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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, April 02, 1903, Image 6

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Ton grieve because mon do not sora
To undostand your worth?
Becauso the good you try to do
Remains unknown on earth?
Becauso no laurol fits your brow,
Or bay out wines your head?
'Twill ai be yours one of those days
Walt till you're dead.
It saddens you because your faulte
Are blazoned to the skies,
While all your virtuos soom to be
(1azed on by sightless oyeb?
Why w,,rry ovur such a thing?
Why not rej" ice, instoad.
Because of all the coming famo?
Wait till you're detd.
1: t ' I or 131 3 !
,': .3 1 .n ' in r''r'"s in h'
111- - l l It:111t' l'il
I' It ,1
l: t i I ? " ;' oI -
* . Ii
( n: I': . : 1! - a gI l' ;
i:.zn fri tals a
, ~ ~ hi own. andt Il( hI !(1is i !
llltiI that r1t1illy Iut i
\t t() 131 (' d Il('j ir an l :1 i.
-ll: hIredc their hOy iil'y in-"
A1.< *. 'Ahie had Ilhosen a .I
I'al('ulated to br'ing hlimt InI s
i:h ' all 1h(e morbid (.ur.iosity
-.a)inl;. frotu (ll,s (.uriosity
3 . ow std1'nts a1s to the ef
-1 , on thesnlv'1es. and- :
- w r \ ( O o lh '' p e' ) l('. 13o 1
u'1ln1t131 i!!n of h:s w\-'1.
J . t 1 1 "1(b'3i and I1 (' i' "a iI('i
i1111- i Ii l i' I (3) I -. t.i :I1:3.
.;O. t bo t.. I :1 : .
i t -, ra n :. 11.. 1 .1 1
h h II .3'im r :
rI1 ! 11' Iti. t ' . 1; 1 : I. I' :\ ,'.
i'"1 r I :li bi: 1: 1 ' . t: ; I' a .
;: . .(' (113' ill'.' . \ (1:
:i1.' .1 \11l 1 '1 a ld li t b' ( ilil
(!I 'h a; l tir h1 (1 to w1 .- 'h
o . thlin il' ,'' 1 (' i'y
his1( iO- ' .. '3n113'. . r
d31 h:*. wh< V. as th
'o1 : hO dre:adfful o him I;lat' (
onII 9 wh('n h(' in-tib!t't .hti "jily 1\
:I e11 r a lized 11n it it
h 3h i '1' tl th( ' or'.t - i':
u . ,.a v .nh 1o
l.:d h%.-:w.ld once 1,1r,
3 1i t l' l b
- )3
-' 3 t I :: ,'ie.,3333ed '*,e-'
m:33 .a o l ti ..9
I'.1..\ 3h \' i.3l3' !I
A' d . wIt hh3-re..1 33 uI 'o:
a n ' r ' .i . .n'! ! l3 a '.': ' 2 - . i t ' r :
.313 :-: '(< :.. .3)it e:-: -i ' .u
un') 3 .':'' t''-3 33t o i a '.v -:y '1:
they '.' Is 3le 3ano-'i. Iho;h on
fo a mu't r~3(!31 :'In' b3:.. 3de a en33
thle : 1:3alanc' p:3ng h3:111 been' -IC '
to l3o:~ hut as3 soon3! as I!''' r'e33-/3,
by s~ie for1 n room31ent, an3 e3'-e880!
of atbsoule jo:y 8wu11t fro:n3 fa''e 3
face? nd, a3s it fl(moved3 by' one.( 3e 3)
10ed 1'o get 0on' good looh1 ilISile.
to :1: : ff asi mSu1ch31 of the .viowv as
g)3'3i. ''.3:ile he fac'edio ILl p"g
.im! 31athlly, r's he looked(, ho saw
som32ethIig whicl. made him turn actui
ally pale, and forget abouit ever'ythiing
else, for on the end of a neighboring
ceat, in an uxcellent seeing plositlonl
sat a pretty, well dressed girl, wih
hiad never even stirred!
Only a moment, and then, with a
clanging of gongs and a wvhuir of w.heels
flte car and tho ambulanco swept
apart, but ArchiJO still seemedl to see a
round, bright fac.e, a lot of puffy hair
mnder a faunty' sailor hat, and, last,i
but by no means least, a pair of big
brown eye,j which had never once
1coked at him!
All the way back to th loa .
Folks do not tin<dorstaud your plans
Appreciate your deedis?'
They do not iauli you when you moot
monw wouaker brother's needs?
They do not may kind things of you?
No rose i'avos for your bed?
Thny'li praise you, all in goodly time
Wait till you're dead.
Wait till you're dead. Thoy'll tell it the
Tioy'li Chisel it in stone,
And put it in it choa(?n place
t;eoiudod and alone.
I'orhaps your sPlonli(t traits mny all
In epitap hr be road
At any rate they'll stretch the truth,
Walt till you're deadl.
--W. D. Nesbit, in Chicago Tribun
I 1i t h e} l i S ,
\l 't 1.1 '' it l: t . ! il'4a " tl l :
kil h (d j'n.
;I4" ta iI 1 1 ( : :1 . i., ! , i "
'11) '1' - ll ",i \t !:1 \";1.! .' ri .11I.
si it' m ild i-':,' b' i
ilr 1 - li t of the !, f
1' he V. e r '" l ys I r t- i
1im. 1 l idthes n1 all, inI l - itb of tu1
ter' in 0 clder iII r'(M" h1 n11.
'Ji's all r'ight u(1\w."' .'aid .larvj
!s h(' calm ly lt!i' lrr i '' t-'I- d ir (tn th''
lu?II( l'ring Vh ti1:4. "l! e', l'w innil
( swrc: . "Ind that'll brin-1 hiitl rulnr
"We'r l l;iid of w.-t." a'-id G;ro,
on, w\it h at li! t !c' in le as !.onl(. I
! n' t't"i' 11r4 11'- 1 41in g 'li'' tlui, 'y
":l." .aidl .Ilr\ r i:, s-w t"c: iy. --Il
w'. 'I: t \ 4 wh 'ilc d-u k:' (;il!!y.' \ (n
and114:4,4 i,~( l u'?1";: WIi : :t' I4'"
':1: 'l 1':':; ad lee el'' :11!'.II'I :141111 '1"OI
i:-i "I rV. : -4 f ; !;j n .
I!. ;h ' w I wi r "' b II y ' rrl
a.., no I t ll ll y spio i v !I
h-- In iI J;Irr y IrI : -"i t' ' irI.
44 \\a -I t \. i,u wrf. I u lvcl'
aI ni iI.
\ "' ?l , lt:. 1 r 1 I rI4'4 It \V 1
< n ' 1t 'ih .' <' i i ' II.
1 ; 't I r h : ?ii :u i ; w 'i-, ip
pu ll-'l igh a4 ' et I'll' 4, ' -1,
,h , ii -I1'I '( t t11 .tI !t'4 \\I'1
a t ( (I I 1! - ": It( I")111 14ii
Il ic 1: 1( le h()' 111 to ( it o tfi
44)'-il ' !l Ic !'.It ' 1 1 4 i,! ' t"i \" 1'
,t I';1'I' il' ( 14'14 t{,'i I-)''(I I ' ' ll ll('
4lnl b4,un seei hi2 . 4 e ,
iatr \ I' nd 't' 'iti : h y r -::l
=111 ions I( to4t' h '4 1ell.a
h- were','4d4 rIe about'i:I hi b n41umV
pose to lih u etinuh!n h
from lthe rys - o
hwy lwn who.8 Bet1.." Miss r-.y
w. nainga h;In! l:.nu Oes..u
"n' ju. dyl o r b - tl -ee
no kn, and. r~lvl.D.
Sil'ou ever saw I knwy
- n. rmak reyo - ut
adi \l away,,
Con: t gthimn an
erect and confused, before--the g
who did not, look!
Now Miss Betty Davis was a mo
eratoly attractive young woman, ar
pretty, but she had never before I
s)ired sueh sudden-csuch evid'ntt ai
ntense adinIration as they did no\
and she ('Ol Id not help feeling fin
tered by it--so mueh so that whc'
; at the end of only half an hour, t.
young man asked If he mtight. cal
she rashly answet.ed "Yes," reflectir
that though she knew nothing c
im, the Greysons did, and ho mm
be "all right'' if she met hin at the]
Site (id not know to what st-ait
p the ,reyson girls' brother was Soit
tim hes redm.euid In the nu Ie' of enu
' lhni dtlriuug I he next. fe.' we'ehs sh
diid manly rnote eiuriotu Iling: thtt
- Iha , h>l' At('hi('s wor,(i;fl v;as of t
>; i .t ImaIonlat". (i i- '!rmi:,('d nt tr'
-i h 411 lo w' all barri.'rs ' .
rA RI1( 't.'a;'
r;I'II y Ilh' ,ir h r . sh'
"' wn 'n::111'ringL, l;-.- the \'ery n-'
=a II uli! it trc' l :'I tIm e w as a1:1 : ! ' i'I n rt t il 1 1
I,; .l ' .,1 ,,1 j r i Ih l i -
i ii n
1h ' .\, il .'n i;t,v d ', l iir h-"
(> 1"1 l 1ii I iiy 'h (ll! l i.' i a :Iii ( 'i. l v l
I ( 1 4.-; '. I ';(III(1 : 1 t'l II ( IlI;'(r1(', 41 - I
1)>' \\l' I ; ia (in I \it 1 d i it c .:r .n
1- t i o( l' 41( ' Iltr Wn!!', hea.l.
1 Ile (a r'- n,t a whil w :II 11"tiv's
l iOIhc'r 'h:II;r; or' faults m l itl e, I-il'
fuhtilled th e' id al iih i his fl tlai
s. L (t III fori hlim.l :-h' was the( only !.Ir1
i t ii il( nl h( 4(1ou lo ve n(.1
wt It r h ' ml t ' dl14(1 wot l--'a putlrl os'
in whi'h h(' ('(' d'I' so \l' l that
In at f'w 'ee1; Ilett I hal diard:d' l '1
- (l'ov wvhi('h hadl b('etn a oir :(f (IIo: liet
1- -v'er ainl(' ashe hadl worn sho>rt ;'r'Ik.
'n i a li ttt'I, ;tnd1 f ii' til h l 4 l is 1.:c
c;l n(t onl1y engg e:'I b 1u ;t rried': to
ti 114 ' n('W sitn(I It I;Ient 5411i01',
Sii l1"I. '' 'i'ythig: was ll.itn' in w( a -
\ 1 ' int \he carrar. afler i 1 11' "'
1''I \ t h:. ' " l t14 '4ti I I 11'a '' "'a4(!,
'i '\ ia Ia )I y' ' ::'!(1 f iio 4v 'I:0 i \'c" !n1.4
'\ >lith": 'lh'' Itto l 1 t m .'n h I .V
w1 1 1am I ' : ;'( hap OIn h.'i h i :'l :( ea'..
: t . .. . a i a I ' 1 \ h rr ',, n il ; "I; !;i ;I
(4 SIn 1 h1 y 44 u-n'I(St it---'' h oh
\' r< n'' "! '' h a I r 1.emb 'r - \ 'ils
:- e 1 b ;n(1'l!a (it theirtl' . : 1t'ry.
1( '1: . " hi' atid o>h ly, as h ' (r('V.
h- r r e'aw h (144d wnt 'n his shot:!!,,r
1 I n(' t l 1 'i"vc' yo!itkno' w when 1 l
"\\'hy - why" w'ithi a little st ilm II !
f' S 'pi :It a'--"wa' ttWn't i t--- "
Atrn .n ily in lo ve W ithIt y Wnt ' o
( 1er hi: ies look ing won(h'rin'ly in!
ihis. he w\'(nt rml: '"It all happ Ien('l oin
dayv j'' .;4 abI,utit Ia y(ar' ag( , Wheni 1
w\7s tatiitg ioln( 1( r' l'hapl lU ne it
Ite ttnhu 'i 4it \and w' got ('au:.lhi
ri;ht. by a rabln (ar. You were sit
no : 1; l h s ao h " I:
h.' .or n ':r b'r for 4 he ha 'n p
nI t( t4, n4 t:i011 ( Ii 1 ('in 'e bein
h4 :n' h i o o1f4 tl ieS e
II: It I 4b (.'9 11(e4 Ji4\vh4 11':i
b nd in l.uni no : e 4 '
heii oI4' ll w 4'ii im1i't ofcIs l: U
h :. 4 r- 4 4 n i ': s am l4t .f ( i
1a44 o 1414 t e (4'in'c in lan,
Th il nlry of il( feweria'
14'-' ''he('the54'1~i loer ofv beggn w,,
I Ie ot ~('11: 411 etd.ol een th e dot
-lt r11 h:u(, l rCli ur. ti5 4( wIne
The (4 (1of t (1( lue~ hae s C
cens- 1' rdir: t .'he it.11 014 ol'n . lin 4V4'
ill)- 1 of 0gfhih ate reet'm.d ii phi-e'
on- redaciay att a lt ws: (ct' i h hr
(110 Tond hentury ofIoives werte thnu '0'
the f&1'try, nd,ore in the tit-ini e
sh. ry,~ onr i1( rn the l lm-sxtlcntuo(
tdoI fo morning awnd..tird the ufry'a:
and lI wo n e Iweath7e 'od ertury al
ret Th aC hee srom rich mangg abo(
Iet'll ry' J.bthningg tan,d o tasloai
-" ' ' one Ithe ah ha ve~ betli:
1'OI as inea"'fne o thesewadfe ovrt
il( The Palpable Sense of Mystery in the
Desert Air Breeds Fables Chiefly of
Lost Treasure-Hills That Have the
e Lotus Charm.
'rOperly elifUppedl, it is possible to
go safely ac rossI Ihat ghastly sink
(I )eal h valley --t 1w Armagosa desert
t in 1 (' I'n ('alillolliI . yet every year
' it takes its toll of dealth, and yet men
fjnd thetr 'ull -die dt 1141 Imi tes, of
g whomtno II)IltaC or rh(ollec(tion is pre
Perved. To undt're'stliatP 01n0'S thir,t
to lpass a g iven landnlatha to tho right
e or left:. to Ijind a dr1y st ring whlert' one
1 I o0',et: lo c)I' i1utin .ing ; 'r- theeIS 11s 0
i h'! fur II of tlig thiigs.
. l nn l'.pings In s:I n e(n'tl wa"itter
-otri 's ': is s riii'' i to 11 1id siul
wa?ter-hw. inl : IIhois .:.. grmy\\ w\idoly inl
l ii :t t :is ::l. b:: i (h ' Iu111' de('s''it'
r t ' r s j '- ' i i l i'i'e i it ' ' i' s -ii
lti' l h it- h1 :i;'- h' of t h' Sli .
1he t Ion . )l a ii . l'li ; 4 Itt n inn. of
'th l s l) . Ia g - i t '-s !, p i' i . l ( l t h
lloI 'tL til .i lt ' i ll :t'e'ls loom . :j, l": i
Ie i(' ; (' hit . iii , hlt ' ' igsty o t-:
w l hi I !n-. -' I. l I 'l ' t l - :,'.'!..(.
I t i s '' 1 : t . t-0'I' ; t' a it and tr.o i'
. v ar'.an".i ,,n -n i. .\ (s t-i "')i lit.
w\ ' ' Ill b'ti ),'i ar(is of r)),;t l, t 1i'1 s
I'-i i: ol' 1" 1un(t (: I I e t he i
I t I ' Il: \'h '''a olli
No)thiu! tho In-t'r't llrotucli " e\
I 1: i ' t i,: t bt'ttor Itani I'. t un Ial)1p'
.u Iirwth of the I r' ylitriaS. 'Tl'OItfC d'( ,
thin 'or 'sts ofl' t s!talk direarily ji Ith
hligh m105as, part i'ularly in. that. Iri
anilguliar slit that l'ans nt111 eastw\ ar' d
fI'rll Ilh meeoting of the Sier1'as a11
loastwise hIL S whre the first swings
irlss the sotl'rn cndi of the Sani
.lo1ituittn valley. ''he yU('t'in bu tles w litIl
I I amot-pointed Ialsa s, dull tgr:Pen,
gr'o'wVin i shaggy wit 11 a.e. Iipped wl;h
plinj' l's o I' 'tiii :re('n ish bloom1, A ftte' t
dlat. eWhh is sluwv, the ghostly. hul
low' nol w.0rl: of itS w\oodly sktwletotl,
withe haniiy piwir to rot. nues the
u ngli thertu h li'fore'u lh -neca'
nio( al hlS 1':'11;'1;tt,i tt''t' ' t h. J ui l r.; i'
ha1 U'l u 11111 l o\ie r t.h l l ; I -.
13: 1 Itit.k ftr Ih ir w l l'o trtati'l.
1): hi it s t 1.1 I:'i, !tw'i,\'-w ''.s. a.1ho: k
:1111 . l",.: tllu ls ,j()1 r'Io-'in g ,-'..:,
!' 11n th " i )' 1w t hIi - re 0> ' I."'t i1:
I"ItI :r ' )\ et' o I 'il !: 1 ' , 1 1 's 1(
a1'. tm ::u ;o t e 'r. - n ')! 'l : t,'j e.
"rld :a In s anmply tie i e a d :: --
i1''! roI1' t ll ,II 1 151 1.14 "'lle1:1l I''
ip:: i) ' 1:'' : ij t'l 1, ('1 )4 I '.! ''ii lry I, th11:
de1!e t ' _ 'e- ,3 t" l, ::) ('SIe';y l, lost
13''h'i i ur". T4'i h ' i') atl its s t '"
(' i'den ', iih' IeaII b'r : i o t11 I 1:llti.
fi 'Ol o n ei ie-a e l
i:wit. r ..t' ot e ,eame rI' t
I ii : . ae n51 I(t '' ' Iw h .;i
d)'eh t i d s . A'' ovle it h e t r , i' .
\hiH is )s te .11nW lir..', aehe
t1 (1 l '""Il:ly bth sun r1ne. 011, 1 ' IU t<b,
slr'aling itw gWii of punm/01. j 0'1(
briurs difnal.o the gUnJ. War.
S Tl"ro is 5o ) ' ta0 ptroe1onl'reno t
f'lt'-tl- ili-/d or wind fort ili-,l lint:
-b t he "'ma" tvio.r ow , .,.,i .It. a.,,
wh.-et hhe er n w i ot b.. tti;, in
Mr a yti @lrein h a e,: of
lotyi n ,y u ca o o e a
the desert that goes sidewise e.a
strike8 without coiling, than by tho
tradition of a lost mine.
For all the toll t he desert takes of a
man it givea coIlpensation, duel)
b)roaths, (lecj) sleep, and tho ('OmlliUn
ion of the stars. It comes tIpon one with
now force in the pauses of the night
that the Chal(deans were a desert-bred
'>mople. It is hard to escape 'the senso
of lnastery as tlie stars move in the
wide, ilear heavens to risings and
settings t nohst )ured. They look large
llnd near and palpitan?; as if they
moved oi some' sIat ely servie not
nit' til to declare. \V1heeling to their
statiois in the sky Ilhy ttake the poor
worli-fret of no i(rutlit. Of np ae
("oltnt you who lie out there wat(hing
1101 the lean ('(oote that tandis off in
t he serub) i'rom you and ho\I 11d(
l1(JWs:.-\1lary .euistin, in the Atiant,c
Iow it Sheuld Be Done in the In
tci I: of Health.
1Ii l(d'rs rc I i n t byV t tun ut' !, -e"
l I()) !'. s 1! r i ' .
i1 t'il 11 -; ..i 1 1 . - . . . 1
wini i : ' -'. '
'1 dilll ('wI' !I! ' f!'i . " t 1
!i- Ii <i I l e! i tiwi - ..t" li 'I
tril.ts a O (tten I t, I t. :t- l thti d h I
il i tro ., : IL y)\'t' t to u 1 t': I i
II (I,) so ill inl:at'i t ll t (11l go i l ani
iire-t hn. , al nd ti tall ani \vinter ir
lust j tjow ill tIo' s nd :-h ay
have imaved tlal exvsetIi to)n coni lnuI
"1 live (chanLe myltl}self from aiplt
1und1(rwvight m:111in to (II 01' soundl( 1>hv
5i(lli' wit it i Irl.1' e l weiglt t it hat
rmk'an tIue' and cn5lilerable mnmuy. I
t'av\el :1!nle Oil my trip:., that is. with
mit hiaiiutn (opl)anions, hInd' wit h only
:nty 1itlldog lh>xer. altil y iv tIe' v . }
I t it i is a .i1'(-harde'n d'.'t 1 ran-i!'r ai(l
r. I It:l:i i Ih1t whiin I ta .'! -I i
h :.i't!lin ' i I w V tlll o'j It lii'
S t:Iit :I '' ;Or' he i w i:l ;- tr
:u ay : i-(on. or V;:i- I V ishi e iu
:y r n:1i.l: 1!)ti nitn, hv e it that ht was
- " a,r(.-tll , utsuaIIy hi:! i a
(: i\ It r . , .ii chljil e thi n. Th'In i-i !ill
'l:- kind. 1 fullld it to l:''
I ) .ti '' 1 :. i n't i t?l ' tti'\" t-tv ii te l'
aI .'it .\bttolluIe ir ld tni of ini
t : 1e :ti to :lts) 1et vai. A gain.
1 "'. r: tl:.:'h::is have a t aysi been in1 a
hurr Ity t'i ,- ('ni to th I n n'tol ; if
n t: h I-ti 'irry onl a hor:-i)a ('k IriI
i i'.. 1. 'Il-a s tay al. n.
- 'It: l as 0 5 ' tejli'ves th(':il
r..............n.......... .... .
S wIll'' " t1 j O Il'e wi e is
LIt ri:r. i, al. \\ h , .
I \ t .I y,t1 air!' I lttt '' yO l 't i
Ii'1'' tie 1'il tnn tili 1'O . lioxe h:l.s'19 II I
.tight 111(1 \' 1t'' :' illl arX''a'
- i't n i lde .a , t t'' - I:t ;:: ti' t . i ', l r
1 ni : (1:! Ii \\' asi'i-t',i t h a lt he -
I 1(" ,St' t il e 'il'.t ( t he fi't of I et n.
ahrte timd the SDn the (th siideol
Wibn nIs. the wl5nt. o a:r 'i.'lthree1l
(ineei n I h li' loa r.- m!t jt' i .m I!iintr/
I ~itt'i 1( h:tif of he rind t : I - t ...
Iil .V('l.lt '. uI'(im 1 loll : i int P t u ..
th TIiai ha tllsl:-t,- hI inill 'a -.- li
th whallo v't o o-'Cinaa, ae in.
(tt'n Wi the himo awouhy wo sh a.
uln"mng ersnaions" as t.il.
Aubtrans-- .0d1ba0k Cfhih-- I.:01m
Tuerecrd ielho tim:er ofrto one
tre s 0,0 fee ro a rehioo t0
feete n imer ou laertin Cab!
tornia . rmidof o
."- 9 ' hh.t m o a . s .
- '
Miss Gannon, Sec'
Art Association, tells
do to avoid pain and
female troubles.
" 1ilAnlMus. PINCIfAM :-I cnn c<
Pikii amji's Vegetable ConIpoiuidt
fvin:tll weakness and the trlrtlehl(:s w
fiered for nionthts with geiieraI wteal
itard Work to kt'('p i>l. 1I)haci shout ii
Int ml .C:re I waf; a(lVi;cd to lse
( :(): ?u>t id, ; i t i ; a !'(l )1:.
fo tIr i me ;uy rettorati beg:
P 'IIngsI!. V V:ibl ~ire e
o . lom;11V and 'twhen ;:one !.co l'6
only on ot tihe tin'tlel ;s h :Indr
,.-~. :~''~: ~ zrz st be
- *.*:~'). cure of
"a ; imrpt
ad rug at
t ?th :tt it i
many act
rbuationl, antl was not able to wvork
roubtle. I felt relieve<l after tak
- ~ as fo<l as. ym1Pa for femlale L
M'tree1 t, .1 (aerhill, Ma
. -be, 2t1rs. Pjinkhaini's a-t
are~ io ~11i~they do niot ask for
( V.)ML;~~. ti!id has .ecliped so4
-" tb -et-..usrn f rh i
-u ~i (' t I ' I i- b .-tti
1-. if ''hI 1 if '-Wie
ii'j'fo -i x hit un :: in, $
liiui ( ' ki: ~ o p.t 1 l :-'t lllof this
"Ib:; is pa f Iji am for aing'r
e f .ry ftheiryIrr t'illn tiler has
Nhigwill "1lay
af kIfidney (ol. ----
Th'lousanlds fee1lii he -S*
first effect of ((oid A
ini the kidn* ys;~ i~~j
ba3ck -ziehe, rhlu- --- I -
maDlii c jainis, inary 1I
uine,~ line iet and
I )oin's 1 Kidne fy P ii Slls eur all k idney
ill from!I (*3nunon) balI.IckneO to daniger
A. T. iienouir, owneriL of the wood
yard.1 at 125 !:ist ( ork street, WI ihes
t er. V:i., .says: 'e since I had lai
a:'pp I hatiVe bien ni sunff'erer from kId
apparen*''llt In ratck ing imaiins through1-l lhe
reid)In of! thle idn111eys amnd a cross tihe
:il hiting thit they (comp~elled( mIe to
taket to miy lied. 'The k liney 5tecretlins
futrished' fiurthter ('lence of' (1Isorder.
TPhey wecre off' cohlor, I iregula and'111111 pin
l of lpasisa ge. Adderd to thiis there
wals anl annoi(yingL weaIkne(ss. The neCws
lpaper adv'ertisemnents or D)onn's Kid
ney Pills attractedl my attention, andit I
p)roculred a box of that remedy ti
Franck Baker & Sons' diug storei. The
relIer I experienced was magieal. Thei,
pills lifted me) from myi~ bed Of silek
n1ess, placed me on my feet and madte
me a well man. I can work as well as8
ever. Donn's Kidney Pills, I h)eleve,
Faved my life. TIhey are a great rem
ed1y to stlp kidney troub)les resulting
from colds."
A FRa.R Tri , of this great kidney
medicine which cured Mr. Ritenlour will
be mailed to any part of the Unmited
States on ppilceation. Address lJMster.
Millburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y- For' sale
by aU drugglsts. Price. 50 centg per
y Detroit Amateur
young women what to
suffering caused by
naelentiously recommend Lydia E.
to those of my sisters suffering with
hich so ofton befall woneii. suf
ness, and felt so weary tlhtt I had
ig pains, and was utterly Iniserabilc.
lydia E:. Pinlnn's Vegetal1
lay to ie whent I look the irit, do.e
,. 111 siX wC'ks I was a change.f
't. I felt. so e?;ted aiid happy Ihat
11 a:n I di i1.''--";. : Ge1LA e
y A1:'.eur ..\' A:oeiat lolL
hung l(d:'sil: that LytdI;E
viill (' ti'd y (-.:-'e": ' I ; i';in s
rs that M ; unlioii's is'e;- ls
'eds which v;c aro cOtin-i utlly
ig in the new:,p:'r; of th '."untr-,
t, virtue of Mi rs. in khain :&.i ii' :e
adinittcd by all ;. ad for t,hc' al.uta
ill kinds of fci::m le ill no au 1,a;t;t;uto
blv t::.ke its place. Wiomen tioul brn
>rtant fact in mnind when they go ino
re, and be sure not to iCcept anythig
aimed to be ".ur t as good " as Iy(ia
:lain's Vegetable 'ornPoiunld, for
medicine for feualo ill:1 has madC :o
ual cures.
Another Young Suffacr
Was Ci.ired.
' DI AR Mi:s. Pr Na1.'.t : - I i.ust
and tell you what your Vegetable
poulndl has dlone l'or ine. I sufferedl
bly evei'y im nah at I inte cf inen
nig onie bottle. I know of n,o med-.
oubles;." --is~ JEmTh Cnos, 109
tvice is free, zn(d all sick womllen
it. No oth:k personi hamsuc
utaniy WOi;.ei). W.fte (.-ldy
pmro. I zce the orPIi.Inal 1 :-iem l i;igna.turesi of
. Plink:e'im,~ n eiii o,Lyn a
\Ihn M. Chiunhrh...in was abouit to
froieunee I le g, iik which lhe made
l' )u: >alenny!i ci the .\lurine Ho'tel,
dnn alie w'l; !1tI,ihi by the~ sud
down~v a pilliii ofarpotrwosi
oi d brahless~ 3 i.l roo)f anid arriv -
he s;aid. 5'iale cintire preV. <
bi re," ' e ii' hIe :epl.jv-n
ching Itones,ar, shlin I* ainsm~ I tching
sa kin, l ile, Ent11:; soes z-e,
if you ha~ve ';mes or (~hinsive Er,up-i
tionls, Splo)tches, .:- t'opper(oulored Eruip
tiorus, owrash on. ihe 'kin. Fe*ariugh Swetll
ings, (Chinds S3wohe, U lc s oni any part.
of thle biodyl, o:d Sars, Iiils, Caurhune:es,
IPnig. anud Achr-, ini 1oes or d1oints, I lair
or Eych n: kl:ini; out, peristent ~Sore
M\out h, Gitmi leI 'm'rat, thlen you havoe
.Blood P'oijn Take~ litaie RIC i Ualm
(l.1l.I.)S,m all :iores. l'imiples and Erup
S ''a I . weungs sub-ide ai a per fet,n ever.
to l'el urn c;re mnade, I.k.I . 1tre; 2191a -
Eating Sores, 1Lg! I'leer, afe all else
filIs, healing the .rs perieetly. [f you
have a persi.stent,. jimpl~ie, wart, swollen
glandli, shocting, stign jpainfj, take Iloo(d
unhaii and they will dlisa ppea r bef~ ore they
dlevelop into Cancer. DruiiistsL , $1 pcr
la rge bot tle, includ inzg com;plete dire lctions
for home cure. F amlple free bcy writing
Br.ool> BALM C2o., 19 Mitchell St., Allanta,
Ga. Desceribe trouble anid frec medical ad
vice sent in sealed letter.
Since 1861 the 1tihte Society of Scotlandl
has issued nearly 22,000l,tUI. copies of tho
Warrn 'rO D)u. TJAny.ni Neot(. Co., Peoria,
.lli., for from snmpIIile Taboiir's Popsini (.om-i
poundl, tho guaranteed oeur f. or )ysIpcpin
Indigestion and all stomneh ills.
Trho man who is Oorybodly's friend isi his
own worst onomny. go. 14,
Untarrh Cannot Iln Cured
With local applicnt ions, as they cannot reach
the sent of the disonme. ('atarrh Is a blood
or constitutional disense, and in order to euro
it you must tako internal remr.dles. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and, unota
directly onI the bllood and mulouis surfaco.
Hall's Ciatarrhu Cu r' is not a qiuaek medicinoc.
It was proscribed by onlEi of theo hoot p)hySI
clans In thIs country fore years, and is a rog
uilar pire*ription, It io comphosodl of tho
beset toies known, combined with the best
blood pu rilers, noting directly onl the mu..
coulSs urineis. 'Tho porfect comb)inationi of
the two lngredients is what produces such
wYonderful results in curing cntarrh. 8ond
for testimoiarls, free.
F". J. CnENP.Y & Co., Pro ps., Toledo, 0.
8old byv druggl.sts, pic 75c.
ih's al'mily ill. ro t ie est. '
The .worst thing about being good-na
turodl is that you a apt to be imposed
Ask Your I)ealer For Allen's IFootEsp,
A powder to shake into your shoek; rests the
foot. Cures Corns, Bunions, Swoolleo4. r,
Hot, Callous , Aching1 Swoatip g Foet and In
growing Nals. Allen a foot- Ease mn&lda new
or tight shobs easy. At all druggihts and
usho. stores, 25 cents. Bample miailod FnEE.
Address Allen 8. Olmted, LoRon N. Y.
The boaster doesn't have to be loaded to
shoot of is mnth'.......

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