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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, April 09, 1903, Image 1

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W r11
VOL..XHI. PICK(ENS, _.C,TUSAY lII,9 09 No. 7
rlnor Lvents of the Week in a
Brief Form.
l hrough the tlountaini>ts.
' \1Ander'.On. 1),"(ial.---It wvas Ieita c
her'e tl':at a l! (CH y 'lo f :llle-in 'r V;('r'(
\voI at. \\alialla y(.t'N iay >;r veyji
the' i' of th T 'l .r'e. .' :th ('ar
'tlhi lIng i''l 's Si i,-' :t \Va lil
-' y : ' te r a . i in i 'i0 art- i w r'i;
500' It dit iIo i'' '_ .I}1'1 :i) 'l : \v.r' in
Iitei ' in thet' t!.r! .-iit.a ('i A\ni.';:ti .
'T y il e ::; it 'o t t i i t0 h I
witi wIll )ha . vsmtt
h s ltro o t e .\ i r . ,. i. ' '. i i c . -f l 1.i
tre g ~ hlr \ie Shintwro tofe (li
i(tid; . (li. .\i . 'i : 'r f: in c h iar;
of i;- (n 1i jr i i S,w at aIlha ll:
Th'e('n( g''ntler.a n, w'ith seve.ral <
tl1(i1' O :50 'it'"ite:'. V i'' jtl (iIttt
SOme Imonrlitihs5 a:i'o. Thy;'' r!((laI a
that i),(m ' thiat t' li:n. W :uhll h0'e; lr
f'rOmll KnoxVU il . tl. h ' 'ity, aii 1:1i
lait:'ly to th;t' C''. T'.h - s'('emed( to ii
"V('ry' ,anI n(' ab;nr.: it. butl (iid[ n:
kt e public any t:f Ite i' ant I'
}inln i)in thi ' ('nt('I' jri''". ' Th comtall
ha:s s. "lrtl a 'harte in (('or'gia. i>..
ilas not. y'et Ii :' SO in tii ii Stat'..
ilition Dollar investment.
' Bl a'hSc' uri:. S;)P('cial.--A c alI
mi'eting of the ir'e tori of the Cher'
:(( I" l MI anufartu'iti: (C-w pany w:
hlI aI the(' "Om anyl ' i at i hr
ke(' 'al . :C I t k .'Ti'e funli I t
\"asi p),'(Cen( t. (ampll O f C thle folios
ing get'l[<m: n: I". .1. Swe' y. . I(o'
"' I1 (i', t'ih):'
:ad .1. A\. ('a"t":ll. (iallinr;.'. h
adit 1 . Ii. I I)b rC. th1r)k(n l"alb
.11im V.. II C-< . Gast'nia: \l. ll'a l
ner. K'inlg':s ('r<;'. :n(; J. I. W al:11a<
and . i. . ' .1, rhvilte. Ih
sp'(ia lobjt it (!f i.h' t inl: wa i
tiike stn;s :' (I1! in:-y t. ih ani ;
m I1i t O: 1 ': 'I i 0ih (!''' 01
-:thi ( f .l ' In 'a'a I'' (t 'aplit
0to(l (:f h c' ml ;m :.- to : .l. li. l
w\1ithi a furthetr v'i''v; i'' Ilargi'lg alt
bu1)111 I.ili " I. 'h' i:' ' l a , :a; I bl'On
li'('r an(d bul'.ing 'n1Oi:i'r )iOI I i
S ati th' st.' ('f' ii' ' ' C itrokl' i'?o
' iit":n o'i (i. ' <"i th ' sie 'd Watt
. )\Vc.' pow uila mos051 t i :ilo lOCat.ions f
:t 11) 11nanu (tlr'ig , t(r''r1ie ( in tl:
" 1 tttic . (i te' l in s i~sii
-h State News iten,".
t tIn the 'a(r:ti ( ai 1 a O l 1( in n pl i
Charl Stn .iOnl' \'y .I at \'ait issua
an I:hI ' (Irdlr r q itn-: ai !r.giCC lawvyr
11i11(e 'i '1\i1 ' I(,g .:1a'. l1 S( Wl' It'
ShOtlt1 not hn .!('C 'i.;t'ed1 from ;prac'h h
in th elartS fno1t; i es$ional to:
u('t. TlChe at elinn of tilh oui rt 'C1
(allec to T1' lle's artho is in th rt
('el-- 1'.. COy n e , I t aa J.t.,l'nur . I
wrr 1..".d '.. i<;t'r:(. 1
\Vy 'I'a t'i 'l h ' t CI'":1 th'::te'ra5 i
'arl a h t.d itoC cn':(' ill '. Tw'\'in( Wi
oave to lit e toash.tie' . th a pei I
IIth n ' t it ' 'a r .i ul'r t a :d if I
cannot a is :f - ril' 1 nlti oin:s
(te i:Ot u tliti' .i h' - i ! ll;i
t11('1' \Vlti1 1 .tlS f 'n et I t\':V('I'w !''
at the ('ib:1 eh . ...i
The ''11 ', t C t !n : hj
lt,if:l:l a i n l h I t 1,t' a! t..C I l
Ctan b 1e Non V 1 ! t 2 'i: mi,i '
* itrseut i ll b .lfl) a ii e en: a o.
CI . .\ i Fll o- e;lh i
huts .\ m <e n- 'iii .
given' shl: r -. 'i . . .I t:i : It''r
the rl"f ti:n h!.. he. 1::'
wht,Im'st aina Tleioi( . I-I
whare, J3:i'rt.ai-li ltrae :
Thorae. Tarc wer -l i eono.iu
w len.er Wn t i'wle orlnt5n.'r
agathei Soth Saolin u ivtrao .itl
nuigt aant the livlutot a:mig
Netry eran 0 semble renor (iimir
May.toay their anhilmpr OmIie igh
byThe nI-tnrn :eara cntid.r
Wen edetay nighbot in o'le
yprsof Cage lioon in Cot;:nanbut
cmmaulten byanwt man. ho aie
J1.lM. Catinty to asutant. statet
opeiSato o $1O.iCOAaoiable.
~ihah"a' ilem a o4s
Ciainted That National (iovcrnncnt Is
Not Acting Fairly.
Th( -tate of Sulh Caroliina has lost
iX alt'Iy ti VviaI Il 011 h iu'(nd dol tars on
a(t u3nt of' the x:(izur l by tie r'ventil(1,
Oitic'Prs of P0n:-aan 1;(,liuo)r5 in slur
t'e :'t te <lisi)(imi:ry\. D)uringY thme listal
yea ItI^ tile govrn(' nllllt toOk floI
Ii S t it(' 1,16G #allonl; o'i tO ltfistimatedl
't sltufT --the re'asonu assigmme/l fur the se
at on:i s'i-t'c' heing t'.;:t;. the gov rn
mlent hl: ts a 11 prior laiml. T{herev:wer":
. tlss ihiol 00t 1 1:1i.n . t:t ik fro:l thm'
:1 St t' (i:t'nsa:- 1:1 Ilte ;ir:it si\
g.3, i13( t31 oc : Of tIh' - I. c'i1 i he 1!n-rt':1
. 1e i': i t l'' ii' Ii '.1 I c:-1 l'r.o 0 ; 1wi'
v rkd;( t ,4' diispellnisa:'y :1:311Or itOs.
C. W 3'l' ('y Lt ( t(, 1331 C (ti sc. l iot31c '(' o t,1' i
T1' h\V 1'(ey', tOit l i1 ' hr:n . y Ii ul si of
icnl.;tabtm s clil inI i : 9 ; I I :-al yea: was,
Sum) ao rrts. 'Thm fn-i tken by the
v n' 4''I !3er:; w'a(''O \ 4 i !1' 34 (:11! it 1 1(1'
1 313?.1t., 3n (d l of I(''tsi :.tom ill \iti('. 'iile
:' ir0i) ti ie tl 5eiZlur<; 'nadlo by Ilt ' ''PV- I
;1 t"Ite oi flice' ha l:l, ; 3 1 s'1etl gl'atly
it wtilain hlie lilst th'!ree !1'nfth , aittt it
al'fearo now\ thl:tl atl 1(0eas t'-halt' of
1!' s:'iz.11'eo 11:ti' l \b c OnI: tales m ust
-Ihe tiwrit'd U\verl tP flte l(''l'rnm!en ,
t whos ' aget..l Mr. Tlrumbi)t. !:- or:leied1
((I in)spec)t iill the coit(abandl i'roulghit
Y to tihe Siate disloIsary.
( ''Te rev'enut uffi('er's haVt' t.t}onm
tae'kages ranging in (Inantfly frt''11 a
gallon ljug to a :0-1;illlon hnrrel, :iici
om et itimes (oz11s of bonttles i nease:d in
lldirums and( barl'lIS are( takC('n from I1te
S :alitl e.
''he ieontmisione:. .ilr. li. II. (rum,
ihinks .his i: unfatir to the :at', aind
tihas madle a r'e(ti(st for the returno of
the cunti'il)aband ctutlrd'(i by an1ti bI'
lOigilg to tie Stile. 'T'he govei'inct it
S Sho{l0 : he intl('re,Se< in n lilut( ri - onl
. \whieh Ihe' rr\<nut' has- been pii.l
.\lr. \\'. W . liris, tlh'' eo:Isatabtia'v
t1 is-k. Woilt) is cht ilarge of the ectll!a
(, iei13cl ,nt)am at th' i l).eliaar". :ay-s; It:a1
it h:ih s Ieit his n'!Iti''rst:ntlintmi that all
1 .(t>; we' 'l 1y' tih'' f tIte in ;lat I:am' r's
of Ic. - 1ihln live g::ltons 1 (lhit he nre
:1 ,;;m1t'I to ha' be('en ta'x-iai'I t h(' tt !
etf ra!'y hlouli! h. n'Ovt'il, t he hill uden
o ut pr1'of in'Itg o 1te federal #u en-'ll
1llnln inste.tl f on h11 S i al e aa ' :; :itl'w
:l Ihe l'a'e.
''he et!stables h3ta:1 inst metO 1n si t)
'-hi) 'ili iits ini thll i);,-k:;;(S in
r1' whic1 they i:id fundcii thltnl sc Ihat
( the l'lt^(1 Stateo gitge' 11 tie cdis- !
I ienisa:y V onad the better' judge w\hethl:
ine gotd wu- \er"e so rb"-t t .) s('b:iire by thme
t'eraI gOver'inmt;t.
The dliaipensary iitO'( e lived
c'Jt It) 'te agt'eement, bumit Itinlk ihat
1 h!' l'c'dt!eral nfi'ier(r; have' not. \\'h:'n1
' ,Ooti1; in1 ottlies Itaeke(I 0U or :30) j
S1ott les in a box or barrel ar e sei;:e I. we 1
:111111 1hat. ea1ch botle sholcl eons}t- I
- 1tO'' a 1):ckiage !1:: ntot the balr''Cl.'
"? 1' 311 Fl tu1')ley' 1;t'nc'!'i \'llli I 1'l':;3'tt
S Th3e1 I(1 ttre teea ill'l presentt II35
-the matter' tco the rev'enne comill
t s! n.t 'r :11 \\'itshin;gton a S0O1i ( t) he c cc;
- 'cov red slffi in'!1t1y frot I::.i r -c'.eutl I
?ilttk of the gi1.
!t (iracdedl School Burned (.
ct (r'tt"l\nwoo . Spi)(":!- TheI;( (i:-',-aw\iOt!
;;ra(led( scioitI humiling ';':;; (!:;;t: .
f by firt' al :: u'cloe!: t"tida:y mlOrn:n.1
'l'it' ('lil?littel'c l' ; l 31 (11 3 t:m",il tt'.'iglit 1
tl'rai1 ,n1 t'he lu..h :it-i .\ir' 1.1::e v:'.c t I:-.
(i f 3t) -3t' ~i i' t1:11mmt. Ic ta', I
I) l stt si l t, 1':!h l:1 n 1 '. ,v ~ t :
- c - m lt"'.I'e s. :3 y '!un'_. tn: :1i tiVi:'' i' n
- tc G re n : cc, w ho!1 'Ia l.( 1 "I 11 .'i l
- ih ' " bO:ard. . 1 i. :St'Cen" . .jc .\13 ... I
r e' 1 '' i,i o . !:. I'. '')11. 'Iict. n
'i 31 o f i' ' 3: liet . ' . !-c - t. tii
i no ar'i-' : . r . '. I'i I '
ljo ' n:- :t 'i:n Icc' I n'' n
it i .I akable 1:1l: .:1. 0 ; 31 .:.
h I. g' b.; re ( ' lto t 111 I .'apl
i.r3' w1rhe h::a1 3('l tho'g thVi y 111 :a031 lni
bckin i :13 ),4the wil. oil aVt 34 ( $tpa-m'it
11. he 31ri,::i of'(I 31 h, ir.331ws1et-'
3' the1''r eenat omedi Inc.
rlr. Uu,tt Killed.
Ala'.j. i"3nt, was k3~131iI by Ilt'own i 11031'
. get's, cootrecd, at II o)'l. iIdi-wn
IC RIodgers3- is- a mulatto (3313(31 ab.~ fel(' t
a l1n('hes highl and1 weights about31 15')
houlse 01' a ntegr'es3s. "at Iwas- oin thle
3. negroI'~ fired( two shots3- from1 wi'.thin,3:
( ettnt to produ1 1ce dienth. Tt'w 3 fir sho1t33431
a, took~ 'ffec't iln tihe leftt br1eant3 an1'!
tg pierce3''d thle heart. thle s43eond1 enteredl'
iii thec back of th:' ne'cki at the baI':e er
3a thei sklil. ican1t. didc inlstanltly. h
-' 111 mrciererl lied 333an " i at las (Ieronn13a13
30 had3 10 not b 1e('n iatu1rld, thouighl a1 dil
1- gnt 1 nre $')''is 3 t bet3 pro'3c eIitte'd h)'
-e thte~('tl(13133 citz ad tti(l's. 1I0odg. rni's
at:'at 25 ' ('ar3s oild .am11i ears 31a3 sliaht
r. Futrther D) ttils.
II Anderren~'jfl. Spc''3il.-ir. Charley Mil1
ford. a well know young 11 II farmertCl oI
Ms?arionl townshl3ipj in thtis countr'y. met0
Id a1 tracgie dcath i.riiday, ightt. li ( had
h I htc n in thte ('11y (dur11ng Illh day. and1(
zers3 fand attende3id to) o111er business83.
1-lIe s.trtfot' his hlome iate 11n the at
ic ICenon On htis walgon, (31 w.hichl Ile had
,a- a 103:i of 15 sacks(- 01' guanoi3. He livedi
11- on1 a1 pilnttion blo n C'oging to Mr. Bailey
3j.. Drtakie anld in going to his htome alcross
l- tile pla3ce heo cdrove overI a3 p)ilntationl
3 Vway overI a ra3ther1 steep grado and iti
ed makding thei( turn the wagon1 went dtown
ay a decd) de's'entt. in going d1owSn the
hegrade Mrt. .\ifor'd was thr'own from
dethe wap;'on1 to the( r'oad 1h0( and1( both
n wheels .paC.cc 4d ver( his body, infieting
death. Coroert ''.niter( hld an iln
Cluest and the jur y rtuirnedi a verdict
itin accreoi10 wvIth 13 the fats. Mr'. Mil=
u- ford was a1 prosper'ousi and1 idulstr'ious
'he CitlP.en, and1 the news of Is tragic
(dea'th wasg quite ai Zhoe'k to 11 h is may
p.frIends. H'{V Wa tbout :3s yr r'3 old1 and1(
levsa \'tOi 4' soyerl' e ~idrenl.
Will Be Prosecuted by the Ui
iiallinan Simls, a Trusted Employe
the (late City National Bar
Charged Heavy t)efalcatiois.
Atlanta, Spc)ial.--(. I1allinan Sin
collection (irk for the Capital Ci
NattionaIlktank, has i- en 1)laee.l IIndt
arrest by United tates I )eputy M
lIi al Scott, u1iunI a wal'alit t worn
by 'resi.lien. Sf)e , of the har
chalrging Sims wVit i ('nmb(zzling a si
('Stlinatted( at innarly jl .0)0. Simis
now held at the I'idinont llotcl
the delit inarshaI. l e iefuses
talk about the affair.
Tfi rs Ii Pt su1picion of a shortage
Siai1s' aecount aioi;e Saturdlay. E xpc
a000ounthnts Iinmin'Iately began wvo
on the books and it was soon d(isc- os(
that large sumrs hal bet Ii abstrartctl
various ties, extending back so
oral years. The warrant was tli
sVOrn Oit by the president. of tl
hank. Sims had beein in the seivice
the bank for X years and was (on1i
0Ir0d One of their lino:t tr'ust"(d t'
l1oyes. lie iovet iII iexclusive -irlh
of Atlanta society an(1 Va; a y)ur
llail of ashlion.
Pron)inent oltsidtc hanrs ha
madec a thoro,o hh ex;il lination of II
blaik's ('Tl ition ani have given (
a signed t tm'in'it that. it, is al1
lutel.y safe. A port ion of t he iel'ali
tion is (m-erd by Sil:' hund and 1
also Ownis sOI)ne prlojuwrty, whiielh wV
he ilulned 1ov\er to the banlk. Tiii hdr
tor's tat ihth . Ilhe an)onut. of the d1
fatention hats already b)e('n thr-ged
undivid.ed pr;lits. National lanik E
aminer )esau:;seriie also states tli
the baiik is in no (dange. Sits, vi
has aminitted his guilt, will be pros
cuted by the LTnit.l States gover
men t. lie is unmarried and is tlie st
(if 'hos. I. Sims. a p)r0il)nint me
(ibant of KCirkwool, one of Atlanta
Vabash Strike Over.
St. Louis. Special.----After fot
m)onths of eontroversy between tI
employes of the WVahash road and tI
oflicials of that system. during whhi
at one time a strike was imminient at
was preventel only by an ilonith
restraining th emp1oyes from vaciIii
their postS, a11(1 whi h injii itt ion w;
dissoled la.l Weln eslay, the diffc
ene s were finaiIy ad (justed and ii
cont roversy sat :sfa(t(rily set t led. Of1
ciaL of the 1rothe'iho(ods i e1)rs'.nt it
the (mlployes dlecla,-c tIhi set ?tlee-a
nat isfiottory and is a sw" inig vi.;c)
f'or Orgn;izedi labor. TIhe \\':iaah ot?
(ialS ilc(latre ihlat all dif reliwi s Wi
the eeyllk es have betn tiin:(!ly teli
lat'd ill a) 'tisla('t( 5'y ni111 1 a
tha I. rli t Uit ) t.t joft t hi's jii aiI l
aiaility ilfil beii ,' aimlnonlOus. Ti
f(%I ))loin a th!ie m1iain ei:ilts .
br;at;(1d iin di t h-me II ) n lit: T l ve ;
Iliien. i:st fr L' ioht si bralepi n
tnel rated hwille ie- ro;. :i t. page
tandardviend compe i; Ini. fr tui
dut >' li l d bir.t ai m iii in th i fkre
lorvce. ovrthe ias whenirerh ,-i'
Januteapplying'2 to alloclsthe.\ isi
r0ie. 'Iior whefie tn hincailes woe
cornted ton thel wanadran lins ins a
div i ofnc. th f Mchiga ivr.
the1 lle in. thep'u Uit- e h1t.at. maf
ri aincreases an imcimprovemens. i
wrk idy it'ing odiin ler' gr:iante i
the nailes wil. heroh u ptab to tou'ai
stand ardpi when comeing'l 'lnes in il
11ae eritoryii sal$ grt)O Wimil ar i
1'renssii. The yardmen reeetasul
sanual increase,~ if varing Aeiln difere
localitIs. Thereii is~ i an entire ra viii u
ofprIles aplyin to* lle eneras topi tri
servce.lo Thill wae t1he man bonl 8:i
contentin an ria' grant1en ~is e
inh 1111and of ec ier.tte
ACon,ct . Special---The pl:int lf i
Aultman,iIl reilte &n Co., (manuoifatr
oWailurl imenents,easl
Daturda, ~pladinheb:mt tof tal r
rvar. ofenerlialMnagor .'' . erl
an arue.e hresid een oftheiopa
twen aMana1.g' Mein, of thevlan
&Pb hiladehailpoad.Th andeveni
annuavmtn of the. Acadm of lalayC
lital and1( BoaerSoienoe willr c
ArIln17nd 13'. Te gehnea toie
arndLatnduers. and mrnIpron
nent( indipl omicicles,i both ino!
1Lcnt. and i fr.agt ici Amerienw
o"The por3llfteUntdSae
rItny Confdcerate Veterans Attend.
(iov(ernor'-i)urbin Mtake; .pechiJ.
d Shi iloh 3:12'it'i:h!, Seit tia i litI
I " ilitr id an'} lit"i'r n td I t(i Iltlw ;:1\
i i inIlt Io'ii t y, t he' I l2iit illnim: '1
:i edt d itlia Si i .f i .Ill in ii n')'
of (it h to rl ' inliie t th:It St at ii.taI it1
ii! l itbttle ui Shlil,)h. 'tw\O : l't iai tir.lin
f G1int u'ud t ' p1a(. I: i it h 'ii - rt mgh
of GutI (3ii'i- foi m iH:so i h
'i l'I1uinL. ( (ener1al l.ew \\-:t!I;we ( 1r('
" iIt d at t 'i dedi+:to t Xiri( (. Tin
rlIn ntu wer' h'' 1, ( ted i ihitlilu- l
i ('ololl('! .Il t(m .; \\'ri; .;h t ti: ( I e In
S, (i?.aaa l!:i a: -ss:'5i n, whiti'h h:! Ihai
i g o)f tIt h . rim 1 i '. Go'iv ' U!. i!
hil Ir lt etl l} th ' I !.t nui; iti 11 tii
'r t li('nt aiii Iit \\ L'nt , t yi wltr, p l b\
iir- \'\ . ('i'i i .111 I:; ttilti .
tti ti'- if \;',' \\hih l-:
,I h I' i ' t' 1 . i '':l I it 1nd
by i i: iii' iiiil It ii ,-: ni h
i: me;o : e Ia 'rpaing inisiat I!' 11(: i\ 0 1p
ii) IIh', na tional 'I:icL. th( uit l$r
ic ot lu r ly pt i ri t t:n aing II'sn ':: '' ii
in braV i , tt it'o i t i- ly m ;Ii1 ;iizing
it. Ih( iact that a ti.I ounttry" thinks
rkc ' I i ii t rt'id ( of '0 t ii. -.1loi ifi i IILii- h1 eo s
\ho fotight in th :i ;r't stra'igl', but
? it t N g ro !)yii-h d. t tu the -
at. vition if thi i ' oi ; (ha 1 ('tui l('; if
\. b:rve and( faithfi't! p Irfoirm an)i ofu
du tlyl, shouldt h(' \ ev<r h niiorie I it hroiughl
<ni olir' landl. WVe should !i--ver'l forg.et
to ttleSOns f th w ar, but im win'e -(' t
ll l(ernd if'e tinke ofhi n i th linly
ii hrinst.g h to b(eai o lr;er -Itv(s b>r;'viyi'
ll" ili 'cl oo! t l: ti (I 7itl : I( it 'lll\t ', I ii
inthe htfl(-e of nitarmttei nt'myt. I
I ilm s of q r it' lthe arit hattie tI b
f Iontht aIndI vi("t)o:i(' t(( be \won. lhr
('lu(at of w\h aih 1 of the e'iiy if
( :lallindl( :1't ;1:; f,r--t, ;):-hj:;;g as ih(' 1'i
1n t. 11:cif' an r e "f l' i (olliiet. llulaoi. i5 :r
i I , int n itti. di-vo it it It iriii i h-.iI
a . 1 ( Icti flittf l wi'i1otnilar, t-a of tiiy
hl tie .' tt as (ss': ia1 aid :h ( gria nll s
an i or from( hato!" . ';i iri t;u n i l . -Ii
12iTie polie ty hat het;'' of a5 aiht
i a r m y ."( i i '
( I'h(' natiomal1 (ooi si5in was r<( re
0uti by ('o oliil'l .ii |t: ill I';illt:-s .n af
(': hi;. Tof t . r;m or r i"r 'z"r, of
I'''l: s;s'(. was r""-presen ted' : (;i mlt a
H) rI(lui )to . af M ('ilpii. ti('u;:ol" :\ :ij 'i.i
. li:-ver)id1g '. (;f inianila, t:n;!(., the
,n rinc ipl>1 ;speeih.
'y Arthur t'enne!I, Decfaulter.
litf:i!o. ;;1('(ial1.- - TIh(' C':; a'n . iial
t uthliah('s a stu,: ry in \whi("b it i,. atl
Ilk'cedt that. A\rihur U. 1''lHnn li. wh'!o
Ir wa\is kill-<( 1 Iin an: intoinlubib' 1('cicienit
:)n MJar(h 1(tlh. w\a;; a. defia1! 'r t(, ih,.
1( x" tent of fr'im si il,.0i0 to $'.!ni.ouo.
1(' T1he, story. Thei( ('omnwf(r( ial says.
-hI ieakted out. :as ther re':ult of at lt'gat
;i islut' ov< : tVwo lifi" insnraniwi pali
)ii I(' .5 an,l is to1 th( < ft'Net that li'inn 'il
in iaillil\y and( the i'amnily iif his w'ii'. III
in I)la("e mon01:y in hiis hlul s far inve;cs:t
.- mn tt., l Ia ar'ted. lin fa . I. :i hei,1r r tinanl
t !:l age;(nt. l(" wouhiil! inlfOrm Iiin- iiof
. 1:( }((( 1HVie :o inii ' at 1;hD h' he ii :la it
1 >oml( ni"-os;, whiiih wounldl i::: ;1n ' x
I ('' 'ln 1':ti' of iiu ,i s1. andt, they'
;is 'im lt sr hi1 1im. 1;1:( -.u T\-,w.
! i h w:t t'1 s . 'ntl t i m forilii inr.I
S wi i-a , it i; ,' b1 t . '!. hi - ' ntl, i:t'l
whO n in? " ,'< r ";,} ii; m (": i'i l it -- L .
l-i I!ta"ka t. \Vala u ; T H;: ' . wIa: \1:
hV(1 i It l 'Is Lif n 1,1'l \ :o1 11 i i: 7 :o :-s1
i- uI h iii s i't't i ".in -.l l i I , t ; " I i " -
I! n Iih ntl ! , h it l' h: ' h:n' i::: a
'1' ::l,'l, r' lti; i :i !; ia r a :' 1, -; f
.1 iv e 1'.0 .,,, li.i . ,a . , , i in ..i
Meets Witli Great Ovaticns at All
Slopping Places.
lie Addresses the Wisconsin tI.egish
turc and Afterwards :ipcaks to a
Much Larger Audience.
Il i')llwaikCo, SpJ(!Ieh. ich lt
lRt;u:e \ e Ilt wits tIe u oI I eO th"' .\t ii
wauk;il:'e 1le'rc harts' ac! .\linufa( tur
"O'\oiaoln at a hanu(et 51. the
1'1ankinlgtonc litwo l"'ilay n1ih_Ilt. the
.)w'('il IOl be, (1J. I !e' ('litaX ( f the day.
''he Pr'1'tsidel'n t. sal in1 tih <<ntre' tf a
Iong; tabel 'wIt 1 l he: guest; of Ih;1i1r.
A\t h i: i111merliatte rit;,ht, :at l'uitte.1
r't:ates :ienator (Quialtcs. wlii-le I. :.
\\a(ldhams. )re';i,len 11 Ioi tII' .\Milw\"auk (ie'
\I('r(hallts' and \tn \lIaat'r :\cers As;
elnoil ant d toast Iuatster eif hlie tie
:t n was ;o \ seatt at his left. After the
hatIu('t. 11haib'n s('rve(d. Tl"mstmaster
\\'atlamslit intrutlu('l l'rSidtlen(t. it(x)54.'
velt oV I)es) ntldc.I to the tost "T0: Ihe
I'resident. of tIe l'nte(d States."'' The
'l'(si(ent. tuk \rin(8101 to give hi1s
Viewe"s ol the suij. et of trasts.
Mr. l(oosev"elt.'s sl)p'e'ch in [art. fol
Mr. Toast mast er. (ent lenen:
1 wish to S1peiak to you on the qlues
lion of the contr )1 anld regulation of
those great eorporatios wh'iCh are
popularly, alth(ugh rat.ht r :aguel;'v.
knowi as trusts; dlealing mrostly witlh.
'hat haLs atiially heen aeit plll!iled'
ini the way of legisition ac.l in IIe
way oef ellforeetet of lgisattion dlur
lg the 1ast eightlet'"n mnuths, the
1eeriod (ov"eril the iwo S5esia; of
t.he ' itt.y-se'Ve tlh (Congress ,\ t (he.'
outtset I shal11l ask yoIu ti r('(nenlther
that I o(1 Ili) I lno lic';ar;h I su b;t!je't.
('Ii ec' fro mc i I' t t :t nli; it. n e1' 1 tie51e
w"ho)1 s)eak of 1ht ms('e\('S :t i lnli-till:;t
or alt i-Cov )Orit IOeU p) l), nO' Vet.
f'rom111 the stlaiid,oint. t h 11Ocse \ wh( "'ar'
fond Of dlenyinig thr 'XiSten(cel evils
in Ilhe trusts, or who aipsarn'lltly 1)r(1
('('(d 111)011 the assui)tion that if a.
rpoIloration is large eltOlglh it a(n1 dlo
I)ESTltl'C;TION OI' 1 (lt; C (P(.)t\
'IONS NOT I)i:lltEI).
I think I speak for lhe great. ma
j0rity 'u)f the Amnerich:tc P15)pl10 when I
S. oIhat w\"e are 'lot in the leilSt.
aaainst wealthI as sI1 h, wh'ther in
Ildrivlltal or (Crtrate; that 'er merl'1v
dlesire to see: any alie of (orpourlate
ur C mie i '('alt It (uorreet.(-d an.uld
rem1(1ied; that W(, (II) lint desire th1e
li a;utilonl c)r (est ruc10tion of lug C)ora
- tions, hut, o uthe c"Ontt'rily, r ecotgnize
themI as being in1 inIUy caseiS eele t
('oni) I lc iiStt Utn 'nts, the results of
an 1n(i'Itab)le process of econom(111 ('Vi
lation, andltl only de('sire t) see then
r(glate(181)1d 1 (nd cn 10lled S( fat ITS cmay
b)e Ileess5a'y I) Csb:crve the' r lblie
good. \' slahl he fake to Ith~e his
tOrn 1ri1!nipl. of ur ; t ('ruInm nt if
w,r dii::riillinite(d, either by legi:;a.
tiulnu, :tt i llis t lat iii, eitte'r fo er or
i.;ainst. :C, nan of t h;1ler' hi. wealtIh (ii'
1I:; ,UC \'ti1 ' e 'l' htC 'rIS llO 1 C )I'1 ' 1I'I'lc"'
lI) (:111' e0(1it1V e(' i l I' b'ec II i'ir'h 1:1:111I
h\: 1 :v: rt..: i e is\' m , po( .,((I :t"
I'e h'sir ' t I:: l!' i m11 1 ., (tp '(;'i ", 1ri
ti - e i < n:.'i'thIurS, teir H I or tc
:it :1m :i :i(' h- ii- I' ':!w h , I' in e (1 ;
I.'C 1n abIu. r t ; all ' b ' mC
1 ti'C. C : -i \ r' ' - p i I 1
il ' II Iw Cl11h. as '::', '' ti .( '
I . 1' ' 'l 1 C' .' ...i..i
in iirC i C'l'C cia ieCs of tie. ;:e;l mCif
lo~ the rapidi:c andC~. I l'e;Cumphit y of' ilc t.
'wi'':hticc I Irob e: t whi'ch in lb ir a rese.
fc'c.th< n;. cOur'c gtC, c in pi ty withC iets'
CIICI II s lpanym CIIi te C:gu.in; c'i -,, pop 'CC .
h On W iIf ' o wealih.e lit l'i,:'l:-5 e t e.
-dEi)n 'f faculth-; An Pis O.; h,p.
an iTh isa fos to Ilmret!.g
as wlful toa blindC ltirsilves tc ithe'
T: ehe' 'evil ha t en parc ,:'1C 0'y c in Iee
tabl '' e accma ic ent ofC the ci,al
- cd thi : s 'e is Ch 5 :c C i tle
It CCe \ C~ 'C :. . tICe ,.hanlge of
- ' la iiiha it f the'S; evlUig, a
1.' 'ic ceh an C:ya t'e'i d iiI e n hetsC
~ e ~ it lClntew t'le i h" dangCC eCe r of
bC Ce e n-:m- e c :/ 'e ael a'I-iainst oc
y wnC'. r:lia l' i a li;!' C l i( Change, C/(
lICt w e !h l;Ccl i mt byP-o'.e i
d Ie tm-ininC not toI: be .vd Ifroml
''It coureC uiley fam ish c Ilarngr c>r
JIent o (f lonii'ftions. ta. i'V (' .?
h-'Olc\letig(cl I ClItr Ice ..\S i,c 01?
NeJlarlyI ((Cc ltwo y. ago.i ticlf ng Il)m
he SC t at e Cfir C InC \iini: esio'.t icrn'' e,.
'It. i probably tree :it iCthfe*alrge ma-'
t CIt,v (f lice foeric yaincic thano eiC
In thCICII Ccntr have1 bceenIt antagt tI #
by~'cleI njrinla ur'l' elbt aCnC'lnleI anCCI II..
dotptol7 the ncferin oga benre.;t eS
whatoc may hav bnte 1ICIt pI'cnsy cid:
t is butc'r( to sli au t ti ustifleation for(C(C;
t most olieCia(f theliutcry again I, fel
tY,whih dicl tor indiIectly ofads to
t Cfss tp:to i nn el aire. amn aursatvc
whl(eh tendsf 'C 1 toC lhnill oppor!y and
thrfor toe 'Cc shutn the or of lsuli ss
aga ist poor men o'f taet,' aml, final
fly, whli(c int:Is thelcl tossiiity of lat
t'rIcJ l Iss ess andC vioe n,io n aI:3gt to
uponss th c'ndametaof pcroeries ofl
go tOIp or Ie oCC 'ownC together.iI Y't ~'ifr
ain i.i neer arye tt, na'"tion,e h-:a gti(to'
contro!'as:rtgrds the gcrrat. bc:ror..
tIh'ir iil rt:!iare ,t' lifnt the 'xistenie of
::(e nlu0n;.uli.,(' trndlem- 'I'-, T ight
sha nll he ( r(r,"L('t w\ithl et tion andi
Ifel-rest'llaint : i t it sihunli Exts;, SC
t hait It nlay lr in . aLelt i f I lie rr''ed
u ris('s.
itst f,,ll i: .pltinlrig at Cin in:iatl
risaid. "''l'he i us;.try sut)rvIi(i.n 1.,rl
('uttritrol in wlhti"h I n).mily believe ay
the only ntiet d (t! . iniiinatting the
re'al c'vila of thu' trl r; nls e
tiiro itth wise)'l a dli t ft''-'I -ly fItt n t,"
h'gishition, Wh! ic ::i: a , m in thv firt
hl'e to give detitlit", m rr(t1
a0\vereign (ver tIh g,a r Iporti tin.
ani w hilehi hal1 lbe f; :.;..i isn
)nie this power has Is r, . ( e rrd 1,'
a systeti givting to im ,,;:,m, nt te
lull lInuwletcle n i I hilt i:iI
for satti.ftu ory ion. 't'li. < Th . wh,n tii
ktow1'ledge-- n( f it e a "".!i!at 1t-a
iilr('Si it \\'ll't . ii l i 1) , i g' fu,I a+"i'
bc +'tn ined, w hat. li the i st :t any
klt i tire n era' l' i a t l st:tk w'ilh
1I' (1uw\'ert 3 tclal v,ith tli "je t.. ;t1
tIe .l tor tlti' kL)O\,' ha t lage - rhat
sh It a l an1ts in h 'tu lie n t-l ma).tt r.
Wi'e te :l ahiltition:al ;; e\\"t'r. :u,il \ twe
ntllin wl(dg- . .. . . ('; is.
lion n he thier ot:Itainah' t\ r
tU tti ilh 111ly aIte tr a ti,!.stil ti,'")al
aine n 'iuenl h tI 1 1)b'h i vll ft,r a r"("a
SOnla)'e su1el;ision. thG nlost, l)roini
n(it f'eatre of w htil' at irst :h,blta
lie uali ity; that is, the IIi irt;.ii eub
II', both to thu. governlnent authori
tis a d to tin the m;'le al. larg , the' us
sential a(ct s i h'iiih (heic pubih' .-I l OI
('4iir(l. '.I'h is w\"oulti giv e us exatt
knowle(lie of nln l ointa wht Iih are
n(W (ot orly s in dutihtl but the suil jet
of tlrt ( )hn trO('rsv. i\ l.ituvur, tih
tri r' aul If the lubOi) n ation wo0llb1
t"nr't ro1111 very) griaVi uvi fOr' thii
)igh)t utf dlay is 11 dt'err'tnt II) w\rOnkc
(1Il1( hot 1(1 tl' e8.. A tn
Sll'1 t( -\i N T1'IIl .: .aslnil
SAl:' t 'O. l ' \ l i.
In Novulhem r. IeU, that A ltir' ney;
C tt :1 iirt il' ti.t a hill for an in
jull ton Ish l('d in itha 'nihtld Stattis
C'ir'ruit i ert III $:111 Frt"ant'i'': iitI
I i whit'h hadl li t ': m-lt''i"z.'t ill'
tht: lawvs of an Ea- I' n Stauhuhd
its mnain "il st ai ii it ail ti' i tp e
bu in ss in (';tlifurnia -ant against a
ntflOhbtr of uther tol(anit's antd putr
FOI (Onstituing what w\as liownl as
I lht salt t 1rust . Thelst' injuilln tiuns \\ lrt
to rustrain' the t l..iion of i e 'Ii
'0nt ra l' 1(etweenl i I i l'': dt I Salt
('.n iifany ' and l the otht r d fundlatt, by
\ iin the lattur agi u (' c nl hit to in
Iaort, hby, or s('ll salt. exe p tt rilomt 11 ar
to the I 't' dural gait i 'ornl)al ny, ;n i 0a)ii
ito en age or iasiat in t p\rutluctiutt
('f (alt. w st. 0f' thit . ississi p, 5 i .;i
tltii tIll' t 'onti illuant'e of such t ln
Iirau"t. A!; theI reiutI Of th( sc agrete
110is the ric of salt uid b1en i ato -
\'vancdI ii ao t 100 t'et "ne 'nt. A to:
lIneariy injlt Ioun ; (Il was oldainut
wihiih theh dt'Ie"n<tan(s askedl the r(uiL'
to mdilfyn the hroue tnttIhat: t' ans
truste atw had no aipllhatina in to cont.
tr"acts for (iur(hases andt sales will,ini
It Sty:t('. The Ciruiuet (otlrl o (erlrul(l
t his (clntuntiul undi .s staint'd f h'l
gO\"rrnmlent('; position. TIhis pla;nt-al:sly
runc lud!od the astl. :;id it is ttnller
st ld th:a t inl t(oua,'lue( nt"(' the ae ral
5 at ('ai' anyi:u is d':,ut to lw din.; lv(r
aII ll ll II t fll t It ti e lconlt t will h,
.\ sl '(('I ti l-' .-i. : e 'l'Yti'
Th1021 :11 1 is :1 hri(f (itll r fl l t' I h '
Uote i (uw-a I n 'p C . the elativ tta nd
nlt):1i 1!!t)ma !It s :';;, I, 1: I;Oiv -li111'
( I i 11 Ir:'iv :, i In e i' ( iI , 11 I
le lh, l: :t I o:a b .. in:: ,1 i.a i i ,"i.
I a i l -ar , W .l 'O Ii\ e'i ;n: 11 1 1 l t':" I)t!;It t*
-la iI:. I: '1'a h. Ii h e n 'oa l i' I I , ;1.
I I i; -r) n t r ri !'oI . I ' u'. 'it . i
h vac'ay ppl e pialIn
v hle 's to bo far.t1!1 It- . l. au' - l)
i i 1r ' t 't i
Einrit o , , i-n n :. ..n -n
Judge Adams Withdraws Ills Famous
Rcstraining Order
The Court F=inds the Statement That
the nei Arc Satisfied F, Not to Bo
:t. I.oui.;. +peci;.l.Th....liue i.n1 -tiettont
j i:;t'td l art h 3. hy Judge 1'.luer 13.
.\htni.t , of thI I.'iit('d St ate c ditrict
-,tit.. +at the i?1tain'(' of ,tt \ Wablash
tailroa.l oU'iiaI to( r':;tvaini titt 3t'rvth
(:'htu.Id of 1.aiilw'ay ':.'rainment anud
1r men f'II from tileritg a 1trik(- On
th:a. nal, wvi a t ii:soIlv 't. \Vednesday
in a t!t .ision i 'Idld dowIn by .udg?
Adm;i . a week after 'th' healin.g oC
a:-' it' at:- for :' :1 ngains : the remav
ii (1ti '.': legal Ui)'t.tt It.
\\' nil nt one( c ill r'xinr(.+9 ani opin
inn a to the not'l; pttlh ble ,0Voe 11.
t'ith Ii" ilt, rt't a lks dirotpp dl intdicitt.(
tha.t 'Yt'ty ('IW .r t will b(' Inacle to, (if
144 te t a Itll'tnt tt ;itul avert :t. strikte..
liuit i a .:'ttlt'ri shall r t he et
lted, t.Il unidt'r.'Sta'iding seesll to. b'r
I('net r:a that a stri'j is sitre to result
AI \\taa:h hie:htii rt4rs il. wat statedi
l'hat tuti':able aljtsnle'nt of t,h Con
IIriVe1:;; is boit lu'r. The ramll senti
nI;ent. .7:$ ('xitr:ti:et at the liotels.
whr' ar' th inirt ri t he few rewesQn
tatiV(s of the(' ofli4iatl of tht trainl uent
1111(1 it'('Ire m n)w in t.he ('ity. Counsel
for bto t-Ide4.s SI)(nt. the atfternoon In.
('Ontfrente , but nto atgreemen'llt Was
.Jutd:ge Au 'iIns ni' 111n11 lcel that emturt
wold( be in% ressiun atnd retattiniurb(diC.
tion of thi caea', if desired, so that in
the ('Vent (' any ntu'leStStion of or in
t.erferu'e' ''tih, tinter-State commerca
or tihe iail M'rVile, all its lawful 1)0w
t'rs may b+^ in vuiatd to resllrain tnn
Samtt', witt te tntidt'nt assurane
thant Iihey r,i Im fearlessly and elTette
hI ely ex'r.ised4. -
'l ie telulonrary in.umrtion w'as grnnt
t441 by .1itlt;, :\ I:nts on allegat.ionn
miad(' by ol'fit'ial:; of th' \Vabash sys
tetu that t.he d.'foldtniS we'e cons)ir
ing to interfer.' with inter-State traf
lie andi in the Ii:ii ission of tI'nitett
St at is I:t1k. .1lt ,g' .\da in i is de
el 'ion :'ays 1.1w inrofi;ional rest ralning
1order was 1madle I iout notice to the
deft'ntd ants, nuder th t stress of th
faets di;t"lose-! by the hill antd war
fully auth nized by aection 718, [to
V1d Stat.tt(4 of thie Utitled States, and
was imp teraIit'ly demtian'd hg ti
generttal priniti)ies of ('(i Ity jurlspru
drnce re((opnizt'd and enfor'CedI in man1Y
intiar t caseS in the U'nited States and
Ealgla11(, anld many aithlorities war
ran;ilting~ tUe iur('isionall re'strainling .
Iorl" d Irin (tn('5tion In 'C Ss of t'onspira
("i(' to int('rf('re wvith inlter'-Hta'te om -
merceIt' ant (Itherwi:e ar"e ('ited InI sup
1p0rt of th is I(tst i>rop,ositions.
Wit lin the lte allmwed by the re
straining ordt'r the defendants dully -
appl'dto andtt lile-l hi sworn answel',
doenying lit' allt'rgt'td t'onstpiratcy in nit
Its I)hns's and trtirlllarly de(nying any
J,urpoIS ' to itt'f t('e w 1ithi int .r-Statte
44111 '(nrt 4 or tl ' mail:; of ltht U?nitetl
St:;t s, :11 1(1 !r ;:lly dl(inyinl that. the
("till,loy : w% rt' :;nl II'lld .wit II w 1'ages and
t niti ' t ( I' I hit r t r i aOy1(0 4'nd tl'ny
in;. 1 l' tir 4r.t ti 1 ' tn} nd'1 all t"ot'rt'ln
Or 14!4' r fp:r s ,' tl:) I 4 t' brin : i tla utit
atr-:tvavtrin i;;ttt. thin only pur
4'. t h' Iit .tt a'n ' d i tf' lantn in con-.
14 : t' i,) t a It'i . t . was; to be it' the
t' i . f t h(4 l' hO 1' Il'1h( r' s who w r1'l'1e
i nte t m't('!y4!44' ! Hi f (t' t1 rni!lad by
1to4" t ' - i:ll i tln 't f m i th ti r
v111 .nisc tin41 144, 4' 19 1r d 'mandt
the proof,4.tI liI'14'that' le the ( e ts of1
''he ~euplo.iteto teII(lfII1 t.hnt41)th
stiiIrtedg, irrespeti j (i f the4. e ( lItt's
tion4b wht hr the meni I the commit- 114
I tte (f broterh oI epret iVt them
li lIt auese P' 1.Ihe ices oi(ti yf wais
mal) change5 1of'14 hrb'If the eml'oy e'
thrtuds.l w t n t' l' f o a Ion timt' pri'or1)
to41 Ihe iling4 ltot 13 t451f the f ntli nt'
wtgee distis' dwt hi ages am4t tIlg '(Itli(I. 1
rilroad and (fi'ai' .44ge majority (1f'i'tst
hoodfIs.~'sI with rs;p t to ther wage 4)'ndt
(1ui44 iy tt of te'. brotherhoods wereIU fully
lhini eation to14'4I144H( thi membe tr an
als41 directi 1.4 rit4 4 tn' author'ity til r -
tistt'- m o (4(tIlt'he (ffr te smetl
htigher wages In-' t4i1 hangI'onii'ons ort
seviead rlc- iroose t.rke nte
a nt wa a uty o the0i v.-'o4t 1f ithi
direc4(tly"t [ulhii4ng the sae TheS'i I
eNo'st fthr Raiway afeta 1.nl exam
oft conspiracsy iht.er \vitt in----kc
tUer-SPtt14,omerc of1058111 the Uited
mlaTe or1 te m taInlef erie of :'I k
th P rnlt aurd int Wrck.CI11wr
bMdlytgomeryt, Seial.-SouIlIt hon:
Na1I)shviltle b Railw, whic lftIMont
naa S r8 mlessth ofher
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Boston-, Spe~efal-Th Con.1 ' c're'Ctional
. 141C1ni,o1al -Sieef rcy Nei've<f ' ' wr
from' Qr'.. 'Pte'ons,. of Chlcago, that .ha
had madoe an of'er' 0of $30,000 as a gift
to NlolJItn C olleg"e,'Winter Pdlrk, I la.,
0.00O additional. Rollins' Co1198e 1 id
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