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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, March 12, 1903, Image 8

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4The Remaa
1-. i i ii I' 1: . i r, j;.-' al il ' Pi'4d
' 1 4 . l i f r i ' : i y ; i.; i 4 f a t tl 1)
hIr "r . Hiis I'':. .grcat d( ..:-ril'l :1(1 t)
tO I!' 1 t ) :o 1;("l it 1iInI-;vjjf. Ub ii
noi 1 n It'. I:' it wat: asking 1f 1
l t'.: i; t I~ 1} liit 1l:!(1r I yc,lars (It'al ,
c:, flriw. .u jt;, it; silv, r ti:pp
,"" . 411.. . l:' 'l In I i ' I it,
Ii, - :nd < . : -', hi i t '
I 1 aii.
y\ a
1 ~I I. ':4 :. 1
Ib jl .. r jl- .. .
have1--- 1. m i ir 1
he.t f b-k l I it teu
l i l1 ile ihithser,.
nIof M wha ii omc.'
- no ji of"ii i t an I wa
ftrt: is 44tlll 1Iiit ith i i ' 4a
in tsr o ri y.nts11 ha 4 ai
n1':iii ; l ( , 4.', sholib iO lie WOn d ot
nlti ttilaS I ii tim i''rt ty ;'41I t41
bO nat11 niht. wotl I te it dow.(144
fromta i hding plac in4,013 a sornew
ly 4booke041 .to which4 I 'I4( had tramW
t boe mll e. o h a l, te
dre:hu 4a441?ddrmw (141 theywonde1
fu tlly str ant '44 ''4 Inc i tion itl bor
liany tie WIs or1s l 14mpte< 4114
bre(aky the tal htiti 1 if esste.' dhete
wht. had bcan 1144?cr4dly ahoserve4
crated1tas by4iO4i1 mmii liln tough'
WAs t he ltme dre o.oy v
not It(iwast uppermosin~ 4my4 I
by day, thet; (itue r of;i myU (sit1 14p a
Ture befoe m1 classet I w-toig i' '
nislf wandr~ing14~ from'.iii i iny ubjet i
pit of i very " ffor4It1 414 il. At 44 ti4tn
I woub( ree:ver wV~ihasa1 t oa Y4in
t ha I 4had4 cont' speak14?is ab(' IOweth'
and was? 1si-ply 4( 1 st avng It14 was t
thlld 41(: not but reali, t441 hat lI'(w
not oh . my e 'm 4,at
moretnl I nye had 4. ha i 41)4( tio
v eence of tlltlEr1em-1 Ilti
an- Wo id a -1 ni v11' . rttl
t1rfOS -ei;htn n a I in
(Ora. mty pols werenalo~
pone tua inal lohiui
MV IIl1 , myO I vteis av
thhobone bocalive? \V
yet thy on -:'it,15Ohr i'
thechet i whe- I lad 1y14 wo
cPlo. i. IOwa.4 to thr to i tv btowa4
threl moth. book, atond eSh.i
'lable Tale I
,f the
us Bronze Box.
I'lh?Ie i idid so th1at 1 w\oul not r"e to\"e It
r a- a i 11i 11 n '!.e Ilne arrii'ed.
:21a Spite of nI irst lve. hyowelver,i
' n III nrxt. night 1w the box out of* til t
uat; chest arnd under 111m s:111y hauntagin
i1- "i2li ft'r1 thal time to Ot eini I cttiltl
1 (1 gelt. the iidela oil of my mn I ht
Rd (ie Ibox w\%a.s alhiv.\ Tlierr was I hat
I '11.mut it wIh thri rrsisjiily dlrew towa 'rd
'' I nmy alt 'lntio ml.. ily Il>thought. ay'., tly
i- velry be ing:.
In i II'It tha I shtz ibI not hll atlit to
tIr In l tr::. T"I a he t:ni -
,r l ..' tl:.l: I 4 ..l l(ttt'! ll r. 1I
I !:h . \ ! li l i 't I: t' v l_1
1 'e tn'
Il \ ' i
i 'I
r k
W a it :i -
IIob r Iu h
i:h als . I i t
/ 1:t , s0 1 h 1 i. w :- r i, . -
- in. in )(r2 it ' ( ; '2421 e 2 4
s. (41h2 4.4. 2 i t o :. l.a li n wa.1 '4.
12 Ili '.4 ' in, thi4 w y 1a t at
u142t i n 42 ! a l , et whi 421 \
in . s2'. I . It'-42'a 22! '). 1(4 hei illtt('nen
n 242 me : 'y. .\i la- ' I latid 1221l24s npon41
fth.- tools I tou 4 :. and2t ran htn-k 1(1
-.. th f:ult' to an' the' seal: 1but in
g tin-:(24 (aine int2inen I stopped104. Theo las:
.0 worl ds 44f t he ins2 ript i1on 2 au1 h 'I t I may4
1 14han her1.- is writtenl."
42 F-ile and 11 p i'es 2elI from miy hr,22(1s
-..1and lersp1iration41 hthed linly face. What21
*t was I about 1to d1o? l"i'r' it was 11i days
tl before the appointeod t ime, and( 1 was
..1)about t) 0open 1 he4 box. 1 must5 stop,.
Ilmus resist5251. lIt t(11ha' ery from withIini
n the4 bo0x, that ti'rr'ibl'. that awful cr''
I pa2ced( the !02r, htoldinrg my23 hands
.. a if I (could e'1;>se the iaris of 11he sp2iit
d1 'I gist. it. Whaii? th 12b1 1d(12-what
.1 couldt I do?
g One ofII t bok out2< (2(1(f th 2*el (h'st
-lay inl mfy way, and1 I l.-ko it, dlriving~
ni : .an4ring its4 lealv('s. To and fr'o I
1s pa41. rapidIly. ner1vou2sly, till of a1 sud(
(I den'' disco0very' burs'2t. u1pon1 12u(. This
r .4wa1 the' 111inalday! I marvLl'V'd2 that It
w2 ' i 24.verI tw'4llrred2 14) 122, lwtfor'e, but
S- i t Ia 4's4'ap(-2 1my3 m1irol till thatt 1m2
2 r .t' when th wordsV21tl. "A.'\r oiin-.2 to
* :' .lulian12- manner201 of' ' 1o pu 122in11 ."
4 I..w ~I.' in lar'g( pr1int2 24.1 a1le-!'
141 1hl I 4alk. --itused('( i1 to httr.5l (2pon4
44'~ 't' 44 I' 1all 44 ih jai2l iol)l. 1 ha'! Iforgot
a' 44 J2 ' >M '4 4ars to) a day3 from02
.2 , .22 I na ; rim. 2(2 IJ Opened:( on.
h-r Itow nay.4 104r2 1(-aped! N'ow4~ th'.
r.h.wa li:!N 244w' 1 was1 fr'(-' f"'-'
42po 1 I4 1 2''h Fi ng.!. r of th m. y -2'''
of t4.ry3 wnwh24'1 had' for '(o lonrg .ot.:red((4
I24a no- 11l2ow I I 'itrmbl 1-12-v<n2 whIolO
:1441 22;nd;2I
at hat 12aW w al h
the 11u122 t he1(224l1( 1( 1inscrip1tion, the
110 unI2'''1. Ithat2 at 1the openring o'f the
'0, (' oe041141 I find anl an11
of 22h1ii so short a1 tin12e and24 at that hour
ttofn tr- alt'> \jd Why necessart1y, Sf
a-m (al I woul, at least, dIsregard
f 4212r.2011j21cionl221-huttt, ah! The
ho42 12: f i m II -ltters of fire! I
nI-t for2leg.o the0 olei(lng of 'the box
N toa 'Il thr, or iimust disregard that
('Ir(2 t22 of' 1 the my l'rius, mandato; anid
-(222 lin (1ithr-r '.x(2 what, of the curse? I
222was 1m a1 teriribedlemma, and knesv
as n~fOt what I shg~Uld.4o,
Ha! The mouse! lAko a flash san
the recollection of the mouse in ti
ehest. Immediately I set to work 1
capture it. This proved a Imore di1l
cult feat than I anticipated. I sin
ply cotId not lay hold i lm tie nI1111)
fellow; and when finally It ran upl Il1
armt and leaped to the floor my exit
pelraliot hurst all restraint. It wol
have leen a Iindicrous sight, I doul
no!. could any one have witliessed i
to see me. a:s ag'l college lruofetsst
with my h'liole soul intent upon t!
tat/lre' ()i a in IItIset: bu1t I ten. no W:
"di!l hl'e tnltletitottol til terrihi;' 1n
cr:=,ily of the cl r. I Imord every ali
iclh' of ftrniil;re in the room.
iiti'let bwolk ate: o I))ok l t t hil( (,IhjeI
Ifi m it 'lt i. Iiersiiia n 111 r nl from Il
fiee. \\ Ill l llile w:tts Ilviig, ily ing; as
:it; i ed 't:it '. it was N1o' shriei
i i i:;d l in? : . I i i doomel S;t
cldtld mer the (abl'.,t pit of Aclit
V'ti t'1ry \\;t.. n r 1 :It: a11 t
it 1t ' ll . ; :. :? ,r'e't it lto l id 1'
'I ' ' I 1 ?t St I v 1 I
r . F n a t p n i. &
t t w
ii I' '\' ' I I1t' i !' ' ! ' i I ' ' \
nl - .' i b.. -i- i i . il
A I; n A.
ivela ' i :n i.i ini t'y r temu. ich
Ah.0i I ii.ii'!ii(Lt(l N iw Y o N os
(I i m s t hattl i n t hemd ii :s what
ilt ofg wiIt iir a( sienci or ati iat thO
ms aklaping oh ba e lit stei ngh
ay throthh ('(lL' tiit.t as unIte
S i a wonmn'R(' ''liorte duoiti'y Is matl
ity,lci but Ii i chneal fiys ed thess
is (e~a mor hou'gs en r sh lian su
ieng itlc h the poes of seni
ioay bitoth ansiec an dranirt.ig
'lcx as r scilnewhse liabrry ils ah
n evryl5L i 01'o in25 th ous. T
o'id hueeepert is ofamoiliarwcit
'nanyii10 sci1eno 'ales. aic Ilrkoledge n
riiles tn r w Oiage tener herii5 fom<
hing of polCSii't.ieal cofI''nmst her ait'
Jerntanc withthm'proes.oa
tions1 as dlmingve Iyt,ris ta
pen. book ind anondon st ad3ig
-heis: ty( solves cuinary ride an~~~
The Indeqratve sdI i' of skeein
equtiresUi' bothbain anud herosy to
ak~ etlbrans o preserv e thet rightpr
oion be101,tee u011e and'ornaent.i 1
akesl~ truegor?g Ito ban(tishC( frot:
'm'sid presen'ceI I the rins f ineetL
JeremyInth Bei'nthams Bone.'IA
What, aks lbalcorrspdntIilta wh
InksIlfo ho hs dicoered klt,n it
srommesti andleast loknwn keyi of
boh has old C.Iofldth morbidI impr
io creed i it mind byo an sr.
Iion, then "barren toing ie andhe
and "inadeouate abuiie " oft. l
Tufsaud'ly Wha woltle nay to
r-o!eion1 of migurt tik thwat whtih
-:ritycllege?'s ytIt i apreyervodght:
hou6 huw fde n ruoard, the Idourre
wi(tch~i areyloceon thw toy in gu
the "skeeti-on" Yof~ Jeremihuna
The Internal Bath Is Far Mo:'e Essen
,: tial to B0dily Well Being Than Is
>t th)e External One-Perpetual Water
t. Famine In Most Human Systems.
The Vast mnjority of us dlrni wa
ter :"i:11 y bet I anIe we a iun'll'ld
t' dou t) b y the n r o' (fI, thirst, with
wut o t.itierItig Its nt'Ct$Ssity in tho I
nto ; i . 1 ' f i:t h alt . Yet, a tll
I :itl,l: 1 'I lV I~it . !;' It (tt'n tnttst. at;r('.
:ih11 :'i ( *tI I i : ent l' js .) m gre1.'a '
1er , Iij. 1 t t ' l i : t ni mnt'Il
444 ( ~ I lt \VIII \\;- t,t'1 tial
t;t d;i !!le t'rrI S ' T o I u l ll t! t!- '1:', I11r- +
nI v' h : !1. I:' ! .iis o t' a1. L Ieral
ii' 1 1 : 1 sI i . \ :? "11I
I h law of heli
toi in o :s isno
1. I 1 I '' "
. ' I ' " \ I , . ! . t . ,I
1'i I- --
a ' h h n.
-tTh fa1 that~' it I iita tol
a .lo d c.ntainsI I'. percent of?b water,i'.
r- 10muscls 75i pr'nt,(II1( brint: nely st
t perent, I ga strie jic . e 90'.7 1 -: percent. sa
t liva P9 1-2 'ren t, hones 13 percen'1t,
-. and even Ithe teuth 10 p eent. 1Insuf
S fleiemu watr su atpply Itherfoh re mneatns a
t lack every where in t he con(st itution
S wic h wvate lon1 4( nn Ofu Iirn1ish.
n Pure' wateri also mnakes imost power
0 ful ly for long li fe in 1ts c'harnPeter' of
h a solvent, distillled1 waterI beig un(
O ttes.inably thle grecatest so1vent
"A man Is as8 old as 1his arteries," 1s
the di1(1tum of' a reniowned F"rench
ph)tysiologist. Now what is it that
d makes the arteris (old? Blood ves
ttels, young and1( healthy,3' are e'xten
sIv~ely elast i', I (rmittilng t he blood4(
ito ci reulaIe Iihr:otugh themn freely. Hut
In (old age t hey beomne hard and( aln
t y'ield1 ig, withi diihd 111111c'1(apaci ty and1(
a s~mallcr bloode sItream ilowinmg trought
with le'ss swiftness8. This (chanige 18
e'ffected( by t he d''posits In the h!ood1
('ells, wvith Ithle walls (If blood vessels,
of fibriin11ts andtt el atinous11 sub.Itances,
lime and ot her ('arthIy (com1poolIIs ('4n..
t ainlIl ini the food t aken u into1( th o.
0 T[hIs d'posi. is aptt. to occur inl the dIen..
a~ :i'5s, stuI1ctrs of thle syst''m, in the
r. JjoIis, ini th Itenodons, ini th:" mucl(s,
p.i rhorti, wherever t he llod circuilat -8,
aj I nerves, everyl3'whtere' (loIin4~ g the v'ital1
Ila1ma4inerP1y, lmaliing 1 he4 at'n o31 one(04
I 1. an all, antd ha:stening the time1 whien
-the thlmian macine14 'onSes8 to4 act'. No--t.
tl1r'e provibI4 . a soilvent for th plants1
a, .'aml v'eg''Itldr plat.lt lifeo wii ra in w:u
I' ter, the next !re:'(0Pr'8( s o ue t aift'r dii
''nar h, and( inl Its 'ourI'F dIi:Solv(' anid
sfian1(os wIthI which it c ome:s in ('o..
n, t:w. In the name4( way water 1tak'i ito(
., he4 sys'tbmIt as foold anmd drin!< 4ircla4tesl!
::a t he m'nnt-1 i parts(' of' 1 0ic 1,or ,
*. - 4.- (ve', absorbsi'1i and4 :aret' 440t with!
's i' ihn unnsel and "wasI0 ti::tt', or
zo ganl i ad mnI ieral m1atte irs wh ichi pois..
:he on and ImpedC(o the aion1 of1 the sys
it- temn. I't purliflos blood and tIssues,
n- washes away all the po0isons whIch
produIcQ~ 1rhcumat ism, goat, longest ion
of the lver', klddneys and other organs,
go In a general way we may see
31, that the ingestIon of wvater is eson
thal to lIfe and essentilal to health, andi
he I't maily be safely saId that thle health
n wvill Improve in exact r'atio to the
.amount of puire water takeni In. Many.
hoeacs of' IndigestIon may be remoed(
it by prop9r cleansing of the mouth and
to teeth. Ho0w muc~h more impolrntant Is
the eloanen of thosn more lI,,,l.rt..
digestive oruni-the stomach and the
The poisonous products of life accu.
mulato rapidly and unless these be
Iliniataed produce a large claey of
"n(utointoxlition1s." Tlheso toxins givo
rise to rhemtatismll, gout, soro throat,
ommiIionl cohl(It, he(aliches, and Ia long
'rain of m11aladie8 with which all are
'amiliar. 'I'lo faulty action of theso
liluinative organs is responsiblo for
ho piling up of poIsons, lowering the
rsistan1l(o of the body to disease do
;troyinlg the so-called "nlattral I111immun
ty,"' and pl"'ermitting freer aeotion of the
lI4('ase germs w\hirlh maly have gainuw,i
1(cess to the body iii any way. 'T'hus
t. mai11y he swet that the simiple mlechan
('ill action of iul'e Wat(r Imayprvt
t long 1let of pathological conditions
>y Wholly removinlg I he mv.
Bald to L30 Fed to About 6000 In
3rook lyn.
:H e II. Is ('h11;w,r ;w(d be(tt"1r .Inan1
i n' rueleby iDr. ;og
1:. ' ( " ,: , . i\ , "t\ " . 't iI I )r
1 1 1 -
s i' t l.' 'r h a r 1
-:'heIedo as.--Ne York
. t \ ;I 'i. i. ,..' . i
Ihw a i
*hr ol beabu 23 1-2 acrs.I .
rec10mls an1h odno
Pfca ie nI of; the' Uited.i
Stte las year. Th to lt number
>fi l iv ne.otwa 4
sea than (nt an or pqiacel diite
wolThe aviluerag ofsa on wrek a
layI'lidi athroughhttlihe,year.
vAusia-H ilesar as the ongonst
Biinhas 257 miles o os ie
f Olnlit bein brugh inof 1ourt ater
nintgh ai Engand, ah totalonr om
hede tat hoe wreuld nthae Balti
reakfhanst hansy ther police had tken
ase-I( n ''his feaelsoeth. ck
lay, thogih plin he Soueafrca
AmsI a.langay h has eelnde
hut byr of yEs:-opGarni ntion bita
rste alrin tIn 2to thats ofthe
er a! laics I lonss of asin.
Onhing nb runt.hint s'onds.tl
'an. and Erivesio at thrIone com:
h:iie th atlies (of m:ot r ha . ay
o nai4 at liiwoul tak" ioe had,0t0.(cI.
n, lae~~id 0n1 line,(aIs 10 e't i. a di
'ro Bushen,metr-thatgrad, Inat:n
(s )u l oethlind ft aSil.oth ofIca
Chv is laize. hchIa;1411 l'
Ais "pecI l fetus:r oft'e INivwt Yea
rlsbrat)ionjtati:y oa.o thei-rum
hie Il. ii'(n . I the preiss ofh liillarIi
Aokn frotlcen the alecwtrk a Rc-alle.
Aeirord~'ing to an sn,e o' nt etm, thesI
Lo-te nd rr-ar aptation toc Beli
it.rn thIeiprtIclngratulation toth
Cmperial famnily.e-tta ..
Dalihedaot2ier fe t
A'l(C:lfirst appearance wi was in- wet
[cnglandn byi 1798, to New Yoark bya .1799,ie
tornd ita y 182 and le tom nglnd b
F80 The trm s, t ' i hen,"f iot an Amer
leanism;r yo wriatinepri ioft Inialn
immmer la nf waat traylonen.o
fThro temonIns mn bcm
A sploy kind; I wish
Bho'd h1urry an' put It in to bako,
bo c (an scrapo the dish!
131ho's orots as sticks: an' the kitchon's just
A s hot as8 hot can bo.
shIull so good that I'm liko to bust
Coulpny's comin' to tea.
Vo'll havo tho shiniost ov'rything,
An' I'll drink coIToo--p'r'aps;
An' inore n a dozon tines iii'll ring
To carry ott the scraps.
\Vu'ro guml, to liavo Ice-cream, I know
, hopo it s lomoi, goo!
A u sothl-bi,luitts--I satw thu dough
Uomlp'ny',s conuiht' to tola.
1 iustn't ,talk at tho tablo--nucht;
I lttstn t kiek mny foot;
I liuti.'t stonek liyI
u t tha t ti , or touch
A' 1 titist ttik.then hiIttt i aro passed,
\'it Ihtlv0I'S tiealrest N
(Iit not, of eours, if it's the lust)
Comp'y 's conlin' to toll.
I'll w\at'tr my <lntlie:;tst bIoust Iiii' it
AXit it I IIi stay abott
Ali' n.lt,--t dirty, 11111 says I
.1hy Itau till, ret'zcr out!
A l :a I t":- 't tar ttn' rat),
ltr,.w,- i. t r -. i; 1m' i)uwtls or fice
- -al\\+n . :al iul, i!t t'. 1\\.nu n Ilut'
IIU hi0 GU3.
('(d .\ 4 t ! I t \ I;
T h I iat .l e w I ' i t
\\ hilc " n1 .
' ' : I i .it ' " a a
\ ~ ii.iuI . -: t e' t I l
1 I ' lii - . I
4 : i!: YI 1 i ( ' : itti
,' l : \ :. ,, li _l11 - a t ' tl l ' ' i
hir b i.
I hn.:dtymiimu" I
l. ilt :.''I
m .. i h bi - : -h :- i.' ; ir " '
- ed withhi n 0 i . "Th
ne i nan' i I
'iid the.a ai
ih w f o rt ab:i m tmt m n
" l ib- t !" rtla thI :-t
Vi Il
1" '1
n . ' mn . " I !th gh i t was 1me
10da---I ~ "I whtl tht man '?01
1 le has beenl staruinig at me all t he
to) (lim y'ltt as his lown. Ida- -In
do~el! Why\ do ~l)you thIiink so? lIel]le
-I ecause lie is a collector of an
There1.1's one priIoerb thiat mnakes (me1)
tired,"j~' lemal eli the old( 51(a-d1g, "and1(
t hat's th il!(lon aii.ltt thier'e alIways 1m
Ing r*ioom at the' btt. "But isn't
til-re~?"' "Not at. ihe topj of tihe oceant.
Tuo \ny isorosiclie hr p
'i(ars to1 be0 miore roomii at the bottom.t'
L a lon tt-Child ren arc so much
worse thani they usced to be. What dho
you attribute it to? LaM~oyne--Im
proved ideais in building. La M'vont.t
What has that to do with It? l.a
M oyne--Mu tch. Shingles are scarce,
andl you can't spank a badl boy3 with
a tin roof.
End of Hand Knit Kilmarnocks.
Antot her ancienit indust.ry is at, its
last galsp-viz.., the hanid-knitt ing of
Kilmarnocck hionnets. Thle bonnets of
the tr'al (old KilImarnock style, suchi an
were worn by Souter' .lohnie and 'Tam
' Shan ter, were kniittIed by hand, many
Storoughly3 shrunk. They03 would Iiweal a
l ifime11 and wvere h: avy anul tough.
Th'le Sc-ot t i.ah lii (Un ofi cuier's whoi havo
dleparlid for' L'uuol:, wanted to be rig
ged out. wvithI CIli.iY 1tyle Kiairnoeks.
TIhey wouldl ha&v' none of t he light. ma
ihiine madell stuff now in vogur,t and it
tiook much'It5l scoeinig befoie 0 het order
(outld I)e'':em led. 11 wats t hen 1011nd
that of he many101 hundred ntt ersit'i. who
ni i c i vie ra '.r i a foiii. she
1u! i s. I: . ii.d wi h ouch hiadaeart
Mr. C;:rnegjie's New HoIcme.
at a. 0. os)t ofI .C-1~>.0401 at new X home nearvf 1
iinaI ermiilie wherel' he wvas born.i 'Thei
e.at 0Po i'mrehased is that of' Pit ten
I rie'ff, which ine' hle4 the beautiful
gken of Piltteriieff and the t ime
worn old home of Plttencirieff. TPhe
gr'ound(s are oexquisitely beautiful,
hut the hiistoic ast'soClations
are not their least attraction. Mai
('0l1m Canmoro's Trower is situtedti;
witiln the grounds, and horn it was
that thle Scottisht king ma1'trried St.
Margaret, the Saxon pri'itners, who
led to Scotlandl for refuige from,a the
Norman inva,ders. Trho hItIle in the
1Firtht of For'th whore hoer ship cast. n
chor Is a small bay cniled S-t. M'ar a.
ret's Hope and Queensferryv, whlero
the kaiser recently salled for Ger
manY. Is named after her.
Su1ject. 'Tnile iot at Ep1iesus, Arts xix.,
0..1o...6o1iee" 'Text. 'aI. xxxi., 43
lMiesnsory vere", '_-:31 - Coiunenstary
on tho l)ny's I.e'on.
- -II)letetriu. e a u,ing a iutittilt (vs. 23
.14. lfemetrius \1 wi a e:aIlinl'g spirit among
hlle Ie:ilh'.iant shrine m11aler.:, amtr4 tt hlave
ii' "ia wholesahe l("t'er 'iee u tri oder
the shrines and11 "empllloy ing artisatl
,ho rl!cvived1 hterartive wa:gel; for the"ir la
hor.'' The ireac'hig of l'aul, the growith
of the chureL ;L11 the adv\"n-in.(cIVIIza
liiln of that time( we"c-e making im'ro.tds
u'on ilol wor.hi; and th .ale of the*
hrte. n a x (I'e ril.,W r 1a of \\oolt or nlel . an1\' e li.
l irna,r,( o ' mode(1(l. of thet temle( of
4)a n , I l tl il i:( ; -
Ihl we-e ioi l to th y 1 l
ll i othe mlln\- " :} Who V lel
ety, :'nd w\er' t'l .1 n( to dliei nt, ei-i
for >"at'e. DI)(1'etrlin. r.ullet fIx all thel w\ot'k
u!ent w 11 wet'' 1t u}e} i11 il 0, , s
I!1 "- . 1:11 e''11 \'" v ::" i!i' ;ar'il.e ,<l thl-it" m
si,1:1:. Inll i; i I : 'j II'i-b ,'e 11 e,] (ilat I(1(11
er:'t or ra b- l) .\,< in (lall11 (Ito h('j:l
l,r.n';h: int,l 11 : ,Ille, :Iw il i , Iln w\i(.
tt""I Ials :' ;", 1 u mli l to thit 1"po1
I c \
\,, , ,' .lr! I' 4': !4;4 l: e ",l te 1
ii 4, 1
-' i
i I 1 t 1 i s .' . i :4 '
-\1 i i 1 e1
WI 1 .
4 1 1,1- L ii111-:1
I no: a
h : and
b in 4 1 I'a s
.,1 1
h o m v I 1.t n!.
I i.'T w I.4
hh.i an -w4 e I hi- h i m
4444 '1 d." lii inh ie ;is
ni i n 1 n'!?. 1,' The s eec
.- ful Iit - ':!' iiy :a is s t a
the m:m w ' w :l .uliie t4 fil t he hi)
ofl I h h''bl.) ".\ wo sh p 4--emii e-0
1:me n 1<4ll wa is useit implvi
tha any o441' in ilu eri'l. of'ii .o magnili
which was believee to iii ;.c. haveflend
. ii 44 47.j"Do not hing rashh'-." They hnadi
per'lhormeil a1 very ra<hl not1 it4 seizinrg I wo
IWIrsons! aga41in v;hom1'ii44 it agnears'. ther'
('ould4 takhe 4no i4roceedings4.. 4obbers'. of
a great I reas41lt -:-hamber'( tihe offe 441 mi ht
lnt he liniknown a nionig them. "Nor' bla4
ph4(ieers." Fromi tis we see that tie Ian
gua:ge' of ~4 Paul and1 is compan4:44ions~ had1 beenl
guare14tl. 'hel 44eneral44 effect: of their
iireachmng was to ove'rthrlowv idiolatry, bult
I hey hadI refra ined fr'oml denteintia ion arid
opnrohr(ioufli4ci)1 emhet. T Io have taken anyW
othier'CII.t courewoull'l hav deOpr'ived themi of
aii(llflfchc of a) hli ng4.4
a9-40. "Courts are1 'open." it is a mercy
of God, when .a w ise government exists,
whIichl is able1 to minta1'in law and 144 order'
"Other'I ma14tter." Anything that perltains
to nubbe11 affatirs. ."Lwfu." It shall1 be(
seLttied nii coniformIityv to law' '14nd not hv a
moh. 'ill move an uinlawftiI tumuillt wa's a)
capitala offensie.44( 1n )emetius was now44411 in
quIte as5 much l i4 dancer as5 1laul. Mobi la- is
still a ureat evil in thle land. It deadens
the jltli 4 consc4(ienice' and4 str'ikes a b)low
at, 1the very foiundation of' good( govern
ment.l. Ini daniiler.' 'I'hcy wvere in danger.
0f hem-14.' 1 caled to aceillnt byv thle procon
suil. 114he Romnii 1 Cifo'er.nment waitched
e'very apniIear'ance( of Sedli tion in the prov-~'
mees wi th a1 .iealous1 eyeI. it.I was a caital
ofTen,se to) ta an partin a iriotols pro-i)
c'ani'e 1for it. and4( :4. touchm11j4' it we shll~ not
h.e,ah1411' Ive neroun.?40i 't of Ilhiis enneourse'?~'
-1,. \1. i juS is a1((44 com l te vind(miention of
ncre ad iolence 1 wl C -hi '44re 14o tir'il (',4.
Chimpanzee in London Shows Intell-.
gecJCe of a Human45'h'ing.
Periforing 4444. 44;i4-'ys*ar'e I he rage.
There 1is a1 W(m4 rfl o2n t- impan11114 OO
at the: AqlIari4'4 in~ I.4444don. lie was1i
old, 'tandlis -! ' 4- ' h1h a141 w''igh4
fifty-six piuinds. if 1: - lie.4, w.1hih is4
iianz/f'4s are0 ex4'eeitly44.1. dllentei(, lho
n\1 111 4 ave 11 the tr f in hie isear
!D4d wij:es thle window with a handkcr
iiif s0 1thalt he maIy enjoy the p)assin1g
Vew, a1n1 wvhen 110 la taken~ to the
'4fside lhe gets a bucket and( spade
ik tile ('hildr1en arnd makes castles
14 the sand. ;ie is curiously senaltivo
d sobs like a child whenI r'oughly
spo0ken1 to. He0 Is mI'ost ind(ustrious
v4orker and( hIs trIcks on a tricycle are
.vonde'rul; ho can ride a machine in
eOven different ways. Hie dre'sses like
1 man01, but dstictly dislikes the high
int, preferring a Haleor, lie liives on
>ananas, milk and cocoa.
.' .

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