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The .Peoples' Journal,
Tr. J,. MArwis, - - Editor.
W. 1RSL1E MAIrIENY, - Bus. Mgr.
Subaoriptiou $1.00 Per Auuum.
Advertising 11 ites lreasonable.
Rutered at the Post Ot1ee at 1ickens as
swond-elass m at ter.
TIinrsaily, A lpri. 2, 19 0:3.
March camne in hike a Ilmb anid
went out lik.' a lion.
Was there ever a (ay WOISO than
last Sund(lay n newl v worked
roads or fresnly plowed lands:
If you havn t pa:(1 your ta es.th",
jig isi ab.ut up. The 1-nalt' alnei
costs will now I CuileCted.
Central people speak hlp u l of
their ('otteu n nul plans. Pickens
might talk a iit tle abort such ant
enterpri(' new ad,(l itluild a mill
that will C I (cred it to her enter
It is not n( cesary to go all the
way to (reenvi:e tc )e suited
either in tl- fashinal,le attire of
ladies or every up-to date garment
worn .y mni_1. Co:ut Pickets
nerca::t: ": t . llt tors. They
wi1ll st1rprile y u in quality or
If yo; wt: to c'.mtribut. to the
advancement of y' ur town o your
sectitn. h i t adve: tise it :l every
legitimate w y. I nd e t lies wi 11
not sfrig u: if y, di not 1.t
cap)lt3: i.,.w thl- I adva nag. you
have to :: Ir. JuTdici'ous a(lverItis.
ment of this 1 .(t(: o: countrV wil
bring its returi.s as surely as it is
done. Th- c:m1unity that grows
s the one that a(v tises-this is
the case every wh.ere, and where
can there K und a 1:tter op-i
portun:ty t) te;t this than right at
home. Pi.n-:. people, get to.
Th r-r is-ued by Cot.stabsle
Httammett wou after taking charge
of his office whlii:h enjr.:ms consta- Ii
bles ini the service to tefrain from
drinking shows that Gov. h ey ward
and the const ajie in chief p)ropose4
to see that the State's ofliciaIF, in
prosecut:'on of th.ir work in en.(
forcing the: d;pe ary law, conduct
themselves with the utmost pro- a
priety or N. 1.r :conce:l unfit for I
the dKig:.f the responsi. -
le duties K4r>tLd to thJem. One
case of itox.czt:ii will mean sus-1
J)ensi-Jn, ut :r this . niera&l order,t
and repetition wu .11 equivalen t
to the p eru:za:.ent di:charge of the:
offenjding (!!e.r. It is to the
credit of constauluarv. force in this I
part of state that the men are so
ber and cautions an,d always diii- I
gent in the discharge of their du- I
S3mail pox is a loathsome disease,
blit medical science has advanced
Rufliciently ini providing a fairly
safe preventativye, if the precaution
of vacnto is taken in due time
to ward off the worst p)hases and
Save l ife, though the plague should
strike a locality in virulent form.
It is wiser, by far, tc suffer the
templIoraryV inonenences from
vaccinattioni than to take changes
with the real disease without this
Whatever the foi m of(diseaso that
is catusing so much uneasiness
may be, it may be said with .cer,
tainty that the almost general re
sort to vaccination has helped to
keep its ravages within control,
and it is to the timely warnings
f roma physicians and healthi boards
that the people owe gratitude for
health and practical imimmunity
from this dreadful scourge.
What we had to say last week
Was not intended as any refleotion
on the members of th~e County
Board of Commissioners or, on
any one inomzber of the Board when
we sp~oke of the condition of the
o#nty under tho head "The Coun
ty Indebtedness.'' What we had
to say Was by way of endorsement
t,f the business-like report of the
Grand Jury rn their aa present.
tent, and, lilte the Gran;d Jury,
*W.with all people interested in
MOoty affair,, are utterly unable to
- ~* ust WMaC e the floanolal eta.
the0Qu~ Wthout a lbng
*p~#uaerat2in1ation of &lhe
Thoel change in the porsonnel of the
Board effecotd by the retirement of
Mr. Stewart and the qIualitieation
of Mr. Tally does not liect the of
ie or the duties of the members of
t ie Board. We believe they are
tr) inlg to do their duty, as best
they can, and the only the charge
fromi this source was that based on
the recomimendation of the Grand
Jury whereby these o1.,ers are re
:luoted to publish quarter' re
,orts as the law requires. In: this.
tmld this Olly, have we soght h
1m1phar-ize the suggesti'n : a f il
ir to do their full dut . T e
najority of the prese rd i
- m posed of miebters w erve d
n the previous Board. and what
Vvr of credit or :m:re a:
& that oflice for acts d :) bef're
he inauguration of the l. ad as :t
S nOW constituted. i, anoted be
ounted for or aga;.s: :e
It is not Our purpse : ra.s or
o blame without due o:lt We
imply speak for
he people who wa: : :
1'hat their sArvant :. . :.
loing, and who by t: :. . have
1ght. to know. Ta. ::
'onduct of the omefi : c
)lficers and the p a
Vwspaper is anyths i: ;: as a
varless advocate ,i :.ht a: :i
)ne of the most important of
i. 1nw insti t ut ions started in
-ha:lestonl and in the entire state,
s the new plant which the Ameri.
an Cigar Cu. op,?ne i about eight
reeks ago in Charleston. The
-cimpany is employing young
rc.men and teaching them the art
,f making cigars. They have at
resent only about Two hundred
,d ffty, but can give emFloy.
nent to five thousand. The work
s clean, healtby and easy to learn
.nd the amount of money that the
1':8 can make is far greater than
n any other trade or employment,
11 six weeks time the young ladies
ua3ke from $4 to $5 and in three
nonths from $7 to $10 per week.
\ very strong effort is being made
>y the management to secure only
he h:ghest class of young ladies
rho are forced to earn their own
lving. The Commercial Club of
sharleston and a number of the
eadinig mimisters are assisting the
3ompany b)y sending them all the
v'orthy young ladlies who are in
iced of employment, and they
iave given the concern their hearty
.pproval In ordea to break the
nonotony of work a piano is played
n the building every af ternoon and
he girls are allowed to sing while
t work. An elderly lady acts as
dIatron and one of the leading
>hysicians of Charleston is sim
loyed to treat the girls tree of
harge to tbem. Of course no ne.
roes are employed and everything
>ossible is done to make the work
>oth profItable and pleasant. Good
>oard is secured for girls from the
ountry at very low rates.
onfederate Veterans Reunion.
Cheap Rates to New)
SOrleans. La., via
On account of the Confederate
n terains' Reunion, to be held at
1ew O)rleans, La., May 19th to
~2nd, 1903, the SOUTHERN
'AI LWAY will sell round-trip
ickets from all points to New Or.
cans, La. and return, at rate of
>neC cent per1 mile distance traveled.
Lickets will be on sale May 19th to
~lt, inclusive, with final date to
eave New~ Orleans wvithout valida
ion May 24th, 1903. Original
>urchasers of su.ch tickets may
ecuro an extension of the limit to
[ une 15, 1908, by depositing tickets
vith the Special Agent at New
)rleans not earlier than May 19th
>r later than May 24tb, upon pay
nent of a fee of fifty cent.
The S3outhern Rail ay offers
bonvenient sobedules and most ex.
ellent servioe, and every effort
will be made to assure Veterans
and their friends attending the
Reunion a most pleasant and com.
fortable trip. Unsurpassed Pull.
mani acoommodations will be af.
forded, and the service in everyt
respect will be all that could be
desIred. Full information andi
particular. as to schedules, ote,
will.be c.heerfully furnished on ap. E
plication by any Agent of the
sothern &Ilway, or,
Dl ~on Pass. Agent, t
-Obarleston, 8. 0, U
W. U. TAYWO, ti
Aest, QQ ,asm Agi,
Story of the Pluck of Stanley Sp+ncer,
the English Aeronaut,
M. A. P. tells a story of on of
the adveuturos of stanf.l S .
the English a'rointu t was at
Iongkong, and the halloonl WAS rt
n making the aseoit. lloweve,
not to diSappint t he crowd, Mr.
Spt'ieer determined to trust to his
luck and gave tho order to let go.
The balloon shot up, the hot air
pouring from the fissure. The
aneroid sooni marked 300 feet, and
the parachutist was btiginning to
et rea:dy when the balloon suddel
;.' c lapsed. and, after a vain on
d to loosen the parachute, he
Z tone. Dunng the whole
tl Ile was conscious and
., nly a din woider as
he would strike. Twic
h t'% tn.pletclv over and then
era to rocky clits 150 feet
r the t ri'ed :pectators
r uphis remains and
the rt
ed him of a cerv.
ure man,"'.he a ked. re h
blsthe narrative o't a D-icd.
w o a dsr i a h ab ris::
mittle of de: abo,adefyo.
"T i -nt ~'T O'
wase dron,e excetme,'nt ed1,
blthe uchan.tv fa 'tcha
"'How was it that vou were not
drowned ?' was the inquiry of a
'Ach, I was nod in der boad,'
Ths 8now Needed Rehearsal.
Several unrehearsed incidents that
oaused passing smiles to those who
not~ toba biiu oayhn x
edtory oake th oenngofth
Atu ch ofh reais isadded toIe
les thie ofrri te ofla-te street
whon in; Pasribsing Duaro dBary
as herownedt exeutio'n arrnoate
them Dtcheman. ksbirgrpe
"'Hoed was ital tyhts yo whete not
perofanling from the iniyof Thi
lsene i recddb.h n hw
"hamber. Nws nod inoderbachine
hadevieraly eerenuteofscommit
cse forsthe smie and thowed who
ambitou bebu otunthi disos
tion tho nfolingo the rambefor
itor mcue,ad thea resulnthere wer
nwccaso ditetr osnew apprenctly
Aom touhog rhe roo addd toug
gest igode neof etinamth badly,
MeneinPting owin laleets,
Peter Dunne), GxeutionAde anw
Dink,elspiny (Georgeing robart)
pere sfatedn ftrotbmi the Lof.mb~s'
ceu ne afteno recete onen hon
ingke DHenary Day thoer comean.l
came.nw, The no preerchne
Engforshe anumer and waoed an
amitous burot forunae disposi
tion ok eantento h lybfr
All cesns a hrebytthr wre
occrasina dtrpas ono apparoftly
ad that troughs toof ndure-o
sing thn aneof a tandsm badlyo.k
al M. bsltly ohibiletedtan
Chimwne theref Wil be rdsto.
Tonen) Mr.#fWllul Doole (Fie
Kidney Nvtumc M.akes Ytu Miscrtblc
Alos tel (li rvs
Pt1 c' e Is3 an: 1 . .t tht' wtt". t,ct fui
-- tm.t,de 1-v 1 t
c mdv.
i i t ted
^ r" !. h ; t" Ir"the t:ii
h:tthe nin.
1 1 ;u;urY.dis.
.11. ild.
nd blad
W'ende:fut:'y curing
lamne ba }...tid trou
bles and .\'' "'h is the worst
fOrmll of kidne i t. , . .
D'r. Ribne:' S p-11 oo i:: not rec
onumendedtie ev v f,havekid
ney, iver et . w:ll he founad
just the tcn y.e . 1; h.is been tested
In No mnany w.y .:n h ;. :. in private
pratctice, amng:;'ni i:. h ' s : r to pur
chase relief :.,i : ' c su:.:essful in
every case that a s; r:.. . irnetit has
been made by w :': iP.tr..'; e, of this paper
who have not a:r ytv ttC.i nay have a
sa:lnplc l'ttle se:-t by :t 'l a k
telling more at'':t Sw"a _ w ..;.1.m ata lw to
fid out If yOu av: K:.a e. bla.e: r t Jul:Ie.
When wri:ing m : an this generous
offer In th.:- pa!' .': i -
[' ora.t'%1:. Kihner & Co.,S:g , ;lit ,, y"
ht . Y. T ' '
regu.a: fif:v cent and 1mn"u,t S'ufi-t.
de;iar si:es are sold by all good druggists.
on't :-lake any :.istakc. t'ut rcmen.ber
he ::,. Swan- -Ret. Dr. Kilmer's
Sw. -Rot. and the address. Binghamton,
N. Y.. en every bott:e.
our St c: . 1 :c
tai:cring s mples sent us t'
Good Tailors for 26 Years
The Oak-Easel is lhe
connecting link -etween he
tailor and the fautlessly tin.
ishod garments which give
you so mu:h 'leasure to
wear. It's rea;.y a lsan
in good clothes hu:,ig :o
see this great ceci.:n
of tailoring novelties.
PrIces low an~d saltIsf:
tlons absolutoir ttuar.
antee.d. CaI soon.
Pickets S. C.
Central, 9. C.
Did Not Close For i
Heart Trouble Baf.
fled Doctors.
Dr. Miles'Heart Cure anc
Nervine Cured Me,
There is nothing more necessary to healti
than sleep and rest. If these are llenied vou
if you rise im the moruing more tired thai
when you went tohbed, there is asn affection o
the nerves plainly present. If your heart i
weak, .or there ia an inherited tendency it
that direction, your weakened nerves wil
soon o aiffect youar heart's action as to bring
on serious, ehronme trouble. I Ir. NI iles' Ner
v-inc is a nerve tonic, which (ietsthle nerves
so that sleep miay comec, and it q uickly re,
stores the wveakented nerves to health and
streng'th. Dr. NI iles' I leart (ure is a "real
Iblood and heart tonic which regulastes the ae,
tion of the heart, enriches the blood and in.
proves the circulation.
"Sonme time tgo I was suffering~, severel'
wi1th heart trouble. At times moy heart wouhb
seemingly stop heating aind at ''thers it wouhi
heat loudly andI very fast. Ta'iree to four
hours sleep each night in ten mioths was all
I could get. One week in last SepiemiierI
never closed my eyes. I got D)r. Nlilcs' Neni ine
and IIeart Cure at a drug store ini .awrence.
hturg, after spending $300.co ini medi.
emnes and doctors in -Louisville, She.lbvvlle'
Frankfort, Cincinnati andl .awrencehurg
and In three dlays have dlerivedl more bene h
from the use .of your remedies thtan I got
from all the doctors and their medicines. I
think everybody ought to know of the mar.
velous p_wr contalined( in yc.ur remedier."-,.
W.li, NjIKIi,ts, 79 Creck, Ky,
e IFugsta sell and guarantee first bot.
tIe _r. Miles' Remedies. Send for free boo0k
RDod Hert Diseases. Address
Miles iCo., Elkhart, Ind.,
are the most fatal of all di.
FOLEY'S aranteed Redj
or money refunded. Conitali
nemedle recognized 6emi.
ephy1lans as the ht for
Eny and Bladder troubles.
parcu 50.. al S.o
*neMlnuateOugh Ours
Pe' oughs,0Bolds aid GOaup.
tittt .1titqo' -t I''lst 11s ( otnt yV t h h 1ft It
af of A t.. ,' 't, for at fin I :1 'tt1t nl
Uf l t tttal t t -' Iii (lt) rn 't , ill
NIlk t, a1<1( to i I v tlalme -erd it n i
- ~,tIohn . 11tanI1far.
I :oIAtlfiniatltur'.
i w Ill ailyh 4 to .Id B. Nwb ry lt; 'rotbI .
attr .l ug tt t ittl,g ('tn1 ' t he1 I a I.'1
dlay ti t 11. 1'.13, tli a1 til:,ll :ttttlt'net'1
It thlt es.latt' %, \\. \\. KI\IIlbur . it(..
s i . and :uist t11 I di- ,HIns tt to A+ .
.I' . ( It'l itt+Nl.
-.jottt V '.lt or lt+l.
'oi tot liir,t'redi('to..
Per\u'il hauMli h11u agtintl i hel" . s
1tall! l W . II t 11 I 1llaI'!'l l'rthai 1e1. " I.t. '
qul Stetd to p1 t t properl11 -
toutil to thr unil:wr ;ugn tl fuor 1+nyIn,'I. t
y th t .> l' of i\lIy, 110' 1. fo 1
thousC indtite't to 8:Idt (satt 11uuSt maket
pa1ymen 1t to
ARY A. PII:....),
1i'.t: Adiutinistrattrix.
I.no 8 I111rII ti n l i l la iltat t11(1
t stte of.J. T. Crlai . dlr.tc ,'td, m-r
tt(nllstt it to II OS Iesen tt' e 1:1.t' pr eLyt1")
.itIt+st'tl 1t+ the undeltrsI ined for paymen1t1
by Ala-* 1, 1903, andl It~s. indted lt to
Satidl t"taito must makec IlmVInenut to I
A. .I. Iil 1(Ri .
s1''1 F FS( 1'Tti ('.\ 1 )ll,I N.\r
(ounty %tf 1Il'i tls.
Ill ('timlntll Pleas (olit.
W. F. Dutlrham.ll
. Sniablltl:,
'l'hltm is M. 11ur:lam, - for
A. . 1)u
ALC, C, I .
1':as titt'. .\ turtltys.
T,+ ti, l t+ t t it ud. t T it, 111 .\1.
To the abt-ent dAt ieta i t. The mats M.j
Durha:n. .lUlmes A\usti', \ILice C1e)ttt
tt+e D.h m, 1 hu t y,t A:.', P. uv at:.dl Namev'
Mli-souri Mi1:tocu: t
l,tie .otic'.? t e ort it fl p i :i iti
this act n uud th" crt::ia1 Sutian 1.s of
Wili hIi the for'gu'ny i. at copv 11 were tiled
Commton PIits Cu the 'Jth day of F.eby.
A. D. 19 .t
This F't by. 9, .1903,
I '*--*'-- A. J. I3OGGSi,
- StA L -
Watches, Clocks, Sewing Ma.
Phonogr'aphri and Sutpplieat'fir sahtlet
regutlation prices,
Always on lfhnd.N
Private and Publ1ic mnusical('i ntertaji.
menOlts giv'en on short ntotioe,
Sow,iing Machuinur , Nee~dles for all ma
chintes aind finert Sfl4w.ing M~tachino oil al-.
Ways ont handt(. New~ patrt furish iied andt
tt ted at short notice.
. Repir wor)k donte int all tla he vbov
hnecs--25 yearsI expOeit-nee.
G \Watche.s for t i' 'lroi.d S.i'vie'( U w4
T can maItik,, it to yiour it sI op
JOHNJ T.80O003
Jewele and ,inb P
Often Disagroo With Us
BTeause we oroat of theme. Inidi.
gosIt,i follows. But there's a way to
esoape such consoquencos. A dloso of
good digestant, liko Kodol will reliveyo
at onlO. Your stomach is simpl t>
weak to digest what you oat. TIha~' sto
indigestion Is. K(odol di eusts Lto fo
without the stomach's ad i. oodtth
steoac rests whle the body is i the~1
oned by whulosomeo food. Dioti ng8th-.
necessar '. IKcoo digests any kind o
good. fooLI, Strengtesand1ivgoratos
Kodol Makes
Rich Red Blood.
Notice to Tlrespassers,
All piersons atre hereby Warned
nlot to hunt, fish, cut ttimber or
trespass any of o1:1' lands in any
way, Without express permislsion
frorn us or either ol us. This no
tie iM.Riven as warning algainst
trespassers and any violatjin of
the same will be proscouted tm o ate
Chronic inv
When the liver is torpid, and I
the bilo ontors the blood 1w ai vli
comues oonstipatlon, biliousneso, i
" and malaria. TLo only treatmont t
the right touch and starta Natur,
manner to
The pill touches the liver, and
25 doses for ?p days cost 25
less your case is exceedir
will be well before you
Sample free. For
all dealers.
uthman Stea
"The Finest In ti
I;,sk et goet A pril 8th. Work Guai
Y O['1.l i..nV\ 'i1
$2.00, $2.50
Prilde & ]
****1YY...)a a
Pal k wihes you health,, wishes you
i veair, andut teln smiiles for every tear.
*ith the right stuff at the right~ price.
Menis and Womens y
20 Per Centi Dj
A Few pairs of
Wool Blankets--25
Gr'eat Values in Mens and Womens
stuck deep in the price of all Heavy (
o room for themn here. It will paLy you
lying D)ry Goods and Shoes.
A. V~
Vest En<fl1.
argain in
Thirty Black an~d Blue
Cutaway Coats asnd %i
eachi, TIhiese goods cost more than 1
sizes are broken, but if your sizo'is
got great value if you
Nine Prince
Coats and Vesi
3ame materioa worth from *10.00 to $1
...Don't Miok n inn
ails to do its work,
ulont poison. Thon
4cek headacho, tovere .
tat gives the Uver just
'n work in the right
the pelleta tone the .
cents, and un- v
gly bad, you
dnish them.
sale at
m Laundry
e South."
-anteed. Try it next week.
IING (( (1)
UES, "
$3.00. "
1at ton.
wvealthi, throupr ni. a he pres.
Always rendy fer business
A lot of Odds in
/ool Underwear
per cent off.
3 DAYS<s'
Fine Shoes
- ilnn y will be glad to
Clay Worsted
asts at $4.50.
wice this mone3y, Th(
amon~g them you will'
buy one.
~s -:..
8.00; your choice for $6,0,
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