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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, April 02, 1903, Image 2

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ll sPrit m i taty ( . l1r4 m. v om
est1111-1 d e ll rely li S0.0 1e .' ( :n n
11111I li I a'Ii i trt'" l~ li\'. u r:t'n t ' .:i :utda
l"rvineci Visitors.
Folly a.000l.(>0} ln'iian suh.iee'ts ot.
Great Miiain :t, now mor't tar less at .
(u:aintt'tl with tht' lglislt lannuage.
Tlhr I:an: uag :t' s I1( S po11kt in Ilin: is
UIittldut:ni. by S'2.0:).000 pe.opl'. li;t -
gali ik t it ton.fli' of :1.0o . ().
'nht de:nar fio1 broa tires shttui
kzdt'(l to1:i . \\ :i ' in t he i.:l hw:t s
M V (Iira a Ill* lflt l;:llvi
woubnt,1 I cttmpiarn::t t"y ft"w\ :md t:r.
('01111i:1l';y :::h iroult' were
prac t'dl to aheC'.Ii!h 1 ttrely tiarrow
Siris en v'ehhks
Iu n m tntIr' y'r:t o'nly' 'ne pe r <->
l:ilt" u t 1.' : b'y t' t, il'if
Ilrit:lli n 1 rt' n:tn:t s i. p Ir
1nt:1\'t I t I t :11t : I. i '_ 11111 -t' n
*f h-1 n 1:
ft t 1!1:
1 7 ' l.: ut "."IIc
Th.ll' r':n :n t :1 s I n t tril' u,if
Eqiuima hsl ht-eni dis(ret'lt n
oth:l nt1't:l I :lmli. :lt thel nTtib t':tl
of lludsin liy. 'lThese lple l :tt!
neve(r st'i'n a Whit(' man11 unttil rece'(ntly.
'i'ht'ir hits \.-re built (of ther gre:It
-iuw. of '1i::1t+. c'overel withl skins
Iii h iiL 1411 an ('le'va1tiOn1. ni wh11-h
is at sto+le 1a1m:. Ulsel for. Iilihtn ,he:it
1lnti '. 'i tril is alTo+st extiait",
o111y some SIXte'tnl beHing. h-ft.
'f'Ii'.-' 4':11 11'' '1 lit' :t llY %1110i''l
about i h nl ecessity" !'' of d ti1"tin11 fonr
(1 bUi nt'",ss "tlnt't''1. :\t) iI::Iit .' 'hli
hcll..- to st'll antyinlg w ithnut a SiL:n
r' a w\illnow disphay t1r .iu :1nnomwrl(
mnt Of some1t kinil. ''ie only (luestiom
to be considlered are as I(+ 1 to 1t a)t1ont
'to be invetstt d in publlit"ity andtt the m1e
I1itm to be u1Sed. \iost surressf'ul men'1
know\ that h it' new\"1spaper or large t'ir
(u11111io is not only the best, but also
the clat'111e(st. means of advertiisig, re
.mrsthe Phliladt(elphia Ite('ord.
'he supply of roe 'ggs Is pIpaelyt' '
not1 yet exhiausted1 in u :tdagascar. f'b; a1
('nt ly fr'om Antan1111naivo to JTohannei'ls.
-huirg.iti Its idtr doub11 tless~ retgarin lg
theit liad ti(apiita as thei, moitst likely
markeItt ini thle Soth i .fteant 111 urter.
T[he eg w as pilt up for sal1 iby13 nue1
l ion. "hi etee theiu ebia is." the~ ot her
was1 sld ftor Si 14). 1 li ing. enmpa rat ive
ly speaki ig, a1 fre'sh 'g:, the' prh+t pahi
.for it is probably a1 fair tonet, but after'
it passes thriiough~ ai few mloret nulet ins
1ts 11igur1 ay r41 -h IlIi ' Irbb iart m-n--ii
ket111 stdard. wh'ichV hasr i t lativlv hee
110 e O arelil ab'olilt 000 0 lit' rt oryIl
loee in i114 141 Spait . Whi lth e loch ye:i te
iItimuc asi,~it '.u0 mils fromi Ih polains
otnbunanes, n hi mrhe
Xotg laiigco and lit'avior' art'iovrnhed
biy scil luiion11Ptso dtie from11 fhe
tfaurt"turf llenOtry. t (rtil inle' ties
thew ok sh . Wich~ havei the rigt toi
thes way.i Forie iti Oluro . aL'road
1)llnetyads wlOide ist heiOst lie onea
-Cloed byt'l pit eOl iropery. The5 10.
shprds tletd the(ir Illiliel, whir ftmne
dlafer i roung liliTe,flockt lie
pe ompinh' (1by1 pri ion fm uess and
by eger dsir ord iaanst welt.
The merine wihihetalu4t Amis t
tzenm tn cand lie totald ftim teir
N0)Y othing 1 05.sor trnemakabge
tan thvesno odenrcsswithi shearh of
citalo oneet orth angothe inesveatio
tatd "teue rnefstment eopnterprires
engawedch uliateuslnss tha certandst
riruliviation, iserie ane
denc al wthoonr ose egulrt syncr
tere maie Naesa wpertion Thuy
ardous ado othei aas for mlwof
werebaddressed noot rtll sbphiestin
tizen enn the preoa fromtheir
* an, frequet refdual but entriey
I' ;i a t , tt tt "l ; ' ,:, t
.\nid jO
h an a h
And. b "h
u t'i i.uted ol h,n
N ~iu
A1 1,.d ' .:\i-:l .1 1 wi,,t h.". IV 1 t
.And h tli tr \ 7 1a,
:\ t i l t , ' c . t t F
_1 1 7' a \l. ' e tl ti'l
th r v1 a ss
ihn !,:er. a t is.1we,rk
lie turnedl to (indl ha
The Story of the rrce ho Won
is t 3 al in,rit ea i - t -. e s
i fm
1" T. ' ly t i-:' t t
"t\7:.. i1 to; "o Ir " . . .lli , " t i ;i,
'- s h,, t d no 1", ;t t. - ;n tr :h leas' i ti.t
it. \\',r . : '.. 1:" :: tr 71\y' w, : ll b>+ <lis.
"I h I :
'i ti . buntr tal.i,"."::: i- . I h l
t.'y wna :: j; :iI. an-i t:iI the
nrt' i 1. t tlm bI :n , hu.--! : -.- :h
Ill'.: I . +i tin' n : : . It i't in1 i l:lle
u-- V itns for my ttet he.."
."4) \ill ee what y ur br, l-r says.
Itar," dtrs. N at a1tfwt'rt t!.
1hQ Wkldt h:a vre lwr. It , :Ith Il h-tit l,
to dII ir ' this I r tl: i:: hte: ot hir l ft' \vny
p le m that:'-i n :ij 1:.-- in t..- w::y.ite
for in thl. rtv t;. : that hail illet'n :en
the fatityl in 1y :\ . Stua rt',t dea th.
his wIfr'K ::t st grief h:td beefen for
~Lyth 1~oiT h1iasterii h:jnlnte o lte
v,eta'ry' eve of her rtniti., 0ut. midf -t ever
011e' the y left their Ibeatlfutiful English
Iomie l nt titne to this bi ee. seething.
ottely .\ttn1'irb-an city, 1,yd:a had w\orktetl
steadily it ilhista iting.
Now she was making a suces at it.
nnd there wIts also begititing to he
luite a demand for her datinty water
Whtlen T1omu (enmelt hiomel T'Lda I l imedlI
wond(erft'ul ne(ws. lit' reaity a13'greed to
Sa ke hter, htt he winarnedi hter that they
t heir few nceIhlaitnces, atnd that,
I tth e'e lhe woul d have Vto btle "nt
Islieeil t) 4<1nce withI hhnti 4)r le' npl
spec4Ittort at hier) lIr's?t hal. tljy
'lhe ntext dayt~ they scannetld the
but Intone apeaulre<l, so t hey felt just Ilied
in usitng theni.
'Tint n tight 1,.ydia was all ex ciiement.
'P'he.'whtil geewn h:a rei'et;ery lu
ile alternihth i, andl ais NItu. S ittrtt put
toiliet sihe felt very ipt~atabb' ttnothter
"I Iciw clii y4)1 lIke tu'. 'aitu?" L'Iyelat
asked, as site etltertee thea little sitlting
'I' nt wi)ldt"it.v!"h en n
Intea ats hie ;:0:!ae<a at ihel titre lt'rianede
itn the dooray:i. Shte lhantghelti hapdiy3,
takIin:tu innoen'it lileasurte itt his atstont
"I 1 knewe youe w'erte good-lookinag.
IvLt.h,but yout're' jleiitteto tunintg'
toe-it; lsn't site, ninaher?"'i
"Shetc dotes look pr'etty3, lot we ut
no4 t tun thist bight li'ttl head ithi
on3'ly or onet( night, .''Mrs. Stuart an
swt1eed, a lit 114 0(adly.
'l'eim wvishied that his own htead werue
a triflit sIt':ndller. It h:al heen anehinitg
muos It e'fully3 all diay but h lle wou I
no4t 5iay at word' to imatr 1 .yen's pleatsuret
or to entuse his mtothter any nnieIty.
ie fell.t' wareO for0 Icth e eflft' hte
hadut madte when't he sawi heow muche'l
I,'LZt ntjoy'ted hiert )V' nove ex eiece,
itints on lihe gilttering panorumnt ati.
'l'otm ftearted that dhantcling mIght tax~
h is paowers ot' endan 'alce too far,. I niii
was 'ontder'ing whalt e'x(cus to maiike
aret!" XAnd a fr'ietnl fr'omu theIr nat ivec
landtc shtook him1 vlgor'ously' 13 by14thei hand.
Lydahi wia s s'ocun glidin tg nrtoutitd w ithi
tils ftriend oh'Itt herlciIhood). Shte
nati'ely explaIued to hint htow they
haoppenedl tto lbt lt I the hal i.sc) he took
gr'eat pa Iits to Intrioclduce hIs fric'els,
itad a ftter tht sIhe ditd not lac'k for
IFlushed andc hapy l s)'~ihe fintally went
she teergted fromIt the ('lon1k room1 shte
c'xpeeted to fli TPom walltlng for' hier,
but lit was ntowhetret to Ibe seen, and1(
site stood1 raither'i nlervously' wautching
fot' h1n1.
As sIte look(ed raitfhetr anxiously aibou)t
for her1 br'othleri she happlented to n
counater the gaze of ai man1 iwhl1o stood
newli her. IIe was dilstlinguishted look
Ing, anId Lydta had1( notit'cd htim several
tlimes during the eventing, secretly
wIshing that shte might hiave met htim.
As she looked upl he seemed to realize
that Ite htad been staring at her, for'
hie started a little anid turned away.
Lydla did( not kntow what to 410.
Wher'e could( Tromi he? If only 0one of
the meni she had maet would pass that
waly. Hecr trepidationt in1creased. No
tIcing this, the mant, wh'lo was still cov-.
er'tly watehting her', app)roacedt.
"Can I be of any assistance to you?"
he asked courteously; "perhaps I could(
find the person you wvere looking for?"
"It is my b)rother," Lyda half gasped,
raising a pair of very frightened blue
eyes. Meeting isa -kindly, ecourlaging
look. 81h0 hiurrI-d on.
'a no nio 1 rst:m'.a14 I w ii: I keep'i4. hl'41
. T ni w 4'14is'4 the41 inn -
't the 1:i I 1:t' ha'l\ n1ot ii ' p1' ;
:11111t 1 1 11 4 ' :l( \\1' 1:11'i 4'4i 111 1 11,
' :l1 . : ' t ,' ..""a..
i .t1l h el sort of gii1' ly. :t1"\.
h e":1l has both \\! e1 11i t 1111 1i.v.
c'1111 '4 ti:l ;It t: 34):.1I1 \ 1 i l0 11t11: 1 iS1
1; k, "th r. 1111t i 's no uin t: ' r. 1
... . \ t" : 1 :4 'I' t \i l i lat 1) 1 t\ aj0g4 1 .
Ilf 4. it1 1' t l
\:i,.o re isl1' l;\ h y di \ln'
t it"\l".. il e 'rhV 1l l mv gon1tt1%
u Timt111 \ ."h1: ,insl: t of - 111 \'t'4lll1 1't t'il
:n- o of yr' on."w y id '
\\:; 1 .i:' : 41 I:1:'51 .141 "ilat l a ust of
. n : ' l'hnrsit'n anil thankoid
-:1 t \.;:l::nin1. hhi t11\wn t eillay.
a t' l 1X \\' n ill' li
Iae. tat *?.' e that i'
1\.". . 1 " t . thl ' . : e 1' t
. n " i n .t" : . " t fll ) u .i
Iti It:.tr\l llatt :)lc 411 1t: i l '1'n bytt tI:i -
hg bll ) et t '\\:ll a is, '4vurl aluell i
ilt dr thalIlatl the h-4n rof t im
p1'r11 ."tt in ' 11 b r inst h:ltl n1::14:t.
Il i-il1 .':i1:1. Il i \\ ';I 14j :IlltI zr ft l h ,
won I h1,:I' 1: 11"14inn .-h e; r anlU .; w\'n11 ."I
re:u t bi t wl'-- th 41xto. *'o.ih
t I.I l 4 'i,.tt t"':t .' i 'i Withou1t It \\ .I t
Ilit' ilm.'rtt-tl ::: :.tt\'v t -j tni t l t 1 n
i't' .'1 t11 ; d l - j t rove1II ll .1r1- t he"1
. n' . -hnt : I : ini l lth b l iy1'
11'n's Id 1 ' l t1 h1 n11 ' 4)10 thro W h' tht
t' tlti 1 11111 O 4 I 4t2 111111 4 I1 'l:1:11 1 l1t
-1 re. n..:4. It to ily unbhb'in S4Il
".It"' 1 '. t l1' (' . .'t' t1tII ) oC' il il l'
'en hi:n1 in a p:-InIIl p:g..
Th" hty : -t t . 11' ball. jo.r loin
*s an : 3:,taoL t'"vr :n l the w\'eetka
n-hiebh lul.oll e \'lwrte anxiolus ones jn.
1'.idt in ...) 1 .i,t1 ' )tle homet', for
l'to' haill :1 h.I . 4t'' Of typh tii 1l.
Thihr sn il rav in) s 41w\ltind l ra11h1l
y. n)d L . : . -, d !m:.r: :) ntl y to r
lt'\\w rost.tr,-" t . 1 .\" S. St(1 u) rt bhl tto
t1\1' orn by h' vhgil at Ot sick Ioy's
1t, th:at t: - .-ttr feared that she,
oo, woul b1e' attac 'ko'l by the dIieaste.
I.y"(k , worrh g about he'r mother,
trIeving heaust sht thought that ht
ltd a.g'avAted 'Tml' 1l1less by tak
ng 1111I th tht', ball, and working eveu
ju )''s kIlt'rder tha 11u l,) t I14 i 'irowl 1111
littler the hitte eye.
li'O'4h leiIrio, i'lt sh iil&was doggei'i14lit
tii th I tics 1heng tultehos to' sogn)e
annell antl thater t o)4 ) 14 be14)1444 en lior.
ist 1141'.y, theIe"'p'l itth rang..W1'r.
"Con'Idte in," L4'4la etnlled softi44ly
bldin lt was thle ->tor.l "to r)11iht
11,~o o(11tor,ethed, thouilagt turnIngU
te hal' lSheil wals) not wiling that'4 he3
houlfst h taes ofcl)411ld4 1 tearskC( thatL'?
Itosubl bri.n ove oenulionanl and in'.
tle voietw ro.rss.etie~ huc
vnmp forhe cardtile aly arole tht
last etrny til seton d '. ofr heoo
Church sdor go ahronizted hile
onl Sunin"as toshelido wiethll tlervned
hornh peopleton attnatettel sor-.
Ica-to idyolcag Neal Itt hk,
Chapters of I
be '&.'~ ( 'i' (~; ! E &) I R( " V
Yn 'tHER S.
A' A L ' iV. ly l
'I tt * .t ':Itilll I s aH
l lt: h ';. .1~ \ 'a ' li 1 '
iT'It t l \ ." I ' :t at'll1t latlC
Ille 1 i, ti ' ,t l l l l l
et tt11 : . ' 1.' iI:it t' :1 p
tai . a prr a t A I la C t hep lt but
a o o ja . - fort it is ala-ix edt front ;t
Ys .".tr l \' : . : t ..;t W :h l il "l ,h t i ilu' t'l
:- V- 1: -e the h.-c ili-..t. A\s thet
'i i . \' itv ls it t l i l Lte ' iWll-.
tI t il lita tt t'T:'ll fi l-t t it' C '.' itt: .s
t i ' t: ..T7 '" if It-o' pell:l = : il"'it :t' v loct y i s
ftlt . the i turrln t is otivey eal
toa :it : ttl' \1t:tlul Iators il tiier aiell h ilr
ofI ha train. Il tl'. hlae assi ned.. ' tlt'
whn l tt a tully ca1,rged Iat the'tr
t 1 ~ "i r I a tii tit:tt\ly Ilut otT. ilt st.s
atre idt a tiUhae been't inide withul an1
11ult lit ' t ofhis kitnl, t eulilh resultst y a
s:lid l,t to hvet' lt' r n i cout raging,
aoanatr:ly to whnat nlor n ti:t la e ta
of ilt, t:':In. 1a 1 a \ iaa I a st rtttatl th4at
Wt'u t i s n I t li\ te t siolt h sts
lt xhie wloa)lhal liits islt heailt brogii l
ati i a m hio, .\alxl, ta, ly T'abito .lpa
Iit :td solad to A. ,1. M rtistn, of I 1.
Angle , Cat . r a onr ' p ice 'l'to
T \'hn t Thu lt ofeue, which-xtalr. liso
pro rth e\\tly 1 na iltd "LJ ust 1tlln, i1'tthtl
1r' kneeitplo, andI'o weyh oly1t seventy
twnty-t wi olad one-half Mrisn.hes-tiv
f.t'lipthin as f isory tn t ha l s' l'
th serin 'ae w'yseo, ta
(ersIt Lilpa rma sam
'loa the loast of (Soullth mse, heIsa
tvs thereauu wosip pv~aretty olitl horse: 1
tand. keepti5 thconst aty garded plu
ailt hiht s17 10xpos'itoi ' tok ti am
ano~ therv darf-then aatwotu smallieest hea
couldahat find atiade awawthlhe
byze loeinh he'rohe elxttt aioaiJT ith 01
hape asset was hota lyusued.r I ipr
reaching exco theother hoarse, le
hwardya (th na here pictured died,a
n ntor ofeptlin cooredan anirld 0no
whleh0 h afocurred two foreign lan
fromla thneito time shouhl ite riaet<
lar leswsii wtnderan am litormlI wIh i
occa'l uge inthe Unted otaes ote lons
lyeutenaitt lihn'P inleye, id.
meteorolsofistael own in tits con
wlihihi a a'u''' occurred whil man
fro tIceto f PikeshoPlak, Cordo.t
fTroes wnderIl storm dlaie
ow(Perl ofi tcold irte." Ttes notriout
when. *it( came~l inontact wll he cal1
of. theralo mueIeonti whihthelutna
wit iaht deontin. lIly It
Whlen Sttestr increased Int fur
and telakeist cae diown t hiscker an
far, each vlakte emstting he ar p oieioi
wlecrccight, thileight was ruayimag
nilficet Afte te flkePeakched th<lo
grotId rathCera dreto tlae thet elec
etry dflDae ceased util thelowria
wagain pt caiin motn, wh the dalt
che -wre strpeateas ur
an tRe ahknes hc ame oina thcke m
Life's Oddities.
n oe e-- rtt-S ;te li,'-ite n-nltl v:,r .11h e
i'tl : 1 : t ave t "1 of is t arm:r1:'h-l t.
\ 1:lti' : \I \'t t\' ll i,44 21"41 1 ;' " t,l' t t 5 :1 11*
li te , \i swt'ri .'I a 11a lu ini sword
h,i:th' lil;.nath tht' ::ir. everyv he 41C
.t,n.'\ 1t 1, .,1 Livinl. toni its li11t' s1ari
t11 httih1:1 4; rw it4 ten1tl slight eX
OPE~tN I '"V'4i
On ol he n ' i : ''b ' .lrl t-11l -
It's i1a th' \,n,r1l. lb.'.; lly, hi th'
hir"41 linr, is 11' L:nni u ti. 1li4 ir \ing o'
\VIlIit'l is alrllt'l w il i stI '1 ltl '41
t'r'tatItrt' is fout nd iil lila;:i1, l.in at
:11:1tl t't'l1 1l,i.h . a id 11 11h: its th t ' d t' t
fst.x along Iht' w\\ater rI esl' 4 \t'
I'his 1:t1e ikll% hitl is ver y I'm:ark
abtlt' for Ihe .11'tr'n11g1 of its vo;.te', w\- hicht
h1:1' powe\r fuiI l antt l eculIii1r gL"lltt11ral
1l)tes. Ii h':t o. tli l:!t 'I wit' t I' Ill
po1e:t'rfitl sullrs.:1ind ol its he:d 1 point- il
'd horn. hliree't' or foiu fnelt's I.11g.
T('t' INto silll's t'11 e:t'11 w ilt. al're il- 1'
re t ' < tI f \\w;trtl w\"i:t':t t he' wIng is
Ti"s 1:tors~: :i1e te1ontrowt of the'l4 .
) :. )' :- :- i: :a "- . ; il :1,it: ' t' ll f llt
1. V. ;'V tl:411' . 4, \ o :' il"ll I t' l'
lS .1l i . t ' 41: : ,i' Nllll :< l::44 "1 i 1 " fa)g
,::t i : .. .: : : . pu i','i 1 t,t h'ie' r 1 :
i,t,,:ital i t i; n: .-1' t':1:"\ a t ti.a ' int s.
1' 1 ): l tl i,: l n:\ rt.!:s \ . :lt i s 4tt.\ III
:111.~ tI I 411)ll I ig' 311 S ll
\ i Il' 1 ill 1 ' i': t,114' s i :l' .ti: lls t- ,
il: atn;w! ,y to re':11.\. pr :4isiIs 111w ite 1
1i.a 1 14 . , 4 .11 .4n1 il I: 1 1.' I it--i t1
-. 111 0. 1t ' 1 s 1 t i 1 '1l il I t tS
l t' \\' llt\ : ,s i'.n - te I; 1 'kaa . it'
iis ;' itt:. 1:;l 1 !? ,'l : i 1'n llt 1 t1i'.I: t to
t o .. )flt It t si!t _i' 5:'" t )'. l i,' . .t i le ullt
Y, e :1 il ttIl itS w '_'.s i l' l.-ih Il la
:a \''v t ron: hen111 :...:I: I d ret
T1iio' s lL1) 1'tAT.
.\ ver'y tnr:li a o t 'clh at arrived t at
\\'hiitt'haven"1 thel ?Sthel .!a fr m ttran1g
1'urdl I.n 11h, Soys ti* 4ti'n Gralhie.
$1ht h:tl, a local pa;}1er1 dec'la}1'ts, tan
e'xtrardlin ry lliry. At one' ttue.
:t hundretIl y r :vel 1''101s l Satled'
regi Irly r4)l't r f rru1 yl I t) \\'her -
haet'n. :n1i was thern :i'alld the 'orta
ft'try frig:ate. an,I tierw:anti the nale
of reelt o 'It1''t' 'is(ttrs was bestio we
uponl her. I;ill, tlu st e'x r.aor tlttlary of
all. 1 h is si'nitnIlly l' d that sher
wi nstl in 1e(i:1, at thi siege of Lon
tlonderrry, to t'arrty prov\isions upl thet
fn nt ous I.ut"h Fl"et inl Itose tirring
tItin's. If tiIS 1e so, thek Tlhrete istera
Is teli' oldest vessel in a'tunl use. It is
ut'elr alleg t 1 hat t curio privI- . I
itegn was givt'n to her'1 mloret thaln a
hutiredt years' ag.1o. :;ltt is petrmnitttld jr
to conme Irto Liverpool p1ort, to use all
Thaymesntot a <luny oe pIetr des o 1
Ia ll ture for dfor
bot somtenof fr eabrs,n and auto.
reul ot ut a vIlntpsso.
Ashe des ofseventyyers hold hrc
frondso fee thel gatifthdbyudde ain
teible buthrst and agof advuldiin.
Juro har, more intealdyttcomletel
curedl her of haer oefneih ss hv
ITsadetn is nowpuan pictupora
fetrne otecrobutcte odtel dfor a(
valuabe irteeor wicr i tenin ato
gmowbil aspotred bytlutrattvsraiong.
New ork lun. Ineesig
OThe raad s newspar haveu reca
Csn to eep muchW grtile by0 pl.he im
boe other usel an neetn.
'I'1(41I .111
tid. It
14) .' 11t 11 :4 1 (".4 . 1'~
To treltow.k
T o t in11 Ii to nr ik; S
T'( o I1ti l t o a4( .
TOO 11'tir l 4o . I 11;
To4o14 th-e<1:to11 Iln t:
l'ill " h t n in is .1 horri;.0:114 i::t:." t
I I Ilon't h :IIw\: I Ihink he: I
:'y ,gtotl at it. Y lnker' tatteSnut:l It
A ~AvenntNeet~ vor.~ ~4
t't1 1 th o :h II.\ l" .\\'"I ."e s :t' linu t y
to1te rno ililt Sh K)twuerl
"' s1: ol' ite I s ry w l\ l ( ilI
"l' : ..p tht' h h i i'.-'
Not l'h:llt' to 'r:11';.
r . ('unlnus ,i.I+ ,s v : h.,,. i. '>::1td ,
t'r talk; of his (1nolt 'r'sN t'otoliII_:.
It is, 1 th n "N\ot a w\ori1. II' . l i"
t her tiied of dt emsII .a;."- lht l ynl ta
1f N.-"t8 ->r'. o
.\\'hy" d14n'1':t 1: It-II Ite II' u 1':":t htkel at
t' g.4(:ul 1iin .t .
What's 1l :. i" in tke1"r t o
! (, \ It' ;, !41 (II t: : I 4I(: i :i 1
- -h- it
, oI11.4114'
- -. - ; - -''. - - - i
* -
A. 'a(anut lot.- -New\\ Yorki; Ir( s.
H1er IDainty Detattr.
t' 1 1'dlln is siuch at daiinty little I
('I'onll" t
"Isn't si1? W 4'hy, It .iust fa t innie1!s I
1t, to sete her 111ihhh' h ot way ruun(1tia
it in t hit of \wiss (l'se."-llve-ls. t
Ind l' i -1e :r
Their Functtion.
The 11 Non-'yotlia t " flf11:113 i1it1u.
'1' 1- \ ll i:lt1ny.11 '. :1
n' : 'Tis a g:loilI lt; thllin:g to gu tO te
I ls W ife-- "Ay: l:nc 5o:rlt'nt11ust sI:IV t
It holnt' to 1r(( 1' sht'heO othri:s co:1IU
it(e ' i uzza .': lu.za !"-l'k . a
Thelf L.aWyer'It Wn:.
E11a- "lio\' long flid it take Fred to
1ropose to y ou?":
Stiell- "11ie t:lkedl :ab1out t wenty mlint-<I tM."
Ella--"'That'rt an awfully lon:.: time."
Stellta---"I know\ it sel mls so: hIt thuen
'11l innu t rc.in bi r lie Is ; 1t wyer.'
'h1iadelphia 1*1dger.
'111 te8irecl l",f'ect.
"11I us" i saite supritiou ls ian
'tha4t the y'r provitling for1 th11''Isrteen
"Well,y theyouilhtuto 1kn)w t'hat Ilhat's
"Te epMthr7o> etnlcy
Garr lou l'4dr "I't tn er
ny habitsh wres togulirtas to k-y
att ieven I wao t workliind dl5tat
welve,hiuI at ulde at11 ix,an. ws'n
Tnd-as'til 1115 stigl day.) Ip?
Frhat wee yout ior?."-Newv York
iluun. Kn
T h fli ito(e yiourslf.
Wstrlae-"I dot kno nythiner of l'.
bits doe Asne-rvie yeng leoug. 1AnyS
NIe with- onuo broter!should knowc
fi't it istn thelshot le. th thsn
IppOtunityiuhtnd esllatherle Is 'ing
'aryIing its."cours.--ansasy Jo inaly
Iinid tie
Tlhe Unitl I ' I:t I 1'r.i -al Silr-Vey
< dlIgently p1r'_ec ul il. hls to po;grapht
al hive of the 4 11 'it Il : ts. Ii.
ill'" IIv'o; tmp'. i ' ": e re
l'e :l 't " 1 :ini 1 i h i ' ' f: tol
:\, ('t('. T h'e( :1a.tla iwi's :1;"- .:ixte('nt
1( oli'"-half by It' ItY i'-il 's, en.
r:vedt on1t pper :llt III itl"11 I I li't'
)lors. '1'he '111tt1u al feat11ur . siuch as
ladis, rnilwylls, rltie. , 1 ;1. \llt i1IaS
Ii 1'1'il : ;n r11 ' il t'k, all w.ti'e r" I(en1
Ir':: are lu10 e, an(l thllt lill I't re1-('s 're
IOwn'l by browon ("utltt ur". T'' sheets
i1n 1'' oltl;ht. fo tt ive ilts, or In
(a111 ites for tIwo centts per sluet.
itring the hist Ilselt tI ar : 3i . 12:
in:re Inlers 'err surve I A glit i
Vo latra 11(e 1 a 'n I lItories . 12,407
illes of levels were runti, 1:1:;s l)erma1:
't bl tt'un:lrk:s establis'e1, et(c. In
lskl (lt) sqalre iles w"er Inle lmpe
) to the present .ii,I tIT slluar'e
iles of t' al' o' th lit' itd .tates
('1 b O ee1n sur\" v'yed a4ou1t '; enlIt
ln' pot' t l"e . of its sutt''arac.
The' prob leml of piereinlg :1 glclr by
eins of borintlr h:Is at 111st lu'en sot(l
ith re:t'iets of real seieitill int'rest
OXperilllollts lund l(' as' Au 14lest on
icier near Vent, in th Tyrol. .\r
distun('e to 2bout ette at1 i tl tarler
iles rot"te (1 iti) ofi t e ghicioi l w eIltre
Sbr('2111h is '2 1:o fe t i l (' t1 th h'ei'.:ht
its sur1at- ovoie sea level, t'in0 feet,
hi ngot i Ill l it'- mtie hle r'at'hle rock
t a tl:'11lh O:' .-dl10 t'et. TIak"n :alon:,
lit' tiwu' ns of lite1 rate1i of inove-t'l
1I 1 1 'ur':l' t1:!t l in'11s an' d ' 1-1 -n t' 1 ('
elt. sthe eperimen':tllt iendlla ledt' 4)dether
11ie.ii~ l ' l'\I 1'Jll 'll 4 ('111(( III5(' ( ,)i'
I'iti- conclus.ions to) bl' d n:l"' First
'T'he teinl'IeralItur"e of thell' . I i .: 1 . l' lit'
lt' ,ng pIOilt Ithrougholit Ih i' whl1e
:.' oin t'' (toIngule of' ('2:1 gli e ro .
e tonl"--'h 'le he(I of the gt ier is
l,'l-shape d. T1hird -TIh' h ilt m oves
for' slowly a11 t f I lie o it Ia t t I I
u'i'"(. 'Te hol'(' holes wer-1" illed utp
ith pieees of w(oodI, whIi('h will serve
>r m1an1y years to eoeli as ;ie lexes o'
Srate of novenlit't and of surface
In order to enlulate the linear re'loe
y of the ear-tth In its orb it w\e inutst
rst know Its distance from the sun.
we enn mn'astltre thle 1 all1t's velocity
he stun's dlistance enn1 be eomlputedl.
f the velocity (en be deterited with,
rentt iltIl"t 14225 the resut'n i l valilt' of
he sun's distance Is, proportionaitely
r1t''tis'. 'Il(' Ie lols (tf sli'l'eIos Mlpy
221e b)eenl so far i11pro' vedii (1 i1t1t11 wet are
rithlin ineasu,iab1le ditalu' of, deter
(lining the solar parallax hy spe("tro
colIei olbservtlions. It' :lny star nea:1r
he (lin" hoe observed with Ihe spee
roscope lit ithie two seasons whlen its
ongitudte differs from that of the sntil
Iy lilet' dleg'ees, weis l nIIeutice not
ily the Velocity of the star. along thle
line joining star anld earth. but also
h'e I1enn Velocity of Ihe ear11 in its
rhlt. Spetroscope observIatons of
tellar v"eloeityt In the line of sight are
eow so good that ti'e value of th1e solar
listiice wiheh maye hi'ad on he prin
iple describtd is at least of the slie
rde(r of accurney a1s valuos derived
roi:.. older muethiods.
liver reionha ltey'ee sude
lit 1). 12 ow(' lin224, wh'o Ilutis ii are
>111n'ath2 the', and2i W2itly1 i eleated
'efor thei('i glni:tlperiod. 1Th2 114112 then I
ra2veiild sout ward( 21nt1ill it 'oeI'pletely
('ie the I led 452 l 'tirVallly i eve n 1ti
2itended ovef int.A the 12l',2 )2e I(ice 2
1s11outhern marglin i~2, wihe icealsed
n extent Is theiicei reIitate nrfe
ist shores.'(ThteW lake i 1 drined1 soth
ratriilito the .\i(i NI ipp i ' but latr th
ruter1 fo'(l other~lii 2(5 oult prohnhly
rhichli ncsi. beesi mark2 i I th14elli
I Mni'tobai 1L ar4 lthegiltl r hmins of tis
rle,nthe lof fo1 nlier(( 111u1's,i2 i'hrogh
thead ' waters th, le holer Illay andsi
n1)1) duaisibuei1ie' ov r whle.'region
hus 11 nuing W2the' wonderful erili ty'
lItver11 'alls. 1 WS0'il25l'
Mr.l't, Isr Ihgaet hages rcetlieub
ihd 11 repJ1 or oni thell p ee nme ofill
hne UniCted Sta1t04ies ron wi'hgatr tew
eseke reft vn,eo. heno
kunk, weed, IChesapeakI e to aloi Inda
anti ig tarous818 lyitertedli as ighlyt
alednqni wtuer,gea wo11ter, 1ior 1cty
lie a greatlier. "ltutIinlu laei alo
epetios 81111 foggyliet in, a113( bag
Yod i the1 12k(10le. orferring to the
ite ofrte lae),a lcew.r
bid easwahdaway Fi, eetes
nAly Ice weren tnelws tlos'1. Desn
Stes city usualie seppsedaiI1 totefe
nIy o thelTraptsl,t nolibit els
sotoncted with "Nu ont;en wrdI
rng st h ek lmentndonh large;n
lui'. CoensIhe rute sreamlt, ir aI
r ll, ord the he apedstk." rrw

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