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K,sKiU gypsies, after all, are right
I)realils tire true. A nev
' dream book is out-not by i
, gypsy, blut by a scrupuloul
1lue stoekhng professo'. 'o be sur
the gray graltlales have always heb
their ireais to be true, and have al
ways interpreted their eerie visions 0:
the night into future events of colossa
moment. So, too, the romantle lassie:
in search of sigr.s of lovers, and here
and there some masculine rhapsodist
who warm(e to the world of the un
real and fanciful. But Mot to the selen
tifle wise men. They have alway:
known better-untii now.
Now there are certain seers at th
van of the enlightened who say tha1
physiology tells them that ireamls re
veal the fate of the dreanier, tnmd thiu
if the dreatier's lphysieiun is ia clevei
fortune teller he will learn much t<
his ediatlation concerning ile tlretnm
er's bodily state throut;h their interpre
tit ttu,.
MM. N. Vaschllde auitd II. Pieron, 01
the P.aris lustItute. ne ltwo leading ex
poncnts of the valur of drenlns iii diag
nosuig phyciet isorei'rs, a1nd h;iV
coilected firou here, there and every
whertc, oif all tilues. 11(11. ouittluig the
atll-contvin iing I)es- 0t day iIlust r:i
thons and dlata whieia go to esta,lisli
the anceUrncy of their im:d;tion in a wa
not knoVi to the igno:nminaous gypsy.
This is their ide: In sleep the inil
forsakes the outer world and yields it
s(lf to inltospcction. I)uring our wak
ing nonilts the :' :t(rnal sensatIin
prcvatii. 'lThe brain isi prcoccupiedl
vitlh what occlirs outside the body,
andie, untless ther"e hie limporttuate ('n li
from internal sources, pa1ys nio attcn
tion to what is hItappelg within.
W'hen sleep overtakes us it is vte
versa. 'T'he internal orga nile sensatlons
predominate and occupy the exclusive
attention of the mIn hd unless externaI
dei Vads for its notice become em
pha ic. '1'lis is why reasoning begun
turing the course or the (lily or a prob
lem) too intrleate for the )reocuplied
brain of w:king hours tan he ('arriel
on to suecessful issues in sleep. 'The
brain is not disturbed with interrup
For precisely the same reason physi
cal disorders in mike IItem selvcs known
first while we sleep. Ve dream of
them becnuse they exist, albeit in too
rudimentary and unobtrusive a state
to thrust themselves upon the notice
of the brain while It is occupied- with
external Interests. Sometimes there is
a warning )ain before the iream oc
curs. '1'The dream follows along the di
rection ildieated by the pain. If the
pain is in the head the dream will be
about the head; if the pain is in the
foot the dream will be also.
Dreams are chiefly of three kinds
those which reveal the temperament of
the dreamer, those whlch prognosticate
disease, and( those which are symipto
muatle of a.dlisease.
People with sanguine temuperamnents
drea m nhonut songs, dIanees, feasts,
4M1Tymaking. fights, galmmes. Those of
a melancholy teinperamment tdream of
ghosts, stutdious solitude, death. Those
of' phlegmatic tenmeramlent dIreami of
white phantoms, water-. hmumniid plhaces.
Thet hlillOuls drentamn of dairk hodies. as
sassinaztions, incemdiaries and the like.
In ordler to) arrive a? pnrognostications
by mieans of drmeamus 11. 1sinecessary
that the dreamer do niot normally
dreamil tduring dlee!) shcep. Thle direami
it self then amai:s a phlysical Ideman ge
ment. Iln conivalescence dreams about
eatiung and drinukiung and enjldyments of
the pleasures of the table augur well.
At -the beginining of-the dilsease, plartlec
tlarly if It he0 a fever, eating and drink
Dreams of gayety .slgnify healthy coinn
ditlons-; dlreamsii of Iruanin(lIty aire fa
vorable. D)reamis of baths or or cold
wvater foretell c'rIflea:l pierspiruations.
Fiery serpenits in dream liindien(1hte
hemorrhtages. Dreams of combats or
Ilgitationls (If virious deseripltions,when
occurring at -the .inceptlon .of a fever,
predict prolonged~ Iilness, Violent
paIns, If not dueW tol exterior e~nses, are
signs of lesion, ihlananalitioln or gan
grenme in some f'ormin. Mouintalusn In aih
ruipt proeCillee or Inextricable forests
ini dreaimis iniete disordered livers.
Fire is the Ill omen o' aniaemiia.
Anxiety in direams is a sign of' hear-t
aiffectionis. J)reamis of Over-exertion
and e'xihustion prVognostleat 0 hysteria.
Nightmares In thle beginmning of the
night ladle-nte cerebralI affections; in
the middle of the nilght they mien
had digestion. Dreams of gusta
tory (enjoymnents inidlente dIigestive~
affections. Fatiguing. suffocnting
direaims inidente (dropsy of' the chest.
Tr-rfylng (dreamns and hideous p)ite
tures showv gaistrie niffections. Floods,
Itwamips anld ponds( miean cerebral1 1dis1
ordIers. F"ear antd angumishi denote fauil
ty cireulat ion. Nlghtmiares ithm re
pulsive animals, like rats, se'rpents andi
reptiles, inientel suifferIing from aieo
holism. Nightmares also prced(e ast h
ma. Short, figtful dreams of thme
inilghtmar-e genus foretell ceritainm heart
dlisturbances. Veriable rnomainices,
somet-ts conitimned from one night
to the nlext, arc forerunnmers of hysteria
aind characteristic of people suffer~Iin
from hysteria. Tie chmildr-emn oi' nlco
hiolicta always see ainimauls iin theit
.dreamsi-, Ouch as cats, (dogs, hoises,
lionis or other frighitful beasts of prey,
although generally tihe sort of animahd
with whimleh they are most fanmiliar
Obstructions of all kinds are omencis 01
certaini varietIes of dropsy.
When dreams aire repeated severn
nights inm succession they are certair
signs of physical dilsorders, amid shioui(
he related to time phlysileani, who, if i<
-understamnds diagnosis through the In
terpretation of dreams, can be mnate
rially assIsted thereby in arriving a
time correct conclusion regardimng thu
nmolady affecting thme dreamer. Some
times dreams am-e helpful wvhere nothi
lng else will avail in reaching time sea
of the trouble. One old woman repeat
edhy dreamed that she had to swallov
'nails and asphalt, wihichm were givel
ber for the purpose. A month hater i
'developed an aggravated case of 'dyt
pepsia. A man apparentiy sound o
health dreams night after night of as
maults upon himself by burglars, whi
slashm him across the-chest with kinives
fHe gos to his phwatin-n nd narrate
IE BODY. .'. -. .
his drearns and( wanta a eure for inso'
nit. Anrtri:iat of the iHora Is (liscOV.
I ('red1. A wolnan dlrc:ims r, l):tt(edly that
3 sli IS surru111(tded y' iantes. ThIe
phlysiiu, wtithot itc heItatIon, thing.
I noses her ense as a :iInc trouble.
- At tilues a sulbject dre:ns of lits and(
Swaikes to ii blinhself alu ('ileptle. A
I young girl dreamed that she was sur
rollnI(ld Iy Linenaciig Ien on ia public
tloro!tt;l' r e. Several nights In sue.
cesslon ile dIrenm IS repe t((i. A num
- her of (ays liter she ascenis the strir
cas a11(1 lins( hcrself taken with an
s attnck of paraphlegla. Other (r'eamnS
l'Ndi't progressive softening of the
h r)lln, etc.
(:onrad ( (essner', a Germaln scholar,
(lreamledll t1hat lie 'is bit Ien by n sr
:pent. In live hours lie hlnrl poisonotis
-blood affc"tions In the plate tlie ser
Ipnt hit hi iii. An1other scholar' dreamled
that lie Was liltten by a mad cldog in the
left foot. Soon :fter lie iiis(ove'ecd
that iii his left foot there waUs an ulcer
'lcl caduner. A mian drem:i,iiec lie was
playli'g il w:teir, aund was fotmid to
-h:ivr' it dlrol;sy he:ul. Oni' n:tn the:imedc
Ih:tl it' h:ttl a l' of st n'. I 0 S 01
a+'er hadl lmrtl.vsis of 1h:tl tut'nthicr. A
Ia dlit'd of alli'xy three d:iys after
dre'ainig tihat hit hado it. A in
(!irr d:'l that he h:il trnhl:irLet1 (nit a
shtip) Wi' i t': ) ihn w,ho cniterctd upton
:1 violt':t d :li,e .i sion w ith hi;ii. 'I-ii y
lutlt'd on a (!t t'rt isl:tci :incl ihcrc
foui;ht a tltel. Ilc' was stru-k on the
i''in e pliate L ntiniiuher of tilnes. A few
(ays l;ter he had lui(l:ini:t at the spot
where he hil receiv(dl thue bltows.
A ptysiliI Wntlt to Egypt tto sitidy
(1Isc:aSes of the eye, rcturnel homne. an11d
teii years i tcr Ilite secies of his Egyp
tinn resenrehtes ret urnedi to him Persist -
cntly In dlrcnms. It was found that his
("yeS Veie affe(t('(d by sontie disorder.
Such faith in drenits hts one of the
expon'ets of darean IiitIons as (ata.
for diagilosls that lie says: "''Tell ie
what you drenm and I will tell you
what you are."-Chiengo 'T ribunu.
Damascus is unldoul)tedly the oldest
existing city in the world. Heniatres
anl(d (2onstantilnople, exclusive of (;hi
Iese tovis, come next ill point of age.
ILawali's populatlon I one of the
most milxedi on earth. Of its 1(O,00O
p('o)le, 60,000 are JOpanese, :.0,000 CIh I.
nose and1 nnother 15,001)0 foreigners
fromti EuLope ald Ameriea.
'flie atmospherie pressure upon the
surface of at ordinary man is 32,400
pounds. The ordtnary rise and fall
of the barometer In(ereascs or decreases
this pressure by about a ton and a
An Australian juror refused to serve
on the gron.d that he had just got
work after thlree miont hs' Idleness, and(
wouldl hose it again If Ih" failed to pt
In an appeatranice. The judge f'rowned,
fined the offending jurynmn a peunny
anld paid the coin hinself.
Originally the com~mon or dlomestic
g':lt was a native of the hIghlands of'
Asia. Notuoral Ists generally regard It
as having diescenled( from an alnimnia
found inl tihe Cauensus Mountains anud
the hill countr;y oIf I'er'si. cnlled in the
l'rsian lanmguage the pesantg.
The prctposed Amierienn stantute for
thet i uhlttit of kIssing, and( n tine
of $5 for (each'i inlgltence in un hygienic
oseula t ion1 is not ne0w. Thle 01(d l'urlinn
Blue ILows of Matssnechuisetts forhiade
the ex(change of k isse's in publie Ia s a
hrc'ih of' good behavior. Milan ha:s ia
similar or'dinan1ce agonInst kisses or
other amal:tory demtontstrat in 1n puliel
intces. It (dates from the tIme' of the
The latest bit of nnithIquit y brought
to light by5 tile (exenvntions1a t (Chehhn,
in 'iTun l, is a siuperb mnosni e sIx feet
hiIghi by six feet. eight iniches brPo:d,
0 nd( represets Sii(14 ilenso is donkey,110
''Te beast Is restilye untder t he weight,
and( rears on hIs h!nd legs, refusing to
pr'oceed,1 whVlile n cloven1-hoofed satyr la
pllinig at its ears. A faunu is twistling
thle ass's tat! and( belhaboring its sides
-to no purmpose.
Aniong thle many cuioutts presentsa
malde from time to time surely thot of'
O hianWitO het, given l iterally, and
nlot ns lovers atre woint to hesto;w. Is
most extralordinlary, hmt several such1
instances may be mentiboned. l'anil
Whlitehead1, a poet of tile elighteenithi
centuhry, felt so grat eful to Lord lA'
D)espencer for having beent thle means
oif gettilag him atnaioe of ?800 a
year that lhe bequenthled his heatt to
him as a mark of his gratlitude. TIhat
nolemian iniced tis singular' i(egney
In oneO of th lrecesse55s of it mauol~eumi
at his sent at WeCst Wy'ombtle, and( the
urn1 conttanlig it bore0 the followIng
Unhlalilow'd hands. thli urn forhenit;
No gems n10r'Orr:nt spoll
LAoeihere ('1conceal, hut, whit'ts more
ra re,
A heart that knows no guile. ?
11ret JIiarte's Grave.
To imark thel( restinag lIbtee (of the late
Bret IlIre, In F'ritmley Chuorchiyard,
Surrey, t here has .iust beenl (rectedl a
lImssive and1( !ostly mlonumtlent. Tlhe
nuthor01 of tile "HI ea then Chulie'" :nd(
"Luc(k of Rtontring Camipl" had resliled
at Frimlley for some1 tIme prior to his
dea1th, whIch took p)1n00 early in May
of lost year1. is grave is in the( nor1thI
Ieasternt pairt of thle little churchyard,
and1( rounid It have 1been planitedi a num11
-her of young fIr trees. Thle monlumntt
consists of a maltssive slabl (If white
granite, wveighiing two and a hailf toins,
onl which Isa phiced al block of Aberdeeni
-granite, sloping uipward Into tile form
- of nt cross. SimplIcity itself Is tile In
t eriiption: "Bret Inre, August 25, 1837
- -May 5, 1902. 'D)eath shall reap the
r braver harvest.'" At thte head of tihe
1 mlonumfent are the words: "In falithlful
3 remembrance. M. S. Van (de Void."
-Several beautiful wreaths were plnced
l' On the tomb) aut ChrIstmas, together
-With at small1 branch of laurel, to which
) WIt8 attafched a card bearing the words:
"FPor.the glory.born of goodness ntever
* dies. Bret liarte."-40ndon Jhronicle.
L1_and Queries.
WiilI you please tell me wrhat the tIhr ee
lu1u:iu: of tue aitIh art''!
1lll 5(Ii())L01.
irsl. on its axis; s('cOill, aroUnid tli
sun, :iad third, with the sun anti its
1luhies, It moves ini at great orbitt
throtigh so:nee. iii th' iltection of the
oi'St('lhatlon iie'rules.
1. Waw there a Vice-Pre'ident ip;oint.
Cd when 1tolt'Ve t eltinme P'r"+i-'I t 'f 2.
\'hot would bC('OImC 'r(itent in the event'e
of President Roovc\elt's death?
I. M. T.
No. 'riTe President pro to ir' of
the S'nit' preslides in the abine( of
the Ylee-Presidlent. IIe pt'rformas il
the dutties or the Vfee-'re:tiell('t ii.
eale the V -PI'reshlent Is retiuir'ci to
exercise the (iultit's of tho 'rer:ident.
J. The Se'retaenry of State, John 11 ay.
Ta nmtn life inerea'inG in the I'nit ed
StatesI). M1. (Naples, N. Y.)
Y"es. A table hansi beent1 prep irel in
the (ensus 01ce to show the inerets
lig an:o of the population from lealde
to Il('ea(d'. lit the v'olune of the (nSus
utly pb hi sliid thiI incrvase wa.s
showin from the pilod froii iSS to
1!)(I( byv t>o1nmu:ini (he :yer'a'Ce ::' (if
tht' 1iiliiation in the i':it'l St:tt('s.
In iS::u the t eraie age w s '-.l ye'ar's,
hit 15i9-) It was 2: .tt y('15,.u md in l.1n1
2a;.: y!:nts. Thea( medi :i 1a t-. >io th )!' ',
or 'l lu l ation frt 1:l to lI'.n iu
( reatS'd, hl0\wever", onuly :taout hah' as
ta::t as that tfthu' whIiltes.
W hor t i us itat( i tere iS n1( r'o'';1 1r":1
to l :V ii ' . \.
l'telidl, tha( f:amo(us ulin aim:th- n,
wvh:en :tsite'i if geomltry (oihtl no h
iiatl(itii eaier. t1 t anred, "Theret is Ino
1oya:1 road to learning."'
'hy ie irilver cl(led ''st'olit ?"l il ;.
Aml onlg the ('arty inluter's (h' (1 in Ii
NorteIli Euro:> w \':er(l the dw\\ieller:< of
Eastern I,matny. Tiey Wt'rso silled
ik( tl'ir (fllings that a nubiner of t'':m
were linvit('d to Englan'l to manufae
(urt the tutal imny of the kingdoml.
To hee strangers were k.n'n as "East
terlings."Aft er a IInie thel wordh ht'
inle '"Sterling,"andl in this :tbbre
Vtat((e formi it haS (oml(' to iiU'oy wiit
is geltine in itney', pite' or ilt o a net,i'.
sqiUetched .
11"rTh(re is one tr"ait h'ich I admire
I011'mmnsely il wOen." s:t'.d a mianil wh \o
likes rt sound of his own v-oicei, "n iiti
ha iais the faculty of knowing when
to e' silent.''
"I Just hetrdi of a woman who might
possibly come' up to your Ideal, re
marked his (omplattnion. "Ordn1rily, it
deau1St he admiitted1, hiow\"ev"er, she is
quite tailkatlvt' Ilo ever, I think you
will agree that she not only realizes
that allence is golden, htmt also that
dliscretion is the bet hr part of valor.
HIer home is here in Detroit, but she
was visiting in New York. Early
one ev"ening she was watl:lg uae
conpanied through one of thie much
'if"reunted ptai . i'ror to ing far.."
'I'lhe realized ev itnt 1113 the crowd, thatII111
aIl man .V'' was fllwing'1 he At friunt
itervals ofte w ol mak rearks, at o
which1 sh aido alo hed.l! Finally1 he1
sai' i' tslIghly fieloud. ton, 'Wel4lit
seems'1 toe re ou are more)in1ft'etduin
you h own 'thogtsl' ''l ta inl wat other
"11. ust( as he wsol tiihing the ii en- 1
though1 reali'zhon forte benirtlt(i ta
sh11 was bhee i t tpoen ft sigve (lam
ai uisteni Ieil e, hopokd or a
I4irs.' tAny tone foubl haSe inerprSelld
helooklCli and ttfoudf tol mann, '011m
tuy oynot t rher what fyou are
'dtfand tum':Vlty'As ft m(looked
Theihey aboutet se of anyonehad
P'intissed tle nliteene ohf words
whne it mutteed imdeonrolls bryathe
hsm rue of thenrubetre fnor it
tuppyo thtt ern, ind< o goodcon
y uetpen-ie thort tiee ag6out oa
fAsneion.-od the LhuDotinneow
"Pc-ru-na is an Exc
Remedy.--I am a
HON DA. . .,OVEO. /F
IIn Ca . . Grroo. D4; u i
ION. l)AN. A. Gxows vl-N, 1 :" ~~a t'
from Washi gtu n, 1). C., xay
" AlLoaw me to ex"presr miy , ratittld
OnEI bottle oJ' I*'er tat.. (hute vcel h.t i
nov as well as ever. Ilr nidles wni Itg u a
an excel lent c' tarrl t*'n.ed y. tI N.
In a recent letter he says:
' I con-.tler 1'ernin. rcatl y o naf' i
yot last. I receiec nateaus'ots lt/te" ,
coutl a.s1Il l.J Ut i/ in.I Ca.*rtil,ceae
yel". '--Han1:. A4. (;rosr eu-s,or.
A County t'' t si's s.'r .ott?r.
1I 111. .J11n \\' ti!liasw . ('otlity ('onuns
.ionler, of :,17 \ tst S tttn u.(l re'et , I )u.ut h,
tinv.. stat tt,:it,wint in regard to Pc
a remey.Iv for eatarrh I can ceter
f-dly r."comlend'I I'ertunt. I I now w"h:-t it
i: to Su+ i 'ratn thatt te rrible l i: ease and
I feel that it is v dluty to lspeak a good
word for the tonie that brought ste ilmme'
Cures Nervousness
1Oc., 2tit", anld t'O. at I)rugstores.
$6.. 60.Dnttt
Genuino stamped C C C. Never sold in bsuLk.
Beware of the dealer who tries to sclU
"something just as good."D
\A reputation extenidin~ over
* sixty-six yeors aKd our
guarrntoe are bock of
every eeprnent bearing the
\There are many imitations.
" e sure of the name.
TOWER onthe buttons.
A. J. TOWEIt CO.. BOSTON. MtA5..U. 6. A.'
The.man w.ho ss evecrybody's. friend is
ITS. permamnently cu read.No lits or nervous
nes.' aftetr irst das se o(f D)r. Klin's (Irnt
Norvoltestorer. -'t trial bottieand trontiso free
inr. lB.1. INEs, Ltd.. 1J1 Arch St., Philat., Pa.
A marr'mied man always resents advice
fromn a buachenlor.
Mrs.W~inslow's SoothingSyrup for hIslds.ren
toothuing,softens theo gums, reduces inflammia
tion,sallays_lpaian,euros wind colie. 25i'. a bottle
Sosue petole aireso. oMli te that, it seemns
as tiaouagh they want to borraow mnoney.
] do not boliove Pilso's (Oure for Consaump
tionhailsano.'quaL for coughs anad colds-Joaz4
k.vovan, Triity Sp.rin;g, 1Ind., Feb. 15, 1900.
sme.. peopl~e runaa into debt and then comn
pininm thsat t hey wtere pushed ni'.
PUTAM;.~ FAn a.:s D)YES color more
goods, peri pa;a;:e, thans aothers.
Thie Ctial Strike, gr'eatest of modern
labor cises, seems to have produtced
no fletion so far, but in Lippincott's
Magaztne for April there is a stunning
little story cal led "'An involumntary
Benefactor," by Edith lRobinson, wvell
known for her ''Mock Caliph and his
Wife,'' which goes (1eep init, the hut
mUan motives of the Millionaire and
br-Ings him out of such suffering an he
is atccusstomnedl to infilet a changed and
sylaplathetic bein1g. No mfore convinc
lng comment couldi be offered, and the
tale wvill be read eagerly b)y Inen and
women (if every shade of opInion.
The Great R.h<
,JPastzviey csnres. all di'eses arisin g fromn imp
Stion, Chbr'nie Cosipat15on, Kidnecy tan< I,iver 'Jr
powserfui b!a puricr every Sprinag. Youi nieed it.
Ri H RU M AC I DE benis insaead f iniusrisng fis
RhIIEUMACI) is a powerfui ake.rsaive, bust old p,
Price $s.oo at D)rugglsas, orF expr<
IIeit Spring Catarrh
s Well as Ever."
Tfil- F"A.UO(SN 01110 FA.MIL."
for Ith. Wa'r )e;,nrutment, in n ktterr tten r
to 11(41 lOP' the i'-neit d1er1'tc<l /romu
t'outgh u'n(("t'Ji (l - elffhtengye.uen<l l aHm
C o/ (the er'y tat-st $p"Ift(y (on lc.: It 1n.
A. ( i(U. 1 'l;.\' h t "c,
-"'t'ilorloutq thu t 1 df( u-hen 1 -u'r:'.->tI:II
/P'OUt 44s(<1futf41.1(411( i u 1 ( Vert IIt'le
1+ U t-tul(ta. 1 invun1lub'tt/ utsUl" y !n g
h:at( r(:i< f. 1Perutna red me of a lu1 .
ia c (1 (at:Irrh!. :c4;l I knowtt it w'ill 1-1re ofli
tni c,th.-i su,lfetrr fr:utn th:tt cli:t.ase(. -- cc.
lolan \\'ilihcunr.
A c nt;re4Yenu(u'II l.etter, f:l
II on. 11. \V. Ogdlea. ('(tt;gr-e.aliani from ; t
l2cm.imtm. mn a letter wVritten at \\-ashin;t- to
t.nt. I). ('.. saIy- the f''llcwing of 1>eruna,4
the mtt:ionua &atarrh remtedy: 11
The ulQnmeta usner. ----
In one of the bOxes at a social af
fair at the Waldorf the other evening
ware two or three young women rath
er thinly clad. Their chaperon called
to one of the ushers.
"/I wish you would have that win
dow behind us closed," she said.
"Certainly, madame," ho responded
"I wil se to t atonce" hesaid
Afterten mnute moesecle
hi -g.n "I shlaetoeoeta
window i'myslf unless1, it MiI atene
wIth1(11/0' / the utmo It defrec ie "U'nles
th eva m a'oes ver sonIwll do11 I!' i1( ait
was only a mi me'mbr of h great
soieyoffinIes aiwt that.--Ntew i
Ahiad Eyvmre. ho wriLtes the
comete jnove citin rethed Api1,pn
crtishe hookedTC for.sstie
bon o a thtingand citsal. af
pratcahe unanious thvotehe evniwly
wlares twrue toeeeyopt the prath-.
ertinlymad. byThei cialesrookng tole
ta oselm of tuherieacs.f h
To eird O ut, esad
"Iertanly poory" and rcode
twho t eay."te os. a
Te out aaited ae Ther triedn
Ayer's Sarsaparilta, andpitonlyad
anootw cottlles to make merfee
perfectlyeweto."- ats on." li. Sid
bed,r tie wn:itsm hen ou iged
hum aired "Iall hve timloe.ta
Wvinl yslfYoun loodi is attede
pure, th0mat's nte .' lresa.
Yanoul amre ling on' the get
oety i of nervee, a ht-ex
Srs aarillaxandsbe
Aruickly cure./ who,write'th
Asktyour dono Ewhat novthis o Ayhr'
(Titrsava e hooowd aor abu tistandea
fldt faIlys mdnoelo ''hs advie' and
wracticlly nanim ot h nwy.
TiedmtcCr O t
rtied outl the ie CTrrh Indied.
ywater Sarsap-ha and Tht onl
too sto bottlas manyk-cle meeeo
p eorfcil ell."-ak Mrs N.t aS.lt Sa
s Tprpireceipn youice.t
up t-redalltetimer,d,U .
orer lied of nere e
Sarsapntriian.t an b e
"IcZon CoHnotnet1oietfelyCOommeRI1
v4r Peruten n< <s rt /tne toto and L,L
rou.*(1 Eurl IHici tcttRe to tho8e wiltu
r'E. 1n mt'elt of Et ettu rIh 'cned y. It
Is been Eo -i utIen<lctt to ate by people
Ito ha he uinE t It 18E (b "Rnt d ly pt,t'
Cul tiit c'/cive i n the ent': of oct
"i;. Fr litoe usi o n" cen'd E- 11000t
lite c m*<l'lclI 1E I know o' nothing
rtiler. '-Il. IV. O/;i1en.
F. ( riflith, (' ,ii T, . '(' i.writes:
"I snlhfen-d frotl tehro:lit cta:rrhi for
nily ieuis. I tooL I' rtuna und it CoItl
'tt:3 . u tel inc. I tiiu I ' t'uina is the
t in, Iirine Inl the" wvt, 1il f.I'r :atarrth.
)" ge:wrtai healthi is ulnn<h unl.rov"ed by its
t. .4 1 .In ilit I1 str it t er g i Il Ii I iate
Ill I nr yet r.;." . KE. t(i-itiith.I
A Con:rftlunntn' 1. Eer.
'OIgressnin II. Iawen. Iiikin, 'aze
'11 Coutnty, \'it., Wilts
" CUePn chtectr/utli pre"toHtimentd yIou e
i tu<bl>c eene etly.Pl'er" nnE, toitnl ya ne
Po i$ I/u'!elil with coaU eih, ani
Ito Is int rectI o/ t1 ietrlnltleat usnet
ecli l+ ca re. "-iI. ltent ri.
Mr. I-'redt. I). St"itt. l.arur, Ohit,. I:i-ght
iatd of Iirarn Fiootblall 1 .u, n te. \ ttt':
"As a .pecilic for uang iIl i I I:O
'rutr at the he.tl. I havi u.t it linv
If fir cohlli antl uti-I ohi thet h w ;c,
id it i1 i. tj t'ntlid Icinedy. It leltortt 4
tilhty, inrcoses: hotli:y itren thi .un.l s
Is. t a "it"k piersilo wt l in .i .l rt lin .
giv ) '.l'ia ly h ar'ty iii !: do rllllt."
(; -n. Ina l' AhbotI, 9ht M stret, N. \\'., l
ashilntrno. I). ('.. wtritr-:
"nf" vinwed :l: \.ir rerntthl
:41 l.'1t' tl to l ' t 111441 tt'I lt
1- lol' I l !t' (4 1 ) i t.i .tt !'l:
a n e.ei.ii i : li.liyn i l
Ib . ira ('. Abbotit t.tc
l' I ."1-:: e I.' :':.:::-, 1:it 'r of lrt\'o l I t
1 di \ . .it. . h-,.l t eri', 1..-it ,:
til-, oft l Itlne:.|,,:1t. . 111in.. w I t ' "". : !.
t 'k e t I'\Itlh i i l'..: h I
SIl l. 't'i ! I ' 0 40 1 1 0ii 0i 0 4c 0 4a 0 ri06
.Itnl l I ll l.v".,, i
l.wiit h c.ri"t of t*toi.
r""t nlo.mth:. autl ,_ t n"1
1W tink I ain I - d ",. I ,
tl- ' 1 t i:i t " e h i a ;i fi lr t ui
tarlr 'l lit ' (
Y 1
or i eranae
a cai' iit r:lh r In.-. r-t . Ilntr 1'in in ,
.:... I.;!n:!u ' \l I -lc at po.i . .\linn. F
tiiu.. as s C
yrenl (c'utrrhI l l.pibt:. C
Ihe" spring its the tintt to trealt et11lrrh. 1
-tt. wett w\inll\r wea',thi 'ott'u retaUu'-t., a
ri of1 latatrt'h. II a t ourtl' of )'''l Cina is
11:1 Ilulil.r thl' 1" i': "'l l'ul}tii tti ontilli the' e
rt' wCi bI.- pti.iin t ar:cl permn! nlt. 't'he're
hei no , .II'irl, :t 1'er1111..1 .- t t en inltrlli.
a: t hlu ."1. th.e lat'rabh- w:rt:ther ot
\. a S% (ltni: -lt:tlh rrrnwdyl 1'erilm
tilt"''te ct,t:trr- l' ol ill th1' .y\' ntl w !u. i'
t' lt na b I a l. It ; i atairh
( Ith Itnal Ii 'ir htow'1ls w\ithi th li anwim
rttin'ty :i- ca.ttarrhk of theii hea-I. (
lI youl do noi' "I rivc plrulmplt andt sa;tis
ttory rei'tS' fr'om ( 'te u-, o) I''erun ite -l
onte toi I)i. 1Ihurtna:l. ttivinlg a fnl'I statt
lnl of your tcaa'. andl he wiil b' p1lease ID
ive\t yu:t his taluabhle' adsicP urati+.
A<hilrtss I)r. Ilartin:an. I'rt'"iden" t of Tht'
1rtnllan tianit.im:n.l ('ohnllahn.,. IOhio. t
Liby,Mcei . LTby H
Wha. yu eedisjus t tm
well s ous tha youtake it' o
reasv ree coingdentil adfictedu
T0coad $ar.0prbot. DrdTa
Yes,III:d ~l ~your druggis 01(1s it B
rid .o~ rie our 92 Cnuttwono thepar
rece ive fre of Idlenialo advice.
r( nTl.d tn foraIgr:thsnl.lo -
iridntaoehIa CIe,agod th,t elemet
npies but2sid 'ent apte bC oPn-y,
thin, were marrNew Yorast wee aut2
or huntbands Iefore Moroug ofn anh
stto only 14 per cent. thppua I
tio, hiIe iE New Yorx Vt sbt2
Ata ny1 pe byent. be
and MulleIx nre'eat
fl Ln Trb .Toroughly tes
, i1 Drugiat. 0, 800 and Si.
Fat Field
makes a fat purse.
A fertilizer withuut
is not Complete.
Our books are complete treati e-i
o:n f:rtilizers, writtcn by
N men wt"hu knouw.
W%rite frir (themn.
91 N.imau
W. Ve ... (3( t -ty...' .t1enr c..IC r .' , '1!*
>i 'f t' n ? G.:w ,*- .: W.-i. r :rf.
I * . . 1- W . I .t. 1ht
I1 I1'ti l I8r)'"t" v i ,
'I.:.: . I ; t :gl . 1.
-.r t th a sl .ra-- m n .tu"t .. i n -
1.1 I
Ir w. I
rv . L 1 t.1 "' U : l {iu s atii);tu am n.
int f.tr :n se l i rr}:,. ...: % 5*< '''
1orth $6.00 Com t; i, red with Other Ji'ako.
tny I.v i. ' ;>".t ed t an t A m+ric.an tv ;r.- H :t 't
't" ill'. E . n.1r el ii.1 Galf, utaif. V! t . 8 t 1. Coronu
'll. nt't h t rottt A uth.ti' uht. 'ast C1 li" I,.tsi1t1.
wu '.n L. T; gtni s o hivo W. It?:tLt, Iy't a
Qtl" 1i "o t"':a r2 it ): OL. ::2
tlo Ul i tn. 1:rl prio Yta ,u ' 0 I h....tfn
.t K: tt.'n of + . . r.c r, . liu. t ao i 1' ..t
.tave md. Dropsyn arnd wts O M oO.
-hr bwc ."'ort ed most wonda or 'e
I u ce r s, t avIe ure dan ty thou.
anld eases.
2o . 14 . R. GE '31W.
" > 10O $I, A I F.
I r'AY SP'OT ('A%I FOtt
IlTe )nsd Drp adis on
.-rn to atldi ttrof er y wnr. At .ot h - frtee Addi
iona litn 'es ar a x e w rit t. amon.- ys lori
' ttNk'J K l.1 O t , i P . io. 1 i' F1- .
k '1 o hic corId b, oI. Ikux it an s uson
done by expe'rt bette,r than isi po ile nt
When: just rigtht we pu it ini tans to) keep
at luntil youbI wanlt it.
Ippe'r, for :anndwichets.-for any time wthent
unpiy tuIrna a Ik Ly anid theL canl is open'f. An
Ca'go \vrite ot ourffree bookket, "How
Does'nt that word ex
ess y our condition ?
-en't you de pressed,
ed artd all fagged out?
Ever stop to figure out
iy you feel that way,
d how you can get over
Well, we have done
o thinking for you and
n give you relief. For
) years
t as you are. It''s the greatest
,building new blood and muscles.
licie, and it's your advantage as
ce. Commence taking it today.
her's Liver Medicine (dry), 26c.
sure it's Dr. Thatcher's, though.
mont, explaining symptoms, and
,Chattanooga, Tenn.
cartridges and shot shells
are made in the largest ard
best equipped ammunition
factory in the world.
of U. M. C. make is now
accepted by shooters as
"the worlds standard ' for
it shoots well in any gun.
rour dealer sells it.
Th. Union Metallic
- Cagtridge Co. 3
Bridgeport, - - Conn.

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