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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, March 12, 1903, Image 1

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I It, V
VO. li.1ICKECNS, S. C,, Trii URSD)AY, lR l 7 10! O
Winding Up of the .ast Session of
lGthI Houses
Messrs. lloar and I..odge Hitch oi
thta Philippine Question-Closing
Weah ' Iin i.I1 i]pr'1ial. -Thell 1"ifty
seve nth C'ingeSs Ipired"(I at 11)001
ed inesday by 2ilitat-ion. In 1u:NI y
Siptets t!: t !(::i:Ig .'n. e(rI iii -
lat tl h :t t. :" hI e 1 'v ry t':
gr< :: I-: Vy foI:-" y"rars. \ow '1
tlhir I.; aI i1si:gural,I which :.t-^i
tl " 1 H i i , 1112
ai (' : , It < i. iat I o 1n ' Il 1:''
i] Jl i.' , l!' t t ' " . i i ' ii l U i t
t ' .,: 1in tll Ilcti!.- i:s , rY: in : 'i 1
s !:te <.t:i tin l'. init 1:;(ro : i 1
\ti O Ir : h t:'ii i
Iin th( Houst a <: ( l, '.w in, t oI
t.t th:t Sl)eakur iitnde:'a rt
tir'inl, I?tt U1n -,y a., j:'" h!lin;. ; i: 1',
frOmil t 1: I ' in.1', 11i, 1 u , b :u ii : ;i
f R c,'1',I = l 'I i,c" i ;l:lill ' t'il l 02
Als ! i ' o it' r The L I : laIi i.
ll i l Ji'lI'U ' llt)i1 :
SU1 g t 1 t : ':{i ti ull ' 1 i lii ilt! (I t -
tc'?)' \\d:1> t.t:(ill 't~w 1i11l o:e l " il(e
' Iter' i: 1 t (., , r'i C I th c .-t
(' it' i:wigt a p i - 'Ihi th (r o nti
~t fo,.1X. el 11 Ii 2111 I Il (1:1t( -t1(
t11ii he ! .', ( ICo- re - ti tit 1:l i
n udays , lprooka d .'2. il1g T /1ii> .il 10
ullie l e ltile I ' I. n s mlii Pm
)10o C:' sil il' Cit, ,. l .(l l :,(:...C'1111 :lUt l:
tesy 0w:Is fferet. .sirliIiuhne t, the
Spe::'lu the l 1d tmol'tome fro in ' l '. e
piI' lV tode a1lid wgood thi 1 ti ':; l t
uS \'I:.,d l a'-,it i ot 1 h" u u uli li
toI ' o I h" s :Id r :ll i of th n ; tO
gale l t dot iinn ni . h -: l: t..
L!1:III TA1" L i11 .\ lLL 'iO li.T .
Te a ir s ten at te' th Fit:ei1" ith
Cil iil t e x ?1.1:hitr il. it \ 1k m it e
no tcly afo2Illlltt the nreti:In
te n :1. silMce K i , t -' thae, h s It I
t1iII"rt i tha t ;l:t i " ':: -t r, :; 1 f1 1 .',i a. n:i,
1le:i rthui b.f m a ie d n e ll off'd tl lilm
l'wngteutowin otIalIkewo ilet o
"Reslve. Ta tll e tank ofmof;
Aou ailr Orch:nhl, e 1:1;o: .:v
(R eieetes fo: nte able Impanii:
iad din iitedhh anehit iill: the
asrided oer ins tdnel,:r at a.:t
ped'forid! the ardous and reIonto
dt.e Fiiof h hi uin.h )'sn
Alcc l t: I.\i(R'\NTP'"Il ( ,.<l( .\,sa m ilT
As lt.e i orn t w as nt Ihll t l'.
Crh e Democrat, o iioui al;sa
one es feet allring nogion .;;as
te c-ny Filld thtMroane waen.
tited tol thioor h aorityanaer
fad teune miorIt < :'ial'ret werlie al
pt'ne-1 lY y 1'resid(n'. 1 *00! w o
\"ith mnemnbers (of hlis ( itnet. ovtenpll1ed
the Presinidet's roo I thIh shnta
\inleg of tbe apittl. Thi visit of the
Presidit t(1 the 'aiol i : r of the
featre, of a glosiing tl'rc-. to
NOl1lE'T-Ul' O0T1'' l.HSTls
W\aShlintoin, Spia":l.-T1he decks
w'ere He for tr int ad'jounmIlent
pt noon when th(' IIbosPe re('tn1\en1'd at
).0 o'clolrk W\edneslday moi(rning. 'IThr
pt'killr, desprite the str'ain of the last
Pew\ danys, looked sil:ing and seri1ne
11s he faced the 11t,uSe, gavel in hiandl.
:r. Richardson. the mlinority ho:uler,
wtho has beeni con(1ul tIng the lilibut(ler,
was on ios feet. smiling bac at the
Speaker. The mo'n, ratie minority '!e
termt"inied to mnaket goodl their' thre:at
tilndle w'heni 1t. Blutler, of Missouri,
Was ufseted last ThIiursday and le ii
buter to the end of the session.
speaker Henderson son yielded the
gail tieoicMr.g Cannon ithe1'111 in-c oingI
Sphaker tAsthbe lttefrt tookI thew chir(
the membstoner broke ito apIuseICI 2 in
wic the' galeie oinled lIt wascl I aute
ais mu'hap timleimont to thel 11 reiig
i'iteSpeaker's r Cann. Ai n
tengesilnce Mr.s Paye, lahd daonitye
leoller,gthent11 iroe andO offee thle ol
own esoction ofltlwhc thank ~of th r'e-l
tilfriSedhpker: mreso 11'
"esolved,'Ta the t.'henksl concthis
Hous aehoedsentd teeoed Hon.oDavi
B.~ Hneso,Seaelf.h oueo
RepreentaIe for te.al, pr
has caesied tovo'er t1 o'clocaion wed.
duties for the laairdurig the refen
tyern ntof Congress bsnss(i
deAy the (1adin was thconced ofr.
qitmantothe charcrte that Mr. Cockwa e
toitlsed thflior. Til majresncyo teade
facesthe minr befoe anue
cie4he intank of tie lay ok ak
anItelae pakr ed.Ash en
Mir. All1son, (hal iati of the 1com
mitIttee ol approlrlitIons, made a
Statoiient, regard tlln,g the aloutitt of
molicy appropriated by the presenit
Congress as colpared with the ap
prOpri'ations of the Fifty-sixth Con
r'('ss. The toItaI )') t " ap iattioi for the
pr,sc'ent t''nlgrccs he stated, was $;.
551,l.,ds a: comlpartei '.ith $1.441.4,""
fo: tie i ifty-sixth ('ltgresS. M . -\li
son s:aid that w\hile it ;)pp':ars> thw
appropriations of tIhi'; o ge :
st ('i ll ,l2.'ss, ( Ih ils' 1
iall'' II!) of thtrie it'n (
. ,:) ,(It ) ,ll')11 -f r I;1- I'::n u n
inc(r, :twed appr)1u tl i:al.i 1 '!
CO) for ti,' r " ; 2 i ti t r"e r' n
anad hIarlbor ap!ropriations. I n eog.
Citltld by :ayin1g 11hat Ite ro l1': of tho
c)uttr} ' n(;nr t s 1 tit ;' 1(rtus of I
11: I < I 0 L, i n thI
1: * the hi il u
i the \-111 f;;
1 1 1' Il'l 3; tar bl il i It
' a tempi rri ' l tat ai. loll
n l l I' \ , I i)I 111) ;P "I .+
t >. ip in OT el " ill' hil m,
-1 t V a '',ea , e al l
d thI l 1 1 n rt i to L II
~va.l II LI O iiILKI..tall ;ali
A a iho rhe spo oln I th'. fatue g'
. " t he f1 :; t i r 1 obj - cl) t t . i
,oI , h of i w i ne' ' t ibc +
a1'0u t r,fha th t Amfi a po ( plt",' i
t:1i'l t in t "'.'ti s :''o l i r''ard to thl st
ai1r.l I t:.t tnae le t vig,o ri.s r'leply to) t"
. '. N\ in wOh) i h he acit he did not
:1 +{1t li+ ;i l.eu1n iop ar not a b le o <i
tha t h 1:r'at l r, inl t o b .-es to, o
"! hoteli.r. ih('y ae thlmoronb ly a ' 0
to d1ea11 :'l w t it 11 , thi:.e I \l\':tw
l1grtc"e a d mighty failus tore,
r.ti,l M r. L le 'n n ng h'. .aid jt
wals a lre. inioi'1un:, ha) thte Phil
'l"ipIl' tarii 1 ill hi 't'1 ii a li. n
ir. Man tot : tHalley attenmt talk tin
')f the* I'anlma: C'antal aintl ctl+r mnat.- il:
trs. lite rt. that th'. wa ls Of tht i1
tIna hr aml In p .I ao n :alled! atte- r
tin to tht- oi 'n't 5!nuit bo!w%s in the
-hnat('. It r,.- without tht"' ruhts. h1e a
C:tit; tc'us it. iof a 1t1 of the dignity
a te: eatfte Sna)l h I ded amid t
|".ilhte"l l the rull'I th sit
hox .s are as uelhangeable as the
tir. .\!ion reort'eid that the Sresi
:l1nt had niothin-; further to commllunl
Sanel that \l. Roosevelt had said:
"if it is in order I would like to say pl,
that I congiratullate the' two houses of of
L'ongr; ullon the aditrable work ' o
ill'lrorieI alldng this sessiot. l o
As Mr. Mason had just been arraign- at
Ing the Senate for its failuro to paus i
necessary legislationt, a titer we.ht i l
Iaround the Senate which broke into b
Iauhtar in w"hich Ocrybody joied c- -
At 11:53 Mr. he arley attemnptedt to get 9,
I vote on this hill, but was frutrath'i si
Iy Mor. ason, who continued to hold w
he floor, In spite of Mr. I3alley's pro- to
test' at
1r. Cockrell, of Silssouri, presented nc
he u=ual resioltion comlplitnlenting the t"c
President of the Senate, which was t
(ar. Frye thanked the Senate for its tl
tetion and then dkctnrod the Senate ialt
11iouneld sine die- er
Oee Relensetdb alt
P4aris, hy Cable.---tt ll Maaria htarit-- t
noe, who figured in the laumbu'tthI it
Efrts s That prmee ricd Uon L1
Ufhe allpge A;merians brt ar,s
"rawonr nI (who0wa are~sed int
Aldi ihthe other member of the tx(OlcO'
flumra amiby i ast. brot h1er1. was
reliaed,Ilc tth elphyiiansga'ra~ h ag I de
elared (that e yeis, ufeittg fro la ys-' b<
teria an t'(5I fledponibe f'otry her ae-at.
illa.e as refsedl w' perissionts to 9
Iee er titr, as <1me Humert and o
othersI ofh te h fami beforeI l~anh i
ofI the Iflodt tint te Bao s( rie has
reached1 thi aIt an 111td the towne 'isun- teh
der atitesv heailcommuniaon witx
I'f0ausItoha beItenetof and ther tis si
eral da armt arel under watrad.
gsome stocklhas beIn vit,ullae oftChe I.e
negrs tov cont'ttn ut 'oVlfl bottor.s.
Thewteio s o Ii' acrssthe2cr
to te Guf,e theagr ol luan-k not
bein suffh I ettocrrt
)cmocralic forces in Coited State
Senate Ncxt Term,
-ll:t t1g of I.xt1i.aordi U:try .10i
rs of !)r ::ni.:ation 'ihe Nvcw
~ 'T w h -'I.I i .1 l.
t. . \1; (i 4I 'i1, 1 .,I' Ied(1'111 11'
(4 j 'I tti' '' iv
i'T he l i ni,:I t:
" ,. , " L t ' his ;:ui " lin4l
4u u .: ib ma:nh4
- :l~ .; . 1 11hth 1 ils
". '1 :: i lt t l: ; , s '.r :) "t . 1 ; I1114)
I r i l r .1 .' : .I h : the
1.: .l ":: . . 1 i t ". 't:
'h- 11t ' '4) i'" Uv i: . ' m m b O I
ndt :'ieoy (1f the wlole paly or'aiIllt%al
)'I ti reti l11 to f'l0'ervativ tirst
\'::sl ingtOn. 1 ceial-. --Thl 1)mno
a t.- tit'nat orial :"aUI"tit which 1.)tt F'ri
y (oil:mi'ze1 by' .:e'ting S r:t o o'
:ti to hii"i oil posiltion as chairman
1te' :t111 . Th i. i a 1,r"1nae r n t
a('t aInll it: r s h;Iim1 the (i(("upa;nt'y
Ill(' I)le Ol rati( ' oni ' ' r 11 '1' 1:ill) ,
o of the most 1.oim<tu i(iol:>l and 14"st
ate(l m 1 tm initl (' II 111S the 111
0 and of thes (apitol. lie madl(e a
ief spmeeh'l ill assuming the chair, and
ceconifer("n(e thcn 1)ro1't1'i('d to ot.her
isine'ss. '1h( wI er( ' lres'nt. 2'1 of the
1)'mocra:tir 1"wn: tulrs. S('naltor' Gor
an1's nomination as chairman wva
ggested 1y Senator B:acon, and therc
is no opposition to his Selet-tionl. Inl
k: nIg the chair, he thanked the Sell
ors for the honor confrred. but did
It make an extenId s1eeh. Tho
m11ainin11g ti m1e of the .session was de
tel lal'grly to the dis;lssion of the
c'7ent :,itutation1 in the Senultte and
e neces(>Fsity' for D)emooratIc' harmIonly
d u1nity of attion. There 'was a gen
al feellng Mtha the vcallncivs (IlIsd
the retireiment of Dlenocratic Sen
ors from c1mm1itttees which have
deal with (llestions before the pres
t c'all session should be filied, an1d
was decided that the designation of
c mnemblers2 of these commtfitteea
0ould be made by a steeilng comit l
e, to be appointed by the chaiman
tihe caucus, b)ut that thirl selectioni
01uld later lhe ratified by tihe cauicus.
1c steering commilttee foir the plast
ngress 1has nlumb1ered only 7 mema
rs, but Senator Gorman r'equested
at the flnmber shouild he inierensed to
which was tihe numIiberi in1 the days
(Icase wats dCcided upon.
Will Not Be Released.
WVasington, Speelal.-The Associat
Press is author'ized by tile Briitish
abassy at WVashington to state that
cre is no foundation for tie r'eports
at Mrs. Mayhricl(k's release is con
mlatedl by the liritish authoritIes;
at there has beeni no irecent eorre
4ondcel( 01n tile subiject between
asington1 and11 Londlon, anid no rep
snittion wh ~i'atsoeveri to the( State
muplal ed.
Gailmo in Eruption.
uixpam areI I in consterniation1. Accor'd
g to adice Is froml tat, poinot the ciruip
0o1 \va4 aeromlpanlied by shiower's ol
she 4(1n dens C1c louIds dIarkelninog tih<
ills. Man44y h1ou1ses and stores haiiv(
.Shoots ils firother,
Charleston, S. C., Spec4i.-A\ spec4'ia
-> The News andl Coiurier' s;ays; tha
C1erklIy ('(u11ty3, Fred'( Mtlart in, a youn:l
'hite farm11er'. who l ives .1S mliles awaVi
'as plough i tg, and1( withou)1t a weord
fari'ing, fireOd a laid of buckthott. int1
he shoulderCl of his brhiothber, Jo1 (14 -\ I
i kily r'ode off,111 remarking that iL i
irother' had "'only Pmitn wha11i1t hie (hI
er'ved long ago.' "iFredi M artini41 clim
tntimlate with 11is (Frmed's) wife.
Thei pleople t1011g tihe 'o:t of 14S8"'
leni are sahl t.o lbe aulf,'1in. 44'in:g
lie s<aceit(y of fish In the' waters 0
tat 4:44ti(nn. Tihe hietingii run ha
raid them112"n this season. IIt of VIa ai
mouth! i, (4n 1h 1 w est.ern ridI' of1 th
Nor'th 8(1.a,i the hools of ih-rr-ing~ hav
beenI unpr1)1em'iented('lly lairge tduring thIl
season. ' ihe tota1l number' o1f the( i-E:
son's catch there is 'iaid to exceed 580
Serious [Dr.mage Threatened at n)
Points From High Water.
Cairo, Ill.. Special.--Thu o.s r
at th ' \eath(' hu"raut ha s<nt t
warling.,: to placuit'e: "e ith of ' r 1
prl'p ar(' fto' at 1e11.t :U f('t'I, if wUtt.r.
ltain fell sundlay mild niighl c,ver the
wartrsheds oe th Ohio \\-aah. T!!n.
11: -,tc( a,l ('tlnblrhu l rv r , a
ill la v , 1y 1 , 4lc" 1.. w 1:l''' . 1 \-- i,
ia1ing tte are I ini : . \
Iterril;iry ,lrc,1 1i an,l b: " c ,!,
n t \" ('ve ('e1 \ it!h \~t ;
far:l l s have'( 1i('n 11!,a
, in te h: huli ie -P4 I
\ in i . : 1 .. T ,i t ' -.
Lxcurt:ion B3oat; n,.1
inarlc. :;.I. fel.AI1c ih ,I;i
of M'mII :: m ,
a r (1 1.t', < ' I e n is:.. it - .r, ; !
ni , h 1 " 1 : j
th 1 r;) l r t i: :; -, i.
frol: 0)1, to Ih '. it ,;; l:.' I ' n
sands of p'o h. Iin, titb' . . \e
14azinlg n i v:.1 . , f .o,, ,
E -uri io n :t1s \:,!'t" l e lncy 1i i4's
Water Up in Fourth Sr"t1( at Louis.
I .cti.;\ile S p : . i,- 4)h i, l i ri\.r
regie .: 3 - fe< i ! In !! < ;ul t l -r
o n ' , 4 -liltl i: 71 ,''1 ' "-:' l i 1 1' 11i,' '
linlt . rt is , x' ,j: , .1 1t ;!, 1 :;It ; l
: , the hb.:hi -: in i':> y r11 . \\ill
1r l ,'. 'iit. \wattcr 1 . w I 1yj il
lt, I-'Ut) alil str'. T 'h.- I' 44l 'w;n; t .tI.;,+ll
1' 1 '' ,':1lrain i p 11 ' ' . (4 r' in I - a t
hc Flood in Kentuccy.
4 1 . ',' 14.+111 1\". ; l ,.. .. I 1,1' it,',l\
N t 'in11 1 f',' 1' tly) i ~!. ' " j g-e 11 "'o S 114
44 - nig.;ht. I'll 1riv-r 1 : 01 s ' rising an
it l; n,ver ,tll j.rr\ i,t;: ttltar!:, . xvI,pt
the record of 1-. T'he sinall'
:'. 1' Its arre a-, 11 ", l 1i lt ' cn1tirV.
'1.4' '(411 14'1 ' '.1 ' 4 4 'I 4 4 14414l
T h ' , o. l d'1 1 4 4 l 1 . tm .hu' r
,':"i u1 ?. '1re and ,l' mi -r P"I' n:t.; a11ln ;
the lower Ohio v'alt1.
riiver Ten Miles Wide.
E\vattsvillo, lini. . Sp'''ial. T[ , riv r
1i still rising and4 .t444d n,',arly .12
f'e"t at 10 o'('lck. It is bolli'\vedr that
th(' 1.volr will c"(nliiul,' to rj-' fm. a
- week. All boats a1r day(' ed. Th rive'
het.ween he:' anli O\\'nsblo is n;ere
thuli 10 iht' wid . -\1id ,\Ian;" town:: h~
t\\e'en ()w('sb oro arnc ('iro ar' e a now
at the 1m4'rey of the high water.
Another Flood Predictod.
Cinelinn.ti, Sj'ial.-T---'I'hl Ohio rilver,
which fell 4unlav nig;ht bIeow the
inlg 'r1 li1( (1f 5) feet, has 1 114 riinlll.
here' again and it is r(loned'( toI h)1
risinig at. uli3)'rl points. Itaint lI'ev:tilel
thollughoult. (Ibio, Il:liatn,a. K n- t-ky,
T(1nnessesl,nd w n I',ml yI\vani,l
io that :uiiother flo(Id is, pr1'diite(l this
week all al0on1g th' Ohli \',lllev.
Pollc, mtsn Slain.
. WMe!4rhury'. Spe1(!1 l- \-i4414444., jl
15 w:orst. fom'll has br1'ol;enl out 11nle\'
in 'aterinry'. as a ret'sult of the high
feeling in connection with th1' st('ik
(of 'he llotOrmlen andli 42ondne44t4)ys oI
dlesohn is the vi'timn. John41 W\.
Chamberts, a non1-union14 mlotorman, is
shot and1( hIs whecr.ablout are un1knfown,
anId the1 conidulctor', George WVebern
d1orfer, wa''1s I))o1tune almloft Into ini
eib4CiShlity. The scenelt of the cimie
wa4s lat Forest Park, tihe terminu114s of
tho North Mtain str-eet line. Thle spot
is an.1 lsolated1 one, and1( when tihe car
r'eachecd the end (If the0 I lie the1( crew
miade pr1eparations for the retuarn. Im
medilately after the conidutctor' turlned
t.he tr'olley anld thle mfotorman reversed
his levers, eIght. mi-sked menOf sprang
from the buIsheOs by the1( roadside en
teredi the( ear and d1iseharged their14 re4
('('r M (ndlesohn11 fell at the~ firist re-.
31ort, and1( as a later examlinlationl
xhow.~ed. the first shot wa'3s fatal, hav-'
(Ig pierced' 24 his heart. Th'e mo11torm1anf
was also( .huit and leaped from4 his5 ('ar4
wIth a cry (If pa~ in. S04141 of tile men41
followed him, whIle the( remalfindter
turned'4 their4 attenItiona to 1the (4ondue
tor. IIe4 was thr14ow.i n to 4th 1or oIf
1141 (:ar1 and14 poun4ded1 al !i1kti 41n
il 11e was. almost51 un4eon.--eios1. Tlhie
11441 then'i left hIml and44 joh ! *th.it-ir'
Illmtaionstil' I u44id. Fr(om412 thht' point~
torc'i regain. lit' feet14 4ith14!le41t
Wrecked at Norfolk,
Norfolk, Special.-A it-Iret windl
Istorm11 s.wep3t OVer'2 N'orfolk at1. 14oon4
age'. The' large hiulilding bini' 'reenC l
I biy the4 Am4ericamn Cigarl Company, i .1 .
. the (ity limiits, was.1 31hnest.-. 4-12:n4. ir
destr'oyedt andt S' '-4ral .4r:k4i nI:u
10owly (1sciaped' the4 fllling waILI.
Ir ud la--P4)8 11h. Specia. 4!-P Ii 14,m4'n
strntions by 11 Socialet SI. Peer
-) busg aga'inst l(th 1 : o '.-': ln mliil' m
1 halle been h- 1'gar :14 :1g11'- :aS be
brein4 g of w4442i .': If I-:!ay 4 :,r
w-~ ae e 1' i1 and t dipedh , 4 (1-- , ll
(Ito vila-:s t e dem1n' r4a:Sr.l an
L' odat, WIy Cal.-The4 St. Pet ers
t'erah to 1h ttrillno storm1;
. hinte sgovehinwn iof 4 l :nara,4.2 an~1.
Roa,oke's $30,000 Silk Mill.
I'' it s i n . i I-' e'ua ir .t'\' ..lan
f't'rs' i I r ,I ,tat -+ that V'tlltl n
itit' l Iis: o1'at . . h d dI .
to soIthii !h ; tbr:lu':h :ilk: m i11
ItianI k . \" . i.t\'F ing about 1 i.
" ' ' .\ .:It:lthI, (7i1h' ii: ha i n.ll; 17,-1'n
1'',:. <n lit)1 ')f tllt' lnna h n111!
11 , : t l , I ,1 \ " i t l : .'' t I 'I " '' I l
b i i lhI' . -at!'i 'l I. r
t % ; -, "1 \ ;.; i ;1 ' 1 : \
n 'I t. : n I4i .
7i 1 " ' : , i- t - 1 ' . ' I ' . . -
t, 'eI':I le . '."
I t. 1t -1. :1i. ()."cl!
1! :i '. i l !t ."..- t: ,t' 1i: :I 1 ' t II t
"(l.,, i \. tIIie ; Jt,:' ,'.!' , 1: l l . I l. ie e- il,i
1 ' t 'I" \8't 1 1 111 1'1 t .:.el I' I Ic 1"'I
5''i iij t -n - s.
( 11} '. it 1'x iiiii .otl''
- 11 !. , \ I I f I
-Itu i le r t o man\u. I':n-- lV ie
t S cloth. i - . a li i.11i1
i ti i 11 the m il.' b ' I i1 .'o ss
tiunI Flxin>da l or th aili-li tin' hta
< h inery.
wll l,il du iiedit t ilk n\eill! . O11
A't\ niisim"ts 1ro.4 (-'hit IIvilb-. N. ('.,
H : N , l of It l tn' l I i 1A1- i tli ('d
'll st b e .'i l 'l i il', W :t I'l 1 11:'m !In lli
has tow-n h,: the I la~vhltu;ii h.Viil
1).1ni3. e:an. w.ill Ilon s In e1.'ayI u,
taill ohf $irst,001) . ah h in lg $ f tlie
1co n onrea.t,e Iy ar. (Ily n,ttrres lrt
(('II I '" .t III i11. Il II Ii J'':; i"' ilt ,'i
mII1il s. III omawns y selr I1 ll I t;
l':rl Cr! . N. . l.:111.1 in :. H t r;' o 1' nt"
LO. Iy:nlie tiifowns. ieIl t.Wtli h
Textile Notes.
II. is So II,i th ;1 .\. \\. (''o nfwi of
Isn w \'trk heit.n while inl . ill...
I-'la.. r'',''nt iy, pIn-ctham I "'4,0 1111
fro. (ls 'rsm U i a l I(al ',rs i l that e t i .
logs I,' t i's are to b! usdI in the' an
s lsltiol of an (l('ctrwill sailr l')I lroto
tl'.kill to Oakhill, which i s to bI otm
Ilt b1~ y .llly 1 n( xt. '.\lr. ( m th
I ronounIces th yeClTitlow-i>in harktI hcrs
lte f Flidai(lii w''lell apt. for thi
maetlteit c busi ' otfftii' lfate .\1r. Joh
byastc Itcmgoipan hc wasi hat
tereds ls te wek The newgo 11 coimn ll
be11 kown a.s the tllawkos-.\itIuIi IneCom
pan, ad wLumberi Notiess it
caital oif $Ja15,000 ii. h i ers fof thea
1ompany are Judg' e iiia'. 11 WalilIt eIts, pree
dt;' Mr l".'cUL. W . a i, l.:r.,:tr 'asur2,
and'ti 11 i H. IIawks sIecretary. :4
C. C Men el .r. & ro. Co. ofi
I('uisvill announe tat with 'n te
nxt' fe month ort1he willo import
hogany lgs,I te ist rargol of hicha(
is now1. here. The mahofrgany es ,omng
from I;londuras. andts 40,00 2fee o
Aessl.i Tel produl t wllPIilts of sipd ItIlo
theoi coma's boxI Ofacto'hry sa S.ouis
vi)lnle. Seea wesrel~seamnhip n rt
oliT Figh 1fet Comogue. ag
in1h. iacalarneet for the Vik
seteeto h ffiso h m11
Dr. Roper Declincs the PresiJency of
Furman .'nivcrsity.
S 1atinlut., i p ':! . stor fcwis
itt. t i'i' t ' 'I .mil u I -l;lly r' .
l1c r11 gaill : 1i . ' t 1.1'i , n' : I i,t
1 1l II IIii: t,i1 \,:!' 4 . .l I " 1:1.i +
ii I , Ile I441 I': r, .4 ii 4
hII ly'.i' ' .
s . , i
t In : I
I' to ::g 44n
1-1 1
l al l 1 ' tl t( , 1 :' 1 ", 1 \ ' : t'"I-'u ne
ii i h 11 : ,1 ~' ,l li "i :1 4 ."t 'I l ' I,tt '11 1,I
ht k ;. i 1 I I v' i." ' i
4l4ll 4: I': I 111\ :1 ++ : Ii :t 'i' ;} l' I4 tint 1 4
\'I.IIjl1s 4 iit' t I \\'"I 1'41 :rl 1 II I h
1Hi ' i 1' ::' (4 tll <11 '", ;111'! n tll}' ti l'',
1 h } TI i i I . , ! ' it t_v I- t t l -
I111' li I',\"(i'< tl:; 1 (:sii" ' ii'j4 Il' I"1'ti
oIf ,lust ane r,r1 h .1 b voi
fit ~4' I -( (,: i 1" 1 .11It'. 1)"4I. .iI 11t Illy
hari : lc i. , n riman1 .' ' tt t 10 1 ' 1 v
ut' .:n 11 i y' ill. i 14 8 Itil' tlll'il
to \ l lt riii)" +nt - i ! {'11 1 I: o h:iG
tlQIIt,1l llt t'I '::"'ll y alll! ?Q I h!,I t,l I'i 111
pinI]' .:tP lt I i',' Ilg ,~ I 110 gilh sl
Itl' h ' l gell for n.t 1 I-t ) ls li e,
Ian il it' r \%o1%11;, at 1(;1 l l 5e\" 'a
IrI a 'n : Ii g !i i: lti1 I he m y d utyss ... 0o .
t ue 1 .' wor11 pat of Ile 11. g ite~ o ' 1r1t
(' n 41)IHh-r'I ( 4C (thre- ''s nd myrn u
work'. it i 11140n1 - I'4 mphet . \\i'g Im-ly
hI'1iv tit il littil \y, Iag' ;, a to hI
gI'4'411 u wu i th 44 r (1:st iato t'(1i'tyjo ur
fowadonuemnlts. ieTio u.h a
Idan0 .::1 ii feel that'( I 41 l ut' hr beI 'uily
antth r w r,at least411444 4411411 for'' sev ira
Ii 44 1(141I ha'411nthu :iasti con jti<nj nly t
fu)tue of' F rman unijI i vers44 ~ ity'. I i a...l
..I. ll en!1s wpi sucee 1.4w it hi plan
know the1 oh Ilege,)141(1 soi much44 will h
be changed for'144 the better.44 I believe
this14 h,veauset8 1411.lam . 4ovne that,4 the
T1a1tists 4 of' 44 Sou t Carol1ina will labor,4 44
pray' " and(' g ie for4 t suc4es 44f1141r
denominational4.4 1148 ll4ege,I I l ey ' kn 11'
to4 be "one'1of the4 fis agies for41 Ithe1'
heard V and hand,14'4 as gasr to11 ( tb'
Ro..mi. .11,1y~ 'ab le The Poew Sundavk'
tha'1he m'ht notd to makeY th)1 - w45011>2
byieo 1)r,h I apui' s olvit . iii1 ltie.
'lu'w'ed tln elo-m h i hus.oin o p tl (o
Laurens111 . 1( peIgial.& 11-1)w z'uitrse1'row
)n out heI1of cthviolatSion of (laborC tln
raCCts ae. n tu c o n i bs:e
ul i!! iew Of the .trr'at, I.e a t o
Former Democratic Nominee Speaks
of Current Politics
Thini<s 11111 is Tossing Uu the Same
Old IPenny to See Whether tie or
I'urk:r Wilt Rtiln,
'ti I . ta. --('otonel W . .1.
' ''' t i . tli llday after
b!upo t") dis
ii II : 1 ""I his r'Int visit
" '-. \' . . a ! t: 1 that. :he" iw;!11le
abo:iut .It1t' Par
- :11t ! 1.1 Ift l I could
-: i 1::H ".'. i a !tt "ul!
l l . :tI Ti-y an.:swer'ed
\';! "l:t -"I'ff1 '. \'. I t noft
S !i::', :1iil intelIs to
h" ; l. I I "; i, tossing 1
- in JItd ' 1 r
b!:! t : 1 t: 41, I,t i that. he
a I .1 1Itt. ht' dot)c"sn't
I rh1i :II which
\\ f l.t ay , ,-:.r-liing the
" rtl ," . ! .:, ,l hw \V t lll 1 th r is
I I i. -h"r tit-y iH n
"I :t :l" il I'lli h 1\\ Ilili 1 1 I If l i'", i,i
\ i1 , \\ 1 :1 t is I1 1 ti! "' tl"lt t'L
i'"n 1 i.d ii . I; 'ttla 1i ie n the
S i7. ' ,t 1 !j ; II:',:1. I (.li: f i
! 1," l? 1 ." If ,: , : Ia .:t:11 "t (mIf nt.:as
I '"t I t1f :tl* !tfIi,"lltl.;1 tI i 11ff
'I t p I-: l :1,y m 'I: 1:tit1n1 tO
\' f a 1 : ,' . 'Ili : t l' " i It. .\ p 1 i1 f'- 111i ;i ty
1 I u\ it i n :lp I I , i an" l mu{1 st:
,"' "h 11 Ii 'i... iu b It it I1t.1it n a .)csto
tt"r t!1- tit- ilph- :t:l! !then tru1rtt l1 (events
" - IIsli-1 V th lfia i l w 1 fifnlwra t tr
hasI: ta!k,'i tlwl I i1."-0 I lt iii thte 11ub
II lf>l. : ill I I.t li. \"- it it1ff\ li i11111ltah
it. I .!I .rit :{n"i ialI \ u iiitllt to
:IIi :f1ff< tff itsf ti l" ily tii Ih' p'eonle's
I":nu ,. it Will ol.vl It" ; cluestion of
tin ;, fl,"f, lt i l g I f.fine vitlher, lfo't e'
c":t4:htp;1 Retpuliilans Ivill be <disgusted
with the pli"." uf the Republican party
I t fi u it tw I)"<(w-raf t.i party Ill
":i l u" riat'tc) 'y, tcheit \\Ol, g j
ht in"; r/ li1f 1 itoth If eop If ro a1i tll the
vi,i Inus poli ff f i1(iI ' l ith." 1nhlic'at
I):II 1\'I WffInnOt i i': a 'it r1:\ by
'filn{pruitmis l cif' tw U\w,r.itt", :l n II i We
vlon:i w\in a Vito(ry by ::uc"h means
it \wfblill f ht IS li.U st ffOils to Ite party
as Ar. ('(vf' af"ir'1 " ittO1'y in 1892
proved t(I I."
i\skedc ils flpillion (In th Wabash
trik . Air. ri yan. said: "The..I merf- its of
thff controversy'1153 betwe thel i fc(ompany lI
and 111 fthe emplo)y(' fs' arver'shadow~ed by3
thef mena11ce f thef lprocessii known as
go vernmen100t byf' injuncl (tion. '1lT'hef)V Dem
cirats5 have ion g beeCi nl lig a ttention
tof tihe fdanlger thatt lurkos in tis abulsfo
off the judil p jower, bu11t It seemls to
tiake severli ob~ject, lessons to mako1(
t.1e plie alcquinlrted with a bad pr'in
Are Satisfactory,
HuenOfos Ayres, BAy Cable.-Thec Nac
(lol imliisheos an0 Interview with For
eign Ministr D''[rago, in wvhich the
ruinister' decl'aros thalt Seno Gari'co
'Ier'ou, thle Arlgnitin1ff minister at
WVashing4t on, ha s telegrapIhedi to im H
f nn11Oumin fg tli t theff reXIIspns oft See
rfetary I lay to an1 Argentine note, set
tinig forthi .i tat thel Arfgenltine govern
menOlt's ideas5 regardfin g Vene(zuelat alnd
Mllro'ism1 is saft isfafctory.
iThe Plague Situation.
Maz .iala.f Alexico, Spei.-There
were nfof feathsli ffrom the pilguie Sunif..
ilay. Thfer'( arfe onIly 37 patIents inh the
lfazarettoif, I woi (ases grave and1( five
iflubtfulf1. CaseIXs of pliague have bfeen
I isi'fvered'f at. Sii uliros, nearl tife village
If Viiiflla lonf. Theil local health bloardi
her bff eili esx the disease5 will be0
stape of ffI(11ut. SIhflueros( as5 has1 beenT
Filr (fflihedl'f at El Oso.
Bryan At dievelnd.
IBryan arr'iived in Clevelnd ffrom the
l'Tast, and is tile guest of Major .John
Rini. Mr. Bryan wil leaC~v(e foir Michi
ganl tef'oorrow to deli1ver': a f'fetture,
wheCel'f he will reI'turn' to' ill ln.
T1hose' whio soufghft an initer'viCw were
Hhay of inlterfst to' thie pubilif'.
Large lot of Crosstles.
Theff towbioaft Rulssell ~Lrd (If thle
.Avrl.ord1 fle t (enme( (flt (If tihf Ten--I
1ffsXf'f iv er last wee~1'"fk wi thlf a lo. f)
7.50 cross'l'5t iWS. Thiis is theO largest
to Padu Icah, i Ky., bly an1y (1ne slteamer,
Uncile Trom D)ead.
ChiifengI, Special.- Nonnan Arego,
Iaifd to havfe been 1 t he orfiglinal "'Unlo
'Tom,"' is diead at I iat Liek, at the reO
Iffted ageC of 1l1 yearsi., says a dlispatchI
to The Tri'bune0, fr'om Lancaster, Ky.
Argo was born a slave anld belongedi
to Gener'ai Sampe11 KennedOy, a wvealthy
Pilanter (If (Gerar'd COunlty, and a former
memblier of thle K('ntekkdy Leogislature.
Mtrs. Stowe is sa11l, tfo haive obtained
most (of the mater1ia l foin "Uncle T.om'si
Cai'foIteknuk .lantation

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