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1e Peoples' Journal
DJ. A'LIN, - -- Editor.
/. LgsLIE MATnUNr, - hs. Mgr.
ibsoription $1.00 Per Anuuu.
Advertising R ites Reasonable.
trdat uthe P'ost Orilco at, Pickens as
etor drA -la%s matter .
1'ICKENS, S. C.,:
Tmlnrmlay , Maruch1, 1'3, 1903.
Ven you do begin to plant,
t Iplant it all in cotton.
fho nOl'0 yotu work and the less
.i buy now, the greator will be
ir net increas? next, fall.
t has been Commi111Onl for seve'i I
srs to refer to the hillion dollar
gless asextravag;ant. ''hm con
ss lately adjourned far exceeded
dlIjon dolhJars in appropriat juons.
With the roads in the pr.esenti
idition, it takes two trips to
ike a load. Would it not be just
well to comprouise on sometc I
ings and buy just half as much
-tillzor for instance?
Of course, if you plat cotton,
u must put fertilizer to it. But
you should put half t he fertili- I
'you now think of )ulyng to c
e.fourth tho land you now think
planting, wouldn't the prolits t
greater in the (,ndI?
If any failed to do tho right
ing by their niichaits last fall,
Hy will now itid it diflicult to
.y at any price. Tho merchant
willing to trust and hoiest work
man, and will help himi1 if he
serves it. f
The talk lately indulged so free- tl
with reference to Ilanna's bill to e.
nsion ex-slaves sacns to have at
tsed altogether. This looked 1n
o the shrewd political move of u
hrowd politician to enlist the
rorable consideration of the re- h1
blican nominating forces of 1)
ose states most likely to be benl- d
tted by such legislation, a
The Conference for Education
the South will hold its annual
ssion at Richmonld, Va. The t
ssion wvill begin on April twenty- h
ceond and continue until the eve
mag of the twenty-fourth. Robt,
.Ogden, a man interested ini ed
cation is president'.t
Col. D). K, Norris, the pioneer in tI
ae matter of cotton mill building
a1 Pickens county, wh'lo launched ti
he scheme of building the mills
>earing his name at Catecchee, and 0
:arried it to successful completioni,
iaving brought his lirst unterprise i
>f this kind to a p)aying basis thro'
Jifliculties which do not now ob--~
tain so largely, is planning and I
moving for the organization of a
mill at Central. The people oft
Central are anxious for the consum- I
aLien of his plans or, if for any
reason, the present plans aret
abandoned, they are ready to com
bine their forces with any respon--I
Bible anld competent leader to the
end that a mill of creditable p)ro
portions may be assured to them.
When people-the business men
--of a comlmunity become interes
ted, they unite, and once united
with a defmnite purpose things
seemingly impossible before are ac
complished with ease,
We hoepe the Central people will
get together.
From the fr,movements of
Governor Hleyward, it appear a that
he expects to see to it that tihe dis
pensary law 1s enforced, not oni
in the rural district8 anld small
towns, but in tile larsler cities a s
as well. Every good citizen is
hopeful that the Governor watj
succeed in1 this, and even where
the law is violated most, he will
have the support of law-abid in8
:people and the municipal authori.
'.les. It is the.law and ought toc
be enforced without respect to
pulace or person.
Governor Heyward has made it
distinoly understood that he ex
peots the cooperation of the town
and city authorities, and these,
with the constabulary force, will
no doubt effect the results desired.
In Pickens Oounty,there's less vio
;ation of thzialaw now where, when
lhe layr was at enacted, there
wa6 pothaps inwo 23Wb vOtion in
progi 4d 4*~J asV ia
The constables in this section hay
done their duty. They can do i
in other places as woll.
W( don't think there is any doubt
on the part of those tin )osition t(
judge accuratoly, tbat th1 )(oph
in Pickons county are in bettei
shapo than they have been ini many)
vyars. This is well, an(1 we rejoice
with the people) that they are thus
progressing because they have
workod hard anid have profited by
tle revel ses o past years through
crop failures, and have put to
tin' test those thoso 1)rincil)e(s of
iaving and e(cOnotical ntalage
ment that alwis i)rings Success.
But we wouIld respoctf ully urge
t1)On Cve1b)odV concernod inl the
ui0ness of farintlg to consider
veil the r"ralsorI.s for this present
)ettoruent before going too far in
o the preparations for another
One thing noticeable is that, for
ovoral years past, farmers have
ecn giving more attetion to the
roduction of necessary sipplies at
01110. ''hoy have raisod more
rain and more meat, and, to that
xtent, been more indepentdent of
uch supplios from abroad. This
as made thoir cot toil crol) Ipratcti
tlly a surplus one, an(1 the mtonev
realized1 has been1 vxp)0nded( on
teir farms fOr ii l)roveiments in
arious ways.
Cotton planting is all right
hen it is iot dlone at the sacrifice
f lands or at the risk ot' involving
10 planter in (ei t. Cotton is a
mdy money crip, but when one
ndiertakes to make it without bo
ig provided With the nccessarie
>r its p)roduction, he must pledge
le cr01) in advance for those nec
isaries and the prolits of cotton
re balanced by the profits that
tust be paid for the supplies te be
sed in making it.
The "ali cotton" planter is a
eavy risk to the merchant sup
lying him, and lie is always in
anger of winding up the year at
loss, being always absolutely do
endot on thl varying marketa of
oth cotton and supplies. Grain
rops pay and they help the farmer
> prospor. They help him as the
rOps are gatherecd and ar a help
> his lantd or, at least, nlot such a
catvy draft uipon it as continued
otton planting.
TendenI(cyI of thle Tlimaes.
The tendency of medical iscience is
IWvard prevenitive meiasuires. Thio bost
iought of the world is being given to
ic subjet. 1.1 is better to priovout than
>curo. It haus been fuilly demonetrated
iaIt pnumonia, one of the most danger
is diseases that medical menol have to
>ntend) with, cani be prevented by
Io use0 of Chamberlains Cough Remedy
neuuomai alwaysi results from cold or
oim or from anr attack of influenza
;rip)), aind it has~ boon observed that
xis renm.dy counteracts any tendeney of
as5 boon ruiily p)roven in muaniy thousand
f cases in which this remedy has beLn
sed during the great prevalence of colds
ud grip in recent years, and can be re
iod up)on with implioit confidence.
anoumonia often results from ai slight
old when no dangor is apprehended un
I1 it is suddenly disc0oerd that there is
ever and difticulty in breathing and
ains in the chest, then it is announcedo~
hat the patient has pneuminonia. Be on
he safe side and take Chamber'lain's
ough Remedy as soon1 xs. It aiway
ures. For sal by Earle's Drug Store
ud.T. N. Hunter, Liberty,
~o All Stockholders of State Altiance
Exchange in Pickens County.
The following certificates of
3tock issued by State Alliance
3xchange aro not in the hands ol
Jounty Trustee Stock holder This
s to notify any person holding
said certificates to sOnd themn tc
luo at once at Roan oke, S. (3. If nol
received in thirty days fronm
March 1st. L wvil apply to thE
ofliicers of the Exchange foi
duplicates Tfho object of this
p)roceeding is to collect money
from exchange paid by this Oo.
and roturn same to the original
The missing cortificates are:
Cross Plains, one share; Hunters
eone share ; Glassy Mountain, onIE
share; Maynard, one share; Mile
Creek, one share; Peters Creek, one
share; Cedar Rock, one share ; Lib.
erty, one-ha.lf share.
Countee Trostee Btookholder.
The scratch of a pin may cause the los.
of a limb or even death whon blood
poisoning results fromi the injury. Al]
danger o this may be avoided, however,
by promptly applying Chamnberlai',
Pain Balm. It is an antiseptic and quick
healing liniment for cults, bruises, Fr
sale by G. W. 1iarle's and 1j% N
Hunter, Liberty,
N(otice to Debtors & Creditors,
Persons having claims against the es.
tate of W. L Priobard. deceased :are ro.
quested to present the same properly at.
tested to the undersigned for nayment
those indebted t aid estaf mus ik
payment to A~A PiQM p
a Thousande Have Kidney 'Trot
and Don't Know it.
Now To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with ye
water and let it stand twenty-four hours
sediment or a
tling indicates
t1 G unhealthy con
tion of the k
neys; if it stal
your linen it
evidence of ki
ney trouble; t,
frequent desire
. ihpSS it or pain
convincing proof that the kidneys and bla
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge a
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swam
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills ever
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in th
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every pai
of the urinary passage. It corrects inabilit
to hold water and scalding pain in passin
it, or bad effects following use of liquor
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasan
necessity of being compelled to go oftee
during the day, and to get up many time
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soor
realized. It stands the highest for its won,
derful cures of the most distressing cases
if you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and $1. sizes
You may have a sample bottle of thi
wonderful discovery
and a book that tells
more about it, both sent
absolutely free by mail.
Address Dr. Kilmer & Home of 8wamp.Rooe.
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remembei
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer'
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton
N. Y., on every bottle.
Ginger Cream.
Soak a quarter of a box of gela
tin in half a cup of milk for half ai
hour, then place the bowl ove:
steam until the gelatin is perfectly
dissolved. Add to it four ounces of
granulated sugar and a pint of
whipped cream, two tablespoonfulh
of preserved ginger, chopped fine
two tablespooitfuls of ginger sirul
and a tablespoon fil of almonds
blanchel and chopped very fine
Stir until it begins to thicken, poui
into a mold and set on the ice
Serve in a glass dish, and powdei
the top with chopped almonds.
When you feel blue and thal
everytling goes wrong, take a dose c
Chamberlain's Stomach and Live
'T'ablots. 'hey will cieause and invigoi
ate your stomach, regulate your bowels
give you a relish for yonr food an
make you feel that in this old world is
good place to live. For sale by 1)r. C
W, Earle and T. N. Hunter, Liberty
Excited by Heavy Thunder.
A little three-year-old Rocklane
girl, awakened by the pealing thun
der, exclaimed earnestly, "God ha
done it now 1" "Done what?" quos
tioned her mother. "Why, split a)
his thunder things !" with a pityin
Ivompanstion in her voice that he
mamma was so ignorant.-Bange
I have used Chamberlain's Couj
Remedy for a mnuer of years and ha
no hesitancy in saying that it is the be
remedy for conghs, colds and eroup~
have over' used in my family. I has
not words to express my confidence
this remedy.- MRS. . A. Moor
North Star, Mich. For sale by Earle
Drug Store and T. N. Hunter, Libert
Chicken Broth.
Use the legs of a chicken for th
dish. Break the joints and cut u~
the meat into small strips. Poi
over it four cups of water, add oi
tablespoonful of rice and half a tet
spoon of salt, then allow it to sin
mier very slowly for an hour and
half. Strain out the rice and met
and cool. Skim off the fat and r<
heat as mnuch of the broth as is r<
quired. In hot weather tho rk
may sour the broth, so make wit]
out and,keep the soup in a tight]
corked jar in the refrigerator.
Good Housekeeping.
TVhe best physic. "Once tried and y<
will always use Chamberlain's Stomal
and Liver Tablets," says William.
Ghirard, Pease, Vt. Those Tablets r
the most prompt, most pleasant ni
most reliable cathartic in use. For er
by Dr. (G. W. Earle and T.
Hunter, Libert.y.
The D). A. Cooper Homno Place, et
taining forty seven (47) acres, lying
miles north of Pickens Court House
the Sassafras road. About 40 an1
cleared, the remaining 7 acres well ti
bored. School house within one mi
(Gced wvheat and corn mill wvithin C
mile, WVell wvatered, land level and
good condition for cultivation. On
acres of this land in 1902, wore ma
three bales of cotton aud 219 bushels
Sale must bo0 effected AT ONCE or I
same will be withdrawn from the marl
A good opportunity to buy a nico bl
in a good. settlement, Terms reasonab
Good Titles. Apply to
T. J. Mauldin,
Ivy M. Mauldin.
County of Pickens,
By73 3. Newbery, Esquire., Prob
WHEREAS, Augusta
W Higgins made suit
me to gaut her Letters of Adminiut
tionof'the Ehstate and effects of S,
W seargthreor to oif and admc
ash all and singular ths lidred a
creditors of the said S. ,. Higg
deceased, that the.y tqper before me,
the Court of Probate, obe held at Pm
ens Court Hoe 5. 0., on the 19th di
of M&rob 1 r I#blication here
at 11 o'clo the forenoon, to sh
Oanse, it ath ha~ .ve, why the at
Ad iteSld not bepganted.
G B aderhand andseal, i
Meerof ,.19O, in the 197 yost
J. L. Bolt, M. I)- J. N. IIallumn, Ph .
cr Pickens Drug Compn y.
Drugs! Drugs!
( If you want tho best atil frshost Drugs
A- call on us. V'o (loI't hfop doad and
0o usoeless drg"T i n stock. I f we lavo not
to what you want ii stock we will get it
In 11r y)'t oil short notico.
Stationery. < 3
4 Our store is headtctr ters for Writiu o
0 '\Tablets, Paper :itnd Env'elolops of all 3
kinds. A lot of tintc fresh candy. "
Cigars and Tobaccos.4b
'he host sinoking and chewtng tobaccos.i
'I~ Spectacles.-3
Ci a sa d P p so l e(ri)l u.IS e t c e oDon't, l'org ot- that w o are still H 10ad<p(1ar
trrs f'or 1ittinl; sp ectiaules at p)ric .; from
Pckc11s Druig Cunlpa.mv
uPTry our Hondacho Powdets and Cough Bnlsam.
IShot oun A
('eWe Have a Large Stock of "c
?rWill Sell at COST.JJ
Farm supplies,',llackcsmitht tools, Plows, Trace Chains, Pads, Etc.
Easley Hardware GO.
A Full Line of New and Up=to=date
Sprin oods.
a Now on hand, at pri(""s that will please tioso who want to
buy for CASII. Give me cash trado and I will issue you cou
pons to the amount of your purchase of )ry Goods and No
tions and return thO>m to ie when you please during 1903 and
receive a nice promium picco of china.
Call when in Picke:( and inspect my up-to-(ate stock, where
absolute satistfLetion is guaranteed or mioney refunded.
Ou r
"i " " I.F orYaW M e1. rON-...AO
n So men think it imibl e to get a irst-class shoe for $d.5
~'but t ey don't kilow and won't, know any better until they conme her
and11( find out. People wonder how we can sell suchi good shoes so cheai
y.The loather is as good ats though you paid moroVs the mtaklang is right
so ar'o t he styloa.
Pride & Patton.
\ County of Pickens.(
- In Common Pleas Court.
WV. C. Scaborn, Smo
Thlonmas M. D)urhiam, - for
Jamlfes Austin Mouroc
lNancy Missm-91I Minton.
~Watches, Clocks, Sewing Ma. j)cefecnda"its- J
chines. TO THE DEFENDANTS, W,. (
ii d Scabtorn, TIhomats M. D)urham, Jamei
do Phonograplhn and Supplies'for sale at Austin Monroe McD)ulio D)urhiam, Mar
,. regulation price.s. - Ann Petay and Nascy Missouri Minton:
NOGRAPHRECORDS and required to answer the complaint i
NOGRAII REORDS this action, of which a copy is herewiti
Always on hand. served upon01 yOu, and1 to serv'e a copy a
ms- Private and Public musical entertain- your ans5wer to the1 saidt comRplaintoni th
'l ont gien n sortnotco,the subscribers att their olhico at Pickeni
on S ieng Macinshor N ie.e o l a C. H. South Carolina within twent'
ce hnsafns Sowing Machinels ol ala- dlays after t he servico hereof, exclusiv
aya ohne and. neSwin achifunsed oil t it of da.(IV of such! service;' imd if yo
e. y onte a n ort not ico f r ilt d 1 fai o aniswer the com ain tiIt within th~
ne -it( tshr oie time aforesaid, thte p)hintiWY in thi ntio
in icycles--Parts ando Findigs. will apply to the Court for theti rlito
18 .IRapair work donie ini all the above mnanded in the c~omiplaint
do hunes--25 years experionce. Da)fted(, Foby'. 9, A. D). 1903
of WWatches for Railroad Service a ! A. J. 1OGOS8,
heSpecialty. j SE ".c C.'P.
I can make it to your interest to give
co me a onll for anything in the aibovo lines. r Morgan, Mautldini & Mauldin.
Je eOHN T.8laitiff' " A^"orneys.
Je eue adUIJUob re To the absent dlefendants Thomas M,
Libeer fty, J .I) 1'litt Durban, James Austin Monroe McDuf.
Librt, .- lie D)arhan1 Mary Ann Peay and Nanoy
-- _________Missouri Minton:
Deit'sW.M aleTiake tice*dh oria complant in
For Piles, Burns, Sores. wvhich the foregoingrisa a pwoe ile
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ i t h e o f fi c e o f t h e C l e r k o f C o u r t o f
Common Pleas cu the th dayo oy
Things Se.,- ALfFey
t. Like Best '~
Q, --- Morgan, Mauldln & Mauldia,
Often Disagree With Us Plainatifr's Attorneys,
ud 3essause we overeat of them. tradi- TRESPASS NOTO10
na teetion follows. But there's a way toear erb
ini espesuoh onequ will. dose of I All erron a ) h rb Warned
ik. good digestant like odlwilrlive you lO00 n t, flsh, ta ri
a atence,. Your stomaoh is simph too o ther wytrsa ctny fny
*e kto dIgest wWat you eat. Tha.'s ll lad All presaon a ny oftm
m4 lndlgestion is. Kodol dests the food ans 0l esn r als nt{
aithout the stotnach1 ai. Thu the led that trespasM of any natui'e Or
steinach rests while the boyis strength. kind on any of my lands by stodk,
ii eds by we issoeo.Lltln~ is u fowls or any other domestic ani
o K,'o)dngestanyinrate male is absolutely prohibited, and
gggj gthe owners thiereof Will be proaooii.
e ,.4" a' 'n.t .4 am .
The Great Highway of TRADE and TRAVEL
Excellent Service Quick Time Convenient Schedules
An. Trip is a Pleasure Trip to tise who
The Finest Dining-Car Service in the WVorid..
For detailed Information as to Tickets. Ratof) and Slepin(-Car rser
vatlons address the nearest Agent of TE SOUT EtcN RAILWAY.
...ee ,.en.g..r Trlae.,,e O nr& ....., n. .n G.., 1".a or n.
7 .NNH -
T1IA3N33af) tiNV
.ouop lig is oldwuui 001p i01j0oU~ \"4V'f't ,\
S' O 3 o i eqno 90601 042 tutud puu poo0 4 q 1 1 m n
-5.L T1"Ud DINO .GN Up
01021 ag .29 i rq
inq 'otu s .tol ., - :
OtoV 1oU op !o.nux 11 - " .j
Treasi.e~ C]",0
C o u n ty O f P ic"k en-r1 .
Office of County Trea:..ser
STe niet of the LeCgislature approve 'ib -Y 4 -'.\ P. 1 9
ThIt all s11.tate antI count.y taxa ant al IiAA1. It
aindl cou.y3 taxes are colClecd sh1all be t t. 1, I n Ilto
31 t day' of D)ecemn Ibr ol eachl nad ' very -a 11:t~tt
shall be0 added b)y the County Auditor onL tt (14it iThot&t (lIOif
by the (CoutiLy Treasnrerj' nli I tti 11t IX. I 4.tI(i z a I)'J
altics. are n.ot paid on or before the lir it. (lay -~ t~I IIN ntIViI Ul
aidditionail penalty of one pier [email protected] theireci I.t'l(1II oaut
Audtitor on the County duplicte tatul coIet - Iw -iCa Cont
and iil the said tafxes, taste mts. [II a; 4 . 1 t ucIrei,
the 1irs t. riay of M arch next thIerealIt i,a dI ' a v onI o betr
centuin tl.wreon shal be audded bth Cotnt A4t t :-t olie lI iper~
cate and collected by3 thie County -i'ester ti un Ia :Le; tacunt dupli
ents and penalties atre not, paido t1Ieo" t~ 44 (o taxes,VQ ascss
next thereal'ter, the sa id Coun v ty T ur(i ltumlk* t <ex on foar
the said talx s andt a.ss.eet att pt.uu!-ie dl ne th.. x'1 exction dor
lauilting tax-pay'ers according to) >a!te gmntepoe yo
The provissions 0i this act. abait in no wise 8H tII iitVaCl
assessmrents ol any13 townships of this stateC it!, ~ ha p' tI-.ziIIoif
and coupOns ill aid of railroads w hitch htavo not -uti( tt; d 1honts
said townshlip or towtnshiips,.0
The Rate of State, County, School and Spe.it x Includin
One Dollar Poll Tax and One Dollar (oma itationi
Road Tax.
In accordafnce with ain Act toi rise su1I(5411 Ii0, '** !il
nicingtl4 Jatnuatry I, 142, .otie is erb- h4i. -!.(t -?~ - 4 4 om
irasrr (a Pickenis cont i enn )J0tI IaOt:CYto . ..~(.s
Levy for State Tax
' '' Patst IndeIbte,c.1. .......*
"' ' County 1Woad..........
'io i cry for S3tato andI Com tiI tt - , .j
.Levy totr interest on Pkhkens. P R.bn,.K t.ItiooTur.
ship, 3b mills.> or ueTwn
Levy for interest on Pickens R. Rl )t a t .''en onhp
2} mills. -E rcn onhp
.Levy for intereSt on Pickenas R. R. bdi fo. Eatlt! '.ow,3
mills.Et6irdno ong,g
Special levy for' Sc'aool District Noh 9, o -il
ii * o 4. - Jf, -~ 'n4
e , i i " i i " , : } ' '
A ol a of One Dolr o caia on l 9
agsoi2 n 60 yers exep suc asaeeem . h
A omuato roa ta f niDl wii, '' willb letd
hpoll otxo n llaer tae ro l a ctzen bovee iueot ice~ te t%'' the m
yare1 eteept auch as are exempted bly Jaw. U4 vu aidt,X s ofi b8 and
lst of' Dee 1902, o1ght days work upon til. ai md tiax s aill by h
r'equired under a contractor. 9 behgwy ilb
Tasare payable only in gold and silior )12Untdttecrrc,
liational Bank notes and Qouipons of ~State Beoir, United btaecrencay,b
- Pa rtit desiring nf r ai nby ai
dutate the ocatro lo thei prpel mai n regarde to their taxeS will plegg~
those pthen I ta of check pom and incude postage for a reply, ani..
thos t~z p by choc m us Inc udo he charge I og eglie oti ja

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