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Local Item
-Jack Wakohn, of Liberty, was
in town the last of the week.
-Sevoral niceo -milk cows for
sale. Ivy Al. Mauldin.
-Mrs. Ivy M. Mauldin loft Mon
day on a visit to friends in Au
-Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Hlagood
left for their home in Clarlestont
--W. Pat Dickson of Meet, S. C.
has assigued for the benefit c,f cred
-Editor J. L. O. Thompson and
wife and Miss Olga Richy spent
Sunday it. Greenville.
--Maj.). . lradlley, tho genial
editor of the Easloy I'rogross, Vas
in town last week.
-Mra Thos. Norris, of Catoo
chee, is on a visit to the family of
her uncle Robt A. IRowen.
-M1ioses Gertrude IIagood an<l
Lida Folgor of Easoy, sphrmnt Sun
day with relatives in P'ickei:s,
--The most select shape and
material in ladies hats, I11n't for
get the opening, A pr. ';rd atnd Il th.
--Middloton I[este' returuod
Saturday from a busmess trip to
Brevar'I, and va:lcy of the French
- J. F. Br. ek, Jclu e er, ies
iioved h,is oflice f rom 1: trLk's Drg
store to the "lp staiir "over Co.roy's
'old Law ollio-.
-Mrs. Estelle Stewa,ht, of Au.
'gusta, visited the Misses lFolgor
last week, She returned home
- Clerk of Court, A. John lIoggs.
who has been unalle to :ttend to
hi official dut ies fo0r somo time, is
able to be at, his post again.
--The contintted wet vather has
cansed tho small grain to get a lit
tie in alvancet of the seasoin.
There will likely ho no ill results
unless a. severe freeze should come.
-The gale Sunday and Sund!ky
night was terrific 'I';Te effects can
bo seen on the forests particularly
-numbers of large trees being
blown down. On the Hiagood's~
mill road) near Israel F'ergusons,
the road is completely blocked with
large timber.
--The MisIsissipi Is spreading
itself, A Eerious break nas Odeur'
near Greenville, Miss. T1','
bther breaks along the'
loss of life has
F'arming oper
be much r1
has be
, Judge
* oe WiI1. Mil
. J. N. Morgan,
01)n the Grand Jury.
ABrown, of Dalton, and
-. .i', Hunter, of Lib)erty, are
r-etit Jur'ors.
-Spartan burg County has such
hu alarmningly largo numberl of
bensioners on her rolla this year
that the Comnptroller General has
hadi to investigato. tho natter.
thtlre aire moro than twie ) as
thainy lleunsioaers in that couinty
than In aniy county in tI e Stato.
--A beau inuI home wvedjimg
wats solemn)ized at the home of the
bride's father, Mr. RI. A. B3raizial,
in Brmoadway townushi p Anodorsonm
coun)ty, on Wed nesdlay, M arch,
25th. Miss3 Nina B3roaalo was
happily married to Mr, J1. H-.
.Richardson, of Liborty, Rev. 0. L.
martin, ofliciatinug. May health
happiness anud priosperi ty attend
them through life.
---State Suporutendent of Eduica
tlon, 0. B. Martin, hias issuedl a call
for a meeting of County Superin..
Wnden ts at Rock HI ill, A pril 1.4 to
'L0. There are several matters .of
importance to come beforo the body,
one of the most important of which
Is the consideration of the' improve
mont of the rural1 schools. Summer
Schools for the different counties
will also likiely bo considered.
Vounty Superintendent R. T. Hal
Anlm expects to attend.
"The Pickens Brick Co., Geor &
Etephenson, proprietors. is begin
lilng active operation. Trhe winter
bionths have not ben spent in idle
ness by any means. A large am,>unt
tf wood has been cut during the(
Winter months, and some very
tg kins will be 'burnt a little
te'on. This is an important en
'10 as it turns loose every~
WMuk i 6ousldsrable amount of casi
- a oam its laborers whloh nonntnn1.
of Interest. 4
--Aaron Boggs is visiting rela
tives in Pickens.
-A I;rainion 'T'aylor began work
with tho Pickens Railroad Co,,
Wcdisday morning,
-1Is boys, your Angelina likes
to ride in a now buggy. No doubt
a)ott that.
l;arlO Lowis has accepted a po
sition in West End Drug Storo, in
-l vl'yIt want extra fino fPeR 1Bor
ry coffee or thO geiilno Muscoval(da
mnolassos go to Rt.C.Carter, Liberty.
-The Anderson n\ attreis Parc;
tory was hurn0d last W11,ne5(y.
Loss, $500(; instranice, $2:0.
--Th) Iariers (lid a siIu1pi s ingly
Iarge armount of work in the fow
daya of fiIir wea ther the past wek.
---W\ ' Ilt"vo (n hand p1lnty ofI
larly Uliss and Red Rose Irish
I'otatto:e; at :5e )('r po)ck-Craig
1),r% s.
-\ rth ur L')win, who is in tll n
raiilroat1d Servic', with boadalnarters
it, Jncksonville, Fla. is at home on
visit to his father, F. A. Lewis.
-Th( iow summer dress goods
it IL U. (alrler's, ILiborty, S. C. are
lho pri'tt.iust over shown inl this
(t I lng fromt the amuoun t of
1,11uan1o hatull out of Pickons the
p)I wek, t,lhere will havo to be a
)ig cot tou crop raid is to pay guallo
- ' wV it the 11Othors who
have t. so, to call in(] examinw
)III liin of boys pn1111t,) al(l smo if
we cii't save you labor and mon
ey-Craig lrt's.
-The A pril and May "meetings"
Will so non be here. WO were glad
le) down it our hearts that last
-inunday wasn't on, of the "big
-- W\'1hen in need of Hardware.
i Dy goods, Notions, Gonts Furn
w,zhings and grocerees go to R. U'
(;art'r ILibety, andi he will
you ioley.
-Solicitor Thuii'
thaIt tile trial or'
will begini;
13, anl'
..ef Con
.~, Chief Constable
a.Thus will please
.y everybody in the dis
--TPhe auithorities ofS.C. College
anid Clemson have refused to allowv
tile anlnual football game on
ThIanksgiving between the teams of
these twVo in)stitutionls. A capital
--Maj. J. J. Lewis, of Pickens,
is with Mrs. 13. F. Sloan, whose
many friends here and elsewhere,
will be glad to know of his im
pro"vemenCI)t in health,.--Keoweo
Couri r,
-LJ,iot wook tile p)rogressive citi
zens of Wa'lhalla obtained a char
fer for an (il mniii. It is to be a
$25,000) plant. Judging from the
cuar loads of. meal and hulls brought
to Pick( n19 the nered for anI oil mill
hereC is imuper-ative.
-The Heavy ramls a short time
ago walshedC away' the blig lmbLOr'
boom of thle IIenedict-Lo0vo Co. on
Soneen River at Calhoun. Th'er'e
were mtore t hanl 4000 "logs washod
away, entailing a loss of $35,000(
to tihe company.
-Yes, girls, tihe boy8 do notice
wheni you've got On a new hat.
And thlin you feel bet,ter about it.
Don't forget to attend the B3ig
Storo 's annual Spr'ing opening
Apr. 3 and 4. The finest line of
hats ever displayed in Pickens.
--Mr. D)ray ton McConnell, of
Anderson counity and Miss Janie
Attowvay, of this county were mar.
ried Sunday at the residence of the
ofliciating minister and uncle of
the bride, Rev. J. P. Attoway. The
bride is the daughter of the late
Roy. McSwain Attoway,
---"The Missioner" is the name
of a now church paper recently
launched by the Methodists of the
, roonvillo district. It is issued
mon thly and will be a great stimt
ulus to chlurch wvork, antd partica
larly to missions In this district
Roy. R. A. Child, Presiding lElder
and R~ev. M. B., Kellyi pastor of St
John't ohuroh, Anderson, are thi
editors .I( ndlRv. A. 3. Qanthen
--The metropolitan eity of An
deison is all ait i over labor strikes
-Alrs. U. A. ll'ster has returnei
oii i at visi t I o her sister in Ocone
Her health is solowhat improved
--We havo a beautiful line o
spring and summer drose good
that u o are an1xioutis for all the la
d1es to s--CirLig Bros.
-''lio County Mutual Benefi
AssociMt.ion of America iv now ready
for business in, tIiiscouuty. So if yot
would like t he cleapest and mosi
simple Life Insiralco in U. S
Call on E. Foster Keith, Pres.
Pickens, S. C., or H. C. Shirley,
Secy. . Treas., Liberty, S. C.
earo inlariied by Auditor
li:ith that all taxes, charged for
the ( e,ar coverod with the closing
of the books March .15th, have been
Patid ('xcclt $20.20 and this in
cludes the i 1>or Cent penalty of
which lorhaps PO per cent will be
collectfd, There will be little un
paid taxes for the year when the
Irealsurer again opens his books.
One nice 3 roon house' at Six
mile, S. C. Will sell 5 or 10 acres
of land with the house. Terms
Easy. Apply to
Six Miles, S. 0.
The Value of Various Fruits as Food
and Medicine.
T!in1 fruit. lt niha ny uses besides
pieasin, the instc is well known, but
the exact properties of each kind
are not. so well understood by the
cm;o:rumers. and a few suggestions
C,n ill,uj('tI m1ay not be amiss.
Fr i:, 4n, will not sustain life
for any great lenigth of time, but
hel1 to fulrnish a variety in the
~t s( timulates and improves appe
tile :nii l dig stion, relieves t1
and lii'odt'e s \ Atcr into P
tom, ac(ts ai hi'ative or
stilullates the kidnev
ithe organic salts no
nut !riieit.
Ii the mI
w1ere un11d'
use tIe )s
me ' ,,:ded.
.re figs,
.es, oranges
. are blackberries,
)herries, pomegran
cs, pears, wild cherries,
.ies and medlars.
30c kinds used for diuretics are
etrapJes, black currants, peaches,
whor tleberries and p)rickly pears.
The refrigerants are red and
white currants, gooseberries, lem
ons, limes anud ap)ples.
A pples arc usefu.1 as a stomach
sedative and will relieve nausea and
even seasickness.
G rapes and raisins are nutritive
and demiulcent, making them excel
lent for thoesickroom,--Christian
Work. _____
To Clean Silver.
For cleaning silver plato the fol
lowing mixture is recommended: To
two ounces of French (prepared)
chalk add one-quarter of an ounce
of aniunlonia, four ounces of alcohol
and( two ounces of water. Add to
this, whlen thle chalk and water are
thoroughly incorporated, ten grains
of cyanide of potassium dissolved
in t wo ounces of water. The result
ing mhix-ture shlouild be of a creamy
consistence. To give it a pleasant
odor add twenty drops of oil of sas
sairas. The oil of sassafras is added
purely for n'sthietic reas5ons, ase it
serves no( utilitarian purpose what
ever. The mixture is to be placed
in a bottle and thoroughly shaken
before being used.
Tro app)ly pouri a little into a sau
eer, dip in tihe end( of a soft l'owelry
brush and go over the whole sur
face of the article in question. If
thlis happens to be deeply engraved,
use what pain)ters call a "stippling"
stroke, which consists of jabbing
the endls of the bristles into the re
2esses and( grooves of the chasing.
If highly polished, do not use .a
bruish at all, as it will make minute
lFor use uder this latter condi
tioni make a p)ad of cotton flannel
filled with cotton wvool. Dip this
into the mixture, going over the
suirface wvith very light, circular
strokes. A fter the article has been
restored to its original whiteness
w~ash thoroughly in hot water and
castile soap and rinse in scalding
Pier to Rebuild.
The Bloards of County Comm issioner
of Oeoneo and Pickoas counties will 1nt
to the lowest responibhle bidder or bid
dere, on THURV1?SDAY APRIL 9, 1908
att 11 n, m., the coutract to rebuild a pie
uinder the iron bridge, at Old wiokene
over Keow~ee river. The successfuil bid
decr will ho required to give bond doabi
the amount of bid. Roards reserve th
right to reject any and all bids. Spec
ifloatmonus wdll be made known on day e
t4. D. Stepens,
Count SupervIuo?1
DiIssotion of Partnership.
Not,ico is hereby given thaitil (11e
norship) heretofore exIttg 6I6 ,~
. Geer, L,~ M, Mahaffand W.
tehensoni has been di ed byv m
tual dosentand the b'us tee
willlbeaontinued iuder tlae 4* nam
oGar&Ste uheim on.
R.C. C
New Store at I
and is positively selling goods cheal
before, Bolow are a few prices. I1a
& "The Half Has N<
19 lbs. Standard Granulated Sugar
20 lbs plantation Granulated sugar
12 lbs. Good Green Coffee for
10 lbs, Best Roasted Colioe for.
First-class Stool plows at -1! cents
60-inch Red Table Dame
Best Turkey Red, regular
0 Good Eight
Half-hour Strike.
I have the most complete lino of
in this country, all of which are new
at prices unhea.rd of.
Men's $1.25 and $1.50 E
lent Stock, to go at a Bar
I also have a coij)lete line of
Poles, Shafts - sons, Storm Apron
also, Po' -s, Tonguo Stret
and 'DWARE.
'oto 11110 of
'a are bought for Ca
me in h.
Come and see .ve
A Full Line of Newi
Now on hand, at prices that w
buy for CASH. Give me cash ti
pons to the amount of your purc
tions and return them to me wvh
receive a nice premium piece of c
Call when in Pickens and inspi
absolute satisfaotion is guarantee
Real Estate
One 5 room house, Lot 70x2.10 f<
Two 4 room houses, Lot 70x210 fee
Two nicely shaded lots, 100x200, fe
Three '' " " 100x200 fee
One, one-acre lot--facing two stree
One Parm-oomprisi ng seven ty-on
cultivation andu only 1.} miles from
For further information call on
01f100 at Depot.
Grand C
Of Our Milliner
Friday and
Apr. 3ri
The Spring Styles will be show
shape, material and effect.
Our mrotto shall 9e;"'Correct Si
, very hat that goes' oult'.from i
exstend to every woman a oordiai inv
yourselves the corretness of thie hai
mioney. If you only look you will J
We have bought the largest an
ineonts in the history of our busines
t.hreSt to comne and seo us' Yol
0r than ('ver sold in this country
I them and come and see that
ver Been Told." #
for - - $1.00.
or - - - *1.00.
-- - $1.00.
- - - - - 1-00,
lor pound.
Tvwili, Steel Rod, 48
ir Price 75c., for
sk, warranted 2
60c. goods, at
Day Clock, &
for only $1.95.
S11OES ever offered to tlho trade
and fresh &from the factory and
gain----only ... e
IAlI)\VAl.E. such as liuggy
s and Dashboards, ready for use,
t-hers and Stay Chains, Cutlery
3h. and vil b)e sold for lowest
IA FOR CASII, and you will find
you money.
-S. C.
and Up-to-date
ill please those who want to
aude and I wvill issue you cott
hase of Dry Goods and No
m you please during 1908 and
sch my up-to-date stock, where
d or money refunded,
For Sale.
1031E anid
mt, Price, $6G00.0
t, Prico each, 400.00.
ot, on corner, 500.00.
t, price each, 150.00.
ts, price, '200.00.
e acres--one-hal f in
Pickons, price, 851 00.
Pickons, S. C.
I pening
y Department
l Saturday
1, 4 4th1
ii. Every hat labsolutely new l1
~yles at Recasonablo Prlces"
are inust please the wearer, WI
Itation to attend and judge fc
s. If you choose One you will sayv
earn the correct ityles for the sea
3. most varied stock in all depart
,,and we wIll make it to your in)
irs truly,
-Morrow Co.,
8, 4 i0
Your attention is especially calle
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Gents Furnish
A comploto line of Lawns, Dinities
cmrized goods in all colors with Lac
We have the prettiest lino of plant
ever Showu inl Pickons.
(entlem .'n it is about timo for you
Spring Sit, Hat, Shoes, Shirts .El
yourself is. Vhero cal I got the b
that fits every way butt Ii right wi
so style and quality and the right pr
of your time and wo wil be only too
lino. We have by far tho best line
ever carried.
Shoes ! .
You know what the ''lattle Axe" S
of shoes, but tho "Bottle Axe" dowr
('>For Men anc
We also have a nice line of Patent ~
of Hardware, HIorrows, Hoes, Plow
.llelting, Shingle Mills, and Mill t
with prices right.
We havn't the space hero to toll yo
liko to but wo invite you to our stoi
interest you hero.
J. L. holt, iM. ).
r oPickens Drug
Drugs! Drugs !4
If you want
call on us.
useless drug
what you wt
for you on si
Our store is
Tablets, Pa
kinds. A J
Cigars and Tobacoc
The best snm
Cigars and ]
Don't forget
ters for fitti'
25o to $7.50
Pickens Drug
WTry our Hleadache Powde
Easley Hiardwa
(Below Agent
B3ELLOW8 adLf(
BIND)ERS and (
Easley Hardwa
We are awa:
Clad to see
The boat is the cheapest.
We like to sell the best becaus(
This applhos to all classes
Stoves, Axes, Saws
Cutlery, Hamme
-as W4
3 edsj IAts, Clothing,
r Yans r
1uand hiundredsof other useful a
,, REMEJC E I Good go
shoddy goods. Oall Ibi lobk til
Ilines aind give #e ytti valued
I to our immense line o :
Hats, Shoes and
Ing Goods. :
, Percals, Linons, and me!r
es and Trimmings to na.l
I and mere )rized whit' g> als
to begin to think about your
c. Tho first ctutest i(tn to ak
ost suitod? Don't btty a suit
1y. If you want a Iit anl al
ice, also give us a few iniut s
glad to show you tl rough our
f clothing this ::"asf,tn '{e have
Soto e s a r e . T l h e r { ' : )i t a l ' i rd i
is ti eu all. A capi 'ete i.:c of
Women. -'
leather Slippery for ChIi ild ren
8, anl Plow u se*, I,m.
iupplios, aln1 thin' '2 v t;,in t ,
t olle-tenllthe1 th iti,,' V:0 unu|
'o 1111( W N-1wll dl , et t,
J1. N. 11: t o im , . i
Company., .
the best aid Ireht h
We don't koep nd1( : ui
9 in stock. If w e l;avf% not ;
it in stock we will gtt t
iort notico.
headquarters for Wrlo:i
per and Envelopos of al!
,t of nice fresh candy.
klng and chewmng tohnec.
"ipes of all dlescripat ons.
that we aro still i[oadquari- 2
ig spectaclos at pic' fromi a
us and Cough B~la-am.
re Company.
's Price.)
Lre Colpalyj
muying the best.
It is economy to buy the bet
the best alwaye gives ntia'iacti.>u,
of good.
,Table and P4ocket
rs, Hand Saws & H-oes..
ill as to'
etoid4 taheetIigs, ceks,,
lis, 0i1 Oiothsi,
titOles *hich 'Wo alwaysa have ini
ads tiost but little more Vhan
itough Out' stock in its various
businesa, Our stock is now come

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