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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, March 12, 1903, Image 7

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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V)I 11
mr1'1.1 7'Twl:11' TrP I).
12 - < irellbil' te ir.W M n.:
.)tI; eI t in vi,uI I;IItn:;' '. V ii I:e a
liii;: :Itl ti e ti t 1 r, t I':ri:. t.
('ys a he'::i: :-!Tow 'r '-:: l :,. !!!i i
,w ill inl is hI I a n :1! t ' i I :.l i lit. . it :
tifit mil Inct"hauil" it:ll .
Thel c"n tI i I.I:tttum r, t h1! '-y :
11'i1t:"l I''w i:- m m1 , h -v! ii i
itittl (u ! 11 'tlt 'l t<i l :''. .ft,:l c
tn i< lco :- rttl ;t ,-!:a ..m i; -- 'i l) Il'
feel :hii th'( -I tl:1o m ;h !tow -O\t1 w\ill in,
Th'le tl)l w\ il b)e r('::t-1 1 by (he min a 1:
- *a
CtL 'ti\ 1, r : T'I[ : ST.. l. 'ii: !1-: Iil:r ; I N,
col nl cnI' i'lillit : uI: :i:! .S iill rt ;tl\way
cllir('e'!in;' Ihie iI t' ' :iitl by v'I('\'ators.
'1hs' (tCinhinetl <, SyI (l'; will h 've a
1u;:1lia i:'y t-:1,,: ity' ofi ian ) per sols,
NEW E'A cA t: o"J1) MAN'S I1:An.
tlii til ;r' Illlt"li grvatIilie ('I',ave' t i l' -
el'(' 0f IIi.' Olt 'ti1itll l lt':'i 'Ir:!'(ld e11
.\l'A l ti I 1 :lam m1ii alit1. by, w'fliC'l thlt.
hattet' w\as 'u'vilh-t"(l ' wili n w!''\w ar.
Th'li' 1l::il a ns just i't liiII'1l t(1 his h(~1!,'
in Mahlvern. 1':., we"t'll :a isiled ii
Ii<le'n slr ger.
Ilan:tIl, i hi:ttl Ilii l'ft paI frczien
.'h1ottt fourl ytears" .;.:o. A, nnt ru
rot hVl h it'v't lt <l. lti itite w -lis
: o lie wVIII 11 byv his l':1!1lly phlysi
<ial., 1ir. l'url"z, t1 'lie I'rt:: yte rin!
Ilosnita. 'Ii e:1- wn.; :1m1inil:ai<l.
e:1ili.li l o ly A si111;).
Dr. IIiirv \Iartil. ('I thi hospital
sinlff, tllt'll IiatIt It i it-isihll lAia;k of
he eal* staump :11n14 lif).l 1p 1 1 hy of
s it in Ihe s'i:ti)t' of i' a ;,CII .ll iul:. w itih
the Cillliection jist bna of t!e root of
the ear.
'Ihle lip l.as I(ten inableICd into 1lihe
Sllat of an cal an mil u 1ap Ct) plice.
Thei liltie whlere~ thle' 1ting hmil hC (A n'waIs
(Cover(Cei b piaillin. hAm skin tap oiver it.
TheAi opleaion11A tisnlld in surIgit p:1r
Inne ii'a "IAlumiI opaion CA."
Th 11inn a 'abe 1 lenhve thle ho
pital int al Iitte e Ih(I'1Iwi) wee'ks. Thei
hoCsplital sur:rean 11 ay AIlmI ut the opeCrnl
A (AraltUs nA1f.
IIC)i rd4ingA toII0 ah Ilk::b i (le Ia e
iClw:Al1l (aiiuii:ninanii Al .\ltii is a
hell wvhich itngis iSuCs!ICl il et.wei
I wo CI 01W11 lle~ i'e(TS. I i wa1s lii(ouLhit
to this (oi'' ly lilily 5Cars5 lL hC''ob
It i 2 iN"ee,ih n trefet
diame *tar. Theli upp aler half i' isriba
with what i-A siaid to bIe thle Buddhist
Bible, anad ath e lower piarat is (covered'(
w.; ihte nlames o1 dlonorsI to the bell,
It hav~'ing bleeni(1 tast from cois conatib-I
tilt di by lAInI1ihu Uldhi'sts.
It w~as8 birought fromAi I tianking, a
towni 2 on the' :Itgis IIiver, wvahih
rebl lion)2.
Tlhet rebe,ls 1(ook the hopI to Silnngh AlI
n12(1 (oftered it f'or 5121e, wheire it, was
boaugh~t bay Mr'. ( 'aaunningham.
, 1i10W A4 LION .Sn\ IM..
Thei( abov CCis f5Iromi ni lphotografph
itlt bya A (ieIrnmn eporer If lie onCCIi
inthe 110( of -rIsing la~ strear. Ai'o
that.t of se'verali othber large ainals
and1( one0 m1ay stalely (conlude that lit
doe(s niot feel (quiL.e at homo11 ini th(a
'I'ho Cann 1Tvenv~ ("IUvet CA.nnonlSI"
w h 1is-iI I!:; re! .4:1 ly is:",'":l( an nequ!s:i
lion ofI th' lll," - ii:: \f:;l:!;1 l!ou se at:
.. th: Z \\'o:.'rn it :.h'n:.l lll' ays ':: the :. i
1It <, ,:,. e ') t:i i til 1 ->b .o' . 1 j;n 1u h
AZ in, w h. r .11"! 1,t s so lm.!1 k t ' s I
- p'
. en t lt th "
verbs.' -".\!1 '! 1irs 1 e in i l ' :'1'- ' i ;- a
t <' :: , :i;! i i. : : :",' r11-!.y I'
li1 ; '- :i! I. 1 i h : t!1i ' ii l : 1 ' , ~ 1 1 :
1: ll l':- i , r 'iii;: '1 ! i t !:in ' b l n : :1
its - .- n '1' :'111 1' .1" , ,.= -m' i l l, II ; : f1 I
11 "r t I tu ; t : IIlc .: 1 1 ti ' . 1
lilrh i .'-r1 !,t i n 1 :1 'In l; , .;- . 11. ;i " I .I'1
hl:' h v tm: .. u- . .' .1
the( ill!..rrtt.o t i.- f'uri.shedL"1 Wih a 1(en-_
1' : Ai.:u)N At-T srIIml1,
utii: il t i . "1 '11' inl "1T'\:1t, mIdIt it i.
Iluril::: N uv(en;1n.t' :,111I I1.1 ..ht +'ll t ha?l tt
<lhl 1)u, I2i u.<io 1,h :1 ';i2y for : ( oul t -
"S he 'l1" 11r1i'i',.-eII', w";ilt.1 clr. i:<
:b1)uI to ii',, u1 llte lulrIl 1 1w\.i of a1 :
bi;11(l. u:' ullt 111 the XI''lmt (nd1 of :1
((t.'! I:! sse!, ,:i'i til sI nsl :! a allt)-,i
hat11ll .:;iz iiu e llt". I~ ' ndil t\ wo hai(1 'N,
1I Iin 11aI (r. T :! Ih lt b'I'y a l . .11.
S h rl, I I (1 it -: - 1 ! 'd.:: I , i:,
forty t. ill lelh, t1 h:n; Irotl thE
1how\", 4 : I l 1 t1::i o ' of Ithir l ft ., t)
i :iU: In' till Iv i At I hour 1 1 '
II(.uIn. u1u y11 , 11r1l w h ! i ni fr I Oii
t 1111' th1:ll, who I:e ta t ('. he I s. s l('- ltr
ih11. ('r te h1 lr.n in the how in
t'_1ft. he lt'r; 5;1h" 141 1bi ' t 11 )r ie l t
h li thet" Ill,,lln. Il fortwll'ith i her
-- -
? .,
'K-r r .:motyadbuynyiig
up il IhIe-: p Jt .I
"To :,.d !o'coc in t 1atro n
S 4':l il lts Phe 1t:p.w4 b- lets e'l I theln1 :
Iioi Iis: tlys. The V irl a ei herKl1 h:il: 1 ig
il hei (i' l llld':lg lign' belk, Ilh IekI
Ito sils Iilwa :j1l1''itl ill,r it t li *1to
noi ith'is l441lile, 1 he n(11 tt!rn1 lip':1 0:n
(la tle, ''the o t fnotlle il-i'iyis or li:11
11111 ('(' iV l.llers It heote ( -- il e i foiit1
1''5l r'2 ilsit I1' XX.il in- i In 14h5 \(IP 'PIll.
411rl i'1eusl in1 an 1 i WInme thr *.1 hreeXII
time. 1 d 8l'! :P 18hrew o er:mb of. bre:nl 4
theOXir :td irnion of h1 tiislhoug tifl'h4114
rinA Nout'ers.ai :ng s:,mll1O1v,
andl -Ook the coveletiN4.X' 41 Prumbss.oi
in te iI-tj f thrustig io his pcke
Ico:Z$ tuttl (':ta Spolled by A ppetlto For
Unnatural I''i T''' idbits
Pyvhyli d: wor l u lto aFor G
nttbettiter s''ltn(11a 1ins ke on r
i (' h eiY' ti lil th: kon l ni xt to1the1- n
do r II' :t 1h '' ih 1(1.'te ftr aniln i.. ((
but it would a *o ,i'* j h
til:. i hli; . Ill
u\\'h:: nlal: . hli: ' t i \n' !:w
- l t \\'t'!:0 t a '* ;.:: . : 1 ' ''t . t tl;
t i :l : 1t' I"' " !!' ;' ''' {': \ :I
l. 1 ':: i4 ' ' 1 . . 1 4 ( li i'i\ : "' (I
tl t I"l.
's, i.:w o 'I a ii11.1 .~ i l ; i .b
< i b'1'll i ; I \ ' i l i\ -t
i r:1: 1: ' - !'i 1
1' " .i 1i i "!'r:'1 i : .I , j. :' '', 1 :, .I i
t'uo:i t int:ti::\'i:!'b
lrt - ' " i o wn': ! I t i . : . . .' ' t h 1 ! ( ; l ' . 1 _ ( t
h": o h.. ta t:n
..............jli........ i'
'1.:- h i'( i '.-n' : . ;' " 'i II. l l i t
t'!i" 'i ; 1 ' i l (:1 " : td s 1't' 1 i 1 ; i" '. I(
.i tl llj'1 . : I i l
',1'\1 ( I li 11 114t 111it I'' l " lila. 1t (
ft,1' 1il l I I':i':1a:i l 4 t' sc5 C
d i.fr n - n'l a nr 4- . 4 itf
1 . e r11 1 i. - :: e d 1 1 : 4 . j \ i ; 4r ' .: 1y t I i
:1}:"' 1 a :'f . ! I 1 ': 1 \' . 1!' I I i.: 41 '14' 1LI4
?.'"l!i l a ' :. I 'I ll il '':tli'Irl'. '! 1"'; ' c
h1 I ,::" :1 ! ' 1.:I I ,: 'I : , ' 'II .: '
en i:n " e y e " p :;u \ i, - 4 !: I
:ilhll ' II l is :1 Ic\ Ih"y t lll I t i , '
' t 'r' 1 Th ' , : h:i sWtl' :,1 '111 t : lc'_ I t!
wi l i :t ( ii 1"tic . :i t ' e t i d-!'' ''
u '' Ils ' 'II .' t.t 1 ' Il ' : ht! ' 1:' ; i 3. . g
%!)'!t't" :' 1 tl' 1i4 : 1i. i n t
" 1: ' :v t 1 d (('1' i'!l' -ril( . 1' 'i 1 t I':l i
fit,i11l' 1 1'i t1'i 1', :n :l ' . ( 1:1.'l 11 . n
14t'Ie, '1 i'it's in lo n . .\I'''; ; in:
'1' 111c2'.
e: 1':.tli .l \', itll I '' l 'I. : ;( i" ' ii o s > e n :ll t ' i
l',\ p II: 't itl n 11!w i11::t"1 . T i4 1 '"
t.- :' : 's. h ' y 11i:-: run'" 1 ;br n-4 a:- l(ha f
"'."! thIll; d i I It ti ( ti" a 44u.(1 In (Iny
-'oll-d, i1 1 .-' OV ' I 111you ( "('1 '"ill ! ! :"'
t4t'i'i for ' It h iN is' Otll ! Itu '1 t!c1. d
t:lillI 't:4' d y l- .'i1n.i ,' ((n11 :1 t:' t
ll0 4k 1he part oh' I'( -'- . ' (11 S(.5 \\o'I ,
1I:1'tI a 1'( it' t)l! () fii 111 t :j!r ;"
lil~~t" 1'":111 11; ' (I; (' l:' Ii:!\ ::- 1
14 lOn ' t\e .'ai 10' '. h111 1 . e1 iiir -
instsI a re :1I"w ' i ' r r ial o tim 1:'tali ,
1in al sut1 elW o 1: ("11i .is !:"lv 1to
Industrial Mntter.,
At Ocala. Fla.. last week M. W.
wthe & Co., of Co!IIs. Ga., pirllChas
10.00ji nores of tih(r-r incand froml N.
.j Itiis for $20,000. Anotli r sale Is
!)( rtc(I of 10,1)0 at-res by, \\'. \V. Ill
lcl to l'ot"r.;o11 & ol':i(h' for the s:aim'
lsl(ieratton1. The t! ur;;eninItlle anti t11
ildustl y In the (h:1la sectioil at
('senIt is 1't mal,rkably' active.
The 1unbermi en of 1lt: >l)l , Te( lln..
."( (t1ullned to :.,i;i Shi!: '- .
N \1' I U' ( X! tiXu.
The thnIlln:' Co. of :\!
\w \r . 'oIr't.e(I laSt w i .
lih :0 v:tIit . mek ofi &4.l00. Th
:1 Il %'I w ill twalillfa t u l t' a!u( s("II
t'h) r ill Ili ': 1 "l r :A,
(:.It . 'The ofi"'1''s of t'.1( (<onal1 .v 0r
t 'r(1i(on, plreside'nt ;. . .
-.l. V'it"< -trsb n : . -- W( !itt J.
Sr Itiy. and .'. \:i r, t ( l:
li is statedl that \Mr. C. I. ' ir. Sh: Lr
!,ll. "'i. Ky .. at ( Xtt ':lti' " I1 :'.. '.
:1n. who h:-."s tw l!! Oi :tril .ha\\vn
iln i lll:.Id 1 {atl'lrO i . Lm t !
wi oit h :1 1'.rge numberh'1 c"I t uh
' ; hi : t lite (: i t 1 (: 1 foU '(i'
t: <"w ito li'uW her. I' ron: \:eh
!.1' ;ul. i te1 I'3 . Sh :t'ttill 1x 4" 1.4 !t
i1 1" h ":I ! 1-1, of 1(:' h -''' a :nth:1
ti!!' .Nol'-ll.
i'; i', t lln:1 )"' iis Co.. .-ith h. :+t!
: .re. w(l i. \\thI a e':1(ii; . ',:,"-",. ..
,l 6 : !!a (l l :i' it. i ' 1 1 ., ;:tl ('I A11
: s c'.1r Il .: r :!1 i :!!
rtt o ' :tw', altilL i i h . ilt 'i~h(
iv r.!r l .,rr Oi !he ):i . : :: .
t well. I'. !.. Soutl l; '' I!, I. .ii y ;'
l;'.1 and A.1 ('4C1' 3lt 4r O(l)' ' 1 1 ! ((I'U :il.
ouldI .3i ) ouLory ! h P1 :n 'iiil!. :re.s
1i a t a,it .) 57 L.. it..\ ' u. t v
S i. t lt w elrnw th s:a :-; :l:y'
m1' wtI'or t mr i: \ :m11t"
i!lis vae:s' Wl w ws-'" IV Ibtil
to) the rig It \\ t!: t ;r: -- ty
1nn ant!( : ttl' !'t:I! -I : 4 I t i II1l.:I; h( 'l.
Samue(l S''hw\almr, wholr ::I d!.i11h("r
d 1'y hl.. A : h lnt h <h:'( :lrte ht'
!'. 'o11':rati c pl:ltrty. tli;t" on T u --
:ly la:;t a! hi!s hom;c in V'allley \'!('\w,
'n':'lvani:a, : '! 76 years:. He(' we:01tt
w tto the c 11i War a D 'inoe:t. a:i
? nr'11 oiM tiOurIna tl' i h < et tu::(f
ii!h thc' Ht t";imll,licatn t party.
When1(1 th 'ihU ll!'" he1,'om i: . Ihe( guid'
Fz Ir.. all n (ru. il knOw\' it iv, the gift
l ,t .r arl t,:
ny (":. 1 of t'attrr"il that (:m(n t b,( ."urc,t by
all'i < ;at::rrit ('uro.
F. . (in N a & 1 't., P'ro i( .. T'l' 1", <(I.
\\ (,'.n c1h :(lun teril:nl ,, hnyl\'(" x F.,..(It(
.my for'the" .st 1.: yeatr-' .:a '1 1 :I('-'( niil '.!
(ttty h n> h i: it:ti buslin."' - !'. 11ansa , a ,
.ndl lllia!1("'nity ale( t1o 'arry\ lui. :nII I i. a
ion mcail by Ih l. iI(U'U :11.
/ln t'.( at::rra' Cr i't:tt: ntl ra ,: t
dg(ir(rsLtly u;,on t ho bh,loo :l( -t n .. u': ir
Ite(t of tlh" system. 1.'- . 75!'. per ->t(i,
ulhi by 1(1l) rugtgi:t;. 'T't.i,'.'(nial. Iree.
WHall'tF.;tilyl:Pilld are', the !,c.
l'' o nt for a w(n ::m to st:ffer if .,he
IS t ltit'I IIISi!(a('t
FI.l'i (rmnanntly curd.No ';so n
Th oerir wh mare ri<te is ..eme.
ikhes 'sb ee table w:mk home.
Mrs. Wnc floi w'ySutiing.yr P forcil.r.n
The nu ith Coneon fat I: thel ita
edi n forivoues tnd covd.--N W.u
out it
'-1SldL4( (-fo oer iemm'114 tv th
Mrs.11 li~h~ Emmonsn,ve Ofromei2W
at orpein for Ovarts tells 't
inkham's eetable~i Copond,e:
"Iek am 13.1( pleased( with the r.1!t I
>)It inedl from yi trE. s li Pinha'st
)egeale Conp11 ound tilht Olfeeli
duty ,alnd andrivil.g towri t ou
" Iy suiTeraed for oerive~ yearst'V winth
id allltIIt tes a f ainn woul come
o'ur'~ VgtablohCoond found thed
eak spot,( however, wLiin .43 aw
;erti'inOS -a'Ill my troubles had di
ohat.hy andf.t well 11'ords foi to1v
s'ibelItlii thee,tre graefu feein .g
mot. i y heart, and3 Ii an (o tel
0g about,ik bti teiLydial( E. Pink
Rd..:elln wo- forl 12t,s yA ill beS a
K.i5300 foft if o!Lt4zri'na 11.c,4 ew; ' (liL<r pro|n
Do't, bes1)')itat tan wrIte to 3rs
bout. yruor I,cse .' wi youI dol I
of : und vetn.4.~ )r"t 1She wirll Ltr'n
on wth indness(4 1 andtV Ehi,I.e- ad-4L)~
ic 2i r. No.r e om:v '. ever re
retted ri~ig h,ead ser at,I
eedt1.i)Er housandsIl..LU i des f
y:m 5, MI n nyIc.I )iU,S 1
R f 1a at t 4Int H lIur'nt (elOi. ar fo1und in
nyOhNr A. ALERn TEE 00.
LA'5 Co:o. WI..a
one:1' li i. snt is :.alln
r; : t :'.ion, of enji'ment !1 a::d of(
t: ta- .: not ie ' v:
V.,tol[r-mJ).' am d the lt
wVii ne.C With the well--i.
01.0 r'i:1: ( -,y te:1 e ectually,
k.:1:; b :1 .-a y t until w.td:
to) r s.' .. c - . .:its, e:,.tract of
:hic ;" .1+ to be obj"cL'
incrosair.. ivins
atld c.rnbuV principls Wcre
rclCjly d :- the leave"., the Cali
a metho i obtliif ucl p;rincil
of p rs '.. ; t! with pl, u ,
m!' a10:.iccent. t1 -:0 the. sys.'.r.n1 ":1u
Syrup of igsti-aS fi.;c wVlae us"',
bcc:u.se of their ag re .b : :ae.
Tli:i excellent redy" i, no (
be:t of f:mily laxative:>, becca'.A 2
and sweetens th^ systcim effec:.
. rUnC";ons: an:a wiithout unpl7) et
tin)'.d wh \V 1OI1it is t.) 1o"gr r-uI'
A. who woald enj)y ho. h.
th t it is t;to one rcrnm.dy which
ai PrOve Ilnd r"ecommlietal.andtus
alii.te enjoy, becaus, of its ple:
bent:ici.il e ffects.
Syrup o f Figs In for sale by al
of fifty .cnt. per bottle, in c:rigi
the remewc y-Syrup of Figs--a
C.ifornia Fig Syrup Co.--pri:lte:
wve t 1 nu .I -:th a wta1k 1:1:ol!e t
my be he,tdetonig.
dUNE TINT .i"Y C1'O.Un11 makes top
of the mu.l:"et b,ut.r.
.('C i ( "ue i';ne : i ll io< iu:r hhor+
needi rrj.rnlih
Take(' atdata.e' of
' her v.1:;t exllrience
a'l' t 111 :ni[ her1 what li+s
best for v<m\ r l,i'":cr,
Kidney and l1c111 'ulies. We
ihilc ti : : tii i . 4: 1 k n'.:W1it
cues 7(4 s t:1:t go ve:ug7is. :Idi
1Celi.ih'e You~ try it.
'114 :C'14 l '.7l .' 00 t goodCp44. luggis. Dr.CCI
. Y . your 7aruggist. Bels 't ne ure
it' j or.1 1 Y! 4c r'. D 'h4t: 1h.
- TrAcl.1' MEDIC'NE cciPANVY,
Th lit' se4 < 4' e of haet41 e14riain Illtle- w -
CIs o f the Mi5sssip !tiver' at St'.
hmorP7 Fr.ank 'S. lihh, inI the hIea ing
y. 'l'ir. AmanSIl 'IIta-v'uhl tl f tVe'ts
ckln is all y"afrs go, Vfhowing 7(30?lS
ml'77t ( l'ria it. h t n t r p f w te
3'en mst m north of? j4. l.ms Th l
trcive woaw lf this uImberI of b;i
eria5 i alsficien til'oP' caus) siusit
A o:an canl ~1 iha l hat ma doe
There I iiei I isn t i. s r, l hm iat i o
re asd' forI't it. i (ld
Ca stock.1 make. sme. o ase
lI l.'it.ta fashI 31ionableOI 11 tre t nbe
n cher' villting ilSard. (r h'fIt
0317veryas we has ani fhlh aI tha'ti Ih'
Iol o ilt'c h.erthushand iIt l eep1 whith'
stock ( in. ar11'3 l''m'i his throat1 it i' w old
Chal s .aII .: Can eny o mte of Ile 511
he inostIton .n Schol,e han tbee
'(acher11'l in t hat inlsituO t nltfo fify
-as .stw e i fr- i presente
he Onchoo wih y hamwhsome hoait
n ilc theS vetra ISistructrWIle
Jr.Capn',s'crd 'is bumarkabout tha
it. Wc moren tisd CArylernteirdth
igh sool ai aa: huil ind one-, hea
hitOICiin'.' was fomd, anhen
ear lat heram a' ccr h as
ernaindin1ychat~ postincninsly
.ho r.n rar e.Yrma :rng
"Onehof my daghr hard aki
teribl caeo sha Wetre
aloteeytimbtwihu e
l iue We ten rie Ayr's (C41 rya
Ptoral' an he ndoehl
.ppyr home:; of to-d8y is : d:,
the best Jm'tlh; of j ((in g
rO)er knowcVede, C::.:n I:(ur o0 _:.'"
'ffort may be mad t cntbu!te t.)
:1ue than the usi: o' the vost
'rOf th1e hel.St meI1 Cinal (: . iS - '"
r1''ed, mtedici1::l a;n sa : n
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wlel bioli:; er cc:..iiipated, h.s
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,:Ublc an( to ccll ofo Cclstan,ly
.1 that the most excelleIt I',x.tive
o be: foundl in cat:iin pti luh,
fornia Fig Sy'p Co. (isCoverawl /
!(s inl th, r part st Cc. 'd1i' iou and
1nd rcf:ec-ii littuids in Lrth for:i i
dte remedy~j ie camie kncv. n 's -
d,1" wilth itco.:it. 11hvutkin It,
idly com~ig to nllivIrsal us.' as the
!y wvithout di.turling the ntur al
a ter (.fct al its, us:..'1 mayt. be disconl
til and its blessil:(,S Should r't,iell ber
ph'y Ui nd prent3 w(-!-ltlinforIed
anU wh:i :h cih:y and i.h 'ir- little ones
.st avor, its' gentle actioni and( its
satfao,!z reil C1I n t eliable d1-rgists. at the rep,ular price
na . p. ck:.: ',nly, iv-ingi the namie of
nd the full var-ae of the Company
I on the front of *very package.
San' Franci.sco, Ca.
" Ky". Maw YovlrE, N
rokee Renedy of Sweet un and
Sr Coids, LaG(rippe .a"l TI': a L
W IF, W- *FQ 'SI.T
- f y
m: Iy or ouir er .:om
2.10 As n tAa rcus..-! 1
.LDiJMS haait,smr. t.U., I l* s, u1z ut,. bo~
A 1 roke.A deco'rd. 93 NANs1
Y~oun",8 I )intde beinis pro i"I inio thr iNCW
tell lar a a i.- thiat he~ ini aaItainly
:f collee tha i. .51 ouse, Iais'n
iiunI u . |t :1 heu h.it1 fourIe tie I'rs ra i~
lensir ed toher lusban ,twhohas t
lunto te oThe na Gra t n p MUgJ
A llwon. n art. V; a :w I ra off Pt he I , nA NK (IL .
bh ted w ith ! cr .n ath- 1aI'0 ir. and:dt iaI poduct Ah .surei au
b."f2l..:ittC!UI.I.I'..i:.. ..I... . <h iim r is;ng 1iiima m1:
Ar.Ic your rU'gist:; for RHu FUMACIDE anic1 In
H(,ware' a,f IIubstituIte4 of(doubtlial v.
B obbitt Chsernkcal Co., . . .
What She Was Seeking.
collei'!tion~ of rts ofC a1 tlar, I, nem-ttt
On thle (U.-. ie lB w i'lu!a tjya vsit''!
hy, Pu iiei IrishI woman,fl wio. aft r
inu:iin: non ad ba:' oiinl iuce to
em- dw towniv i p ay heru; rent.
T;L' lawer -!l !Ule was onWi one of the~
upt i 1or ofI at mg" iliebibling.
'A'i- :' are yo hari ig iomi' aJd he ~ I
re,lorv , the lob om wasitit
'Ihe . oact ito the Ph:way by the
tlog i - o.The !c ayer. found.her
iletti,g intoetyI ater he Ivin h G h n ie tn
oter.0 (IcL' gettln. Ino wabt Wandrer.f
" hae youv lookie feor?" askedC Browe
"-OfEhIne I)) mlking er the plittle
threvugh the sock mrket.eU.E
k ~
~; 2~ K' ~
N ~.
~ /
,51/' 4/,(
7/' /~
~'.< a;,'
~~L~>' ~<'.
-~L X
111fl10 (I 3 t t)k
'ill "a".. 'I'lia ,ia'ra,zla ly tC3tOC!
V,icn Rule
I ca~ rc~NJp
II ot~
.'~A P AS
~ ~
~l .;
~ of 'tray war 'also Fl'aIdf~rs' AddI
I lClgl,agg Wi iii. III') ~At OZIe't.
~'a. j1*
I la'aata~a' aafl(I 13
* - Lar I~ ;at,aI Ia:~rkra, 'om
Cr 14 aa.r:~:aa l~ii * I taliy aA' l(afl*
31. 311a tI.a.al. N
aist on getting It.
ailtlatiore, Md. * U. S. A.
~ ALD~. WF~A~ER&
O~ Th~' 1~IL~CAL
~ I
~ A~IN6
~ ..'..( CA )l.LC/v)
' ~AY Ii- 1$
ii~(3. --
A~E~ ~A'( fl
.ClS.3'5 CO.Ly~.t.j~ TOROl~ rO, CAN.
~CCC. Never sold in batik.
ie dcalcr who trlo8 to scfl
thing Just as good."
Thompson's Eye Wet

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