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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, March 19, 1903, Image 6

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cartridges and shot shells
are made in the largest and
l,est equipped ammunition
fac:ory in the world.
of U. M. C. make is now
accepted by shooters as
' the worlds standard" for
it shoots well in any gun.
Toaur dealerc se//s it
The Union Metallic
Cartridge Co.
E:1 deport. - - Conn.
Il h f I!UiSH +IHAP.5
i.. raember t%;11 whr.nt you uy \J
r clo l,1 'I-d look for the
for ti lIT d:.:ty-seeca
11 2": frc 'c ' zi' : 1;; ( ' l,iii ,
i2r.; . I t "it - .. c1 *( -t' (I..
A -7 C o.. 'T .. G.in
1(.- rtrhin d
.{r mm\S. as Ain
a Ik
11 LI' :: '"
re t V : S i ll(.t u_lu
evalenc . Th uit n
them the stndrd~- sinn
\\!t l ei a t Ct cua
te surface ofI crus aUvn -scle,(
ih a h eard bing: tand taptl C
eirnae, andhc inauntion and
imirdsinat relef. phermit re
ee.ema tetand -- i'(chsinn rn:
all other ofede tnd th'iie( bes
wond eafcurted ponrts oft 1
wie ale we qcust; afdr'om c
C1. "S desir to cive myd colua
ofuc ai h blood - and p ittoaspc(e
attac of reznema~, chiny n he
lib.I wsi tor severa my onth
rTfemedi"s prescribe'd v:r of no a'
my face~ was dlread(~ful ly disfigur<
a tho)rouigh triald with the most sai
to dlissappeaxr, andl my hair come
hair is covering my head, and ii
gradually' improving. My wife
has been purchasing them in o
suffering from simil.ar comp)lainlts
Society, has told the Ilible womne
her notice when a p)oor personi
be resorted to."
Pietermaritzburg, N al Oct. 29, sos
-ent, 500., por bottlo (f the form, of Cho
Oiiitument, rA00. por box, .m1 Cuticuro Soagp.
of tho Ji)qodi, Skin, and ,~j , and llow to(
Testlim6nhqs anid DIrectio a n liangair
27-28OCharterhoueo Sq., A:in, E. C. F"re
1i. Tiowns & Co., SydVe',. POTI ER I)U
IreAo-Q.0te. .g
S The ThlreeHour Dinner.
ton are lillnitng ill r de- iS li
denliabi I ln 1utortit. that tneed to l
pr.uned;1 b,ll t it is nth. sOe r(1 tlO s; a
('ils t1 0 t "lt~cdi te('TireaIa. (L 01i
the flVe-1i inute ahlih, ays Tte l'vo
tw lioiias ihe tmiter. eil's
."Idcnce Joiron1t, andi the ('i.tisa(!r;.
shotl e) nrenIl noto t };o too taL
in therlt pr.OpOSO(1 "eformu. Ol'o car
"fed" in a v ry io Ort tim , butjil it
impO.;Sibleo to g;ive thle necess:ar1y ,tit
dfiOus and il1nished( att('e tiO n (m tllt
eli'ilef lmal Of the da:ty in iss thau it.
hoIr01 and a hll'; 1t;1loss th( ! n<'t ril;;(
c"conOmly of t11me Is absoillt'ly rca-i:'(red
tRo 100S is better.
fi er( was r'e'( ely b::'Ii in TIxas
wltt is p)lanned1 to i m the1 n::, t "xt'n
SIver s.ystem of irrig:1: in, t h . i'nt
tell States. for a inv I i' taii a -
t1onl of no 1l. t an:.:":.-e;o
landl. A ianpn lvilh o:an
(Il 10(0 m11ile in rlln. il, ! xten(. iin:: lf
Miles from1 te,, tOI w .f iII iY!nL
SOltwe'pStely d1irtt ! ' (' o-in the
TexasXattid111 l'arI(Il"'i.r il( i six miler
we t of P' -1,an on ; T O':ah "I.lm
S(een mil:; southi l11 I'" !S. wheret'( ono
of' the larg};l-st r''e "'"(!I:iin ("-N +i nc
Is t o be (- ru 1 I. :O11n Toyah
Lake th ennal I !"'. (n andtjr i
i! ' i inm\ iiail 'a-l: 'ai.'s fathl
('r <i(1v:n:, Ili';':! C <(1. " ril.: into the(
I'e('o:; i e ix :: ' '
OddsOil .
W hy will s no ci' m' L . ,I 'I oI .Lf
n : :I Illulti I L :i,
C (x ' J1:l1 S ,";- ll't !.'(':e ,.".'!
II:S':"( ,1w : i() h " i ' l t V l a r'( I1
a:lL. ( ' ' utlr ' n ls a llirl!
' v w\'i,1 1 N( 1 h
i~~~ ":lh!!
d~ Il e (L t I
h :t the c:,11'y l rdt:tt
b i r1n: I: ' . C it i' a
l il i e I;1 'l 1! ,. ( ii,11 :1;.i : :
.i F\il m et'm I)!" cI"- L:
I l'ir i in il.l'cs tle : of al :1C
:nt .(,nire pe;riodl or as l nee,i H
UnAithine Md., U. S. A.
( ' 1 i
I91 CGlild AI1
'i- in pso~ii ;l' Ch los 1
'alp, as in s-dalled( lheadl; the
p t1 iples andI( rinworm fll; thbe
I anie ty oif wornFl-t ut parenlts,
salt rt llum, --all demlValld a.
ni virltueIs to succesfuIlly (op[e
;(ap, Ointment, and Reo~'(lvenft
id all doubt. No statem:-nt is
not justified by the strongen'
exVcetness, the pow\er to llt(ord
aty of speedly andl pCleaI 'It
id gr'eat ecfonomy have niie
i', blood puribt's and humour
t waLter and1 Cuticuria Soa p, to c-lean se
Id C oft'en the. lhiente<I ticile. ILmy
t he bloo'd. T1his compile'te treat :net
4 and sleep in the severest foos~ of
, and1 selyCi humC1ours of tihe skini, scalp
Permlianenit and( e'onomtical cure we
phyi~sic'ins fail. As ev~idece(fC of the
't icura Rmedie s andh of their worl.l
I uI iyered for som itime Lll fromt an excess
e the miitddle oif last year, from a sevecre
scai1C, fae,' earrs and nieck, and on one
mde(kr p)rofessjinal treatmenIit, but1 the
ad and1( 1 was graduially becoinig wor Se,
and .11( lost netarly' all. my hair. A t las;t,
I he Cuticuira Rte'dies,. ando I ga:ve themlf
sfactor-y esults. TIhe disease soon began
enlied tto growv again. A fresh grow~th of
y. hmbi (ahhoughI not yet q'uite cured) is
hmnks so highlyff your renedies that sheC
dler to make '&esents to other persons
, anid, as PresidIent of the Bile WVomen's
to report if any case should comei uinder
so afilicted, so that your remedies may'
(Ieu1/cr oftAr Natal/ Suprrm,e Court'
Cout tile ciilIZedI workl. PRICES: Cultiur Reosol.
o1ato0 CHoed P'ille 250o. por v'Ial (Cf (0); Cuoticnra
1.eL. por talblet. Sond( for tho groaot wvork," litu irs
Cr03 Thomn,"G61 pages, 300 Diseaos., with ilustrrations,
', includling d'Jaaoso andi Chlinese. Tiritiesh Depot,
ehI Deopot ,l5 Itoodo la Paix, Paris. Aiuitiralliinpy
-....-.... -....-....- .
Thei weary, worn,
:all-ttre<d-out feel
Ings coul to cv
c"rybliodtly who tax
the kidinevys. Whei
the kiltoys :are
overor!ett they
f::i! fto ).rf1'rl I te
< ile1: s i uIat I l' fills
prov)\ida(l1 for thtrnll
to do). When't ther
kidhl(ys f:ifl tl:Inger
ulls lises.(cs iluick- '
IsI!u, 1;ri)lt's d1i5
t'a ' . D n 's Kin'y I'ills cure lilt
iinely nueil h!;atltder ills, Head0 the iul
\' ter:ra .lshuIm: Ill'Ill'r, of ;1)I South
\\'::Inuf . t't, t"1)rh na. Ill.. says: "In
III' inll I:t' 1S !) aft r')' gelting I )ot 's
l 2: '4'' I'ills :l) 4''.Ilulit!" lill B ros.'
I! ' iI' i tll ' :!l ; I :ll lal;:li : lltl I:lk ili ) a
, t t tlit') it I l lt i t ' l' I'll!('s
i' i le' !:';('1:' 111:ll th Iy l :4l l 1"''\ t'<l ,te
of kb : :. r r ! I,1L', is. p el441 ( I t In e
b:-kvii p :-r:ie ' il s an.ee lut
II '",. ill: !(' . i.. I I y 1 115 1it '
in-1: i! 41e:h411r 11bo!2s. !)uring1 the
ie i I , 11(1~i i h:'< .h\:ol 4'10) h:ole had.
!It'. ::I I c;l '2I.)4t;1 t\1 1,'
il t " \:1 \ '. l l I::'l 4 I'l:+::'(! Ill)'.")' 1 t
4')). :i ' ll .o 1'(IItx a 's I ie
:'i- -- : 4 1' to Il' e 'lt' l \ Ih 1iil' Cs l) i Iy
fi' ji: I+\ : ;I ti ll e l w:I il' Iit s of) - -'i It
. I ' d\t:. \(1 . II j I't 1 s;'; -
ltry ::. W :i:' I lu' i 1 \l we ' tlt st
. !' I : \' !"r. 4'-- . ! ,jtl) : s t
('l :1Y ;i < lb'I o \'I"r (\u ( ti;I y :Irs tao.
. '' :1 I .1. . t ' t! x ,r-t :: t k i 1u(y
-"'t t ! i i ' , w !:i- 1 'l el 1 \( I l ' w Il
':- ' - :t:IIlu to III:y' 1,art
1 .''itI<, 2). t I'u. .l't i. e .' ;Ii'('5
i;'' . 1' uni'll ('1 .. I;II!':li t, N . Y.
If ) om li. tl. 1n1I, weru1,e !"a 'f as hi:;
1as thi r it t;ti: the('y woldt hVIV 4 to ride
3. B. B. SENT F!;EE,
C I r(s n1u1 :1:1 1 Iit 1 4i, :a: :,' a ne:-r.. ,
W,chi-.: rriu r ,lo e I : s
a' 442 :'''.m (!.r. ! '' ""r, . : . i -. ,
P': 11y1:, 1:;..': .
1' . l ' I I'''" i . w i: - - m -n a
S-J . il '. . \tr '-t , A t i : , 1. ' : , i i.
pa,.All wc' .i. : i" thant you wvill -iwta!: ,.
ge I )c at-r (. all. u 1' ".l"
iv ln :il:p:I''4: t a.4' 1 .-; w 1;;. 2 '" ;lrh!11'
T N'" i l". 24:h... :::r L]Y .'. ; ao fabto
111 ::: .!..41 ..' i tl"I ' I';. r I' 'r. i,,rj ; "11 1
t I ::l !'' 1t'1'1! I)('ilrll"..' -S :u c'1 I -":
N1he I..f'y t:re "t
bylot ah li-:11t i pt of WOo(i:e 4U(r. O .nt h li
<h 4i 11 aof 1.1( lihel:1r. in-r.f A n!.ma,
('0',4.'e:et r a t.ies. ule a .:; i :tsm hIll :4'15
i't:ti:1n 4. ('- i'it1 the joitielot !1ini'o
tilt-i E t.i :: t l'u . iI t th1i.-cu111 b i-: i
j Ilh I 'amI y,u Iavr : r' t ru 1mblimt.ut . "or il.
teti'irit:: a n< wha e id -enti -- b 5h,.:1.'
Al:i'Ie 1;i i rt anti uniie.tl ac to Oelin -
:(atonh 00'1 14') t:r:ni utI' :w.41th-- j.ul- -- -
si;ra t (ts nor.n:tl duiion~', hd: .it .i
the t royli'ff . -r iee:- u f1e
m 1 i: :e at ''e i e 'l > 111 110:. i 'ow f iw:-.
21s of)3g14 t Ihanie ":04'1 byixt re: h' fh:t-:
S:01 h 1) 4. -uIS re1 1 h.2 l'. , ('a;.(1 2441 i( li r g. .'r
cu'4 !: r. )1n 4.i ('. 51-'..l.C n)1:n ' ('i..T flld (2).
02 Ia i)' 0 'a s 'ills :tr :.h h.-14121 1. 4 ll
\ l -1 Ii i In ed lI1: :4' . I -::-' C)(oV4 :cepi
it '. fao i n rm:ei:-. t iv i l s o e a:-v "
tha, :t i :0h it'.. of th Ii: 1 -: l 4' ".):( ' 4 " * I l
.A he.ta e .:-.rvi.t l :.a . i-.:p -;bi: -a:
1'I:-.( 5.(.4'O..:(- ial'.1\ :i A. . Ia. s..i
c:.a )ue it tihe )4s.0 o :n-,4;e -e,-..: u4.
I.nt':4.:.-;.) 01:.o.u: -n, ~l. fa-b 1441 I .o.01
04. v) . w 12(2 trve the road tgI o s'11e2s
Ai'2I'0--rx. F.'I:.1:s Dvl:sarei fat t
Nhws of the D ay.li'Sqlir!
Wold 11 o t eat he j14risd1tion ofAlabama
convee at. Penscoa. The4dy wI as4(44. C
tiinsuimed in the12)': appoint.men fof icom-'l
mit4 rs 414ndhi prneliinayIi work.'0 Tday
lthe oneni' o'hwill oflecayit
Wcr.rilimlitterwon al~i Gltlyi
wantCe O in ii or.tl'21oun'ty, la., o rl i th'
'urdho nl Mrs." o Vaughan, atiScotis
huoo2.eA(,wa1 dtle by Cnis,14t.Shs.ifo
Asig en bcarrid took frto tileonta
G'fur'i. scaped o thet othy jiloa
Oenta omte bst agio thog the h
Tet conternuweelblw,sre
a sn.g in1 e tvr i ie hv
Little-Known Statutes That
1llay Be Violated Witiout lin
tcndisg to Do Wrong . .
43"43" - -& -f"#
I;\1'nl lu aIl(( rect'uutry ,114'11 as (is
htr' :art' thinlgs thati ol(' nl:1 y 101l ow\II
)r have:, ill his or her Iossesiou ll\w
ve t ilillovelt Iluly be (Ile liitellt. 1'os
'.-:IO I ftl t'<ltl('lit1\' iIl;ly ill: It legal eli
.-al:,:,''illtillalll N taltt or Nat iou1a1(1v
'ritueliit itt:t het r(c"koned'( with.
1-'t!r inst:lntt', :I gartlie full of (utaada
hi stles is ("alt'alated to u i(ke a ilt'al
>t Iroliel' for tile owner of tile grollnd(1,
v li thottg ligh h ::t:y lol knil(' a (I'at!
t(:a this:tlt' froinal :t urranlt hush l. These-t
hi-Ail1(s arel perointi lion gvata inl the
Ullite'(1 titates g.'erally anit a stub
ctatlltil tile 1\\":a its tile 1ersotll W ho iI
ows tile weets to grow up)otn gr'ountl
ilttIt'r iS coltioi. I le lt elessnes
.lein h(ynill ti n. palit' ofI tuleai'Itlonl.
A t lu:init hind ini; a eg( tInywhe1(rte
u Illin io:: is :1 tr totlt' Illa kt'r for I he
t 'r;tg ; itize 'n tiie the I arlt
it,a l;ger, tite o'it]t, t'h ob11 il atl al t
uust anly other(1 o" thet wili Ird-4S whit-h
to not ("onat' w\i. iinl the litnit: o'" Ite
''In Seas,n" law\ IItniiI the hu1
.n:; of gaInI bh-t'I . Y1Ou !i!:y l1,ty inI
l"oul' (IIst',i n, 1u: li\' oriil ni a l ro\l .
:row\'-bhIt: IIIkh td Outl : i.:y \'rII y i" i
a i ; but the' it " iw l .1 ' a r t ilt i
I SeaSons and all iIii I i ii1 i-.' no: ,m
iiIi' I:tii ti a I.l
4 tti l'tI 1 1t:1\a !!Iu t I .lt' it 110 ' "i tt i lt
l 1t ) h \wevert (' ;l' .il ll . t 1:1\'
+:' ill I t 'r littit i r : illr. I ni! l' I i'nany
w\" ys"i the' iril :s4 l i:l - itu:n1 he1 t-i.
'iethe1I i li1lis go- ' lil Itr:: Iii1 11hav"c
u II 1t'oi'ti" l :i i hIe pa-ii,'oI nt ' tI
:1I-t of h in' it .ny si aSt it of the i
; l * v iu (i t \ t +i't l 0 l l l I l l ' , l l l : ':t( i i i i t L I 1 ) Il I t 't I t i : . r l l
I i I:It i.1 (Iit'''iol t' 1.4 .ItE i iii 1 ,:O1
i:;lilt:' tli,'iiSitih Itatfi till 131lilti" i'
is o a tIi t: v io la in If il I <: Ie
it ei t.t'! g nl tthin fI o th: cit i'I
Wt'!'C ~ ~ ~ II t-::7ed 11't il 11t1 ilI1'Uil'
le ntu':e a cle 1 'ion 111 ofh r::ts', Wt'ol
teho ei It lt'r t sc I 't 0- it fle \~ Il l WIl oi:'
th i'l:, na eh s i...?';" ll th 0:
I !., .itn Is h I":t!e lt wi ! -a e: i
vi:'"t :i ilt ho l' t'i h s ::!-:-i\r I ,n ti vI
tl il 1:t . .\til yt'( ' t'l. it
I' l I le t I t:1 I nii : '1 itlet ' t -li ;t :1 i i
\'. tit 'I i l 11 , ll i' l'v lu! of I
h, i t :e: t -1 itt iiy l a ;-I et 1i ]t't]
t' ' ' till I it .' ly l Ii' 'o:l .lis t ' lit i' .
1''i' i,rlls 0' aii ''1 11t 4t eiltl lt It i t
t4h i tIb hte. In-t l t ofel y ttir~ lunO:
I1:11:1. v lt 'r ui \.1 ;It: tl i'lin_l . 't i'
- ienhie it ueitchl t t the ti-.1
1!\' it1t tilti 1sn t i I h itg o t kllt
til0l'i i''e i r tuc Ing ae rc'-:a!t'
.it tubh,"\ i ll :Ily u l t t ol:eit( i i.-- t'h
I fint -'oitiliilgo s te s h I.g.: it ,oi
i't v w il:l Ch i o. l i ' ! i lil<il :il l I
IMit 11:k 1) O %11111110 t 'Ct( ilat i - t !b
lue:h OIl tl-troy(101,ed okd i)
T)he l'ariviln s OICovernm tehe wil
th:gi h r,lie 10'tisO ytue j f il011 ih :l1i
p.:on m'to)o h rein::sailtr <litilit
he Ohl be irctcd-Cigh Tlsleribue
lei'eia c'onttins une-11in#ti of all the
1lnd oi the ;globe. (reat iritai aid
till I' 'IrOpe. ('xcel)t l'i:ssI.i. together
wit II Ih" whole Unitied Sttes, could he
put liuto iberlt.
The u'enalt' lult'g the Iott'tntoi:
for \'b)sV; who n ItarIry :;ain is 01om('
w"hatt st''ere orae. It is the rule
amluug these i)e11ile that, befor'e sO
lnartrying, :1 willow luiist c'ut otY the
joint of :a liiger t iid presnen it to her
husband on the w\'(lin1g (hiy.
'The eolulissiol o' I'nitell Sites Senl.
:ators In linw:ii necep)tl :nu invitation
to a native h:anlluet. Th'le princ'ipal
dish was cooked do-gX, wiilel tih' Il:t
walIans Iite long onsieirir one of
tii' grI'(eatest dell("nel('s. '1'le M''enl:llor's
thought theyv weire en1tin r:ist i1.
.\ sc'in ist ollee put an nutomlati!e
nltlsic' box oni the lawn and snin ntutnyL
hourts watching the robins, bltu'-11ts
:"nil other hir(Is g:t}her'ing nhou t it.
.\ lklcil 1 1ss put 1u' h the birds
lLl see t leiwe1'lvs in it is :lo 'e!'y
tiiraetiv , while .1 (mb1inlltli of :t
lln'ielI O1 x :1!i'! it l!:ina'. it.4s IlLa es
lle biirlls IL111 in 1: han Illything eIlst' oin
coul t1 ou- t for their nusenenl,
( 'rnl:i:l H11y ('m l h na a!'i'r1l e::t'ell"nt
14:1~ li 1lt3 " i~ I ' ( L.i' o I i n i1 1) ' 1111.
Ioh.-id1ri iso nlie 'yitlP~tienstueiLi 4ineid-1
i.11 1iii . 1 1 'r: t . :1 1l :( (to tiir's ('Otii -
10':111 twe:t it w\ell' LI t .\ ; TeIL :ie n
Ia!;' t h i is il, s:1y. :t t Lre l na ith'Ii
is Ib ii us. in ('h1 i1n1 t I tlO to:' is :!a
til1 so l111n_, a!. y ke p 1 ell. :) :s
by\' hi\w 4 1';iet! ill illl1i1lil e IhI (' :
lt'Ir (of' h :i biL li -lit i'lth
a ii II i I I a.I:s hI:' is kill'it haL
is, " 'lo0 t -t-'l leis.
A ha!llf-iloz nnt't wor:i''!e\. o dI(i all ntie
(l'ly-it i t wtha ( t'.n l . I ll r ei'tly
tril "- to . i, st ( 1, i!' l \'two( Iof
I he olit'i ltin l kil t li 11 x:1 ily In it .
Unir' they 1oo5 (thI eLnl' :le to iieees.
li el:; i the' ey ini I we'ie seve ral (t!arts
of nit . , o hit (of li rk 11111 (111ril (ltti'
:iltii. . :-'IrrI!''l!h::1l "i1n ill ! b1r(11^'ll
f t l' Nxl :! t }1' 1o :llt Ui t I;.-:; ol t '11 1in
' 'rl'i:'lll Itl;lev 't( i : w i ti t t" 5it h ll,-.
Thl I1I 'll inv ' h o: .('s to sleh
h\:I\\-:1wari5. itl ('yl' ho'l iin
!, i, u''.. . I i n t4:i! l -ti" wi. k: l.. l'
l 'u, hl !i'e ( '!11t lit lih1!. c i'' 'i- I
i t :' '' 1i ;- :1III1 I!:lI ) L II I Iti l 1 -
w''\ ' r ' 1:.-. n :: ' n - i :1Li 4-1' It
-":1"~ il . I:-i' 'I ( ' ( - i t lil w n' :li
I .' 1 I li :1 1i"e 't'a t 1'r 4lt 11' s(;i ?1 .I!
* ~ ~ , ( ' 'ti'' ~ I) h i!' .:' :1,t ho: ."'11:t1!'
1:1 th-, ,:.! !i i)ninl of tih, . ' : .. lit
-L !Ri. ::l soteegpl sleep erstL'l flt
- t1 h 't 1 ' 1: it :1 I;. r' row i ' , ii et'h"
1 '1oi ' t n'l ''S (Ili li i rl'll' n ) t h:e
.1 :: 11:'iT"d 1(!il1 i W el i:1 0 1.t11) ::I ) ,1u (1z, i:'1nd l ivn i w
'D:- Mr. I .'. :4444iiim n an th'e : t
ofI~ nerv ao:d mli :i o t theiith iusr
tI:e o l hi l.:'ls ito i' '; 'i I :i 'e '
n'ue'lie ol Ie(I'' he it r lies. thn hii' br iiht
t<:hl hi:eity iO: ' thhe man~ or 0011w1 o:ui.
Ti I lit s;l:zt m'I1l :' l r ule l o u l erI' t
(i ':1', ti' Ol. WIO ' 11, i11\. :1'n (1 r i loul '' "
Wi theI grtIeati m'Rilieon n::tk h i as a
nalel of fr:iyi ele:'y llti isiI.1u how'
heL ''l'1 liti. : i i t , On raiin t atru i.:10
R:'.-: h it, whi hn taes by Iin opieny
wte n r li. No mt Ar hotweeold the ilem I
4) r if , wl-1 ;ti e s alway::t Ii 1:--~
euf.l'e Il- 1-;11-. -iti (I:it O:ver :hrie
a ce .o ix!: 13' .i-111 R'IiE l R ith litheI
Lit it1tl al Wii ii <it.l A:ts his'
(I:'i'fm eI) 0' 'i '2.g: Ro: shops i ii,
Il''Thent~.) tome: iR a b lk wn!k. ('yt':
- heiX nli'I.sL.L tii O1 :.nd' makel.e Ii hu-:
--' h:il-: it ' :R u V a th:-im anl Itu il
0 rk i tRnily s'X p;'4)td ou'ti overI n:c
ou'S'h i h 'e ' r-v::y I.i'm Is itiV to ieRI
0tatl dinner tI trictlyR reuar in- I
1"fI, oie iI' (in thteherllowre 4mt.
IthreeIl oIr1 fotr murs (o th een
r llu oRugnn Ge:'rd (wh:g o b~ e. -
3'fll,nkn refresi n h-lep, i'and tinat,he
110a) twlve hlourlIs f' boke si~lumbv..e.
Jaetter ito o Mar'* Thn ine
lConll 11ai:k in New 1'ork. )
)NCOlJtAYE1) O all Sjit: inl (
i hclr fuSorts to in t)'ve t
('ou(litionl of the( h1ighwa":y4 of
NOW York Staii anl to seurl i.
Its outl 118 1) ssible 11t ( iea; t1 m
nerr: ssar'y to :e1"ut11 lish ti1 endt, th'
good r"o:tls 114vovntes who :ssemb'tl14(.1
for Ilh ir ul)1:ti i l annu l l."1 1\on l'e tion at i t
All iimny tv' a 1 're'':tlo to be antist'd
With their work. T1,-,011 ,01 int(Iili;(ent f
d1ISession,l I UnIsed onl ' 'l(e'e . '
Obt c-v lIe io . andt 1)erst'\( ra)t t ' aI ii. ' 0
1)ra("iical IInd (oinlon si'nst' lit;'n 1i.' c
h:v:ie r d d i ainlin!; the sul);)..t o
of, w l..l ni1hit all goot :ni ilu entlu'ltiai
citiz'ensa in his State. 11
The el('l:.atls to this y'Iti's conllv'nl
tionl lO: n1 1 1 ) lit 1nl' tilm nliti; ;l ii'-- h
riuws 11nil lu tin th i tlhe shl ll' of 1
:1 r:'(I11'si (u th(' i,:c .i:i iurt'. T hell t . t
lt:rre tis r ..41 , i 1'. n
tl c r(>: ill ,1 )1 1 1: .4 ', ( II tl; c" lt, i
". ' t1 r ' :in n 1 1 i 1in s _::l': i l ' < -
:1 ( 4':: 11 8 :4n ;- :;e l ' .-. n4r n)
si r( of, t e11' ('sl of '1 Ns t lin r . 1
thtis ye(ar.l-', hc he 1
(() ihi 1:;havt ah-':.:11- 1p :..p -:" :;
Lt i sl urIsh ll':n11)h01i:11
-' '): t ' ' :1 !: 1m ) 4:.: )t 5 . , .i' i
0 111. 1 Ill l +'\ ;:1-1i ,) -:' d ) .
tiln (': 14) 1ii:'s i . ' . :1' 11 he (h1' : '.4'1 i'
thns: 1Stat 11,'1 1ylie 1r11 :11 n, h1 ' 1''
'':untes i h e ot .i4'1::mi ii:.n vI.h. 41
('2;ilt(' h e i"f.II..,. 1 41 1 t ,,: 11;!'t1 t
by )the tl)wvlt . :'- 111:t\idel,l i.Y il " "- .
tie li (ilt~' \ I t '' :' i i1 '''(021 \(14i ' l .t
(V Xi4" IlTo :t 11 11 111:1 1! " ' 144"( '1t 4 11 01i; it; li):1 : .
atat i 1 ('. ( h n( " el' he l-- : .I ' t
!'ii1 i ,Iii,i !"I1.,, 1 . 11r,;1t1 ;,; 1:4
':-le -' :. i-I : 1 r A 8y e ;n j i.: 1.
.it Ity d n '' by : r ,ow - 1l' is , ,i' 1!
Otu !h o 'in '!' ;-1i.:f i.: is
i\"1..1(1 1) 04ill l' 11 i4''.:\'i:ig1; 1.14t \i't! "; i!_ t
wh e Sc'heyI,cli n 12:1ealed he 4n.(4
T i- 1.:." i i ril- 1. Ti:' \"I 11
,Wh 1-( -.' :c t:;iim t 2 lir i': 1r ;n
fl forte i I:- - t :e ::.)i'. -"i l 1':
(t . : '..I' ii),!o I :l ii i.: :In,1e (1tI' '"+ ' - 11
11v4 i l Ii't' 11 'lt:y 111('il 1'(':'' 11 1t' 1 Fi t' '''
:l1)111'lll)11:11,Iti:e I,;' 11; 1 P!::k V.i ot 'Ii t
1101: :' w ;Ol1 It im thn I( . '
1''14 ::1' (I( l ot 11'O( w(Vit '.:121 'aIt' 1l 1' 1)1
111y o mf-: of l i'y1"('!. ort w (I . li: ;
l i 11'1' ii. I : . 1 ( h 1 4- 1 0 ' ( O
g1'111 1')fall \' t '' 140ry I" i -1.1 ' it e
it h IItS h ,e .' "n "':: in e:- i 1 :1 S -
0lti \m 'i C :: 1i - r :niIi t 11 n1 ; v::lt i.-4
h ie n o hn tie :1in01 \ :." :( "( t
I ic < I ri1111s (' .,:it 'A it i( ' .( ) iI i.-:--y
tia ;l lie' (t 11: ' 1 'v \o : ti:i s l' ..1y -
Only 1 S1401'i 11 :v a( '') '11.1 5ll 10111' '!' !I
IIh42where1 in h:1' ~ha4'ne. Ti-e lI' 118 h :4k
18 4i44iy refer;r11l to has' s1t 1h12 itn ,I.- y,
i2t Uns 1 iIen l'elu ::!. Thls le :..
11hod,ci n lal s.mn etic ti l Penns-N - 4
nin mal u t .lorsty. l4owa:t1, -:
enest iiu Ne .)ey the'i121P1 va l f
h4a2ts be n to be du111eII8 11 ar1g'ely 1 toy
ti nt ( of111' mat 1mt iln of. ill .::-.<- I fr1'
Wha101t't is tue of New .i'esei-eun.
donh.rlly true als, ofothe Nlm
')0'hI ltha k oft1l i 11.'4e iuiote f'ornt -ci
'eln rs !swhich i 18 )10 0.e lo-al i ---;IIC
withi(e al i1 11128: O the lie i.ii,'t -. - '10 re
du111. nTimear!ly to the 1.u--:eC nOm' 'hlofi
leto (Ii 11T the i l tue. .\mn:(i : in41)1
-t e ale:mtin l they vilnoifyt.
line cilubs. woin: me:U:-r:: avettie'(
to e::paib' i l:-a w1) ~1Tie
A1to e1Il (h1h of .\.re no
ory of a 1emark:"aio PhllanthropiSt of
Newr Or! a.*SA
There diled thet ot her din in N:'wv -
all:: ;( mi wim w1': s l "' :-m "e : " tst-i
il1 mlost rI11t tal t' !t:'.it't :' i:I i ::a
ty", Al a ini erl ' C. 1 i:li ,i i':''II, i':* ,4. ;
'It Of MIor"an's t:tai; i in l : 1:'T'xa:
ilrond and ( Stnitwhip 'oip:aliy. i:e
'S oil 1' of the tist s'ice:'afti (:111
tlns of Inlui try in te ou1 th.
IlIe 'was gener:ilv 1-e4"arthll a:s a coIl,
lstl' il d evea lll:ri tn)lli luili,
11 yet it itrnis out that tltere wi:s io
1t11 In New Orleans vhose h:iart was
iller of Syn i:itl1y .for his rollo\\", ol
'litiliw('lt, of lOV(' of, tlh httil't1t, a nd
-hos' hantd -wit"s no( 111 1!ge:1:-oils jIl
Itrity. Indeed, in t-hr exil. Il of lis
lying he seetns tol h:te bt'ein tile first
t' the city"'s p i nhops . \\'hlat
lost Ii ngllttuishel his Ihiasitii hro y
'as his sy'ste' nn11ic' (f1ort to k:(t'1eep it
.'(ret. It was Iis hahit gili lily to
pe' Ih:thoe who api1plie<l t) litiml]
I:arityi and1( lait :!1ijit.ly to ta s .
lite1 ilv(stigti l n ~!' th!'ii (":tases. If
It' we re folin t! 1 I:Id 1r i ; o!' :tid,
1as ir'oill tly1" .1!(d }oe; . i ; t'i
'ill, hnt c lv ly :'41d inl O n o 1':
11 L1 1i w 1 : : 1 ..;). jn thrl1. 1ll i
!11 4 i 1:'t \"" ti hi i! 1, ill 111'.21' h ('
'A l 11 '.' !1"I 1:1 : :; '!'.: re . :jrtlt .1:. , l'
!ll'l wvi'?h Ih : - -, : I l: m -,.:, ... :i :- '1
'll bIIIIks, w h Iil: l i : +S: tc,r tlt!r,il
mde him th le. ili sp:rit in Iunil
li i! .'i'n1 1h 1:. --- in N ( .
ii "iln:'1d hi: I:t . t r !i t1' l1
i:-vi!t11 :1: w an1' I ; nI:'a
:44in. . n
'w In: he in
it n
l11Il i:;l ( 411 '& I.., l1 l : ',\ t41 '
4''jt 4 . . 1 11 't
i . I I" -1
:1 1 1 i . ''ll ': : : Ii . '1 " 1 i: ! :
IIII: l ';: i it 1.N ! t' I
! : ."Il lik e I !: I-;
V.'.tii 40'..1
i 1 i i:,. ). h : - .: 1: . - i '
T1 11. : 111. 11:-1 24!, :I; 1 -
ltII .( l , l i Ihe . :. . 1'j?' c.
k1: 'W ho~ is ,i:..~ 4i1n, 1;es 12,
4'e1 11 44 01 : i t: 1:> '. i ib;: . I.h ugyiij
Ts 104 done~ lIt, - n:;' ' , 1g. n',0'
4'ted1 h!P1 ng: atL ! Iti' s i .' tlb
id ny of l~ 11.0 in: :-.a ble :l' i.:::' -..4
"I POl it,t o- r ::' 4 :t :wl oe l th '('1h'
:O, taleni by smlr-- ti h::: a:er-u.ns
1010inal Conllald il ni of iIyR.
4the Cha ityth Ui.:ial il ltis <-ity f'
le N 'To lh it.\! liltrj.ha -t h ulil
iiIt Ipub it Wuayrtig- iii 'Pe
ied Ite:ikrdong tili .-,t i entop
lt tile (tdiv ed of t l heh rom gong
'to the 1ry'O5 pub tii;
lie el o:i th; -,I(';-blt I -. he] o
:l. h ;es ter Iid;'i) t.U .'it';.. - qlt
l4sd I s o- 1hni v.-:e :,e a
ide o1'n'lt e ''med in :I le.nti'c'y or
itli la i to a n ti a livin14 , h:-':i''plI(
"be1th (l l in of lowi)in' ; -- rK '
I'l1i soweu man1~e left a oh'lIe- I 1: 1 m-y t
' Uienliaongl hid 2210e uhn't the gren
'I nortati o Pyt:em :0 whi h:e lyn
ti)(YOd np, rally he nine it htit do e
>itIon yofi hii frine tild1n:1 'liht h13d
Irdeit, 3't beCfoui lt er3 by rein-5 1
('leiCourer-Jyourna!.. -ti'
ler who is in charget'( of thei. Carlishe
diT: a. echol admstat many: oa :u'e,iI o i
l)utecso wh.~io reI II't' t'' trblelife,
11 n II Inini wiays agi. There-oi
ret he is dloing all thet0 he ennV to pe..
nt0 the' edieted Iniam; furedom oinlg
IIe tells of( an lue itlnto hat hec saw
tieed ' trade' thoe, laped l:ina
k( e h, tiow muebe'" eIll)to
"Fift Ocents, s))aidte amlrhant.001
"eIw mu)ebe0?" hn SP. Tliagain,
' tintolt nuothner' t tritle. The 1r1e
asIg quote andci wfollowed byope
he ueyo "Of1I)il ow0)( onn hint':"
Then) she suddetly o:1ed tobinrnkya
iii merchant fanticalld mihi1ly:~
"DoI yitou noltirar ttu1ch ) prie.
r you nol et thliev ohat a 1iu00
trl asbeothenl tpropea? e you
won-i-rmysu;:-- io.

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