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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, March 19, 1903, Image 8

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A boman thoro was, andi0o wrote for ti
p real,
(As you or I light do.)
Bho tow. ,V'w to cut 'ii1d itI a(dres,
And hot :o utewt muny a1 nvory nis,
But sho'd u-..t.' dune' it i' r .'l:. I g1ios .
(Which no of her readth'r. k now.)
(rb,tho hour we si'r., ;nel tho flou r we spent
And tho sugar w, watt't like santtd.
At tho boriet of Ia w\ouu an who nover hati
(And noy wto know that she nuver could
.And did not un(detstand.
A woman th"n wV _"tl 'ht' wrote right fair
(A; you or I !:, .l '
how out ot a tbarr( In min:ke icitir,
-10 ht ,'overed - h : antd stuffed with
'TwoIld telorn :.n. j:ar;t,r an,i give it an air.
( Id wtv thou..i t .e t: ' was true.)
Oh, thet days we eorle<i. andI the ways wo
To bil1Ile'r. aii s-itn awi tu'k.
II :l l I.' inl I:ln '"ene wmn1hl1 vt,
A et""i,i i - . ' ' t i iossibly sit,
A \\o in l t I -' r"' w.e., ir.d she ha id her fun
lt''l.- l t i :!tini I j
\e ' r "; ' -ii'' never tr' i t,id n,
sh,re I0' ;t . tl ret ' f l'oltr.c lhe uI1d
- it' try t.
An t i t t" s't'Oil.
'l h. t - ..- i ' 1W e
it l" . n w" w'' :lal lidn', 1 11t know\\
Cu T Q,. 't of View.
T?:- S1ot' of L've' D rences.
.\ . . .. . . . hi .aii' adlt
ni r I igti f i; r
T'1 " \ n *:,it'dI oxpres
\\a , \ 1 " 1 1' lit)i ' a dr
\ h 'ing (I illrj tl.'
.\l T -ri: I
\\- bIi iry.
n - aukll)
I i. ~11 'i'ill.'.
l Ilayf ully.
''(b 1t o inarr'y a
:T - d at w irgat.g ne
', , r' roa hfully.
h it r .' . I i-h sai it,
h 1) i - n o toll m11fa . art i."''
JIO1w !'\ ' 1141 i h l v oii 1)( ot'i 11,1\
h :illb'I tu nd ire IhaIbeen hav
h'lat''i. Tht's wttaiiht.i heii!'
' i . a said th at.
niw,' it wa nl r igt' ta cir, 'h old
Oh,iuml r lit' had no illa tha' Leseie'8
hop rruhi118 Wit .
V. li m aid.. -i it
I i:o ;t reall 'ize. howi 'i
w l. - ;t. rt ad sr v-.'
alith' . i h.i.l e-n d s
1 u.an an -
ft turl' I 'inr.. l
t(Ii li''s' I g -t iui ui a n afraid ."
li)( le lo (j iarle.ty o c
fac ~iitlraIy 'htrg~r tone gfi's
hItianliiIi~acl h ad
"Oh I' horid mecnahry
matA0 woh n'oe snmcra Petn
AinIg the -l oe~clt n rs
pO'ly,ant t' lfcu natra itnaw
tat woma lou athrhsadt
YOUb de.r fr rgetn elespvr
ty; onl nth-.h YO care for hsin
less becaue of it-o
thogther yo in' hnknma
-t.hatntof ar
"ais 'wad afraid+a lir-thn
timonily."utIkto nw- v
four%tI:rm I- beinn-o e hn
~hd~V~" bighenig o he hae.
-t' %.t ,.. an
a mOlne$'t
Leelio woro a paupor I should groan
horribly. but I shouldn't give hm tip!"
e Mrs. 'Travers l)egan to laugh.
-wll it isn't ats bad itas that, is i?'
sh rtune."AIe.ac,'sli0 h:as
u ite ret ptt ta b l i eo ml e. I ad ml it it
mliglht he lltrer, bat 11(th en. Il) re's every
pru.-1)ect of its int-'easing a t ile goe
on. )o you knowv 1a. "abel," . t.. 'I'ravers
continued1, "yott' jst a I tle hit in,
clined to exaggnra't< yotr ruttre Ius
l:and0's atrai10ened c"ircumsF"i.mt'
"'erhlals I am1," ad!ilnit\ed Mabel.
"ht t hen-'
"Oh. I know what is it 'our mtind."
interrupted her rnolher. "P1overty ig
always compar l'atillv, ati 1 so. because
YOtt halve been nectt1u. )cd to a big
hotuse and ptII'nty of su. vatit . at little
house with only one selt'ant lutist seoci
OOi r atn( men aI to yo'
1aahel looke(I piV:.Iar
"'ou see,' said ialr; ''ravers "vhen
YOtt ('ompae:1'( I(te h)14 holus(' w\ith the
little on', youta' ac' (...m1ariltig your
fat her's ;)sit ion wi I."li('s, al
tih one, you know is tnear'ly thirty
years olbb r thant( i i oter.''
"Oh ex(htimedl .\:label. with start=
ling emphasis. "\\'::u a silly child I
A1i a irs. ''rav.'."14 smtileal in a sa.tis
lied way. She klw iuctt he datgh
t'r was cltivatlin thi' 1e pI'Op I t'ramc of
altitt i.
"A tl 1nt\er I h'u;b: Of" that! I
ac-tually ex i' I I :ii 'I sta rt
wlt'r' tat her 4. . ot: \\ hiy. OI' 'oure,
II's titraOs 1nah1)1'(.i .\l.ai her"a, I ret. mlt
1'' itnOw what yocut 111 t In olnce
It hli :s have e t"ti tat yatua graulally.
.lI a t:at 'I h an Ilst ats a.osli
'\\'ell no. o.t tIni!i'' ra Itrne(l Alts.
"eht \a 11 tt''' t11); t4 ) 0'
".:ia'at you cart aln a or
.\ . 'rav''s. laugied1 gaily.
"It youitu tist kin, v. my dear," she
4a-id, 'yuri' "ati-r's salary was e'xac(tly
htlf t.h i nt t)tt' I.esli( is nulking now.''
\ 1tt he"r. ' :aid Maiale. "you mlalke mle
mto(r' :mat alr'' aslaned of tyself'."
(Ih. Iai oltr.; wias a (angetots ox
I r 1ian1n at Yom sve, ata' incttOme vat
lu w thIte tat unum ofI i1 II discre t io .''
-.\iay hOW, thle exp'rianent. ended
\s i' ha:apened.''
a v es. 'ravets blu':sh (l riamingly;.
It -vas a risk, !!mItgh. 'hib'il I
shta4'a l.14t lik,' yo atl I.c:,lie to tatta."
"Vov think I d1onl'1 love I(.aslI a:
act11t1h a; yOu lo\"el h1rat0)) . and Iia)
\Wolltai'r, after th(". wvay: I've )-aah "-ai.
.-Iti a .lalt a , hlumbly. ".\I t .', I wc:i1h
I "!ish1 I 1.''1i0 'er(' ar i:(:or' as i) aih
was, sa t Iha1 I night -1haw yc> tVI
T ;'-- sentence was (1lilal, t1 1
.\la' (''a ulothleu' 'ti ar;:dala.
Is the Color a Token of Certain Men
tal Characteristics of Wearer?
Somle e111rious stalistias relating to
l'i'ir have e.'en colletel by Ilt' schtoaol
.thtlorit'is of Lill. writes the Paris
S0rrI'(pmIndent of L.ontion Truth. Thus
the auburnl -hairel boys are generally
at the head oft(he let'ita.tiotn claascvs
".a.l t.he b.lond.e( girls larnt theirt las
;onts bes't . Auba r haa hoaieys anad londae
l asses comott( outI t hi ghast ats a ri thmae
a ic'i:ans. Hait itt compoiacsit ian thay are
now'cher'e. Thea dlark-htairaed a'hih,lrena of
haot ha sexes htave te ejtualit y otf imaaginaa
tiontt ata int theit cinpllsitiones knaowv
hoew noct ta faitigtae tIte at a nii on. PTey'
Iav'e mtovemtatant and carigi tnalit y. It
hlit . hey s(ettm, as com tp:la ci I) I lhe
aaaburans anda lltacles, bornt Styvlist.
Nawc thai. I 1inkl of' ii, Sartaht Li:.rn
iaarcdt as, or was, ouatturn-hitcred, atitta
awenat y-iive year's atgca-sa lit.it as
icc tiac alm fa. I siteatlad noct call tha'
hate a \tme .htequets St rn' ('Coizct tat in~
itha byday ofl hteru armaats at lnale.c Bt
sie htad a darkisht shae of taitr hali'
haat latokedi like hecatvy shaa''ny 11a0s:
dik. attel athe ruddlclintss t hat an aca sso
a-intas withl a aturn.t .\tte S:amairy waas
ailsa fair' withiettit biang ' xact ly a
I dar e say~ a le atuhurnt haoys andl
id tlani las:a s itn I teno It- alemtenaity
:athicoas ar*e of lat lei:sh, that i- to say c
>h!agattaai'. raca'. Thitr bacints dot noi
-;rowV at ontca caungestdc whnc't thaey
aad tap to reta, atnd for tat. reatsont
hley keepi t ihe mnastetry oaf the vocaal
>agiats. int Shor't, t hey cotinutet to knolw
vhtat thlay are' aibout. Tlima dark albil
itrtn art- probihal.y ofi Cr I c. Ihlat is toa
':y) G.allie, or-igitn. Tihe blaood cometics
Ivitht a tash to theair brtaints, atmc they)
.tcw I a cofiased, simatiter, atnai bre'ak~
Icown. If they cittld only a'la tu-i ato
aemtatitn silent f'or a tew tmomett ahe
v'ould lte all the btetter for a ih:; ush, iaS
hie contfutsion wovuhtl have p:ass td av.ay,
ea vintg (tnly' stintulated mientali cignuts.
soldlsmitht, wcho wcas dlark, always it:
.taa niby beitag cott futsed itt cona ve:at iont.
r)(cinnell wccore at blackl wivg, ham hiis
'Tal haait itt yout twats anhturn-a. I iai
i1atd itt hi; pr-imte speak of it ats m-h.t
1! rPain its was wonderful.tt -: I a r- a
ias het night no(t have redcitoa! ;aa ,. :1
s'alt somattlbodcy eise hiadl'c. wrt*tona.
Theory of the Aurora.
The late st theory, and a very Inageani
Oa(A ne', wrtitIe.s laran k WV ibert Stokesa;
;nt t h'a'ntuary. is that of JUnterw''ceger,
vh'lo tsupposesQ5 that -osmilc eit-, wleh
ls IhIe celest i:i sphletres, whean me.' byv
the earth's mtovceent, is complressaed
->r cotndenasecd b fr-ont of the eath
In the dirtectlion of its movement, and
:dilated or' rare'flced, on the (cntraary,
nehind It. This cosmic ctther Is mioro
condensed hoforec thte earth than that
which is bornie along In the wchirl of
the wvorld at from 33 to 441 miles pear
Seconde, andl( Is lmorte rafited bethind.
'"he result is that otne-half of the
earth, or the northernu hecmisphere,
wcill be negatively lectr-ified andl the
~Oute3'n halaf po'ttiVely electr'ifiedl
itthe ace regions whtich they arc
travinp. Onlly the magic of the spec
crtaseof tiProbably plush aside tho
veran t ttha grand mystery and re
What thte 0othsaye.1rsw
Tiberius had itust aked biresoo, -
sayer it he could Dredicfthe dat oh
his owni death. h aeo
- "Not exactly, reoD\led ''rslu
"but .it will be 24 hou~ bTranyullu'
Ifondoring dooply, iht foem your.
peror countermianded the Romanle fori
auatooile hte had ipnd~ der for t,w
DI agician ,andl instea i grn n tk
ri onsfon.-Mew York rrJb1*
In Order to Get a Good Commande
for His Embryonic Fleet He Er
gaged the Services of a Man Wh
Had a Most Unsavory Recor<
With the expected arrival in thi
colmtry of Prof. Uphues of Burlh
coniissioned by Emperor Willa.unl I
to Stiperintend the erection of t1
statue of Frederick the Greait, "Gel
Washington's friend," at the capiti
city, all manners of stories will prol:
ably be printed of the ways and ot'
(lilies of de alto Fritz. Most of ther
arv very likely known to the studen
of history; but. there are a few-treau
tired only in rather obscure Germa:
publications-- -which, while of great Ii1
terest, have never found their way int
the textbooks.
One of them is of partilenar in'teres
just. now. in view of the recent appeal
of the war lord for a larger (ermai
navy, for it records tile fir-st b)eginnina
of that. Ialite power., andi(1 shows a
the Satm Iilt' (hat der grosse Koeni;
was not loath to ovr look a mlan'
charactt'r as long as no fault could Ih
ound With his ability. The burden u
.he story in (Iest ion is--and its trutl
s vouchcd for by official d10(urne1,I
tow in the archives of the city of Stet
in--that in order to get a good admitr
il for his elbryonic Ifet l'"redericl Ih
.1rtl. "as n illing to nctt'pt ith eservice
)l' a man11 known t.o the p; liter .;. a p'r
tt, and who had hb en kitke'd < tit
'ho service of half a doz(et go'. In
m.ts and arrest ed as iany t ito e..
It wais shortly aler he ha, I It' (
Neuwarp, onl Set. 1). 1759. when Ih
twelve ships composing the (;ermla
navy had been partly caltlureI atn
partly senl to lavy .ion.'eS lotkir h
11le Swedes, that the Duke Aug us; \\'il
belln of ltraInclhweig--lievern, goi It
or of StettIill, wa",s inst.rutietd by Kin
l''retderiik to build a new Ileet.
was little 4llotlg tlt otey oil h:to.t! I'i
lIe ) pur)os', hut t he task \va-. ;.ccomt
ilisheld in less t hanit wo yea to. :ai,
in the sitmner of 171 t\wvlve nw shii
roc"ked at atlit in the l)01'; (f :
finl. Th'le totlll Ithetu was 4.iO, bttt on" fina
lilt :nt n oI was st ill r a'ani i hat i
t h a mtttit;i .
Ilhike ..\lgIIst \\'ill:elml ;.i"d his bh
.o Ii'h ti.i man ( h 'I h1'pi:1... l.
r.:tent r it tos v ra r: n m r.h
l. } .' " w r0 too I>roudi to !ai"' ith' t'(lm
tn tnd iIf i!he "(;: Unu la t) navy." Th'!
I):tn s w\ere syrupathi .i:; of ihl
tin\ 'ties, I'ressia beinl"' in wartare wit
i''e.i.t e. Sw. detn and<t l'is ia, oflitirs O
t hesi '"0un11riesi wV(re ()ill c f thet (Iu "'
tion .and he I! i Ilot s of I fltland wer
at't' molney, which the t'rnssian _;(v
erntlent c(1ihl only spalr' in very slnal
amnounts, andl not after t;itry.
In his distit ss the governor appl:'ale+
to lrivy ('ouncillor von ilecht, th
l>russi.n r'presentative at Stettin. ''hi
olicial, anxious to serve, 1111(e Ih
ne('cessary iiuiries, anti in less thal
a week repor))tt ed that ho Iha<l toun th1 I
very mn tor' the 1)ost. lIt it'bggedlth
a,ttke to overlIook ietrlain imperfe'tiont1(1
of muann11er and re'PtItat ion ini his can
dilldate, h)e1t'irit-ommi:-ndedtt him as al
able seamatn Ithan whtich lno bet teir lint
ever' gided( al stipl thraough the siir'gin;~
A\ few minitit es later1 ihe aspiraniut to1
the l'russian adirtalshiip was Iled it
th dutke's r'oomi. lit' was a s<qta.ty 114)1
lanlder, wit h iont edi lace anti smai~l
gleamintg '-y's and t wo ugly si a
neo-is5 his foreh'te:uLl. llis age wats hart
a, gues, but It' duke put. it at aboiu
lifhy years. The ap p1itant said thla
hIs niamie was lternt ilte, and thal
be was willig io take thlit job, prov.id
ing he was t:iv'tt a giod< deal of1 hat i
ttle ini thait ma nag''mnt of t'e no
navy, It' (pIiih'di a.s a <lisieritillat ini
d isciptlinarian antI seaman bty sayvin
th:l I lhe ships wer'e batIy rilg;d amil
the ;ai ltts a1 'undt oft untitly loat'trs
wh'lo woutldt htav: tt chine to adiert
tItne thle momen)it. lie took i'ommiando
Ilie tn snat ''om placent ly (41 the linie
carp'est aind tooaI chair withou~it hav
Inig been offei'ed the ('Olitisy.
Not over-jinipresied withi te person.
alitry of' thle wtotul<I-be admtiral, the dutk
at !1 rst intended to dolpl him,ii but, t'ol
liowini tIhe adivic'e of yon Ilit m.nade
tli n iecessary' rec'tommienidationt to tho
king, (o ittin g, hiowtcver', t hat hi'
could1( not. very well .see how a man (o1
thatI. tailibre coulId become the hi1ghest
l 'ea:'iani naval oilleer.
lt King i"reder ick fo rt.hwit.h made
(lIthe 1('111 om i$,sl(on of B3ernd t Rebbe.
Wh'ile the dlocim'ient was on its way'
to St in, a delegation from the Neth
erlatols, accomtpainied by a senatto
fr'omi liambur1 g, wer'e ushiered in Ithe
duii 'room1if. A fteor a long I ntr'odue
tIon ie caller's stat ed that. t.he em ploy
mient of I lebbe wtotuldt be coosidei'ed tan
afti'rott by t he governmienit. of' the~ Nethi
erhainds-, iinasm'u'h as he was a danger
tn: chIarnl-aer' and had had coni15ider'ale
toi with the auithoritieos of the
'(enteral States.'' T1hey tnetn pr'oceeded(
o readl a long li.st. of (eI'rts I'rom of
hteil documents contaIning, among
o1t's, thle followting facts: Itn 1739
itchbbe had heeni di schiarged from the
naval service of' thle Net herlantds on ac
'I unt1 of' his) p)ar't l icipaton ina the 'nut -
inty on board the frigate Aphrtodite. le
lter made hiIs appearaniiitce in V-nuet ian
w'aters, under' thle name of flernardo
Rlbbi. IIhe was ac(tOsed of attempt.ed
fr'aud, but owilng te his br'aver'y, which
he proved in severi I enigage'ments whI hi
thle Trks, the aiuthior'ities dleclared
t hemselves satisfied wilth the conflaca
tIon of his house at Mur'ano and( exiled
him11 foreve r from Italy. In 17-17 lhe ('oim
manidetd a Spanish man-of-war, but lost
lis conmmissioni on ac(ounit of br'utality
and capping the climax live years Iab
or, was caught redhanded as tho comn.
inander of a pirate ship by the Furench
corvets Furorre and Aigle. Ho escaped
from prison, however, and later man
aged to convince the authoritIes that
hie was not one of the freebooters
caught in that raid of the ocean. Blut
i 185 a sailor by the name of PeCter
Rauwkmanl took the wItnesti stand
against him and swore that Roei) wvas
the commander of the buccaneers who
Splundered the Danisli brigantine Kjoe.
Trhe duke lost no time inh reporting
those facts to his king. Blut once hav
'tgg i~*e up his mind that a mas
suited his purpose P'rederlek the Ores
nevcr recalled an appoint mont. He dpr
epatelied Lieut. von liuelle:son to the
r governor of Stettit with a lotter, pare
of which reads as follows: [
"Antd in firt hor relation to U0l)bbs
r ills Majesty have said that Your l'x
(ellen4-y ineed not. hositato to make (041
Shis 'toninission as admiral .... tundex
the flag of war of the king. Ills Majes
ty have takell aeknowvledlgment of thm
s rei)ort of the police of Ilamlburg anI
said that. sich ('ont(lct has never hi r
tore (Omlle llder his observation. 111t
o t.hat this was not Iho prope'r time to Irf
. too partiuhl:r. And since RIbbe, aQ
, cording to his antecedents, was un
doubtedly I(.ss'd of courage andi
routine, it was so much better that hI'
t was painted .;o black. lecauso, as so!
t as a btl tcr n in all he found, it Woul(J
- he so 111111 asier to chase the fello\.
a to the devil.'
So l('irndt itb'1b(' was made admiral- 1
But the trouble with 111himl was that it
did not know i'nutgh to value the go.
t fortuine whirlh Ih:11 f;II(en to his lot
S Without Iirs inifotrniing his stiporloI.
1 I engaged oi hnulldi sailors, black
guards of' his on I;ini. but leto h lih
t (0111(1 talke Ihe 1on(n bIOardl they wer (
arrest.ed by tho :tlhot+riti('s of I InlhurA tr
who saw. ii n ;t :1. i a(lr unath Of' ith
):.ance. Itc'bbec reltained" his liber1'y. bul(
f peaco bein i ' lblar+l s(1l after. th t
I dnike gave up i h' il+-a (3f orlganizin I 3l
S n:avy si r i n i 'llt h :II 10 e a th 1
- SwiP"uii:slh w - hi ;. : nl Itt'hle' was dit :n
- ("har"g( d. Thel -tult:liral :l(ap1wal I ( (1:
11( ("h )tll(Sr i 11and inl l t o 11 :!;t 1 'l rid 1;n
t lie fellow the tin. l:i.(h! h ni a f-''
- htilndred Ii:hlers t t! i; (W n pIawc ! ('1
According to rt'li:lti a.. unIt oI ' th w
- further life of thr Iilr atliliral of til" 11
(.on(1 I'russian Il.+, Ie pur; Ias'iied ? 1
I ship and(1 plied tlhe. Itr ' (i a iiralr' in i l
the lMallie sea intil he wasN hanit'lged a1
I (uerni sey witi ten tlht1r 14111t::. 1av I
I ing he(t (aptur}ed by a I liiit go+veru- t<
Difficulties in Getting a Wedding Cci
i' tificate Finally Gve;ccme.
In a Frh-i"ls' I ()i , o I ":,- r. t " tly he e
w ait ing c"u.: tonlI -!t"1<': n it ;;ltt al: c' i : . p1
mn it il li: nintI 1 4) hi II ion ( 1.113i" t' .
1 we('n a I :;it of lr+'Vt'Is ill I;uIk) I :
Ernl 1i, 1til. i 1 .' - reint i , \.h!U 31
th 1'v ing It tI 1 'n 1 . 1 a 1 'Iria - 1
"\lr :i, , i n i", A i 3 . (+
i (-l a. o r a . . a '.;: r tl l.
. 1 Iar ht 1-:;t.' I - il .1 '. p
' I Ii Th 3 h.rk Si' ye : 1m o ghr o
1 irIed tl' !'.'t I ' 31 1'm d I r !.,
-l" 'r I Ilint h, h:1d ilt iihliii' 1Ill y 1 < pty
'l 'iie wasii nh agtll 'd.'. hmi:11 the
g'ro(m11 1;('ugg1'stied tht I t l- wait an1:- i
other day.
"Ni. we muis t ae it today. 1 loryl'
m Iarr'iage Itmorrlow withou lit at cttil
- ('ale lor the fien1ds to sign?"
"WelI , then1. the ha.1 I3s a ('heck in th'.
1 1u1rse."' 81ugge st.oi the' mana. "Canu thou
get. thby mtone(y for1 t hat ?'' ~ I
W'.ih aIVI ain 31ac(e1( te bride pro51 AIl
(leded dohe athe cisle othyahi.
P1nlyr to( me:o' 15 with isappinmt,i
(hin'. fol' allIs 111e l3!e etitii'NI ha: el
3nimlyt waIitn in the'I' frn h
st"oe. "Winel. wh:u isl ahe' goin ol deV
now'3l"i he ako Il t ioolly. S 111Vi
TherI' br'st far 1 S was i rosy with e ve :.:JlI
tion but e:il was1 130ill undaunte(d an('l (1
G11('tiermet ll the(imoney (theOSC ha:
an leto(31I1's , onni ither. '(Cw g 1
A.snuilli,!tion' of arthis an -' N
('ne1.~ ants. ridmoundt t $i1.8 . lIOIIS
more. gTh Iti msto give tn ie uivey tpen '
Takeus 11011113. 1h man utt prtuei' an111b
there qua1e and~. ao tiertii3nte for ':
was10purchased, I t he lit luekbred 313aking a
murca inest in11 ''111u oeing 1)1idos yiti
its r3lottnd0 ti tea asolif.-- itia l3os(t $5tin. d
This(1 rdu thtopesfiaist
Cinleoarf rtithe buing.a gan
'quIle 'litle oeion. (l'io ti~ob
nert. possible ( th Ig 5tle Quakeress i asked3 a1!'I
for11 al 31a and rmaiedy plo;ain ly1wait
ing for(11 tw sol15idlours, un11(1 hyr lov
(ie' rturnP11'il maeit posile for bot m111
to.- proceed' i to ri home.-P jlh ilade1lpLhiad
lIlecor. tiWt )'iall uigb
fo C o- 1soeaiersa Bu it. ut
"Trhae 'liI le fllw'dos anots hand k
wit (ofl a buhies3111 terams ths th. uu
bei tone m'big stot, ai anyes P.
mantI tin a yrnadwa whoislVesal ho;iu'eJ)
are ore fthesay littl co.-,Ie oafr
wo laes blIfg anderhi i hos then at
suevt. thm whchmetin ot. give donoi
asAnl ot,e but hlwsa Deam.sco-f
bine atterong ramlvws, arn by co
(peraiverelyin etseo the sm trm b
as ther who rivls do.ibt solfd atug ti.
Thrns-Sioean atsdo aen' otihergra CIc
to ilaey ieub-~le otfpae in t.cm St
his store.-Heowa proabl buying bu
for a donsoekeesa oc..n
eculiarly Sad Tragedy at Hamlet,
North Carolina
ir. Ji"mcs W. Dunaway Steps on the
Track in Front of a Rapidly Moving
Passenger Train.
Iamtlct, N. C.. i1pecial.--.i11e's W .
uInaway, operator for tle \Vestern
ni0n l''eigrap)h ('lomti('0 1pany at this
lace, w\as Iit and killed by train No.
1 as it camne into the yardl Wedlnes
iy morinliitg. \1r. Dunaway was go
Ig from the ofice to Ii. h11ome. w\alk
g along by the track with his head
>wI, and when ill a few st(jps of the
igine, Flepli:'2( en the Ira ck. seemtiniig
n10t lnow\ing the trainl was a)
'oa(hinig. TIhe ('ngin\'er rev'ersedl his
1.;ine andi did nit h.' t'Oubt to st.ep th('
ainl, but the distance wao- too shu'r.t
ith 1!w cx) .';)tiont of thl l, arnli be
SbrIkln all a bruise oni tile side o'
11a. h thele ar' no external in
ri::e. Ti'h ti'll ce Of t i I(1bo knioc1L
10 luntl lo ltte. Ilde ailll olf thw track
i:1 he lev'er r llied( from tile ::hock,
ing in() a in(inlt... trl . IDnaway
-i ( bi1n uor1''inl frl l',i nnr' -ithII;a fol
reral dlay'. It is b)elieve'll he ' as
a:ed with the isain 't th\e titu c and
a,; obliv"ious to till' appiolh of the
1il1 hen he (t)I!t o the track.
e lce'avs a 1i and: thtrec' chiIr.'u,
is a rimains will il" taken to al ti ry
!i Von:rro for' burial. Kiink- h"a rtedI
o1)le h,:til"' ':1'y liber ally tnl t ributed
raising a1 I'tr.ie for" thl ri('f-Str'itlw'n
if(- and chibltrln, who are in nllecdy
\'ioler:co, of Strikers.
K ansina: city. Seil--'aec n
'1l into th1 e strik' o the L ti tiv
i t-tn .!; l by ihle i-1 tran$f ' com-"
tie I t' thet' city ho1I) went"lli on stri!t
'11 <I'ill1l1 for ai ll ("il't':.it:( ill I 2 '(.3
t l .' : 1 i( t ;i itl ( )1 1 !' 21 l2' e ' I t 1 Ii l
tOil 2 C-: I'0ogit'l ion'( of tile i O unlin
i i dl1 t :. htlIrItI lnt'Ill well t' e1n
,ot ..It tluring ihl -Jay 1-o tal;(, I!i"
s-"s (f the ."i:ikis, thon-th but ilt
I' work w\'a.-4 tit (oInlIi.-idt'i by th1 m.
l t I l 1 1 1' ( lt ''11O1)11 sl' 1i1C1's w t:11
) i l i tIl. .''rl I ath 1 I 'il:il ( I '
:ill' Il: : e"al . " \ 1: ' in t111l ,' .'- l
n.ace i hl' up w ns di1ve
ali 4 ?li:i cI ti oln I't - ) t o r el
iiaw er t- it i I: b) 'a n:r, a'
t1ll e 10Cin' , t ! : ll 1i a ll a ('xi11! a
tIa11Ian, in i111(t I ltllut to dis$ ;er,; a
'1\ Il hat wa1L : Ihowin; StOl'i at. a
ivtr, fl ' i a shi t into the rOlloule.
N. I.-itin. at stril:er, initerfcr((d and!
al ' it ntu\.(' to draw a k:nif'e, wit n
It, emtend \' e 'rliai" l. In tle after
)ona ftrowOd blockhi the tiorOngh
tre ailt e seeg t s 'I( ati t12 . Hl
ndian drie. .\luch I citm:1.et pr
itatnd thraolie atr keptcbusy.
NehwYork., Special.-They annioa
Ilting theil stchlderCls ofethe
mer('i tanlOV1 anyco omaty) wat heldt
dlaneda i)y Jarsed mity. The ovy
illof Eldetos ti r-lect fthed with1
lol.Tn toiVOue l'ed Thmas F.(fries,il
Mtry2. dllov il.:e. age l anyic
~t heae tnsifarnin.ile feln f th
Thlenstock heledersf tsyCnni
)it I 250cc Ceopfnyil f!soiheld
tirt annuaeleting Thed aod board
'C direamtos St. Jephead. Thenatort
Thdil ar lo doing cosirthe r:m
benor beede.nr Natfe dtr V-cs
fissioatn Aiversay.
Nte ok. Spcak.-A coneferenci
le,ran ahe twentt anivesary1
the: at iona iFlorence Cr'itteno
issifn waternet in sh. mition ho
'11 thr stleet rTet president, Cal'.
. thriten assiedit ty Iro t
'Ialr yarrett,l gera sueitenp1
ihal of tack Ol Ahralssion.l Th
llog idlaboe ward treseie\l
>ga, Trcnnc.; lr.ishere lnhburg
vari8 ouls whijchs connestnd wthv
leatoes Te danenti11 wi110.n
Sita ton Gav who lieatez.r
N arnhez couny, Spca.---Everys pre
od ntoat prevet an attemp ambcut
)intay it,ne al armed me. Heavy
instrondly toi tej gat ego theasitu
alonge ivOer rose thretenthand)0
ndw 2.5 above thear home afteh
r ltsBf havedntenien he frgof hi
44seaes4t Joep an Sento
The Senate Still Talking on the Canal
'I'he )emocratic Senators at their
('aucls resolved to stand together in
the Senate in sul)port of two alend
menlts to the Panama Canal t'eaty.
One of these provides for the odliflea
tion of the twenty-third article of the
treaty so as to iinslre the control of the
cnnal ZOnle by the (tited States, and
the other enlarges the )rovision in the
fourth article of the treaty which is at
disavowal oil t he part of the Uinited
States of any intention to 'increase Its
territory at t he expense of Columbia,
or of the sister republics in Central o"
South America.'" so as to include
Mexico. \Vi1 hi reference to the. latLter
auendneit there was considerable de
ite. Many of the Senators advocated
an amendient striking out the provis
lon entirely and practically all of them
agreed that it had no place in the
agr'eleln, but it was concluded that
as it had1 beenl incorporated and1 would
pIrobably remain, the best policy would
be to make an effort to molify ratlier
than1 to remove it. Mexico was int.ol
poratedi beicause it was i'ge(l that the
i ('Oe. of that ('ounlitry are as sensitive
as thost' of any othel' about maintain
ing the integrity of tleir ou(' nltry and
also as mu ch entitled to the guaranty
as any ('tler.
All lie IDemocratic Senators except
Nilr. Dubois, Mr. C'ulherson M.. Mor
n. Mr. Mci.aurin, 11r. (lark, of
A kans:s, and ir. (,ibson were pres
-nt. It was the understandinlg that
all tie Democrats woul(l sulppo)rt the
t1\' O amem1lilents agreed IIpon. btut
after they ar*1 vote'd uplon individuals
shall be at libertyV tO vote for or
agailst the traty3 as Ihey 111ay elect.
It was also tIlle uttl(i(rstandilig t hat
"4om1e of the I)'e"ocatic Senators
n'onld stpp o:it some 1' of Senator lor
taln's inilivitial alendmellts, but they
will din so as individual Senators, not
as inellhers of t.he I)emocratic (aurllS.
Ih'r)eratic Senators who participlated
inl the ('au1'uS say that whether amenvid
e.d or no t.the treaty is sure of ratilica
t ion.
Thel ;:mt"ndmn:!t :;ughestedl to the
twV;nty-thirdl ar'tic'le of the tr'eaty giv"
t w('nlilhrdltt shrdlil 'hrdill sI-dA1luuu
iii! thl g,ovolmllent of the l'Inited
Stat("; thet ex("Iluivte r"ight to p)Olitr and1(
Irolct th^ 1anal, is practically thiat. of
f'-tlm byv "natOr' IIa("On1 ( i u d y
wih smue vrbal chani;gs. 'Tllis
'111a ment Illit ' s li lt 11ontrol of tie '
l'nitte1 'ItatV it . ' lr t il ' 1'anal lbhl;ll te
and te'N 1 ell:i , n i. ri i l:= ;'igl' t to !)olile i
ll 1rite "! t 'i ' h i tn ' is (11 r l ij'_
";Il n ln 's dl'e il(ient upon the r -
re- o invritaliOnl of the repuhlic of
T'i othl.-! : imllrndm1'nt agre-;ed ;;pon
1' . r11 ', ii I 'i' (41 Ilt' to a t,'1la t
theilt t'1l' 'it 1" a ci it11 Iliel t atto
!It)\':'l11:;1(1 l i ' -l l t :1 ,1!'.''t l,11
\ ft c' tie lil i ; 011 t the ' hed enOc1
\rnrie n n rei)ublir:. the Ilanguagl e of
111 amllemlmlllr ill h"-"iilg as t'ollow::,:
".The 1'nited stat(s, following their
''tiformi establis h d11 poli1"y in regard to
heir sister r public in America, frec
}; a1(11l0% 1"w l ' and col iz the SOV
I1ignty of te rIe1iubli1" ot Cotlinbia
and diiavow an .in:'ntiol to imnaio it
in1 ally way watt;lt' ver1' oo r to in;reaet
theil t eitory iat the ('xp"nse of Co
lll ia, but mo(til eari'1Stly desire h'er
praie and prospe ity"."
Aftil e the ad.iourauc'Int of the 1"allruifs
Senaor Gortan, as lhairnaln, al
C('nator' (armal;rk, n1. set"retar'y. of the
teacus, gae (ofutill' h fl(' il i state
"iC(Thile(amlendmit rithulitie tohe an
1uage o)'ltfle' torey lto the etent of
rm'kng a~I1 simleIi afitlierma t'tion h
Iistablishe policy1 1111 col i th atrnmen
aga1ilst 0 tie pliil'cy itt of tertrall ac-i
htuisdi tin I theep en ofn iters r
the' lsereinty3 of the rt'mlic State
lomia.ftil Te wsUstongojetnt
''h ile languagiof te treatyi i t hist3 re-(
imertn toth enter oft de'an'i itgago
mntth wicy Coobaf the proedStteston
nofther Sth )Amerincapndrepthles,f
iths Cinralandr 1 reoningltat re
pubIiliCs oth reolelaseantv oath
ohers, and1 givginast eac 0111ma'.
Thwe lngu:Ve o the otrary to also
stsl thoispiy of the 'nited States hc
it refernceno al.l tie .\mter'ian ar'
pulhns whil the-- tiiIry contnlyit
plith toei th<f01of ''entrl al Othl
againhsi the roumle wod Insicct'iv
"110Th e lagpa'(i) of the reat i'ls
gocst he.' tnto'ecaigtt
foot hepibcyn of theI I! Uniteda Staslt
mi tin 'olt ot sepre.3111 in endeeof
Valiah Centrl''MII 3 and iAeican re
twoublii, n lelyt as againt Europteani
01'wills, fut ais. gais gapchi~ oer
Th iya beaeved t e contar tboge
levee, eoneerned wapith the internallt er
l)angeents ol thes 5(publesd, abutlonhy
wathe er e'u eniii ando011 prtcin
aogisre ousidewrdpi.cod
anee withtpnciple ofnjury nro
Na's'tez of13. tpca-he fetiit ften
footl(' imbankentO ofy the1 KTelxas tae
stor Ralod of outgereet mane blow
mtw mils ia ientmhsull he
of in (lal few hod. Thsapwsf
lowed by ad afeakirn ril the i reoog
levete,no whihchpd; tthe filrndesm
blayent by the ndian ind gatng ths
rerg is runiidlnt reemerd. ilhin
dugar mstavebe'p. ret e
vHw ion Mano tot Evnfor a eg
Th FIan cled Injaur. leu
tenant anssd bsoe himoeen banth
andr toanld oeste otstreet andh
CoI 'ndnblood.tf tl lois
.Olones W. Joes, asi bad ofdr promi
and one ad fair, arousedCo' teie ofy
dped the Indan of goetn hi
atr eloin prdIs,t'frhi.eeg
was ascnrue asit wastii aloriina.
cod forcommand,th-at tIle housoaf of*
JopU.Jns a nbdodr h
SubJoet: Patul' t 1 11ssa ii tii, 1;+(te tau,b
Ela., It., 1.tO-Gould1-n Tuxt, Epyh. 1i. %
'11"1"enry Verse s, 4. --Comnntu%ry on
the Day's Les on.
I. The children of wrath (vs. 1-3).
And you." As Christ lills the whole body
of (hristian believers with ills tuiiiess
(chelp. 1: 23), so had lIe dealt with the o
verted EJ"pilesiais who before were (lead in
trspasses and sins. "( licken' . Mule
ahiyt: spiritually. " Deatd." 8ee (L1 ':.
I)eati is ottn n used by all writeis tuld i all
natiotis to express at state of xetreme mis
e.ry. The Ephesinsu by trespassing aid
sinniig had broutght thoesinsev iinto it
state of dellor-able .wretchetdne s, as had
l.l the heathen nitions, and. having thus
Sinned against (Gol they were conleille<
by hinm and iught, he eotsidered as "dead
in law.' They were ineaptable of erfort
ing any legal act and were always liable to
the punishlent of lent I whicl they had
desetrved and which wats ready to be in
llicte'l upon them. They were incapable of
pertorilliuig a loly act . Their bodies wero
the livitig collins ill wilich their delal souls
were buried. T'l'respalsses and s."
Trespasses niy signify the sligh test devia
tions irom the riiht; sins mure lalitutal
anlid daring tI. ii.n:gre ionis. but, the ternms
rl'1 togetier ilt 1ncalli11g.
'. "Ye walk:l." 'hy hid smni)ell eon
tinually, not mler'ly occtasiunmlly. 'l'iey
1yed, in im ant i llowel I he evil pract ice's
of till: le ll tl i '"o:ld, Ti-ne lititiml.i
scl>alrate them-('-es Iromn thle world (iol.
12: 2; 2 ('or. i: -.I and do lot t ionfornt
to its sillni Ilsttl.'-; aid pr,.i .' - . p i t
- til'" T hlis ll::ts 1'fe l"t'l1t"c to .N t i l}e
prince ut devils. IHe is also -- he god of
tli.s wo1 ld" 1. 1 'u31. -1: It. The' :iir is rept'e
st!lted as I he . ot' j it s ji .I oo. 'li'
de'vil 1wels (u) h.(y. .olcg pt \c(r jn t i.l
tower re;ie,n of thi air, hec is at hand I,.
t lp t 1 11 d.11 ii t o t s ni titci iij' ejitf to
the wo'rld as he 4"::.. WV. live in mn atmo:.
nlh r" ptlisos ll ttll a In i lg iiltt wil
diea(ilY elemoent -- if t.he ,pirit ." As I he
I oll Spirit w-'r;- that whit-h is gootl in
f'1i^tn soulk so -atant \cot|cs jhat wyhjir
evil in wichletl he'arts. lie i-s prin c of
the s'iint Ihat. I nl o only in 1'a ol'si but
'evt t,. "'wrth in the sotts of di abe
3. "'We al '';ll hore chanie from
the seond to the lit'-: per" nl, niittling b1n
Svlf,in with thi whom he has ju,t de
serme d. ".\l1." -fe( : and (.itntile.s Alike.
"One la-e ." T'Ih "Il. V. brms oiut the
1i' ,. 1 n1 . . T h e wi': I " n v e r a t i on " is lo iS .
lea<h g. IT ho wh -'. l mt '4f 11t .' li' wa '
\1'i'i l 1 1' \' ll'ttl I t iii 'il ;ll :Il:l 11 i) v +
, , i 1' Ii i. a t in l l t ;llt -c'r'' t il t' I h ir st'tl.
wreon. Th livi. in sin a nol walhei' in
lt-in- . "I : iw -t 't' tt'mpw e . po/iiul aul
c\ytry '.IC-:.1\. .to I, '-1er l everv tranueu-- !
tien of hii.he.' I i:' e vil, it'-.:.:la
S1'i t.nt -upt . i i of t lih -l .
" -- lh." l he i l al. .. rupt 1 .I u-e.
"I' l!'Ilia..:.' . 1. T wyi:' li.rd in th"- a'.tual
in.to. .. te ul "' :o! 't- IIte ''11 \\1i o 11' Ihol"
X.l n 1.n, I o ved - ,in-.. hi -h us bii- t
S ;. t l ij.t nla l': -. I i ;I 111.'n) t't .''11 In t.
'' 1:ndt.' T o :n.:a rn. ';tion...
'1 : e in .I : i "' . I -h ci hr th
b 1h'i In: 'd. 1i 1i " i. . 1'-i\ nap1tre."
. tl:it'. iin i 1 t h e I t tl wu; to I
l-. of ini ieoo-;tt'. -'i ity b.4 om hin ,
: Il 1 1 1 l e t t h "r t' tt .h l l : b itl -
wr11 l in.1 no 0 haOi~tiV' (n-r .::-ern. Oi m!h
t' : k l. L -te it .: : ltIi"ie : pram' of IhI-'
d i mt'u e ad mi:ni l - , '' t r .h'' The
lt- 1 al ;tl'! ilin i - u'lie f lilv iet otfI I1i,
!i lt-i a'e1 1. . t : . Thel e peolle Till
-- l: ttihi ; '.? a t - - we t'who l i'e in
tit-la tiiin w as (lv. 2 n<I ri I thi: x
p.oedl to tht: t. '.h' of t :1. el 1i01m.
I . Sa l'vaIltt ..:1 't of d i ito.e pom e iv (o-.
-"i'- . I. 5: .2 . " 1.h nt." Thi a post nuw
ths tilhe glurine,i ch. n^ r thllat ha d be n
lruhlt' in th:a been:lu-oth the ospcl.
'1"{Ite word; ane e'.tn':llb t'mtphasize'4
(t i ll. m'r , i'CI "ih' ill t mer v." dt)tI
li rich in m iny thlin:.s be',id s irlcis. i e
i1 rich in worl;: iI own;s lte '-bItl 'nd sil
ver- in a thousmal. ibs. ai well as thel,cat.
tie on them. I ," while a knowledIe of
he;e ric'hes is inot necessary to our sah-a
lin on i i ieesi lt1 tat w'leSnow aoud
the proofe of Hisglt toies11( mercyx.:;1;
innalllae ofo us li e l-''roud ofailrIsal
v ait ion. .he od it and died oru whi le
hand wer whic winers"Toether wih
Thtrrecavtiotfrim the fteathf of iCod.
'ifeofs \ ri (te ull 1101 thiehoy o Chria
tion ha d oth 11ra'vit. and Hood 8:ork.
c on wa not of'- to heelef' (v. i)-"not the
mer. ''rodcmtef iny naation ail'io
any meIt ther111 wo. i'eiete acs it h
orkis t Ci, but i1it wasi h;s the 13o110
mtIerv wandy.'' lo."Svd. o
lht devile Cndhi:tiavied to dr'ieurreation,
(v.nd.h 0.'' a is o manThiepeopl wrca
.11've ti the oi'e.and od iese therwoks
erc athin.; as th-aionfrosiinh fais
aco. p "tised-i"rae. les aed otien
if cheate and h-ar neiretione as2igno
17; (ahl. 0: 15; Etd). 4:u thi. "Unt beoon
dlerstoi gooderin tvo anti(ied'sou's in
(thisad life Ha'vi'n be of aised rom wIthe
dath i oft in. of fnai r hi. noia ihteavenly
scialy G hi-is ino oTl lea t is haen
hul'oeiu for ood works,sbat liphe oh
blpro o is agrt:lv 'ieat- ' liodesI-s nd mers
and ce-rve't ''sM ln nouragient tlo donnors
tin a~I ll eo thieci worl."hi rde fourit.
are saed. '2 Thpintmnent.i o'
ashbynwhich we 'ae-saved. Se. Te
comeastytc on contine saecd "it"
poatpon.. savtion on the freeoifto Go.
"Vas." W.Cu, e collectoprchaf sala
tion. ChadidsnotnmeritCi, n tioo works
Tursle,a. Ther sesnorm for ost
-nemeht was maeho rfSentor Clptai
oThere wareayt." f aacI o
the. committieianlif ao udn tration
(v.e f0).1. "Itis fworkelsIp." b Tnte
opornenth workers.Goduin th awork-e
etang .woar the cormanshe ill-noe fac
hcead urI-g thew ret ion .
17;'acn.c6: 15; Eah.-: 24). "no gov
erment Toph we aent m aedto
aturtupood or yleih du ringve that blce
mea.vprfr taken byrkhemo ter thoreeo
Godis andtIn the glovman"enot wores
reope the ofatown "redantd-rng
tae. gun oad h' es no nd trakingu 63e
UnItd Stat s aSteel fororatwo, bundU
hasII ancy "resIreth ork tor S
works wdpbeitIhe esailised fordAerifaou

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