for)] htuman sk:ill
and intsure stil- linitift'inily or1f(rlt"t
that the dit-rom parts of thM wtce
n:liuf: t , 1rr.l br bi 1 he virttally 1ill.
l'.v L4 P.\1't ::NT'I Oh' MA(' NiiN. 12
T'u I ii 't of this b:.2(:n h:t
gone on and -xp;li:ed 1ntilt' n!Ow\" t)ne'
in ' l i s the( ' gr".t w\ 'h i:'-t(ry ( 'le s
of ii' erent ui:chIn(s which w"ih lin
ger's of iror :i)d sit"el pc!. up1 lInh
aliou er.il ilneri:lls sutrh si Lr:lss.
11i("lel andt smtel, cut into the d,; irer(I
1'ornt an11d, iSi ilng it 12 tIn)1 tool to) o11111
n l' ntrchit' It) Illailille, tially it'
i)usitl it. Nllill'st w\'iti ,111t l 111 ! : i ( 1il. as
l rli , <Il wa':tt ch. Ini the' , il 2 i"It- h'ite
factort"ies li;t'r:tll lh Iontly l In-2 :.es 2of
11e l n : dw11en i l :1it1 \ 111 '1 112 1 1111(Ily
Inentt Itere is to supply Iht. r:Iw\ itit
.lral to Ith' :tlnla t ir t h i4 0 :1114d
'rreivet' the in ih'(d artiele wli'' h 1 1-y
hleti!' nt)ve(' 1l lillr12121' {h:t il ll s bt'l
ndIertil ps:;sil le ftr1 " : t I " tr (ei y-t1:'N"
-a1("h faetory" too t(rn ()ut "_'.U'n watchet.S
1e'y wo I 112 ti:y oft' tl he yu':ar'.
AN AI:IY' 1F :\11'0)P'loYi .
121 Illtlstrat&' ill a 1t il '.I ill r
thi{ :t r.:'II (nIlt ltndo s 2222 1ian:104 1 11 le
tinl h1a in: ile ill w 1t'h(niig it tuiny
ipoinlte(l o nt1 t11t in :1 b)ig .\1inerirnn
(tur y (41here t her e arI-. enIttluye(il re
tiyl 1-WO00 lon n :tndl 1)lu nn1n an
titrt ed o by , Ich i . in yt I, w ie.
Ae1p old-fted 1w .u12rotpeinit wtoch
inr ilan wr wso hil. Th)es lti
'eet, l)'ndlli th 12201hio n t' inti
neliec reii'htisO1iestioInetly fo750 is-il
pt'loetion s. il1l(' 111 121 1l11
Itei on2. 'l( is h-otutl (tllo y(he 01 pl t :nni
111e 23 " 1lov1n1't$ of' :4) wie b :100 It itt'-(
arie to pivtlll betrig io pht11ies tt 1 12
ntiown (s the illa 12 it 1e an1al top) pl''l.'
nthfeetter1( r:lsl(f ni0aiornent to
teig Wcons'ist of21 jewlstg t in tlhesel
bitl es '0wit heS i'x:n-t ils Chins A h
nRecind hetl('Iiwe OItn l thepioi a4hul1) oh
twels(111121 i 2 sethIrdy oe-one-housath5
pfanintsh.o'k The hh iks Pnchs four
ht illr todopntesi(1 feitmris th<e
hemlls ns piee1' fdgts of st el o
lih0 aWhIh theI'e phis t Iteed 1l'on
!er' Ws. ,ll4lli it a
r.1i::it W\-hichi the
h:e::t. Ol)e u :t II
WtPh'II factori u
ilurt' thl t ft la:
-ltiltes :11t1 II hn
>i ))nor. ta h:a \W
.very Ill:y. I of
W :t\' it"1'h .W ili :i:-,'
'art'l't!!y ton 1\wt
- 1 s n:1 th-- .1:.
lle : lu ii'' <1!
1 ' NsI ::N runt
.'are iliust hit :41111
ellile. Th111111
i'etttretl fro holtt
mlte-sixteeti t'tt'r.
'hIs Wire is s iI
hlire Ir:tW ltt;:ht
j)>'t'i:lI (o111: -Ii W l
hrolughliu itoi
lie :lV \ernige I1ie
u "llos, It1 <1 :I re
VOlil/l t'og '111'
brIOnze box .:ttetl
ntil tt'in t'rl
I1 order" I [>l:'e
1ilis1t he ex ;: 'ltire
of Ilho bala it is
only el"e'r ss ' 'ill
1i' :111 )r4lil...., .' " 'r..1 ii'4m1, Ve lS
nlot less till eirhteenl lilies l'r thiy
1la the illrhl-ist devi:tioll fromi till!
l'1 ti t 11(1 iit 11 t r of' V"ihra: tilll, 1l:;.(Iitl
pe' holnr, W"iil c'lue the: watch to gail'
li loste ille. 11 s I t ih h:ittnlt w\'het'I
Wht'll" lhas to in! a grt:l tne:asnire ('ol11
nll'n (e for' the V:aryin:; ('l'l(i11lol,n of'
I:l al ntl t i)ll :tutl e l le tille willch to
't)ll flll'ine to keep correct i11e i lea ite
he tllsturthinl; inillttellees of sulttllt
hl:11e Of c1'1a1tn1; r1e. ()lu. ofI t II 'the
Zl'ealtv.- of rec'elt aehlitveltlel ts by tlhe
110i1r0 1)ro r"'SSi Vi A ilt'rit'Ill I ll\-1eb1111:k
'rs is t'o tlnI ill the lis:c4oVery hi 1t. Ill
;ie:lti of stel1 therte may b,e Itsel il I 111w
'4:51 1ct \ \'ll I:Intl h:aii spring lel:ll4
r\1lli"1.- , \\'llie cn l ul :itl i ' , ji 1: 1 's s
uliic"ii'lnt iropIierties of e11i 1 iely} :It1
*x181l.siol to elcalble ihiill to e( llpenl
:111e for It!h c h:illges of' lip rt urII
\Vhi'eh w'o;il '1 ill:t''rW t is l rVi <l:it rb
nIi'. t:rc-ily ltes: Inot:hle 1:1 n I I ,c'
lebitVellit'tiIs iln tile il1:11t1-r of I m <
i' reti ll is t i' 'e r 'l'It 1 ioil ii Il l.
'oSt of fin:lnut'al re?lt' 4, ell: 4ll.i4i t he )l <'
Ilivtiolt of 1a'l he loW; li 's :1t t"Iclie
1lolt! ly:o\\" 11ri 4es. -- 'h )il:ltilp !hia lU e'
TI'he l:lrg t n' h v1 '1 l1 Slat10' :11 thr"
\'orbcl is to bc' setn inl To i .I.;j:an.
1 s 111'iy-f ll" f1'ee1 hi;;il, :lltd i c loa:td
viil tolcl I \\ enty' pe'opie.
In :1 1 'o; 1 il 11 411 nnd of, Z" h-in:111,
)en!it t:t 4k, :14 v iii', hronze 1 4h:triot 11:1.
'e11 lolllltl, W\'ill1 llhe illl:.'o of :t hll ..-I'
'll I'll e hit i l ill fr t :4 :1 1 w itl al
lilait '.l _ I. l , :l oil o l )e si ?tt'.
')lte s:llio spe les of Ili>wor n i'er
;lloW'\ , ire |.111111 two of lllte Iih'e
-lot , rel, yellow antl i l e. 1 to: s,
or inst:lule, 441 'e oundllt.'. .4 :rlid i yel
41'w1, blit lleVr' 1' 11ll 4; Ve hlla 114 ' t 4)? 14l
I4ti ble, bu not'41)1e' yel1loW; puSI s w:ie
iillo :4 n1t' blue,1~ butnlle r'e11' 4.
'4) r144 who11 <-llry n :W:y :t hii
h1at)' weihs,~i 444y, st 'oinn<lse ori over.
11'444 yoi1'l) the144 weihio the b)ir<'414
4''444ether, : 14414 seventy 4ix l>ll, then?l1 144
14)111 l's 14) 1inly 14111: 411 .ti t i* s (1 ':1 i el'
?ti(4)11514'14' '111 4' I-il01e ,1>: W't14'. 4ll4t
nu) t pu 01 4' nl?4 in of41 1 V :' 11 lo t on ' d ls'
4i t':ie' ( lilll 4ch 's f lthil W inds wit'l:''e
rIli i4 i le . th)'ik( '01144l4 ' ('1):14 t')
t rO n-IIt'' 41i41! ' ll ' l Il h!11:4 ( i led.4'(4
illte 5114 Kentu gky, 'th: t s 1 eri(lti :l1l4ly,
lilowll:ete :ie r 't h~ ed f:11i41! <I 111 t 1114 -3
ie. ItwIs <l b frle<l in lliilI, teo ir
'iig i ol lt l.i W la'. . t a ee ilo
. 1 014et oIls str4g1'1 itt bt l.sr ti~'he ilt'
>111 <lbo no4.1t ko th V:'l!u ie of'1te
trie,the we 11W:ste lilohI ii. .\1
()e ofh il o hIm, el al'.: is 110l)0'4.,
o iu'i'ltfae. iilfl 1~e1 falt
t413 )' s411:14;1y in(lts froil thIe liluIle
he14 otilie ein thes ohe 81on-t
Iut, t m:()i(tyfl luolerous It is foh' :n
in ll tal ec 1i e OII ttil t Mlnil:ltuei II'0
PIIWI orII&1 rn ll .l.''t 1114(o thel en441(,
tliron or steeli h.us pirt Iniu'h4V
('lIhrling, IL. h rlil adhm
T I tr'ti':1 l XlPIi, t"ls :1irP beIn
I: lP Ill 1 ui' r('""'i v' on I. y v1] 1'n-4 clinic,
it I('1irlin, with It1 s n r'tl y , w ith tihe
til of w'1' hi(eit l)hu o-'v.: tphs :Iro be'iIt
unIII It InI t h-l r It) di: - re u i\ I'' I r I::t't
of 11ubetrel"iusi:,. I I' l il. dIst'st" exists
s I Il knlts e sh w n 110 p
'pIl hIIi. The i '\s', :1n l d l s:th! it) b,
utI il l:: lln :- 4 ,t :: 1 v i! old.
I I' ;'' . i s rh' th: t .--1 ::: ' n.:)y. :I4 i
. 111. ,u .l , lt' ,: it j " i' 4 ' r tr tti ' 4' r 'i : 11:'': 4
wet lla n n u i t I t tt:: '. :'. It , I( td t
\' 1!lt \ l i1\t-- I'; . '" .1 4 lnces', I) I. (':It"e:1InI , o ItalyV. ::4
I'rtIl of :ssi ' O tl ri, t ,; .I:1,11n, b1a: .\t'
ra t e1) t''tl lt (4l('1 lsiOin thl:l'l al t':ir"li!1
Illlati:t .Irl1' t1 e toug 1 dIt t n:ti;tL't li t lh -
int's tatlt itva:'ri y11 Ipr'tel etl '4et, as w\"tel
I t'ulh>w 'eII, I I %ho" I lk 4. .\
('iar llth t:u kt, thI"reforIIet, is lt:t :In i.-o.
latedl I ht'llne ll, II ut." ,' o : a ' '4-s
lof dislurhaII:nert'. \\'hltnll ie III' I'( .1s (If
111i1g 4:1 itrl> 'ic't ro' *-t. is nellfgr:n de th th
f 41 it r :Itt"( i. 14 l ( I( ' l 'P: 34 4 t1 I litt 3 (t144
tr('ll ors 11s1 a1111, 1 I It ll It ; 44 htn1 it
is ulf Illtllt Il tltdept hIt Il'l st I b01 t
ht r'' Intnths", anil w\henl it is very 1.eep
I llty last 'I 1r sevrt"I l y -: r'. OIn t h'ee
t:t i . ;Iy, lit 'rhals, he l,t di( Il(I at
warI!in:; Of t hl(ir .1ppr o:1 -h.
In :n id:I r('s:: b 'or I ! ho nitary4. i 1!W
rv, 4a1l'131 t .11 1 1(.41l14 '''Ilt l:~
If r -s ;,t t \1 n le- tl'er, l- lI l tl ni, I )r.
\\'. N. Sha v w 11 n:I1 t heI lI: lIy in)1 t ' -
ti I .:I; itt' .in Iat it Iny' IIt 4 pra -
1t l,!1' (o r tIo u't h Ilil sl 'ltk:- uf gi at
('i' i !":: in: t nert t s01ln \I l:wha t r ('lln..
btlin1t 1!) h t in 'll hich 1t'ir wwa is dI is
]41+ 14':1 ltI'. 11 I 'l 'ttll: t h 44 :1 :1 ht1i)
'. 111.1111 (u s Of . 'tLtk :Ir 1 w U1t
h1. 4 tlo be, ri1 d' t'fr34 i 1, I."Ild t'tery
td:iy' il 14ni''r to ket't'p) it, : IIs.IreI'4
1h n. I Ikt s 1II I.i ' l(Ii :*le u4f w\:!:
:t t;i t' ''ry 4l4ff the 4w 4- o1.'Ionl
dln , [-'iv" i iidrld1 ( ;- I :y 11iven
f':lls. ('a(h dIIli\''ring" 'll :.tl: ) ,- blit- et" t
(t' i' ')" lrtper ii t' , w ou1h21!'i r;- fi'I' :1)1
h h shoh (!(ll sII!t!..' t'I 1.OIn !!tt. \\-hat)
i!t (' X.1.( 14 ost \o111!b,l t' ' )-1 ).5- Sh1.
-1lb lulo k:iw.\' h11n h'' ; ! in il. i.('-.
Pr1't ttj'( r V M wlig'i. I th " 1 : .;i- .I t'4d \'.
I Il li ':ti. :< . h1, :: !,m" : nl'
illt-titif l of I' t': i l ?; l: t \' ;: h hll 14
4h4o\\'t:ih h' :i,' 1:1 .u iia : o4 1 i
Ill(l 1:ll'. 4 4i4' 14:' i'u:', ' i 13' M t 'tl t:I .-*4 t -
1ty of \*it:11: t1 11 h ( li r ''t' (i;yv. I 'i-t't 'S ) ;
\II(' i ~ 4 " 11441 : ' z: Il lly '(ii'51'4 :*it1. 1 "ali' 10 44 114 4 1 : 0. 4
u441ti id, ol:I , ( li ui :i e 1 :45 ll sper-1-1:1i .
. . w h4\\ il, 1b,. 1 1' ). i Iter in- '..; , ; 4
Iirr Il inlt, th:" t: ritb-s t.i' ih,' I i : :.t l
lw(' ur14' th n1 1h itiy . :1 .11 'u m) )h It
(.4)11, s tili11 . :11'1"-" w I '14 he:ilit1-.;
lr'utt's ht' :ins. ith hub: 1:- 1 l1:'tvet'4 ll
lin-. festerin-: , a11 1 i lt 1r n1;11h---drahl!(
'I)on I3441 li t ]s1 :'! i:; !'I1!I Ill'')II.3 ' l'
hvll)L' li'4133I:4I0\ t 3 (.; 4.111i;'t! '1 ']t llt
1'' uII I it's!! .it .1\ ' ' - ' : i 1'a thy
hei- I l t I:4l4all : co d. 4T r1
L-'or I \'I' 1 years th I - rio4
to;ir .\itk1.' h4s4 ii on 1 4 r-4 of
be'utfiful (l':;!'riInI('Ins, h 1 u11 d 4:1t -
not 'rni in th ;I*1 with;out du ist 4444 rti
eles to Serve4'I as -l'i('i f'or:' t"(4144 c 'inst
iton, hs15 Ibeen' a+"'4P1 14'll , but!t now!lt\ 414r
343't::i34 e. such11334 (''s14 hy4411 e 14 erox-4Li
d14'o. '- 3'limi-ted*''4S 4 hy 14(ge :nni 4h:4i'e,
wheni' i4esnt i 311l24 34atinosphere are 114
:4 o nuclei.4'' 41 44 ':pon wh i .!nd 43 n
.4:n-:. Il 'i -uh4l 3 iis:: ! t434 i4' :. w;...4
141434i4 r .\i4 In :nhai .4 k 4! 441 h-- i.-.-~h;; 1,
-is of il!,c1 ii 1'V ('4 1. : 114 ju.' :334..
44 '10 .. 3141.:li 11- 34 l it li' 4h -4-< l1l.1-.:j,:3i
ha'i3e 413i 1 4tulphu:- h:(4 1:413 <-- .n i: the
li'il2. It4'3 41441'1 i i,jipe t l< 1 41 whether'
444 a l.ii (31(43 pr l- 3l-4 i:y b :ns ('1 4l3i is
4te ii!!"t of'': ee- n14144 :1ni4-3. .\is 4u**-4
D.1.41 hiwever 4* hat 4134ree'(I t.4utlphur*' 1w44
ih'4fl4' : I f o,w r of t144he Wes l i ndh-.''V
Itt n:444' 4'. iint show:ittg , fre44 (' ;44i0'burl
110 liate, 14'4P4 llto 1401ly 1144 Idht 4*xte;)( of
in h'41' . O4 h'( ws t a tt'((114 hIllsi ". Iet' :1
T.le'4 4*4*in'e raIi ('lr l.titi(4 i, 1 w1 o -441 il
'ptai:-e'3' di'stigliha I -:n;4 h:hWo en 1) in'51 ve3'
3)'een 044 siglig, 3'44 t1.: 4114'!) hIt 15 W h'.s
Ouhjects. lie (0thrastl 'Soundy14( w1'it
an' his t o Iij41t' dis1ra1eful 1.11hews,( gthe14
.\r044 luke til r: t'ii rdin41 a11434 I nd his1(41
brteOt o,Iq4111 1441 4ltoug theyo were'. 11
-.tr4on tun atul otlicer.''LOThe4t sCpade
*tne ta cnaie \lna l a
h' Itni while ruig, and'l co404Inpe!!ed(
ite intur.netohohl5' t iert while he,
wardoe t het(llin (hl ltoIis4 4 broter'41
It44's .1aning.Mt. was)br1ught abit.i hy on
I e Illsvi te gro9 ss WInut to his, o
Iwn wll Ife.441 44111(*? In'ex1)nation bu '(t t in
('efense,1 of the414 vicious worthlessness1( I to3
Ii30 hs two44 youn 4inei i woth
Neapli-td"omba."i-Londn Cron
King Edward's Plate.
The fall iI the price of silver stil
leaves the king the ploss::Or of a
enoriaous fortune in the plate he ha:
inherited frcm his nother, both al
Ilnc'kinghaI Palaco lnt1 at WI\indsol
Castle. ''ie late (lueein htatd the grea
prepondl."-:-n('e of hert'nt at Witi:
sor, w0here'1s diiniug th present reigr
1bucking hamn 'alat(( will probably bW
thc, more pl"'nti.'1dly siupplied- N
vain:tionu h: l to h!':"de for pro)
bate (1111y. iOr the hi ttg dIo's not 'A.
i c a!;.r of t!!. th!r,t ('statr. Speak:
Not long ago, '.;er, as inv'enltor.
was itadc at \W,lin-r ,'astlel(, w'th th
testlt that tbI. pla' 1 e, mOSt of it 11
ver, some of it gold, and a port ioi
of It. such as netal peock and othel
orailments, set wIth gems, was apprvis
4 at at sit i far In eXceSS of a il1ior
polnlds. Edward VII.. who hp.; ial
colSilerab.)le adtllitions to the (oller
tion by thie tran:;ier of hIs owI phtit
from )larlborough II onise, may w%el
be alluded to among (OilnoIsseur
"t h,, silver king."- i.1o1on 1i. ;
Ch ronicle.
The I-ig Ilander"s' Inltinct.
It is e(trio:. to oberve how deepl
rOotrtd some1 national charneti
::re. l.orl I.ovat'S speech at th," han,
(luet. to the i.ovat Sco"uit: . whihii w(
I(eport. elsewhere. discloserd the tait
that the Ili!g1hla,ncders' talent for eaittle
litting, which had freo phty dt:rh:
several centuie o bordyer wart :r
b.eftora ('lhatham_ii inventetd I ighlanl
regirnents, rs still etrong in their d
scetl(lalts. "But nww." said I.oret,
"instead of going to ihie' l.owlatlb: tr
their cattle, they wt t o .,o!lluth \ri;
for them, and he hal hi-ard tIhat a
gentleman in South A' fca ha)I si
the fligtlhlander , er ' e h1e':t eatlth
thieves lie had 0ver met.''flhis ::,..
to be the po-:t whhlh is ;m:ost lirre t
the imaganation of I.or,l .ovat iI th
'' dmi:rabb' serit.::." a the i,:, w",ll
calk.eI thent in ls I ram _:t:lnl tO thr.
gatheiing 'if the lie re:t.
Sha!l I Look C::ck?
7'rom? n e d'h ritn l,-ight ~f b, -:t:. er.:,(ts
Shat I took( ':1 -k :an,i tral, , t :, wt,art
1y, which my fi t are J,urn'' lii tu
)1 1 : ! l s t o' r I t h ! . . s , , u - :h -nij . i
W hr, t hru.h" t" ., ,th r ar1:1 : t,( .s ;, g t,p'
S ' a b h -I 1 , mI . t h,a' , "iS t i .
my i.r-t.
Thel pain;; that tl.ve,r ha:1. Ive wa: t'r;i
my tt:r?
W ill :.:n, a;reat * Jh : ., :: K.
i l; 1i!.
M:ake bytuone w"ue s.",m, j,tv: pa.,: b;.
ter, t" t''
Shall I 'ouk back at l w t:,l1,"r at m,.
,ea rs?
TO i'err I b. e iiI.,aan, IiL. to 1 ' org1C
'.s not.
gins5-A MORTGiAUI. Or, plenity of
in the fli. man hesaa
' W :: i:s f"r K
our imoks.
Thiifey nr'I
Spectacles. in Ger many.
if we are' to bel1ieve lihe "'atemce.
that he was lat elyv *eon readi1ng thli
new~spapllers in' a1 ral~way trIn11 wil
lhe help of a jinee-nez. No.ir is t his t<
h)e wondered ait wh1en1 we remnembler Ithe
lament (once made liy the~ katier hlimi
self', who. speaktinIg of hIs s(lhool dlay,
of t.w('aty "nio fewver than eighteen o1
his fellow Ipupils wore specta(l4s
wvhile two of' thIiese, wvIthI their ghasdre
ll is gentle.
SIt is p)lealsant.
~I It is efficacious.
'~I ii It is not expensi
I h It is good for chi
fj t i is excellent fc
ii It is coniveniett
~I It is perfectly sa
Iti sdby mil~
*. A. It IIstansighs
t j If you use it y ota
i()t~I-A-3eDA G A
I /i tA~r
Peun i-rc
Cogrss b
Majors Capi-nX\ns
Clergyren, ma
th bunle a
; n amn'\a
We/ uerA&Dil
Duin a R ckDansgM u--\ o
tons,rand then us'
Agns W c]e . ATh- e.rs & n:n.1: N,a.
I ger c:tu Om t ti i i;t.a a I . h.pos i c: e
onk :.~ U .iIn ,. .:r m .1 A. J.r.-. ..:. 1 ..
"flt.1)w ar -in " 4.' ..no i-j) . :. t *.. th ii
hi T i \V it J s.N?A
bi!RE'B .. itO i .. ( iN i i .
AN AlG ... N.e
trTentingnosnt on *00n loll. -\ ni a.o
fIrn SE_TAYLgg( nr D l ntli Ro
nFll bioded I' lockrets~ and ' lle s a . nch.
A h y uePLA l na.,ini gsnn
for bnsh.boro.ea.
the t bl . all circ maresh.te: '
l ions, aixl the rnn worl o.-ver h
-:, as a sptie, ta li s can eol. ( o
hathe banst laxdtivt that themail bu
_n ___o th irdeeHv.';hti th. p y
pecular ch rnele of teir tpe. hi
- * 4
-.p .sw ,....
"erors, Con.su
, diraL, Emin e
y JOpitals and j
ads upon thousarm
ks of life.
~o crr': S---VER~YWHELREi~ 1
T ." & a e,a1 v !u f or I'
- - .(':v , th :nc.t whedt2 r
kee famer4dy of Swveet Gai
Tw'o Kinds of Law.
h~'" w sa e::2 in thle piolie et( (' --
rI wil the fiar h f som boo'dcc . th
no r1 ,: to 21 22 mon to2 seth'1
Ie o l .' :-22 21) tr I he p lic i ..mt21 I - - j,
'k i a nlied o l arg--r 12' Il 22 po iha
I"en d.1, a:44 in2 y4sterday's op
(2l-t124.s 4 dolI:ir2s, does 12 Ith lw
Be a au
Its cc\2!onent parts are all whloles(
It aIcts gently withiout unipleasanit
It is wholly free from objectionable
It contains thme laxative principles<
It contains thme carminative princill
It COnltainis wholesome aromatic 11<
agreeable and( refreshing to the t:
All are pure.
All are delicately blended.
All are skillfully and scientifically
Its value is due to our method of ma~
thme orginality and simplicity of t
To get its beneficial effect- buy t
Manufactured by
San Francisco, Cal.
Louisvlle, Ky. New
C!.-' Ik
r a
mbiic d inistitu=
1s of those in
euth lseran
Wh nta en* h r'1ahe pc c .
/r nk o ie ht o n crd a
- .in r prkt. fr m ccdn t
Gnembr ier of
Is o .!th ose tin..e5
O : 2pOat~. em a idQ t
IC'unnoorL.tt ( v aen.
an n s Tr nu .00 ' ,h r 1hv'3 <ti
. .\ .. : h.. ri3c., t5 , a -M .g
Ii LIa the a11' hi;no o1 ritt to I ako
m y to 3tItl tiIhe caseo ot' theft?
I:atever the wvriti nn lawv i'n-, be,
I'. 13 I ha v w Ir ged. '[he pr!n'2iple 1i
)'at(ll(ee-neel t hat th'n Ile big in-.
'n I 3)1011 f'omn It.
VP '''. w yIt w0lia 3out 11 th3is, ax in
('lV Ot!!'lher lU-tter, is thDi there is
P 11 h i o 1he grat 101id ni othcr for
>f planits..
Ls of plants.
iuids which are
unufacture and to
he combination. 'i
lhe genuine. l'
v York. N. Y.

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