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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, April 09, 1903, Image 3

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There was Iever a song ihat Was sung b,
I3t a swer'ter one wast8 im eatti to b.
T[here wvao neer : (Ie1 tt"hat w- grand(:
Lhut a ei'cater was mn'ea:it by unmc ('arne:
TFor lt :w,tr:('C V0i('( r;,n ne"e" imi'r
'Ih .:w t h: t t rembe!e., w. htt: in itth heat : .
'nd Iihe b)r;tin ;tn( h:' nd :: neiuve:' (uile dic
The thai. th:tt the soul its u;n<lly in view.
An h1( I: ( art' t h'' i; ir. andt (he: burtden o.
For ii .inn4 go:ts are 1eve'' to gai :.
J t' t' r('n; smi i 1(ne 'r he trl hv ;u;an.
Iiit. l'::");;h IIi: a (:1<t enn1 h 'ar a;;tnd i'
.i i ; ' ti':( e t' at vere' nu ' i;i
- i') ; Ii i III : . . t
- ienjaitini .
1 IJ O
I A Stock Ma.'kct, Str. k
1?' tima_uYt1a ( w'a :I c:lti'lied1
-Iin. ".\x h( --tt in his ' l I Vr
th::t nti:.:h1. .N "'ov in, t'; 1 , 1!)l+.,
to be exat.t ;:' ('oultl )ot li',t)
i h: t tin I niiug,; were well w;t ith
htimt. li(' :anl htis ::s :('i:l's hi:d mnal
: eulI to :h:k;' Ol lii' t''lt llt' l Stockt:s
unit .Ir. (I:to; a:in l his :-. ii iltes luI
,ttdial'( so long anid well. At :l o'clock
th:tt day tho sureot vas rertaln that
;IheI itr' llIiOUS l(I1u(lationI of ;IhO . o3 1 -
'ay mal( 'Tu's(lay i'oloW;n1g thei elo
fAt" I <l driv"e InI 'te I(r(1 er1;(red( h;ad
;iust ;ito t clenred the (laII'.; roasuries
of si o("k:. ('rtainly nne of the Enstei'n
ii:ntes Iild good reason to Ia sat
istteii. ''he WVestern etowd had heen
fit tltt lhe very lesson tihey aid i'on(dly
thought they were teaching I Ie i-' .st
elin i gintes. It was very t-:;el.
(le thin nione trottbld thle h ag
lugflt(, who sat in his librarv. 'To h'
ure the WVestent 1)001 haid lh'en ti lt
\ lessoti, but the(re wa:s a;iother "out
,,(, (le pool'' that Iii is part i'ular in agnu te
ted mightily. And he hai re;ir'n.
-" l a bIen heu one of t hose who sl t'
tdianu I'acillie at !:1o anil who ("over'i
t l4t. TIhnr:'fore .\le'ssrs. C'o: (t'aI
d (1 e:a:el his hatred. Yet was the
of inttet, and m:'n ii th(' tru ee tho
ewt the hith!en 2ny::"ie:-!"s--st(l that
ic' C anadi:tin 'artlii poul was likely to
ny intact.
"Whatt is it I tint you're itinkim: of so
"lr(d, (dldy '" asked the girl who sat
it the big red lent her ('ltntr Oh)lppsile the
"c. lie threw li'r boo0k away as
nrl:ntd the iuestilon.
Nethiing uch." 5id he: "I was
tuh-o1.j'ring how long I(atisoi Was go
to he away."
"hit , torks--it's always si;o&;ks, isat't
by en't you let tiem go for ant
;1u' or Iwo? he ', kl: tl yj : o , af''ter a
'Oh. I gues'*. 2' o-2io m 'ae in!"
en'l:tredl whhi ai silver
ra o hihwais 'en iard. Th le mai:g
I e I m i ls e re:'al it.
1k whh I you heri'e .juisi :2s well. I
atiuto se i npriulr o
w ihin w omg ihin:. ii iii u 11' . It'is
A ' y''''ln he-lookb i' man heii was. thisi
' ler: o the loorii lieh s wholivedn
y i theodr If t1sIg. Grea Piol. lI
i11i11ed he a gshe o!T. Ohnt' ho
022'. Thln hretur:w to th in:l'rlinlil.
"t ('oti i2t. IS y ar2e1 seli crtiv e, il in
('2'tadi:m. W a l'Oey r s mon1y. but. t
Toono.M. A--. I n; u'0'l~ hw :a t.s
1r Istp thf situ taisn lie is caryi
hout allth. P.ii ha e nn var'y atl!
to 'imied in number.i;81 thti~ onlofthem
n p u , and h t w ll gti num
(b.. 'i': ueof II iI)'.'' ~So w a tan
'ti'a. Wouhl you* di'. 10w' it''.ii'e.
(h. o Youinie done veryiwl.t
tenhin HToon,to as' wei1t nWe ;can
o al ;.:lntt ;i hve inilin o . u of lie
an. 'Tht wltleaio. Th,ue. Wel
oc,l --- -il r->lh'i.
t.r 1o?f 'I iIg the l)'0 sm
01's ti ion pre.'.d,teut lid. ouh
voued; whe noe) theythwer aln.
VoUInat i12 ghuckitl i ",iu t In11BI
tatey myt (lolbr i nargmirket.
n0)tfo maok. . fomerCamian
i stoeks tat's l. Wise are
'il he l'sa much21e :ronoy'."
dstOlli'edeo tie
It.y hn theiey i have (in the
t. Theyi thn' let go. They wOll
ticlk taliy Irall 012go."
untaiyhe t alkg I nedaii forin
t. He' wat lsizluthel (1ros
v on henoe ut thU'at hiUson
The letter was dated Toronto, No.
eln'he S. It Wias Si;m: .I byIIn' imn ii
slti' 1h:i mnet In Vis.i.n1 th;e S1niner
btefor(e. It was (lhe ("Il4 to :1 S4'r('t I tt
10nw' ltt'\\' ('"'lx'p( Ilrs(te a44;ntl I:iI1. ie
let it d roj) O 1n' th onlh a :l sat Ile'e
".\tal (lhl!ly will bre a1 ih:it shi.i lit'
t1y , :Inl 'li: t ev'ry Ot!(' tlhat 1., it.
Oth. (c'iir, w ll i : il -1 I l .:.'
She s:t t I her(' half I r i . thin:h ii
:!e.:ln'1'rat(ely. At it' e:I o!- Ih i I1me
sh:- sait i'low :i 1iwr! <1t- k 1 tntl wrtie
:a t''legrn'am. w\ritiu... o'i ii:in '.'a i 11': I .'
(:4 is' 14l' 11:ini no blllks.
'"Th'iV I t' onl4 It) put- yulr tii 1ek
:1 :::' (!n\w n. e'1 44: . 1 Itow\V ti4.
i iS .C):i1. 1t) !"O nl i11r1 !:i\y. Thll'
\:11nt 1o riulin 5OI:l' (11W. 1 414)11 kn
who it is, ( )O'I"l' I .''
s 'en to )l' p aflt'r ti:hatl. OH
\''tIi.o;::\y It()rllt.in'sh llr'(vet tiOwn'l
tte:' i ijea h (1!i.i trL''.-:'I' :tn!ll :-'4
t 1 1 1!' irn.sltgn Filw:ygC' .
l':)j I) '.li:; 'T1'tl . ihat i l- n s |b
r('as't1 ('ila1in:1 i l': Il(' i' n1ev'e4' r4n h(1d
I :2n :1irn (ha t hn:l week4'.
I)f ('1urS(' I ))i . i4 : ;:n-i : , 1:4.:I 1 'i
(Ii stt)ck." <-?' h (' o1t t h1) 1 0 ::';'' ;"' 1d It
!:1 w Iha i w ' 'O : : '1.: ih-'
:r si' .4:n-'i 1 m' :4 h ;a: h-'1'1f l hn' is
1( "n -,.:tl his I f i(:' is. N ' i h: 1
know lh: t I.4' li:'n il %\'i>4':n ::h ' :: t::t
I t li w\ On t':- ii w; ":) wa :iiim ?-it'--;(-> ('
vih?: ilt' 1::1i1 ai whuin' I1e (riv( (II
'.TV:h w 4 n Iii' ;tin3t,1.
1 IIh:' n!!i::'' fair. . . of Too1'o4 .,
Ith '1't w:is a rulshi :11141 i l s ii' (4 1o: t
W\'tInns(hty norniIg Ilat n:ti 1:1 n)
l:arall('? '\eti in th' mos.t ex(itug
)4:1111 (!a\'s o! I!' ::Iilln'l'. 14. w1a-:s
tr (' th1:t Ilte ' re'ot'.i.('4 of' M . A
we're:naly i xa hn:11:"'vi'4. It was true
also, nn(l thiS f:l('t Ilte spy hi1 iniisse(l,
ta:tt a nl'e' It ank w\'aS on th1' very 'erge
of tlotalion in Toronto. ''he ri'r'sI(lent
o4 it was: to b)e .4r. .\-----. In the or
linary ('(our.e Of v('enIts it wonlil htve
bet'n O!en(cil w\ithinl twV. Wee(kS (ir SO.
Ii (rein lI105 the (':tuse of thn' bustle,
On the hint that a 41 rive1: at 'ana.: h1n
I'acifle was Intentilel M'r. A---Iid sent
a:oiunl to the banks 1k4ing r11'ospets'IS
for lotnns. Ie I1h(1nn l're li met by I he
reply that heavy loa!is (lint mornin
h:ui prt'-Onm ptedl it gre: diea1 of the
:valIhble eash, :4ntl Illt. while the
h8k145 Wre:'' Very- sorr'y, ('4te.. ('t'. TO
thro\w his s;oel; In the iuarl:o W))1ll1
oly4 1)r('eri)itat(e tlii ngs. 'I'hat b)ank:
m41(1s h' on) o<l. I 411 must. h1e ope'e
at (on('(. AIl p)rrlinarnmies htd he4N1
gonr I t:r1 I vilh tw w ee \\"'('kS bef1'('.
The execu't iv.'e si ii alon4' was in11o()
''That t<i ' in Tl'ro'ntO a hatnk was
('r::4e(e. 'Ti:' il was more or ' .(s
t('mpor"a'y:, a14! ("mull not h' ('nl('1
etirlient, buit. 1h'r,' was l'tn(n'V, lots
of maoney.
On Thiurs<lan'.' ))Ighl) Nvmb('iI4e' 1:i.
ti' lunt.at(' l'l'eeie(l ec1 ; t'leg:'amn that
tille1114 him with ath':itI :111 :nlaaetaent.
"'New banti \I('IrpeopeO('n'(<lloher'
v,'ith Mr. A--- I'resitle: Salti to he
I() prote(t. his loans. .OnOy t'asetl off
at e!'ose r:pihlly. Wha11t 1hall 1 lo'
TheI t'kr' tohl thl' lSt of the story.
nil (e1!4'( \Dltt\ie 0 rn Friia y n 'ight. that
was: no e1)(specil d 1:-i ve~ at C2an44dian14
E1-1 Spenr:ng :an Winteir.
N".ri all th11 114 l in'): 4 :n4:e1' in v: in
eor shmov' the 4'4arks on~ thir 2(ide's where1
1144 spear: 1:1 inis i'ined th'n. Nel' sper41.
Ilm goes' 4)4(on '4''1 '1 1vrwhr Ihere i: ice
af 4h1 :111 'ii th :'' 1411)4ear. ) )pe'))I
'-ixti:~ of 4 44i11!. roral hh1:le in the' e':1
1;"' nl 1 in4''(. furi 44r Iiv ha 1:4rh l
14ronT4:ri e 'ih'e' 8;41:. Non of4~ these(8(
metu;)1 :4'' :8 si:mrp. Thir~ ;11ention .14is
him n nii l : 11 s:: nonh 44)41 pair ::'
s!prin l4Gr01eep8.
TIh" o4wne4'r of a pear1l a:411 e8 it (4 n
81):i:4': pol:' tifi" orP') i 1wI1y f ee, in
out1 u4 pon4 t74 he 'h'. ': :'rry a:ra :t feed hn:1
to hli hlis en h-h. .\ hale is e Iu throughl
th:e'1ic in :: likI:y inee,' 4:41 11h4 spearer'
be'ginms to . h4 t1' h(4n1141 at t he' hoi t)om in
14 8ysen'14:lle Ut4ni4:1:'.
11'ugi :an4:4I eigh7itl hi:' azuli probe
4'v'ery 10441 of not1lini tu a4 4-ircle4 ten
fe'''4 In (11h141t'let'. WheIaiit h' strlikes at44
i' el s g l s 1114' 1 11 oiI(8 44) ))4 f t14 he '4':n I Ul*f.
impartsl'l a thr:ill to the.: 1)ole, whic'h ls
('01mmi4iler1t(41 (411) :he 44':)l44r. The44 jtt'lZe
s linped into th hll' 1::: 4:. If the' wea'4he
b:' extreme144ly cab41. 1h41 ':!Is allowed in1
11 el spaing 14eem41 o he;:4ni!:w cnidered
as' 'spor: 441 y 44meuIlo.; ind14111 14lt4 i.,
im 1 with th merenI. : 41at 1n or4: tite'n
degrees. :4 44" 1) 'nd a nil 4'n wind1 blin- 2)
ty ino'e jn.-t4 wh444 r I:he 84) port4i i.Ie
10 i'''rotinthle. h'weer and tha' t l4IC'i
i"n ' on 1lh'1 i'P4 in~ the-4 141 ineken-'
11 ':'h thir ehetd ins
Ifo4W It 4 I4in 4)ntinfl~ ic one.
Ce .'o:*4urnlis:ni I64 :o v.aln:hie that
iti: a8I p)ity thIa the'e 21hould4 be 844
much:1 14:a1 journa':4 m1. YeC w' h-i v4' 4411
learne not4'4 to( 14)rus1t abhsoIiItely to the4
daily.'. press', nn441 We ne4ver1 (44n truslt it
alwholn4tely. sI) 1ln 41s sneh' a sttory Is
possible4 na thlor. wideh'l is v'ouched(' f'or
bly the1 London4 ( Glaoe
A I i;'t 'shl jourli'st lx ' gootd re:pule
1t:4on 44 waI nled 4on 81uddenly13 (to write' nu
sat1 dlown full or en1thusias4)m fol. 1h:s
sub&Iject, and1( wIthi whn:t $1eomed'( to4 him
pretty13 'ompI4ete4. kno1wledge, and1( wro14te4
ai glo4wing artIcle, 11e .sent It to the
Whewn It enme14 backQ in4 prloof lie was)
appa1)lled~( to see4 (lint hi 1had( wvrItten a
columln amd a hli' about4 Mar'k Twin!.
Timeb p)re4ssed. There4'4 were'4 only a few
mhmlittes to get. hs article into (lhe
Paper. So be 1-uple' chanlged the book
titles and let II go.
l'Io(orlial Post41card Fad.
80omo iden of the extnt of thf' er1'fZe
f'or Pletoil posteinrds maily bIe gleaned
fromu a r'eturni of te non44ber 44011l i
Giermahny wlthin a sin1gle weekI''. T1his;,
aecordling to a r'eturn't com1~iled b4y thle
Ger'imn 1Imper'lIal P?ostofllie, r'eaches1'
th en( C1l1ormus figuro of 10,128,,'io, :4n
av.era:ge or nenrly a mIlli 44nd4 a half~
0on ech of thle seven'4 day13s. Trhe postal
(1hn1en nn tL-ni ~...(1 -- -lt)cdt
A Ynung Miol lnnu Enrttt i!tr I.ivii. by
Itt"ttoi tvatlt. C lonialn l't ' t otile.
'lel lotoki:.:-: up1l sein1' toht hiits ofl
f ritt ilt' fI'r n1 . d11(1i(1, th' \rit' was I
dlirett l by\ in New\ Y'r!% fu nii urt'
ho:use to enil at ta cerl:lIii :hir( :<s n
lt'f('rlince Ito hrr w\;nis. Th lit'a dr11('s
li'tl h r to 1 an i tit 'tt ntit s house ItI
a (Itiitt nIeighbourhod't IIin h Ilarlc'in re
glont, wht'ere sht toui'l a yo n w,ll: 1olllan
imSily ,'I . etl in uie':Ioiit l'ftuni
I(ir(' ii 1 ; r('iI, 1. ( td -l t'1ike ( rooin lille l
w\ ihi(1; c i 1i andt b,eauilh'nI ol pht'-'>.'
8he wa": ret iit-hn : :: t hl CI (J1l ('olonital
; n:1!!;iln1 t I, Sln jn'd!1'hI i!tlii th1' r:1't
\.f. \'1V 11:1 raln:hi:t".. itl:lt'. 222 :in :tie
t':i:1 iliu11 ;l Iul':'li'lillt :l i l 2 )1. (t(il(' (II
:t'i l2' $42411V4 tl\u'i A "rt :1i Ili:2
ra Ib i'u l' t :il: -I': 'I iu. . ThI.
'1lit' \".:ti S 11: o '1 11 \i l:' ltt"ll i: 241 l 2:ltil
i:tt:hin h a' bul:iil a \t(llin: i. iln.th1 a t1 : I' nl
:. il11 ;t! ' ; ('- lw r: I t t .1.;. . i i 1y
4: 1'ntifl 1iill ' \V.ira e i .lt'tsl,o \"tii ea
(4';ttl)t i ll (lii 1 sl' tit'. \\ ili, I ~i ht ,iI ;2
\Vt !ll:ll II lilli.t lt4t I 1rutltl<'. Ilii' \11itt"
slit'lut F(,Illt' It114' ('Nahl l iII .i I lie t'o1:
ir.i 01 o ' 1llt' SItaliu4.
I Th s isof l lIII vis : i -.'i :; tin'
i:ul wu 1\i"1 1tl). wEi)nlt't' ntti.:' e a 1o)' a1
h"utiia 1 :nI i:2 it : i o o)'\' " (t.1. S('itS
2(: ; lli"l . I to it t il. l l r tei(lt'ut, y u s
wt.\'nrtn i tai. (d tln( ir te t h wni rita:
lil t i ne\"(1 tIS t I1 sniiiiniesn g \t rh.
I (:11(' to \('Vt iu l i\"c' ' 'E ii)
l'Iitii 1124' itl(':t oi' ui1:ilditg ti roo(1l i\"ii
:ls Int l1ieri or2 ite reIiij4 ", Ior 0 1 1ia(i 22
":ir)y goti ('(ltis tiot, all1 Uky' 1mot
\il toun' gils I l)'in "uir Ne u.i. fo lie
it' grei- 01)1011t uity oi by!(eideny uia
tng. 1 ,oond fovl out 1y mistae rtkitv
('IyStliliIg o2tiit of i11'("I:1 lizetl i ln'
\aSo\"'Li'1o\Vtl'ti \\"hh al)llc"1titS, like
hhi:., suwelligemilno f ii:er,stingiwork.
il1'rme(I, 1)111. uliliro2f',.iujiial. I was5
fieed to (iewt Ior kI11 tiying tago
oll't'(l, \vI1eh'1 was 2a 1posi11101 Ini 21 p111- 2
I wiii:ig heoIse 21 m1(k',in g g i"'1od l 1ving
'1 1enoih' $1 a (i1try , for \liit"l I hatl:t -
f gil1 to 1idn' foi Xionus, nd hi ms -
Ill' hole rl ,a((' \b ie N0w1(1 York' iiI 1o ie
iv: !'r\vat(1(!I 1o ) 1o2ln . It amoutil Ev
*iusl2 ;~I)t1, \t"1iii"I 1 put1 tIW4 } w123 ~ ith ht'
tt'i n'i 111:1 ou It) iiiV ' s seliy. d ihort!t
a(t vee ddwtht. Iappli cantr(l t vst, tlike
m l f,i1) o 1 itll'\s:iit' " la ir , wel: in.. ]
forcedl totr In'p thenly thingr thiat'
t ta liti t :' fttrt nisltiit:, \V' 11i( 11 wile otltl ,2(
8fered which1t woult lit' oitioy htatimb-a
:21 24 \t'iou sila . addres. I Vel oet ]oiin
%V'it 211 i(I('a. $ 1iuight a day \ (n1whi lih t (111
)('('2 r fti I ii12 22l4(1( 1'1n111i11r(' dealt'r i
n.;ld toi l1i ('fr Six1(! mon t I tiny the'r'
it l $' t, whtich a11(1 501(1 (I1 ('-aay 1ith112 it -
sloti. I )r('m I i!'( t lnest wy.'2 lyI .il glue
and22 \":tr1ilsl an1d a) !'r\" s111211 ortia2
nf'tr] att'sS(trc's that I h:l" t i'i I.t
22aiitl \Yh2it 1 P'0st 112' t'Xa0('113' Ift (Iv 'cut21 1
'hle t h lt r thoug htlt eleat" ' rotiI. 'I'it m
that the hurinhing. 1 i w1'Sterl Iii 2
t iilv'e s2un oil tIlur. I l wlnt hoe
v .t'th (th el t un e st n g th lt he w ' :1
iiiy'. I. repaired11 them' myse' with glue('221
and)241 tarns and 2121 few(211 m1'~l2 2rn
was 22 th h:inning 155 I i2.nested in: a'
to1: work LP. ymc syu:wm
ju'4 no.'':Vi' l2:21 w 4 i 2.'1
"I.2~~2: hirl a ainet 21u kr wheneve'r12'(
(I:'.51deV l 22k.illed 211 repai i:. but21 the de
in than 2i' )~ hee '2n'2-dr 1142ed upolte-.
with2~ 4te2 old t 2m-nitur de:i 2le:-2 t1'm:al
:'l2::t a z12 m:bl2 P4i'n 1 <mts~II . No:2 2 I h t"
Int)h.: it' 1ery v11 p ra rnw >::: li>.ed.
Tl'(' 4)'('2 n e: n ing a:20 s i:i- 0limr. ode5
b:etiv woc' . I sho( uh 111 hi2::2 : lO nd b2 22
very25. lucrtive lss he23le ve ;Iiit is a. ('2i
teld for22'1 w Wntrit h: 'c -'. 12iline:12.'- (
:Tn the' iarts o 2 iivrso 1:'i:''1 .11 11o
l)4:2i42.::'4ent, the1 21)r 1; 221 socia po .2i
ven 1112y de:lli2I'ey, Ilt0. hy 11:y reai 2.m!'
1m2gV(ines :1'e21 a1 bun 11n':'. 221: ing1 1t hor
hin IIlteu Qm the: i' 2ill come: ihe'rW 22'.
hte n iints o:2ne2ton 11here is2
a nv er-to-he-for;1(1 o(i2221' ('.etr ti it ' he
hI(I(es.-3'and theln style in wih w.tl en
"Btin.,:. suiyt the u'nlrhere oth worl 1!
"t ste titi not ('0102:: 4.ed 01o c o511:the
('ie2 )lh:'212ne in:CPy th iti heriln
1le1 alle 1221 d' it 1-S212 :c:to filomu w21ih
t:lilt.:iihy. I14 o oton C1I54 1t'4
The(12j$t t!witteui;n i::w s 'i to- OXI -:1241
A.b','ti)(120.d 222o (5 o 1)1in14;': n i \-; ot 1 ee ::
to1( hel'( honest2 with hle, f cndthe.
111 ld .th ( ilbl'2 111(151 1 ltti in021 .20021
indred2, 1 by2 ::u::- 241141 . :211:22 221:3 :112h'.
Ousired 2o 'e to 1rt:!il:41'ne1s oM th~erau.
tEo Iihet'' 4115 b;emof :leid may,i t -he W
Colos Tht Mak Yltou1i1 Lo1)0:: Thin.
hite m:12ke 2212wom(an 12oot inn0C1!nt,
wh'itefu whoh all 212212gIe ltte tion~ oad the
wIle ee yulthn n hi.wt
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(11d1' (':nt ir'ly l) I lit' border. S : ''! n
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(!uls :t'Iaa1ngerI In i ellush'rs. 'I'te 3. I 4 t i
hIt' iiif 'elve( t (lP t'h('nillr. .\ p;'1iy :,':: S
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1i:I\r, ilit' (1' <r3:3Itir'i (I. Iii'' 1i , 1n
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V. l l :os! linl\ . t '(I -'I t \ i ,;ti 11 I I, ;'t ',
1.a h411 i4'i ti :R i 'r'1 ;I 1 1'w li.': ' il:
4:3 l l:1 i' R t t ilt 4' :1ani i ti IR c.
':'.l0 '1 " ( 'o'il r. tt' no't' i w. Ib
/ll' '- , lt v .' :s 1 f 1.:: i i: ; , " i;':t' I Ia
0ic .' brownI viiv:'I.
An 1;nvr1ope Fonr Sct'<""i.I('
'I'i!)' ':1 l 'ho;i)' w h' ll 11 IIae.: 1 h' \
i:tl 'j l 1'lll tl' o I !114 lii . l 4 i' .- ''. -:'I t, ,; 11
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l'II 'Si j ( ! !h1. 4 ' ' 43i'';1 ill4!, !!: ' ' ::i:ljl4' ('I
l(I ilte ellItlI w\1 I t)l:l! (' t:-l ath:i; ; .
'(':;Ill.4 wi:1 '1 .I 11ii r 't' Ii )':i i .';\. I \'w
This11 ;Irw iInventlonl ha:i I:t :a: n ,;i:N 'l i 1,1
Ih1' i:l< ('3 l 4 :31aa3l iat' ,!:lp I.' tn ;1' ' t"
:Ii ll Sit' as onlt' ljb!: iI:' :1'1 'r ''. t'11
I'h' 13a' is r1ver shor: ! I:Ind :i: O1 1 i il i
14'lr(n'I. iIISi('ad 33 f 3 l3 ti .ll:al p 1:in . .\ \\
'l1I O . t P , 11' :1 l i' U t l, tlrll:ii '; It 1('
33'' u3 c' le) -c'1 a(1 11 i 'r' ( 1 e' l t ! ,: ---
11 ther an1y I , la ld iu tht' righjt- l
aiinll t) rl1341, 1151 111311. ()Vr1" th' 1'losi ' 1
'I:tj, 1h111 1 hlid ug 1 il jc)ss;Ib1 (' foI'
I1V (11 ' it) ( el'l 14 t 3';l ''ui'I \\"it holut1 1
listurbilig lt :1i:uUj.---1t3w1 York: C('un- '
Ia181 .\(l A'dertir. 1h (r
Arrival of thll) Inatque. sti
fitlyi an(d utj(iitelti!Uah(ly t hr b)a.que in
i1 arr'11'e(l, o ' rathler it h:s 1tlur d1' . w3i
)1:( of Ite Un11stakablt' sign5 the'r('of ar
S the l'ngtIIhing of the 1r'j), w\hich I'
Ir'( no0W L,t'nuin'ly Iitr-(iuart'r l'ntih, lit
n jarthtr ('OInirrnll.tiOn oi' th' fau ' all uit
i(' 1'\\' lulrt l'roltle 144111 'I11:11''s'-V1
n:1ke'r, show\\" 3111n r uor 1.p' bots' e', (1:i
l1 ybe3' 11It itnly a O. 1tillhtn 13 t .ah3 1 lit' II
.'\'t back. 1' t his nl:ly 11e 'coInhin,'td ih
vi;thi a liitt' e h t'r, poss lly hnli a th
lozt'j it'n' u1' or t'(1 ). 101u113 1 13 114 re,t rl1
f 1h i ure'(lll 3. 1Iti Isnll' il3st: 3 n(' e s Ihn so
3u w lhI"sturs :u'a'ly 1 ' t(itt re:l'h th( e t:1
:t''' .kir . W\hatver the dith of t'o
In (n('14w I1sr:13 the W3alst litir dot's eI
l t ('k it'3l ol (31 4)1t111' t1 li'e I'r'u3nt OF ui
hct b1Odh-(", wihtch Is :1l.;iily u,chl'd (2
II ht' sty It' 4nliirl 1' to 1 1 S11ei o 0l
:~0 1)115.'403'I g 1' 11(443'3I'l3 'P33
Thet Comingr Wi<dth of Skirts. I
0144'3(':'nl la 1(dt 1nIly 1'lul(' r'm the c'1
4nak1' 11d11 t 1 the'I' 1 kits of 11t i- 14
n'dhiP fultura, 1u11t' ('Vth'IIIi4': poinits ti
o Iilir blIn1g shlo:'' 111er 1and 1nn1 filile:. 10
iVt' lire rojying the htla of thIi'u ru r in t
nme 143f' th44 in1dhteval d.4resses,01 that4 o
:ti(' Of'11 Ii' 11((I13('\'t tlrrxsrs, 1.'lit O
1, 40,r ' i 11,. ' ,1ti er'. ...,d . 11 13
nTotimc trilunt4ed3 hglae as ihe nerk
14:llly'4 13:,' 'de. of skirts44'4V'' ''4l jus4t' 1(
e:!:b Is 1k':' he !H ( ti:::; droo,. :-1n )
4):':1 3'3i:34<!" of c f:1, i( ; inoro4 fre is i
34h4 133 styl'.\ 1f jI wery. 414 (') : ' )14h,11:t ii
ltIic'v(iam p is very'k <:1e,-4 ve 1 ,4' t i': li,
34(:':':154 ;3, 1:3:,' i 1. ! e
l::W. TIe3y look34g very " ;41 inar (1: 4
i: Ini :tP.d ef't- '':div wel i;hen (4~':.
4)'13':W1' . ...... o... .1: IoI,:rI. I
Wi: it' 41vervet es 4'the 4us: i ('l-1a
- 13:
14o1h: :11111,1,\ en"':) :3lt 3or14ion, but4 it.3~I
ti( 1el-y( be3utfill 431111'. W0veryli(tl of i
V31141)33'I'lle velveIIs ('4e1,and itsJrennets1i
olellese. bytetiygldnh t;i:
O :^ 31lo' 3103e Om thel hs.Vd'-ea r Jio-:es 133
31.4VL1.t 1: i'e goi,tto : 3:-1 ?0n1. 34 in3
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T43-3, hIm:., 11r;3' of -::m I:lls cp;3 '
(or 14'(:(1::. I111 s hm (')M o343 lo n:. ro:- r gr
li h OII( 4 i he 1141 e1lg
Whielfloi frol 343111:1'3 se:,hIc Of.
1)44 :'y(13 is t 1 11111 ior eye.lien 11 ::o 1)0
:4oIrl:-byw tIrduroy NorfoAIl: jae':Mi
......n:-.- r "ni j - - ':.'
F'AJII (f; 1)
1I (11 41 :' \\(l r.
11 te l n is ( .,,. .
' l ni1 i11 : ti t* . ' it :n l'.s oill : t tl l.\'r
:hl. :1y lvi i : t;w I!I o o wtl)'I
1111 t h ,11( t i l'ac t' a : Is 'I i l :lu;t
't 1 1 ( 1 llIlh :i ('I I: il ( " II .1 14 \ t
"t:: is llc'il 11:'11 ( lr i:'o:. II: rl
iwa) < i li: 1 1 t1. ( \ il p ib)l'.
'a it itt ~ .1 iit' tl llt! \\)t~' .':. 1l
' ( t w :.: 1 :- \' :1 1 i t i -. :'1 Iy xx'r , it
'1 t: . I\Y 11 : 11 : i li i ; : II ' t Ill 1
: _1, 1 ' .ll! tl I he I \ i '( 1 w tItl ti t
ili' itl. \\ t ' t ben tul. Ii I l I;'
" : I''y :I111 'i rhtl ( f It
Iht'!n. 11the ; 1.i .I t il in ayt' I1 .
ll', lit th se lrl'e ) is 1y le <'(i I'ilt n
-ltin: hil :' iIII 11)' t'y n:u1w'il 1!:lnt
op l '1 ' h ii::' '1il::re I it' i s I th i li,t'
l 'i i, t'I ' lI y I t al l wi, 1 :i 'ii it I
i be wleIII. ( I 111 i1w I II :I nu:1ail'
lii (li. 11"'(i):, t'II) llii 1(11.1 :' ' :l !I 1:l1
i I' t h'ey :tt,ln I ' l 'tiiw ll \\i . l
ii' 1'itt'vi 1:re111111 441t4 1ls it' t:.'1
r erl w\ithou t ('(<l, :In<l ) li'tui a1'
Il (i(' ii w.(' iI t' i m' i ih rn o i hl.'itr
;\(ite . : i : i tI the ':11n4 wi ii S1 t11111S.
t'. ('. litt'u , i : .\ ni' i n .\' Tirll'
1'i St.
T ii1lk Strainer.
If :1 w iir' l itlilll'r Is ul 'li i s )ntt' it
ih ilait whh oat en i ita broh 1a11ul
tiies 114 \\'iie .i;t1t aill) :1i l)t"(Ill. i 1(t1(1
l'1i w\a,.h with wartnl wat':r :11lt .ual
(1 iiliso \'iti 1114'. Al ter. 'loth I
'alit'rs shoul be( ir;st l wa'I :sh('tl
('014 \VUt'r to) 1'e'1nove( the) IIlk th;en
lttl w'w I ithe wl' t\ail thes cl:and 50;In)
rc'. \lilk panls, t"hur'ns :11( Ilthw'
l'nsils of thl'e ltir'y sl nui Ill tIUVat<1
lih the( .saIn ' ''rtlu liu liuS ('1l s ('8 hII'
iii ait (lI'v :i'e mlor(' usually 'ar('
ily lootk('d nfte'r that i te 1 :ils. A\.l
is it a s ('nil', but it is sitth uar O as
:. wit\\ih cital er in tie at'n t
':nil li 1 alt hy stlint:tls td whoh'
ut' lootl. ti:t nt' ale illn. I l rit' at
iril'S to 11n(I a rt'atiy inarlo(t f'or' huh'
(lt's is hl 1iher14 prce thn it uahl
thl' e )'i I ': l I ht li 'llr i< l : et f r' nO
aant'ry in :ble to kl't'vs :111 it. hilatri.
to ( his st l ltlar I of s ltii1li 'ss.---'Th(
Finlh FI'orrn ltrui dIIIhingtl.
llV buil(lag or rrieailig f:arlI:
iillings it is otn'' lestir'11el to utt 1 t
'lcp tinish .nh)ou1t it' (91Ve'S ln(1i
lets. Wh\'i 'i( t)in' projEcttion Is det
'el. tilhe pl ii howi i thel rui t 'ill hla:
Ui a er :<' ' i o i Ilt'I. A single' b A1
lin(1 out at anl 1glt unide'r the vel'.
u' iai.... Own thi at141(', and is held
po:<i t iby a rt'n:Ini::r itl ve boir'
ci: wlown eor t(i nto the ecIes fo :
-tio iiOi l lscuii! aIdnti at linojt
r. l Wheelt~ gutters are not1 ite it Cis
tinge pan;s t n Lt)Ia- o . sr n
Only ili the (h1I i(Ii sIte'tple at Zudyo
lee , ie:tr I )ttiikirk, ow ris:s :abov(
(te sIttitl w!ilh overwhelut':d th Ci
Ilire vi!!:t:.' in 1777.
1In view 0f tht' eitr as to hi' per
itnn'ente of ly1)(\wrl'(III IIlld',th
) lint i ni) Iri't'\\''itII il ti 11 h : ! o e\'ilI
thl' atot' ytir : itt' n 1tllvn. : w
hev erpledii as h ;l in l''i 'ly. tt
Th'iere( Is at Is: )nio:nit'nt Il th'
.Ainrie'n I :-ts i t' : itr':11 11i51(stor
:iii l.t' l 1ut''lly '. i i l siI..) iti 4 w n i",
t le' l. ite )r. StrttI:rl r tti lit:o!in., l':1.,
bet'! t'('e $.'ln :!i .: i.n,( t. T h':
iIn' 1 ii :l fi it ht' , i, ti ! i 'rr
Letone; an<l il!P ''tlb" ti itt n Il p(:'" ilt'l
1Il tleo Li l ( t : n : :.1 m t'nl+ : n 1' ili .
tlin il i i!' for \ve i v iy. e . ith i I o
litl rl'1 li;'t'i II :t: :it'g t -j 1 of i::'
)ie ( t is t o es.iai''"
1lit' 5h fli s i'1s' t -ti V .'1' i, ;t
\I 'li'eni t. T he' tit a tl l : r o
li, rtt t ni t :ltl ii n w' i ii o mi:!
l'rily !ilttlt w ithi w a fl-. ', .li.- i iht('O
i riii' 'l t i'r i't t'l . TI' i:. t ' .i. .i .:. .,. t
in "th :t lt' itml t ' oe l ii. il t',
It tis lii' ltilt I11Id 1ito \ Illt rh u t':: IIc
11li ne 15 of t ie fr tt. I int ;w:nt h.
wri:; s t i-.t' c it 't li th il o il i ir
It1 to lheislV(i'tt Ill: I : e i;i' l'. I :; v.i) -
li\ ' \ t r'e tn 'it i :1."; 1ol!.It'
lie isa [dis ofre in; e.nt t'i vefy
lindy llil (orrit's. t , w\ul('inen :rer
' u tet' t :ls innil t rrb'rs in ie i iitiS i
( ovi he ''otolie exh-ernis it ion
lit'll to w ie !oi.t anil th wi t 'r a:tny
S-ler. itii beit: duet'elieo s4vere for E
"ill'A t'. I( t i'i o: t'tiltere hlu . \'41'' it'r
Ithem. Theil :yIj >iitetntS in Iiii' 'ura:l
I'fr4 t'I('livey str i"t wouh ltt havi
on I'ltelit iit 11 h:tl h tnu knownru tha:lt
tlih ' (;in iiat w eis wt in ienPII
TIht' deve'tloj)In(iI of Ilm' liuodetrni ili
0road andII stanntihijp n)i P sil -
Iri) nruund I t'\oi'! writ i wnty-sv'n
ilays, :is follows: FrIoint Now York to
lln'nur, 4S0O inois. Sev'n aniil Ihree
IEut'th days; itniburg to latdivo
tot'k, 7iOO0 Inlk's, sit ainl ont-otu' thi
tl:iys; \'l:llli\'tSto('k to t'nltl('. 7111)I
Ilill('s, tn :ilitl oli('-foul'i( :\ day ':Ie tllo
la New York, :tl utilts. \wo :tti
Ihrot'-fIoirrh (!ay\S; total, 22.(ht) mi! 's
l in \\'w'nty- ('\'tn dlays.
'T'hie dilsap'aranieit of :ihuoriginal pon.
lit t 'oi' 'iui av :ant'ino r (iviliz io,1s
IS 5 1'11n In tIe isl:its lf Ihth t 1':itle,
iu being repaIi'd in v:iriu m tt'
1)1ieuts of tet' far No:'r It. Inii I w nI
ytars th' inhnhliitanlts of I at hra (lrd
hav d ed r''11: II')in s,.t)t to 1 It, 1.
Trohe utl\vts of uouthwest'trrnl Gr1een
1:1nd( now utnnh'r 1m11 t),/0O, and they3
roulrire assistnl a ront ath lin Iaus11
Go'orit1nn. TI'ho ('e xtri tion Oi
th(' sot, walrus and liolar h'ar by3'
whalers hn1rednirod th Alnskan Is
Imo fronm pt'rhaps :stOot to about (lI.
The Ekklmn at Smith's Sound, who it
Ilo%c'n years ago tiimbhlro1d :h)1, aru't rP
pIr'd u by l'enr y as ein'(I ; redu('edtl to
abOu t. 20.
Afhoer tyhe.'i hchht om ri
Larry Os~'Brien: was tol oY by' (hi lcs hip-i
wnten '' to enU t upoast'Isn tos.iMcCrthynan
huwsh:td hih'hd. ocre"o hp
hlumi te pr:eceingli tuunner. O'oTh
liy ooklie Engle!: tell how helid it:X
lionIt id t i ig, I Al c' r I..l Car hly, ltreid
he. aI yhny' 'l!m n?" g t''e fi
".\ry Denny No.'lii'i he's not j inV. h
"SuPrhie, 1 i A'< huy'e: oIt honiey
ity)et Th:iit's <tlrd OVi'e: t o Im ne2tlin)
A''le.rth avc e<fOi( inxi ty. 'lt
c'lil siii d once, zl 1o 1 th:lt. is~,C hat 1ini
~GOOD {)
"+ " . -. --n. . 0 ...............g0....
Ph'nirn0n ii 'rogroes.
L i l is 4I1'O'.2'sS Of Iel gooil
r .::; 1 \ i n:' i t i: thia
(o)i.li v titt:-:1' i I st
(.. 1(11 1t n . . ' .::itI ( r('tlry
(':1c :tlt Ht Ite h(':1itnarti'>.: o: thi
.\ illri it i! rll \ani;tre, .\ V Y'ork
('i: vy. ''h:t:: be 1. pJ hit u un:il: il 1 '( t,
: 'r 11oI<K(y ha:s ben'i Ira ie :1it ('::
li( !t'.I 'n I i Io'I'ii l :t in ini lte )r'- . --
t:s II)I \ :1;.:. e' .1 'ler '.'. ( !tI1('n4o I
1': . 'l s,: -t'' eifi't1s :intti N w Y rk
1i:1r'' i 'tt l)ioee1.r S :t('s III te;i 1jin,
nl';' woo+^t. The 'senflll nt1 ,';;v1):-Inl,
I i': l24il ':11r 1'V e''ry SI:tt(' II) thel
1 ;:t' i :- V \"}yit'-r with i';s )i-'i:lbo(r
in 1 :'I' t' !TI i' i i ' r 11 ll lhway..
. ii oln :" tIl'Ilr<.- :Ir.. 1t(}V itiI'. sj)('nt
\!tr ' l2'irnd il' : 'll: '"i"'ti'i1'l t.'1 .v :tr': :::(. , \ N \ \ '1r
I ', I 4 4i'' ii th i'; i'1 !i':: . 14 t )
I(' hii 1 p1 i h: i -; ;b:a1 1 ' or ':' 4.i 1.'4'
.:e i v l" nt"::s, h;:!' ulf whhl i 1:!.s to bip
J1ai(1 by tiii' StatI?, ti;-: y- ivt' p) , r tlet,
by: 1!: ..''22i , :;iiiI i ii 'l:! '''' : i. iy
It 44'. 22 1j 1'iii;llll, !'It 'h illl)iiV'. \"'
!4nts'n \ w'e'( nlO:li'. .\ II ii 1h' 1:'oo,P1!
it:11ir \'i'lv:' ut. we"i'rc' to lii' o!f 2' \voltlll
(:tl'v i:lll'': that i', tii' ti t v ii:' o i(tW it
sh iip w\ tti ith2 ' i [ihli-.t'i I44 iiin tiri '' 1'
1it' iIL )'n:a ': ' '!ii ft'r'4ont e!2l'4r. Ihl
utillion ' !llI:it' : v a':ir silt' i i'aihi'(. but
I.0124,42 \v:w' aItIro9)ri:ltt'(1 by3 1lhe' SI1tte
:in:1 t ' ;Ipt'ntlidI t1t11'i1!. tht' 1:i ';r.'"
A'ecor11i:l; to 82 at1' l:''it_iuo':' l li)(l. Wlt)
iS th' I-'irst \'o('i -l''('sid'nt of thei'
\In('Iei't2 lo:i \la r n r's. I'Il!' 1lan) f1r
:ttroviglu th' 1i1w:ty 4f' New'\\" Y\ri'
Ntalc' 11a: lootn tar morn' si'c'essful th:un
Its Jpromllotl'rs ' r(11''m l2211 o'. M'. Ultt
5111t0 111ht i1n'in.: t2' I:st y'ar. "I'r'r(
1 '' 1)t'c'tt 1t4 22 Itnlr (II' 10(1 ''ot)22 11i't('(I1,
('4)11prising s nty''('-t 'o rotis in Utwn
1' ttrel''r'nI r0111i(s. ThPr' :ar slxty
O wo mil('s of' 'onl," ('o1u11ising forty
('iight roall::, Iin eigheen 4'; t i(tTt'r'nt ('(2:nn
I l'. In) 1)ro ss('1' of ( ' (list i't ion. I hu
m)akiing 2 gr:and 421t of1 3:. minile os
hiIgZhW:'ays 'Oml)14't'd. or paill: y so.
In d41(11i4 I2 tiiis. :t:;t mttil's of rod(.
Iont)risin.; nin('ty-nin(' roadls in w\n-('t
iy-IW O iif'trit'nt ('11111 i':., hav e i
1tr'''e4l and1 4m222p2t pc,. for whtirh tho
Ilunril of nupervrkors of 'achI ('ounty
hi:'.s 8J)' p1):) 2in'(12 its half of' it' oost,
('stim:;ttefl :tt " 1.!91.',Il . ' These l'ounJty
oliitls r1'1 o1w 2ait ing for nit "cit:l
2211 ii'tr)rattn frtn thi' S.ato b('fore
Jir'o:'(''dliig1 witII 1( ('Cll'ht'ul'tiion).
''1!) to 1h 1rrsn'lt tin'..I-iti ill('R nf
'd42 be en' 1)('e) rr\d(','(l, n Jlortlon a!'
whieb i inp1d tand ini th2' hands o'
2lit Suin'rv"isors, a2121 SI 1l's of rondt
1ha V'e i rn p1)1t(totd for. whlrlh ha1ve
not yet bt'en surve'yed or 1))ppr(l. A.
g'ndui tl(tali of 2.01)7 mti1S (f rond. In
forty-th i of 2th' sixt'-ont' ('onnttos of
th' Stato, 1a VP bet'ent petit tcio(l for
sino' th' )p'1ntton of t12 lihil li!('-A'm
strunig law. ''hc' various ('(1211Iis hav ,
p'Iit11t ' 17'2 m111' of ro1d thR
a2plpropr22iat 2ion, and24 wIhl.h 22 .11000 pe4r
222114, woul1bI r('q211ire 228 the StateI's
'Jale, cboit(f224 u $70 0,0010." '2') f4"2
11(4n o,f the' 1 hihways3'1, sol 12opular21 2three-(
21212l2rter2s 421' 22 (''2222ry 2ago4, Iiis for se'.
tional22 22id 24o rond2( liii::, show11s that2
thi ide2n'.. i 4'very mch:$1424 a li. 4)2112
41'I In> 1Lten year's! since 4the popular1422
244nnl('I (th:u2 l2'l 122214m 242 li<mtething1
ti4m2 4'vn2'4'rnin2g 21h4 42n41s 4' 21h4 coun12
fry 422 2242 22ttiut*(n htid nthcds for' their2
Il Itis 2nnd( 4'reulars 12o' n 22142 rond bu iing
do'ne4. I '(trio 8int2':s "';;o)ot4 2(4ns"' olli'(!
The24 ('duen(tion222a2 jble wa2 enrried21''l' fur
2lt'.r 22224 dirin the: 214 10st thre'e yearIS
2124 ob1ject2 Ifemon4 fen'ure ha'4 1s assutned20(
r'iedt 4)2ut Is very'.'12 sh 2p4'.
When th214 people( (4f some21 pro0gre'5ssive'
r'4412122bu12il' (22 i124h12s2rate1 thes bonlit 0212
Jl'( tuellt of211 A1l( tit 1112s '2I' 2 124' 1,('' wh2 lO
P;',ogr'.': 1> 'siv ra'pr:(d 221(n have.( ('omec to
the: r'2:ads inl 2124 teri'ory2' tributary1' to~
212'ir line4s w.uh4a1l mateally21~ 1in(renzse
tIwn-' 12n4'rine 122. 14t 4oitla ha2.2 s this211.1
lA ', heI'rom'22 ihi li he4 (4 -li(':i))s of 'somoC
wrdl w24 h o'ffer22k s to co-o2r22 e wi2f1(th0 t
road-hu)2lin1g dev'.i(':s who'2( de(SIre'0to
4br2ig 1his 22achinery23 to I the2 atteion2 of
122 21hi1 ('o-operativeh' wor: 11)e Govern'h
2)en't furnishes520 224 the eperi , 1120 manu-22
'('22nds 2the trap ortation1 1121. Ti's2 Iilen 1has
I)roven2 'X ex'remecly pop1uhtr22. O)bject-les
2422 roads12 have.' been2 bilt 2121102 Glov-'
2'rnmen01t supe1'rision In tweno:ty States,
12224 50 great1 1212 been0 the~ demand21( for*
12ationa11 lnid1 (of th21s 1k122 thait a large
1122221b'r of' n2ppllintions22 have.( to 1b0 re
21us4d 4'ver''y year22 beenuse14 the f42uds lap.
1propr2intedc by Cong,ress5 are In2sufile('ent
to ('mploy3 and4( pay2 2120 e'xpen4se (o
(enough:I e'xperts 2o do 1120 wor1k.
A 11endy13 (Congress 12a8 twIee 22212e en
I2icre' "'in4 the appropriations1012 for thi1s
work,4'1C but2 thep 020,000 no2w a11propr1ia2ted
-mn222ally'. 1has2 proven(' wholly Inadequnlta
2(4 mee0t te demands22(1 for' this eduetIon2I2
Wha22t Mt 24 Coahts.
'$1u2, 12ffeelin the ha0 2ph2Iness of' all
'-huses and4' ngen.21 every'3where. I2ts eX
erination222122 wou'02ld heon (224 renehh10o'1J1g,
mr212' petIp vik'c;"'y for 2'2'~ .e2e.nn prqa~4
1:'o !.' than12 '2l1 othe 1 drains2 () 11!4on' its
-e'21.)r'e4' ('022bined,(1 it lir0es 1220121
i2on and2( 1gno0rance(, )ove.'Ci. *21( liollu.

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