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ghe $nnleg~ Messep~ger.
CI1111AR DhinECTrOnv.
lutchilus, Pastor. Every fir-t Sabbath
at 11 o'clock, A. M.,and at 7:30,.P. M.
Sinday School every Sabbath at 3:.30
o'clock, P. M.
Pleasant), Dr. J. It. Riley, Pastor. Ev
ery second Sabbath at 11 o'clock, A. M.
1I. Elwell, Pastor. Every fourth
Sabbath at It o'clock, A. M.. and 7:30
o'clock, P. M. 'Rvery second Sabbath
at 7:30, P. M., by11 ev. D. R. Brown.
Suniiday School at 9:30, P. M., every
sa- W. S. GiEGoty, our Fore
man, is autherized to receive and
contract. for Job work &c., for TiE
JIMIE, a little son of John
McCombs, fell from a fence last
Saturday and broke his arm.
ONE, of our Editors went to the
Camp Meeting last Sunday and
has been very absent minded since.
CAPT. J. W. KIRK paid our office
a visit this week. He commences
soon the work of grading the
Greenville and Laurens Rail Road.
Mns. ErwErt, who has been
visiting friends in the lower part
of the State returned home yester
Ouii oflicient Rail Road Agent,
Mr. Gignilliat, made a flying trip to
Atlanta last week. It is needless
to say that his benign countenance
was missed.
EASLEY is certaiily "spreading
her ample folds.'' Look at the new
houses that have been erected, and
others are r'apidly going uip. What
a mark of' improvement!
IF yOU. want to see somekthuing
extra in the shape of a Monument,
be sure to call at the Shop of T.i L.
Jones, in the fork between Pen
dleton and Augusta Streets, G r-eeni
ville, S. C. lie is certain ly a "boss5
MRs. RI. McMAIIAN, died at the
residence of Rev. J. D. Tialley, on
the morning of the 9th. She was
about 83 years old, and had been
a great sufferer for some time.
-Mn. GEORGE GOSSETT, a young
man of much promise, died at the
home of his father, Pinckney Gos.
sett, on the 9th inst, aged 22 years.
He was a quiet and moral young
man, possessing the esteem and
respect of all acquainted1 with bim.
His remains were interred at Anti
och Methodist Church on Wednes
day, Rev.'S. P. H. Elwell officia
ting in the funeral obsequies.
To the families of othe above we
extend our deepest sympathy.'
ONE of our town darkies was on
a spree last Sunday. We had
hoped the experience that some of
them had a few Sundays ago
from letting whiskey dethrone
their reason-would have put an
end to Sunday sprees which have
been too common in the past.
MR. G. W. BowEN has moved
his quarters from Greenville back
to Easley. ie says there is no
place in the world he likes so
much as the latter. His health is
improved, and strange to say, he
looks young yet. He will be glad
to have his friends call on him at
the store of Hudgens & Hudgens.
New Advertisements.
We desire to call the attention of
0111 readers to the adveitisenents
which appear in this issue. WheI YOU
read them you will certainly conclude
that Easley is a live-place, and her mer
chants are thrifty and energetic. They
are men, who for their enterprise,
merit no small amount of prise. You
need no nitroduction to them.
W. N. Iiagood & Co. hsve been here
a long time. They are men of expe
rience and tact, and they deal too in
liudgens & Hiudgens are old ien at
the wheel, and they turn it vell. They
are Qotton buyers, too.
Robinlsoni & Wyatt have tied tip too
many btndles to be new hands at the
Dr. J. W. Quilliatn has pounded too
frequently with his poniiel. not to
know how to use it.
ONviibey Bros. have handled too
muany line groceries, &c., not to know
their taste and how to sell them.
A. M. Rtunion has handled too great
a 1)lUural ii y of bedsteadls, tables, chairs,
&c., to fail to realize thecir comfort in
households and offices.
~J. Xl. Rlampey has dealt too exten
sively ini dress goods as to miss ini suit
mug you.
(. I?. Runion has had1 too much deal
ing wi thI the public as not to knowv it's
want, aind he is a Cotton buyer too.
11. J. Giguil int, besides knowing
how to hand(Ie guano successfully, uin
(derstanid the art of selling lime.
If you are in any way interested
ab)out something to eat, call oni W. A.
Magidin and purchase some of his fin~e
James Rosemnand, whose repultation
as a Blacksmith, is a fmne one, is well
qualified to give all satisfaction.
Oio has gone Democratic by a
majority of twelve thousand. Gov.
Hloadly has been made the choice of
the p~eople.
[For the Messenger.
' amp Meeting Notes.
MR. EDITon : ' The Camp meeinug
at T welve Mile, in this County, 'began
on jFriday night last.- The writer left
Easley, at a late hobur Satmrdty morn
lng, anid after a. di'lve of two and a
half hours .through. thie mud, drew up1
-at the Camp-ground .iust in time to gol
dinner with a god brother. At 2 oi.
clock the Presiding Elder called the
Quarterly Conference together to look
after the business and finances of the
Pickens Circuit. The preacher in
charge reported some sixty odd addi
tions to the Church during the last
Quarter and seven Sunday Schools in
operation on the Circult. There was
paid for the support of the preacher
for last quarter $159.50. Some of the
churches are behind with their assess
mients for their preacher's support, but
promised to pay out. before' the close
of the year, and doubtless will, as Rev.
Ellwell is popular with his people and
this closes his 4th year among us. Many
are sorry to give him up, knowing his
place will be hard to be supplied among
us. The preaching was goo(. On
Saturday night many came to the al
ter for prayer and the Church seemed
much revived. At an early hour Sun
day morning the people begani to pour
in horse-back, foot-back, in their wag
ons, buggies and carriages. Our little
towii was well represented, aid till
seemed to enjoy themselves. At elev
en o'clock Rev. Herbert preached ia
Missionary sermon to a large and at ten
tive congregation, after which there
was a collection taken up for Missions,
amounting to something over fifty dol
lars. In the afternoon there was
short talks made to the children and
young people by Revs. Wood, Guess
and Elwell, after which the large con
gregation began leavingfor their homes
The crowd was estimated to be the
largest ever assembled at 12 Mile.
The order was perfect, nothing to mar
the pleasantness of the occasion, which
speaks well for our people. we left
the ground feeling that it was pleasant
to go up 111and worship with the people
of Twelve Mijle, and hoping that we
might live long enongh to enjoy nIumy
such seasons.
Mr. Editors I wish you much success
in your new tield and hope that our
peole will patronlize youtr paper lih
erally. .W.
Inasmuch as certain foreig'n go0ve'rn
maents have charged that the hog pro
dulct S of the Uniited Stat es are af fect ed
with disease, anid not p~roper for ex
pornt pulrposes, the prlesident hats ap1
lpointed a conmmiittee to invest igate the
.ciarinig of pork in this count ry.
Married, on the morning of thme 7ith
inst., by Rev. S. A. Gary, Mr. .J. TV.
WILSON and Miss BETTI~vE SMirHr, all
of Anderson County.
On the 9th Inst., by Rev. S. P. II.
Elwell, Mr. ROSw~ELL HILL and Miss
On the 10th inst., by Rev. S. A.
Miss NANNIE O'DELL, all of Pickens
Our Cotton Marke't has been active,
and p~rices have advanced halt a cent
the past week. Bacon has advanced
one cent. We quote:
Baco~...............................8 @~i8)
*{ Shirting. .....................5)@~6
-k " .........................6 oc
4-4 " ....................7 ([email protected]
I ltEgs.............................. .... a 5
Easley, S. C.,
To-day The "Leader of Low Prices."
We are making a magnificent display
of elegant new
"EPali erneS.d 'NXT"L.t4.Tr
When yon are out shopplg, do not
fall to call and inspect our immense line
We have the most complete assortment
of Worsteds from 10c. per yard up to
the finest Imported fabrics.
A Large Stock of Boots and Shoes.
Our variety is unexcelled for beauty
and durability. Ladies, Misses, an'd
children's Shoes, all made in the latest
Styles. We have a large lot of the
genuine "Sitting Bull" Boot, unsurm
passed for beauty, and the most dura
ble Boot- ever sold in our town. Price
Cotton Buyer for Exports to New
England States.
Oct 12--12n
Will not create the excitement that
our Bargains in Beds, Bureaus, Chairs,
Tables, and everything pertaining
elegant and tasteful furnishing of your
house with Bedroom and Parlor Suits
of all grades. Come one, come all
and be convinced that you cannot get
more goods for less money than we
give. A general line of Uiidertaker's
Supplies always on hand, at
Coflins trimmed at all hours, and in
sty!e to suit purchasers.
Proprietor Furniture Honse.
Oct 12-12
A new lot of Ladies Hats,
Ribb~ons and Laces.
Just received, a new lot of
Readly-mnade Clothing.
Special bargains in Boots
and Shoes.
Just 1 eceived, a Cheap lot
of Groceries.
G ive me ., call, and I
guarantee satisfaction.
Oct 12-12mn
Lime ! Lime! Lime !
Easley, S. C.,
Either in Car Load Lots or
by the single barrell at very
Oct 12-tf
IJob work of all kinds cdone at
this office. . .

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