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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, March 05, 1903, Image 8

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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44 I I- liaI li'la iI
I . 1II hi4 h n4 i44 h 111.r
lll Ii <l 444 I l s 11 he1( 114' n
- it' II l4 I4 it fI h4 i444 1i 1 |111* 4 n() 'll:l
.. 11 \fil4 bg \ . as l n' I lna r e
Il. all 4oin bres 114441 lIPai be li
441hon 4 If 001'al da( in 11"( (41. (lui on
(4'"4 41h'.an as he n rnn nfin
li -d the 41 inist' highlIp. n th1moun
ThaIl na4 rt i ng, as44 the14 ' (4najor rs
I 14r nt II.narell 14n 1 11n1t, a lls
"I' 4 ld to im fromII4V the al enny1114
oflthe' il "'. ' (urgeo' .44 lou e:114 11
".\ 4lIP Vor1 Il want to 1see1 you4. ' m
'h1 <iou' 4inhint1 hi4 hh11 lip aso he(1
A uIE ht toP kniow.~ . ~',rga r."~
"Iurth, m144 f h, O1OI4' Il
t!.,41(1 ao o h ri ., ;01' ( Id 4110e
Ro vach ot4).her. n hei'~ (1110m al'O." 8
Ihit, (maior wh t
tilirt ~av frv n Ynoyl fom
him, m dear A4. tiC Y( .i
haet syto1
yo nih i(irh.8 h
ever brahdIadta
*,.,4iyou ve ,ost
* .7
( -
h -li . I t
tilj', rart'r i : b
*{.ya a l in *It .nie t s tu .
t'aldron. The4 re4.ms, av utpr
Ther,, ::ox. youI stay'i l-r and' don't
hi(ll. Ityow him'IS he11 could1 se Iheinl1
d'14iansioii braig enver. TheyII hini4 slf
thea trail and(1 ~ th i oI< . I nd luu'
formed I4' in a141II hall-eirelIand were 11111
ingIL ist 1up . 11 141lli 11 tl'144 .1 1
\V1 ichester.11 u l t .hen 1 took4 hi 4o
11h141k," heI murmured114'1, and11 heI 1)('ppe
over41 the im of) thejIl 10 hoo and1( r
relve aII Iialut1e1 of yell and1111 . whiIzzin
you're' loaded ith1 S$ott('1 wvorst 11at
glefoot,1 1nstea of1I 1 your' ' riloV wIth bl
hesit po44Hwer."1111 Ever peri1 1) f ther111
y lover'.
nI thenh wh1eni wYt (cl0s0 in1-ther, Snaki
m0 that1's for yolI-yer'lo ft 1100 6
IC you are, andli I am11 glad I knfock4ed1 yc
w dlown last, monthil You go to the tot
and4 nulIrse that arnm, young man11, nr1
)" A FIIIdden1 rodo11luln of theo yPO1dI
rC far .o 111a left (caued hlurkeo to ti
I- aulddenily. The~ ronnli-of at falng 'im
I tion, "Sulrroundedl, by Godn!" IIe g1i n
Id od through the RIghta onl the barrl'lai
St started1 at whaut 110 brought~ Iito raiu
"a gun harrel, and behind3 that atn o~
4' J
a. e.1: R > elngf n o hi! '4-s
- g-* -r n
r 9,
* i ''
I'b -
- h n
a . -
bTe I,
"lr; . 9*w i9I' .it ( ti' . in'
"\'y I ro gh hi, back to ou
ne o o yh 'oaIn hiin. 9 lI at i n'i :
he. Iohn ?
ha 9 o s. 1I've done' it91 beo re; but
Iihe hope.49 bu (h1e1 Iidaud
"l'eg9y, go on99.",*~9' Sl( l il I
T e ,Ir heitated 19.9 Inunl. 99 391
"Curtis,"19 sheII9 9(om9:nenced 1. Th thin91
man' sat919 up4(9 inte amok
"Margaret,\(.I wll.I you99 Iak whato's left
of29 me 23. 999 1999 I l(f"'' 199
"Yllles,191 Ilurt is." 199 99~1119 .
999d99 an.9 uncodi nl .. surrender."(9'I(
New Y9rkNews
D 91Imond and99 t' 31b099 Fioat. 421(
to prove19 lhl99genuinene9191. ," 0aid (Iht11
jew 'l9IeNr. 4
"U'oa iamondk a n rubes! lo..
"Ohi, 19991.. ey w93 9'ill in 14omo( med(1Ia,'
thei jIeWe.~ler 99911949(ed. ''A chemi1)st,"' hi
w... :at (9n '19999 ('omposed90 anid hol.1.10<
neh1'lis that1 wvill testt gemls accuiratoly
.999k here."
'lie p9oure'd from a vial Into a bowl 1
colorl9esa: lluIdl. Then01 'no unw9.rapp)1ed 1
b luehI velve'(t (cloth, 9and( 91 handfulIt99 99
i . ..ed. .One CI of th9ese het drop1ped-in.99
i' ll. f>o.w 1, an'il it iloa'tOd likoe a pleC'(t (9
f"$ee that?" ho said. "Th'Iat. 11s a post
i ive lproo4f thi4Ahis diamondl Ia genu
inn111. I1i Ire, now.,'" aind -ho took out a
ua FrIepea L past ,On.. 'Watch~ it sin1k.
ig he o' ttom lik(1 t. lm1p of'lof(td.
Nk erz?otl 6f iise vifals; one9h a t er
El-fo 1a owil ''attietafV )1tone~. That1,. hi
-viaJtests the rub1y; tho purplo)1 on
1( h'ido it testa~ the sapphiP; thie 'yello
N 11 E ~ AN R'i~ E.
ly - n r.
1'"n ',- rn u -
:2,i 211
' .piuno
\ ho'I*. 1 i '
Ii 1' *
42 14 4' St i 4
b a .2 'n --h -
1 -44 \'.
<pin'l v;ol r r.-,, 41n s un.44n
4tu '4 rbnI wer ..'ry1 41n f l ow r
nov1e4' n21 i\2 rur'2 ' i4:d ('r 22aIisig thler2,
heave 1lgInendow. ~ Aftri a rifn
Taking tir(2 stan ab41Lout. t.w('ntIy
yardsII fr'om lhei I r(ees where t" heir2
l'frend 1lay hhiden.22 2 hly stoord mlon 2
I(eFis, r'stin thw111-2ir H flag saff 01n th
groun22d. A ft er more2( 1t22 han 21 hour22's
wa2Il ing, 1f222' ofI I hI' hold(est. Of Ihte
\Vlih Ihe 2(1' 211,' ")1H no'(s outsreched 2i ('2
rios1 2~'ity they sllyIy~1 wale ('lose up to
Ithat1. 12ike lightnin32g, a knIfe was
plunged right12 into 2 he( ju2glar vein2 (It
I he (2114 near2 2( to te man(. At Ih i i me124
mom,iient 11he s<piaw1~ dulg an2 4)1( lashion2
('d I,ayone nto the1( f1ore(4Quarter'I'2 of Ithe
an11a1 n1earest'2 to12 he11r.
t he not24 resul of thI(le (4n1sE'l b4122e~ing iee
ofl the( deeri left' dy'ing on2 Ih 12'n2ow'. One
Ceap)edl22 IinInjured and2( 1rot Ited awvay
companlfIt2io runinitiig 121 met4' hiin, and1(
t.here wvithin eas(2'2y rIftle ran12ge the ten
aa11ls HIlood (22 laty, plaitdly Ibser'v
ant, nntil1 the4 w'.orkI of' 11kinnin1g andI
1'22Itrlevng the( ven~Ison was (done1 and1(
lie htmters move2201(d on1.
WhV1 ite I'larigan112 to par1t y llarne0(
to unare by lett.ling fine ally nlooset Cd
sin2ew (or Voot Ilhre' amlong the r'ed1
t shoo0tsi of young1 willowsI 111)0n wh'i t:
L hey fed. Th'Iese hands(iomel birds(1 wer'
hard'( to1 approa01Ich, antd were4 Ihie on211
the smllI fur,' he)arinlg an2imals wert
cautght aidl the tamtieni a, or rat1her' t.hr
- inIconit1ts1ness2 of dlanger' from men'2
- wvhih t was th rule amnong thio w'hl
f cre2'atures,21 w'at amzin'.lg at timest.
It 1is thle opinlin oif the englineer' hl
'.chrge of the -expeditionl that naftt
It Is n her dlotage In th1101n dlense Holl.
1 troii;th (121( vigor' whil(h 12pertin 1 it
t themi' e1tsowhiorO.-Noiv Yor'k 82un,
o Our Good tntentions.
v '40 often halppensH Ithat. our21 good 1inten
0 tion's have a string to them11, m2211 w<
ho1'ld one endl of 1t.--Now Yorkh News,0
-- 9 Our Paper !Yoniey Estinat
^d by an Expert.
sa m' <a.'hier p1 ay t u
: hangt ' .I' Iar I ar ' g muil
1 aSl 4-1 ' ill. ; I,w l:;il es'i4
-. . :' Wtas'.h gltoni an Is they
1.;,r of a l:"1hi1l1 '
- 1 at :a1 11 i1 11:'"
- . - lia g'' 1o a 1('11,
o a l il'(e . or
; ri'h a f Ii;ilc"II
I-1, l, wild
,.~~ ~ ~ ~ :' i . I- i ..i .\ I'
_"1:' ~ - -), 1 I,1 :! :l I. -i i'. I
.'I :.'' 1 7 i i .. :'' :. 1I l g l d0 it-: i: 1 ;.
'ri Stti}!i": i '::-ur," Inl,tl' 1nay thuls he1
' n4:11 a };hli -. a;111l I 'i) 1Fr' to say.
fl a l i l i * I ' 1.t r '-il Iit l!ll 'il| \r wOi" ll -d
11, 1. 1) 1) 'II 1 r 111 (1ea o ri f th
a: Il l . I:!it:1 . " '.'min - S }.''):d Iti( n 1'y . It
w ill I ii ,: 1 \iIrs 1 1h:1 t ;1:iigl'' note w\ilI
I :-ust:U 'r' :\I i-"' Ir1'.! ni Iloundl s
x 1I'1 11n,11 b !I. - Igh I It :.ls:;l m ;
hI-i..:1hi . \\v1 in Iho IaSo (if th11
th i iy il - 11'.: 1(1.- O I illltlh il' th11. ;ii.,
Is h . i("r biad inte"r I \ ly iist('ned(
iU t hi' 1 ri.I:ts ry 4-X1).1 ' t ' 1 )xp laa t iln (,f
l! \"':1 I " .II lainlinI (t!1(1 Ili :*I'::;arily
r" :.:= l w): r1 'e ' ar ;nillt i of our
I " 1 nc.>a!y, ant ll1 I i l h a s:lid:
'4 tl I 'i- it i-: Ib i:: w a' y : I;ills 1i c
h r'!1 .' 4("-, -ui) we"t I:t . Ihi'rs hla\/ tIO
I! uI( pIt any I. 1 1'.:" (11ut of Ul' O\ wn
I N Ic' . an<141l ili h ~. <-:1. r(a (1n why) w ' V.
IndI j," rIs :Ih hilI.s .-- hard"(, So wVI
:' ' "1 :a ' :t ' t w, .o <m '. I. a m iht
- . - il. j . i l i r < l n l
. .: ' ' ? : . " ' : i a 1' . :,.iII .
,:1' . ';' ' i 1 -\ 10' . i " :1 11 :
s- .444- -
r -r t i
by4. th \ ail . th in n i of,I i
:-.u li g 0 fe t ;'in r awa fr. ornil
4hee . ofA a !m.n it is 4at isa
'4 a fe ' n re i p rt n iii ri.i r
4ha th r ar in .\'lontana SIoni ('.
the int/el g acie s in the tah..no
curious <le ien to tea 5 tr hbie
andis ninoor 1o a 1len of hambot
wod ol . A gove is fastened151 to. th4 e I
S late ii s Thoma. Poe,1 jsice 5 f th(55
i'4i in lish le Ind'442' 41Ss:S: j.4 whotis nw
in45 his1 9:4 1 year. il s hes1ld the;
14.51Iie since' 4' 184, and foShe a50 sit 514
yIr h4 .4e o1enpd the same.:4411 room#5~i
At* th last'i 5 leet-lo he<;'ss' was cho1~s n t<l
ul at Rouen,. ae'rance, apple ss upos t
i;. - t e photographs of . (S th 5 Mm(l1' ero.5
prehln : o th French' 45. repusolle,lha
heen1 ihown in1 France.
Hel'ro p otora p y w s smplo'
imaeswee podce by means4 IiI
surac. henth ppe was;' remove
the image appeared ligh and'' thefru
dak,o vice 5ier '4 accr!in to
mane in wh44h aerwscta
'A. prsnt owvr phoogapha
man ti. Th,4 mi hl np
.s !s by worubbe igs or ~v 'iiis suck b J
sole'matter ''thtwilnoibsrct4
sns f Ii H u ehS t sc as alb4iumnn.
J'oor. 4dbt ll rnu I i ltau to tl',
Jtut whalt Wa 111unna1/ lull ll~ to
'I'ruu 1tynll,p,t lay I'. Vo : ya avtto kott
Whun Ilrail b, ata ., II Ilfu, I,,: i,r'ka(.
iis lii assi~ tea~aaa' s~
lu s , ll l w nr atoa\vllrai fu in> huw.
Ilt, has ia ..anuut- W l, !houu lilt, nip.
AIlulttonl wh lh+ wltt(h1 bl,.
Anl tv l, t l I,Il,uln nue k laaa thrrw'6
And hi ut 11111 ' It tf (:(,Ina Ka I,uauk,
:nlvt :tlve l, tea ,l ,, h, l(I (,ur I,ItKh t
Awl ms a p, ila b eu tal ', "il- Vs- Yi 1 , t.
1Vhuhvgtty1u sht.
I '. r1 l b' a n iily a t -.01 hitil at
I n~l . i e dsa-a Zaaasiel:a,? I .
bl 1( ' w ill be il I \
Sh(" ill h. t I .l(
11\'\ 't, 114 I v.a l.i t!(. I aw that
ttI li.t . I \ II: la. ' ,11a iul. l :i i
uni\ 4 or a ; is9 's ,,, V. i.. i4~ h
rI ear :: "3e . SI:aIa,p a ~iaa
( . Ia . Il ' a\j i b ii I i It..i. la,..
u i n - h ' I a . lr i ia i 1 4 4 -
i ;u , T!e a\' ra.' I. ihlmn iss
1 ' i" ,( li' t ": 111sa1. h aT h alghs t "st
'1 ;a:11 S aia '5\ x l day.
( \\'by ii'> y'ni ;1 iI.!,,:1 : ' I:a'"
a! ll -e I< b-h1 .m s w \ir s r( s i ; highil t lac'
,: lie"- ish. Ih:t is so Lv y <-a La yj
a';u i ((iivirsal i'smt, I ":al;pa,s('.
s 'rs l 'g i i t r a i d ly , "a i<i y i u i :; I
I hat. jobla . . tir-(' ,uy'" '-O,'' i- plli d
lilt tert i . "t I a n1 si) h'e dlin't think
it ::UIS\t t11.
Shaap( . It (d '1!ibinr amazona". ) -- ima.l
=mi:t a g:'ntl a1-n'y 1 f woI, i and ( 1 1; 'I' IIii \il'ithi
on. I'h- cal ig: "a llss iat' \'ai ion--s
1ila I ! . i:t it as was amy as t;I+llts'.1 I
- '!,ev' " IIll (ls
i s- -!'rcsa, aliay h s i ke
quite as m1.tly.) 11.11 's avl r.saity. ('.l
lI ;scilyit bauIt I st of s w'u,ill
'ta1 lt. '; t (i' th t i:mer'( a ous S i a \e
a to 1' In5 *i tlo all,
t1hs T h1 i r,1 au j.. d lix
'''!1 Tu h " i ne I i.' in te l' \ori(1
1 4'4 .,"-' \ !1. 14 1 ii ;';r }(/ Ui! (1(11
\'hs it ha . ' - lot of! dhu .
Nte l-- .\ tr.. itiit oni!ui-- , -(l 1 t .-:
{ h bl a nd 'l as a . a tlil n i;tiy
i. n :l "!.. m s .i 1 him . I. .N --A n.'
S 11 ? - ). . row 31 .\:rI. I:
1 ii % l' l Ii.n tu i i' s?
i , i: t: ! I+: 1:.' 1? ' :.ir ,:'' ttu t . lit)
1 s i r.> \ an I- .-*a' a: f it?
a b lbl Y?. . \ :e W y i.
b :4 l .ii \cu d. l.-:Vb
I'b-- n wi.e i w y c i s
'I . <- 4lin ' i. \ : I!I . \' S '!:ta "l "aln
'\ ein--lioIe i a: imei:ae :ia a oo5,
5!: it if:n 5op '.' in a'la t he fot., toa
I< asinto i . w:e aa:\ ayshop Is,r bcy's~ wat
'' iproasf boo5. .not(j br-f)re.
MLtiny Veterans at Delhi.
\\'hsn ala uth .e othesa- have long beaen
ina Ihleir plac-es, a smnall b.and of men,
(4flnIsedP in ablouat -qual l)(rop)rt4ions
of l~ Europans, Eturatslasns and natives,
all well stricken in years and some
visiblly bsowedl (1ownI unader t heir,
wei ghtl. gray hastiredl anad white. beard
s.d, marc15h uap the laren~a from thet cere
amoni Ial entr as 14. Thea (y woulad 'faina
mnake such a show (of military align
ment. sand s'-olditsr-lke parcisiona of
step as the infirmitiecs of' age allow,
1,at int mansy cases lte attempt is be-.
yond thselir powers;. Of the Eutsop-.anas,
some5 are' ini plaIn mni;L, Ssfme'in uni5
foarms long since discarded, an I larn
lihed and faded In the cour'se of
year's, while several are w-:siing the~
unifrmsof hei ciil nd illiltaryV
(impiloyinen~ft. Thei~ na.tiv(.. rlearly hae
long mantly to thle hsutmbler ('lla4iss fort
thaeir long, flowing garmnts are plsain
sand uaIdornedl(. blat, mrine supwrbtly
t han aIna sahnna Ira t;'ient or' in lst ro
oaf gold andl '.slver,. these .-mietn a'e
clothed in then glory of as sp1(leid
mem'ltoiO;s as the r'e sordst oif ouar Em
pir ennCul bsoast. Thesasy are Mtiny vet
er an s, abouat eOI al1togethser; r'emntats
0f thlose .slend(er is.olated forea of
. soui-haearted rItaons(fl andl bt.yal na
I ives who,) 'I yeas's ago, 11( h ldind ha
for' the empirt j(ont the I l(idef~0 i)lh I,
itn te r-esldency at. I,ucnknow, and on
mnaty anaothser bloody . field.--,Iond,lon
A Dog's Long Journey.
of Alt als, at'(Cecmpan'itdu by his son
w (nt to( 1 .ew iston bay tran tatis enjoy sa
frabbait hunt. WVithI thbemt thtey took
a whtat they had,! bees) led to be-lieve wvas
Sa first-claiss rabbit dog, bu1t as so~on
t as thte chain was reomovedl from hi's
a neck lie took to his hteels ini tho dIrer.
j tt of Alh tsln. Fiat,hter tad son'fit
ishted t he (lay's humnt wilth 'normal 'si
o ces r-eltrning home at-nighst wIll lit
tie hopes of ever seeig the dlog again.;
.. Thwo days later he wallkeCd' l nd 1took :u
.. hsis acentstotme'd place beneatlbi tlie
p Isitc(hn) stove. Th.e (list ia' froms
I -.ewi'/ton to AltOna is 71 iley. -'y.
e rone Tlimos.
a IElectricity is the, m,otile force( 05m
jtloyed osn 1025 mIles of rail in rInaly.
Ul,J, t"tt 'aul at Eishesus, Act Aix
( (encl T , A iiN Ai x., 1-7-- 1 1101y
es, 18-. ... C nn ..ntar t, tiy
9 84 ''nd -lews deetd .1 1
\ agab uOd - It r i t r : 1. 1:
11 i )))11 I 4 iuul.* j I Ii" l 1141 I "tiii -l i .li
Ii 'Ii ha- -i i I heyi tll wer .IL ut
es uiO'c 1 ,j Jlti', andII forltun1e t'elHers ,
,4pl: n wen '1 1 1"cut. a out Iol plale
are i ea;i b 1"x baitl'rls all lt!N it wpeol to"
b l" auth<rit O eiste." A l lho..by
II ng i}/, -4 J I .ilnalllili ., i>m e th..
I I->l to dl,art .O t"( ti n re t he
he\ed. "('all tver t 1 i< \\.1'l totb
'111 I 414-t , 11< 11h t>w ng11 t h l
lii I ht' ti h11-111 "It" ii"
ll i' :. ,, a Ing 11 1 11111 ttilt ; tih *s1 llle
I' lldt 1r yo ." 1 h e saI 4 1 llet . .
'yIt' "(,. I. ~ l, -,i II y anl oath;
itl I l 11ll*:tut pil :,4 1 llii ( .I ti 1u St lItlitt V
I 1 OIaI h. "\ h'll tll ' I )1"l'll t ll.
1ilt 11h"\ 1:I' 1:11 '"n hti ,-il 1't111l11' t,l .lin
I1 '. 11 ! . ,
I .I I ' l l t , i t ; n Ii i tl y h ,li t I -ll . i l l
. . - rt t i n 1 .r ; .- : i t h e
\.1\\" ''t tI Infi t .1 IIII I V',j41 It s t1 1 '1 "4'l.
it III'I1 .11:i r llIt \'i" \ \' :It 1 1'1 o
blt -W,hl r o
b . a n l"l1 i n I'i - 11' Ic a i l
in I I i' I1 4 ;4" ; " 1:"I
.1v. "H i;". E .III Iit kt -'.
h ,, a 'I'h vc.'c ilb
1 ItI' :1 4 "m aiw r
O i,l ,' .l.ri I I. ". 1 : 1 .t'' ii :
I,J J} I II I no ",:. '1t a . T he .\,i
' 11(4 \ " " ,r I Ii'i'; , i, I \. ' '; l !" i l
'4n'i .'J.i.
,11n,'eIn l 1< 1 1!1, I-t h ; " ' ' api li ed.l t o
It;. "1;,t11 uJ'thei. of their ". r nop cn .
hlll tw a i \\, ut IIl"wn.' ut "\\'(-ml a l
oil ws was.;"l,l ''In ,iibroad. ' h,- Inll.
Tle\ n''1,1 I e ("nt,ed wa, rgea t ( 's ti'Hn
w14l' ilh wln ri t o their nam io
-' - I he -.thein s were s-'9 Iu1!< 9:
a i2- -N k d 'lt. in(i eh t i em ed n' ceii'I r,I
> hrwtat tvic 1l1he go.prlt.'ie&i ' to
h < :tiihl i Ila ti-m, OIh cwe l that th
S1 o f i ino ' ' di t 1
la Si . Ilt.i ''b
to, tIhe I"!hcin \\ l .of thun Tvls ii.. Ai
it n th'l i hll n'i O Wt . i . s&'" !.t Ivil ta l " V
O "hI\\ I. n 1 e };)l' a th rlg.i i>t'rII ,
;,(, lt- cr r11~\i l ' .,'; \ r ved I . t' tn' fr n y
r l he j.n a 1: . I p,,wiv'c . 11'a.he rn >'hi
'F. t In d lm n ,. " 'll h0vuI t h;lU'rifo
-.,le .I .n \'.d i .!.t l. a 1 ; .1. t 1 1 \e .
thI r(victr s ( ) " t In il . (iul.':teiil v tn iir
I 1 i -. .
h i I 4 t l I . \r n . "i u (H
tbilh :Ii m r-- n I, nt h' ee'i ll.i
t( 4 ,t ,; 11 1 1J'l . l' j'''', r-l"" O4 t t411 I Lsi-p' I, l1
tt i ne. . 4lwb in. . -4,
to thIc I i N i '' o I - ti ti' e } (lti l'
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