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P ICKlCN,\, S. C., TH URSDAY, I i - NO. 2.
The Iniaiiola Case Reviewed By
P1ostntster (ieneral Piyne Sends the
Letters B?aring on the Case to the
'.a.thin gton, Special. - I'('st1as t:
(en:ral I'ynr: fow)rarlded to the )n
at(" all thli' pIapetrs in the (ase of thl
Indi:anola. .\ iss., ii's(tll(', wvhillh I)(.4
01f1i"( w\as dliscontinued'l by. the admtiln
is al ion bet'c"aipe (' t h(" forced ab)a
lonn 'it. of tle of)ie by its nvgr() p ;
inistr"ss. .\linni(e \. ( ox. The clrie
'p1, nileiic'e shows t hat A. It. \\ecks. a
b roth.'r-in-l:iw\ ct .\iayor i)aviti. of lun
dlia:>a. b g:ln his handid!at" i r hc '
>o;t,,lll:- t, t:,_:i M Ih( negr: IIun -
bs'nt as far'la!, as Al ii 1. 102, when
t'he:began .('(d:In a 1O'1): s('ri('s of let
t(lrs anld tlli;am:; to I he I)etartnent.
Ih a i r.' iteh t' a11 ('xtra t f:o ta
I l '1e f1! alol-i'e . iii1a l ltatted
I' r'a1:1ry I'2 ' ; 1: ig a (o' Ol -
-aIt11n h it i: s. i4)i1 place at
Biiloxi. .\lis. !;) thsi ;' t!' M \ayor D)avis
if I nliii;: , i. l:l:c ! 11: a: a.\ ing that
i1l .in ie cox .hui,'ii Iagain take charg('
:' t h" inldiano :t i t: : !ii. --s e (. n( ld
1."'' it('- ItckI brikt n ( ;1 insi(e og tw
110 ai-i. On Jlanulary; :C.t J h
I)alizht'rty. !'niicte 1:ii' ' i:ee a att/r..
1 a New ( Oial- s. :- 'rI h'tl I d A -
.i;a ti - i.tlrn:'.' (4 ni al Iralt., at
\\':tihin. on. t hai ;ih : '( m- ltnumer-oU
. " ;ni nty, maIit(d r.t;cipal Ofii(tris
r\'nig uttll r : n r:ti I(. dml inistra
t!t)Is throe"t"it t:l'y ,ihern States.
Iav)r iavis. tr I1nii oa,n:' wrotl" Itc'
l'otriir -a :mi ant I' Iinmi::t('' (entral
an .1:it1:;ry : i:,u ".v'11 st llq-n., o
ill licrs w\rit . it( I):.iar-n .h t r(
trt' i ' r(- i) p Sht lli:' te:In st a s lae d' t hai
ih*' 1':slm:tetr aa !(qc} ..-trld hiv t or
Ihe ('lit s to c .t:;ittii int) gi.
1' t ;;r n ..'ss it nt I' ..tima 'r Bristow\
"1' l tthn (I to furnith tIn. c"opic-s ('f t'-"
N'! !". h(' (nrr'I"' n 1) (l(ll( .'s o s tha
A. It. W\eeh" wt1 t( lepa rtment
=('vrll litt -r: durin; last April. in onc
it ' - i (';"h h2 r':!t'c 1 thir'. hi 10 ' -
tii 1 at on-. :m-i in a litt ('r datd(
S . ':-l :t i :h:t he w\a;s
''i'1. to -,' !it. :t ,} io nt i int. sttpll .
Ii'! t is ,' 1 . .tl' ih a lt -:-V
:!'A 'f:.it: 31 a~a
a"+ :t r i. . m" nt l i a
.'. ;i- }33 Itiu k's V
t, t h - -
t"I,!il\)- li h w :' b
I. 3(1 0. stti3t3: ine e
3'..p ugnah:'.w pnit.t
y ~i3 alngeoy .\r. D ' t
441an' 'een, apiedi for - 1) the of'lie i
prtober on the unders i tanig that
t~.oteei er. resnaio. InspecV'tor
i 'tzgelr~ ld, on lo;znembe ri 5. ; Iub ite
.1 tla(iledi 1 reportC reltv t t e 01 cir
eumstaes whc, s the peope:tnile tohf
TidgAoia to orde(r Wt. W. Cox, a irall
wayv j)014.al IClerk, andu two other per1
soni..,0 leave that pIlac., Pr'esumaly
)tn appnlt Of tlheir' (olor-.
An Uxtra Sessioni.
Wash in1gton, Special.-The President
hats signedc a proclaimatio 1 enciilag an
extra sessioin of thle Senate of the
F'ifty-eighth Ci(ongr-ess, to mleet March
5ith1. 'The pr3oclamlation follows:
"fly the President of the Uitedl
States oIf Amnorea.
"Whiereas. 1Publi i- niiterests5 reqiIre
t.h a4b\ick Senate should1 03 coven in ex
Irlaordinaryv session: therefore. I Tlheo
dlore(.Ioosevelt. Prieslclent of thie UnIt
edi 'Bla'tes of A micia, do hereby pr3o
c!laipp and declare that an extraordi
nar1y oCccaiIon requliresC the Senate of
the United States to convenle at I.he
c'apitol in the city (of WVashington on
thie 5th day of Mar-ch next, at 12 o'cloclt
noon, o~ whitch all personis wvho shall
ait thiat .mne be entitled to act as memn
hers of that blody aire hereby requtiredl
to take Viotice.
"Given under my- hand and the seal of
the United States at WVashlngton,
the 2nd (lay of March in the year of
0111 Lord one thousand nine hundi(redl
and three and of the Independence (of
the United States the one hundried
and. twenlty-seventh.
By the President;
"Scr~etary of State."
'No fiore Liquor at Capitol.
Wephington, Specal.-The conferee
on: 1) immigration bill reached an
agreemrent. Trho bill remains practical
lyia.jaiendedl by (lie Senatte. The edui
entio,nai test providedl by the House is
stricken out, The Senate provision. for
thie exclusion of anarchists was con
cutrred in. With the passage of the bili1
as agqflt On bly the confercnce comn
iiiteo, intoxienting Iliinora enCn nc
longer be sold In the caipi tol.
Two (irls Seriously Hurt-A Cottoi
Mill Wrecked.
'a,tonin. N. C., Special.-As the re
I:ut a torin wit011'hh swept, over tihh,
ph(" S taturday mnorning a larlge seetlioti
of the waill of the Avon Cotton \lill
w\as' blown rlown and four or live of thi
op('rativeS injured. Two of thes(, gir
twelve and fifteen years of i!. wr(
dangeroutsly ht11rL and may no(t rcvr
The mill was dalaged( to till extenl
of about. $5,0)U. OIther' l(ss s'riouls
(lalage also r(esutltcd.
T1he 5(torm. in its gr'eatlst fort"1,
st'uck the Avon ('oton l3i!. in th4
c'tste'1 i,:irt of the town. The O1er
uative s. whos4' ears w\ert( lilledi 1by h(
din uf spindles': and I1hunder ), .f lo:oms:,
w('r(i1 i. unaw l'e (If the sl114tu that. ra e'd
withouit until it Crushed thel south('rn
u\\all of the astern half ite of the mill
and liftt'd1 ( ne side of the rool 1111
foldllId it over on the other half. 'I' ' h1
wletr uplin Camll! inl 1 )1( mfmilt.. Otiv
hitn ir d an't fifty feet of the wall < "
("iOsinl; the ii('tOnd :;toriy colllps"d
w\\ith< tit war'n11ing an-)i1 fell inw-d1 11ponl
thl Op erati";(': and mautthinery. as tiw,
1'o l with Is en' )1illuus t'afltr's 1!
bamt , dilats. onteshaft.s, l (11s and
pitlloy1 en'c't flying Off lie(' yu i t -i
Iiper. TIhe wt (qonnections with the
ti1nk in the Owrl' tw .' tri'l attl twijt
ed like glren wiles m!Il turreni: t, of
w\"at(r pouring in from ah(\ i 1 w\tret mi
fded to the (onf'usi)n of the awfuI'l l
wreck, tht'e dayrhness and the ioairin
Only four or five(' opea j at iv s w(re
hurt. Of Ihese twoe little g1irls ar' (din
le'rolly injur"I'l and :ay n)t recover.
One is SadIie, the IV( I'('-ytear-ul
(iaughter t .l eff Beatty, and1 the th,er
is ltt'ssie, the lift'een-year-ohdlda;lghtler
of John Lay. The little 11 'aty girl
\\orkldl ()n the dily shift, an t at i just
Oml' in to 4'le'ani '(11 her spinnn1gI11i;
frames. she wa s found 1rushccd against.
the 1fran e by the failing wall. ler hair
was twistcd on the spools and b(o1
was flow\:ing in1 jets 1rotn her nu:;(.
mouuthi and gashes ()n her' headl. A.\-,
Lay's jaw amt One1 handl wetre b roken
aind (h( ha(.k (I hcr hieadt wa:S lru:.h+'d.
\ little girl named Suith mad ot r
(11perativ 115 were tl1irt. butll i1nI s1 ''
riOmsly as: tt(! t w( unmed. wlhoi l in
1'tr' for lif l a 1re painfully s 1 er. 1 The
!'-a:: 1on lt( mor werte nt, caught in thatt
fatal wall allc'y is that. the mnill wvas
shur of night. hands.
T, aT m acl gen ' to thil t ill by wre"k,
wind and water is; a)lt' c1t to 5.0t ;,n(1 it.
willeli:c 1ly I', l it ix wteks b forg it is
r11 lItn3( to its full capacity.
A (irat i ' lood at Pitt:-.i)tr;'.
1' e :h:i rlg . t pc('i:l l. \iIh e';ry tirih
la' 11(h Alle.-h 111 y beand t l1m mla
' i:i river., n i:.i:l.:;, y i l n r t
'Til .ld w,eat-: w ( ich t I r u1113
ii i 1; : hIt'" tou o'et 1 he ,100nt wh)-I
!1' cy nr'd t )lOllr the (;'1iou.
!6ntI.s (hrdn to Qiit ;e:i-ul::
u1111 h.,l5 hiss., h see <il.- i: l,l 1
of te t~it- on rliv''e X'btys 'wih :
:rhii da nI ghtt t l t f: I Texa' t1'it/.is
- C l wag)1'e. 11'f t m:- 1\ th ian \\::'71 1
I) d was i afteralnelal ol<;' 1:
S .e 'elilsylva ni. T'hI ' s r1 amlsltl ' t ry
[vrlOwd teiovrenid cusn
aNw 0:r les damat-hiss :foi
SIX.(las th ly n teirhcourse.Down
Cmainy Pitlsbil. Cityar awlas -e
mronthe olf busin ca horss witgare
aid w a ld beeot werey inudatd,
whien hellea'-(henyaCl tgoailome. were
femmilyarily(( parayze pwing and this
water. .1011h Ivriteir(l tramks from
St. inthe fto alsn ther search. ofhAr
eheny,0 mad ( tof adotence n thody
Ample0~O)C warnighd be~i en fteled Ill
tost the res1 yidOent and)1 wsness
firms' torgatened, inl' t'ie fortheml to'
fToe hihes stage5 rlle11aed by Othe'
swo1 leni ivesa. itbugws2.
Isan.Ths.a Toa Deadlckinth
mark adigradualy bealtosubsi.'.
Tahacrd wtera whif e ot las
naght oeve nt ihne thei' (flood and
died entelymtoe isyprootions.
tel, (odon to Qu't, o Lectring15(
Ja.ksIoina, iths., wifei,. Gen51)ral1
Johr til GoIItron, .HeIVI omad-il-lhie
fligt. DUied thnedraglte etrpans,
wha sffeen il sere twoc of neuCite)
wndigealle, while (n'oulte to ti., city
tie moingeason' lsr bodyagillnts
Sed, agont of thY Aerrnkoto
The Gluck Mills.
tr me'':ttwas (lii,i i( hv the
a ll iie li' I i- ,l t) l ai' t(I.tilpo' iU'
I i fl ( tc: lut k I .\h1,ills. .\nI .
. eram:. .Th is i l' ( lterprise
wil h it. 4. Hiil hs beenil promoting.
Arran)1,emen('a s am '( been 1 I)rIf(r-i('i (i1n
liril ; I t :tlab Ihii nt of the pint,
n ((t: rc T h e v a r :( It . . 1 1 1 1 , p r e s i -
dtui ; J. It. \'audivcer, vi(ce-preside(nt;
J. It. Ialin. sup r ii ndent, and G;.
-." \"alton. tilsrelta'lry. 'TI h 'e nopany
will ( 'r etl. h ildings and install .,tlut
spilIs wo t h 7,'Oi l lOOllns for prodi ucin;
a ( ml ' tradl('f i (loth. \'irtually ill
textil( mlac"hiniery has e(en ontrac'td
for ex-Icrea lins. a these have not
beenl Ord('r(d he( tali,e a finlal docisiotm
hast ol 1)0111mlado as to the exat
char(e ter ;)f th( prOduct. Fra1nk I'.
ihc'IOIn, of 'rovaidinc', C It.e. i., it igi.
n( ir-architct in charge . Ctpittaliza
tion (i cOilpany is $50i11,O00.
Incr"easing Kesler Mill.
M.iliot. was mIade last week that
tihe- Koslr" .\hanufacturing 'e., of Sal
1itsry, N. C., htas purchased dditio
all I uiling; and intc"nded( to inlstall
;,.G1 a1(dditi!Onal spindles. 1tisid('s
making this itprMovement, the cOm
Irny will in;tall 1.500 m re Spimdles
i.) its in-,senthuilding, expending al
1 o l- abo,ut $ 1(iiI,IO0 for theb ter
l'nt:. 0(ontr"act for all the r'Ie tlir'ed
imat(":i . !'y is be".'n aw\ar'ded. Thll'.e
a ddilis1ra l installations will in1"1rat..;!
to -- I","h-r (Iluipml ent to 30,0 0 ..'pinl
(ib"S. its prOdtict is yarns.
The Cotton Movement,
Inl his ryeport fili" 1 aebl,ruary 1I Col.
1;Inry G. Ihte(r, -'crsecrtary Of th(,
Ntw Oreanlsl t . litu lihange, shows
that thile am m f cotton brought
in1tO Si,.ht dur11ingi i,i dlays (of the prIe'
nt, SasonM wa:; .ill... hales, tn in.
iri Sl' Vovir tht saml ( p< riod last year'
Of I: t.11i1. The ( xpor'ts wer'ie -1.7:t7.
Ill hales. a Ie'retas(' Of G1.377.1 balt';;
takings by NOrthern sp)innrs, I:u',
20 ae,an in('cas(' of 17,1Is; by
Southernl ;pinn("rS, 1,1110.06I hales, an
increase of 11tt,;l baltes.
Boyd-Matngham Mill Completed.
iti yd-Manllghai .lanturfIttt1"ing (to..
G'iflin, iGa., has coplell!ttd its l.til
and begunl m1a11ifaeturing; l \st we'k.
TJhis ('ntcrp)ris' wva+. an'l~unlc(l 1a.-;t
.s 'ar. Its el uipmi ! i t ; ll.);) sp)i.
dhlil; an( d:20 lot tms. prtiod inv; e aily
}a(:l-,OO" yrci l; lf I iht-e !tht fanlcy i
w avos. bout :u t ii ). + pr. amI>, ar, 1m
pl(,::od. L.owell I \b: ,: " . \lm-h - iti(,
'.i t 'rhinisht'd th' . (he n ir , {lliinm -nt
Of bnhinere. ,apita I is $_itsO,so
J. . . :0i:.anham i 1 : a- lrr. A-Icln
im't!" (i subolm willhe man. fcord
T>Add 7 .c0C {)pi ics,
, At t h," :11,1!! 10 Iln:, (If th)1 \'Vu,,d
h1otd 20t ~('(,o(1 telyed. T
M. Ola -:" ,b1s idIiti:. in Mrgi . a
Chtaogmm!a, vi:e-t!alet, . is nerin
1 op e,i. u ex' :et'e t et 1in -
intralmors ito e'. 3.0Ionpes a n: agll
330. lom , ittson now bAin (puiter in Ios
tion.lli The1( Jr.h - will ba. e hsta n
(Iheeting and shiieinlai;. he bi ise
Oacusett (Al.)CoMills bythasyn (ull-i
&n ons1 tructinC. odler, maa t.,
wih itlns furnishted by,wek '.tlkwood,
nhsi betn I orgnied,wt aia stockItodtsot i
gradem of thosAiery will banufactsued,
11about 200u a p$rsons0to bi i e 7yd John
M'i. ns sk pres.ient W. w2. Mag ill (of
reitos aire Mtessrs. o nd agiltl,
LanMittesn New OA.t a, w.ill
cCIn andimeli.I Jaes May. Shite ats abrin
osten, and the lat nsre being pre
Olw (Aa.)iCott bit hsll-b
stiita meein for1 arc tolttx hve uponl
indeaingl aptanl Isk frmom'c 2000.
loomto $1Ill0 be or(der( ta makethet
wiliin beporantted)Ast eThsn tew
paitas 17,000 sxpnde apnning8
macinberyifle the tcoldrsote Finh
Whitr o(lC. ofenashwille be isued
th aitil $to0.000 $15,000.v fo perit
cntsok $pl,nt of wch wll be
Chdto tket upll prsOtItbnd100 adozte
dalyandi buin Inrew thmaciiery.
Linert MilkCo, New an,a. cIty,
nakewiporta. N impovemntas andf(li
inllaeet.lTne eat characnteri' ad
letent. Jf the Patteon teent r ot
ready for ofanioncen, but wci ll be
stat ed slsoong asilmallr l)hae been
def iniy apitangl.(tisrmed20
lomslp awil be adde andl tat deims
wlO'Cl nemanfac td.)Ar presen te
pla hsc 172,000 sp nland 3G8tlr
Manesrs Alexer extacsh, Ht., A Wel.
J. Bae. KIllbe,L.R.apbl n
Gibr0 ulyhv noprtdFs
Voung Man Shot While )efending
"is Aunt.
Maxton. N. C., Special. 1Ir. W. .1.
Tlhomipsonl was shot three tinit :nd
mortally wo ntldeil, by \lr. -. N. 'I.
L(;i;tt inl this pla e ;;i(sd:2y ' ,
atd o'clock.
Tihe shootilig oc'llrr'cd ill tI II 'hi-in
room of Air. Thomiilson' resi<i l'n 1.
T1homnpsont had he('( rihig'!iluy
al(l il lier fear to 13+ ill Ile II :i. ' il II
h1im alone h- ill1h'' e cirr i, tan, a.
Ars. Tlhormlpsonl senrt for \1" ... ,I1,. n ha1
Il her ne'phew. .\ieI .all had i ih
ilig apartments ini the illise. bin \ li.n
he appeared as the pr(tiit,or cf ils
aunit. M\r. T1homlpso:1 reetl"l his plt' .
Once, and an alt('r'1thc11 3n3.'d3i 3 br
tween the two I31-n3. .\i : . emo '('lit>n
strated with lioimps(on in1 r("r ;u'al to hlis
trealment of tIs. Thlmnl). n Tiony
Soil filially (lriw his pistol :1! -1t fired at
him, the ball b arely grazi33g his left
Hide, passing th):oulgh the w:it thait of
his trousers ar111 ghin(eing "i M ".t'ealn
then, he says. returned thp lire. ''he
best evidence ulow ob tainle 31i( is that
ho emptied three 31hambr'5 of his re
volver, a No. :12 Iver & Johnston, at
close range. One hail enti'rd Thltamp
son's body ju1s5 under 1h(' left nipple;
another en('tereil exactly on the muelian
line immedialRIy b(elow the sternm,
and is embed(de11 in the lesh of his
back; yet another grazed the side of
Thionpson, inlfictin g no iljity. 'T'he
physicians have scai'reely any Imp' that
Thonpsoln ean r'ercover. They say it. is
barely pot;sible that he cal liye
throlighoiit the niglt.
lrl.'an surrend('rd(I to a magistrate
and claim. self-d(el :s(. lie is at soil
of Mr. U. P. .\Alelean. a lavwvei of this
place. 1In his iuother is postinaste'
here. lie is 21 yeas of atge and un.
iarried. Ile has been Studying medli
i('ie, but poor health has int.erfer-!1A
with the comlpletio( n of his st.uti"es.
Mr. Thompson is about .1 ye'ars (old.
Hie has bcen a com31mercial 3 raveler for
a icis\ville house', hut at present. has
no fixed enploym)ent. IIe has no
Colima Belching Fire.
Alexico ('ity. Sierial-News from the
region suirroutling tlv volcano of Coli
ma continu(es alatnuing. The people,
terrilied by .1he belt'hinig iliunes, ai
pouring lava are sce'king shelter in dIS
! ant towns and hillag.'.s. "hi t (of
''iixlm.an ill h Si ) ;lat of daltsa, cn
tnue,; lind ' l eavy ' -lt) if ium e.
The volvian , ; is :Iligh t \'.ithII I:! I .
The nt'ew el pt!io'31n yc .tt'riay :af;-rnoc.n
hilts inc"'reas(, the );e ;";at fk"!r. \n
An:ari'ai t . ho 1.!c ; !L r" \''..- 9 ...,
(Oi lie i
u\\i , 4a . '.: . : v c I o
we1 :1 hi I 3s 3. 3t1
J)).r 'lit ' (iat":: the h:!Ts:o,.\,wi:uis.1an
11tfl(i r"3g ('31I i l3 i ',' t : 3133' 3 1' :I :i('31.
J4to 3ir ';t ' i3 t. ' :.i; 3i 3 t" . '1'h I i 1!r:C3
ii il 'l :! 1 !: :' i i3 ,,. ' . ! ( ,, : .l 1 ; i
g A ;t w . hme w i
I onl have pit'"Awo ordered
do!.in s, Kigoe eandrn . too
thenl3 sho il and ' killed hi.13t'3C3K 1
D avi, onleof tIi e' mrs 33 1ri e i1 t t i
sicians int h So th r Sta ,...1t.. s,. was' --
runi.1 ove byst3 an.ii Atlabama'33 Great Soth
grn assengert Atra.'33( i at the TwllIenWty
f othgi stee acrosing andl31 i g(in'sanly
k'Iiled. isr.o Davi:s'i wa forerly prsi-i
don ofl he Tri-Statel. Aledi'ocl Soiet.y'
aln had, he.ld o.he hi(gh 13 postodi
then mhotcaod. ule hada. ioa
.Iudg Tmpis Diled.
Airranaa. Special.--). \dge IIny
aed -. Olie ofvedlin thet C)ionfederate1)1
icnMmpis tiSul 11avat:nah before W10
foatig ieetlna .ludIge Tompkinstnl
flye tears -lonkisIed
Allarleton, Wa. a,Specia).--At.e Iiir
StanPifor ityin, awelh -county, a. tier-.3''i
allda,jit. ieweenthisldne jol oeso
nigham an i( i'vd illeriff Ckon onede.
and r.lioting is o 51l the oher, as a
resutalwic Ithee Winersiere kl
a mber tof other on. bohsides more--A
ickb bayle oo plaDob:,a. dan un
Hisch-3i, Irewn the:son.' *105(
Woigim and Shootsf Cooer f Beraer i3
went( .t,otng rme on teiliroer ow,
resnl hot h thmed:e: te lIl('shweieill-o
el. tand poi'hl wrillyde Thenod yong
womain'o say Uroe (on, who1 Ii s30..y.ore:
o masssrry her i'. The w entlwit,
nesse tyo tr, lig Mibsn Thanma'
WornmcannShets 11rBtryr
Many Matters of (eneral Interest in
Short Paragraphs.
The Sunny South. I
'The ('htro)tt(. N. ('.. I) (t1tTiie light f
i. Itill unnsetll(.Ii
. h ll'il ' t i ll ?; i tl (ast' ti' t
('ni(('<1 taes against ('X-(':aOtain (). w
M . ('artc'r. .11 S;la lln ;lh. 1(:;Itii tly' w%:is
itrcl. ( iI It show- th:.1 C'art1 -. h , fo i
( )n(lnrt"(l the' w"Ork it n I.('1rnat'ii l. I'r
ha bo' with groat ('1'axtrav' ,aganc(. .l:'I' "
If. Ita("(n. a ("ivil ('ligilneer, t tI(: 1141 l t
tha ti)' v.1''t nanilI jtetities bui0 ; i t
1%M1 ! )s(t I t ' coent. ( f tht-ir \.>iluml ,
Iy t !(,n. T 'he a tturtl"v f r l l 'arlt"tr :1:a I,..
1'r.(((n(n1 Oh.I("(tion (4) the' itt!,.I;I( ;. :1 (
At The National Capital.
\ ( ' t " h s 1((i ''l'1'I (l 1( al ti-tru(st bill inl ('011n 'r'e ss.(
Th . th(' piassliI t Na val atil h 1 f
Military .\h) a:litm' A(' piroptrll I iln tilb : a
nth 1 h ut!( i 1. f t( n resentat i a I t
(1b.( ill t is"al ish un1 ( i'm t at1 i o i'
\\a :hing al(. tro211 I ol '.
' r\1 s'" I 1 nt:(o'( evl l t (" li) . iu 1nlt a11(ia
"I ssa1 I t o 4 ( a s(' (ig es as k n fo 1.1 tt"I l
'I'h'n 'Ofl; o th hii inelTa'riff hil.
.\n th'Iei("t r1 (a t tom tyt ion (Iis,"! :lI(I 1)r0- of
It':''1 hant ;'tis in Il (" oft ; it l> im<- tt IAl
i1h -tE r iteh ! b -.
1'nt (" till' Sn at(l r.o,'l t s , I1t'"!'(
hw 'ing \"t (lk a\i n . or ra i s th t (
The 'on res of l):m lue s o th (il
.\ttt'ri't liv ti'los n Ils' .t trt - (I
(1al l Ki I'0hI ot' is : Iu tio ' 1h
\h e I r tt \ ' i'; Ir<itr. '' n .
Thel At raifo ln ra Ch nal lutolir('01. A (- :
r r' i i hlls w r pass(d : l h t;
4 t. t hl S t atIh <t l'(ri dnr s"t l t h e s l
(' ('h 11"s(' i
*'Ih(' onirnt i 14114 th( ;a! i"
b'ilI;c he n w\(r' iilawn.I(;O'i
R).Il"pIb lit n ,r :" r n th O n t arl (1
itin n f('ha r( I'll lr'IOr(' 'n it ' ' it y i
trety amlttin' I ' w ih ( te li i n
r le t 11o 1 I' ) x ' i. 1 'I. I
l0. It. 1.. . (1 \\'i i t : 1 O1 I (t's (,:' i
'(l +I ''tIix. hi i. \\'y m(+ai Ir u
r. : ' ltI, of I hav' ' i a . op isi . - ,'i-m :
f 'Ohin el. 1rs'
:( 1- ( Xilwer : m a ttrP 1-'. . i'1;' it
.i lrcus: I i...\hli It) a , 1-n(1it ('I'So (i 1 t
tarn a.t. bth..rn1 tir ait' ii lI'iT-\.
I.i-htii'l I 11 lzt inltl . it 111 h .)'II), i. i
It) Ini^icrosstTheiSe
P4 r - -. i. . .iit . .
worloa tit' t (14i I 20O O fr a
(' it iia .<at to (iit y If 1W at AtL
Wil's l f''(.t L numm liii hl''il Ii11((I
hi ll. / . . .
ITheia amlittimenti in .ila C'Iie't tt
t1'itnmons t::oO mim( it anl ian.OIcatl to tl
(Iret I'ttiita In 1) was( clefeatet T
Arrn6w< i onp i he~aC ento" -ciet.aC
(-anhti'I o i4 iea tin a rl)I'en. O U t to.a
'1'aik h lly.:e of hat.1 i' wil1lOtaiLC the.m ill
i any ieff 111) dort totchang existin -on
R.1 11 11 lr n i,of t t Iouls World'
mngress t(o I?usy to ""Rememitti
tiht! Sabbath Day.''
'I'h(e (fowti' lehid a four-h(1Iour' s(esiol
utday and put I h ( 1 (iltit of ('olumt
at i .hr(-i h ll it: I:at 1 par IAt I -I ary
a i in f t (tac ( ti ' a Ilc i >ratti
I. ( feIlt ''i -('t r '' l rt I'lltili- .\Ila a
1'S i cst il lhill \V 1:; c0rd1'' ;i and| ilt '
)I. oil ilt alltl t il \tvi v I l ' tahC -
t a11 tiiI ' l Iti(-t 1'1 ,' till\l tit': ea; i
Am- k t(olli t' u\ 't,rnIing. Thlalt waslt
( -t lr l:mti I Ithel t S1.1 i\' . ,j11.
h11(ug h it w : SIII' aty by t I' -t al -
ar. it w:. : ti I tl r da'. '-'hbrn.
y ' Ib. :1("'liert itg t(1 tlarliat "innta i
ti:,l. 'T' i(' 1'tnmo lrt 11 t ;1 it lc in
o le'giislative( wh\l1 at :'viry opp1orl
t y and it r1 luir4d ix ro ll-stalxI to
comlipliah what. was:; t lon(". Ia-got
u\wd(s w\at('hird thi' lnir rlin;t I'lomi
1' gatllc'ri(':.
\\I 't - Il ak('t r Ilt tni l tn:t drope<it Il
I' tav l lit nloon., .1l'. Iiiill'i SOt n, the
inor iIy I'alead 'r, waii in hi:- t ti.
ntonun ted tha1t t-I#- was, ; b i i(lt ly
(Iu rulit l at(:-('IiI lm that I ' . IIion>
nhl do n hbusine' .t nIt t utili la! w i \ it h
t Ii l in. 'TIhtr po(';i l n. 01n Wola titn
N1r. 111 n . Ih(' majority 11;alir.;
li of tat a uiit e' was (t '(rel dti'. T Ih
01"i were'I'(' (actl( ta and Iht' sorgeant-alt
mll: was instruct10ed to bring Inlh:
'i. At the conclusion of th' e all .11t!
orti lit. and \l r. .\1((lt le' ary. of li-.
:<ota, called 1)ptt the tit (onu'rtent I '
rt il ( ith' It)istl rict of ' Ihnnihiat ap
(rith i 111 hill. Mr 1'. tate lrwo III, of
thaIna . aotdt('ook to intterl s et' thel'
int of 'rte'r that ifh hill had not
'ont. t eltd, uiltl l th' ' a l-r rulld
11a i (lul,rnin a i,t at l )al ('aret , i u:Is
''t a' 1w1 1 proeeII. 'T'e(' dooirs which
<ant{tme ha<l ht'an op (:at'd, ho\\wa\-(r,
tet again tiloiied by thet, direct'("ion of
it a eratt" on \ar. - 'ndei, r t awod's pA int
ord( r that furtha 'r p)rotc'ac Ir lingsa kinl
'I the icall had nol t. tw'e'n c Itt d witpnse
ith bl y fthatitia tln of thilt t lon-t'. Aft<.1"
biref x1lanation of hi' rieort,
-tlinst. tit( ltraote'Sta of v"awaritus 1 i tn i
Is w al t4oat Ie bt t h it w'a
cltd . I -tit . Thre was anothei rait
11-all onl t.n-r ing til lit-violt:
ttiltn ot th( a\ lanstall Ic t t t'at
II. which \was lpr se'nlt'd tl .\lr.
ilt'y. t('eltibli tal, of Iowa. .\ halt
"zllte ointsh of ordtl' r rai tad l by tht,
Iotrat w r rtled ctc and the 1
ta ir (h'(lint Ii to a 'nti 'rtati ill al
alls on thw ,:runnd thatl tHwy we"1r(
latory. At ::: , i. ., the' l io11F(' re(
So 1 ti1 i I o''lo1ck lomlorrow. with
e ai ato n tO) c a:1t1tl Ih' l'onf('ta'tIe' ' re '
.lI on th1i' Alaklcati hill.
'I'h.e Ilou' (omtntllitt('t' ont hatkin;:
l a ( rr itn11'1'1 y by a sitri('I party i ao ,i'
athorizM a favorabl( r(-lort (n l1.
'- tir v hill, introduat h' lit-pr s't.
ti l ., I't1 \" ' '. 'l ;i l' 11 11 I l 1 (' ' (i t
1. <l-h ar >I t e- c m
r tortin l Ihe hill the com.
- h a - it' <I cC ir ' :i n of a :'
IC ala I a at cin aI e I
: a. ".a ii ll ' '' i 'l la \il..
?.,1 ' i"! I l t a a ~ . a I ! a I a ! :i :II t .a ,
"" l! I,. inl t II' a't l II,;. TI en l
-ti".tl "iI( h e h i a u d le . :i;aa I .a
! it i a ' h tic i'' t' tl e 'o(r ' i I
, t'! a}' ' tlelt'lu . l ill a yii : 11 t :'ll i la ll: ;
t' ill:"Ittaa a'l tleIi. i't i tl'{il Iatatia l a a -
' 1 I':'tti Ic' ' it v,ith il iII .n tlt i han l
-tta as s't't r at eit a' aiothis. Ts.
1 : f i ts w 'ib t tr : :-leitl ;im
''t 'I: tic ' I t :i . ;1 Ia1<'t f ,. I !:tlo' fi.1,i I f:'t1 "" li:t -
i,ha tl ilt "ifi b:n nI"ti :t o tll p it..,
' ' ,.I .\ Iigiev . I foti l c i. i '1s :i n i!e .
.'t 1: a I :vn n h iI'l la
oic o0 of hi tante tt'ad o)theo iis
I' ll t t., is . 1"' I tt:i i'al o . o'.i
tl' b h T su iniI 1 ' .' It i' of d dtion'll
oeeor lis suty fornt' Much eosits.
teI theOj bftakslt'or further increas-L
tdIdlt dri ng thCo ig fl
Tihie Sete i spcn threii of(hnrat Sticn.
-cIt in :ulgie ac'of' ftour i d casd mii em.to
:)lr 'a of t the 'lse. Mass ari,o
it,l'trin o f; lfria ; tCtt~~'',' lay, of
'Iria , ia ti atd Darn i, fcii irin a
aSka ofa It lat. Pi e .l . Ouc ty , ofl V ~ air
)rl ina, andiiswf, s Malloy, Wo Cuiria
okeia ofite itUflaec,Jame Moody,tt tof
>r th isariolin. stntes sotkte ocft
le ame iTongue,i of Oregon.'y T ill
anolullis life rtegret thre adopted,I
rl' a' aoite mark ofli rendct thet
te'ntea ot 'coc aerdone un..
[rro tn'1 'oposk. c
Wa51 shn.tn Sdecia.The itlon of
.eeaMltid,SanIecme 8
87, been lpted.l'r Cuy le sa!
>liic,to his wifers ~uMaryt to Cur -
lie The li'oenac the amount of
hCh )iOPsC( not'tated, isuorteibenefit
tansute'eue tat Mary~ Wii.it
4arr btre lnt,ed eeui'ix~ andthat
o sal onot he -roqidsa ctoi ebond,
a~osII' Rusah akd tcorl nam'ithee
blatrs wo, s- "Thol (1ague" arn
tr t meta '.Bgnrum ,edt
liesthe epreentaivchthe opie af
Misfortunes of the People of the
Island Enumerated.
Congress Urged to aiva Immediate
Attention to the Matter and Grant
the Rtelief Prayed For.
Washin,ti, Special.--The President.
late has :scnt the following nessage to
thte Senate:
"I have just, recelvel a cable from
Governor Taft which runs as follows:
Necessity for passage of the -louse
tariff hill is nost. urgent. The, condi
tions of prod}uctive indlustry and busi
nless arte considerably worse than In
November, the date (,f last. report, and
are growing worse each mlonth. There
is s5m110' revival in sugar and tobacco
price:; du' to expectation of tariff law.
'Ihr' inIterests of I 1ilipinos in sugar and
tob :accc is extensive and ihe failure of
the bill will be a blow in face of those
Intr.reSt>. A nilnnber of tobacco fac
tforir 'ill have to close, and many
siugar hac"iciulas will be put up for
sale at a s.icrilice if the hill does not
pass. Cslistonls rec"eipts have fallen off
this mlonth one-third. showIng a de
crease of purchlasing power of the isl
ands. (b-neral buainess is stagnant. All
polltic"al parti('s including labor un
ions are niost si rvinuious in petition for
the tairiff hill. The el'feet of its failure
would be very iiscoiraging.''
The 1'residiiit endorsed all that Gov
ernor 'ait, has said, and hopes for a
substnntial redlctlon In the tariff levi
ed ag atinst. l'hi1lppines goods corn lug
into the United States.
"I very earnestly ask that. this mat
ter receive the ititedilate at,tention of
Congtress and that the relief prayed for
be granted," he says. "As Congress
knows, a series of calamities have be
fallen the Phiilippine people. Just as
they were emerging from years of a
dcvastating war. with the accompany
ing destruction of property and break
ing up of the bonds of soilal order and
the habtits of peaceful Indusiry, there
occurred an11 epidemilc of 'indlerpest
which destroyed 1.0 per cent. of the
Caracus, the Flilipino cattle. leaving
the people without draft animals to till
the lands, or to aidl in the ordinary
work on the far'n. At the same t,ime a
pecu'liar Uri'nItal horse disease becamo
('pililmic" fuirthi t rip;clinsg triansporta
t.ion. The riev crop, aiirca,ly reduced by
various c;tlin:c :s to but 1a fourth of its
ordinar. si:z, has bein damaged by lo
eu::ts. so that tl- prie' of rice has
nin rly ' l d1l.
"'' l l i este circ ums:t.mnci . til(er' is
Inlnint'lnt. di;tn_,er oi' 1"aninle jn (he j1.;1..
:I11ls. ('ongress is in course of gener'
ously appropr iating $:;.,0i0i to meet
the finlic'chiato nt'etds: brilt, the indus
pcn:::ll ii' :nld pr'-Onminent t n eil i; 1hc
r,':;1t1rcrili oif prdnci.ve jnd(ustry
froill tll l,ro lstratiou into which it las
nt?1,li ';: 4. I ash ' :1 11 in the tariff
ma1 t11 r. not til rl ly ti""cm t11h stasnlpoinit
(of \11.* ' :; verunll utal0 l lt, ut. as t
11nt.i5;!;'t' oif bu111 :illity'j' i l ..p(111S to 7i
:lpIpeal to whic -h I1his groat. peoplo
sho:ld n <41 - lc"los( its ''as. We Iiave as
sui iod r<l rlons:ibility towards the Phil
illin c' I.,lands w ichr"it We arc' in honor
hou nd to fillii. \\'c have the specritl
dut)y of' taking ever yi mea4surtle ini our1
l)owerl to) s4' to their I)rosper4)ity. * *
* Th'e enlam1)it i4s which have'( be(falleni
themin as abo4ve (inumera1'Itel 'ould4 hav'o
been't av't'tedl by no hniion wisdomi.
Theli(y cann1 111h1.li compii jletely3 repiaired;4
butt Ilhe suffering can he greatly alevi
ated and114 a p)ermna'ientI hasis of future
pros'per4'tit a 'ssurted if the e'conoic re
ha tions of the Islands with thle United
"Whtite H ouse, 14ebl. 27, 1903."
Officers Soulthernt Ice Exchange.
Atlanta, Special.-The Southern Ice
Exchange, in convention hero Friday,
elected thle fol lowintg ofllicers for the
ensuing term:i President WV. H1. Howe,
of Nashville, TPenn.; vlee I)resident, C.
D). MayfIel, of Richmond, Va.; scre
tarty and( t reasurter, W. E... WVorth, of
Wilmington, N. C.
Accutsed of Killing T1hree Wives.
Tndianapiolis. Speeini. -- Albert A.
Knap1p, fornerly3 of 113amilton, 0., was
takeni by the( 1ol110 from the home of
his bide 4'oin a chiargo of mrdl(er'. The
114li3c') say that) 1the wvife at whose house
Knaiupp was arreste(d and1( whose maiden
n:une was Anna May Gamble, Ia
Knapp's fourth wife, and that the
other41s hav di (isap)peared'4 in a manner
whh-hl wvarrants investigat-ion. Knapp
Stult Against VanderbIlt.
Asheville, N. C., Special.-Compnlaint
in the case of M. C. Gr'aham against
G. W. Vanderbilt was filed In the
clerk's offlee of the Super'ior Court.
Mrs. Graham is suing the owner of
B3iltmore House for $20,000 because of
the death of her husband In October,
1900, while In the employ of Vander
bilt. Graham was crossing the French
Broad river In a boat, which, it is
claimed, was deCfc'tive. The boat was
attachied by a sort of trolley to an
overheiad cable andl owing to the swol
len conitioni of the iver' the boat be
came11 unmanl3iageablle and illed with
water and Graham wia drtowvned.
Movemnit to Stop Eigratlon.
Vienna, Bhy Cable.-With the object
of steaming the wvholesale immlgration
of young girls to Amerleca, which is
occasioning the H ungarian government
considerab)le con cerni, PremIer DeSzell
hahs sent a circullar' letter to the local
tiuthiorities of Hiungar'y, calling their
attention to what he describes as "th)is
melancholy fact."? He0 directs that the
authorities only peritI mlinlors to emI..
grate wvhen sanctioned to do so b)y
their parents 01' guardians, and when
they travel ini charge of adults,

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