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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, March 26, 1903, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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'l lit' :1%0.1l ll3 't')tl slal1llll't's1 N~ like V-111 J11,
11t' tidal 't 1 (' lit ': l "loul:3 14) lt
tall tli: h r" bt ' Cl l hi;ij, ro1 t t lIt tret's.
It Is st:atedi th:at inl I'ersiai tht''y reg:trd
tihe 1'r111'(d Sl:tes :ls :i 10w world il
d-1r u1ob rutle. Th1e haiuh 's ilotions of
g"graphy are so trudth:' t he imn
:,itlt'te Am "l:t coild he r :';t('t' by
raiiru:td. lit 'wonl't tr"avel by sa
w"hich is : cool thing for us.
Tlhr \:duablte rubber hearing terrl
tory of A e' Is the b)ott' of ('onftrition3
het 1en lit I;razil, i1olV"Ia aInd' I't'ru. Ih11e
we:lth ofiii ,Ome 1otlntreis lias proved
to l ' tht'ir m isfortun ' rellt 1s the
P'hibdlphIjhia 1'th1i' Tl'd;rer. Amentrit':t
<aitila'i ls :1re extensively i 1 itte rested
.n ntssiuus . r:1nted to tht'ir syndi
etet iln -\t '.e,and this nuly p)ossily
rig thl 1 1lte1 Stlts into the t"on
tt'nth> i;ttl l :1 t'tr1"tainl co In ency:; l 1.
t1,",ordI:I:: to :l statislt ilan the thfall
c;ttn:: in thl' ;'nitedl Sl:tlos duri;:i th1.
\ it 1n_' :1r) as fl1I)ws: hl'' ld r:ll a tal
$33'. S. .:.* 4*3 23;311unicipal, 2yd:13.12:
.i'ilslpt;t' tt;l n comlp;i t's. $10it,.225;
hluitii:1;:. - t 3-: :I1n1l lo :i :ss, t"ition1s,
:-I; S. 11: t ins a u I 0111jt)anit s. $Si) .
t; ': h v 322211in soc1:Iti lt's. i1;1.T75;
h :: 1 . I-:it' tut 1I' tr l1:ts, t -I i.
-:n: : ' Il l 1or ori nl :" andti
r >".:;:).': ;' : oi 4 '11is lh' n ou st' :11
,51t;: t''1 i:' 1911. 87.7:3!.2.11-.
i ile ss t that thll' u
lut.; o: nn: thet hoy)'l"tting by
rol, ' 2 0t:n1tissit5n' i h Ilr i"tishi
.\r:: , .y :v ht.. t' lttl onil I i et l . A -
tl! t: :: 'd in ide its 81"r l itedt w"htrett
';a : i -: lihat b It'n (Il'hl by thb ir
'ns:n':a! 4ly in1 o;li r t't h llat th 'ir dt"vi t
ti,:t i.' 'l 2 woa? s btd form :111t1 codul[
n"' I . :tt w?ted to in onvetnit nt tht ir
br't!..: tliters. The result hou ..n.i
Tb:l a ::a,lti'* o: ti h (':lnrtldialns :r
al :in-.: f r vxchi:: dint 1 1 he f 'i1-: p
1 '! ' 'di l t i .\ :lit. rt".i
nu:-.:t: ,r wo'rk is tht fa .i .l
.' p tit' t olf :t iiy :t'ritil
i9~ .':.iur, .1 ti t' si l ti tlllL and shun
1312. r s i he' l l s "i1:,t l ts i ;i i ' vii . .
lt e w rh i ('t )ln,:ee n ko wt
ht 1 .-'t -f Il ullt 1 s1' '.t fa tl . f i -( tila.
h:lS(l't''l .o f l I l'1111 n:l: 1 .1:(1 i111('ns 1i
th:u'Xula:ll f the natives :rt' repott'.e
hein: a;rl: t'te fc by o it. aThis is tlle
tir t aj;tiaance' of the dliseaste inl aniy
pat of .\frie. except t wtest coa(t,
so fa :s n1wl, atnd sok i eer. exists
thia, : nty liind its w\ay into E:urope),
1h1' t.'nstruc'tit of rai1lroadls haviin",
inaa. is :ssio possibe. No
remtdi,y has l yet be en discovered for the
theas i , i' h works on its v"cetim
ihliusurly. first syingltonlt ig
?tr':a-t Itti t t . It then pass's
stupo: C:nr:1g asn detoh.iae ht.
To he P!.o:ldha arecor rem a ars
thatlter--h lacny!ns erend fo ledos
nt r ne:::yIr i absout lcuit aaisthe
tes Pof.--lnio o esce tsit acof
<n ar- -let o'-r iayherbanls w:: .til
!:Winii s 1;;..'.at )rlerin frot casch
ey ay i)eak er- brtuah: tioa the
laure .' t e::nera of heitie or
en.i:w.'e ti.:e akaci.ng of thlet whole.
fro wenith foni inthety The1 e a
wholy i:iu. The courts pat:ays
par fera nsa:urined wyet, buretil 1such
das o:r ohebiturllyuret are nugt byes
tic, but!!aet.c ac whomaygcnto hmd
toteiadea imnalecmme offn,ad them
desetey are failteo foodeo areale3
toextadlCaitinet and oer1 proe~sss
whinh r eect,ive aros and bCeyond fi
ter oundarie. Aill tohi s effaet
popertb, 3nact(d Wa eery Sa tae1s
aTeI~1114 autem Ct )4lS of i,i the
cr*tltaking ofSttevs h, lays fewn
theiotin thait to acquie larpeny,tys
r Oi in anima fek rn neatreota
thy mayue, thesujet. o reny
th4use,utbrn hmit i
Doe n cnrl s hthemysb
The it:ntler 1oun pt(, iti that v:- bend
lII hope o its gronn ariit
At tine.ll s l1owVS - ''1uit' (: o,k 1e1 t1ret(l.
-ith yn tonS 01 cank ait ar(d blight.
A:nd. were w(e no2 t.1lu'tul, we' migh1t
("e i 1e" i i :<r" to its ln<I ;
Iut sneet.;y is Ibettter tha t < uite- t
It is n(eve"r too late to 1:ndi(i.
()r lin . 1thoughl to' o flte We $ipen(
lilt hl t i iii.v ib h tiut.es w"e slight
A1n11 seer tin 1 ins (Iabo l t1 dltet ttl
1.1 uite a :slectable height.
Tholr~gh in-'osins-";t. rscenl gloonl%y at naight
Of their bette'rmnlt.:.:till we rnar wenid
Our sweet wa. st lenti to the light -
It is Ie"ver too late to nienti.
At least to the ee of a frienle
.The" lak m:1y h!each o( of th e r w ite
Il n it t. 5eine' a ssrable bedIn11
Tha t h. >ks just as wlCl a4 ti i't sigh t.
1 4 in t 1111tune sur41ritingly right.
A c"he'tr tomI)Oow nan- 5'en11.
I'hiug11 yntt lnny 1 1c n (" sidler" this t-ite,
It is ne1ve(r (too late to mIII(nd1.
P'rince. vi rit wouhldse n to inivite
1(('1' r n I sur(.% it.t<1
ti l ter. T rIeth t1 iim- tal;' its flight
It i; nei r too late to !nen11'.
('Ciicago News.
1 a . hairy f]] /f rt Ij 11k "r. f . .Ii4 f'- z I 7 "
L'e S.ory of an Undelivered
Love Letter.
TIP I 1:\l:Iot's c11:t ihadll:t(lt his
a'th rmlll thl:t t morIng.
ie knew it was t1(n I' l I'r
I , 1 hCr f ht't \L l laity :ight hinI
to (uunt ;th..t ma.:ny': lit- w":ts thtittking:
of lthe r("(i :111(1 h im- I in-1Is (n rt eu--1s
-nu\%r as h" wal:Ik'(l Withi his gulm on his
shnuler'. 'orli: s it w:s it Il tlt
of the~ hens A~'l0lin hit':' th him od
broa;t;ts init fil.c'r ai tl; (-' iitndt! 1a 1111
lyJ ih;tt t ll e Il :l : 11 's 1'rte lreat.
liIIl h! w l :111 .!'1': hlvlt. he th iuI,ht:
iher 'I it t ut tIr e on ti1, . 1: ltt .
:11 it R ili.r th::t .\ ib:: Ih i!y h-en
11i'?1iee InI :boit ft e w!ee ow and
l aill'. 1:n1' a re w w~- k vy on h]ior: ,,.
iet b Ii :' tn t lro ir- l i l fro:
Bth t'ere b1eyod iherd ilh- tile 11
tIir. h:P ?'it. i("l 0:t1 in, '( l th 11en : 1. win
tliil e h.-:tr him I r\listlaI ly th ft h t
V";s :mn- relly, ituly o i . ior
01t . .;:: i te 1~ n .. ;! ," i !,' ! !.. - ' r :. 1 1 -,. u
4lliul. agins the-:h iioi of te pa
.houbl!r r tl-d whi,-1::e i1io ot young
:11 Iarsk asse ha' i seen h:-im tht i
tr:a ieOn. he ail tel:-ah
'Ihe ha .:a l he 1i1 illy !h.
!::rtint:- t at t hir part n---. an}"
wi"t It it ht IStetle o:! salt pncov
1: 1 ; i" h mt t .t:t 11. i 1'. t1t i)' l.
tily lwn.e In ogn o h-i littl red
ao.rde;r ha11 rchiefs. sShe1 i h t:,i
s'en_ knew strerdt h had ne. alf.
sahi t wdet' could w:u' alltle tpt
conerwoIll atll io hrt. he1ws sure
dBie-life oner That Tbe, thr ning
t:le 81'1) it : e.1d very in ee. ft
TIe (leg rai toIl hohr n' littler o Ot.s
ilt i"as at ari or the l aok l:;
lam( wlod aif helt. lie see.. T
heas t ing !mter atwuy thim
-ss l)liy. wished :!.st .o..lt forge
t_s h t o tnil1 I't : at y n : Mra; .
r1l ai<l o e - -a wiy. o.- p.l
Tev ginger I: to tile pocket 1:o is
to.s th lie- ak d Mis --y:-: ih f e e
1rtb. erleC tihe lasti:-:. le d eon
hBisrlyc a fy reeredtoMail.a
Ab-r woulwe,: ri:ren thse w::atse
le stop i lehs okt? wel thetle boys
lier It who ar. Ptam Col reas.
Both hadrc hitn again tim trhat,-lie
tooke I here bond th ie ot'5ean. 10tlt
Therj: lbwas thearowlg f h'low tofd M
aloe that women int wto with1 Mrbartd
:brots haingeer in r.c 'andt saidhS.
There was Dailhygu where th rat
Here onate adoronmabtt?
on wa driling.The en ha see
''hat vas (ie('er. Slt hail giveat It to
ihimt herself. ('ould it he t:hat young
:(II('s (iII 't ertr' i llr tlops' l illy Inre
l'nlly' rtul( Ve( :I I'oh(!(.( It:;iuckc'' ie l'
I'ronl ib :t li'(-1)t( u:, I): ("k( . 't't"l'her t was
501n1'li1in, inl it. lI11 %was h:m-hL; t
bea':utII'-II Iit 1n:lking (lls(ov(erics. I
ha<l not wvo 'n this suit I'm malty ih:iivwk
:at its iretasure lt1ad bn'c'u forgotten.
\1 iss I):Illy lookel as th ' Ioy l tt
foll l the little htitketrchief with its
'(11<1(":11 retl borter.
''lhrv w:as :t 110le a:1ddresse(1 to Mliss
Marv I Hlly.
"Wha: (les It Sa. o: tihere, .Ii,-a
M:ry?" the boy asked.
"It ways mly lnlu(',,. 4he :lmtost wis
1t'' Ia slihe 5:aw the writII'l. "\'hen
(lld VonI got that, Billy? plcas(' try to
reinletut bei.''
IIIIly thol-glit for s'erai";I seconds.
gt in!" he si(1 at lst, "MIr. HIard
gave It)(4 I Ita, that last day. D>on't you
rein(in''her. Miss Mary. after tie dress
liaratle? IDon't you re;nm'ileti'? After
th(e h:In(l phay-cl the ' tar 81pangtlecl
ltait:I r." ail_l vou sai<l it wv:as patriot
Isit tlint iilde a fellow's hack cep
like thtt.
"\ir. Ilard tol mue to give that to
yot. I th tig4ht I did, Miss .\ary. 'ed
I did." Atill he pu the not(e 111t) her
'I''he gI had alr'ady snat(rcid It
frot Its env'Ielop '. 'I'he dItlnbt mitserv
that hnud for' w<'eks been gr-owing till,
up tot her very throit, .soet)mcl to Vanu
Ish as slIe t'ead.
Thi,. wo(rds werv the fo-w blulnt ones:"
o' :1 youlig soldier:
".ly I e:tr Jlks \l:I1ry -W\'h.n Irel
izc' th:a you are to sail to-Iorrow, and
that I til to r<-nl: itii he'e wiI hotit y*ou1,
I ail wilb enough tc wish that I might
I , ml) y (-ontinissioi :lIn I s:ail willh
""nli. t ir i:i ii irliht 1: k " y ti in iy
8ris a: I lont" to (lo lo-11:y. 81(1 kllu
1w,v :: 1o Ih(' ("h:r' !ainI withl youl. < v .n 1 It'
i ilt it, ItI' agalinst * your w ill.
"i I(-:Ir. I ' e tii - (i r ( r ! I, (.:111 youi
that lI-for'. I love you. I'i . .
"I aIl on11y :t ?,,r" f:ti 't''s t h:y" who
:''. il it \\'<s 1'oji t. ii:11:il 't ye'' (1
uI I! it 'i \\'h('1 I thillk ol ' ou aof
u t'ri'-in s I (:l 1 1 "st ll' t to
ov he re to h111)1 that y411 4-ou111 4. e-ve
(:r' I'( " - -\1' nd .V(-I. t'-<laV. W'hrn I
Ihiltk of' Ih.- (!Iv: to r-(4)1t'., thr" lm -v
hty1 - witham:t y"ou. I :lum hold (tnou h
' s h:lll :,( it.1 b al y, . I" k
:'"il1 - li:.: ch , , I w ilv _ lv it to
ITn : o on. i e.w (r -al.I'i.
We have ra ''IM a rc- '1.~ i1:i."wh
w h 1 -i -:I . to .l , - [.: wi !", ll il.
.iin tl t h" o 1,f t'. t,: ::"p a n o,
w htl'n ,. . ...: t, : 11.-:-' d l
sc'r.'1 ~ ~ ~ '~ hi, h": o I'"
h :. -."" ~ I sI . " ?'rote:.: rn' I.
-Yes.t- of 1~ e-.' -.'la .
I1i r1:" -e k. iu N("w 1r 'eans Tim -
Le r 'i a t.
New Iiedford'e P'ride In Ier Whalera.
Wy have raise.1n a'.'f ie on who
have .nd to th.. so:: !nhip ton
11.r :( t haz.ar 'ous rf 'nt .rpi s,s. No
mIe davsol fr.r il a1me ift h.s t ..
ina::. lot it tw':w-maec as the
swery tO tr-is.n -- 1( 1..I the dayor's
work" id a shipr:e sp-oWe ar)fo the
bya therebwat juneot ar.Knnt of s
Last wak ao rmanarrive bther flohon
hadwic pided ba outnem, lionc
Bay asnr*markhbgh as the journt-yeeles
Andir anst an en hpdrnohince towe
aexcetng piect itf ard forewt indi
foet as i frmintehe left his ship
therewaot with woe comradesn
back to recvilizrsation. tonv him,
wer couldn'itn'rtatusn(lwh the report-r
ersatedfro talk th im.s"hr
aderntuer itindu hxabite to sa reoteri
g,that oer wha s not "ueaogtos
five.eeks, Bightordy whercury.ttl
boat as no Cmenaerldbyte. fotn
Follwing aie bpabut athem,u on ic
cai,asptt' chisiigha thie renstels
c)airn 'i ti-dca whedman who putesi half
as dozen precest of anrdcidet. ~'in ai
pocet and in meaydwnr,rleft ain,h
thereaboutv,yande wlke do1500 milesli
back teoccupliat iloA tosavei thim,
to waidt undhorstndh the rwiepot-e
i era wa-ce o al wi'tht' hi. le
Hnly rt lurie hait to hsa, er
rted fprot of cicinmrakeast re-(
altthhtheu whamemn i-onot "iag
tFollowagint aubanque at aragevtil
decprtio, cnth geof fill convied
tatIts was tetes thingdepresinable
at the tIe,to an accniduenhthe ar
ney, arndina hemat do n-ur oi rin,
ther coneyn, -broklaeidown, spilin
tow nhorin the fraiowie h
dnher scoued thaIe surroutndin Frentry
inserc of acoee wagobsn.e that
silors ofethred ith avyhesi-abor
rad fromt ai hoas, unerfore, ianud,
althorugh that woen hairong prco-an
deryrptio,Ii the werfnlly servincedl
bea not morasit best thnotimtaine
latthi and colsstninue thei jur
A li:trl.." (::4r114,11 'r l'rt" lic , :t tiuel- arful
I ut i r4' I'F r '1'i *cni.
(' 1 -r'' 'I; : lin- 42214 1(41" 1e"':Itt:11i1 122
fill 41\'11 " 'I '.t ic It'itII1::tv l 4 :Il ' iltled1
a \\ >' ' n - 1,p41 11 41 ity :Inll : 2r in
to r, lt' \\ 1It l,':1 ll'uutlti hii"' nl'rves.5
1 ist .\!.:ry\ I I l'ith r1'. w ho is I1"st'Il
(lite nl ' 1i21 sIIs-a- 'ss22ti 11r2 1:"1.i'
deners'I' iin .\I:: 1'.- n l t . ,Stl:IIks 110)51
'' ; li:g il:; 11\\', I t't 2ll t s fo r
m1:'1'l; ,I i"= :I pr;"rI"-'- for 111) w hi eh \1 114n
1n :ir. I ll-lp'ril:: I I. ' l it' I spe'1 cl 'li:Ilty'
l:1 I''1 . " I, ' say2 Iit Ilt' in e 1111 1': 1 1 -
It iplt. -'It is: :1 bus1InI ) ' th:at hast 11 to
lI"a rn-141 lik(' :iny lo-r1114 . 11u1 clli w h 11111 h
('xp ril'nen l". :1 ,1,..1 II n:tulral lluallii(a
ilu l. .21--11 ::I 11,-r '\1' i 2''', t-lit'n'gy :1111
('ul1IW'n i t:l s1s . 4 14 s11 ' i+ " rl' to ,uIcve( -.
T li 111121 1i 1 ''i :I1111 f2111 2'l11fI2 at
IlIt' 11":('i ent till:,- ws; sI:rl1'll 4l .25.1.
Mnid I have buil o! 2 1r2 will % iay
ing1; hi lt'' . I;iv,".1 :111 :I14 r 1 of h12t4.
tII(' lir'st 1 e1"iilu 1 (". ,4f 1Y11urS'se. is it rt:('('I2
htise/' .A n it,-:ct 11ne ,":lt he butill forl
i l8t . A it a r11:1t :'4tin ra4u2It42211111'
(';Il he pu2t Ill I'(r S.'tI. 'T h(" c st 42' pla nt
:1 (1 r(v1 is slight. ;In'I oth(r ("ex1(ens1 -,
511(1lh 12 touls, f 1 rl ! i "z'rs, 4"1ob 12'rai ne('t
for startInt: It':2he' 1t , etv., wo'1uht
atunI unt ito litII' 422 "l, sliutll a sr:2lll.
hl' .("rt't u1' 8 u14 ' ' 1is to utilize ('\"very
1ll4:1h 1rf :t ;l(''. In :a v ' tb't'I:I le hou sle(
4' 1:1hh-x eln h42' (lled wi1h lttur,
n1"tun1b'r. ( r tulinatt (", w\hile' rhubarli
aii11 IllshruuomA (":I2 I- 22ur'own (22l I lit
gr ttlnll 4 11i111 t';':iIh .\ :uo 1 h('ar1 f1
141:2nning Is 1 22' (ii v. an11 22) timc
1I1st 11" w2'astedQ 1 in't '#4')'In (r4141.
''Th' 11Ina2 u( :11111 supy111 \' for ('222na.
t1tln Iinlk' w e'' 1124 :r1'" 844 .1':t1 as it Iht
1 res('nt 2t-. \'urlt':t itll liver th1
(nuntryt aI re. ra sin-:' th 1s' wtith gr'at
"u":". '4: ll (:1 n :1. d't1 inl 1r'owtiiitt
ili2ks. a11 g-ow 21222n 1o. profit :ts wel
as I11'a -ttrt'. \l iss TIay lur. a flori>:t, h:It
Iw" ':trtiattin houust'. Wie nint('t"-nI1 h,
thirty-:a'veni fl'1t. aIn11h1'r l'Ighty-s'venl
by' twVIenity-six f' t. .121' ,iv' S a.11 1 h'-1
t i1' to tl' ework. l11ro1 a:::tin:: and1
'L:'11i'i 1: e1(' 1,wn"1 >tl -k a-nt1 (ar'222'1 il f
tle h1'uses. Sht' 1a 14und21 a arket fo4
< Vt'h""tin't liet InWi to\\wn. WIlleh i
1:111-h 1 ?'1'' 111' tit:11b' t1:1i l4'IlinL: 44
. i1:.. h:: }et(rf1't hl iih.
:.11'": 11 ' \ :::2 aindI 'up11rs ler
:1 '::. : I: ::. :1- . 12 a t .-" p : 1"-S
- - ti:-.- 11 . ,: '1-' 1 f1' 1t ' :V r'i ' l
"u a 11i .n m ok o i.g a
< ' t h v ,. t : ' . 1 . : 1 1 : 'l m . i s 1 a s w 1 l 1 a s
1" I:''''' :'' 2r th -l u1'1 ' , m11 :11 i n11\'
\\ '-,; :: . ;, l:.aktn1L II 1ut:1tI1~n as
i:'l ,'s f 1'tr' .
\ Ln :1: 21 ' 1r .111tit s 'l-ts :lr' w t'1' .
T. '',1\wS :1:::d m1a1iens: w\'m11 n whoit
h a .' t n:,' ,'1 t11" ra11k. fir th - a1. '11 ur('
t1h..y (1111 cd et "tit 44f it r f14r2 p llan
Il,r'h11' 1'lur1,t"s . ''hey 2ar. 1ltiv":1tin:
1!"usantll- ':' a trt"s. t1sim: lilt' s114:1an
(em:2.n14' 21- a I':'lwman Tlhe ia''ma.iority
r',':'n u('t far:ml: 41f 1?'tr' t11a11 1)412 a"''f.
w hl. f("\\ aro ("'ntltntedl w\ith a single
:1(r(e. d11'n11in11.r In tt"he s11ade and 111".
'"I 'u!try" cultt: :In 11 the' (Ultivation
1' 2 :. e'4 a1rel' 4tr remunerative
lir.-s wlhi.'b, a1".' b:nL pur'Suled by Wuln
421. a1i evn 2'' lie-'1.'i- trainining is found
oft >.'th:'. for (ed124at1ion and4' rains12 are
1'---1. d in the 1 usin1es'. Two '(41212.
-n' 2 1 i (,:: '-j 1k. 1.. a2""r' xamples1(
ut 2 w':-k. 2fTh'2-s w.4m- n1~~y saw
N. u:-- a with da:2122.s. Th'eir
1:y l.1e8. 21241 tere
I ' "" ' 'n 4l2ides4 1o take up1
fe s'n': ".: .if it hIe possible,t' to
(1f '.2tudy '42 in 'm agictural2;2 colltze':
2 he zhld~ be f::.!I' 1218ith1: htny' 14)
tlh12''1nistr I1f' 2h has al: ebanc to101
40111n1ries. lhe hai t he greater('1 c'hance1
oIf ma2k ig 22 122221 for h1'esel. Miss5
Myra Il>oek. o4f Piladelph11ia)11, 12s 212 llus
tratlion. Slhe. was 80ent by the PaIrk
( missionersj2,''~ to studyl~ the" park 5ys
teml in Europe. Tr'ees should1( he stud(
ledi as wel l as landscape gardening.
Per'lhaps some day wom1en1 may22 he1 Park
Commntisslone4rs, and pariks to-day1 sho0w
the( need'( of somie n1ew2 E'lement2 in thatt
d1epa rtment22 of civ i( life'.4
A Woman's Private Car.
The first w'.oman in thp world to own
ft private touring railroad car 'will be
Mrs. Isaae E. Emrerson,. of Baltimore.
Mrs. Emerson. uniltke' her husband, ah
hiorg yachting. An ye1 'Lt she likes to
travel. As a (Christmas gIft Captain
Emlersion proposed the touring car.
SInce4 Chiristmais Mr's. Emerson, with
nnu expert railway ofticer, hlas heeni stu
dyinig car construction. and now has a
pretty clear idea of what she wishes
for the comfort' of herself andt guests
during the long tours projected.
TIhe car wi'll lbe Q.ne of the largest
eVLr turned out by the Pullman Corn
p)any. Mahogany will be the basis of
the interior woodwork, b)ut the richest
sIlk draperies andI the softest anid
thickest of cairpets will almiost conceal
It. Hath roomsIh. 'with every atppliance,
will he built. Trhere will he at least
four' state roomsii, al parlor library, a
dlininIg room and1( a kitchen.
The~ car will be furnished as a per'
manen2C2t miigrator'y 1house, 'wIth its own
silver. cut glass. llinen and( uphols01ter1y.
It wiill be in con2im1issionI at all times,
so that it can he0 staIrted at any 1hour1 of
the (day or' nighit t hat Mr's. Emer'soni
Mrs. Emerson202 saidt that she contem-.
p1lated al 1numb1er of "t raveling houIse
part'els"' as sooni as the luxurious 'el
ce was com11plted'. 2and( thait she and(
her fiends "would see 'eery foot of
this country as weolI as Caniada and
Th'le car' w2Ill be named10( the EilyI1,
whvlehi Is Mr's. Emlerson's given name.
Philiadelphia Noi'thI Amrien'n.
Spring Iieltt.
ThIese ver1y neessary' di'ess accessor'
les that formi suchl 221 a2ttractiv'e addll
tion to m1ily's ('(stume21 are to be m2ore(
elegant this spring than~ for many213 sell'
sons8 past.
Tlhe latest fashion advi'ces from Par2is
stalte thatt thes~e newI and1( elaborate helt
miodes ar1e mor01e ini ev'2idnce2 thani ev.ei',
50 femlinliIty (on this side of the watei'
follows suit.
* * *
The dli) front shape w'lIl still he a
m11odliled js senCrely to (eserve the
n1:ame. It. will 'ntirly lack the exag
ger:ttiion of its lirst year :and Just slope
t"nough;l to be gra:lefu'l,.
' ' *
Ixtr ti lIy It: r' w elts, s"areely :tn
itelh wi i!(. are to be very poptil:ar.
,) * *
The pocstillon back eIfeet so nluteh
use(I last stuler is to I b ' et'en tllorte
favitoretl this se:son. :Intti inl t1i:1ty livw,
v:arivl :anti utore e'labo(rate (lesign::.
* * *
T1he name of te nterh:tls itst't1 in
the ilevelomluentl of the helts tor sIritng
is Itegion . 1':vertytIln" andl everyt
is u'oed -tafita, silk, satin. v"'lvet, lint
(-in. luck. ((antvas, sollte ft-w o f le'atter'
amd elaste '. An extrtite novelty is
even'1 ntttdet of straw, stren;:theneti, ot'
eourse, by at stolit int('rlinlinig. lahekc,
natally. Is in the atseentanu y so fatr
as colors are lcncernedI;I, b really not
so tnivt'rsal as in ti(' showing of helts
that ctant' out this autumnt . (,ay att
ga! tly figured silks antl Velvets that
:lte into popllarity in helltdot this
"t':lson are to prove strong rivals to
hhal"k tht'ecomninl spr"ing.
* * *
TIht- extl'et"ile t"ogtet' omisedl bulttoll%
inl othter place" of the faishilon world Is
to affett helts. Almtost for the first
tite i their history buttons are to he
itilized this spring to adorn helts.
StIikinlly gay :tntl dcorte bttton( 's
Itey are. too, ttst"d onl the 'rots, bcks
tnti sides, ilt plce of ot"namneitls. slites
:antl butkles. The bmek t rnamneatt. very
lon.; ltt very ittrrowt", is to be ont of
tIe s:tlienlt spiring heli feat ures Ill very
elaborate <ttsig:ns.- Ilhihadelphl)ia (tee
l-:vtt Sionltlt'rs.
S:tn1tl before a lookitng glIl1s an4l 110
tic" whitther your right sh11it1ol'r is
high r t iwn your h t. It likely is. You
will observe it is so hot ii In m1en a l
on :it and the reason for this tueven
nr'ss lies in the way onte sits. You get
into Ia eo ut'rtaill, chair or the 4"st I1e t
hefore your dlt'sK :tt yoit ilulelintely
rest yotur ritht elbow either on the a1
of your 'ihair or on yiui desk. tiathu;
th wttintt olite shouler iitelier than the
It her". 1-lu-stl'ally iis it i lhe 'ase whett
ot" writ 1s grett t deal. sew petson'.
lioservi Ihut when writing keep the
shtouldetrs erect.
\-tinen who ls the typewriter are
sblo: :tllitd witith unen shoulder
i' the e oitirs thet ist Iart s iicientl
hith and ti sit on ithemt piropery
a1<l i't rtq y t'l:irit':lns eretI with shoul
lt :s thri;own hack - their wtork enc"our
atv-enl sholtitrs. in-ce they have
lo vi5tion to lendl 4V(1r, and ther is
t"nt:l reti"assite o it bt oth sit s of tht(
W\henl Votu u:lc'' that you( are af.
fted the best thing to lo is to ehianige
youar way of silttin at the desk:. Two
siuniplt' ex""relse, will h1el youl out. T'he
armu of the iiowetr shoulder should he
i xtended . tliwl the hand141 grasping .
lumbh-hell: that of the htigher shoulder
shouitl he lteitgred1 and h e ladle to Hul)
Port a heavy w eltght.-Am\nerican Queen,
Individuality or thea American Girl.
Ihe Amnfsriet1n gIrl has often more in
dividual character and1 strength of
min thait any other git In the worle
She knlows what she likes,what she
wat' , ndwashdslikes wakand iihl 1 de-1lU
tsts. his alon)e0 tt isitomfot't when it
i ote i s t ilting asoia(itot i'ttanyoe
i a tiia. a.Teclresdme
wh Thmer eutn oAnthin yrouh k
watFor unty heon' tis byo mtas it
.oyto fritver. Th'te Amerit grl knowat'
whyat iahe1( wnewt eart,1 whto lhe teed
to115 wear aro'ig. hashcAeso rtad o11n
she like wingatd 'ririn ore boetlin
sht ioSOllsy nitt (adi es don'ttk
thtn' lllhlle icue akely itospl anonc
hter predgiudctions.t-Woman's llomhe
ittTl ofhelte-tr ofr uoth reen ch.
gor inoint lyers tre bret s heltitt
int of iarion.l Tis yearl 1t( reappe-r
motst epueer deis Aol torts ofyin
esare imo Oita te Thesli ar te betk
theihumle bi takes poplae trmoing
his mlore gaudy rethrten. AvoitI the
brones areC'Ol(i en mdinh clorvil
hadsof bte, risn, spigeeven
igotd. sometworn Int8iests. ont
let rpe shoen.e Nckaes wil cthinutye
toaes la smaler, feotreing spureinakd
toetheyiych s
Clany lace is thekppula trimmlingo
~'Int pain crsit the as fanorieveihe
wearsets. h
a rther (Cl0lht shade. ie hel o
hAm on trvv. nsrn lee
is t o shapeporn s' 1855.k tiiitini
tiobela slettr ofth springjek
Istek laet adtin to) hiey ptocekof
wille andlerea filorhi day andoeein
wear.nsaipa mogtleltst 41
A lit'twOis oi Wh ate ikfotiateis't
Lht devlop elvet trtie shlIforn
haPltir adornmet. it lty(Ottt
opulariofI ther isprti tenoeo
toaki vlecribb, oru on t odi of ianne,
lsttelatesito ddity of faicy s)tikst
AWhiftee-aores shoinigtt etremed
lringIskiprtsi amon the at'est tIlk,
emol derleo ony thetsik fotudations.
yetlytrtey eftive striginge use
11110 ae hwaggir 'it grayteli etostumed
eatt'ely stai
Fahionmie lavypatal o th notio
thblck of neekwe agnds tich olat
acntrouinto hany poe toe poettles
A feiftn-goare nkotw the 'trem
PlOi it in akrt 11 p otoci thipreent time,
leditup tore byntht rae alr the mtnle
Many gof th nedsprn aleshv
wY lit I ho Msamis l)( '('t.
W eigtl! is the u objc't of Ihe'
f:i"in n' l'ai ttening stock for m11:1i"k't,
und1 this weight is eisic'st ol taierd )'
I'(:.ding ('1rta ill orde'r to p rodunte I'lat.
I-'arlnerts h:ave long. bot-(n t:aught by (':
pe'ritutt' Ihlt I'at is a delSirale( <1tialitY,
and4 th:at it :dds to the fit tIractiv'nt'ss
ol' ; c'ar("ass ( n the' st:a1. It has beven
dt'11onstratt'd t the l' ex]periIeInt sta
tionls. howe'ver, that Ilt' wt'iglt cal he
set'ti"'d It l erss cost, with I grt'att'r pro
portion of I(ean it'rSpe(rse'd with thce
tat by ft'l'ding a lort' itrol'genous ra
tion, whlic"h mecans that,1 In additionl to
:1 lilt'ral stlp1 "y of tcorn, :ani :ia lltil
shoul ceiv ' t variety o' food that is
1not so rich in oil, sullrell :1lt ti a s 1
corn. This faet is worthy of consitIr
ationt. ,tr
i 11w to Sell 'elttry.
It is impoussile to trete('att d1eltnandl
foU ' I" ti\" it liit u lest s we givt'e
l romil( ut"t to it, ande let te pilhilke
kitow of its merits.
'I'lis is trt'. not alone of fan("y poul
try :lnd1 c'ggs for biin''(tg. but also of
utllrket iloultry and eggs, whert':e1 pri
vate tr:adet' is soulglt.
The'lt'fancit-1 must exhibit his stock
ail shnowv to th limbic tlat the fowls
are 111 only goo . hut tlit they have
bee(n brt'd f'rom strains thl!t wvill re'
1nr'oduet' good l'(1wis.
The mtan w1oho s'lls eggs ain POUltry
n111st adiVerliS:' andl lt th(e ] thll(' know
whnat he ha1s to st'II. When n1 customler
is Ie(utI ('s't'iaIl PHrt' lnust he given
so that 1144 i'atult ':11l 14' '1'on d.
h'lle tite is at luni Iw \ btlhi'ilt"
mutst he given. and 3it ollt' 1n:111 liopte tee
sul"t"t't'(l wiho hites his IbuIsins(,s from
the yntblit"'s r:IZt.
TIhe' in(ub:alor nl:anufa("turt'r has set
:1 good t'xal.'. 4 ' e1 ('nttert rising 1blhlit'
il'. anl th' liouliy lprtn1rst'r. must 1o1
low his c'xaie'. l"'urnislh thie public
Simething goo<d. and y"ou t':111 wll a11'
1'4r<( Io let te world know it. - -1llmt
uand F'armi.
Floor 1:3ce l'er i1et.
It is :t inatt('r of gr'e:it ituportal'e to
I know how m:1ny hens 'enn lt' kel t In
on' l):n :Ind at a pr"otit. There Is liulitc
a g''nt'ral opinion Ihat hc'its which alt
allowed to ria' :1t will o r havt' spa.
("ious .t<;14ls 414 best inl tIlot"ks of iort:
to forty-"-iv('. andl on h:':11, ("tnAu'(1 iti
wi11t'r cIuIart('rs shontth hINve ahout' terl
sqluare f'ee(t f'or ('achI ht'n. I-'rol actual
t.ests this has proved about right. 'l'ley
may be conlinti' ("lost'r if they lin\'t' :
sr'lnl1'hin. shed wher' they (.:t' 1 rn11' ill
bright 'weather.
This 11113 he 1111e Oto )he sout
11d tnn'4('Ix to 1ht' h(n house, 1nd it
'would he bcetter if such shed or nyntt
lent was cl'ostd '(1 with plenty of glass
on1 the South sIde. Tis apartmnt ndet
not he as warmii. as thc' regular" house
M I Is of iin board1s iput on ui) and
dlo,- n11d 11ra'k htt en(' e31d. It) h l.tw' ...._
large window1 14i4'1ll iouth, as'i II4ut howsII
to4 'lost' ('(h4 nighuts. 314st 'o te feed
ing is done)4 in the ser'atch11ing. J)ens iI
litter of' cha:l'f 4or straw.1'-(Me.r1g,. II
Towl'itil4d, ill New~~ j-2nglain41 I 10334
All w1ho4 owno ''r rentl1 honie4s shouhi
raise their11 owln veLgetable4s, but1 4quit<
of teni It is thet l'rrer' wIll iwnIs thie
het li ninher('W of4' a4r' wh)'IP1o do es no1
1144!ait' ol4e-01nt o' :1t' ve0einles ust
on' th i'h1411l' , 10''n plit'in for' ths ho14 m113'
('4rden 1thlis yeariioI tryie thae somelI4
th in new. ('1 Few30 (1 l'ver 'try to13 raie 1114
enlSilower,1 koing noth4' e1 iio t'lh
mot delie)ou of111'e veI'tals. O''4t:h,t
requIres ai hIgh state4 of' ('ut1i'ation)1 tei
Onec of its mo1st '5'lt1 1'ssential'requirements.
Som1e4 varie14tie's a re na ur'ally self.
blanch14'In1g, w hil he Ill'uter '1 lenve4s 1mu4st
he4 tie 1(1ver'3 hea'ds of other'is to insur1e4
t heIr 83nonvy~ wh'itencss. Late sownI
$or'ts ar1 b'e)st growni in shade14 of' fenice
or bilinlgs. 'rie sallslfy' 01' Iegetable'
03yster 1s on1e of 01ur be(st v'ege'tale4s,
03n( 14s inldisp)ensabl)e for soups. This
not ver'1y wI'ell knIown' 1'oot is lIke the
I)arsn1Ip, andl( likeL It 01ne of the few
wInter v'egetables, hardy enioughi to be
left wvhere it grows andl dug when01
nleedled. Th'is is sowrn In row;s, or
ridlges like heets and1( enn he sowvn ait
toes, ratdlih and summerci s'quashecs in
abundanice. Many gardener's make 011e
p)lntinlg of pens and1( theni stop1. Thley
abould1( be0 planlted ait fintervls of two
weeks from t'arly' April until JTune, and4
then 0one enn1 havie them in succession
for quite' a whIle. Have plenty of late
1h4nn3a, for tile October hennsi are usu4
ally more appr)l'eiated than the early
$iummeI(r sorts. wee't ('orni planted at
inlterl'ns dur1inIg the sIummuer wvill gIve
one0 any nmnher11' oIf dellious11 pudinlIgs
u11t11 frost. 1)4 not maiuke the istaike
of wvaiting untll planitinig timle and14 then
munking the garden of whatever hap11
P('ns to be (43 hand1(, but malIke yourl
1p1an1 (earIly, and( ordler fresh seeds
fr'oml som1e4 re4libl 14eedsman11, then1 you1
'will no4t h)e d1isapp)oIntedl in poor seed(
wh'1en too late to r'emleqy yourl istake'.
-Laurn11 Jonies, ini Th7e 1Epitmist.
EradicatIngr Wed
"H-ow enn we eradiente daIsIes and
slhni' wveeds?i" Ia asked at every meet
lng. TIhiere ar'e somle reafsonls for the
appearan'OIce of weeds whIich, if underi
sitood, will show u1s ivhnit to 410. One
of nature's lawvs is that somlel lng must15
14e kept growinlg on the 10and. ThIis 15
for tile purpose54. of pr1otet'tIon1. Whlen
tIhe desirab01le', mIoreC (ompIle4x i1 pants fall
to growv !oariser' one1s ('011( iln. Make
the soil at congenlial and4 'omlfor'tle
hlomel, so thiose p)lnts wanhtedI enn
thrIve, and4 tIhe coarser ones dilsappear.
01ne of the surest ways of get.ting rid
of dlaIsles is to use plenty of mahnure.
A scond14 reason is tihe neglect to pro
vent their seedling. A lomm11onI practice
ls to mow tile fences after haiyling or
harvest. At tis, tIme mo1st of the foul
weeds have ma0tur1ed soeod over a grent
er spaee than If iet nlgne. Many of
them whenl eut early w~ill foem a e
ond c'Op, whielh 18 rarely looked after.
A third 1eason is the system of usin
lniehines 1ndt lt aucl' ba l in:; t hoe.
Wee the tields lir level and level e1ti.
pI s l a l W (l, w e e s mdt tI n t11e.r
Iw tiet we itr e used Wit:h inte
lie t e lids at"
clan, bu 1 11 t ke lt
u ull t ll t n de r a n t t h 11r 1 ti c l itio n s
o1tt(iell: a1121t't witd lil ; n:.lh 11rc
w eb d m o t h tl i s l l a u r e d ( ;l 1 t h un u l e r t h e
Io l l e l h u s e d 2 11, mll o s t c a . : s I 1 1e 1 1 1
c u ld i e eol d t i t l ivI t a P: a s ol "u f l I t
t r( s u s e w oe d , U hd e e b e tt e r y ie l "t i a n d
I light in;- th '11 4r t
(clevil's paint hr'u) l it ) h 1wkwe Id
18 l pound s of salt w 11111 to 1il1
theml, and l 1' i t led lit tle afto' kill
wlhen the grass is dry le :ut hur t.o
Slt can he applied to ll :tht, evds
of that kitd with success 'lc, (tvsh1
it)!; of s 1111 o 'ls of h-11 to
adj.acent plots sholudl he ont
a alnIst. TI'h' spraying of Il.l, tlarled
copper uih ite (11ue virti111 1
<l:. t11 IN e i1s <. ()ni, a:I il 1
badly infestedl with mnany wt'il It
was t h r i tlli'tc Ibly sprayed,. Ill u .Atl st
there were few weeds. :ni111I uth ts
were larger a111 ce'aer in srtr t1ni
the unsp(rayell, yieldhl:; a hid nr11 il 04e)
'I'11w' :lcotti ulsed was' o1: poul it'ic st)
foulr ;.allolls of' wa l'r, :In 111ml 'uhy
gallon: per : cre. 'Ilants h:lt al-e e-.
ere w)ith wax. oily st 1-.111co'. rs1111
:110 prtectims .1re not alftecllcl by tIhoer
lit'tuent. New o1'rkTL'ribunc'1aruner.
New Strawborry P'lols.
Ilyv inl'Ii, I ,pring I s w.-hen tle new
slr'awhierry becls shiole be nliacle .l
those who 21-letemph l:Ie ha:1Ving; them' 1
(:tllnlot lI 'ep:Irl' th1e proillild too soonl. [t
is :t ':Ie'I ii : hilt f'ew o:1 lllers, 1oUl
.l,a1ratively, knowl\\ how to rrnw shraw
hert1ies. It w:ts 1'or it l'n-. tini e hle
lieved that I t was dill'b-n21111d b elr
iulls to 1ro w them.l When. inl facl, tere"
is rl 112' oI l I rariden th:t call be
grtown't s() e:INily, or Wl i-Ih givcs sutch
VIluable resultill I rop t1o11 to cust.
tawb1)11' rll enInI' he 1111 u:1 every r1 11
and alundanlttly. werl who nlake
tleir land pr111uee m11a.s1111111 erops
h1::ve seetured 10,1)18 q!uarts perl,ee
h)1l 1 1 i'( 5 !111' 111: y he l:li idel'e l it
esIl lenl t yield. To give : no itie: of
Ilow lilally (14 .1a1's 1inty ... ;rown o l at
s1Rig :lit. l l' t h ia: t Itw e ii -ive lby tie
teet, whici l is less th:an 1-1 of 11l aere,
111 laris on sutch i spc li iu uy the
ratt( of' .1crIt ciu:ts per a1-re. C'onsidl
eri;:r lst the cil:lity of the herl ie:< oni
the 'at111. 1' I 1" ionle is e, will be .: c"
rIur to any t. hat catl le 1 ur4hasesl iu
In et i t Ils :thty will b.' fully ripe and
l!ot in.jir ci i1'y Iran11imr11;l:t: ln. Ilhey w ill
te worth ar l::st ten ents lie, <i011,
or .:1( for thle crop of' :I s;nall p:tceh
I wenltyltive by l1k) feet---sn:tiler thanuit
city lot. As uloire het"ries vaIn he gr"own
proIorttionltely (It at snl:(ll plot tiln
onl A :iterl-, ther"e is no r1asonl why 500
1luarts shoul not he pickell (t Ifir-t
hea1ing seasun. T he strawberry hed,
if kept clean and free' fromn gras's andc
weed-;. should co ntinuIll to produce
o rs f'or two sucecessive setsols or
Inc re.
Plow or spade the groun(d as deep as
posstble. atnd thent sore:all in1t1re over
the surface to the depthi of two or thee
tlhbes, Woirking it lIl into the soil,
but fiftre wIeorkIn ten tIrnd ap1. ly.
alono t for nere a1( mixtre o 2100
1)11u,lis itr:eepethf sol, l o pounds.
tile snnier each15 ptiIl tmrnt ot
tash ae. It idon the firs wdarm
worke the itourte antem frtlizerll l -
ileto the ollnand makithe til :Isrcine
1)as. osil ThenI1 oe t unts lllAprl
In the gtelronds shouhl he1 orked
haver I;fin. llFrt aow small pa footla
hIdr twillno leae so)csty and,1111 aste
btnthe 'sob to welllone. Afe
thel' ll s tr 51)-1 ot Il li ttheleiwork
wll beI te n t he al Js 1 frnter. Asl)
tro'0l0110ed ('very tiea I'O t t'rolIi sont re11
tiable sprieym ltwo011 ki<ls-Sitotin
i'te0V tile isillI(te ho (ma ll tind female),
ph1 nts, afs he s)1 he11i8 21 of varietie11s
f4Irl 01' 821 -13 -121- 1 i-- --i, is ha vy
or' lt. eIe fort'2n gadeIie he u
ants IOnot as parti'ou in the rew. fo'ry
t1r(1the rwshldlIlb coniyo stesfam
ton'ye TaIey an teol others o lthers
tae 211nd. If hia tcts onty-ieb
Useeon Avyou ge Mns-anne fo
Thest roig'e gwithe-wherag man be
fifty by thle's oots be1ing1 halfa
whlie,' ahs e of ole wlas atenty'ar.
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