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Local IReim
-tster Suitay fal s oil A pril
12, this year.
-R. A. Bowon has returned
from a brief visit to to his son
Charlie Bowei in Alanta.
-.KGrainly hats b)e(n award
the contract for bul(ilding the hanid
some home of Ben A.1lagood, Ig.
---W. 0. Hester has Im')ved up in
to the Byars louse, w here 1ho iH
more Conveniently locat d to his
-"Guzzlers of King Alcohol
swarm around the dispenwary thvs'
wet aftornoono like bees around ant
atppletreo in full bloom.
-Owing to the Small-pox in
\Walhalli, court, which was to have
convened there last wOoOk, has beenl
postponed till July, the first Mon
dlayiin July. ?
--Woll, little boys and younc; ( 1ld
111e1), thle dogWoo(d 1)lossom1s are bN
ginning to swell, and soon as they
Whiten a little 3o canl get yonr
tinl can and dig Sone red Lw Wornw
and go fishing.
-Despito the fa-t that it uas
generally sutpposed) ( that the cottoI
had pIraciciatlly all he n markte(,
the recent riso in the price of cot,
tol h as brought to I,gh t a c lsidler
-' ho) lawyers of the o;islati e
hav- groupct the counlitie., into tenl
circuits in aniticl,ation of an in -
creaso cf two in the numbr( o (f cir
cult judge4. Under this grouping
Anctarson will h1 in (1h( Tent-1 Cir
cuit With Greenville, Picns ;ad
-Of the 28 teaehers, Who Stood
the examination lately, I's madh
grades, There wvrc four IirNt
grades, four second grade A, and
tol second grade II. )uperintol
dent Hall1u mailed thu certifieas.es
-WX dislike very muchit to touch
upon the painfutl to a lnher of
Pickens county citizens but our .x
changes state that ''Iiberal Jack"
struck the quaint little town of
Cheraw on dey last weok to the
tunii 1of abo)ut * I50. ''JaIck"' is the
"reallist thing" of his kind ouitside
of captivity.
-Our clever ytoung friend, Leo
D). Gillespie, whlo waIs admjitted to
the bar sometime ago, has located
in Pickens for the piractiCo of his
profession. His chice is over
Bridges & Hlammonld's storo. Mr.
Gillespie is a bright young manl,
and with fixedness of pur1pose ill
his chosen professi'm of law, he
has a promising futurye before him.
--President R~oosevelt has1. reap
pointed Crum Collector at Char
lOston. No doubt 1ho felt liko
spanking each individual in Con
gress for not carrying out 111s wish
es in the Crum appointmfenlt. Thie
fact is Congress slapped the P'resi
<dent ini the face and it will smart
~fromi now until the nlominaltinlg
convention, when it will amount to
a "knock-out blow.''
--Mrs. Hamilton, widow of the
lato Warren Hamilton, died at her
home about one mile ea.st of Easley
last Tuesday mlorning, March 3rd,
and was buried the day fol lowing.
She had passad thle alloted time of
life and had been in bad health1 for
somel timel. She lav(,s soveral
childron, grandchildren anid other
relatives and friends to 1mourn1 1her
'death. Truly '"a mother in israel"'
'has gone to her rew'ard.
-Miss Nottie W~aldrop, aged 19),
died last Friday morning, at 8
o'clook. She was a daughter of
W. T. DWaldrop, who lives near
Bogge Mountain. Her roimains were
carried to Porter's Chapel, where
they were interred Saturday after
nloon, .The family has the sincere
symnpathf of a large circle of friondls
Death is always sad, but p)articon
larly when young people, j'ist in
the morning of life, are summoned:
from earthly scenos-from thomie
atnd loved Ones.
~-Owing to the continued rains
'the farmers are becoming somne
'what restless, As at matter of con
,olation, we would ask them to re..
flect a ltLtle Onl the past. Many
vwill nio doubt recall the year the
'Confederate army surrenidered
Apr. 9,1865 at Appomattox, 0. Hl.,
Va. The acidiers camo home after
the surrender, not a furrow had
'been run on thousands of farms,
~yet the harvest was abundlant,--sc
abundant in fact.-till history re-.
10IIg 14e fjq.P that( rov ~l idenc
S of hiterest. 4
-1Te con titnii damp weath
has I boo productiv of many "ja
-'The same If.-(l I hat keeps
('ttr dog wil I.eul six henls and
i.oos tor.
--'. 1). Ib iarris huas a largo ior<
of IIUauIs nt w l O11 his Iew homs
th's week.
- i;s ililli 'Iu1n1er, of Uroor
v il,,, i vi::itinig bor1 grancbn1tho1
1\Irs. AM. J. l lar'ris.
- 11' yo dont't t-bink real c)stt
is lomkinn,.; ulp inl 'ickonls, just tr,
to buty a smtlall chunk, of dirtt.
- -Th Jotu-nal is still ad(inli
new Iallos t. its Stlu)scriptioin li.t
:and(1 it still hia roomn for a iN
-_IIlave you nOticed that 1 thl
birds le:'in to sing tmsc 1 uulliltg;:
Th'ley hulvo strong. sulspiciOn1 that
sprIin)g Is nea r.
C. C. C11ter, an C)tErpr:sill;
lslftll,i;g llorchmi,1t has pine( :
tr at Libert y, andllt is striking 10)
)usin-8ss. So- h is alvertisouont.
-TI nw to ro +,t Liblr.1y, R. (.
Caroi ', I)-i,rit,or, is i,al for bus
n - Clall :In,l ,ec tloir iiml !s1
Lto::k whitch is ,l',-red at. tho right
- Compit,rIller GeneraI'
replre:;.ntattiV,, Capt. Wilsoll, of
coIitit(hia, WaS in town 1ist week,
halvinlg the, amllnual s ,ttiemleI;t with
the (oInty l)iir.
I 0 iS il'l) ar l' ig tit. :lttl'limolnliai
p utnic haIs not. yct subsided[o,, andt
thlat the (isase will tako a m~i)ps,
ni the Wp:. Who will 1e the
nc-xt to ''ketch" it.
-The Court, of General Sessions
-on Ven es next AIondav morning
he Ii"th inst., at, 10 o'clock. with
udlg R. 0. Purdy presiding.
urors :;l witne,sseel should ho onl
anUd promptly.
-Flour. :trlc whlOnat have Ad
. mie i o t:it) prob.al) ility is that
:'on"slue'rs will lmavr, to pay ton to
Itccn per 'ent moiC than former
pries. New ilour' will n )t come
n boero the iddle of JTuly.
---Hv. O. M. A buoy proaefll an
Iim tsuzally s'tr'ong sormon Sun day
moringr. at the M~.ethodlist chur'ch
'oi "Th'1e J1udgemlent.'' At the con
luIsionl of' the seri'lce, M1r. A bney
aninounce'd a special Easter' service
~mioinsg an:d evening at wvhich es
p)eelal att(ention wvillI be givon to
the subjet of "'Misssions."
--ster Sunday is a mnovable
l'estiv'al because it falls on diffor,
ont dates. It is observed on th)e
Sunudasy next after the fourteenth
iay of the P.aschal moon ; the Pas
chal ma~on heing that moon91 of
which the fourteenth day (approx
imately the full moon) occurs ou
or next after the 21st of Mlarch.
I[ence .E&ster cannot occur earlier
than March 22, nor later' than Apr.
-R. S. Lewis, onie of Ipickens
coun)ty/s well to do farmers,
brought to this offce last week a
ca bage that Is (ilto an oddity in
the vegetable kingdom. A fter
growing t.hr'e or' 1four i nches abovo
tihe gr'ouind as any other goeod cab,
bage) would hiave dlone, it conceln.l
(d0( to deCvelop into in to a tun lip
After' the growth of thie turipl lari
er than a maiin's two fists, tis
curious vegetable concluded it pr1o
t'erred t.o he ai cabbage after all
and a numnber' of small cabbag<
heads(1 growv out of the turinip.
--Senator Tillman has earned hi:
sait for many years to come, Or
the day Congrees adjournled, ho
saw that it was his opportunity t<
demand for his state an old deb1
of 47,000 with initerest. Many
Reopublicans fought the appropria
tions, but Mr. T1illmanI had th<
(loor and wvas about to block a]
appropriationsM. The lTopublican
dlidn)'t realize the situationi unti
Mr, Tiliman had his desLh piled uj
with books as high as a man's heat
statinig thait he would hold th
iloor till it wias time for the 57t)
Congress to adjourn. The ltepull
hlcans saw that their budget of ap
propriattions wvould bo indefinatel
postponed, :and lini order to gc
Timuan to hush allowed tho 8. U
appropriaion. The fact ls Till
man had the Senate right whe1
bull-dog had the tramp just as b
was alightinig the fence. Satuj
day Selmtor Tillmn tined over
cheoIk to Governor iteyward kc
$89.iI7 1Mah MeOQ nnam iu.o.,
l + ll- e Jerre Looper is quito
sick at hli'1t om nealr tOwnl.
-Clerk of C1urt, A. John Boggs
is conIined to his room this week.
-11ov. It, Iolder will preach at
.P}oasant G(rove tho -Ithl Sunday at
11 o'clock
l ~--E.:verythin lleeded on the farm
or in the ho us.r can be had from 1.
C. Carter, Liber'y, at prices that
wi.lI astonish.
e' --atronize the ladies who wil
serVe dinner at the 1yars huilding
I- near tho Big StorP, Tuesday of
, Court We:h . 25 C'Ints.
-rs. IMelonoe Whit' and Mis.
e W. W. \Whiite, of Anderson, caime
y11 11.M,nday (on a1 visit to thoir
mot h(r', 11 -. N . E . Thorn ley.
-Gov. ll,Iyward is just what. S.
C. thOuit he was-th1 right mail
in the r:,Ilt ])lae. The \Visconlsin
Ia(igSlaturl"l is 'oinsidering thel ad
visai1lity o holiiig a coivenition
ill A ti"iita to: the purpose of Col.
siderinlg the race question. A
ch 1icago paper telegraphed Gov.
II('yward what he thought of the
sChelme . G(ov. Ifey ward, aiong
othier th11,y: stated that he
though t thIi schem lc "Vapid nlon
sen6e.' lIe state.d that but for a
lew "i I1r- railai'e 1)llilanthtr1Ol)iMtS,
th)ere would lie n1 such thing as
tll) "lrace ''IttOst ioi n
Ware glad to soc that our
sugg sti() in an leditorial of lat,
w.oa's issuo iegard}ing the the eol
ebration of Memorial Day is to bet
'co im1;' c r.'alizattion. Nothing be
orks mofe for tl,e )atriOti.m111 and
civilization of a pe )ple than a iit- I
ni iil norit1 to its (lead heroes
and i the jliciouts praiso of the liv
1' 'Te mllen that followod Leo a
:111(1 Jackson will s(oOD have crossed
ov('r the river--bettor sol(liors the
world has n)eve'r kilcown. Leit Pick- (
.1s he thl .l Mecca of every old sol(]
ior on Memourial Day, and let the
Ieo1)le como, learnl a lesson inl pa, i
tiotisml , and pay (ue honors to
the m11eu who w(re the gray. Full
anuluclt:eIe)lt will be m)a(do a lit
tle haetr on when all plans havo
Daughters of the Confederacy.
The ludi.s of Pickens and sur
rounlding comn10it v nro req1uested
to moot at Mris. Gil reath's, Friday
afternoon at 4 o'clock for the pur..
poseC of organizing a chapter of the
Dazuigh ters 01f the Confederacy.
Will Serve Dinner.
The ladies of thec Methodist
church will serve dliinner in the
in tho Byars Bildinig, back of the
Heath-Bruco-Morrowv Co . store on
Tuesday of Court Week. A good
dinner will be provided at a cost
of 25 cents. All are invited to
come anid all will recciye prompt
Attention Old Soldiers!
Alt the Confederate soldiers of
Pickens and Pickens county are
cordially requested to assemble in
tho Court House Monda3, Mlarch;
1.0. Thie most suitab)le hour will
be during the receu of the court,
which will likely be about 2 o'clock. -
Tphe objct of the meeting will be
to formulate plans for the proper
observance of Memorial Day, in -
May, and the organization of a
Camp Con federate Vecterans.
for Mont h))1 ofU Febrni.ry, 190a,
Fins-r Gnu. .
Janiet Rolt 97, 1R,bert Baker 9.
Eugeno Y angue 94, Absalom TLalley
92, Earlo IIughes 91.
h icoN i, GnRA DE,
Iteni bOwis 98, IlneZ Morris 9)8
Md eta I oggs fit, Alberta Yongu nof9,
Edna J'arle 93, lly Neaty 92.
GTerge Priine 95, Lucia Earle 93,
Evio Smitlh 93, Thoron Hestor 91,
IMary Lewis 91, Eugene Tatley 91.
Fouua-ru GRADEi.
May McFall 94, Kato McDaniel 93,
Belle Yongue 92.
Wyatt .Jonnings 97, Hagood Bruco
96, Pati Major 96, .Honry McDaniol
95, Lorona Taylor 94, Arlie WVelbernu
94, Frank Kirksev 94, Christine Suth..
orland 93, Louise McDaniel 93, Char
lie Rlobinson 98, Grace Prince 90.
Six'ru OGRADE.
.Ora MeFall 97, Pva Earle 97, Wit.
ham Welborn~ 90, Maka Boggs 96,
I Johnni Carey 96, Dick Freeman 95,
Sna Boggs 94, Gladya Mauldin 94,
Jesso Lewvis 94, i"urman Morris 98,
SMarvel Simmons 99.
SzymenV GiAnz.
'Florido Carey 95, Addie Anthony
y 0)3, Nannio lobertson 03, Lola We.
t brn 93, Jay Robinson 91, Elbt
Erouvu GnlADI,
Vesta Ashmore 00, Guergle Cureton,
960, Thomas Garrett 95, Mary Mo.
0 Daniel 95, Bertha B3ridges 94, Lola
-Garrett 94, Eliza McDamiel 04 NellIe
SGrandy 98, James Carey, jr, 92, Ed
gay blorris 02, Uattio Earlo 01L
eOttll HestLer 94. Ada GIllanla 91.
New Store at LIBERTY S. C.
ami is positively selliug goods cheaper than ever sold( inl iis countr)
before. I;,low are a few prices. IRoad them,"" and coie and see that"
"The Half Has Never Been Told." 0
10 lbs. Sihiclard (;ranulated Sugar for - - $1.00
20 lbs )lanc11::ti a,n Grailated Sugar for - - -. *1.00
[2 lbs. Good G re,en Col fee for -- - $1.00
10 l bs. Best lIonsted C(off'e for - __ $1'00
I"irst-class Steel plows at .1'. cents lor ioud.
U MB ELLA heavy Till, steel od,48c
legular Price 75c., for 4
BO-inch Red Table Damask, warranted
Best Turkey Red, regular 60c. goods, at e
4 Good Eight Day Clock, 0
Half-hour Strike. for only $1.95.
I have the most complete lino of SHOES ever offered to tho trade
n this country, all of which are new and fresh 1from the factory and
t pricos Uniheard Of,
Men's $1.25 and $1.50 BROCANS, Excel- 9c
lent Stock, to go at a Bargain..--only !. . . 75c
I atlso 1haVe a cou,1hpleto hue of IIAI)lT ARE, such as Buggy
'oleQ, ha fts, Cush ions, Storm Aprous and Datshboards, ready for use,
iso, Post itlc: Dijg.,rs, Tongtw Stretchors and Stay Chains, Cutlery
nd overythieg in, IiLAUD\VARE.
I also carry a anpleto line of DRY OODS, NOTIONS and
1hesm g.odc are l boght for Cash and will be sold for lowest
rices ever i:tad in tl s cotnt,ry.
Reneuber I am scl;in Sg sTIIC'If,Y FOR CASH, and you will find
e in II. G. SI l.IlY'S OLD STAN I).
Come and see me and I will save you money,
Liberty, = S. C.
of orbigs~ Store. =
One ooubuesinoinNorthern Marketse buying for our four
large stores, which onah]ues h.im to take the quantities and get
the prices that ho could, not possibly get etherwise. New goods
have already .beguni to.;roll ir1. Our stock will be the largest iu
-iantity, qualflity and style that it has ever been, and we intend to
do ini the futur'o as we have ini tho past, make the BIG STO~RE the
trading cent.r for Pickecns county,
We are showinig and iimenso stock of all kinds of White Goods.
Pnques, I Madras, I Lawns, |Organidies, | Dotted Swiss, otc.
&'WDon't Fail to see them.
M ii in e r y =:= M il i ne r y .
Our Trmanmer, Miss IIughes, is now in the Northern Markets mia
kmng her select 101n. of all the latest, things in Millinery Goods.
Trhis departmenit will beoequaI, if not snperior to any in the upper
part of the state.. Watch for the opening and don't fail to attend.
WVe are (ofering maiy bargains mn all doepartments. 700 barrels of
flour bought bofore the iso and will go at the same 01(d price.
Heath-Bruce-Morrow Cos,
P I CKE N S, S. C.
J. D. HOLDEIR & COMPANY. Notice to Stockholders !
--Dealers in~ By~ order of th Boara of Direotors, a
, o , meeting of the Stookhoe of the Nor.
REAL 1ESTATE. neCotton ms osmpany is hereh,
called for
If you desire to buy or solj< . MARCH, 28th, 1903,
list your property with us,. at the President's office at Cateeohoe, g,
(I., at noon, for the purpose of votIing og
Office at Depot, . the qustioni of incresmig its capital from
Pickot~ , .-two hundred to two hundred andl ffty
ens S.C.thousand dollars. TJ.he increase to be4
We have on hand g. v applied to further enlargemnent.
nice lots which we\WI'll b' D. l( NOBIS,
pleased to show prospeo. -President & Treasurer,
tive buyers or traders. Catoeohee), 15. C., Feby. 26 1908,
Call on or write,.oiet Tepses
isi D HLO &COk All persons are hereby warned
Pickens, ..S. 0 jnot to hubt, jflsh, out timber' of
a.aw trespass any of our lands1 in any
I. A. MOnOAN, T. J. MAUryDmy,i I 1tAUaI f uor,yeite po0 no1 TiB n
4OROAN, MAULDIN & MAULDIN Ioe Lie o ien as WaEi "' gle
Attorny .ttaw Mepassera and anty vIolation oi
Attoreys~.Lgw tho sames wIll be pRN elttd to the
Ogon (Wr Karle's Dr,ug sta m, f#U Bxtmnt of the l a .
ust Received
2 Solid Cars of FLOUR..
and 1 other to follow.
(1resh from Tennessoo)
F1-ur will s0Oon 1o higher, but as long as t,his lot insts it
will go at the 01(1 1price..
Great Preparations. . .
for a Big Spring 'rade.
We havo bought the Iargest stcek of Clo (t hin. S h
Hats, andl G(nts Furnishing goods, Dr(ss locl-' Siks.
Lacos, Embroidery', etc. over show n1 in Iim a1 of
Pickens''. New (ood- are already beginn)in to arriv .
WO have some rare valuvs to offer in wh1it'+ i .
Watch this tisrae for our Spring .\d mi1 b : "!,,.t.. -
soo our lino of Dry Goods beforo making 'm- -
purchases. A lkw 1110ro bargain.1s Io otler in I
and Winter 'lothing. A full stock of .ll;itar -1a
on han(l. Now is the time for lows and Il.
siSEE US. 10ur truly,
o- -- R--F--o
Park wishes you health, wishes you wc;alth, t hn i
ent year, and ten smiles for every tear. AIways r t . h
with the right stillf' at the riglitIprice. A Iot of
Mens and Woimens Wool LNdewrV
20 Per Cent Discount.
A FewI pairs of
Wool Blankets==25 per ccn of.
Great Values in Mens and \Womens Fine' Shoa,:. '1;
be stuck deep i the prico of all Ieavy (Goods. Shvl art lt n1 . ',
No room for thomn here. It will paiy yon t,o como1 to P.\ P O
buying Dry Goods and Shoes.
A. K. Park,
~West Enrd. GRLEE N V I.Ill i~
P. 8. Messrs Tomn Ligon and H-enry McKinney will i ld.
wait on you.
We are always
Clad to see you
buying the be
The best is the cheapest. It is economy t
We like to sell the best because the best ailways g i':. al uI
This applies to all classes of goods
Stoves, Axes, Saws, Table anId Pocke>
Cutlery, Hammers, Hand Saiws & PS....
~~-a well as to
Shioes, llats, ClothIinig, Jeants, Shieetinogs, (Check.,
Var'ns, Drhills, Oil Cloths,
and hundJredsof other' useful aiticlos which we always have 7
REMEMBER? Good goods coat but little moro IL:
shoddy goods. Call ini, look through our stockc in its variou~
lines and give us your valued busines&. Our stock is now comi
plete in every way.
...A Bargain in Clothing..
Thirty Black and Blue Clay Worsted
Cutaway Coats and Vests at.$4.50.
each, These goods cost more than twice this monuey )
sizes are broken, but if your size is among themi you wil
get great value if you buy one.
Nine Prince Albert
Coats and Vests -:
Same materials, worth froini *10.00 to $18. 00; pour chjoico for' 'i.C9,
...Don't Miss a Saggain Like This..

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