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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, April 02, 1903, Image 8

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn93067634/1903-04-02/ed-1/seq-8/

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4)nei Noli ofr Intit- t to Youri,g l/ou
w'es itnt Othert.
'o -iaV(' 511( essf1ul resutts iii I1st
furnlliliuhin nle shoul aI v 1oid OV( rlatd
log Ih(+ rouul .ith t'ither funliture (.1
1)on't ha n a"t un:n :ie Itutllalion of smttal
ornamn tls. A few t Ir l good pie<-r
sJ:lrs(+1y disHSed :1i( f;Ir u r1O( di:;ni
tir l nI11(d ('f''tri tt,* I ('siIt dio 101 harbolOi
ult1>1 :tnd (lirl.
* * *
\ Iit,' r11 whil Iapx'r is a Iad
g ,h .':'it 1r ' ti l 'r 1 (11 I. ('Ia l ( is
pr. .i b 1 I th ', '1f '('.h Of S iif
.si a il :' a h t are very7I Ih i 1 i',
r , -. :1strb li t liket'
1'n (im) is ly1I\
S i .\ - . hit''' . 1 I'
:' 'E, I I 9 in3 ' inito
t. Ill ,h lIe 13ish1
ii ' I, 1' : 1 s m ll '
I',. ,'1 for comof'rt
~.' . . Th" \V ra il
i"~~~ ~ the t1 od- :I 'i
i :i& ii t:lt 11(tI-3
1 ' t.. . . ': i r th e
ii I 44.33 I in3 .
i i
i 1t s l l o ,
t ik !3 ,- i - ! i : .. in in
,"4 a10,a 1.3 47:1 111 Iil'
I1 1 : 11 il:l .
')3 1 't:ri :'r t," 3' ; ',i Ikt;tt('7 4.S '. :1
11 IIh 11 . al i el le
11!,in : ii ? ' '4i :" " l o rlll, I i t:11t
I t ihi '!' . l' 1 ' h illr! 4r1' ('h':li1
!u; NU a 1:I U .ii e 'ta ' tl:t t'ri:tl , wv ii 't' lo l,.. 'i.I'lo I: l I).
.L . 11011 : ,' ;u'-illl'.'th. d11 this wt ill
olt1f,, f 'r : l; , i,al 111111,'t' . :1
Ul,t b nauvy p tilt IIav1' th'of owit i'a.
tnri t ' ar aIrtns w th' y I 'v will a!.
w : v hav' n I:: d. 11 t 's vill t
:117 i :1 iltt' , lta ,ilt 41(41,:l'1'
h4.:l 1. ;,,: at of rt o: h of l-44i
:dten, :.ul at: fromt all ln r i
'rPre }y CurIilna.
'Ie h C q ll iilyl ,. .hI,r....,.
'. *o 'rns, 33 3 , q
'li': h 1-. 3 1 'I aiI 14
A C3~ iiii~ 1 hit. la
11 I : w,II h4'1'3 f I .e : h ty W o'
4134 1'' '1 '13brd i e wh'131 3i,
1371 W1a 1 - V3g ti'1)31 -11s irt it
dhur V'cr 3331 ilfgitu pinr ~t o
water,Igig 'u' 1 bl~ tt'o hel t
thiled i i dith i1the n 'old 81.013
wict 13 sof11 bri:-h any ,ibin whe
ho t ':atao whoen r.wl
b 1e ,iun 13 h~3le -gn. hIfy 33(1(17
t its a w1g13 Il ow fa3dtct 3 that ' wool1u
av.td ahipet hemal3!neiti
-u wrnin.T keCp fr h
hWhe a sponge13 01 t slimy3'3 and73:' ds:
tqoOfits iia cond133 n 13 by33 the1 appo10
caion of a'' raw imtato Cut103 a 'ota
aer ond t'((he 'luny Ieellu w331 ph'
sicM 11 (17 h di n ( .: 33ix logeth
fl 133of l copp su 33101 1)31'
'choppd O11itrn hatl aq of moIIl31
nutmeg'VOl grte n se
-sontils o cnnae rolned
'tflbspoonfus of aking Btowder;3 m111
and o sa r bil ftw hIic~ ours-it er
ith 93lot iflm sau.Il cpfml;a
itno wouup of 'unil ender enve Atr at
htom of r hotkin e: i 1iher: me
'ne sqesand ao)~(f bu:tr Oddope ov,
- ~.* -~1be tieb; spnle b withtgrate the
one~ andI o-hlf cpfni ofL~e mixk i
b ', IDreadi 'ovr.the motp bted bren1
.nntl th crttnb ar bro ned
A OarIen M1!ny Fturishi. to the ('areftl (
.ervor Sol eltilltan; llette*t 'li,n Profit
. t't:ll ( il 't'f is l lllll''0 WCtl111('1I
nli:ltt'er tha:n the( pIulbli4 t-oncIltt est'
It Is Ih' gt'vlei'al i'lieI' It: t t gruow
of l' lit' s.illllsil an( it h 't'(I t' :i .. Jll I
It is Jt'Vel'r ( fIi' ( lin i'Vlil t'I\ :tl 1llit
h'll i t :t'ily'I ' l t iltei l ill it'tsolit'
fromll iln II'ti 'ty o lt-'';l . T'' lis Vi
4 'l g nt n 'ilIS (1 () l t' l' II(I444 :111' I414
byt li' t i 1' i t' o t'iele4(' o il l
('llali lS w hil(hI 1tit, 'iI- ill Itt' I t ;;il'
ter II 1 h15J 11a ll(' t le t'. 1f a 5111 ::
C IS halved hein 1 gallItr <' (I I ni(" 111i1
w.Vill be founid t4 i bt Ii!'(citillit'. 1 Irt'.
24t'' l lre, to \Ill-h ! !t,' 5<''l1 :11'
1 t la "liedl; it', il()o. hl'a' ',t'tl'' :'11 1' S(
:trated 'ron this pullp :1111 1rih'I.-lh1
tit ll Ie fouitnl to lo' iin. ti iiil'h 11U1n
etrI in nt' stlt ' 1han1 ih I ti it i"r :u i Wi
to a1 gi'eaterI ( r k's.s (t'e:r('1'. inr! IIp
dry'3Ilng. IIf, as ihe 'Ia-on ;III\;11-1
o illers of tI t .211t4' (I l''' ( i '- ' ii '1 .
wt\'ht 'I i hi' 1 1tr("I- ht' 111 ti it' ; 1(ti t' l1
il'd, t' illt'l' I';lli4'IVil Wil In' I'.ilil i( I
leSS an(il et ss ( li l wii t llit' t' 401
(olite lllt t( 1;'1iu\v lilt r'l' ti;t 11t~
111Il l J), tln i '11 11 Il' tt 't. i' I t' iitll
' Il1 1 I v ' ne':rly ,li ;l!'t"-a '-1.1 W hlilt' tl
:aIhs :t ti:' I' il nlit b 1 ilt'1
I1'1 1(, 'TI th' 1:1 1 i i. :eI t' 1 i \ I
(Olth illt1(91 l u 1 :1'"\\'lI)' t il t' ( 11 :1
1 1 1 ' :I ' . Is. I ''l I s ' i 2111 T
: In\'l Ie Imr't ._ :l-. : :T ' l- tabler 'it
"i e r e ' o c e'tlll:tS it'.'l111:1 \'" ':tit:ll
I ill s biIlatti iibis Is ' !tl'lll ; Iy h
\\: l''h Iai' l l.:I t 'I " ' - '1 Ii 11n 1,1'i
i w lt'llt' tI lts!'n l
W' 1 1 111 .1 I -;t' -," t _ I . ' I' ili i !
111( l 'it' t 1 11 0 t: t l:n \ "i 't .:111;:' '
tll thlt'r .tl( l l '. \tt\ w i ll i ,,:1i
:1 1 :11 '', ;111'I. \\ t' t '1 , V",' i ;::lI t .
't lt'I t , :i''l ! '0 :''1:t1'! tll t e Il
a l':o 1 Iii I b lc lil ' ti
t' ' 111-(' tI: tit;lils wI li ooi 0' 41\'i
tlj it ill' t i I,' ' n ;111 i IIl l1 l!'i'
m4' -y< . - -." ___thi___rulla
V 's .!:iil a " '''t I 1 i:';. l i ''
i i , it' t.l I1 b a ! yi lt ' 1 1 I i.
. "l \\ fl \'.' li' l i ;'' ;i ! : i:'I' i i;-'
Wlv , ', ' it 1 'li i 1111. i t t It tl il tili
11'i f 't l 1 11 ' t, tt !';li-' ' 1 t1:.. C r l' 1 l 1
i't .t' 21:' ;\ :1' 'I V Ill i t s i 1' , ' i v i 'll'tI .
Pit tiht)' 112 t11 of '1: : in t' lm
ili i t'tl t i1 1 s bh t , i : t'll' t' s thi1 1
Il 1:1t11' ti'W a .I : l. Ii t 'i:ttn. N o1 '.:n
I )lIti \\'li it : 111-: ,e 'iri, It grotto
tie'llt , ;itl, It:oI It \i\,\ 'ge,, ; ,i'
lit' l i -il''t t' > t. ' 1;' .' ., i ;ii t' Ii
lll'thler t a't o lr tigh ',.1[. '111 m '
ttn ng' li,' .;lI ' ihl' t'1 n I ntl '2
i. t'o\\'ll11 it W ;'as 1tt:: ll.1; lui' " ' ' It in
t111 ' 1 lo 1: 1 tr t . 1 11 -; a11 1s. 1,';
il; h i' ;i ls t- bollgoll o.\ .<-pe
ti ill -I Y'tfork es.i .
t1 ,Ill :IIIt ;t llt' tll t ,!n.:' in - \' , o 1 1i ' ;I
WIIil alt le ll tllhil \a t 'l - li i tri'' g
t'h: Ill :ll "I. 1 -111 ti l t.- I ~ t:' a '} : l ;i ti i1
Ii.'I1:12.1 ' :-- ;Ni'1 1 I11 \ViIge. itl I.! I.;'.111:111
(I li t11'i'1'Inl,i,'i' \tV;yl-itt"\ 'nt:'lntill;:
'I'h i i t i1Il1 -' a 1 fr 'i ;to trut i n:
it' \!(rtlS tI'nn' Vl', b\\'i 1hil1nll'\'t':I
t'Nit','ll)IIi(5 hlf t .I ill lir, sliu t e t l(
aI!l-t' s (l'ri('itS I'tlsliil: tl\'tl r it 1'1,n11 ,
l-':a l h l tid ' of :2 1c 1'UnU'lrl'r t('n1trils,
1 1111-b lin. out With t ' tllih't . l' itlt -
1.v, ti e tn- ih t' 1I'' 11111. T h, 0 1"1, 2 ''iis
9S iL: ' tll 11i ' I llt'i l i.' I't'""til' lt ' Iuin : .
Illl'' ht lll l It e;-io' ": h:1 1, '" tIis !1<lil.
OT' 11'N '"lrile il ile le Uine
h:< ilI."i o erl i <'s / l 'e tl
slit W ay ;ill';l elliy ta 4"llbl th
it'n l'il to r ';ie the M itk . :1:<[ I'i i
b;01 aliou :000 ;:]> htl. T al'1.r
S I! O 1A n s.
ei National Atd.
ts c OLNI. itOWNLOWy, of
1 il3essee(, is Just now one of
lo * lhe busies( nent in (ongress.
-le Iii at(Ition o look aig nfte' :tf.
1 ar1, liitt i t ely'% aff'ettng his (is
'Ii iri<t lie ha$ to attentl to an inintenSt
' co)rre'stponde3i(ce 1e'Sultaig from t ie
13 Wid(pI( )re:(I intl'r'$( ii his road hl.
lIn icsJ)on,e to II t'e(cSI fo' an int'r
view lie said:
"\ 'ell. I a l)ret t y busy. hntl I ne'e'
I gel 1(o 1)butsy to say3 sonilelhiig on Ithe
Il roadl <1(lPstiOll. StIll, it <loesa't aI1pear
It ) i essa('e.S:try 1'or' iP ' to say ii(-ll i'e
Sg:irding tiny hilt. as the peopie Itn(l
i)ress or the eo ntry all s('('11 Iteem be
t:1lkin1g For it. itefort' introdlueing It:e
ue:ls'ir( I tIever i' realtedt Ihait Woil
1' ( lvii Ii sIIh unli\ver.s:il favorn. It is
i.(i J)tr('t,l hot in('rely I' le rliral an1)11
rie :::rtt"ulir:il ress. htti by11 I" the grr:t
ulaily ltlu'rs. wiost, ("it'rltlahiu :lnti
"' tr is l'uiiutl :h1051 en toi ly in the
I Iitis. I.t:tlk :1 il ' :. 'or tiiSl ilnst 'I t. 11 ".olll
h d i i t h'o t i .'3 \II:1 ii :I 4'ou,, j1i3 t 1
ther I':i3lin I'tt'. n r.liti a'lj ' i' Ih'
tih111 atl itl \w3 hot.t' (' '44lI' : i lIsi I'
w\ tit IcnttwnI:
W\ ih l t ii: 11o :tl ilittr'I t)\c'1 nI t t11
t'1tt uli ::hit \hways inuiay .'.it w i: t itilt:
4 1' a: It u 1. I 1 i 1. lin . his.
i :1 1r 1 u n ' t t' t o t 3- ' ril' p'tili. '4 " f'i
th l " t a-'ittral 'i 11111n wil. ' 'I'.I- I
lit il l ws1 I it : In III I ii t het inf:11 It
- l11I b l' h IIl t t t a:Utt ;Itti:m 'tpr 't'l rt; 1 I'.
SW in 11 343tii p'i:it i t i: 111 .'i i ' ,.'tll:, .
(3t: 1:ln. tt3 ; v ;: 3 pr'ttp ;'.:tionl :Itttt
1't'Itl l' t5 4 lt" p1:11 t 'i \v3 t r l' :. .Ii'
r:i3lte ':I tI oa th 'ali.' l n 'o Ir 1\ tlr
Iti'' :1id of te' kinl fot' Wit r :. w: t: i,
butit l'I 'tt' S:ilit ttit ntt bt'":i lt' t, lp'ii
b lt :1 1 : III' t't t int'len 1 i':i t:t l: . It
t il' l R 1 ' i'tI Z''fe ; ti ' II. i 1n thi--- 3-'
- Iti t th:tti : th l l ''er i ni11 l xt' i Ilt' t ' l
i1uilli(4 01 m' r' , ini hU! li.' lti ' 'et .! t
- 33'3ak nute1l3- 3 j:bio 'l. t433''j 4
'1t i 1 I ltIn : t lt' : 1- Ith:li 1'td'.
b1 'uihtlinl :is "tl utin! -'t 1 i '. -'t'
l3 u 'rvi1tr i3 abott - ,f' tii c
:111t 1:ast iin :1: w a:I ttr ptt'l1' t, i t i "i' 4
'hor- lIt t it1't: (13)3i3n 1:1 ith w\ v -'lV
':i't'r hat'k it lo ' h I 1;n . .1 121
g d t pn3 (Im l Il' '. P d i,'lt na3t 10iI t ; -
ia X :\t 'i'y e p'r,:t"-"t.i :s I l t' t. \ '
t:' a t i :I i l t ll!t.l t't rI !llt'ln t r:''i l- : 1,
1 enlti:-ili: N1 Ily .t' N sjz- e.t' ;lt: i ii i l '
t ::i iii. :t\3333331 ('t I2 Ih ' ( 'l Oi\ 1. )'1 li1 ',
litat 'r:' 3i i l 1 1( 3 I,' t\ry \ 'l I'V .
lt)' 1'4)1'd In 'th :loilr'1'tse of y 1a': p' y
Iha it1 \'oliIl h1:1 \'(1 i ai r ''' sPr'i" .'tt'
i le' piht". lttw'w vtr. Ihn 3 aet' :ir tl-r
3n' t 14 :1' "ipply1 i thte lt -1 . h-34 indli\h3i
11tl w\'ho 1h:1 to V i ' for 3 nt-it'.it zt- i'
1 the l 1u1t:tl 454'I n1 (31. T ''he' ruh i is i
1zt1t31 to'ethr the unds u t oIt h 33v.e (one
w 'ith the w\h'tl' buIINIsC$ at (once.
- "'The tei'rai )ePaitm ent of A'gri
icu3tiure :it :1lr('y dlone good work ,
:ileig the liii: of rO:at impr)1O\einent,
though mainly in an instructlive wa':y.
It h:ts ronstru e d s:tuptle p it'es of
good r'Oads ftr tIhe e('diiienitin of btac1k- 1
ward eomiiuniti's, and the ''gootldI
lrta(s tratin"' sent into the ouith hast
yea(':Ir wa':tS a va':lua (le staut of I'th' etlu- j
j t':itiit d 3l o th: depI rte t wi'
Th13e33 t.'3ent ist on333ly 3t.o instruct,3
ha.'1313 Forth)0 orpose ofi(3 1ontruct5 in the
11333 cIs w 0.~itit an3 apropriation3 of.
Son. "11'. O tIt 1f w i b 3'I(o'3 11:ll sh31 re-PS P
e vivopinen alongf113: 11ruelofn1ageater
I porin tha ts NPoputhtin h, t o13 (3t
th of ui ppuationalad5'3 o 1he 01nited
pOjates. lTh 0publi1 in'(tIOrst sern Ito31
provisio of 0lth~ke te,r taef(lye
- 13131(ht Leut. I hi,I hud13 e
worthy oreil geaof Grovess 3nt, be-n
-'3314 whol 'peple I'.11' says: as gia
Iot Is eginnig to o relts.'t
i "O1f(1 ' Cos,"resumed Cone theron.
par. th othi espeeyl''ats tst
'3 inImy hi ld hesto- f its 11( rearded de
3 ve13pmUn 10(l1o1nel thealieof igway
r' of18 na ia aid ses oityof le 11ually
poul- n therP'353' si It ection oer 33s11au3
3- 331and Leaer In0( OhIlo,n It shul be re
membI3'lered rt p3rtogressx as ee
t-u made31'3 in 'thie biling lpof 113'poved
U 13' made inCongres ito13 in t'esthe 133d-3
it and constructo of roadsl3'311 in3 3113 taious3
parts3'3 of 01the)U-)i iiountry. That33 la natur
I'0 ala o1ld3 sory, 1n3 aI Iland' d'e3llient as
strongerfromjyea to year.3 i g33 IiIw'3sI
3)1- "'ITh131sf changI jId grow3:(11311 more 3m
enportant withk3 gthe ti.oing u f he 15cun
mi tumerof-I y peo((3331pIe331 whoSIS maintain
a lrura o fisbuba homes. Th3 e 1n 13( l e
or Ity J)of 01 13en 1''13lling pngr te e.ire
is tha ose)ofate stekr it agilturaotli
' oplatoforlOl 1th deve5,nun 133-4 an
1t. '( adIute03 4333 sy tm of 1133d hgways ItI l
ot)- tIon sttistlats, of3( oal uildingre
Ic, Ilves; mode neu tI1tenIdtonltl
.k0 t"l 'T30ofk roadstI su ease tnn
ort fairl y ofe 'inkto rethe Uno
*1 lmntes of'1~t the A lean Clmatre, of.
31luir0e gre13r ependitures ofa ruralIi
armihwys 'lesure 1eeker tin the coun
try~a tvryn y,an' uh od a r
n ee oir bom oneylen horey
h Itls 101 hyers ennnthe frconstuet
"'tas dnifeut of curs. arang
'T'here onc' wa- it creNatut're w1i.' long
bu It il
t id up witi .1 tii riblton \ bow.
Now\. wtaxs it ,i wt"i;tlt,
r . it a 'i l? tI.t
4 ~ti -t .1 lr.>(kery~ 4iro'
T1'htr1 .'nNo.. was \ a tee ai a ing a
\ I ' .tt i .l h I
t ttr I\.I; it . t:t Ieah
Or w\a<s si iu1 Inia i'-;lded ash?"
'[tert' .tnc wa . .1 litrd who wVrote withl a
No i v l i u tI ii .1 W1i(9o .
(r a"s i t a e I n t ?
r w.t I-- a i irhr be dcl jay ?
hii r I' nit I wt,,a I 'it whot wa ii};n .utm
I c'usu- it wouhlI n"t g o 'tI tuc o l.
Nowt, was1 it a eii yii
(Ii'r w'.t i t t.a h Irry
Or was it at t-i"ubrry Fool,'
('arulyni \\'t'll. in I :.
li nt i'-"''.\n- :'t y iou liitV mali
itt I otll. I rt'thtlit ''? i ttlit ' Y
:Illty on'y' I tn';ltI show1 't'e n to 'y l."
T 'it-I t .
M rs'. Iltl tt't in "lt' '.\I;Irr1it't nii 1 livet
"'Y '. n el it .t'r\t's Ililt rig It.-I tt
I r't .it I''r' ' .'rt. .
!-iri '. I Yd "-' ii k II ; h- lsh m ii
I ie i' ih w .. ;" . "
-t --N oit '1. i t''-. l t t " i- ',s ,,' i.e ..
.'w s." I 'h:1!t al:1.
T h iiu-t r, ''.\i-t' u svll.lltt ,- l I ' t.!.
lt rl1 i yl lltV u -' :1lt.-t':" ti l I'otl iiit -
t Ir ""\\'t l. t Iu' ,il' 'i' it o'il . . -t
lt':i t." I'j' I l.u- \N "w\
' t - : ,,it . i "y , Itttt-t i"t' i.,
I 11:ti V lO l tit,. sIiii . " .1 I
( l I iis li t I" I Ii . s 11 tI i t I - .
\1 d I ter h 1 t. ti. 1i1m- .
l'tl: h.
II1nutIC it''11'1 I"'t tlit \'ull ..lt:lt n t Liil tlt
'It''ito " i' lot w " lo"w 'l ts l 1i4
ing.kkt r thn t y1 u ha I .' i ti
ba I1:td o ie On \t l ' !ltlS ,1,'' ry It'. 11)111
t ";i te I. o b -th,i, it -lma t
w:1ke o Ind:o t hen l - i out - n''
Iii')i)k-lc pk. '1leAeinso,
tte t'eat e I great,p .oplt
a"' it.rot t up ' l g t 1 1s't.
Aoneti co:Indwhoa a hshln
ii~v It tIec ''t'ei'iVt-' t11 Iii; th y't' y
" l'- .i Ii l. 1 -I\\ yil t Cr iti o \'tUIt (
t i l ' ultili -
,txo.ntlti;ll ril ti: ,' I
\\'ie . itgl et1;"' t.atl;l Ias 1.1-itin
lliid -I 18p HCxo' -tiIg th tll
o\ i \Lttl: li tI:l . <lidnill' ui ll '
w(It Ii l Itl'':II P p Ity \'t 11 t lnll tl1k:o
ontnt'ni i, b'ra itenl yIt rtS<> m rut
if yourt I l a \at$ 01 . al -m1'll. I S pp ,.iS,
ro ! t ilgilit it wtas i utt'thii hg 1t:LIt bt'
nngt'd to tlt-." -Hiostton Tra":nstcrip11.
a ''W g ll t't 'l yir he in a ''e: din.
--rt'':" initliir'l te i s' \' i tn f' It illit''
tOV. ''.\np ,'' ati t le 1;1 nti it'. - ll
11 1l:alkt' ' utl i jti k stWe I. t t'
lIt til'r11'r to(' od/ e -th111 t' s iht It h ae
i t 111'i t'r. ''-tof a l :i' tt',t,t .ou
Ii'e tilt lHi hi1 in a term ICit WQ'
burnodt-r "lWn to-lid.torrw, .oliI
20ll ile ls r0('c. ''ThatnIe roehl.
iurl.'' feebl t.nsweresa<lo the iu-ken
Whoere a ofai tis was 11 s co'tig l'h(
2111i1 ill inllia to jir.''-C ('hje - IItte o
Paltlltt y (iyand': nIgtlij1 ile
Iistiie "l'eum pintie .espnto
fcta' hotIrelilol forit*iy tryet b'
"hat'Is tefll' cot of til. -- caTIlI
Illas ie Iiortls o lae s,n wh'to lit
s. whtatm bibvlh that lrtevaetio
-sotned h1iau?cIe iste ionduilecor
li hto is eneramiltarycaeul; ,
'amues' frinAeen.- fo -he gra
They talked of Modora, Auro:a, and Flora,
Of Mabel, and Marci. and Mildred, and
Debated the n;uvstion of Ifolon, lonora,
Clarrissn, Camilla, and Phyllis and Fay.
Thy thought of Mareolla, Estolla, and Bolla
Cousidored OCellin, Joannetto and Ellino.
Aliein, Adula, Annotto, Arabolla,
And Ethol and Eunlc(, liortenee and Iren.
One liked '1'hoodora, another Leonora;
fomo argued for Edith and some for
For Madoline, Adelino, Lily, and Lora;
And thon, after all, they decided on Jano.
-Illusltrated Bits.
1Ill--Why do Ihey call it Oripple
Creek, do yott supl)ose? .1ill-Perhaps,
because the water is lImpid.
It.hel----)o you Ibin k that George
was struck by my beauty? Clara-i
hardly think that he w everely in
"lie boasts t hut he (loesn't advertise,
but he's still doing htsiness at his old
stad.'' "'lie means he's doing business
at his old stilal-still.''
larry-I I('II you Uigsotl's int.endedc
wi'e is a sweet littlessod. ltOb)er'I
I do you k now tlt.? Ilarry-- I saw
his Lonbonl bill for the last 11otth.
Soil lei:i- A ' yot 41u1itP sure .\liss
ltatks is not in-? TIhe .\laidI --UI (ourse
I a:. Sihe .ave l'(' on' of youl' 'hoto
graphs in or(1!' Ito Iake l'' dlibly
lirs. I)ailur h'I'his is on(' 01 my sont's
1 itling:<. ('riltick--\heml \'e- .\ l'-s.
I)ailo"t'---'es, he's (it(1 e "e(dle to Ii is
art anl -- ('ritt h-l - la ltcr a hasty
ia triage w Iast it'
\1I' r. lSmit h 1 In s1 r'(et ('nl')r -\alaltam.
Iake ny seal. .\lrs. .lones 1\who las
been 518and1in' 1. mintut(s)- No, Ihantks.
I gt oFf at It' tnxI -orner. .\lr. Stitih
---Thai's all ight. So do I.
l"hst I.ittl' I;irl ---\iy pa is going
into t he l''gislatare. tie'ondO .l il irn
-Ilooh!I that's nothing: iiiy l5t's going
into Imunkrutt 1 y. l"'irst I.ittl:.' (;irl
\\t'll, 1 guss tmy p:i'll go there, too, if
he wV,llais to.
<-()ntribhut,r. "yout di(In'I (nlid(er l)ny
little tl,e Itr e i ; gil'.'' ''Oh, it was It'. ;
rn'n :uIh." r'epliedl i1he (ditor.' "I :Lssit
.uu t h'r e w\a"; mo ,re ( tIrut t h; ba paoitry
iin w\"hat you Saidl.
'"\ly d1('alr ."' rel)li("d the' setretarv\
oC 1' ihe ak tmiing11 ;companly. "''e pr'on
iled no diviI'(lI". ''Yotu erlainly did.
You assuttred( the sto'khholIers they
(0ould make big proit aliut o+t t he r1mt
iny.'' ' liut, my dea' sit', yot are iii it.'
('aptaiu--\\'el, what do you vit'
T'ratul)---('altain, helieve ne, Ir1 lu
orlinary beggar: I \vas atle r'nit
('aptain (wit hi neel)Iely
'l'Tramp----Yes, sit': llt I co01hi11 'I tnai(
anyblhoy hear, so I ('amp round to the
'l'allsn--\\'wal's thi? l,ost, a wtis
dlog; a liberal rei wa ill he paid fot
his retuiri Why. maant here's you ' dlog
out inthie yard this motiit. (Gilfore
es': somteboy' II come aong aid sta
hii nI) as 5cion as thliat ad\'ertisement gets
T.eorte -ayS his tiher will, 1t. hims
dol; wi liba hllrewar ill ibset aidfor
hnirturin. \\e''y ''An ther'st(1 you o
say in ' themtird hi momenht.pp Giore
lawye atiooda that hadveiemenato gae
"G)leorge aans his fat r i"l 'tahtm
on shaires."
lttriggs-Grent Siot t ! htow~ you snmell
r>f' kerosene! Griggs-Ycs, it is the
'ash ionabile pArfl'ume n~ow~adays. it. gives
itne the ait' at' p ossessintg an autotmi
bile. I always lput a little on my potk
't-hand kert ci'f bef'oire I come aw~ay
lrom home.
''\\'hat is your f'att"rs objection to
ue. Alillie?'' a'ned the younig tuati.
lIe says you have no app)liention,t
ler'a l."' ''No applIcation!" ''le etlhord
ttlerly. "I wondler if hie knows I've
ttent coiming to see you twi(ce a week
'or niear'ly six years!'"
PlyrgtTa villain in my play
loosn't act his par't, upi to the lines. He
nuist wear' a look of worry and dlesp)era
.lon. Alanager'-Oh! don't get excited,
I'll fix that. Jlohn, go up on the stage
and stairt- a ruimor that I have skipped
with the box-offiee receipts.
"Lillian,"' said a ceirtain little gli'l's
mamma, "there were three pieces of
"ake in the pantr'y, andl now there Is
only one, How did that happen?"
'Well," said the child, her eyes wide
p)e.n wvith excitmnent, "It was so (lark
In there I didn't see the other' piece."
Sleep Naked During the Arctic Winter
and Eat Raw Meat.
The arrival in the world! of the
youtthfuil Eskimo is not greetedl by the
orthodox cradle and swadlintg ('lothes.
Practically, till he can shift. for him
self, he lives absolutely nked inside
his mfothier's sealskin louse, skin to
skin keep)ing him wvarm. ThIs arr'ange
nient allows the mot her to do about
hier work almost lmmedately, anud she
enn also travel and hutnt without a
per'amubulator, and without having to
lenve any otne home to "mind" the
balby. Th'le mtot her's dr'ess Is almost
3xactly lIke the father's exeplt that
:t las a long sort, of tall reachinltg
u'ar'ly t.o the ground embryo, tio
lontbt, of the modernt "ti'ain," says L.es
be's Weekly.
Spared t ho mise-ries of seal) and wa
er', atid early weatned to thie r'eadily
"allowved (iot of bIlubbe triad raw
ical mat, (lie Infant rai'ly 3 derelops
hat inivaluable layer of' subottatieous
at., whIch, wvhile it enhanc,s thie ''jol
y' aplpearance ot' the lads andi( the
hapelness of thle tuaidetns, assists ma
elrially in economyi of elothitig. Th'uis
ni their figl i l lime, once In thelr
khin -tent, the whol(le family wvill divest
hemselv~es of e'ver'y stitch of clothing,
mlemba'rassedl by the fact that so
nany families share the tent wIth
.hem. Sociability Is early detveloped,
vheni one's next-door neighbor on each
ide Is onily sep)aratedl by an imagihary
Inc between the dleerskln you sleep on
mnd the one he does. The winter dleer
kin1 serves~ as bm'i and bedding at night
nfd as parlor fur'niture in the day.
~ommfutnity of goods Is almost imper'
,tive, tinder tIs arre.ngement. Trhus,
vhen onq kills a seal all are fed, and(
Ikewise, when he doesn't all go hun
ry together.
Revoly1e i ghtch fire seven shots In
eo eedoffd, and kill at 660 yards, hiave
e dout to the Berlin police.
t r
Many Matters of Oneral Interest 11
Short Paragraphs.
The Sunny South.
['he convention of the National Wo
man's Suffrage Association caie to E
close Wednesday night in Now Or
leans. The next convention will b(
hold in Washington.
A Charleston, W. Va., dispatch says:
"Tho grand jury's report on the min
ers' riot exonerates the United States
deputy marshals. The report criticise.
the iewspapers. It is a lengthy docu
Owing to freight congestion it is re
llorted that fires will bo put out in
2,000 r r more coke ovens in the New
River field, in West Virginia, as it is
impossible to secure cars for trans.
portation of plro(ucts.
Comman(Ipt ErIwin Schaeder, naval
attache of the Imperial German em
bassy, in Washlngtoni, has been order
ed to Newport News, Va., to arrange
for the docking of the German warship
Gazelle, which will arrive tlhere in a
few( days from Venezuelan wateis.
It is announced thtit the Southern
Railway is to extensively enlarge its
shops at Nash viii T, 'Ienn.. already one
of the largest railo 111(1 shops in the
South. The enlargenent is presumably
for the imrpose of building loconotiYes
tor utse on the Southern. No d1efinite
plans have been given out ofillt ally.
Aholit 1.000 i en are emlployed in the
,Joe Bairett and Ilermlanl Mii ler,
light-weights, hot i of BaIt imore, went
on before the Savannah Athletic Club
Vedncsdiay night for twenty rounds
f'or a Iecision under straight Queens
hury ruktes. In the fou-th ron 1(11tar
rett fell to the floor in apparent, agony
andl ('laiied a foul. The refer'ee re
fused to allow it. and cou.nted him
out Physi'ians exaniined larrett and
(ec(larel lie found no evilen(ce of r
foul blow.
At The National Capital.
St eretary I lay has delivered to Sig
nor Mlayor I)eisplanez, tle Italian am
ba .a<io. an order on the United
Stites Treasury for $5.000, the sum
appropriated by Congress as in(emll
nity to the heirs of Giovanni ani \'in
i eenzo Serio, Italian ubje('ts who We re
killeId at Erwin, Miss., .July 11. 1!01,
aind( to Salvatore Liberto, who was in
jured at the salno time.
The' Treasury I)epartnent gave n1u
ie that on Mondays anti Th1ursdavs
until further notice offers wou 1( be
received} at the bureau of the Iint. for
the sale to the government of silver
bullion to he used in coining pesos
under the Phillippine coinage act ap
proved Marcl 2, 1903. No offers of less
than 5,000 ounces will be entertained.
The T)epartment will purchase $2,000.
000 worth of silver bullion for coin
age into pesos.
At The North.
St. .Joseph, Mo., Special.-The heav
iest SnOW storm of the year began
here Sunday and raUway trafic is
greatly impeded. Telegraph and tele
phone wires are crippled. The tem
perature has been falling slowly. The
snowv covers the northern p)art of the
State to a depth of from 6 to 12
The American Tobacco Company
hans declared the regular quarterly div
l(dend of 2 per~ cent, onl Preferred and
a dividend of 3 per cent. oni Its coim
mon stock. This Is an increase of 1-2
per cent, on the latter- Issue.
From Across The Sea,
The seordi court of the seaisoin was
leldi at Bluckinghami Palce, London.
The anniversary of Louis Kocnouth-'s
death was marked b)y studients' iots
in Budapest.
Senators who wvill vote on the rati
fication of the canal treaty wvere elect
ed in Colombia.
The North German Gazette, of 13er
lin, says the Reichstag elections will
take place June 16.
Joesephi Chamberlain, receiving an
address from the city of London,
spoke of the B3oers in a conciliatory
man zner.
The Toronto, Ont., opera house was
burned Wednesday. The loss is $150,.
000. The fire is supposed to have ori
ginated from electric wires in the box
omece. Sullivan, Harris & Woods lost
all their scenery and customs. They
place their loss at $10,000 to $12,000.
Miscellaneous flatters,
New evidence Is being unearthed in
the Blurdick murder case to put the
ci-rme on the late Arthur R. Penneli.
In a collision between the Fall
Rivers steamer-s Plymouth and City
of Taunton on Long Island sound six
persons were killed,
Ex-Attorney-General John W. Origgs
argued for the Northlern Securities
Company in the anti-merger case in
St. Louis.
Harrison Wrotten testified at the
tial of 10lmer Collins, at Laurel, Del.,
that he heard a man in Ct ilins' house
threaten murdler the night before thle
crimo wvas commnittedI.
Th'le monitor- .Fi'.>riilO haii 1ai Huccess'
fiul tial trip, exeedilng her speedI re
quirement of 1 1 1-2 knots an hiouri.
New breaks in the levees are re
per-tedl from the lower part of the Mis
George BI. White, vice-presidntn of
itho South Pennsylvania National
lank, of Hlyndman, Pa., was arrested
in Philadelphia, charged with con
siracUy to wr-eck the b)ank.
Senor Quesada, the Cuban iniister,
lims notified PresIdent Palma that
Beeret'ary Hlay will conisent to the use
f tile cable to expedite the exchange
)f ratifications of the treaty if it shall
be adop)tedh by the Cuban Senate as
rmenuded, and notification reached
Washington March 31, that the docu
meCnts are placedl in the mail for trans
mission by that time,
The board of direc-tors of tihe Theo
logical Seminary at Princeton, N. J.,
have el(cted the Rev. Theroun H, Rice,
I). D. Pastor of the Central Presbyte
an cliurchl in Atlanta, Ga., co the
muir in hionm etics to succeed tile Rev.
-i. Pa Wton, wvho r-esigned last
Estes G. Rlathlhone, former DThector
>f Posts of Cuba, has aDDealed to Pr-es
(lent Roosevelt fromr the action of
leretary of War R6ot in disnmissing
ha char~ges filed by Mr', 1 e,Igon
tgaIxet,(eneralL'9nard.' T
ubstapee ft ba
ary Root a en re
publie 4
Subjuectt Pau's Fa1r w'el i to, E1pstiR, Acts
xz., 28.38-.Qolctn 'I I, AtA xx., -
Mewory Verses, 31-:4 - Corutneutary
on the Day's Lesson.
I. The character of ('aol's ministry at
El)hesus (vs. 18-21). It was, 1. A minstry
of unwearieI diligent. service. (1) Io1
served the LoId. (2) lle sertveI the peoplc.
He wvas devoted and faithful, preaehing
tbicly and r'ivately and laboring with
his hands. Illis service was constanit and
arduots. 2. Characterized by a whole
hearted consecration. 3. A humble min
istry. Patul had a hutble opinion of him
self, lie ascribed to Uod all the glory. 4.
A nintistry of fervent synpatlhy. 5. A
ministry of thtorotghness and eonsequent
11. .Pul's faithfulneas (vs. 22.27). In
the midst of b<mtds :and ailliet.ions, while
faemng death, he did not falter" bt
preached1 the gospel. declaring the whole
counsel of G,od, with joy. lie says, "I anm
pure from the blood of all mntn." ''his
foran of expressi(n is very striking It is
horrowed from the crime of miurdler, and
the method by wliel guilt is ori(inarily
brought home to thw eriniinal. in many
cases conviction (epnm(ls oi blood being
found on the <-lot lies o' the mtur(lerer. 'T'his
is the conception I hat. leaps into the apos
tle's mind . Ilc (s const"tous of his per
forniuec of (lut.'. :nd if anv are lost who
hand hi:ard the goslael from his lips, their
blood will not h: n-lui red a.t his halnts.
111. 'Flie eldra admnishtel (vs. 28-31).
28. Iake he' I." "II ow uuspeaikahe t h
loss of a soun!l ic shmdders at t he thought,
anid in ortder to <tiel-' their- dilig,eo
whten tihey shoiId i'trn to thlit in .or le
en(deavors to iinl(at ntue of his own ax
iety to ti'e . (i lic, in ell'cet. invites
then to look to theis han<Is and garmu'its,
,to tuala' st', thte is no blood ont themt.
Al.l' the (link." The work of ihese divii
ly called bishous. of- ellts, is to sheplierl
the church of (:oild: to no(urish it with
truth; to leal it to the way of Christ; to
witch ove'r antd atd(I again'st the entrance
of evil, and to aalminister" sucl rule and
iseilinie as is divitnelv delegated. ''he
form 'flock" is ('It- ist-a f:tvorite ticie.
'l'he sul rete mto(iiv. is (idelit y. '. c.,.
see''s.'' '"in the senIing fotib of Saul and
Biirnahas we learn the trut I whirl Paul
here declares. t hat in evt. ,enin tp
xointment of hi.h Iols or elileia it is the
liolv (host who -?''r-ts. eails atn<l amnoints
t(o the othee ail a ie work. No valid min
istr' is exeltsiveliv ma n-mtide.'' "Ilis owt
blood- .' 'he tIea i of ('hris. wa-:a i ator -
ing sacriiec: lie oil'red Ifitise! to it
chase a peojie to IIs on-tn s't v ice. The
church is, thirt' teo. of neonlia' v1me--a
yalu' t.o int' !'st te:nt'cl by t in' li'te ni(l for
it. 'I'hts as hert'' (alt-l the lid l of ;ol as
bein the blool m- i .m tt ti wh i s rl
manife.-t ni t the aIh.
29. ''I hnow." iom o'e -vition. fio vi
exp t:'' e "' nt f:":u th.' insi!h' 'ion hifrm
hv the 1loly Stira -\'Vove' ''ie ite
liies of ('hria un( i iis (hmelh. ThIntse vh
taught, false doe' ri''s. evil n'incilcs and
had numm:(ls, a ni v-ho lwoubtt worldliness
anud si:ife io the <-htrebl. t,-h u-er'e like
ly to co me im shieel's clothing ( Ma t.
7: 151, undeti' t ne guise of friends and
teachers. ''Not seat'ing.' Seeking their
own selfish itr"-"ests regardless of the
soule they might lestrov.
30. "Of your own selves.". The enemies
are described, on thi' one hand. as raven
ing wolves. that is. men who are seducers
and murderers of souls, and, on the other,
as false br'ethrcn who arise in the churclt
itself, and who, with specious words, teach
false and dangerous doctrines. The former
may be easily reeognized; the latter are
more insi(ious and dangerous. "Perverse
things." "Truths distorted from their
true meaning. The most dangerous errors
are truths thus perverted. 'T'here is truth
enough to make some believe them and er
ror enough to injure or ruin those who do
beh eve."
31. "Wateh." As a man on guards j
"Remember." My c'usel and admoni-i
tions. "Three years." The history ac- i
coumts for two years anid three monthie
(chap.,19: 8-10). and to this may be added?
the time .which probably preceded H1i J
teaching in the synagogue. "The two' .
statements needi not lie conflicting., In 1:"'1
Jewish mode of speech. 'three years' nec:.
only consist of one whole year and parts of
that which preceded andi followed." "WVith'
tears." These show the love, earnestness
hurmility andl tenderness wvith which Pauf
prenched evetn the sternest truths.
IV. The elders exhorted to unselfishiness
(vs. 32-35). 32. "To( God." An almighty
supnort to those who trust Him. "Word
of His grace." ."'.The truths of the gospel.
The gospel originates in grace; reveals
grace; pr'oduices grace." "Build you up."
"The foundatiotn of faith had been laid,
and the structure of a complete Christian
character wvas to be reared through the in
strutientality of the gesnel." "An inher
itance." Eternal life. The final glory and
blessedness of the redeemed. "SanetffiedI.'
T'hose who have been madle holy. It is
glorioutsly possible to he sanetified-mnadti
holy-itm .tis life. When the converted
person discovers that sin still exists in the
soul he should immediately come to Christ
by faith 'for a complete cleansing. Please'
examine the following Scriptures. I. Pro
visions are made in the atonement for the
complete removal of all sin (Zech 13: 1-j
Eph. 5: 25-27- Titus 2: 14: Rteb. 13: 12;i
.John 3: 8). d. It is promised (1 Thess. 5:!
24; 1 John 1: 0). 3. Commanded (1 Pet,
1: 10). 4. Prayed for (Pea. 51: 10; John
17: 17; 1 Thess. 5: 23). 5. It is the office
wvork of the Holy GIhost to sanctify as well
as to regenerate (Rom. 15: 10; 2 Thess. 2:1
13; 1 Pet. 1: 2). 0. It is received by faith
(Acts 15: 9).
33-35. "Coveted." I have not made it
an object of my living among you to obtain~
your property. Paul.had power to demand
support in the ministry as the reward of
his labors, but lie did not choose to exer
cise it, lost it should bring the charge of
avarice against the minintry. Yet in GahlJ
0: and 1 Cor. 9: 1-14, he d'atinetly
teaches that "they which,preach the gospel
shouild live of the gospel." "These hands."
Paul showed, both by example and prq.
cept. that labor ip honorable. "The~
words," etc. The words recor4edhe..e
nptri te - le,but they a rin potte6
da'ith at many,of Ohp-ist's sayings
ate 4 Q1dI "~~$z i eeed." "When'
p$ na e at the blessedness of
giVi ti h brea er Ha did not intinmate'
that tejyo eevn a ml.H
pioclaims mne sentence the twofold
truh, hatthejoy of ispepeioban
ing is great, and His own in bestowing it
is areater." s.
V. The closing scene (vs. 30-38). 3g-3.*
"Kneeled." "The uasual attitude of prayer,
andl the proper position 9f a supplian t. It .
Indicates reverence and liumility.' "Wept.
uora." Wept much. "Kissed." This was
th~e common token of affection. "Sorrow
ing." This was a most tendler and affec
tionate parting scene. May God grant to
every minister the spirit which Paul
evinced at, this time.
LynchIng In Louisiana.
Lewlsville, Ark., Special.-News
reached here to the effect that Frank
Robertson, a negr'o, was lynched at
Blradley, near. the LouIsIana lIne.
Robertson was In jaIl. HeI hadl admit
ted hIs guIlt of thet cm'hme of arson. A
party of 25 meni, supposed to be0 from
across the Loumisiana lIne, rodoe Into
Bradley, overpowered thme jaller, took
p)o.sssion of the negr'o and rode away
wvith him. T1he bodhy has not been
Answer iled.
WashIngton, Speelal.-Tlio Norfolkc
and Western Railr'oad has filed wIth
the Inter- State Commerce Commis
sion an answer dlenyig the allega
tIons of the C. S. Bell Company, of ~
'hillshor'o, 0., that ther'e was dlscrlim
Inathon against HillIsboro shIppers .in
favor of those of CIncInnatI, The Nor
folk auid Western says, lowefer, that
It (hoes permit at Hillsbero the econ
solidation of' .pr perl classficd 8hp
tPmt, rto 'eht4ad 10t0 at' #a1-load
e'bre Yh6'i no luitereat bY
''' ' "er

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