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r Local Item
-Rev. John T. L,ewis was it
t'wni Saturdag.
--Cadet Wayne F. Mauldin camn
home Saturday onl a brief visit.
-A. Brnudon Tiaylor w'ont dowt
to Atlanta Saturday on a briof vi.
it to relatives.
-I:nry 'To'Wn, from up> ci
Twelve 11ile Ontered the Grade<
School Tu'nedaty.
-Mrs. N. 10. Tho'nluy left Sa t.
urdtay for 11 visit to her daughters
in Anderson.
' II issr'S StIdle .Richey anttd Cor
rie Li lloon went to l;asley Satur.
(lay on a brief visit to their aunt,
Mrs. Wyattt.
-Mrs, A . M. Morris visited
Greonville last week. She heard
tho imitable Sam Jones Friday
-The Ilagoocl School, whicl has
beon under the efliciunt manage
muent of Mrs. Essio 11lughes, (dosed
a prosperous session last Friday.
-John 1etor Scruggs, of G coen
ville vaa in town last week on
businoss conneeted with the Inter,
nal revenue of the govorment.
-Th luhg Store will have their
big anttnal Spring Opentig Friday
and Saturday, April :;rd an(d 4th.
Ladies in view of the fact, that
Easter is coming, don't niss it.
-Prof. Aikinson, of Boston, has
made the wonderful discovery that
mud can be used as fuel. That
being the case Pickns county is
safe till Gabriel's trump shall
-A boy and girl, children of
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Tally, Jr-,
were playing at the wood-pile
1on<dy. The little boy was using
the axe, and accidently cut off the
little girls finger. It was a pain
ful accident.
-Capt, J. T. Taylor went down
to Atlanta Monday to attend the
funeral of a life-long friend, Engi
geer Miller, who was killed in a
wreck on the Southern near Toe
coa Sunday night. Mr. Miller had
been engineer on Southern for 23
years. His fireman was killed at
same time,
- -Charles L. Cureton got in some
very fine brood of hogs, Berk
ehires, from Te2nnessee oin Mondlay
One weighed about 200 and the
other about 225. Tfhis means a
tuultiplication of good huogs in
Pickenis county, The sooner peo
pie find out the real difference be.
tween "razor backs'' and blooded
stock, the more meat they wvill
-Out' Spartanbur'g exchanges
state that there are some very slick
buggy swindlers going the rounds
i. that county. They sell a fine
buggy, on pap)er, of course, for the
insignificant sum of $35. The
buyer must pay $20 cash and the
remaining 015 on delivery of the
buggy. Thbe low price of course
tcan only be made on account of
eash payment of $20. "Aye, there's
the rub). " You never have the
Opportunity of paying the $15 or
getting the buggy. A'hint to the
wVise is suflicient.
--The Daughters of tho Conffed,.
eracy had an important meeting
Friday afternoon at Mrs. Gitreaths.
They forwarded their petition con
taining seventeen names to the
United Daughters of the Cofedera
cyiforaochairter. It will b) here
mn a short time, and then a call
will be made to perfect the perma
hent organization by the election
of officers. T1her'e are a number of
ladies whose names do not appear
on the application for a charter,
but they will become members
when the or'ganisation is perfected.
The Daughters of the Confederacy
J will play an important part in the
celebrationi of Memorial Day,
-W. L. Jenkins, Esqi. ret,urned
Saturday from Greenville, Whore
be had been on a sad mission.-thr
burial of his mother, Mrs. Mary
LouIsa Jenking. Mrs. Jenkins died
in Greenville at the home of hei
d1aughter, Mrs. 3. W. Roberte, lasi
'Tuesday night, at the rips old ag
age of -82 yeatrs. Mrs. Jenkins wai
nho m'other of nine ,ohildren, sia
kohs and three daughters, all o4
Whom were at her hed side. The~
lhternment was at Fork shoaIh ir
G.reenuville county last Thursday
t#r sht eons conveyed to its las1
testibgglaoe the mor'tal to*aini
hi e ond4d sieot1onaIst ilother
TNi a oos'sanhs du,
s of Interest. d
-Sevoral nico mtilk cOws fo
sale- Iy T . \1lan1ldill
--'T'he m1o1St seltet hl -'pe am
material in, hotlie, hts. I )" u't f)r
get the )loln ing, A pr. :ird aId -I t]
--Mrs. R. A . lainlster :an<(
ehildron, of ('olubii:lia, are oi ;
I visit to Mrs. Ml. A. llollingsworth
.iss Tirzah IIughe: hali s rll
tulrined to P'ickens a1d rs1m1101<
work with thu 11iath-li'rne,-MN1orrov
('olpan y.
-Nver was Sillinii II r
Velcomno than tluna weh. 'h ar
more aro delighted, aid I , ..Iv then
are hustling is to 1)11' it 11ii(ily,
---'he lig Store h,s the m)ti
cc)mtplete Stock in i all c.irnl lI uu
inl the history I thtir 'siu'.s
' holr O1p11ling i, .\pr.:{, i ,:11nd s"I,b.
Bo sure aind at teld.
-Th( genial! Maj.r IMu'nk in o!
the Groonvilill News w- in town
"'aturday' in the. mulmrc' of his 1'a
1)or. 'Tihe Ajor wI s Iuyiig t.,
1i))d outt the caulSe of1 t t',fr luy "nt
mlorning delays of Th..1" N w..;)111
they n111y e tNIet10 Ipei t'r a erv:c 3 in
the future,
-Little A\y W;i : h1.r, t! l,
year o(d daunghter "f :ir Nic 1I1:
CIn A. H a- ood, Iw1 t Ih i hon.:. 01 .'
in Charlest.on iIt, 1l:i'\ lornilg.
h'Io rlllirns wVere hr t;l; to I'it .
ens and intterr d Oil \\'t tlio u,d;ay :;
the family luryi1, ;;r.Iinn<l. tine-.
Ile18 (_l 1'icket1,. \l:,n)v firien
sympathiz( ws'ith thll+n in th.ir greatl
--The people of 1'irkous had I te
pleasure Sunday nud ioInlay of
hearing the inlimlit.ab>le Rev. .loe
MundIIy. Great is Mun1da\ : Mr.
Mttnday made a si'llndilI lc";etrlC in
the Court 11ouise to a lrg<. crowd
of mlon Sutmtlay aIternoon. II[ 1;
gifted at blending the mlo rl with
pathos and humor. lic (alt Out
some11 powerful stritight g(jt)Ils to
muel and boys Sial after-no,
He said at th' conclusion of his :1
dress that he hail bol toll in E,s.
1-y that he would not get enough
money at Pickens to pay his R. R.
fare. After tho volunary collec
tion of about $50 ha-d been made,
he said it was the largest collection
lhe hand ever mladeC from aniy crowvd
anywlhero3 of the samei size.
iNMatheny" saidi lhe, (b'r hie k new
Matheny in iN. C.) "1 wish .you
would put ini your paper netxt weekiI
that that fellow ini EIsley (ldin't
know what he was talkinig aboutl,
and that i have got: entough money
to go to Sant Franciscoa if 1 waneit
to ." Hec lectured again to large
audience Monday night oin the
subject of "A Baby at HTome". 1134
sayVs Pickenls is the biggest li ttIe
town, he ever saw in1 his life. Said
ho, "I have crossed and recrossed
Atlantio and Pacific and travoled
extensively in foreign lands, and
I'm honest when I say I nerver sawv
as many good-looking w'omen in
one little town in my lif', but be
for., 00(1 I neCver saw as5 mniuy ugly
men as I see here to-night. Ladies
look around you.'' M r. Monday
says8 he will always inielnde(1 Pick
es~ i nn his lecturo~4 tour hereafter.I
Memorial l)ay.
Theil (commfitteo0 disignated to ar
range for proper obsenrvane of
Memorial DayV will doulbtless see to)
it that every p)o1sible pror)Vision i s
m-ade to induce the Veteranis, andl
not only tile *Votorans biut the0 pe&o
pie generally, to participat) inl the
exercises. It will he an occasion
in which all should feel inlterested,
and this committee asks the co-opu
oration of all who wvant to see the
Old Soldiers macte glad once mnoro.
South Carolina Honored.
The daily papers of Friday last
announced that tho Presideont had
appointed Col. Asbunry Cowar-d a
member of the Board of visitors of
the U. S. Military Academy at
West Point1 Col. Coward was a
distinguished soldier of high rank
in the confederate army and is
doubtless remembered by many old
comirades in th is state. IIe servo(d
with gallantry throughout the war,
and has filled positions of trust
since thant time at.the command of
hIs people. Ho was, at one time,
Superintendent of EducatLion foi
Sotnth Carolina, and for soveral
years has been Superintendent o:
the Citadel Academy in Charleston
tti appoinitmient ii a d'eerved
6'0Onghition of attainmiients of a
high ov4ot $#4 tA spnid~ fituen for
Th( i:r <: ! 1211: 2 s., u, ()
1 111.i term1 '"I rt, i %%n trit
f, 1' ( rr.-(I r- , ( igrenv i: 1 11 mot
4I44V) 4 I h:I\1t , lieanrv :e
Smith and1c h!,r dau:tt r'.l Miss L,
(ill.~, ,. '3 if
- Th( p!aintilt, bro:ght suit to
p i")1 rI' I at l edged injur lu 1 t
by,\ I a ': t II..p a ne w i f e w hieb i(
GrrtI . !w i ,h i .d1 to
- ') eI.lt',s i . ai: . iIM w ,'
r1 y ;Iyth- & llythe,
' r ( iil . I::d .ll:' Gary EI va
"i ,'' !.,,, , ':. 1Th;. I 'Iet'd an
( 4 \ Il .' C";I \ " 1 : Ill ttO1
( l, l o -a W . 3' . ! . :l ' l s
n;(en' w i\o w re . exaitl
illd (1 it ibl. 1Th 1 spe for
(' \t rt' h . ) ' ( id:S. $i
1jit 1 u: , i...)1r t . 'it" lg
1'I': .r" t he d1en- while 11
E\v . 1 pr l 1::t fI Or It
1>ht;I 'iI . '1eo ("a-(' w ignt. to t
. 1 ii 14r ei' a tu, nII( ;, anI1d Irt.
\]nrytic (u; '1?o,,,h41, and (Or
mj u \ \ . : , ( : ; 1 : i . a"' r 1 : " ' : 1 1 f o r l
i:1:1)4 "1' -. 1; I I, ;. V :n i t . lot io$2
wer us211'el) for ai nov1 ), nri d. T
Jkllh. u I -41 .is . i 1 1 or
TI . , I l Ii cm . was i
ar I -I v h..is . time wJnt
;)r ( ' t '" t 111)u '\", "ourt
st u . w.i, Wisw( - 1I l c tnclued
\1 d'i.t'r(:1V,l. O .)" havinc; be(.
(,uit al1 \\ ( sdt l:l;"y tmght. 111
GlmrwW i.enm was Winld guill
('f a=. ',Ilt (,': a lli ish !d A. r av
br ~ ,h ,~4 t"lt vath~prsnr
t("d ta;t 11r4'. Ih'' , I n t. 1 Ity of ti
(:,li \"lu1 )! o 1'I \t a _ 1)1r mp ly" paid.
iwa114 IPr setmllent ci +raiitI Jury.
T(I , 1lHa -,01)hh. i ,. (). Purd'
lV'r',sidii rt .!ud :- r 314
W e thc! (;:.1l1n l ur , b) -g lea\"
to) re'port t( your I m;iO r Mhat h u"
ha:t\ ,pa':ti J up)l all h)ills( handte
(M f"r to I side',rt iol, and i
1r i-i (e r1) )rt w ild say ti
w\(, tlhrotl.;h (,ur u.)tm;ittet(e lia
visitedt l the pOo,r f1'irmll aid convi
conp. W Ii:d c( ndiitio'n.s at bot
ent '(ir Iaisfcoy
L ah JXw vstd th 3 C le Jai
Mattersi( 'tr met wl) i th: our
14lso the('- fam!ily of ltilo a ilet
isdu 'tihept hmality ot
went. i or (illo otine wo
un,bhided. it ltil4 Lom i~I re ma
iul, we rg t hel ni a1o1~c or toa
1every ) ci effoto tovern>m tun
torestiae ho.onitiere
tIanc8 in) the Count.y Commissoi
05l1.1' itlee h er r lietbed. us.q\\
have nort (:s y1)ltJ d t a r t inqui
into teL Jarne,4 oruvesigat t
Iin ji all thei eth.eiir - an cstrro ic
tv ank o stirv'ah e re i: id cors
mOn! furthd to i the mXthatth<
our duate hvre.:-s
WTh fertho t(unty isua beil
Autocuation lf Aerip.i now rea
ionsines ing theout. fac yh
thne Ln.iftelsuro thn Cou1
issey &o rom ibousy, S.ar.
w-rrn.J.aro oslya4
ige it crimny a ~oftc for a
:3R. C. I
lrd o -HAS JU
New Store a
hiand ;. p1osit ively selling goodsl
before , 1; low ar11 at few price,:.
of "The Half as
th '20 lbs p)1lntallc'n Granulated rl511
iuc lbs. G IooIiid (e C lh e ( f1'
10 Ibs, 11 't ( oslted ,l "..e four
Fil st-clUss St"el p1low at -I et
lif -
r 60-hnch Red Table Da
st Best Turkey Red, regu
& Good Eigh
" Half-hour Strike.
s I have the m_'_ Conplote Hin,
e inl this Coutl ry, all 1,f which are I
aI at 111i(s onl 'aft pol.
n Men's $1.25 and $1.54
o lent Stock, to go at a E
ni - --------
'11 .1 also havo a comloto i
r. Poles, Shafts, Cushions, Storm Al
. also, Post Hole Diggers, Touguo F
0 and ovorything in IAIlDWARE
I 11s0 carry a CCalmpleto lin1
T goodS Ire( Iought for
pric0' eVer Un"de inl this counltry.
e 1 miembeLr I am scllintg 5T1,.
me umc H1. C. SI121E'S OLD
t Coo and see ll and [ will
m .
A Full Line of N
NowI onhnd, at prices th
s huly for CJAShI. (live mue ca:
eponls to the amouunt of your
1011 lions and Ul rt urnt to mie
(CallI w'1hen ini Pickenis andi
absoluto sattiactin is guara
I, Real Esta
~" One 5 room housie, Lot'70x21
i' Two 41 i'oom houses, Lot 70x2.I(
y' TIwo icely' shaded 1lts, 100x20(
One, onle-aOic lot-~facing l wo s
Ont Fa rm-comiprisineg sev'enit
cuciiv attin andi only l.A mtiuls fri
Ftlor further in-flormiation callI
0 IEA14 EST)'
eOflice id Depot.
to Of Our Millin
of WILL T4
Friday al
or. r
'Tho Spring Styles will be sh
shapo, material and efibot,
Our inuLto shall be, "Correct
E~very hat that goes out fron
extend to every womn a cordial
6t yourselves the corlrectness of the
ly money. If you onlg look yott wi
>u SOnl
'86 t XVG oought the latgest
S. mhents in the histot'y of our' busji
8., teredt to comno and see us.'
't EI.,I) .1
t Ll~E~ m p
1 a i:i :1 s. lha
ttl' Yv,i> -- .11
tot I[A J' I 1; i .
Save yctt Ilt(il.
1 a. R Jfm :
.I I1 1
I ,4
-1 1 1': 1 1 (* 'I11: 1 1:' .I 1 1.
61,1 IC I:
ii Iot, lasts it
4t h i ng, Sh ocs,
Goodsk, Silks,
tlh' "Stato of
nl" lv UrriVO.
t'.' ~ 1 114' rt)1
. , . , 11 r i, ; n
- F
m the best.
-1-~b 1-ny thu hea3t.
t' iV's sa tifactioll.
PocF ke t
W,Siiv & Hoes.
welit'~>;, Cheeks,
vh ici we always havo in
t, btut littl~ m~oro than
tur stiek inu its various
. Our stock isi now comn
h-s Drug~
deatid andi
-'( e .v wo il! got it
iarter for 1i I1 Wri ting
d Envelope of.J)4 ~ al.l
I *. -;m toh)accOS.
4jript 1011s.
I it. pr1 ics Irolli
ay Worsted
*a at $4.50.
O thfl: in00oy. Pho
ong them you will
30; your choloo for $8.50.
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