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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, March 05, 1903, Image 7

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn93067634/1903-03-05/ed-1/seq-7/

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~$ I . J,In IR co ourt Jl urn,l. '
\I1' l'1.\ \ i 1 Y hadl ';,kt'1
118(1 :;a' i(:1 i 44 i: 1 J
oheliit M . d uI.' .\
e:r11 o V en('iIIt urI'l!' l( 4ad i::::: lo
11%rv 14I-.-: 've 1' i tn<1 4t'' /'l lilll
m ildly sitti'VlcS1 I . withll a s( : ;ii. ,114
1 t I I' Ill . 1114 i
ll t';- lIiy'hip besit:' d f'or :n t ::u: 'i;
1154s ' S SI)(14 ) i ls . I I then w\'ith : lirli
\"~Ii'i I. I " h ' l(' I I4 )1. 1,1%l'tI1i4' F'4 11;
g('e1 t14,. "()' tt'1s. C'rlainIY.".
11 'ith! (illi( u!t 4 !4 r ('el('ver m11 1:1n1 r<
pro'(4se a s neer at (1he ii\ersal l''N11 1 .1
111 ( anI m )' 14 supestiion,:i n \ Ilts C 'r.
li telos(ert~l i o:': I''44i.
iI'1 si' 1.04114ll iil41 t 4i'
"It really dotst 't mnaltter 1 what1 thi (
'n ."' h11 e1' "hill it's Iluit' r'' ;lit:i
11ta tInrit' : who is anybodiy h1s; h
p riv i' gh: 1- 1nh' s Ihe':. 4 1 sorl r
new :111- r(:a(i ,"-ly- 1:I(k ' 1 e rs n.II iId ilhe
h1's ;ol to y II nI . It', Ia:r"t 1' 4 l
hlloo of 111 1:;na.--'. .\ ("ounltry\ houi:
w\ ihI 1: ;o.s \' .ldl In44 b i';"- .illy."
"W' ll, this On1!(': 1 1 n rfe't II. hIen:5 of
ghotu .'' ob : ed 41.\' l ' lit r (ll'2
44 u4i : "l It '.' . 11t' 'nSes (h. :wII
l P.se. -:' I(; Its "t I lllt' t 4 tm 1;,
all'ti'- w\ y up/ h l t aiS and14 ridI
tln :l 1t 1(ne of lihl ";': nt w':475 il ( V
th1ink; 0of goin;. l!th r :I!ter' (1:r1:. .\ni
il(' t't': lS lu ll : l n l l1i l t l' !
volt . :Inll si: h1- ainti ('hm!-A l
"\I;' it's a fre1 show':'' :s1:t'l 'Il
1;(en i;il "th:-r'!''' nu 1'h: "ri(' w h I:I;( \v(
for ti ;s1pa n :iin1':"
"There.'q no t"h:l--i' . Ilh( liit l" ena:1
t1 'ry enwin sFaid!. (ll1ub ;l iv*y. " vl th..
s:ay after you'\' n it th :l
you 414 is tlt ::.v : t:(l an (li<'. The( :-8:!
\Ir. Vl"ih:!n-\\'r rt Faid i .iave'
.:! L. dy 1'. ' hy s:l "Non1e.
.\ "4,4f sI:" .'e'r t':1:n ibV;l 4' :h r(4
ii h r1s i (i 4 l Ii 1'y i''N t in:: I :
n1orn!lj: w .11, '"l' n:a't ;il lnordell'r1', 'n,
wI'Itll 5(1 h 1 1sub 1 '.': 1m r . :,, lit di ;':11 11 :
lIn- 1 i( I'l i l':n 4:-1 w ho.-e' w il,( h',:' o
14.m . : . ' 1:-; - ; : 4h " '' r: -:in- ,.
nl ll '1 "I 1 8(' :l~ l' 1:: :ot141 411 Ili
: i:1 ::: '1 i \ ' : . i 1h1 , s o :7 . I .l1
ii h ,' 11: -,.; : t) : ' V 1:; 1: in! i, !-: ti ! .
Vi; 114' :n l .e h :--- ' - i 4 - !1"' ; ,!: '. :
:l'0 1 I e r 1- i14:' 1.4 ,. t" , n.,..li l Ia,t'.
1' to;'1:i1n11 l w' :I. .: l :n ivet:i 11 1
::ll1411 ,'''.4'h 0 li ' 44 111 :"I i}1""t.,.1 I
d i' :i. 1'!i' 1 )0 1:4'ti 101 h it'tl e ni: .
ricwi, ".\;ed! ::4( I: lieu rii1 . ie:ils noo
stl, Ioil 4:11 I:ghit g 11ad' 111 Irlii
V-:::n3' h)in wIth 1::"ii:lIme' ;-l0g-ir:0
l'1'heat 14 ::' r -::4( 11 n4 0 iC-- h4.10 .- ( 0 : i41h
in i'&e ot'oill. ie ei "'w-:.:4:1n
1you :'' t (i 1.4'iIz -:-::Iel. hIe1 ah e hhuit
eyf.o.i hI w ith r 'i14 '1 '. Il-;:-e((t.1)
of' ('il li1e1 1::::- 1 1'igIh '11ly :I1141t1'(.(
falle fiXeti 111i04 1101 lug.l .\:.II' else
his leyes ::wl lii f:edI i rs iyto.l
."ighin- oh 1i'' ' rou10 ('1 e o usen,
to 11IQll 1rneklim t of('41th ll-3. ''n< t the
1bove all.kn toe swihs of s~ leieoftl
fraline arnthe Atill:1' Voce( le00('w:
Iiert.* Ceru4taittlw 'ly 1hee1er 1moemnt
of thIe othier ieo hsdo--tegi
4eallynl truld41y b(4lieve that suh' :i
'4hQSg Coul'do, 1he.1lg 'l(1 Ainie e supp
deiu '4 ourage,C hidleinied (hero414ienIl;
raidookaued, andi1 'henlhs heartl stoo
stei,ll r orh ee himtln dl''i hi
thet lienera''e 181(01.14C 1841
Te. htor nitee' lensinhidemande
lreoting beylon the ('mere "How are
".fort loo threw 'hiself bn'k n)(4 coup
ofe retuieL andy trglnty Jollyered
wAl fore upon nothlug i1'n11part inla
aseoly wnft..ieIgd stt fm
trebld,t 4( alotlfearflly.t' "1 ut hOI5
war we9ll nogh 1at4dinner! What'se hoIn
heog (brokenoes of what he1 rethco
nIe 0as the Genteral's vo11e renehelt,
him. tnrmoMst in i answer. "Only0 an 3i
aboV., Ite mutered; "(fter Ill, oy 011
tha (1. V.!i Yat llothihorer is wor'th;5
west comeido, hting tach oher 0wil)l3
thet weltbred indiferencet of' soltia
nice to have fads and all that, doi't
you know, buit h1er(''s $)('!h a thiiig as
'Ott ip nie'' :an1 ('t:li'ori bly, : ---"
.\nd here he;(, l hall'O, 'o' I .:4ly I':an 411y
s ittllg t hrr s14 1 :!:''r, :n12d tli': d a with
.i:' ::4" '('"S'd II' ( ' r o'fl' ph1:111
to l:u : "tl','' l : 'h .::4 '. l '' 11 r: !t14 l.'l" "'181yV
i'llhetl inl its p1.r 1"i:-!':n- i ihomii
linre sh i: i i! . : :: i,' b' ! -+ e:'l11l
4)f e l u." l VIent'.,
"1 'nd1 It :1 bil tow p::; % :' il t' V:.:1
D o'- vol;: \(il'( ('':': i! ;, ,i1: (:. ' o .t frl.:,1
;l,The g im.:I (; .1'.r . t ':, was! I l'4 -
islh. " If i,h :''s 4 4::( 4!! :: t: 'or' i il it
:lnotitl'r I I h1 1 .:"14'' I .;s::i . "'it i s It)
nl')'': ('(oplil'' inf''iur (u1pit'S lof my1,'
to;uWns1 :!I ('\v'e'ry s:t 't' ner'.'!'. I 1:1ve
:11iLw ' s 11 In It, it :4 "llnd01 itin 1:1 t'
:;\"1 "1(1 l' (!'r144("l. :~5:2
Ir ir1h:IilW oo ph1' Ji24 ilos liIize.(1.
".No ' tod 2 unkii i :1 1it5(." 1:( said.
"They're hittin tsu On 1 ur1 w\':Ilk(st
50.1.. .1141 '! I his idently your
..\il! (0 a l v r. 1 irs '1. ('n- "w'was
:11 144v r 's e te:t. '" 1 ': el('','':'! .\ 11
" ,12tr I ( th1 of 01' it wh. n1 y' ,;u
hI:I t "I'l ~ \l l :1h ':l on (y'i'- \'"he':11, u 1 11"-,
1 ' 11 '':llt \ .11:4 t'!4~ D : ':2 1 : ('i 41 2(4
Th1,N't\a:l 1:( A inht-i'!)1':'l. "i.-'
",4 !fl' i1 '4 !i4 1 l ':4' il y'~~~ ; 1:::4 ! 44 I 411 22it
h i hi: ('' 1h I : iH Ir('d. " I've
1 I '::mO ( : :! r!.h:' 1' entr ing his 1!n:0 tr.(
nu li l!(!: ')r his :11rnl. { 1(> in t i'ad
2t! ''! y 11 r O 'l i f (-111i 11 t ion'(11'4 "
' ly 1 n .\3. 0. Y.." still 11r1'ttl'(1 the
C tw'!? rtl, w"'ith lis ('(y 'S Ii::.('r wha\ 1:1t
I i :' ("1(4 '\''' 44:11 ('4444141 Itu?" :('' \\"n". "l1::
1i''inh'(1. 1u4t 4'\'(v ' Ol 1 441' 're:t'h-- : st:ii'
'4nd4 444 heth e 2in4.h- 1'.tters''. "Kj'. 4'. 12.''
Ih:' ghost f 1 114' lit1h. 4"4, r:41t'y ("ou1s1in
fli 2244d 1y ''lonl't 11i1hi8)l.'' i1 IIIII'ir re(;
wL" '' 2l11 igOS to u1ffe'r thonil h ome: t 1('
t1hi''.:t l\i!l' llltlS -.::Ini(l witnlI Il ' ''al
4t4)1'' ;:I'1. i1) lt' ii(
Th ('lt' '' 11:241 ntr1'I'l 4l'4t1. "T''i
r(':1 <tory u'\'r d1oc"s t 1lO(.' h'
'. -s'r:!' : " tli1 vnl' I' tille hap1 4 :'lnings1.
Th I '):'11 li(' de p'i,, (:7':'p 1(-low
til44'" '4' 4. 2 4:w2:Ir ; :auird 1 .: tm -- es
ie ':il''y1 : :111 o;:' liv 'S."
".\i4 \ 'e :. 4:.L ' (":w:p!;(." ' )- -
\', ' 4(! h :! : 1" .' !!:! (' 4i 2 :v l :' ..' "y ou
-' .- : :: :.- :\; -' ' T h n
-' .l i I ' -: _ ' '"!.::" o 1:.: Ll ill 1)m'V('
\\''' , :t .I i h-n I:h : h fi her
- 44t ity'"' .1. " :::\v rI t: -; '. th !:- Iw klI a\"
\" If :! n 1 i :
(t2 - 1 ' ii,2:1(6. :i1:(! :I (:':!W~
T h: '' 1 ''1' O 'i ii41i1 .
- '2' :4:4 * '4 I.:41n y I':lit',41ph',
': : ''ll 1: ght'Ii1 i wN ':tS, 'ou!i1':'
r . 1 ':. I y ul Iav ::Ity 1111''4d St(O'l'S
! ay 'h'"'- -y .,1u , m i-ht1 l'ntrt-Iln us5
w 141, :1} ! :;oui't of : r 4422 (1Wn. 11 woul
he. I hi 141 2:4y, . hi.:-ly 1Im:!t".1S in u.''
"i!4 1'-: :21r forhh142414'' Iii' re 1 the 4144: en-42
4r wied 4'1 4i'4m his 51in1. ". 4y< ' lntly.
'n24r4" ih: --4.'; ye:. 2S. 22224 1 dot42 o)wt
any.ipe: 0:41 any2 of4 them'4. l'erhap1Is
4 i4 l'::2'.ophy~4 hors'.'elf -
:2V' n ~ 4 .\ir. 214424':..-W 'o:'41' .
I 4' M -: 4 41 'to :.. w : :t' e:''. 14 5: 21
'4 ' :-."'::\ bl2' 1-:01y 2;.12 : '"my ' ch1.1
"T i :2)'t 'u'2 ln'.:' : :7. i s a d
11 :t '1 2g1ly th (4r442t:'' alse
abo. Th". e: *n' :.:* up ;th
reMn 1 why1tI2: 13 1you )di1 the th d in:'e
A:tti lil since1 I4:til ten te lk
"Wha4't actu1all44'10y 4)1(d, said 14 the14'
and41 thIs ni1ght hav',e I seen4 ('rowds41 of
them'11. But I thin4k someho14w1 I4 must
h1ve been4''4 414t1 444141ep4and dreambig 'when1
I sli pped down'~ tese 5tn4irs, and4( I'mi
really 11not( a bit more44 impre1'(ssed." nowI
11'han I was-than 14I4 wasi 2i"-'
114' s141tope su4denly, as5 bef'ore Our!
eye'(s, dIIgited and44 81ttly, appeared44'(
som44ethIig-s4omethin4g Itall, shapeless,i25
transparent''14. Slow4ly, slowVily from44 the
ch1i11, anid it dlisapp)ear1ed as2 m4yster'ou4s
So thle h4onor of the house was still
Dr. HIackintosh, of Aberdeenj
- When(4 214e EdlIiburgh R1evIew was 14n
1(2i themkling, somebt'ody sugge'stedl for it
.the mo4tto, "We cultivate literature 01n
j al lttIe 024tmiealI." "'It is so true," wals
44 tl4fhe aswer, ''that we 1had( better' take1
somethin412g el1se." 4One ('41j re1n(2s heie
(1(dent on4 hear1'ig thant ai tes1timol4n1a is
I)4h1ng r'gniz/ed1 to the remanrkablle au(
thor of a r'emiarikable Ist5ory of Scot
4 land4(. Th'iIs 1isDr. .Johnt MneLkinltosh, of
i A berdeen. who4( ha:s ind(eedl pursue24d let
4 ter's utuler'1 va4st diP1(eulties. .An o1(d
444man no(w', buit wonderlifully hearty13, he
('24n4 look bac1(k upon'4 a4 uiqueh4(4 enreer'.
Ile be(galife lIst 2 a 44hoema(444ker, anld
r' later' kep1t a lIttle staitioner'si shopj 12n
it 1road( street('2, Abertdcein, ahnos405t un2der1
[I lIe shni4dowv of the un1iver'4sity 'whIeh
4' 14md1e I hm an4 LL1.D1. It Is ltnsant4 to
'1.2een1 1him, a' seated1, grave20441 liue he-44
1- had 24) spea4'k-to0 ('ough was5 not4 enough121
-1 hefor4e 1he4 f'orgtt his own''i pnh 44444
4'ir(ose 24) sell yo another4)214'1. 11'y14 the ie
/- 14n hIs place4 aiga in, tcllig 114( stor of'' 4
Y eliliz11 i n~.42(4 1 co4'tland44(. II' never''4 saw~4
* i- anythinig w'onderful4 in il 441h1is, un tt
(1 nIg Auto.
2t The largest auhtomobi14le 12n 2the WOr1ld
d1 Is beIig constructed(('4 for4 a4 ('44 154n doe:
'C tor. In4 it, a1ccompanhj4 by44 24 wo medi-14(11
4s cli stuldents, lhe 44 intends 24) ma4ke a
tij ar'ound the( world1(. 1t will haive
t 2wo) sleeping ap)4' art tuens. a1 1hirge' work
*- roomadforbglak.o s.r
fIore in 'hii Slib'et ''iaun Vout MIght1 C
'Tlhink-A KIttlIen 1(jirio I t'lent.
"Ill' ki1 !tll n kllit' is ; i: lillt' tj il
ul'' t'!!I'o .1gh," saidl ho th 1 n0l-I'y 11111
"tI0 t'rl 's m ,' i iiI i n yott IIb:ht
tihink. ilebe kn t 11i''es :re ii 1l1e
11*1'l :I l' 1,il 444-. ;1 1 : I. 1 :1 1
Ion r cov i :1 ;4' i :.' I .Ik s - 'I' ''
: :l 2 . 1:' - 11 I : l: i. 1 '' t
ii.:i' 1I'1 ' . t Ill1!'ll'i11i:::.:, i:.Ii
l I )d': N I. I dl n 1
"K 1i1'e:( 1S kni\'es ctrl. 1. w I l t
hI)a ht': .ins. 1nlIinaIry-".!:::1 .,I :1l)' ti
ter-::sIh1p1 i. :l ' w;ihll I'r1,;111 d ti'n It
1li s1Ii1r1 t : liil ' ' I, :i nI w\' it h111111.
hl:'I li:l1 h ill' p:-1h)'' mf an I'-l e's
.1:;Iyi i t11 1' I nIIi.1'5 at' m : ,111'
h'\;; ! is \ i'11 : . ll,::-in ) i ' '
g1;I41 , 4 ''' .' I' !:1lil'4ll l1$' is4 141'''t 44 '\4'l: 1 ml iur 14 1 sI I'
:r : '4 : b th1 : is, till, b1: l '
4( har1 i ' :n ' put II:;)':hl ' 1in1:- t
1iiil. I'r'-! ! i y : h..y ' .- v,-'i' "1 \ ,1!
.1,111 inl:ll 1 n' . ta m :;1h'4 ..4i:
1,1 ve :1 1 lil0 ar:.lII\''h.:",,- Em
"' 414t'I-1' .1r "\ i wo : i ':1'ne I I1
S 'i : m "I1.. I 1' l l ) ;l:t.' :' , '
'"- 1\' k.:itel ';<t 1 nivt :t' ' \,'; 1.
: ! t "1'L'n id' 1 , th' in o -1. , 1), "1 :. -1.'
'2 14 . t4 2 ! ? " N:1 1 1 t " ' : 1 4 1 1 I ! ! 4 V ' )' : l : , i:It r ' \ " 1 1 4 r ' 1 4 ( 2 1 4 4 4 1
IItI' - I ! : .l 1 --: lt t . i l t' l ,; 1 :,;., ;;-' 4
in .oy v at e sw nh e0 :.1i
till l.:"-hiw one k\\u r h -In " 1 1. :::c";1.-1.
:II.i 1e:-h::'l" II w or the, i:1 d, r\I ' ':h.-r.
th.1).t Inioll" 1i,'i! -i i:;i\.en
bre:,ll" :1 : )1 : 41141 l . Il -, :.: t'.I 14: 's
:111111:11i\' I11l i l h lli ill t l ':1: : S.t t
'-l' rhla l yV n11'11 lik i t': \";'!:'t:ve'
Jli(e 5tor'
of' 1 :1 \V 1' 1 1 .:; 44 ' 1 4 :i! I it .1V
1i11!244 4l'(1 :'\""; .').
"4 bad i' I 1 4 :. :1 s :n; : -'' '4 ,2
of I; itlch1'n knli :es o)f lif'. easye
I':'n I), m:t '.il1 w h lIo :. 4 :i;i ::ri.' 1,
""'.1u ' \:': p Cn 11n :1 1'm:: f)'' ti lm,
\::11 y :' Ih .:!l( a::t ! :i a :'im h'
N':' . ' . W :1 : Ii box ( !n. i:i; a tlI::t'!
ha 1 -14
w ":,, -.. \'' s 1; ; I :. I :?"I -
.,n\t . e 1) !":.'1 :'.- \',:: 1
t"': ' ' :' t!:' h '::r,.t .:H i . d:''z n
\'," Ii; 1', . I' '
',!.iN.w d. I !'', r \.y n \'
NewvYork rn
" 4: e lt eeI I nI f 1h.I,-: - :..'
l1 ': 44hi ' :"~ ask4y .t 1 .41(1 4'id : 1. 14"lm:.a
4'! 1b"':. (hbl4 21h:n:::. 4co. \Ve ha:ve al1l
(:4y in ::<d1 4day 41n: 44,d all ::oI4's ofi
li.'.'p4!' 4t' in4j4I4'r . 144n blt's im' ~I I
li4;I:1; ih::i :4nybO' lv 4'.:I into' 4'.e.
'un' (:1 4 42,4:1 a'4' lo' ' h-:. 2 ' ' 4. ''no '.
442 .:.:2 14 ui12 t. '4 4 i:ve I:4-. r s:2-1
oi12t 4f I I I. l 11 ;.:14441el i:; ;t'4r::: tIll
The: j:s ) os14 tW : tl nly .:li2 14 5orn :4.2'o
Ii is44. lit' WI:4-m41 live-:. Iii:lat' is ll~
ther 2 is to1it *"01'l heito Ith t fill'n 14net
(lirt wonders, al4gI n illisinke. 14B'
1i)54' liger bo2y hur4' li,i It don'tobelieve
"itogh l ('11fif2 etisome s orligtle shar-2
:ra nd thy ary b'khie ron
district1 messen1ge boy.42( ou can'te I
tio hur 1h21m.01 Iik'Iihv ofen woneredi
what11 i(theIclo of a18 messnger bo's '
lagi' fal'4 1tig a 'ali of eteiIIS,
"gootd formj," and4( thel reCserve anid,
that41 a1 monar44chy inev~italy breetNds
have 'to i 141 1pene(tra2ted before~ the truth14
is reachedl('(. Ini Amerlea1ic4 the( Govern4
men'2t 1is 1)ne wIth the people;4404 It lives ia
a gIlass 1house1; Its actlions aind poll'y
are'( pulilIy ('arIedQ( out1, and14 ini lin(
with thle w'.ishes and4( oiiions of the
ma4fsses. Nti o ini En4gland. IIerC the1
"governin12g cht44'ss" speaks12 and4( aicts as
th1ou4gh its meinbe1h1rs were'( s4t apar24t
from24 th 1w est of thleir coun2tr'yment.'
The1( pre'ss kno4ws ne4.xt to notthIing of
wha:t is rea'.lly goinlg on4. A v'eII of
mIysterIy which Amerleans'44i would4I( not
tlte11 f(or11 a2 24noment14 shriouids 1th(
(deeds and2( retsolve VI' (. lli('ia I sm4.-Syd.
necy Brooks, ill14 I4tJ2e'"s W('ekiy.
WYhy Si4hk0e4ear Endui4resl.
W~hat inlter1ests u4s ill S'ha1kesp)ear's
1)122yS is niot the( play43s th14'msel'.ves, bu2t,
I le (strictly irrelevan'uit)I truth and14(
beau2ty' tha14t lhe pour2edi into themii. We
love' them414 for'Ii(I'424 their matchl )0ss poety
and( lheir222 mt('hless4 insight into21 the
Iing but thle study13 of a2 ('ontempa1i44t ive
man41 distracted4 by1( th' Ie nece'(ssity to be II
44a (1( no l mind delgrafdedl by ambition;1)
of1 racial4 strenoigthi a1gaInst conlltempti 1
:a241 1442is'ention)2. N'.oting to us now,1'
theI '412 acinal 44rmnework of these studi2( ; 4' -
lorth1. (Our2 pleasure4'4 inl th2( production 44
ofI a2 Sha4kespearian:2 14d:1y is 4I(cord1in1.t:
solely4 to) tIhe ilhuninat2iv(' i1ghtnes <2(55'4
beau44ty wvi14iithwih thI' 1ers is ' -'
elame' b al.Lod4 'ary ;.
A (juick (!uro Thit ltstett.
'Asi-: Nt. :;,,t;1I.-C.-:. 1Soits, de8'!t'
I gr:in i ledl, 5f 5 hi \'i('te1'
reet, Akroit, 0., ln.t,it' te1 follo\willg
uitteinellt in 1S0:1 h1t s:tad: "1-:\er
inee th Civil W arI i::t I:ttl :att:ttlis
l ki :i' ;tut" l ,d hi:htltr' troihie, tic'itil
dily 1.orSt' tlurin;: O lt I:w:t o wo thrt'e
t ear. Al:i1Ou:.:ib I c;sultled ih'y
'11s, tiun!' of wlMtI told Ine 1 wa.s
-e1,:::. ('n !:ri i : 'a tsii e:r: -, :1!al I w :....
lt ' ., "':-:l: t i I!:; : i:n-s n .-:::41 ater' .- . ,
i eys, \h!i( ta li;ttl to t:' '-- -
hI:!tves t'Xl:(1e . A in';.u be
.I;'ltdw'1 wi :: y id uly( we e lt't' inl a
|h-:turhied ('t)idtitionl, ther ie w1aS a (,hs
r'ssing ::l intonv\enl lnt diiiculty
vitth the action o' the kidlny secre
ions'. IIox of I)oan's Kidney I;il,
roett'd at 1,luparter &L ('ts dlru;;
tor', rouiglIt sucht it dlel chn;:e
vii in a it week that i c von i tiit <l t".
reatttuel!t. Th'le last attack. andt it w':1
1at iiculaIrlyV tay..::'v ttedt, d1i::1,,)":lt'ti.'
1te11. T4enes1 After.
3!r. lii's s;ys il 1S.'.: "In1 I'
oy:.:-.; oI 11'; ( muade a' :ui' St:
ni ni uL 1)1J' e: w11'r I('ienl'e with I4)
Chiny:l ill'\ '1s. l'This rem'llttiy: ('ul n'' -
>i' a ter'riiul' a:-i i n l ti lt' ki(l:.
1:(' 1il::U of 11.y ;t.ttih, inl Ii:, .
>' t!:e . ioulr1 " h' !!tes, ndlt in '.i -
ImbIls. I !'lt: lll th( y 'ar.: llhal t l\:m -
)lton by\ 1 e:an ,tish.,." ly :a ;".
1i1\'( lIt('ll 1'n i'tt I 1'':'U.''.: t) 1' ; V t,
r u'nltlt. .\ly touth2 ie4''1. in 1 t:.::'s jt.
Ivy i'ills i i ! ver.
> i,y from in lls'i.n5Utal l.\ll': it
)lit froin the :. rin eofma yo -
's I n .\lkUon whic h.il li , ,t' t ,i ' Itl 11y
A Rit:E 'TilA\. or Ihis -.tr"nt l
rey- Inedic'ine \\:llh-h t ured( .\lr. 1.~,i's
tvrill be 111:1iled o: ::Itl)iieationl tt) anIy
)art of the l'nitr, t! s Ad(ii"tSS
l'oster-:II!ilb)u'n ('o., Ibuff:li1, N. Y. -'vr
:11le by all trtuggists, price 5) cents
per box.
E. Noltc' of Sogin, Te'(xas. colntem
elates building a cotion mill. I' con.
.rols a w\\ate'r power \'which it, is b(.
ievedl will operate about 110.)0)t s)intl
('a, and it is Very p robable t hat a
)}lant of this size will be built. 11. C
!"ooke of Hon':t T'xas, has het n
'ingaged to pri(a'Irett' Irelili inar}y plars
tind si(eCilieations.
Canadian trade with Gr1eat Britain
hta" ilnlcrelsed o\ve;r $11,0700,000 the past
: The Standard El
TS 1 ~becauseal hs
STYAN-1DARD)cr ur eal pkv! i
Y Hcure for the"umati"
physician recent;
rescription that will cure rheulati
dies (o incalculable harm to the dil
peeyovercomes this diiilieuhly-ber;
digestion- hen11ce it can be taken foir
he., to effect a permanenlCft cure.'
A The Do:lor quoted covers the c.,se c.4..e
31 -' ~~- --
All I)nuggists, $'1.oc.
-AND) -
. Indigestion
co a and Soc. at Drugstores.
0. All
icanine stamped C C C. Never sold in balk.
Beware of the dealer who trics to sell
"something just as good."
cartridges and shot shells
are made in the largest and
best equipped ammunition
factory in the world.I
of U. M. C. make is now
accepted by shooters as
"the worlds standard" for
it shoots well in any gun.
rour dealer se//s it.
LThe Union Metallic
Cartridge Co.
Bridgeport, - - Conn.
Fat Field
makes a fat purse.
-A fertilizer without
is not complete.
Our hooks are complete treatises
on fatilizers, wrice by
men Wiho know.
Wrxite for them.
93 Nasssau
New York
S0. 10.
WIFT CREEI( Stock and Dairy Farm.
- !afrsaloalarge num el)rt)f
"'j orn.e'y a a an d fe fra,
Nono becer breat in the Roinh
- combining closely the mo4st
in Amesrtn. Joullu 10to2
monthsj old, e?5.4.0. Ife irors
mIfO a e. 03100. P'oT.A ND-eI N A los,$5.00 e'ach.
flair tl dgel wha aon w nol
Msin Miet Baky,o
. i 111 11r' !I I ': : "! \ ' * i" 1 (IIl\ :' il.l
Itt , G !Is how se wlas
i).,.i th I11, \ I . c a'. e' ''
.. - l I. ' ? { i ' 'II 1. : l I : : '. . i I
con's k!tiie, by iakinlg Lydi' E.
" I h11d s;!"tered for th.ree" vrar:, -.' ithi
r IN a;lt at; the timtt+ .. r:u'n
.a: : i'Jn, atld dId( uot,'oo what
troub'le' was 1Intil tht' dic pro
n:nred it. inlarn(Ati<m o' the
are,nud pro.1.ledT' :tn opera":til':l.
"I felt. so weoak andl sick th1:.1; I f,It
tre hmt I could not S:rvive the or
l:l. The followving week 1 real n
advertisemet, in the paper of Ly<dia
E. PinklLlam's Vegetatblo dom
pomd in rueh an emergency, ad rso
l tlrided to try it. Great was mny joy
to find that I actually improved after
taking two bottles, and in the endl I
was cured hy it. I had gained eighteen
pounds and was in excellent healt.h."
--- MIst A1'f-: llaiir.r, 50 North Bioule
.1 rd, Atilanta, Ga.--$5000 forfeit if original
7f above letter proving geuineness cannot L pro
The symptons Of inflaminatioy
and <dimease of' the oVaries are
t1, dull throbbiI I g painl, aceotn
anied1 by it sense of tenderness
ad(ident low" down in the .ide,
wih o tctcsional Shooting pinls.
The region of paiin somletimns
shows o(e) wlt l SW' tiit.
J'h0 iot "iH of H .tpi ttinDso tiiitK
ieumatic Remedy.
i:uns declarc that it is the oniy .bohite
ni inl its various formst:. A plomilent
ail : "1 have never been able to write a
, 0win;; to the: fact that the usual reme
resti'e organs. It III.UM ACII)E con
eaits r:aher thian injmecs the orgas~ oif
u51 iindetinite peraiod, or as long as need
'Zy, '' Rheum.eid " Is .ib>sol:ately Js.r.-.Jess.
,or expressage prepaid:(.
I3Baltimnore lid., U. S. A.
Ii ist.I I he uI ' -5 .57: 1 555 -
To Cottion Oiers
We Manufacture the Most Completo Line
of Cotton in YMachinorj of Aniy Uc,mryg
in the A~rld, namely, thai..........
We also make
Unters for Oil Mills,
Engines and Boilers.
We also sell overjthing neoessary to complete a
M~odern Gilnning Outfit and furnish our 01s
tomers with ful dot ied plans and ma
terial blls for construction of neosssary
houses for our plants without extra charge.
The Coninental Gin Company,
BIrmingham, Ala.
NSoh TrouJble*
Ca.nbe Cured1
S TtOPsa fact niad can be
TO ~ deuinon. trated to thep
T HINK an o J ingreted.
~. . peramiqt o f (wdiiaty
yecars stiandig Int iaesedi'ca s on.Y shioufd
be sufnclient to ov'ereoaie prejutdice aind in
vitec inves.tigationa for youarse I t or soane aflic
ted friend. I ha.vo no medcicinos or
i?oplfianoos of any kind for sae,
send nie your natema d idresi(n"s on a postal
card andl I will senid you tinrctionn, with
out cost or obirgat ion ons your part.
P. H. STRAUS2, M. D.,
712 Spttzer Bldd. Toledo, Ohio.
ii i' I T ft Ei'E .. O !'.\A f it:N'Aa L 16 atsrq
kU tT R A W Drf-:liV i,EA N S,
I'HfilI. htlii5l Gi APEI VlXNES,
E11NCatalogunr,enst (on r:r.licat.ln. A nlic lot na
H rI)wn I,ewhorne nnd lrared elanu ck
Ftull bloodestl I'orkreia nod Potllessa sat sr 3 erneh
Also nures PoLISA N1h cilSN.A -,lioATi'f threei naonth
old aC $6.00eac.h.
J. Ii. W.iTK INR DH o11.,
Hlaliaboro. Va.
IstifJfrootatoea -Anare
'te "nnci e b i r' oiw.
vT o eal a ,nlt.ld aarna i hena , pc ma. peirI
JOHlN A.8ALzku ;ellI. ('C). .LaCrosse, WI.
IHavoirnado Drope and Its com.
pllcationq a 5,poo00 t for tWoan
AclhIii 1non,. . fhonn:- Pinw, Itcing:
vlkln, t-,t:-; t,w, 1-:lltinI. 1,ee' a 'I:tC.
i .,ou LI --. 1-; orI (): '-.-ive Eru'lp
tionsl . :" .i'1 - .1" (',:" " t ('.,:!r ed1( i'rul(
ti ):, u n" . . Vust ri,. well
i:1 (. I . ,) : y I i't
have a persi. w:( - o:e
deve'."p ii: . II ti :
lii.oa i B , h~~ !!: . \ '
.a. l h ' th I (I . e nt ( ':c .i
D ii vi ame Yi
I': t . ; r ' ( I 1" lI : I ' t
lllY.ti" I: l : ,; lit it' v. it .t
, i ect i on i s he tronst. p
S i\tif1 te Bl oo. San.
.;ti" i lious , Consi to.
Weaknessti' t. . at rrh, imple
of Dr. Thacher's Liver and Bic
lirrctiots, is the tr.nest pos
It Purifies the b3!ood. Sharpen.
( acnd Assists every org;an or tl
13iliousness, Constipation.
4 Weak1ne. Catarrh, Pi-mples,
(Dr. Yhacher9s Lir
tIs a perfect health restorer as
It filters the body taking c
digestion and nourishing and sti
A Tonic of the highest ord
reds of thousands during the
success. It will help you.
Buy a bottle today.
Two sizes-5C
id Write our Consultation D
and recelve
Tired Mother's
Anxiety a
Cu ticu~ra Brin sI
Tortured B1abyr a
to Its 'WorE
Tt i ) no ' wonder that M\
' Single--h:mded, she lid al the
pi'~lucky fgh to keep on her3d fefa
mi 1I(D02 :1.e toouk to her bed,
V..1 (ail ! at L2r tidy' homue, N<
" I ir-':l at girl to miian tIe chil
dre and 'o) do whazter ee s:
to era-.vl ar<mtnd th.in to) lie aant
wo4rry :!'bouit miy lit th' onies, a;
" o, up afe a few dv and h.
thep;rl o.I lili nit ie'ed thait sht
hail SOresl on h1Ie face, linds~l an<
unt.il Chit c*lie, my yVoungest, began t<
pa.ck andl scratch htimnlf. lie wn;
theu teni months old, and1( the r
hand pfh( ai more attentionI to imZ LIar
tIo any) of the ot.hers. Charlie wats fret
fuli andu cross, bitt as he was cuttina
teeth, I idnli't, th i k much of that.
Eveni whleni a rash birokei out1 (on h is
face I wvasnI't frightened, heause
everybodyv know.s tIhat that Is g uite
comontdo) wt.h teething habIi es. Sev
cral of mys others had it whgg little,
and I t,hought nothing atbouit it.
" ut the rash on Charhit;'s poor1
litt,le face spread to his neck, chest,
andi back. I had nIever son~I any
thing quiite~ like It before. The) skini
rose mn little luimps, and matter
camei out. My baby's skin was hot,
and how he dlid suffer ! lie wvouldn't
eat, and night after night I walked
the floor with hximi, weak ins I was.
Oft.n I had to stop baecause I felt
faint and ry back throbbed with
pain. B'.t the worst pain of all was
1,0 see m.ay poor little boy burning
with those nasty sores.
" 4eieved he had caught some
d1ielse from the girl, but some of
the naiglhbors said lie had ecema,
a~t t' .t is not catehming. they told
mi.. \ se, l' gave himn medIcine, anmd
piti .sa.ves aryl things ojg him. I
don)z't tmnk they wveTh all hsieless.
Un)ce in a white the itching seemed
to let u.p a bit, bnt Olterd was not
much change for the~ b:et.ter until a
adaross the st.reet ask~led me (b
I didt try the Cuticuran hitmedies.
1 told her I h;vl no faith in those
thin-.0s you read aboult i.n the patpers.
S-he sahl she didn't wvant me Lto go
0on faith nior (een to) spend any
mflimey at firs5t. Shet gave mue somre
Cuticura initimient ---1 think the
box as about half full --anumd a
piece of Cutticura Soap. I followed
T he agonizing, itching, andl
the fr4rht ful scaling, as in p)sori:
of the scailp, as ini scalled hea<
pimp:es anid iingworm ; the awf
of worn~-out paretnts, as in milk
dem:tndl( a remedy of almost s
areC ?.urb standts proven beyond
regardng them that is not jt
The purity and sweectness, the
the certainty of speedy anid pt
andl grecat economy have muade I.
putrtfiers and humour remedies <.
CU'TCICUA 1tEM ED!IES nre soh thr:nghile
ent, !%. por botlh (In thie aorm or (hocob
OinAwt.). por howi aune Catth'nra S(.ap. 'i
ef theo In'o;nd. 1.: In, rnd K'ealp:, anit Itmow t Card
Trost bnn t-ati ancd D)ivoetht,. in alt inniyuaIb's.
2-'2.'har'e5terhouse~( Sq.,* I dn j. c. Frr neh,
IR. Townsie & 'Co., syduaoy. ger liER 1iG(
tidcitors. tolont. UT.. A ____
erokee Rreedy of Sweet <
ughs, Colds. La'Lrippefo 8"3
"M'y wif had : r1ecp-sea'cd cough
for th .. yers. I purchased two
bottles of Ayer"'. Cherry Pectoral,
large size, ta;d it eured her co:
Proba.y yu h.i / of
ieve little coU,ghs, all
cough-, exccpt deep ones!
The medicine that has
hecu curing the worst of
decp coig; for sixty
i Ayer's Cherry
U.-c; .-: "c.. .^e.. St. Aft druggis:.
(r r .'u -, tn . :." If lhe .s ys t:::C" 1t.
t ; t: : 1 . w. . If he ter'. yenl not
r. - h1 hirt We":n.' v:lin:.
e.\Yui:.R CO., t."t: ', Si,us.
01 ~ V'~
od Syrp, taken according to
sihe barrier againnt sickness.
the Appetite. Creatzs Energy
ie body to properly perform its
Kidney Troubles. Nervousness,
Blotches and Rheumatism are
r and Blood Syrup
well as a health retainer.
ut injurious matter, stimulating
engthenin' very weakened par t.
or that ha. neon used by hund
past 60 years with wonderful
A test will demncstrate this.
cts. and $1.00.
.partment explalnur.g syrnptoms
free confidential advice.
er Medicine Company,
Chattanoo,'a, Tonn.
Touching Story of
Messed Cure to Shin
ndi Pea~ce a.ad Rest~
. Out Motlher,
rs. 11 Natlrn 1 1' . h :a .I ' I.'l.tt ken sickc.
hulsework. and' wahed, coAe and
s,an t h ir .x < h id ren. M' ter a
hI;r f%liwedl she to>l to a v'iritor,
>. S.: 'I'enth :\ve., New York City.
- 'thre di rect io ns, haina- rg Chrh and
' uin g t hat. nriceG Oin t wnt vn thIe
"I wvouhui't harve blieitved that
Iiii. hiaby'*~V wonbi I urve 1:eenr eu rred by
,a little thing like thait. Nr t. all of a
t. sunlden. un ind yourt. i itt le helittle,
- Ibut so suren.ly. Chtarlie arnd'I bioth
I i I. mrore pe:nce by dray, aind mxor'e
1. sleep by inighit. Th'e rsores roir. of
diried upi anid went away. 1 shall
Ii evr~' forget one liessedl night when
I went to bed with C'harlie beside
d ahnes ouit of thre way and1( the okle'r
cildren unndressed ; w%hnen I woke
up the sun was streamning ini. For
the first time in six mionthni I had
slept through the night without a
" Yes, that fat little boy by the
wmndow is Charlie, rand his skin is
as white as a snow flake, thanks to
tihe Cutlcura Remedies. I think
e'verybody should kn&ow a born. the
Soni, and als,o thne Ointment. anid if
it is going to help) r.theirrmotheirs
with sick habies, go ahlead and pub
lish wvhat 1 have told v'ou."
bulrninlg of the skin as iln eczcmal;
isis ; the loss of hair, and crust ing'
.1; thc facial disf6gurements, as in
ul suffering of infants, and anxiety
crust, tet ter ad sait rhewum,--all
uperhuman virtues to successfCulIly
-a Soap, Ointmea~int, and Resolvc.ut
all doubt. N\o statement is made
st infed by t he strongcst ev'iden'ce,
p)ower to afford immediate relief,
rmanent Cure, the absolute safety
hem the standard skin curcs, blood
,f tihe civil'zed wverld.
it n,weIiv r ed 'orbnl. PRtI'Es: (Cui i'nu5tlcrolv
In' Co.nt e,I P.IU li '.,e ror' vialn. of . 'rlo n i a
' or tabiln't. Se'nd for thre y.ei wo' r:. "'I inunours
p ' Wa D1," ' 1lJte'.n rA)r 1'b;Irvu:, wit I 11 onu rntinr;s,
i' ui'hr! ,r nlimrlel$' anid (hirn. Iirr:ah Depo.t,
D iLt, 51 l rde laii P. -:V., A en' ralbni ,. ,r
AND) CIIE.'aICAL. C1U.F''AToN, sore i m
Jum and Munein ua ya.gergr
ab and Lung Trroubuici. 'Thoroi' -hlny tcMed4
care. Att Dnr r. a oe. tl'.rn, . ,1 a a.O

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