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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, March 05, 1903, Image 6

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn93067634/1903-03-05/ed-1/seq-6/

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A >fe'auti fl C:iid
Catarrh of the L
- t . /eei InI(IIn ti (flr,o I .aut it / t eI ni'i'
Iri!i rt rm': it,el'" O!f If !,>f p -'. :e tly1 N I
(lin ..- l1"iiir.>t : L>. Irr/il. :1 itl i wt yI rtl:'.v.
irc'- ": r!?I.1 L ':("!. !, -;,tf I in (Irl,1. e- I .1' '' y1
-- ra :ei ale trtet n
. /iw: t .. :1 ri::"': 1:iy I: 1 .y U , < ! ',t IgIs
- t , e thI -1i.' : f v." I /11 i'lh il. 1'(
i . - l t l 1 - :+;"t' ti ' tiI::tt - It
i is. i w"m\.' ', t: ! 1 t:-": ..
t i s .y I , s to ;1:1"hinI I
' ' *' :-: 1:1 . l't'llil I-t 1 1ke 'll. It Il ' - 1 -
-.:! ' Iy t'!lin anii::-! l'-1h ls IItal l': -,,1
\ ( I :1 N t; i'!"' '. I t i 1 : tt)\
Tl..'f( 1 w l 0tt gi' v 1 11 n. ,in:.. :
1.. xperh-ill e with44)44 'r;.4 : u. 41/1
'h(1 't.1 1 n.. 4 Il ai
It1:t." !ii i \'t, I ' I I lo sI P Ie 'lll 11 \
4.' t' In I It o11 1 't l ( -':ai'I et'
J:I:. .4 . l4 P4:</ which setthl l ' n11. my' I'l
h tl. ' hlI l h :1 i a . ra l :i ll I 1 .
M utual iisunderstand Ing . -- _ .
\V!:i :! it:)'\n Illaussinanni weno1t to
tn ".i! n" le 14 on a v'isit to Abl i I A
A::;:.. "";ht was then sultani, ho hadl anI
ilt.:'vuw with the grandl vizier. Who
did i:,"t knlow a word of Frnch. At tho pI
b i.i.::g of tho intervie . the old N
nTuii :trRsht pipes were brou'ght in \
and th:.- 'IInron IIironnaussmangla fa
intI .Vcry long sp('('rh in FroCnih. 11he 1 N
:a:lal icul not utnlIrsta l 2
wo . .411 t 14 l is n d 111 nost1444 at ent i tey
to. -i4.~ ;4r- and o ae-lght it t Hau 1m:nn 11
thli.:::'_ he was applau<ing, rushrd t
ter4 'i hi with4. guretdchi<l iarti.hO
i1n1r it, 1:to a k hands o a'' n <l. t th l r)
14g:4421 o underlt~'e the 01(1:: i a4
104' 14 inun's1 intent'l' io tog 1: . in
-.. 1: edt t he :i gooeha gne
(414'4 .i '41 ut( e 11 h a (4 14 54'<i 1 ant
to 'I 4)'Id 1m1 ght it. an 451)414 1
-44 '1( I 3 I HAS1 14 u.PN vi'l 41's d 1
1(4. ' 141 Wth AND4.11'Sl)'D 12O11R A I
414:4 'm.':.41 111(k 1r.y0:w.
-' Myi14 14 :i44 eed,41 an42 b
r '1t' I e444 'eto 4iyn:-.44
ca d :. . .d. e m-t
16 4: W . , 'd -~44.IF i~24.)
lo4r, , 'hm4t h r"on
way totti.. so
wher f~o " and er,.o
11ve w . u 1 4 ur*rirar. hy no
o ell.$ h44c .4 444'44N1E
4r 44 1n io,e ,*I''\ f--- - os
. ...' .4i"4I' Mor t r 'i ,ampe on . ' t
.; She lr1ymi l, e . xt ra4" 4. )1(444ntal .' fr 414
ye4w. 4.!: no v ~ O..u '444' 4'(4. . ''
Otaest.40: Chenpost,' Footl'
will be worth $100 to you to road wha
Saizer- oatalog sa. b.utraroe.
Billion Dollar Grass
will pouitive!y ako you rIeb; 1-J ton.
ofa hay nd lots of pae44 'tur perr er n
44lI Druu 1-eo., 44'n. :un
a heat fo c'rld, I:I. 4.''- 44 I4'l. 4r4
s.cre.14 2 .4t cenury 1ig,. 1.' huq. pe(r
acro an4 feasinie, Y4leIds 100) tons
Green Fodder per aere.
A , ;:~''i'an "and 10 Faetm Feed
eno1 o ol for . Also Boldiers' AddI
8o. 10.
UO.4~r patsGo.~
~~jB ldbd~~,,
>ilir Ssa Ved .From
t '
K Nl)t i.' Ii. v les
(1, tt:w1, (1"' I(. I r os: 11?lIt tt
" I >b -r"rtmIe et itlrr't l *t. 1 t~ l m tc')e li
vi, ct"rtet t. br<'rte tul f" I t , and i t'/
:Ic it' 11 it l,4
/ /t / 9 <uenl y
t 1lhrttc h I htut it i - lit illt, 1/eil' do
I i w or tili tt ne bl."...erl t''e/e ' (a,t
Vt' , 1-t l e / ec" I e lit. n tI ''t wt y ,
'e t"Itrtt. t . I:. CE Eit I.I
l':,ht t I tIle hI try. 1 :tn pl1)1ea1 (sed
mtI I lidi. for it b i'rI hII tI rll it'ly rielief.
oIldy took bnIto wI o b,11it::,hs. 11 1
(It 10 Iy :I v1 i- .' use tl o iny I'i.i'Is,
it Illale llnrlI- l ,i s so'\I"r:1l h<t, tI.'s I
i",e" to Iih'' :, , iI , htlle: e I tta s lto hl y,
1il ]I%I . h lav -Iib't"l witho;It excepllti)o
Ia1 it i:1- IbrIl;:.b II 1 ;111 : i spiertty e rt'
11(Vter it ia'I been n1e(.-Miss 1I'os .
11' i. II do not derive prompt amd sat.
f:n't,ry rt''lls front the use of
trimi. writ at onee Ili1)r. l artitan.
i"ill,- a fll .tatitemlen't of y our" case
It he n ill he pleae< to give you his
0b11111. ad'v i'e' gr at is.
Alre ss Dr. 1rn:111ai, P'rositIvil ol'
hi. lartman $auitariuml,t'olnnhus.O.
nd In That Phrase He Summed Up
His TI'eorles of Sca Fighting.
Our slang phraso, 'Got Next," ap
-,at"s slightly paraphrased in t letter
ritten by L.or<d Nel:;etn to Lord WV ar
ick1c not long before the battle of Tra
.1mar. Nelson had rcei't'Ived from 1l1,r
'atrv ik a deseripltion of an invIn tlon
tat aimed to incr'ase the eCfitil'tt'y
th(' clrine and lid iartililery of the
iy, atlt leo tilt li'l I' ('onltat'tting that
('SCript(on tlho ylctcn' of the Nile re
I:c'd iIn th' followitg, which was
evt'r pmblish d (1 until a "" f\w weeks
go. when tile pr'teent 1.ord \''arwi'k
iali it. at. a3 !'ubliIe d!m:3ir:
"'ly Iht';i' l.od-I hi-i \-i'y mlneh(
hii.:e or the3 f3: n-r: 013 f( 3.' -. M t'r,
3d h3'3 h I :1 11 t)<' i n e1il. j(i.3 :- Il
ii paia,it wjj')~j(3 (t hei;3 (iun1:;t 3313;
3' i -'\p i in .; 1(33' [,, /
1,3 :: i <> , :
jI . . \l
- t' - .h
-3"aslue an 13
-' M . : 3 -I in : ir m h
3(1t' il l' .\l il 3 ' \ 11
.1ns1h-r;3i13 at the company.133's : Ian;m
' .. ti.'pwnidenc'e. Kan31.. is inlvest* :e
3m Witlli a3 v.iew tto et ailhing11i~ tin'
n ii at3 Clieburin, '1Tex.
i :3-3 'ai'1i (,1 1 to b;; g 1':'13-n;t(L 1
('13 l1br.3' ha: v( youIr own.3 w,1(y.
'211 reader'3 of this paperii will bo jlidol'
~en tat the're is at, lin.st oneo dronodd
'33s3( that( .3cioe'l*l ha3s been in to3 ('ur in a
('lre h, t11 he1only pze:,io 'luro no0w hni'.nyn t
11h4 nientil'3 frateitjv. Calttrrhl 3( hein n ''on
3tretent.2.l Iil's ('atarrhlCurets takein intor
nally,act3(1 ingdlirtetlyup jonthe213.blodandi imt- I3
('0us3 Itu r fae.4 of I hie system3(3, the1reby3 dlt r'oy.
Ih patien332l1t strenlgth by buildinIg uio the( con3
illuoi an ass ilu is4lting uintutro 11n 'dinlte iI.
work. The(3 proplrietors have Vto much3.09 falith in
dired 1)oilars for anIy ca(s3 3131at 2t falls to euo.,
$(endt for list of testtimnonials. Adldresst
P. .1. (Cir.r.at & Co., Toletdo, 0.
iSold by )ru:ggists, 75,'.
We re tono apt, to thr'ow hou<311ue30A at
11he deadl and3 muld at the liv ing.
FIfapemano ture'd.No 311t1or not3rvou114
'nl's tafte3rtfrst day's usi-e of )r. lillne's (;irea~t
>)r. 11.13.-Ia sl Ii 1., 3'i Arel .st .,Ph'iia. ,1a.
Tfh man .who glivoa up3 his seat in a
croWded car isn't al ways so polite at ioine,
~teet * l5o'sSOthinger p forobhlidroa
tOitb1n,eoit n the Uu3s, redu13c0s Iflamma.n.
on, ay pan,croindcolio. 25o. (31bottl.
The of tener 03uPi1 it thIarAh
more Mrs. hueS te mrk i'
Jam sureP1Iso's Curo for Consutmptionsavod
mny life three years ago--Ms. Tneots lion
ztnw, Maple St., or wih, M. Y., Feb. 17, 190
A,ll men may be bor'n qual, but1 they
don1t stay that wiay long,
Economty is the road4o st ealt.hi. PUT.
?KAM FADEr.1SS J'YES is the road to econ.
An intol14 al..kdad depends lar il
unon thle tme t1 Cigsoii.,3 E
In h:e o pweigb
T-'1 li ;OY ll;'IA '
fn :It n Il:1t 01 b ronn t'',il, i i 1
w I1' ' olit bihiing: ar' now
'lho <!1i, w ' i l a I-it' 1 It -
i , 1 l,. 1 I; l ,i :"' l ' ll 1 I i: ,' \t s it11
- ~ it0 , is nt' hi : u n'1' is;llI
I:i Ililt1: l 4' ~iiTll i 1:'t l", :1 :;,": 1' 1, ;
:IrtIi \1' Il:tils t'111{() 1i 1'i i li :It (4"I1
'ii ' i " il ' 'wi :_ 1l!: It .1!:tt', "1' li1a1 iN
ofI I i )1Iiit~ 1111 It' t l1:: It si tlll
- ~;
(l1l , , w ht i 1 1'- ,ti lo.in is
\ ' 'I i,l t'. r l.:;i .l l ,i i
: i ,i t brj1 t , 1 I t,I theI
.i- ii : t7 Tr1!. ' I'-. w. it -
''I.l-l!t ' r t" :1 'I il ' sl:a i l I'i i h '"a .l
i 0- 4 n i iw :i ;i i h a l. riv 1 i - itl
no'ni i'll i is l I1ltn1b. . th ()C
-irlln1 is o l r:it .. t ' by st t ini u( o-. f,.
f:t':11 the l n in III:'ltng 1te r 1n I t: !1!
w'hi h it' is i' 1 4.i"tl, 1is 4si''of
ni t i n ' ith r is ;f our i it i
p i.4:n 411 n 1;\ 'cla i lynl.il r w 11: ii- 1 n .
I"r,n 'i':1' t :l ii'r I1\ i l!i"I1S Iit i 'ill
Ilth "i tI is i,lr lo . h r s s .
'ii ' l.i'1e i of tU' 11y i1Idill1 (n:th:nn fie
ai n t h r1,lt i lwr, sh :0 ti 1 Iac sro ke;I of 11( heI
s lt(1 hd s airtht tin om hig pi pe;.;il
thli floor 11h\ (' . nd yiI this fore the'
IliirI is dlrawn inlto a three'-in('h ,iluoolth
Jiei'l )ipe ruInning; Ite enlti he':iht
1)f the, building and c.Ilye a "r: e.'
The 4)fty b)ii 11ung has two s,eUtiot
/1~ /
art ) 11 thei11 ub-ek hR . IS - )i- i ti
-'iy C .-h Olt (JtIhll4it dsired, ndi
Cot :.s i11e whhill bl' -ni o ohe
th binn is1 ont-nart r tiroped wtith
ru'ier nly! ah Ri)oa,lt Ie al-ove th we
g all::.n;in1. .\s11:ld~irl-hulen airo
trt.1t ihogl ihn .r. 'b v e - lw
1The;- thef merI 01' i.: sel.t inh>ther
irs he hirgo:t:n, wich is i:ns own
lo to lofe ail(hi:v tnk.Wiet ite i
whc:ou-.:ho ftheipy lon ,th secon
enter isThois. wter has)1. priosy breen)8
re:ledwit dsineelut and~~u allin
\.itli \, t ' c'l, hle Il' y u i i U :
I lii, t t - t.
I lhi'i;. tlt "i .
II. :!ll ui' I"41i: - ~:1.
A N1:1\t' 'iV 'v'. !: 'A\I'.
~t i ti~ 't1 '' ll: il, 11 . " .c: l: : . , 1
'br o ; Fe b- i ,
I 'trl' itl:lll rt {. :t. ii . I ..t :. \': t l
l (v r I t ' ii l' tIots v
I lit' liz, l 1 ;iti l-tl: i,' , ;.Il ii t r,t' SIt:
a ,. '':tl o !f it ]I' . h
ih':- \hi I h . if
hh' w t
nnobb:ntr'S i . \\"iA 'N h IN 'IIl \.I;<N:S i
litllt hs I lll.'i :.o rl l Ie S t1:t0) il
1 '1 't l t l il y , ( -\-' : -
(har;It: wit h he'ra 1 is 1' . Iii Jo n (Illl'
(lth han1'l tha i'is l p 1 -II', b l \t 'l'he ( l,
lDANtiicors wi:AAroN IN. Tur , V-ui.i ,- s-grei:
IEI t lili a i ll il' l i Ibf r ti il:i
hi nain lit i weap111{i's I. l ' Ifh o itie -
1 e 1i i I I ti i l ,ii l:?I :' t: i i(' ' it 1 "I (1 lt'
-r1i i' .- ' n1 >' Iverl yd y
ii ee I i ' i ,. nn th r is oth.
butie lite it l 'lce a h ;n f ti
l' i e n i v l t fim tua i t .h
I er:V..i inu ri 21l wh -h e,.'i if r -- lo
i1. T i AI Io:-; -ul wa~i in'
Al It :i! eb a
f'-'u('t i l l'!rt ogo lceii tc 0 : .11
enins r '' ho 3'i Itl-it -lz h. Ii l :t1;
fon:'<" iu A h!.t TI i'. iii t' lt' . 1
ag .i U it 1 Ie lI'1iii t i
~loies,xi iplOielt hu1' lOr .. l i .--hii
hio~: '~V-liy ie)y~yyo- * 'it:i 14
"BTRAIN ,ittl Fo lAT toi seeK.
woik unthls andu inc -nvenhie.'l')ii
eroated herland er with a Irge ow
a n a pul in whle it bs st. Aty ri
fusenn matr -is .Ohire in tho Coanler,
pilIaliloingiI the dyrine to bpiedis
Aosl goft in the grbag1 e ai. For. Mai-'
tiaryu ransi. ois l othatirir wll 1)0.
terialtdro detned o that refepiel
shouhl b dainedi1ll before forn thed''
fo whonn wiet. hra~ litehson, a ildi
of for title.ge miiedo ann
stnhgi n forriwysa
tins ".n. o. tl." h t i e h
"Th li :l1aet11rh-i i 1 (il'(ets of the a re
lIglII art. 111 h14 1 .::1';r 1O ' 11) Ih ' (t <tlit
Ii-.tht."'' s ':t e .\bst 1r:!("(.; "'1t '
, . , n i{ I;r:: l t is boi" )rbd'(I bys'
hi-zh ~ ~ ~ l , O sn i,. -rin.rlyi11't wit1
i 1' :4 I Ii-' 't: :i' .'. I)':i'll''a? tI ' i I I\\ 1
(4 I 41 3. '' , :4 t I4 s... I44 4
iron pt in, :\es O;l' ;1l :bII nla:'te o:
1t|lra. 14itl , ' ' OI' .'a l.v t141 11l
w\1\'1 : ! ,i'L . w i " air p r.) ir l11 o
n r r :1'4 i -:: I : . t 1he e ni' 1-vil:
I I ' ('.4:::;',". I.1 It: I'' 111.' ,': Itil414
j. 1:1 11, "j'1 1 I' " \ : 11't' 11 , 1 1t'II:;la '1 (14
!- ray <t I :i ' :IIa I Oi r iI'r ul:. ge llttin '
i: n111III ' 1 ',)- ; ' . :l I1 O.tl r s ltr ttI( 1'
Itli', .' h t ! 1 44 I ii _ :1'' I'.l "."( :1 1 ! 411' 3'
I " 3 I I: 14i.111 14'I Iil : li)\n213 (i, '' : )t)1 a l-'
1 t .l'1 . 1 U l: 1::'' i I ''tll in ."r
1.X ~ '.:x p I:: : i ! :! t II ll :)0i:lllt r1 -,na -
l1'1 11144 I ' (t i4'i';1' I'?' i14 ''4, * ~ .
j I. 't i: - w Ill: "i' :a t ' t'ti1r:lt'.v\' e
I'lI' ill'\.'..j thI' 1t
SI ' ;111 l'(": I ii't 1'\" 1:11' 11' tl! 33i1'a\ '; a
,I 1 ) , i.~ :: : t:lih - . .. ' ! i'::"-!:, i b t l iin
I ." I"',' I (ii ' :; "!i1 '4 ltlt ':. I4 1 13 \'.... t 'l 'tiI
II i ni4't' or 'hI . a n I1t -isinn
(1' (1.7 1 in iii lin- 13un :to
:tit'I OI;"u t'.' 1 18 i 11 14 :1'i ',' t4:- t41 !m ':i o
14 'Iti' 1! I1:,' 111 ' 1'nI t'r Ill l'!1 t i: :'
i ' t'I1 i t i' I S i11 (' 1114 ' it.,' k 1 l''l
4 'I1'11111 1,(1li "' .14 1 1,'1: I. :3141 4IIIi 4
1tl ('l- illn ii y, 1o i: I'i'. Ii t l' .':
1'!uli ', Ihel' a i 4:11 lo w n jtlliit n1 [ tllt : ' 1
n- : ' 'II l ll ,. \\'iti,II \\'":' 4,. 3 1 ; i
thl' hi s" h'l() :Ii \'!1i.n I f " IIurIii''.
iin i'( ti-r i1On. 1r'reiessor)I TI't :I1 t1''- y\
I ' ie t he 1 11 :"'l ins alll1 Y, ",.. b:-.
t.i':m 11 1 truitui1 1, i!!. :th that
11' h (' wni1ils w 1e;I'! il, :' b I)io 'th es illt -I,
'1:1'y woo1tly' rinloceros 4 . l in tl'I1i:Iti
\y 1'eptai'r II tO (ihl vinet'anll, wh!er1'' hll
-- t111. <:: a \allln.4 at th 4 I it'
u loin the :k 1ull .. I IIi t rii.'. I I
liscover'(1-t! 1rn !ca:l lyth" whi|' \\"11 l(
wh'Iith hras now\\ h,. ("n m1OIlill-.. .\t
I1h0:ugh .1 p)1rl11n Of' Ite skulll is wlis-iII
jthe(ro l- ,1n:it'it'itn to I)show th:!1 Iit,
l,:;st- was:I Of iit! e w )-b rne';lli s. ' r:(
foundl( in 1In I rl. The brl't', w I I
wh r \\l i tIhte s e l IIo was:I 1'ntial is 'f th
I'ic id oc ne t -':'''. II :l'o I :iin'l lit
PrO1(ssor .\. L. 1 it"h, of ti- Ilt!n
I1jil \I('t t rl,ii i I (!1),,'rvattory. jin 4tlt1h
tO x lOre th 1pper re'ions of theI I)
abOv' h(e c'uatOr by\ 1n(ls Of i
110.1 1:4' 0 l , 'l 11)t')11' a l, r tl
r li this t :!l l r l':"t*(' -' Ii IIt'
h 3'' 1.1 '44 4mly" th ' ovelin-. 4 n3 l anti
Ient I-:. It is oly \ on iI lnkl of 1 1
if :e 1 lh l(: the 11 -1':'i' w\'itli, 1 :11 :i
Ob1 "t"s\rved IIh \\'ll t' wh (0l .. TI'll ir m'I 'I11
loe' r limit il :4 liml I' 'i.itl ' :1'r"I 4
1''')'l. <1111 till ilr 3i41-.. is -. :ntl 'r iln 5ill:
mlt"r' ih1:1 in :. I ' n 114 1 M4h13 /: 'I' 1ltb
nt' it1 'ul si' 10 144144' ' : 1.J. W't' i I
1;:l 14 :11 I ' i in u ll . .\' n h .\11iu1 i,
a'"< : t. the :n w ~ h 111 \' 1t 1 i: i'sI , 1 i( 1 It'1
14:1 t04 lu i !'lam1 I 11' : :11 14' l ';etr, 1 41
(', t':'t .\-lil - to 1-:::a ly im tIl I i .
i:2:4. : i'1:t a's.m ihe 114 i. l i r,11.' m41!4
13411 1111k'n' ri:i l: It r '.o:41 or4I41 b )all ,:0
'P- o' up 1:.1.-1 3141- , m e' o au n 1.r1 (-- w:1
l4: 1'( !--.Ii he :4n; 1' ,14W'1l'-. II 1
hsIici'. S e I'l ' t ' fin. Iha : -4)11 I 4''
34i'' fornly t he0I1'15 Il 113:-:'nt Iron i i
--.1) y li" frO-e.15 4 4 144' whol 1-.:'l r e ' .
-1('. OiIlle ofit 1t11:llt a I with '11.
13t 15a (huly's house'tl wh oths inh-1
roto1is to e' '' done tvr w(on'l 1 Iinpti)e0 fo
,- 1tory. :i,New Yhk oni;- wentin Adva.
10 o'4t h -m lain o e
A 't.ypo or Lnitty 'Thnt I's Nat O.ien
sooun N1nIta %Us(
11 :1 s if th( u1i p I ! l i
('g rie uiI" 'or goo(l. 11 is ( 1i n i t
henst's IItI it is ht'iiar 'tu nC
to wor'ry sel I%ve (tLt Ilt \'l ''
lt" yea I's tg eve'r\ 11 1:s or('r "i
Y rll' r c tl(ti 11t l 1p list rosst
Itotes, no"w i ih' linj..1ril ' or ",irk t(ll
on( Ii:;l Iill,y ''do ilotply I ia o.
'io' y l la y I ih' hl1-p) possibl, hitlgt
'oittlbly, .l;( I i surely, bt1u the piano
tt i : n sil 'rin I'rout a sic;' oi
it 't tic l o I(a 'ini:l f' irofe s :ioni-I'
1 ii i, .tt i('\t ti l I'' It 4:t a' 1: 1i t 1'
t1. AIr' 1t'w ci h:i:ci t 1 i l- rit "
til 1 1t b: i . li ;i' :::( ' i lit tlc) j'', .
No ((ll. of ' t 'i wi to' sot' it) tri
int' ) th1i iht'tI,ys wj\itn (t'ry' girl, t
\'oitl of n it-tij i:1i :i il a n t(
to i i clini'r r)tt ('''i - i ' ; ltl It i,., -
((i thtI' I( g sc'l llff tiri inist ct iitn it i on!
i ll " t-' 1 c.ist's, icc-c ptlt e l1c:' itt)!t tlii.
w\'ith reli f 'I' : s (1 1O .11( i l 1'"ri ,- .
1 l ll i i it coitltii .; 11ij( : i 1 i l ii:)i "
:\a cl:ly ti. toci lnt t Iiitis t l \ Ito c. t i
i)11;i'l';4 ' tii lIi i (i I i tlt :1;it1 $t " p l
Itlta: l lt IIIlit, or :a('lt Ip111 her o\,
-c H. it1'v .lliall votli( t in a ilble' winlli't.
v n I It oI ml" or "l 1'I'i('th i tnl(. Wte
Ia\("t-: v i i 1"l(essi\tti;ll('titioltriu('wi hol
(c i . Vti iiit ti lit ul sk!ill a itl
is :cl :i!1t\e the l it i' : itt i onl' I t t i , i't -
tltu lli t-Ii : b; t t' h m y il lt1tt . ltt t ' lii.
tillt-, iit ;l i'ili:l Vh. lilt' w her ji isho'
\'t' i" t w i' l ias.I whc -m Itl" . (i her, 1 ttsee cc
:bltit' i :c !a i!)Il: nI Iili ;I s. i n It"
in:is (iteI s' lit its usi.(lii' ( with it
d:)-(t.it(" -iy. Tig l I n\ti s tv
l 1ii' O111 to ;lt-''it111.1;t\y, :11tti IIhey Illll'
1 i t*4 i" it ithe .oii1'. will\i"iiii h i t or 1ltr ite
Ut t llI:iut. ::n(1 th:'v t11 .l Ilte' a Sncit -
i ll,l tos;I 'i1ih lut isie I lloor nd:I
sl' huteloly to itl^llt t Ive lilt' p ages' hu
It:'t they ilt (t ln to dlli lI our
t' Vr.. I It dt' , 1citcw Ila 41 l ry'Ir\ w i
S:il*': 1)h! l'(1 ier o\vw 11 ;I t llllp:ttllitIIir
i :i 111:1t 'ti' uc tt o ll1'.- '(. :11ll 1cti tl i[ i t ;li
w1 ys nei d 1 ' l a it:. ci . ci. l!'I.
T he 'I:Ilisl-:tlion of Ille' 1l lte 'It :1(.
(t,l1!t::llilllt-111 11i:1y h1:1v \.I . inl'1hing: t(o
(I i H h i r-' ti:tti' of a'i:i' s
'ii l ili , ": c l:"'' lII 1;1ii11l illS" dij l l( lst
I .I r t I- h , 1s;: -4 "t i' I ( Ih e i (l (i . :111<1 Il '
I in:1( ,yn isI : .1 it" ( . l:ys of a ili
nr(1er f-Iolit the 1l:t.- r. I Int thr c rtc l
n:1 ( liliet o!' tht, 11aio it , nore it I
' ,VIy to the inatier. Thet Illoderi) girl is
Si) 1hibl itihrol)i("* n ;! ( )llullittti,.ri(i1 il
:111(1 g aine-p1ut;sessel ihat slie has no
Iil[a' for :1Ilylii: indoors. .\utt per.
Ia Is it's just :. s well. The ol-':sh
io:ed girl who "'layed" was a trial as
I rl( .-\( Y 1t-ik ('o.110 '1' all . ilitr.
Miany St riktirg N'ilh.
'iThe (ifflI'n \"til will havet first 1tl:i'(
in : i illy's nviir tilti llti'ir, not only
:1. tat t\ ccil , but also als a drllajtt
()ITe t lla1s.
I *o * *'
Wtlidt ht'nm ti.hi'l liI'tlris will playip
t1tr"tnint'ns part Ituion-: the c hii " vc il.
IILsof ihie ("ontinlg .l';'otl.
itt s wi it3il i i'tl I pplivcl init!s c:iks n-;l
ol in ci tolor a roi l i 'cied cs it vol itc.v. hu
;;triis not li yto b; ci' c ini m' )1:11 l ly ,p
icc Ic :'t. li i : I t' b cne Wi-d:c!ii tn'
Icli hhl s c in I u ei. litV W Ii Wt 'I i 11 ite''
cc licli no hat ill' doe i ob.-clve of 1th
V.It owsI stitt io)ii ent- li(Coi. fom
ry'i i o n tsl-. 10 is:ilice-eali . y l
I y ol i13 iite i' l tcctht 1. dreioti;;; gO-v.
\ nc : Uh- lilt' ic i ' m)iits (it. l .okl -,.:lin.tci
Ut :t thit le -,- t in I ve ii lot,; l'ii ,
ad 'lt cill' e y c'erito.v el'cive' ccvle il
Ich iwccilt iltlln eihh plyM wieiertlt' years
OLd .c (cTiOn y are 1:Iw o' v3iw on a f
Trho Soi(liiNleitai 1)c Uitftite.
Tr (ebitititlte Is yoinn"g iII yearS. o
coull,se, hut herin kiiowld(ge of thi(' \w"i.;l
is ronsirtily gr('ater tiini that o:
hel' alothler intt grallolhther. She
-I\\war1' thlat she is: nit, ilm Cushittnait ig
1n( \w, so sli( n:luita s h :' :1 i et: t: :.i.t
1' lo fis trlilill. 1on: a't': ion0 ii :- .
to Stiltu tae p ublic' :tit'.iion. TIht' 11t r.
11.i1n i n1 ' ig lt;i i.iir ;,1itit'!"11 i i
!it't il wis 1 l 01' ill tri (in; (te lhii
ti a i it:iaiil lollit of l t it ' .t:i:111
w i\t t:'l ,:ie fort,estal!:. hiii t with t if
:ltout hi im st or hin' ( \-"n In-ltre. Shl'
!:nat bnor lally' blihtly, plays trery
supp!ressed' intentatl c'xet i(n1(nt. he is
1 ;'\"er tirt't!. xlht w\iil (l;tn 'e till 1 :l Il
altli :he ridling at ti. t;".: y 11.11 \ .1
lias II o:t tIIre,' (Ile s 'itI tht dte'
h tlle l:I:ow\ s iiiire of ht'r than1 h1"ir
lllioter who:1 hI;1 SluItlil'd i t"r for tyea:rs.
'Theei' i ' 1 l' '!" n ir tllt'lll :h' It" i Ith's si
tyhil : : Ihuat of' b. 0", t';; iiI 1 . ant
Sl:e (t is :tt'.s her;.:t<l' Ifrolu it as r-ap.
id las 1o,si bli.
. 1iir s usit I ionI trt' deli:hl i l. tr'
is alwayv .l*' ti e: "ihrill i." ' i h iiie.
I''iou; 1 .:1nh S It it l:Ihin ; in t;I i il.
Iicit i(h ht'I'ans :itb 'e st c;tntiacit11ts,
i'i i"h:l:; shel ' is itn 1iw 'l i h in l I 'u f Io ii
Ili-,l ti11wt'. sli'jt: h: is I ' t l--hi I' --
:.tl l' Icg '1 oi' 1"h 1. 1 siis l t Ii' :t'~ (11 ii' :l "it IIl
elf fo Iwiri lk h t haim~ uis lo'ie *jili'ri'
t 11 t:r t1n. Sh' i, ;a hosl 'sly tl .
t e :tnll tull lwe'l n w ith h'r i othe;
that hie littr is uttite ,1usuii' at her
ft Ics ". Ai ih i h':!'s hei r l>raist's froi
very" I;:1i m 14i wi "i wI i -li iI
]to alliiliy. Whaltev r ln-t dress allow
an t', ,hl :,-) iid ily hx eti s i it. c.;d r
'The 1oiceort l:xr in ce t .
hi t bridle's ti i ihe I .is v'isi I it 11Pr
ant! tugl'her a sit 'at iin It :wi\ng
ricit i. bliit rili w lWas Iii t hieI s -'t'\'t'
lii iiof 'er h u nnlmu i's ov r"iciIoat.
"ei\'tll. i thclin1k that1's a neal t joiire
tuar;e'thiell(' britl', os she inishi her
'ht'I l( o i 'r ci(x' Iiltd it : un t .hook
hn - head sob-inn11y.
"Yell dlo;'t. liltt- it'-' sut~ '- 1'ts th
"l'Ii's st;o wet'll ldne." was lilt reply.
'"'Too we"tll dioun :
"\"'; it', a taIlor's ,job."
'"t( it' ii in i t it as well as a
"\' ht, Iithit. of itour e, you'll Itlmve
to kotp ol dinig Ihin, of th:at sort.
Oh. I know all1 about it. I triedl it n1ty
slf' iswhtn I was' 1 fi::i: is :1rt 'i, l. .
later i had to ruiniwo cIio rt hefc ritI
old brea k yor' f'alt'r of the habhit of
br"ingisng evi'rythinc; to in'. .l1usl listen
to the v"oit'P o;' (xlirienl(e, dlau'hter,
andi iake a h ung_ling "job of Ihal, een'ti
if vou :1 i\ie to tetar it out nisd do it
over : gain. It's no troublt at all to
dlistoIrage hi'n now. but It will be a
year or So later. It i he of 1 utiltst.
InmportalnTe th:at .1 wollil shoul begin
111:t"r!ied IIife rig ht."-d('hIc ago Itost.
Tiht (iirl We iIkf-.
The succ's4f1l1 girl Is usually a pop.
ubr onte, ii her p oulari y is derived
t'ron:t the lit:tle hing: ,he dios Indl says
in, life. TLhey ntay not at the tinme ini
l ress at teronl , u t it il l t'h (d thley
tilnt surely do so.
T' 'he girl who is l oliuilar' with ethin
:I114 w\omnen is she who all';1 intes thet
thoiiii. ofiveythnginthewob.
ISheI i'iis cithe t :lrl wih,g 'i iino cire sive'i
iiitcl doesb ~no l ioy vi liciiti; is
ihi h girl w s(ihoeautr cuii s p~int
with al thont'. I hiles on ::uteii.i
11he3 i st gi l'ciho,ic whe lou nv
h iit3 ilui to: y h u td.;i.:: i'ci:ns tou hys
1.c S is 01i'e il I r' w h 'iaia s i worid1'
Thie verps o;y hiiiih o li h i .;i' dXiiiy
relieli eII'ai'd oifa wil:u' g:y ronblte01
I):iii'I v'. Thcii.-i o ituif-o f Ie un.g
dersi3'oftite iln bses . rdosi
,:ii'i:i iti o (iiedwoe pp or help u
listIti tt oiiern ke to:g toe wIton
lu!a fclor'tt thiwe bo.llh:m theid .u:,
lIne lo:iid~o inornid 011 .1 silr ty
hookiUx- toily loe. unun<~ith otil' lthe
gurns nohr. T.. e, i 6abi

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