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Local Items
--''ho nir is laldon with the per
fume of poach and )luu blossons'
-W. R. Anlor roturned Sat
urday from a brief visit to Green
-Mi; Marie Folgor wont over
to Greenville last Friday oni a vis
it to relatives.
-Anderso, is trying to perfect
an organization of the businies
men of that thriving little city.
--Sheriff J. H. G. McDaniel has
one of the best patches of wheat in
the conity. It will hide a Texas
buck r.hbbitt with erect years.
--0. '1'. Iluntor, of Oconce coun
ty has (o)Ouedl a barber shop over
the Pickons Drug Co. This is
supplying a long felt need.
--Rnuhan S. Pitts, the teacher
at Inman who killed one of his
pupils by thu naeio of Foster has
been baile<d out ol a bond of
-Ambler Gilreath, came over
from Greentvillu to s)end Sunday
' his other, Mrs. Emnma Gil
.h. He was accompanied by
. genial friend, Mr. Carr, of
-Folger & 'T'hornley have re
tly put on the streets a very
handsome lf?livery wagon. This
is a good mark of enterprise on the
part of these two energetic young
merchants. "Uncle Peter" is "up
in d air."
-Our exchanges state that one s
day last week a farmer went to
Spartanburg with two bales of cot.
ton and at last accounts had failed
to find a purchaser. That doesn't
speak many volumes for the en
terpriso of Spartanburg.
-Tho Gov. is gently reminding 1
the Charleston people these days
that he is a man that tries to keep c
his oath, and that Charleston is a c
part of the state of South Carolina
flnd will have to obey the dispen- 1
wary laws.
--It is said that in Laurens I
t thty ton years ago, an aged citi.
men stopped in at a neighbors
house out of a shower of raini
"Roads bad up your way, Uncle
Sam?" inquired his host. "Well I
yes; it would bog a buzzard andf
him a fly in"' was the pointed reply. I
This is'about the condition of agood '
many roads ini Pickens county I
about this time.
--We dislike extremely to again
p,lay upon a mnounful chord to a
number of Pickens county citizen.,
but knowing their interest in
"Liberal Jack" we will state that
he struck the patriotic old town
f Fort Mill last Thursday. He
told those bravo people he was the
son of a Confederate veterau, the
son of a "true Johnny". As usual
he rodo away leaving a sea of gap.
mouiths and empty pockets.
--Pursuanit to call, quite a numi
ber of the ladies of the town met at
Mirs. OAilroaths last Friday after
tlocn for the purpose Of organizing
It chapter of the Daughters of the
Con federacy. Trhey will meet
ag~ain at Mrs. Gireaths next Fri
day afternoon at 4 o'clocit, when
the application for a charter will
be forwarded andl tihe officers will
be elected . Let every lady in Pick
e who is interested ini the wel.
fare of the Conifedrate soldier at
-The Keowoo -Courier of last
week states that there is no need
for a guard of county chain-gang
in our noighboring county. The
last convict was liberated the first
of the week. Pickens county's
Schain gang passed through town
Baturday morning-about 20
strong. With their martial tread
they reminded or.e feebly of the
Victorious march of the "Ten
Thousand Immnortals." Of course
their spirits were not quite so buoy.
..-Momorial Day in Piokens this
ydMi is to ho a m.emorable day.
It is earnestly hoped that every
soldier in the cotUnty will be hero.
The Liberty Cornet Band will dIs.
course the strains of "Dixie1' and
other popular airs during the day,
and the "Old Res' will onae more
Want to toss their hats high in the
air and give the real nrebel yell."*
~The young men composing the
Liberty Band through their genial
leader, James E, Patsons have
kladl congented to andin4 a
of Interest. 4
-Congressman, Wyatt Aiken,
was a visitor during this session of
court in Pickens.
-B. A. Morgan, of Greenville,
is over this week on professional
-Frank B. Morgan, a prominent
citizen of Central, is foreman of
the Grand Jury.
-T. Christie Robinson, of the
Hotel Ben Della, Laurens, is in
Pickens on a brief visit.
-Miss Corrinne Newton, who
has been teaching several months,
hae returned home.
-Mrs. R. A. Hester, has suffic
iontly recovered to go over to
Westrinister on a visit to her
sister, Mrs. Myra Lay Cox.
-A striking figure on the streets
this week was Rev. Thos. Looper,
86 years of age and yot strong and
-Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Matheny
paid a pleasant visit to Greenville
Saturday and Sunday. They visi
ted Mr. Matheny's father, Rev. M.
P. Mathony.
-Clerk of Court, A. John Boggs
s hardly able to attend to his ex
cting duties in the court room this
veek. Maj. J. M. Stewart is act
ng clerk, and is assisted by Judge
T. H. Newton.
-W. Y . Marshall, representing
,he Easley Hardware Co., was in
town Tuesday showing the Cald
well Cotton Planter, a new inven
ion in cotton planters which saves
eed and chopping.
-Mr. II, Langley Clayton has is.
ued invitations to the marriage of
uis sister, Miss Prudence Clayton,
,0 Mr. Ernest William Stratmann,
)f New York, to be solemnzed
[hursday, Apr. the second, Liber
y, S. C.
-T 0. Garrett, one of Piekens
ounty's best citizena, spent sun.
ay in town. He came up on a
isit to a youthful grandchild of
uis that is visiting for an indefinite
>eriod at the home of County Su.
>erintendent Richard T. Hallum.
-The Mississippi River has been
in a rampage for the week and the
yeather bureau says it will contin
te to rise for several days. A por
ion of the city of Memphis is
luoded and New Orleans is in im
ninent danger. The levees how.
ver are standing the high water
emarkably well.
-Monday afternoon, Prof. Den
Ly anid his assistants, Misses Fol
er and Swann accompanied by
~bout twenty.five of the larger
irls of the Graded School went
p to the Court House for a prac
ical lesson in Civil Government.
fot one of the girls had ever been
n a court room before, and the
rocedure was novel and interem.
ing to them.
-Leo D. Gdllespie, a promising
roung man of Pickens county, who
vas admitted to the bar a short
,ime ago, has located in Plckens
or the practice of his profession.
We were about to allude to Mr.
lillespio as the junior member of
~he Piokens bar, but reflecting up
>nl the beardless face of the talent
)d young Jenkins, we refrain
Pickens Cor. Greenville NAws.
-The Walker'McElmoyle school
hias enrolled at this session 125
pupils necessitating three teachers.
rhis is a county line school. Abeut
Efteen years ago Mrs. Walker do.
niated 120 acres of land to a Board
of Trustees for the education of
the children of the commmunity.
rho Trustees have cleared about
30 acres of land, built tenant house,
school house and are getting
.110.00 rent from the land which
is applied to running this school.
The school is run about 7 months
free of cost to the patrons,
-H1. A. MoCain, who is super
Intending the construction of the
new bridge over KCeowee river, wag
In town Saturday. He states that
it is very uncertain as to when it
will be 1 completed. The atone
work, which was sub-let to a Mr.
Bruoke, was fouund unsatisfaotory.
One of the piers that had been
completed) was rejedied~ bV the
County Oomliuissloners and had to
be torn down. This inVOlved qjuite
a heavy expense on the sub-conutrao.
tor, but as this bridge is to involve
a heavy eapenditure 0on 1Pikens
and O8onee Co#Ufties With the ex.
petation of being an enduring
strtitfre, no shoddy work ol#ld
be 50fn#tted on What eits#4 be a
R#i fogs4atIou, the segt fap.t,
ita yatt of the stvuetqes,
Court Proceedings.
the Sessions Court was called t
order Monday morning at I
o'clock, After organization, Judg
Purdy briefly charged tho (rani
Jury, laying stress on thoir dut3
as guardians of the County affairs
The Grand Jury returned tl<
following bills:
TnU EI 1t1..
Clarence Hill, Larceny, G. W
Lathem, Assault & Battery - Vest
Orr, A. & B.; Will Harris, A. & B
Jim Lemlons, Privily stoaling :froii
person; Harrison Sheriff, A. & 3 .
John Ware, housebreaking, with
Charlie Blackmone, Violation of
Dispensavy Law; L. B. Freoman
Violationi Dispensary Lawv, Hun
o, tr, et al, Arson ; William Johnson
In the case against Harrison
Sheriff, the jury failed to agree and
a mistrial was ordered. In tho
case against Vesta Orr, a vordict of
"'not guilty'' was rendered.
Wednesday morning the caso of
the State against G, W. Latlia In
was called but the case is conclu
ded as we go to press,
The balance of this term will be
colsumletd in civil business in
which there are some jury cases of
interest, among them being the
Gilreath case transferred from
The New Treasurer.
The oflice of County Treasurer is
now in charge of Henry W. Farr
who, having qualified, has entered
upon the discharge of his duties.
Mr. N. A, Christopher who was,
for several month., the competent
and acco modating clerk to Ir.
Dhapman has also severed his con
nection with the office, the bulk of
the business attendingthe collection
of taxes having been completed.
Mr. Farr enters upon this work as
a new man to the office but he is
not a stranger to the principles of
business, and will give the office
his best study and application and
lerve the people with irourtesy and
A Cltisen Speaks Out Por Pickens.
I note that very little has ever
been said about our town, its nat
ural advantages, climate and uni
limited resources of' the town and
mrronnding country.
First. Few people have ever
thought that Pickens is, for a fact,
mes of the best places for selling
goods in this whole up--country
his fact is evidenced, for instance,
,y the enterprising firm of Heath.
Bruce-Morrow Co. They were far a
ighted men who came from a die
ance here and located one of the
argest department stores in the
tate, carrying in stock at least
$30,000, and why? Because of the
tide territory surrounding, and a
noductive soil, which will be and
s now being rapidly settled up by
brifty farmers and business men.
rh merchants of Pickene are do,
ng at least 100 per cent more busil
less nlow than they were five years
Seconld. Piekens county IS teemis
.ng with miner'als of all deserip
ions and hardwoods of all kinds
~re in abundance everywhere.I
say what can hiindor the town of
Plckens frorkx being a thrifty, thriv
ing city, situated right in the heart
af all the natural advantages.
Third. There is no locality in
the whole of our loved Piedmont
section that has such a wonderf ul
olimate, and there is no reason why
our town should niot be one of the
first Summer resorts of the up
country, equalling if not superior
to Asheville, N. 0.
Citizens of Pickens and our
rounding country I Let us be tip
and about, and all pull together
for the building up of our town
and country.i I notice that a Real
Estate Agency has been estabhsuh
ed here, let everyone who has prop
erty to sell place it in the hands of
these gentlemen, placing a mnoder
ate price upon it, and we will cer,
tainly get a hustle on the "old
Camp Oarvin
A catmp of Confede,rate Veterans
Was organised~ a the Court House
Monday at 9 o'clock, A consider
able number of veterans assembled
and aftr being called to order lore
ganlxed by the election of W. T,
Fi1eld, Chairanan.
M. T. Smith was elected Com-.
mander, Maj. G. M. Lynch, Lient.
Commander, J. M. Stewart, Adj.
Se07. and Tres. And John T,' Le.w
ti, Obaplain,
A gai s& 63noi#ttpg of A. Ea
R.C. C
New Store at I
and is positively oliing goods r;eia
before. Rolow air) a f1-w rices. 1; ;t
4) "The Half Has N
19 lbs. Standard Grnumt,i s;,,;,
20 11b8 planltation Grantlatt .I ! t
12 lbs. Good (1reen ((iH ,
10 1bs, Best. Roa.t,t4 Coll ",," .
First-class Steel l,'ows ;t ( t
60-inch Red Table Dame
Best Turkey Red, regular
Good Eight
Half-hour Strike.
1 htave th)e mn t ( ttllte ln ot,
in this coiutry, till (f ;whiclb are new
at prices unlhoard of.
Men's $1.25 and $1.50 E
lent Stock, to go ai a Oat
I also have : compilto h,ne of
Poles, Shafts, Cushiuns, Storm Apror
also, Post Hole Diggers, Tongue Stret
and everything in H1ARiDWARE.
1 also carry a. cmie)Itotl hue i"
These goods tire bought. for C
prices ever maade in this country.
l.onlemember 1 all selig ST.RIIC'
me in H. C. Sill.RLEY'S OLI) STA
Come and See mo and I: will Save
Cuthman Ste
"The~ Finest ini
Ibskot goes March), :5h. Work
W. L
was appointed to select a SponIsor,'
47 Veterans were enrolled, and the ti
organization was perfected in a 1
way that showed that the veterans
intend to make tis orIganliation a t
success. Mess. 0'. M. Lynch and r
M. T. Smnith were app)1ointedI a comn- 1
mnittee to make 'arr'anements for' 1
Memorial Day Ueercises( at Pickons I
this spring.
giv'en the new or'ganizatI ion. t
Subscription U.ws.
D r. Truckermanl , od itor' of Th1e1
Wor'kmuan, Clevelandl, hais Iaken
someW painis to collect andl compile
the decisions of the United States
court onl this subject, and gives as
the result of h)is investigations, the
F?irsit-Subcrijbers who do notL
give Oxpress5 nQtice to the contr'ary
are considered. as wishing to renew
their subscriptions
Sceond-If subscribers order the~
discontinuance of their periodicale,
the publisher may coo tinue to
send them iultil all the arrearages
are paid. .L
Third-If subscribers neglect or
refuse to take thoir periodIicalse
from the postoffice to which they
are directed, they are r'esponsble
until they have settled their bills
and ordered them discontinuod.
Fourth-If subscribers move to
other places witnout informing the
publisher, and the papers are sent
to the former plc, they are held
Fifth.--The courts have deelded
that refusing to take periodicals
from the offloe or removing and
leaving them anoalled for is prima
facio evidence, or intentionual
Sixth--If subscribers p)aid iti ad.
yance, they are bound to give
notice at the end of the time, if
they do not wish to continue
taking,otherwise the publisher la
*Iuthoried to send it, aind the sub,~
sotlhar. will be reonsible unil
)P'EN:NIE;D A --o
','1. tl rl: 3 'VIr . 2(1 ill tli _ o U i rv
ne Been To i.
- ..$' H
. Steel Rod, I1
WI nc me., for
600. goods, at
Day Clock,
for only $.95.
an10 e.h vt"tI'(1 rim h tory I r;111o
IIAR)WARE:, such as Buggy
is and Dashboards, ready for uso,
chers and Stav Chains, Cutlery
)RY (1OO)D;2, NOTIONS and
sh anttd will he sold for1 lowest
LY FOR CAI;l, and you will find
NI). b
you Mollny. b
ghe So1.Imb~
. ATHEN~Y, Agent
x pres)s no'ti(', wI ilh paynu''t a(
H 110rrerages, is sunt to ih
'l.he 1at.5t pot in I11ws are' suich
hat nIewsp~aper pub1Iliher can ar
>apeL~ri d [I1fuses to pay-'9 for it.
'ndor" thiso Iaw the mian who ;iI
0 wV. his sullbscrijptiont r, xlun ahong
he' pO8LIllas4tor to r,nark it ''pra.,
usd, and ha:vo a1 p)ostal card
ontI, nIotAifying the puIbIlihor,
Oa1ves himsl l41(1iablo()1 to arrestL anId
no4 the sam1 as1 for01L theft.
Thle tenidoniey ofI mled ical E'0i31m is
1 war<I prevenitive meaisures The'X b1io )3
biought. of thes world isl be'ing given to
14( eurI)Jo. It 18 beenQi fly d)~eonstrated
hat4 pneumonm01 II, one)1 of thel miosit daniiger
11s dLiseases( that meCdicalI m1en1 haIvO to
onItend1 with, can bo pr1ovoulted by
ho useo of Chamberlaiins Cough J.temedy
ne('lLIuoia always results~ from ciold or
romU or from an3. ottack of Iifuenza
grip), and it lute been observedl that
ins remendy counteracts [any tendency of
heso8 diseases0 towards pue'moniua .'his
as boen itully provoni inl many thousand
f cases1 in which tis remedy has14. beIn
sed (luring the great prevalence of cold
nd grip il recent yoars and can be re
10d upon01 with imfplicit confid ence.
nIeumn1nial often reslts from11 a1 slight
0old IVbeni no0 dan(ger is a1prooedIti,tc uii.
lit is sudenly discovcr(,d tha1t thel:,
over and dilicuilty in1 bre34Ihiig 411
41a118 in the chiest, thten it~ is anu4Lou3ced
ha.t the ,ait ha 118pneumhon4.~ia, Ie o04
ho 84110 81ido and4 ta1ko Chambe1)rlain'4'
iughi Itemedy as soon 411. It aliwa1y
ureU., For) S.de by Earlo's IJrIIg Storo
udit I' N. Huniltor, Liberty,
Notkce to Stockholder's I
By Orde'r of thle Boatd of D)ircators, a
necting of the Sltookholders of the Nor.
!is Cotton Mills Company is iboroby
aiied for
It tihe Prs~idenIt's offee at Cateccho, S.,
J., at nflh)4 for the purpo)so1 it' voting oni
ho question of incoreasiung its caIpital from
wvo hundred to two hunidred and1( fifty
housand dollars. The incereaI'o to be
tplied0( to fu therCenlargent.
P.reidenlt & TroI'asure'r.
(Catcohoo, Sl. (I., Fe'by. 2( 1903J.
KodeI Dysnensia Cur0
JustR ece
2 Solid Cars of l
and 1 othc
( hresh fromi '1
Fl:>ur will soon ho higher, but
will goa t the old prices.
Great Preparatior
for a Big
We \ u hav.a b OglIt t ie ligost t
IIattF, and1( G.mts; iI1rnishlingg
La6s I 1mbro lliery, i tc. over 5
Pi n'1(h 'F. New Gfoods ar1e >11r"
\1o have So1mi( ar e valu"s to (1
Watch lhi; snM)& lor our Siln
soo our line of, Dry ( l;; bel'o
purase I' s. A fw m Ior, har-;li
and Winter lothing . ,\ full s
on hand. Now is the time for
Jat'l-'SlE l'S. Y
. 19
Park wishe8 you health, wishes v
nt year, and ton smiles for every teat
'ith the right stuf' at the rightlprice.
Mens and Woniens
20 Per Cent
A Few pairsof-- -
Wool Blankets==2
Great Values in Mons and Wo'm
10 stuck deep in the pricO of all Heav
o room for them here. It will pay:
uying Dry Goode and Shoes.
A. K.1
Wrest End.G
,P. 8. Moera Tromf igon and I
vit on yott.
We are alwas
GIad to see
-- b
The best is the ecepest. 1
We like to sell the best because
This aipphues to all cIsses o
Stoves, Axes, Saws,
Cutlery, Hiammer
Yarns, Drill
and hun-Iredsol other~ useful att
REM ll MB1R I Go {I od good
shoddy good1s. Call iln, look thyi
lines and give us your valued bu
ploto in cvory way.
W. T.I1
...A Bargain i
Thirty Black and B31
Cutaway Coats and
oach, These goods cost more1' the
alzes~ are brokou, but if your 8iz
got groat Value if
Nine PrInot
Coats and V
Same materil worth from *10.00
a..bon Ming a Ber
r to follow.
as long as this lot lasts it
Spring Trade.
M, lc of Clothing, Shoes,
>oI. ress (oods, Silks,
hIowii in i1o ''State of
ndy be. inning to arrive.
tfer in wliito goods.
ilig .\d anI1d by all means
i tiaking .your Spring
, ol 1' in Overcoat.s,
1"(k11: .1!1rdwaro always
paI plow gcods.
t11r1, trulty,
on wealth. tiinrongliut. the pres.
Always ready for businos
A lot of Odds in
Wool Underwear
5 per cent off.
30 0AYSa,
mns Fiuo Shoes. rho knifo will
y Goode. Sbort lengths must go
'ou to come to PARKS before
uma vilULAf, s. C,
Ionr'y McK(innoy will be glad to
uying the best.
t. is~ 'conomy to buy the best,
the behst always gives satisfaction,
Table and Pocket
s, IHand Saws & HOeS,
ausI', .Sheet ings Checks,
x, Oil Clot bs,
Lbte lowhichl wvo always haye {g
s cos3t hut little more than
>uIgh our etock in its various
siness:. Our stock is now com-.
n Clothing...
ue Clay Worsted
Vests at $4.50.
LU twi.:e this~ money. The
e 18 amlong them you, will
you buy one.
ests +Z
o $18. 00; yota aboks tot' $8.80,
jm Like Thie,.

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