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- * SECI
Strange Discovery Af
mains of a Missing
Enacted Near a Poisoi
::ands of I)eailh Valley
have yielded up the story
of a oth:'r grtuesone,
hl astly tragedy tifly
years lifter It was (bi
acted. Yearly, as tin' white m1en tray
erse tihat Ittpdoor of' lhe nether re
gions, they 1 lay their lives against the
tales of yellow luere that lie under it,
and soine lose. The next year, says
the Sant Francisco Chronicle, their
mininified corpses are"c fouand by othi
ers, who nitaty pity them as "good
men;" they played tle limit and lost.
Iere's the next that tries.
F'lfty-one years .ig a party of men,
women alt t"hIldreti--twieity, all told
left Independence, Mo., In two 'wilgols
drawn by oxen, loudtl for the gold
f1ells of California. From that day un
til now they have ne'ver been heard of,
and tleir fate has always been a iuys
tery. All these yeairs the bare desert
held the secret securely locked, 1111d
only recently have its restless, crawl
ing satnd(s disclosed the key----at huge,
rlsted iron htook of an ancient ox
)on Plekett Is a prospeetor with a
frale of tempered steel and tll'ws and
muuscles as tough as wh"Iang leather.
le is not well known in San Fran
cisco, bul: is a fitmilian' figure froin
Carson to the Mexican line. ie H has
just returned to an a 1"ra neisco from
a lrospectlig trip to Tolopa11 through
Ilie PIllmananil( colmiry and i)eatth Val
ley by way of .\ojave and Keeler.
At the foot of a spur on the Pana
mint Mounlais, on its northeastern
slope, lie, with his partner, Len Crorsoi,
had 'stopped to rest. :heimselves and
their burros frot the exhaustion aIt
I1endant utpoit their trip across Death
Valley. Where they stopped ia sprihg
of perfeetly eleartt, cold water hubbled
from tie ro(.ks and lost itself In the
sands a few yards further on. They
did not. drink of the w-ater; they knew
it; so did their 1urros, and the anilals
hardly sillfled at it as they turned to
iibhle the sc"ant herhage. It. was dead
ly poison, atnd the aarst'ni coitainecl in
a good draup ghut would kill i drinker.
Years ago somle prospector had
sier.nwled the word "1'olson" oil a hoard
from a packing i)ox and had fastened
it to a stake by the edge of the spring.
It was while resting in the sh:de of
the roeks and the brush that Pickett
saw, at few feet from him, the top of
a rust-eaten hook projecting above the
sand. He took hold of it, but it did not
coie away easily, and, exerting his
strength, lie Ulicovered an ancielt ox
chain forty feet in length, the kind
that is practically out of use now.
Fron its rusty condition lie ani(d ills
partner estiiated that it must have
lain buried in the sand for at least
fifty yeanrs, anId k-nowing the limnner in)
wiich tihe de'ser't conlcealed Its secrets,
they took their p hrosple(ting pieks froml
'their paceks, anid beganl drainlg themii
through tile sand.
Th'ie ploints of tile ple(ks turnled upl
hone, aifter honie anmd pifeces of wagon
trolls. Slonte of till hles(' wevre of
OX(en, an 11 me 5l('Were of' human:11 1 bings,
a few evidenitiy being thlose of women
aniidlchildr'en. Thiey reint erred in a
t renlchlIl in i the 11(and te humanili hones
they 3 h:l ( unlcovered, and(1 then p)acked
oni aeross thte dreary waste thlat
strletchled away blefore t hem. Thiey told
thle story of t heir fintd to I iidiaiis and1(
old white se'ttIletrs in the Amilargosa
tile 011old men they gained tihe follow
lng story:
It was In the fall of 1851 that a party
Camne dlown Amlargosal way3 with two
wVorn-ouit ox teams. Thue par'ty had left
Inde(ipCeene, Mo., that11 spr1inig, but
had( been dlelayed'( by Siekness5, and had
once lost Its way and11 had1 left tile trail.
Consequently they (11( not approach
tile Sierra Nevada Mountains unitil thle
*'eqrnessC5 of wIter prohibited thleir
passage. TheyC3 had1( turined south from
Humoif't sink anmd had taken the
Southern r6ite by13 tile way of the~ old
Salt Lake annl the Los Anigeles trail.
One or two of thle women and1( several
of the children hiad dlied oil the way,
and onle of tile wangons had( broken
down, and tile OXenI were so tihin andl
Wornr that all were attached to tile best
.wagon andl( tile other albanldonled, as
were some of the goods. 'Thle reminn
lng women, cildr'en and( outflt were
packed ini one wagonl, and, with the
menCf on foot the little cavalende toiledI
on toward E~l Dorado. NothInug miore
was seeni or heard of tihem by the
Amargosa settlers, and it was pre
slimed thlat they had1( goneC throuigh in
safety. It is a110ong, thirsty way from
water to water between the sin1k of
the Amargosa anud D)eath Valley if onle
does not "know-anid tihe parhity from
In1depenidenice did not. If they hiad
they wold( have dug a fewv feet in the
dry sandl( or the 1h0( of the lost Amiar
gosa and found water!, bitter, it is true,
but it would hlave preser01ved life.
Neithler did( they kniow~ that if with
axe or' hatchet tihey had( split the ihuge
"bull" cactuM they wouild havie found
an aeldi(, juley puilp that wouild haIve
mnOist'enedl tile parlcheCd tillouts or thiri
iie ad themilselv'es. BuIt all this
theylf diot kniow, andt struggled on
'with star'Ing eyes anld p)archled and
crackIng tongues thr-ough the hot anId
stilling alkalillut, str-ainling the011 eyes
across tile dlr', dull1 graIy was5te for
a spot of greeni that mighIt mark'l tile
presence of walter.
Th1ey' saw thatt piot at the foot of
IL spur11 in tile nor'thwesiternl sIle of the
Panaiis and1 hleadled for' it, goadinlg
Oti thiirl driagglng, jadeld OXenI. 'They
d'atchedl it and all drank thirl 1111. ThaIt
(Vas fity-one yearls ago, aind thleir dry
'os01 1ha1Ve jul't been1 foundl(.
- Charles II. F'ish, of San Franeisco,
thlinks lie remlemlbers5 the par'ty. HeI
crossed DeathI Valley iln 1851, anid, de
liriouis fr'oml thlirst, lhe flnishled the trip
withl a: r'ope( arlound h1im1, led by lis
partnler. Mlr. F"Ish r-eleber that in
-thle uipper' part of the vaflley they
passe0d a p)arty ini wichl were some
pitenusly for water, but he and isa
ter Fi'ty Years of Rc
Caravan--A Tragedy
ed Spring. ".. .
partner 11:1d non(' for thetluselves. T1h:lt
wtas fl'f3y-uli: t'ars :a u. .\ tert re :in
lug l lc"eis(ioilsness the firt vo:-(ls .11.
Fishl 1''lIInbers' were fi-ulm a sirnll!
to his p:rinler: "\\':ter .Ind whlisky
-rt-( hel swnte prihe--o 3'n1 (,lmve yom
'T'llt part of )eaii Valley lying he
low the sea Is onl1y about elghlteenl
ulles lolg and1 thlree or four miles In
w1idth, but the Death Valley proper
Is about seventy-live ntlet long andl(,
frotn five to lifteen mhliles wide. As
miles go, the dlstanee, with water, Is
not far off'; without water, eternity
lies betwen one and the little blitck
dlot" onl the mla) tht'maruk the loention
of water. There are true and correct
111nps of the vall'y, but they are sen"'edI
on the brailns of a few hIady pr'os
In the cooler seasonis ulen inulrVd to
the hardslips of ihe desri't hitve beenl
known )to go several days Without
water, slbslsiig on the ,juice of the
ee'tlis; inl till suIler seasonl fromn
tw'enty"-fouir to thirty'-six hours is suf
lielc1nt to unseille their reas)on. A new.
Coiner, it "tenderfoot," will go stark,
raving 1111(d lit froln four to eight hours
Ill hot weather 'i he hits not water.
To stich men thre' gaillons of water
per ty are eeslte"sal'y--the hot, dry :tt
inosp)here (ausinig it rapid (Vapocralion
and plienoinenal thirst. IDuring the
(iays Ill the mlitli' of the sullmer the
thermuometer stan(ls anywh1ere from
125 to 135 d."(eg'ees in the shladle in the
c'oolest 1)lace that (:an he foundl. (On
the sand inl the still the height. to whicl
the mnercury" ellinhs is almost beyonid
Only the excessive dryness ol' the at
mlOslphere( permlits one to live in su-h
leat. It is this terrible )et that hoils
the blood of It 'tenlerfoot''' unltil the
ste:nm cooks tlihi'bain and1( drive, hbm,
:1al:med m)aulin, shtric'ktug wildly113
across the blisteritng sanis.
''huc' who "knov,'' ill going from
one wvaterhtlue to another, alw:)ys carry
enou;:h Water to hast theml there and
back ill the evelit the objective wiater"
houle shoul l ill oui dry. 'I'here is w:tter
at tertain poits inl Ueati Valley, but
unless onc' knows t he extt location of
these springs or w-itelrlioles It Is death
f'roml horrible tortutre to attemplt to
traverse the valley in the smumier
iloltls. 'l'he dleadly sltleness of the
coun try is such that all mountains and
rocks look ilike to the stranger, and he
mnay pass to his death within a few
yards of where he could have found
Cats anud other beasts of prey reflect
fifty times as much light from their
e3'('s l ilashumal beings.
To economize timle in miemor'izing ai
poemIf it shouhil lhe rendit as ai whle;
that is, entirely through each timte.
Testst made(1. iln psy(chologienl laborni
tOrie.s showv that to mer.niorizte 01n0 verse
at a timle takes one-fourth Icnger.
In China tile down, of the thistle is
gatheedI'( andt mixed with raw silk so
C4e'vedt when'i tihe fahrie is wove.l It is
also uIsedt to stu1ff cushlionls asi a4 sublsti
tutte for' (tldrdown, andit aI very good
A nOVelty inl tile way of an1 alar'm
clo(ci has1 been perIfe''ctd by3 anl Amerz
iCean jeweler. It is abiouIt tile size of' a
shauri pill, whlich prlic'ks the tinlger iat
the4. 1time the wenrer' wishes to r'ise.
Fancy two plants being so hunfrienld
ly that)1 tile mler'e neighbior'hood1 of Onte
is tdenth to the othIer! Yet this is the
case4. withl two weil-kniowni Bitish
planits, Th'iese ar'e thet thistle and the
rale. If the field is infestedl with thiis
tIes, wh1(lh 'omle up year after year
andl rull tile Croips, all you have to do
is to sow it withi rape. 'Thle th1iste wviil
lbe ablu)lttely anninhiliated.
Dr. Schadenbe'rg claims to have dist
coverted In the P'hilIippie~ Islands the
largest flower in the world. 'fie naS
tives call it the "bolo.' It is a five
petaled blossom, as large as a wagon
wheel and wveighs upward of twenty
p)oundsl. The Petals are4. oval shapedl,
of a creamy color and1( grow arolund ai
cenltre filled will) a gr'eat nmber of
long vio,let-hucd stamens.
In Germany electricity, among othecr
curious results, has r'eihbilitatedl tile
discarded windillii. At Nereshim a1
windmnill applies power for thirty-six
Incanidescent lamps thlat light a large
paint factory. Another in Schleswig.
Holstein keceps a steady current of
thlirty volts. At Dusseldorf a windl
1m111 winds up a heavy weight of which
tihe descent works a powerful dynamo.
Tile Principal Wecapons of Death.
The flftcen pr1iniCpal ca1uses of dleathl,
With) theO r'ate per1 100,000), as madle pub
lie bly tihe Census Bureau, are as fol
lows: Pneumonia, 191.1); consumupt ion,
191.5; hleart disease, 134; diarrhoeai
disoases, 85.1; kidney dIseases, 88.7;
apop)lexy, (10.6; eninteri, (0; old age. 514;
brlonlchitis, 48.3; ciholcera infatumlll, 47.8;
debility, 45.5; inflammaltloln of brain
and mnenlinge, 411.8; dliphitheriaI, 34.4; ty
phoitd, 33.8, and premllature' birth, 33.7.
D)eath fr'om all prlinllcpal enuses(1 shows
a dlecreas)e sin1ce 1899, the) most51 notable
being conlsumIptionl, wichd showvs a de
elrease of 514.9 per 100.000.-Uietetie and
Hygienic Gazctte. ,
'A Chance For a HTer,
The eibsolcte Ilnglishl h:aItleshlip Btele
15s4e, whilehi has) ailready been made41( the0
ohje't. (of e'xpim'ental battering, is to
he fir'td at on1ce more1', this time to as
certain tihe effeet of shell splinters on
theO enigirn' r'oom. At the last firiIng
some1 rats wer'le plaledt In tile conning
F. T.' Janie, te nlll' expert, suggests
that somle ofieer voluinteer' to stay 0on
boar'd tils tlnme, inl order('t to 5see person
ally the effect, of tilt batter'ing; for In
this 'way onily wvill the( expler'imient
r'eally he of value. Mr. Janel has not
vOlintna,,n, himsn f,
A Hospital stmowartl's E:cplanatiou of
"I l'lltl'1"l' :1 (.nt11 thet t)i '\ilie e ily i
luitl was: tre:i ito at surpr1j'iste, ::s v.eli
Its giingl.a pit-co of inform Iationl wh'ilh
is \'iatlblllt" for every iutl to know, bhut
w\h;eb ('\"l:-y body4 1' 1(1' not knor', re(
In:rlietI t1 v,'-lli itown 'or iieos(t'nt
this inornii..
".\t the m<l u'' (lt har stitingu out
in f;-on. v",( he ) n' leg..s of it chair
turlit'i Iow t lt1 e ik to Itlie 11+: t, :tit
o'e'r ihe(, lla tii otl ' iheji th ' ohu
fornnedl were: the fee(t and t' h.:s U.c a
"Arou 1111 the f'our leg of te (ier
and ot wo les of the 1 1 w'er'e
grouped s(veral inn, 1 ludIin o e 1ot
two inien of the 1'11it'<1 .1tate1s Hlospital
Corps, I thought I1t'y iir tryilng
to Suffonte the rec"denlhent 11in:1t, and
waVIs about to e'xpost.ulalte w\henl one of
the ho0spital corps explained:
"'II looks as if' wt' w\ere tr-ying, to
kill himl by enulsing a 1'ush of blood to
the headl, doesn't it':' he inulred of
ine; 'we"tll, w\e are not trying to kill
hiin, but we are enldeav"oring to ce.lS
the llood to rush to his head, and
that will bring him out of theilt coma, or
faint. w\hieh hle isla inand save ImII.
"'Meni and woieni fall in faints inl
the public 111nees of all cities ev"ery
day, and until the( amilbulance or a1
phlysielatn eomles not one personl in at
hundred in a crowd knows what to do,
und,. In facet, nlinety-nine ouit of a huin
drel will do the wrong thiug.
"'I'his mlan, a iig, powerful fellow,
a strang;er, dlrolppedi like' a silot to lte
floor as lit' was ilbot to pay his heck.
Mlost people \'ol+i have elevated his
he:ad and polrel lraniildy down his
thront. But we eltevatedI his ft-t ove'(r
the ulplurnedl (hair. so as to cnse the
blood to retulrn to the brain. W\hy?
Be('attst' his fae' w\as wiite. We just
unloosed hils collar ind, jacked Iis
feet 111). and,' conltinued the hospital
Stertdi, 'you see his wlite feattues
arte g.radually b,p'omlingt normial, his
ey(es aire opening, his natural color Is
comning back, an1d We n10\w lif't him to
hils feet, so.'
''And they pulled the big fllow u),
bllnking and starin'g, but ve:ry gr"aleful
to the st-ewards, who had perhaps
slved his life.
'You see,' resumed the hospital
Stew\"ard, 'thc'r' are st'veral kinds of
eomna, bmt there are two fundatnental
cnuses to be 1orone in mind in Ihese
emner:ency eises:
'' l'rst, 1as in this ease, where the
p1ati('int'S featurel'ts ar.'' white, It lleanls
that you lust eleva t' he feet to enuise
the blood to returnt to Ithe braill, and 1111
der o110 ('rlllUst1ines elevate the1' head;
don't forget this, and,
"'Second, when the featu'es are pur
pie or red, Indientiig at rush of blood
to the head, or at seli-apopltctle con
dition, then elevate the head11 and de
press the feet, and in each inst.anee un
loosen i malnn's collarband, and in the
case of a woman her dress. Many are
the persons whose lives have been sIlO
rifieed just because those who attended
them elevated the head in all eases.
"'The heart has a hard time of it
in ill cases of coma, and where the
valves are weak they sometiines are
too enfeebled to sustain the pressure
of the congestedl (irclattion, and1( they
just quit workinig ovtertimet, the pattiet't
pallses 0out, as the press'~ reports put1 it.
"no4t ha1vin1g recoveed conseitlousness'12,"
wvhen he or she ight haive bleel n ved1
1had( either of these two simluie suggtes
tionsi here givent heent puht immedWtialtely
into efl'ect by those 011 the grounid.' "
WashIngton Star.
hleyOnd( the Minera.
Beyond the depthI of 4000) fteet the
phlysienl barriers to coal111 miing appllearl,
unider' existinug (cond41ithIns, to be inIsurl
miounItablhe, say's Tit Hits.
Inctrease of ttemperature2 I11'is the chIief
obstacle ini pen'etra1tin1g to al greater
de pth thlan 40(0)0 fee't. At a dethI of
onIly 3000 feet thle tempera1'1ture't of thle
eart11h wold amount111 to inIety-elght de
A further depth of 4120 feet is thought
possible4, however, at which ploint theC
tempileratutre of' tIhe air wold he' equal2
to the 11e11 of the blood)4. T1his woutld(
gIve 11 dlepth of 3420 feet.hbeyond whieh
ploint the'(01 continued sInkinug of te
shaft becomes puly'l speculat1ive15, lmlt
it is assumlted tha2t a1 depth or 40(00 fteet
may ultimat111ely be reach'led In coal miln
TIhe effect of pressure is anlother- 1)
stnele. it thle Deekinfield colliery, at a
depth of about 2500 feet, the pressure
beenme15 so powerful that it crushed. ini
circular arches of brick four feet in
thuicknecss, and ini one ('11se a1 pillar' of
eng~t-ironl, twelve inches square, sulp
porting a roof only seven feet in ex
tent, wa-is annapped in twainl.
It is es5tima1ted1 by the Royal Coal
C'onmnissioneris that the Entglih coal
lields conltalin beneath the mlinhig limiit
Iof 4000 feet 1no less tha1n 4S,486,000,000
tons. Thtis gives a hint of the hidden
stores of coal beneath the workahIe
limits which sceince, comblhined wIth1
in1venltionl, may some day find a means
of bringing within the reach of 41mman
Not. to 110 Undone,
A corretsp1ontdent wast shownt tile vlis
itors' hook of a wort-hy London lust itu
tion, which is at the presenit mtomnent
tIhe cenitre of ver1y con)isidera1ble intr
est. Tw'o 01' thtree mouths hefore Is
Majesty's neceSSIOin to the thronie, the
King anud Quee~n visited't the institution.
A ne0w vIsitors' book was produllcedl,
andO on thle firlst page theIr majesties
and1( thle Hlon. Sitdney ( reville, who was
then eqerr(''ly, signed their tnmes. Since0
thietn many yvls2iors, inludinlg a hirge
numb11er of wel'l-knlowni AmiieiIenns,
have sign)e4 Oil tIlthe suceeding pages.
A short thime ago) the mayor' andt iiay
Oress of a met ropolitanl boroughI mnde1
a touir of the buildIng, and1( they atlso
eniteredl their nimcs in the book. lIn
steatd, however, of wiIting bl)Iow the
name11 of the last vIsitor they took the
clearii space whIeh had beeni enirefuilly
pre'4served unde1r thle r'oyal signaztulres
on 1li th irst page, which now rends.(i
AlbIert E'dward.
Edwhin S4mith, Mayor of -'
Anigelinat Sithi, Mayoress oif-.
We, of (cour1se, supress Ilhe reafl
namesl(' of the Mayor and1( Maiyoress.
London ('br'onicle.
Ilousehiold Sorimons.
The best sermionls tat over' were
written to makei menil' good husbands
w'u written ini reciI)es-Newv Yorkc
y+?:eru+xa(?u c ia Etata'nu I
l:rt.tul ('uvtt:ttl 1'u.1(cItIg.
11akco : t'lst:As m1I:xtur'l w'ith tw1O
1::1l:1 t':. )':1't iii. ~ 11 -!cua:'h Iti:'.pi;(IlI
(ei ! .' :',.ii . Gl - lil; lit o Ia' :iiils i
'til : ( i ' ':i : 111 !.'t n - u t'i' 1. ( l i : 1. -
slI !;)l o l sal i i :l.::r t): 1orde 111)tuh i :t
lln ln: bret"":: l: all 1)Iece's (I. I('"h . ! :d
ali 1it il ill the lnoul: lti: linr 1t'
e a11 (ita l ni:l(e-' verIl: pm iu lii h .no41 41 in
t1ic' ove ind l ie:! :t' i:r let 444 : Ict
cool :1 lite a lt'a tiu (1' t (bit a 1aliiy
1 :tu1: IIol; trvce litlt t :'ainu or fruit
%:Iil t' .
U.Mte'r untl.
"Iald one pint o!' ot es(rr1 Inl their onv
li<quor: drain andl put In a1 cool )e,ar;
whei(n wlnlted Io serve,(' .priniklt' withi
.:11t alt d pri)ppr a nd i ix wviti innyonVj
n ise dressi lng serve on lettuI-:ev:.
or naik' a dressit w"' ith : ! plt t)'ul
of wthipl)ed c1'en:l: mill ()ne( tab1lospoonl
of lit'i(n juire, :t little at : iiti : s441
t n withl t little paprika, adt m1ix i
enut't 111yt" onr-fout rt h ( u11 1 of horst'rad
tll: if ntot nehd I no)u::h1 ad<d une ttl'
spoonl of t'inegi l'. Th Is Is :1 deltitOs
l i't't' tig and a .'' 01 it I uny ii
Orangn l y'y.
Maki, thet tloughl iiir this :i you
w"oul for h,akinz 1 0ower' hi((lt-.i.ing4
a p)int of sittld tlour. :1 larg~" tal -
spoollfuil of shorte'ni ll and itold :lter
to I elkt it : t's t ( th. I ttl1 lit t ol -
lon'4 leet and t'evr I thcikly with t hli e
or1 nes'. p) e' i. sli()(I ani setldit:
.priu::le l iIIt'Ikly w1'itht sugar m1'ixedtl
litlli the grated yellow ' rind of Ione(' or
nueu ' then rol tits :ll t!)ttt:ely clnke,
folding lit the tnd t I' r '(evnt the juie
fromt est'apin!': ti, up in it wel,l flturt'd
cloth. let' vinot rt n f1 o it to 11"t'll. all
put into !t ll; t' itt 14) boiin r waellrtl
antd h1oil ralpidly and11 continnuou!y" forn
tIo hours. or Ic;n1 it fOrhw and nedl
hall' hours. Set wii' 1it'h (art 1 ru1t1
II t)nut 'In tly.
Shell the nuts, l'on "'ll b"own sk1 4s
and "oll teml fin(' lti " must he f"reAh
roasted and crisp). To a ut of the
rolled inls allow 1 ("111u of ; (ranulated (
sugalr. Put the sll; ar In a nmoothl-lined
s:lue'cl:eln and sit o ter t very hot lire.
for to be at Ilie te su-:lr mu1st melt
quickly. Stir it oln tantly until it
melts. In thec inetc nt11 put Ithe nuts
Il it halo Allow it oVeil to the:
hatv(e dhllowv tfis well uilttert< and
pinc n the rat' t the hue Nltire they
w%%"ill n ' t hot. As soon as, the su tar Is tal
lte)ted and ('gin. to color slightly
pour inl the hot 1)ennullts and imm0edi
8tctl1 rellove from 114. lir' and 1pour!1'
Into thtde u tteed pans inl very thin lty
ttrs. As soon ar( the aendy is old it
etnn he broken into pices aul should
he in thin, crlsp, shliiy chips.
Chtickon Iono.
Take two chickens of ahouglt fourI
pounds In weight. cu Into pieces, to
pnk elos tly in at sntueenn, cover witli
water, .prlnk:le w(Ith peppecr, .alt anidI
tieet majorum, kcthe an covered
whl it hIlr. boilwdi('to boil tillothe
flIs (drops kfrmte n ones't. emv
fro lthe11( tie aeemnt from1 5)ik1I te
Ahor reove (the hloes, nt,e ben n
gsllttle,l thei cutitheti men huo very
smll preoe-tis btteCr nrot te hot
noi ofhat aborbs te tlih,ohd it eouh
l e atoeon t n it Iv
prayIngv ofne whf gehitt itne12 a bain
It hIver th iretirringr utilan bisowd
ThenIt'I Thadd lrvn the greasendcikn n
leot all tthciltgte. e in t tr
rintlgnty gfstakep fom hurndng.
look alnt mahs nd nwhen glas Iset he
waced harden. Ant lld onugh roltt
wertved 'ti tissuwayi maes. er al
tale dsl. Tts'tlltouv lo(I(tI
oto, prevent Inalttutromb en ndtl'ut
ixedeg msad w-ll keo p ic:tcolor wea
'ro elut hrudt boie Itgs in mothm
slce diplthe knwet in laethe r. Cot
It (la or tho.ati othen stonket ithp
uermit oie.e will drvenwymoeth
Anst ov1( tenth do o shold maye be
sametd whensual. hn s a g
To reove lthte fapr romei ane hot1
tromti oftenk tatly ho'ld tito eor) thte
firethi frtway momen11t fOeeieo
Woohentn'. e Pisto to the pro-lt ICWCI
ofcotld1( wte iideh.
i'tihe l4than' ylotur mout and.ttl bo
upwel eard hs ilorevent tgens
from senofterot. Ppt' -a Ih
looki aostis fin roas look iftcitb
wasetei hot d , t bied ontarlien
towlel, andtt toe rubbed,l twile tllvtt
tarm, wttithlli t iss papr.n tb t,au
When gIver glspotonts bteoe. discl
tabest.s will r tptaemove Ithe dliscot
orntton,iiitt whle ltnue aby t sulphuratt
the slver,li ole ~tttotiyi
Tenlen ru4ty fire1 s ronds u themUIlC
uted lime.'t wThey wtilk rdmove the
Alteood perfumus oodforve an rw
Ces.adoeta lhl oke h
nre overeote by 1y(it% E. Iiilk
hIim's Vegetable Coni)ottmid.
/y ;
AZ1iss M!enard cured after <oe
fors failedl to help hetr.
" Lydiat E. Pinkha0111n's Veg;e
ta)le Compoundel eurel me after
doetor: had failed, aid I want
other girls to know about it. .1)ur
ing mlenstrnationl I sUllfer( i:ost"
inltenlsO pIsn lowv inl the' abl(nien
,tI in mly limillm. At. othler t ulnes I
had ia heavy, (lel)essedl feeling
which iiale mly work seein t\ wice
as h,ar(l, aJl%( l'grew pale and thin.
Thel( m1"<(lirinle the <doetor gay' nie
did not dlo te one hit of good, and i
I WaS thorougbly (iscourage(l. The
dloctor wanted me to sto> work, but,
of (1u1Se, I could not (to that. 1
inalml} beg:ui to take Lydia E.
Pixlaih:Im's Ve'getablle C'ompoumn<
anl felt betIer after taking tlie first
bottle, and after taking six hottles
I was t tiely ('il'e(l, and iml now
in pierf'ect health, an<d I am so grate
ful for it."- 1iss (lolu:m: Ml:N im,
537 E. 15ud St., New York City. -
$5000 forfelt If orlyral of abovo letter proving
ganlInenrs^ cannot be produced.
Lydi E. P'inkhtam'; Vreget.able
Compound ctre's female ills w hen
all other menus have failed.
Pcculiar to the North.
Louisvile Post: In reading about
lhe Iiuffal1o tragedy and the Ohhi
[lend. the public is aished to keep in
mlind that 1hufialo and Ohio are north
>)f Ma'on and( IIixon'sc linc5. Th1ere"c ar('
mm1ne ritnes ;hich are t':'ecly cnl
mtitted inl Ile soutli.
Where His Prayers Were Needed.
TI'he Plarun ---I intentel to pray that
you may forgive Casey for having
lhrown that. brick at. you.
'I'lTe I'it iont---M('lehe yer riv-nrenice
'uid he saving toine if ye'd just wait
till O git well aln' then pray for
Russia for lift een years has (n
couraged the ulit I vat ion of (otton in
Turkestan. a1ndt she has succeed ed. In
1889 the cotton erop was 7tno hales.
While the estiiated production for
1903 will he 504.00() hales.
George Vadid( nll has purchased
another larige tract of North Carolina
Its the gentle and effective action
Bladder, and Urinary troubl
Men, Women, and Chiildren.
M-r. Pi.1A8ANT, 0:10. - received the
saimpjle of I )aun's Kidney Pills, andI never
had uany~ mtedicince doi mee seo rinuch goodi in
so lit.tle time I h:md Coeestion of thle
K ideys and Isladder s(o sev(e it cauised a
p)ressulrc on the Ihngs likeh Asthmane, hit
I through the use of D onan's PilIls I am free
andi easy now. Gn o. W. SMirrn. Veter
Inary Burge'on, P. 0. Box '1, Mt. Plensant,
Aged people ind Doan'a Kidey P ills a
great. comcfort for dlecliniing years.
Th'ley cure inconttinencee and urinary
weakness peculiar to childrcen.
BAxTrIn 8PRIhNoaa, KANSAs.- I received
the free sampile of D)onei's Kidney Pills.
F'or flive yeanrs I havo had miuchu pain ien my
back, which pihysichins said arose from the
kidneys. FPour boxes of Doan's Pills lhave
etirely' cured the trouhle. I think I owe
[ny life to these pills, and I want others to)
kniow it. BiomC DAVIS, Baxter Springs,
About 150,000 dilferent kineds of hecLies
hasve been discovered thus far by the
acientists. - -
LoJcAS (Coorry, as.
FnIAwE J. Ci EiEY, matke oath that ho Ig lIve
senior partner of the firm of F~. J. CnENsxy &
Co., doing businoss in the City of Toledo,
County and Stato atforeSalid, and that sid
firm will pai the sum of oNE HUNDnitED Dior.
LAns for eh and everyecaso of CA TAnnuII that
cannot ho cured by thu use0 of H-ALL hi
CATAnnaL Cunx. FeaAss J. CIIENET.
Sworn to bofore me andh subscribod in n'y
. .presence, this 6th diety of December,
jStEAL. A. D., 18ed. A. W. Oprisox,
Notary .Public.
H{all'sGCatarrh Cure is taken internally, and
icts directly on the bloodi and mucouls sur
faces of the system. Sond fqr testimonials,
free. F. 3. CHNEsY & Co., Tolodo, 0.
Bold by Druggists,75c,
Hall's aily Pi'lls are the host,
Thelu chr.onic borrower seldom pays a
rnan back in his own coim.
Antd all <lfsta*en arlsing f.rm inapuriti
?seJ-rn flhe diUyt ntle org,ann. ('a varrh,
<laappeler teer the powerfubl sool. pet
oentlemen :-T take pleasure in beartin
of your " ltehinAcuDEi. Two hotlIes emi
be of ainy benoit, t.o you In advertising yoe
Yours t rualy, w. It. lti A I)n
All Druggists, fc.oo,o
Bobbltt Chemical Co.,.
IL.nt.IL. Cur en I)co;ii ett Cass6'r. I":cle-cl: 1Y
--To I' eVo It It. iI. rt. SEijt F-re.
Tfhese dti.<ai ss tvitht aeb:c" :t;td (rtin i :i
b(Itlts. joinlts and Inack, Igolizi1g ipit ills n
shlo'ier b,1".hi! , hands, finlgers, arm:; :aud
est-I!, Il>ided . I h iihatisml, ltitib l,. sci
i -'neut'ail,ia; hiaw.king, spitlting, inu":
ht.'tiing, rtie i r, il It e . e s. tk 8t0:alhei ,
daifne::. no i nwi. tit iihe i, iul teth. thit
hot hh,id, al io d n fueein. o ca(irr a i
are sret " sI;ofti t n aw t poisoaed ( cn di
tion of the" bi,:.l. Tal;e 11"tinie Wio<d
.it tl?.i.lt.l t r 'rn a o l ihes at r painu
stop. te ,e nr i' ,\r' tyed ittid it real
l;lrm nent e're i:;r e l t: " it o the worst rhen
nlaitisc or fuoultt ta tarrh. TI'hollsanlt of
ca ses cured(1 by ta in-. 11., 1.. It st:elgth
e'ns wv eak ki, hi, ys ;ol,l imuoves tIie-'
tion. Dr11ggists. s1 pecr ir,:'' buttle. S:am
ple free by tor tita: Ii i uli.t.i '.l
.\litchell St.. All .int;%. t;.i. I, A.,rihe tr-ouhir
antl free medical:lt int. ;I:t in SialL, :rt ter,
It is qunite naltilr.ll tha:t anl t an I I::.ti .
hottildc Shouhl -11.11 run ihm at t
FITS pernjnnenttly ur1'l.No tits or ncrYouc
n b iftor itrst day'' u< , )r D. lin- Gru:
NorvoRestorvr.2 ltcit il ~t bt idtreatiu"l tr
r. 11.11. K . I t tl.. I:31 A1reb: St.. t'ibl ., t'a.
A reformer is Teneral'.v a ian who trae.
to conivert othe'r.. to his wtay of thinkIing;.
hirs.\'tVnNlow's soot hlung;)yrahfor(1h.i,-im
(eethting,softent tho guaus, retihces intl:aiiuma
t in,allnys pain,eres wind ('lt a .t l
Yout' caiit l'lt as1re t gnlts by the il:i:t
of his hair.
I'iso's Cutr cnnnot hel' too hithly pl:e .- r
tAvenue, N ., i laitolis. .\ii n. .tan. t, l'.00.
The mti t't( - agries with untoly tnlet
ever"bodty v! ie is lr t t.
l ItIa fAIi-:I-tu:s I)l-s cttolor Silk,
\Wool and Cotton at int boiling.
o1e people dt'i t'are wia t ha pns.il h
long as it doe itt' happen to Ithen.
o.nr'r s troweroreed Pint in Aneren.
Te""turnl New Yorher"iave sntzer' C:n h
t ion"n" n yreld u(a '-i"tn. tipr k. 1"es
diri tib p.M1duuunnIis'tiiti at ,iIe,:inn'i. m
r.ulnl c, Mriil r. lueuroul i ta n i i i li tl. itr
n.. tinl I nt r, it te. ut.uo rcveipt if too 1- t.
J1tonNA.HAL.:.1:F.La(rosste.W Is,
""3"';'n ;fs:t:,cThompson's Eyo Water
A Safe Subject.
('hica;tg() Nows-: "'\\'hat enn I pr('aclh
abiout. ntxt s tl:tl Ithat will pleasi
the 'nr ai .-Ad the
now liilistvr. "li'rt'ach ai htt thl' tvils
of riches," r('ilit"d the' (1b( deaic'ut.
"it'rl' isn't ao m1"m1 'r of the cunt,r('
g;tion thant is worlcth"ve('1.ta.
Spr'ng Notes From Billville,
I.itertlr has I t' Pb l lively the last
two w ks. All th i poets ar1 pluwing.
Wih( outr lt'ading nove'itwa.
grubbing . t l ps last \\'.dn.sd.ay. .
somepron-- --who is un-- dou'-- bd-- y a
fril to the' rc'adcing puiblic stoic- the
m 'an n .sript. ()i o n it latest nuiov l.
Th lakes ane just right for fish ii
noui .and tho fishingt brigade is ae
tive. 1Hut all the 1-1.iars will havethipotn.lt(''i,ilaotrltk.
There is n1(s1vong of the IoWnman" -
t hpbusy swearing at the N ule. So. ..5
IOf Doan's, liduntiey Pllsin Kin tey
.lAtahino bakarad. Hip,all,ad
fah om 11 pais ve toe Swoell in 179th
limblivnd dros-, e s higa thani. e L
ment,uy l'w hhcnlred -csave an pas.
sng. drbliw fre and Wbed twetting.
l>onn' ineyll '5 Ne dia v t:Hen withv
e.i:n A.tr Liel liev earcipalioa
ron,l:matIonsies heanee. wln-iste
fasnm.yto N ch., forraste . Yu
Plnase t-i metynil, whlt hage
"Aitri bxlon.' Kkein; willbr. o
(1 lil s t ofI t( ae. I itewl
ir(fOrnOt at (tnl ou ono oteaie n ta Ito
,.os-a t er-. C InbnE u ttrn o N.Yu.)
r Mxpeicag de ree-tratlCofidnt Al
or sapresere, isdead U,n5 Aen
sik arhonte& ('lalplna
t.oSo EnrIMCllZ clEctro s
I Coughd
" I had a most stubborn cough
for many years. It deprived rne
of sleep and I grew very thin. I
then tried Ayer " Cherry Pectoral,
and was quickly cured."
R. N. Mann, Fall Mills, Tenn.
Sixty years of cures
and such testimony as the
above have taught us what
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
will do.
We know it's the great
est cough remedy ever
made. And you will say
so, too, after you try it.
There's cureineverydrop.
Three el:cs : 25c., Soc., Si. All draggists.
Co'nsult your doctor. It ho says take it,
then do ns ho says. If ho tolls you not
to tako it, then don't take it. He knows.
li-vo it with hint. We ar wil,ing.
J. t. ..\x1":t Co)., . otiol, Mao#.
A lean and rtash-hittingry soil,
waste<l seed, wasted labor arid idle
gin -A MOit TAUE. Or, plenty of
in the fertili er, muany bales and a
busy gin--A 1ANK ACCOUNT.
W'; rite us for -
our books.
Tihey' are
Infney V 1.1.
uees. We .cnd
ltheun fret to
ti Nnsnu St. l -
New Vork
i '. 'oW Wihlo rIW
r.= The best rntcri J yilcd w:rivnen and
- ',.ty-x :, st.s CAp ineCC hurer4e
TOW ER03!uker,. Co.') and Nit>
fonu the word oirr They ere modcin
tck oryclloe.'(or r.I bnd! df wet work.
Tofid 4evryarment bevaothe 3IGN OF
THE Ft1 Q- unteed to give it
A'action. All relio'e deaer xell them.
AllnesA.J.TOW!.t C0.H0550.MMU.tA.
ll.018E15 lOa u us f t.TOnO tO.A
Grandma is
Generally Rigid
Take id'vanrtage of
lier vast experience
an a__Rsk ht isi
bes%t for y our Liv;er,
Kidney and Blood( Ti oubles. We
th ink shec will recomind
because .he hias tried it ;. .. knoss -
cure.s 1ert cion me.rtket ii year-s au.
seli:tble. You trs it.
,~ Si and $1.6'0 iii jgod driuggists. D)r.
it acrrs l.iver .Aeicineat (drs'. 2acentIs.
\s'yur drugajgist. sls it, le sure
t'slir. :hiir . yu1thoughi . 1312Ci4 r(
Cli rtf il i 1 : t . eu .n d rciefe
Chatte.nocna. Tern
C$2 Ever~y Day
Well Auigors &Dril
1ioring: a .n io'uk--Dra2th.ag hinohino.
e r nnig'tSh Ji.to np
- .00OMIS IAttilNE 00., TiffN, 01110.
130, 0/.1 TC!ZAT1MEUT FIlEE
*Jave mado Droppe id it com.
pilcationi a w.Declil fr t
se.rs '.rt itilo moa won *Z
a cees. I f5ocuredmanyt 04a5
floe ii Atlanta,
CURES ~tomacki
--AN[D -
attine stamped C C C. Never sold. in balkr.
Beware ofthe dealer whbo tries to sell
"something just as good."
. - a..1m -mer* . arwrw3~DESLh..4
GREEN r ent
* rentestCop oFot
itnEu rthfor0 Ioo,sw inte,w
Buc catalog says_abut rap.dbs
Dillion DoIlar Groa
oil a sii: I i. viOr e a riel i tons
Orhen t r ar n1.aii ~3bs
Forthlo Notlco'andl 100,
-'a-' lA Ni., y oriht to g hrt
n it ITl I iil. OiINA.IIENT'Ai, 'Tif-g
.HH00-. IttiiE8 v PAlE VINS,
iaiL. AIS lit AS. ETC. S
r-catalogna Oset ona4,iikallOdn). A nio10 Ro
-owesf I.eiihorna lh lte Hrre.d siothIok
ii hinnidt-d (ockrela ai.d leuitisi t 6 eneh.
AuiN CHINA' .HOATis, three moth
ued o s~~ ~~~ oldiers'o n r As odos Adi
na1lj 0 o tead b mfs ieno at. rne.
. tNi . li& I. P. O. Biox lii Deniver. Colo
* er --REA EL FiS..
BOst >l r u. use
0a 0,n.Sf ydogae

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