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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, March 26, 1903, Image 3

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OlIN A. WIliKINS, Of liulinaip
olis, incl.. Is the iiventmr of' at
systl n for takitg up and trais
plliitnti n gt l rees that Is beving
extetsively tised. It litilizing it the
irees are tratislerred fro I ed to eit
il Inidsuiuer il p reference to thle
.spring or fall, the usual seistons pre
ferredl. MIr. Wilk ins helleves the iree
is in Its lost ilourislihing conitllion (lur
lug tIle suiiiner, in this is the b est
thnte for transpla nting, its there is less
(4nger of rhec ukin its growth or in
juirintig It in other way,.
1y th1e Wilkins inventiot the ret
which Is ieing transplanted is never
handlled inl aniy other way than f'rotn
Its hiase. In short, to expinit the
Illethod in jt nutshell, it Ily\ be slatedl
that the earthl and roots are IlU.tsed inl
:t steel husket of iny% reuiiredi sizo,
w"hh'h enrresponids to tihe flower pot of
the iloist. 'l'he first operation ini trats
plauting a tree by lhis inethodl is to
Ihoroughl.. wVel the eatrthl iihout the
tree, sottetting the grourl. Next in or
.,I Is th plaenIg it posit i":n of tilie
steel Imsiskc t, which is itde of turveitl
steel shovels. A rue<litim-sized in
clite, inelosing earthl and roots, six
feet ini diatoeler, Is cotuposed of f'our
teei :.hovels tnde of fivv-six teenlits
Inch plow steel. eah of the shovels
le!ig hingecl to it steel p1i4 irtin srI
rotinling lihe tiree. I'lter tihe shov'els
hanve nll h een drivenl ito l lne they1
be lif...r it.... .y'
The ntit
abou thel treernd twom'nit the t re <o
crossimr. IIi;ethwhltrecl
be 11it'tt] t'roln its bell.
'I'lle lif IfIIiizt g P ippa ktils Is thlen citt 1etd
outi of the ground by serew power, rals- 1
Ing it tp its position in the transporter.
TJhe operatives have colplete control
of the t:tclhine at all times, and the i
lree maly he raised, loweredl or hebd ait
w- II. After the tree has been removed
troml its ol abtbling ihitte it is il1.1
tnek on thle ensh in of thle sk eletton
watgon, wh'licht is to conivtey It t(o its
newv locention, an it s I tus Itanspor'tedtl
(brItoughi the strieet s of thle eity,' beliig ait<
suechii an angle tat thle brnch eles ptass
undtter teephontie andl t elegrapth wItres
U'p'oin ariv al at Its dltst inatioItn thetr
tree't Is slowly' lowverted into the hole~
filt th Ile transpor0- tr has 1bteen r'emtovedt
I tte 1bask et. WhIen till is set'nrie thle
shottvels arie '1litt witan leaving thei
any3 of' Its oreiginatl surroning enth
('ontaUininig its tibtrouis ori ha ir roots .
Ami'ontg the olanc't tes in pr-actlice to be
note'd ini thli's hatest tr'ee tranispilanter is
the opjer'at ion tof te liftinug aitt tonivey
thei coimpa:tss, r'endteinig it ipossilte to
pilanit the trete it) texttt1ly the samiet potsi
tion1 itt whlichi It stood1 or'iginatllyv.
Scjint lIit' A miiienun.
it Sibteria a wiiter rainbow~~ somte
times lasts atlmtost all lt day. It is
eniuisedi 143y line ptic lles of1 snow suts
-!j)ed~J. ini the tir.
At, Sw Auigustine, FIa., is the only
m-ill in the ,wor'ld that gets Its po0wer
direct from an ar'teslin well.
I v
~' ~ d~~ QPbe l
Keeps Them Alive by Aid of C.m
pressed Oxygen.
A new :1p111r:1"t1s for :Irry ing live
lish h.is beett 11evi.e11 :11:1< e1 te t<l in
itzeri-.1ttd, ill whiehl it tan k of
"elt Is iivilell to keep) he I ' ''' 'ai t .
This is (les1"riheil as follows by Ilenry
II. .\lorlgai, 1'"iotil 1:1Ses Consul lit
"The 1yliinler at ttahel i is erigel
with ronilpresse11 oxyge1n.:tntl auttoluat
'L:\ANTIN L 1.\It1":1 Tltl-:EX
Ie Blndes.)
rnlly allows the requihel amnount of
,as to dleseenll, by insn of* a tube,
tller It v ery line wire ganize, which Is
t little above the hottom of the barrel
>" cask. ''he pressure of t le oxygen
welps the water frotn entering the
tee letWeen the screenr an<d the hot
ont of the harrel, and( allows only a
anall porlion of the oxygen to pene
rate at a time. The gruuil eseape
nto this Spnce is grenIter than the out
et through the wire gaiuze, with the ye
ault Itat whlen thle synee( belineOtis
crentIly char'gedl withI oxygeni gas, an<l(
lie forcee of' thle water' above is ino long
*r ale to hofl It, It rushes intoi the
ankI or fhirrel w ifth such fortce t ha t the
ish arie turn'iet over al( over'. The
nost dliinte fish 'nni lhe pnei(ked ins
hose tanks in gireait q nunt it les an<l(
vill kceep a live for t hirty-six hours
vit th~Ile presenlt dIevice.
A iPht -ingr pick Wah.
A clock withI a phloinogr:ith alinchled
0 It, whih <elivers ifs imessa ge oin tx.
eily th le samiie princilfe its thle alahin
it ani : i i lr-s'lock,* is thle hlatest pi~ce'
;ii the rec'*~eie ol tIhe phisnograiph :ilI
lihtt is niecessariy is to spea0k thes mles
.inge of' wi ch one1 des51irs to he r'e
Inindedci thle neixt da:y at n1 certaini timte,
unl at that hour the phuiiogiraphi
spralks thle wordts. ''Thus, If' one has
in appoiutmiet t it. ii'clock to-mior-'
riw one merey say 3s, " It hae to keepp
|mi appintmnent at 5 o'clocsk,"' amid by3
i t iing the iiessagte to "go silf"' at~ -1 lie
intiell igein utmneh ie itmakes thle nni
to lie ont tme.-.OntSiOn ChrIoiele.
Our 5peculations.
If's luck wh len you lose; jludgmteint
w~hten you wini.--New~~ Y'orki i'ress.
e old:
9dfrd tover- exd!
~-rom Out West.
Honorable .Joseph Hodges Choate,
Ouie iii ii':in~is loys ofi Salei
.olled lii har in .lnssnehusetts n 1.
waV2s one)~ of thei conun1)iitig,. of sevent~4 v
rnd he biter serVe<j his :rl:tted Stat
vertsion of I. lie is one of t to
h igh rlitiy o i - l lt-l id jlb i - s
Horble osepsh H owe Coatupes.
\C:1 *it I11' 4)1"I hl"' I~t" i~ 155111i)4s\1lf
Worn by the Sultan, Dattos
and Ot,h:rs of t,he Moro
lI.F .\<,ro ull:an, dnatlo, r:1Jn11
and sIre 11:y it' etv'oil c 1
Il in 11nuity. 4':r't, .11mmne, gen."
T 1t)I1"ul ilnsl intIs.Ihiri1I. a'enst
of hounor" :1nil Ilmc likt', w\ritcs aI I'hilip,
llilo ' r litih I f the lIke, I' Shot' 'Ilit
Jloulrn-1 (l.hblliitI is t certaily 'IlI up iti
lht hlt ln.ht to pilt on his fool, Ili
m11a' IlI tne1't' inuiitlh :11hou11.t I his sloll
dler . :1s these ftenl go4 bare. Ili. ht.1t
Is oflte xposedI alInd his legs freqIuelnt
Ity 1"rc tfrt1 inrtumblr:Iniles. But hi
1" t re <tltite oitel 1s w llt'I 1 rolet eti l
in the bottoills as the fe of the Amer
I saw at lnult'r of instance's in whiel
the Moro proltected the salt's of his feel
with a shingl'-like piece of wood Ii xc
to th'e 1as' of the fool as shoiwn ill
Figure 1. A common strap or piece of
hide is used to Pass over the an11kle
andi thus sustain thei litce at thle hot
tomi of thie foot4 se'cure*~ly. Thlere is a
liket plee, w itiler. (over the loiwer parti*
of the foot. With iis afflir lixed tc
lie side of thle folot tilt 1m21 tv Is a le
to go ahniost anywhleret without damiag
Inag the feett veiry much(1.
Anhotherw typle oif shoe is shown in Filg
ure 2, coiisistinog of a solhid ll(('t 0i
Wood cut dlown to riht propotiom011
antd gradually holiowed out by3 aI lirt
cess of gouging withI in ferlor tools.
T'e lor'o de'votes' conildern'ahie tastl
to the lunk Iing or protetct inig devices foi
thle shins. Ther'ie ar1e always some el
te tribets at warl wiih one n not her. an11
thlet waii Tors of tihe different t rible
wear' a rmiors otf leanther'i, ntribhoi hiorin
bra ss anld ot her metal;1 helments for the
hetadl of wood antd metal, and, In addi
lito metn an d wtood protection for t in
aniik le' suchi as shown in li ligures 3 nim
4. 'T' irst Is a wood int erior mladl
up withl a shell Iimmiing. Tile shel I
timiies iveted wIthI lIttle melital pinli
In FlgurIe 4 the con tri vancr' Is mori
llie 1 legglng thaln antythlinlg els'. I
Is madelI of 54'vtrl'2 sorts of iiatlive mtet
rial. Theli be'si kinds arie Itost m1ad4
f'roma iklins. 'Thle luiting Is somie ofi thI
gut propel'y. dieid1 ilL and wild So as5 I
make very tiough 1and lastinIg luing.
T I IFi ere 5 Is a ski't ch of tale of' th
Moro shoemlE's kives ulsedi in 2 variou
lies of shioe 21nd4 len:lher oper'atisml
It Is a viery stoil-blhadedl affaIr, (lit'
with te butt of! tihe hindtie (Iuite stiok
an;1 stronig. The edlge of the bilade '
kept sharp and1( clear, nndi thle point
knive's ate (oiii5deredl ries byx vilsibor
to the lslandi, antd touists pulrchas2l
Ini l"guire (I is a drain: ~ig of on1e4'
t he' foot r'igs of a Sun1i. There''i is
si lt' I: 'ee consIstIig of' a y)leep o4f i'los
gra Ine(d redwootd. Tlhiis Is wor'kedi b
hiiand tools until It Is gIven the prIohl(
formi to malike a comftor*tablle adjuiis
men It to thei foot. Then01 anl artists
style of r'ibbon 0or strap wltllhackl Ic
passed'i I.p and( over' as. shiown . $om<b
times this strap over tile foot 'ontainl
atste designls. Often the pntten
aire worked (out wIthl lIttle pIeces of co
Ored( glass or hits of mletal. Trhe fenl
ur*e, however', Is the brIllIancy of th
geml used In thle ing p)ineed over 01
of the protrutdling toes.
The Moro artists have already take
A merienni-muade shoies In hland, an
they have Qlenevored' to Moroize theri
b)y applyIng the niecessary coatIng<
FIgare 7 In a skotch of noef atI
d In ii1? ll l
American Ambassador to Great Britain,
n.\lass., :1n11 :1 grallunip 0f lIaIrvar<l. 11t!
;.-~l :and stIhI'4 lin New' Yo-I: inl Hs3 . le
1h:IItitl Ve Tweed (IIl Of (Illit-t into j:ail,
I. as P'resicient of till- ('onsil it Ii'n:Il ('ttl.
'':nts t Iaw y".rs ofI h1is ti1nit . :iIil l':uIkl s
a k4ers. I I' UlaS ably n)tln-bl thle rrt1
NatIinnal .\gazine.
shoes thuns pnte by Ite h:Inls of' the
\Ioro Shol' artist. It will give 1ne4 aln
filen of till, dire('lionl ill whvi,'h thet ay
l \ iind rils wh tIl it ton1tS
to :ttl'ls for' the surfa:o-ts of l'oot
I:V('ry dlatlt owntS slam's. In f'a(t,
Overy ne SI'(lnll( to lilt Ilo btlong;. to
Stllne( (1ntto. TheI( c'hi 1 :111111>riI\y the
(1:11(tto'eletl to l'in to s ps::. ve i
t ribe of 1114'n. wvolnen. bt-yS :ntl girls
was lIa1 of kicking Itl gently :lS ol'
('asiotl a ll(S) . Ally tr:Ilt5Zgt'5' ioll of thie
llalu'hlulse ruile le:8t :1 kick. Th'Itts
meca of tmbassdor .114 theirassistaiits
have horn1'us fixed to the tot. tohls, as in
l' i u r . \.
S(ea Anle(ton(t 'Wipp('tt a 'rah.
The SI' s ae lon l' Is t ill. it. 8i1ali
otlnS So o land that On( wouel pick as at
fighter; u It r('rtain b11u1 'rI itn the
N V York Aquariui knows ttt he is.
A latitle between the figthtinig nit1'-none
anit thieving ('rah was descrihed by
. ILt ie1lert', 'who hIlls clmn-ge of tile
.\tIlnta r'lni nlhornatory.
"I was feed'ling ellt ai leluu llne. 1 t fai'
sized brown Sp et'hnen." S:Ih( MIr.
eSineer, "with ilts of ('hoped'(t (11(tln
fromin long sti lek Ie erah, not on
tented1 wIthl his own share, darted1 at
the unelone and a itelulpitedI to Steal the
AF T111 1ill .1)110 t.
"The a2t funnyIhl thn 111nieed 1fuil.
syirty small11 thredltike' so ils si >t
ouIo'le' ita the$ o neoppt' mouth
ftromii ng he irnh onill .'ides. hese
t(heads art Iihi to utv stinging' pow-tt41si
parentCi pin' frnd started roundt that
gs an flikey al possiessed'il'. A"iter
lyneo t urns3'5)1)1 he roachled aain,ill
antisI time tnhe anemoni stung 'him
hard,'1(12 for' aftra turo or1 1 toi hg ure
over l'Qln his back1 an) td wnggetd his)2
''It was some t ime before he reo(Nv
t'redt. I tell you tila)t Crnh has nlot bleen
withIn haliiling dIstance 01' t' brown
1)nllIonle sinc.-New York MNI 211nd1(
'1hoe SIoux Medoticine.
Tsewho go t) tIh' Museumttl oi the
Uvrity of Pennyl)5'vanial wvIl now#
find tIn e'xhIiition1 a single hIrop. fouri
st lek s nIti n1 hng of' 1(ohneCO. 'IT'se
sillmple ob1 ject 5nn li ttle~ l. 1 to1 us)11, yet,
e The'y are' Ih on'1jurr's" 1hoo)1, *and( It
awIll he ob)serv'ed t hat chII (11ar ter Is
.. painted1 ai diff'eren't color and1( so Is echIi
J1. jurr 18 setl). for', the hIoops nIil stIek
t. are so arran) ged uplon) the t('h)' floor'
88a to orientate withI the points5 of the
e comUpass. A simple1 SOnIg, "lhe and1( e,
lhe-c; 8she and1 ee," are' reCpentedl over
1 and1( Over aiginl, finlally the 1hoop and(
d sticks are remnoved4 and tkto some11 0)1
ni far-oft 1011ely emilnence0. The further
1f and( 101ne11cr the greater' the eflelency.
Few hills In the SIoux Counitry are
ce withlout rem1)aius of the con Jurer's hoonn
\rtr Ylrk t;ity. -I.oing shublllt'red t'f
1'1c"tN ;re* :Inlnt; thl' clixttti xly an11l
no t:lbl' fenlaures 1 1 thel SvIaso nl 1 re.n
1 li u 111 in 111any of tht' new shirt w.1tsS
v.s well :as inlIlhe unurc' h'IIlmr.1t,, u11ul
1.Is. '1ht' v'ry" snuIrt .\:y .\l:Ilt1
Watisl illus"tra1l1e has a114r ' n Ve l roke or
shouler S11-:111 l1fec'1, 11ha is llt :11
I11' with t tu ltl l fr int111s n141 can
eiltll'1 he i1 n il I o eXt1iIll ov1r'I' h111
sh ltls1" o' h i I u tl 1If at 1he1' sI':1tis
:ts shwn in the back vit'w. :1 'Xet"
11ld1It s ii4 h til' clrlli Ipina shoulders n1141'
one f lt' n u 11 t 1 1'4)11 11,, Is I tell' biSho p
$l(tk. T Ii' r1i1inal is 11 of1111'4II41'' Ir'n 'lh
hitnnl in ('renn ll while slitceh' ll With
P)l.e l1111 c'1rticelli silk, bit al11 the
50S0so'S wtaist mnnterials are appro
T1ht' fcunllhttil n 11ning is snuusly lled
and I s Illn (V1r1'y" way tll'"irabll' I\V1htill'
'Wool or silh is u1S('d, but11 enn he onii-d
w"len'r r it iS not desi red. r'I'h ' ion ts
of thI was operile s p' tuckedl for th e1ihr
ont ill' Ilngth and are extenllt to formn
the yoke or shoubller straps and1t are
Joineti to shlt plrtms th4at are tucked
for a1 few illuchs only belo1w their ulppl'r
ce1 r h frlont Thig e slevs r1isir.
cltosigt til'he25 outsh'e thatIiWI Ir the
favoritis of2lIi the season.'4 At 4'th neck
laI Ii s it'k elongated at th1I.le ro t to give
The Iiuantl1IityZ) If uni rd tquiredfo
th10 iedlin s~'izeis fou W nd 111tliv'e-l'ighth
yards1 twly-oneI inche' s wide, fIt-~ ou ii
Wide, he i. n-egt ad hy
WAnan'. (4oua Jackerot.
u Jet ne 15111' leIIg thefavorgit e
allth laQtes3't linest for ItslI cak01
solte cohg,:at Th vle stlsh .\tlay
dra1 n sho 1wsI 1)he1 newf80 St I'(llar nii
triig, wuilen tie fleft.10 WhIInC a
piull sket11h wh'en zrfred. Th o ig.t
andk andrtrfaiyd tue piin of chr
)RK - rF/, ) MON5
htavy eIli' 1abrit' int4ll . be Iof the rich
s I i It tiln g uof ;ist'1f. II' It he plI:Iin
itoo ti'Ir .1 part. .\ ery Ir11t I It 'e, hotw\
ttver is entlIirt'ly o' 11a ck nt't. I nt"h
w\itlt' 1'Iws ofI hb1: 'k ,I"Is IrainI 1ibbot 1
'4111 h I sh' f I he p'I t I, Irttn. oi I>inIn
w114 'II w:11.4 :II I4 l 114 f l4 1111n 1hir t 1-' 44ro1w4
I're :al I44 I t' o lt tl l' i \Il v I 1'y 1ll i ti l t',
I;it vw o ' riblllt :rtr IIn I t' 1'ull btl11s.'
1114: he sleve ntiles lht" Itltisi bl44eIb in
1' l ' ll ' " t' l lI i'tt' iI 43 11,111 i4 1 tl 4 l t ,,t'I
y 'lhum"w la t-e . T hllis is :n II tilr;It tivet
Itu ll l , 1,t 1, forll :1 shIirrelt t1tr'e ".
Atinrnt1 1)y llnntlwt{rIc.
1in 1tu work is :1 Ivwys :1 I"":Iliat'. .1ngt
ItOw" it is ultnr' than t'ter ,t). \\'11le
lht choicest tInblr ui,lt'rit fairly "11Iver
:n4t4' robt 's, Ih "t' t 1h r ' 1 11e 11Ir.. tlIih11
fllI Ilt' rat'tivt' .' \ w1 ic h Irt' nlive w ithIt
I''rt'nt"h kI: l. :1utl I'1::tta tiiig thr Ilwo
1'ri tn ls 11 1 a11 a st ill wi bI l 1, di it' it'
it"unu-"lasts who h:i v' delt' art'tl tht'n1
I4tt11' Ifor since sco ll' it. l b . I'r n l
kicu ls :irt' t t I n 111 ly i:lI-nl t tlivt',
av t' t ht I li t. ~' 'l l ha'.ii' 411t4 4114.1 l ' :n.
wie('r e lor S i.l i'. ih r lse
nr' .1re stret' 1 113" tht' hlunltt l ill
In1ss it I . t:tlp Is . ftt 'a_o;4 ling, it
lutl :i ' ort u l n , ur .tjtt1ilI is Ver' Itl n't I'i
l~itlh the'4 ith i t tt'ig.4. 1111 i. OC
Ilt a t:'y' .lhut .
('hIrmiin:, ' hing i s It n t' in luul ali
,Iuk t r la t r l'- t n 1 i'n( t' lui 1 (1 lilt'
wh a1OI ro- tsh e Ir It' ovter 111 htul
ItrnIr are rIie Il4w tht fr13nt in
t w 411-; lon I4t'i, fttrllinl ;a: sienrtlter Iloinl
411 l1t'- w 1t' gw I t liu'. In eoin't tll'
thet ' 14:I: s Il1.o-r' i s :I lilly t llar rising
at te ht k.
Ay~'' PrtyI'tasefon
h In,t this silk ltulg o\ I\ lit w t'' in itunst -
11144 Si 11144 slit ' is 11;1. ill wilt' 11tsI, 11"t'
~Iine th' 1 so . 'i is tlitt ltalo . haIirn
n f'ro t nlI1 I bac 1i 1 f p int det' h
\"'lnis' l:I4"t; the' t"Irs:It,t was1 tul I'n
hll, rtIY, antl Ite only' t'1 t tn h f I"otlr wa:S
Innt<lefrd in the yok of lrunge vlt
'lgroi d e itt nt' il whitt' .ilk and "(etedl
Color Stuilv.
('olor ti cyid i i t ern lt to l ine rtflt
t'sr da1ys, :1nd411ntauy nlw .1nd1 thllrm
ifig sha rls and ton's are the result.
.\n altrac tive n'w .hdet' is 1 1t'dlling
(1' gr:a1 yIrt gd1t'rln, 11111 show t to loVe-l
t'tlt't"t whIn l'it'l' e llgt l cot1i'II n tior
Will t't'itt. nIuret Ite, an aI tonh
of bi1t'lk velvet hvre anId there.
A14 1114 p etien lts utotit oea hioa ailul'
tongtrtbbotn sshes wIth'evenin 'titIs.
Som .o ths-rN uce n h
the( same( shaeas that ofi'd the itsah an
on('the ~'(cotage o i uthoehi.yltd
oT'he-fod Itt prele o tlong yard
ligt-twno longers fi'O,lihs
Flattery gilds the goose it intends to
Cold wili provoke a gangrene in the
(oocl (heer" is the heart's constant
pringt (.'id'.
Tle bit, tet herbs may give tho
)est 1oney.
Patience is a good protection against
rovoea tion.
hortunte's caresses oft becomes fol
y's eultur'e.
A full soul seblom follows an over
('cd stoiaelh.
horbearance is always more heroic
han fight ing.
A (illirutlty (oes not furnish a rea
01n for denial.
Every task undone means some
rtllh unknown.
Iie linest fabrics may be woven
(t (if cross purposvs.-Itam's H1orn,1.
reasu,e Hunters on Riche Canyon,
.\ 3n' I e3-ieu . Iary of Six p"rl'sons
+,1s h(,[) I'or :;; nme lay ;:$St poking
bolh(;; IItO'I1 tIe o)whlders in Hticho
'anly((n, Ihre(O miles east of San Ilet
I( rdinc . ('al., stelpin:; off distaices,
Iriving slakes and digging holes, and
:,mlgil tley ire o1mmun1en11t11iaive it
.ts h'aketi out that. Ihey are inl Search
;,t(r('I in Silv('r bullion which Was
(,h11 son e ye'ars ago from the Silver
t ine at I)anl,y.
'hi' the-ft of this ltllonl was one of
ll 3ist 1aritIg robberies ever c(omll
i.itt'(1 ill this eollntry. 'T'hie bullions
1a1 been pIla("led in the smelting roomrt
aekedl in s("parate crates ready for
diltilleill to L.os Algeles in the morn
hg, and while three mnen stood guard
11 frol(t f lt' he huiling :,omc, one cut
bit ul,h 1h rear. (ietly u nrated the
;iier and carried it away on horse
Early next 131rnig I1he, theft Was
lis(. veredl, illt so skilltlllly had the
hiet guide,d his pack anlimlals that few
rackIcs were left for the ollicers to fol
IIw. he'I'o supposition was that the rol
1" had cross d to tothis side of tho
nountalns and had burled his plunlder
i1 Itiihe Canyon, and then, returning
o're, h1di takI'n the first train out of
oWin. tiehe l'anlyon was nioted as a
licling pae Ifor1 1hieves, it being the
alsiest. way of eseapo to San ,Jacinto
alley. wlhere capture would be next
u ilpl5sib le.
'I'he tr a'irll'c sv4'kers now in the
-anyon appc,t.r to be working with a
111a) or chart. Their tirlst. known movO
wvas to locnte a tree which formerly
too,l half way up11 the enanyon. It was
;.ut down I wo years ago, a111(1 the men
wero forced to inquire of a settler
c"oncerning its former position. Fhron
the spot pointed out. the party began
their stepping off and distances. The
first hole was dug 117 feet due north to
a depth which would have been ample
to have concealed the bullion had it
been buried there. This and the fur
ther'3 fact that (111 of the party is re
ported to hlave been a friend of the
man11 whlo was slIipected of the bullion
rub)tbery leadis to tihe sulpposition that
iI. 18 the siver tihe men are after.-St.
1L1111 ItepuIbic..
Hand of a Money Handler.
"I.ook at my h3and(s,"' said( a man as
lhe drzifted 131to the ofllco of a wecll
knIownl business8 3man,1 and1( as5 he saidl it
lhe stretche h'1( iis Ihigers ouit to their
full lenigth,i exiosling the plmsll of 1h1s
hands13. 1The Iisides (of his1 hands w.ere
v.er'y rou13gh. Thlat. was1 exactly w.hat
11e wanited to call attenltion to1.
"Dlo you seo 11.hese crusty formla
1141n3s,' 1he (conIt Inued,( "I hese corns1l and
bulnionls and1( kno(t5 and3( other things
of1 thalt sort.? 1.3ook at. 'em1.'' lie still
held( is hand1s (o110n for insp)ection1.
"Do3 youl know w..hiero I goit 'em?"' 110
alwdeC. "'SIlitt in' wood,'' anlswered the
man10. "'Not muche1," said( t he fellow
withI theo rus3ty hands01. "Maulin' rails,"'
venture'(d tile man13 aigaini. "Nope,'' was
1114 sh3ort replly (of thle man11 with tihe
Saw'.,"' Suggested1 the man33 a1s a last re
sort, 1but1 1h0 was wronig agini. "WVell,
ho(w (on earthI did youI get 'em, then ?"
lhe asked0 wIth1 a sho(w oIf impatience.
"111and1lini' mnoney,'" was thle nman 's r
ply, and1( he smIliled ait tile look of (11s
Lgust and1( increduility wYhIeh sprea.d14 over
the face (of theO manl he waIs talkinIg to.
"Yes, sir; I got1. all these ('or3ns and1(
bunlIions and1( knots1. and1 olther' rough
tIng wh5 Vih 1( ou Yell 8 n m1 iy hands hy
hanlidling mlonley. You1 see, I work for
3 '10 trato comipany and1( haIve to handle.
rindl sort, all the mlone(y of the (comlpany.
A great deal11 of the money1'3 Is in smalL
1llnomina1tions1 3and1 we hand11le It irt
bags and1( packages50 of varIous sizes.
Th'lere is so much(1 (If It thlat a fellow's
hands(1 soon)3 bOcome14 hard'( on the insgide
anId gradulally grow Into the knotty
rondit.ion whih y'ou1 find( mIne ih at
tis timhe. Yout can het thlat hlandling
moniey is nlot thle soft [and velvety
busin1ess'8 it is gener'3ally suplposed to
be0. Th'le aHocliatio o13)f soft white.
Lands with thle business.'8 of handling
mone31(y is dead wronIg, and( If any mat111
doub31ts whlat I say about11 it I simplly'
1(sk 11131 t3 step upJ and1( take aI loolc
at my hands(1."
Ad 11 he monelI(1y hanldle-r w.ith the
roulghl hlands blew. out as sud(denly as
Action of Fruit in Ices.
Obser'vations made(( 13n severaitl bac
IlerIological la1borator'ies hav'.e lately
1been publishe11d, in whic(h aL cIl is
made thlat some1 frit julices, more1' par
ticularly lemon juice, haIve pIower to
render0i Inative the I bacillus1 of typhoid
fever. ThIl1e xact melthod1 of investiga
tion1 is not2 dhet.aliled in the literature
at. handl', but31 it is wor3th1 noting at the
outiset. t hat the generanl restraining ef
t1eet (If neid(1 uIponl hlonfeIfia glevelop.
men'1t has1 been1 long knIownV, as has1 also
1114 fauct itat several of the so-called
v'eget able1 acids5, though commonly SUP
plosed t4o be (of feell chemical power,
ar'e really ver'y active. The observed
feeblenoss is (1u3 tol the high dilution
ill w.hich they commonly occur. Citric
acidl in concentrated form is a strong
acidl. General adloption of the viewy
that some fr'uit jices can render
harmless articles off food pr drIik con
taminlatedl with tile typhoid germ
should1( only follow much carefu 31inves
tlgationi, and even if the decision Is
favorable, it will possibly be .found
that some of the comthon .i~nerMl
acids will answer the same purpose.2
Philadelphia1 Medical Journa<

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