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cotild not restialin vithi theirgiosily
bounds the flight of his genius. This
very imprisonment for aught we know.
called forth that beaitiful allegory
which so vividly piet ures the Christians
pathway from his humble home on
earth to his i 9ylj palace onl high. Ge
nius cannot be subdutied. Webster
says "it is like th-e earth's central fire,
seas may quenlicl it aitd II oilotainls
weight it dowin for a while, but It Some
thilne, and soie place, it will heave
bo1th the ocea1n and the htlnd ind Ilount
ip to the skies.
You citizens.have nowan institution
'which properly nurtured, vill be to
voin an inestimale blessing. You ali
offer to scholars better accoinnod
tions I han most siinilar institutions, a id
even better than many that doi the
more pieteltiols nIaies of College, In
stitute, Uiverity A e(. By riann
united you C:I aIlwys employ ihe best
talnt inl thehul is teihr, li Nom
aughters will be carried firt her I14-re
in the lantgia ges. mat hem 1aties a i
SOlid Scieles, t han in the a vera'ge fe
male College, for these .science are oh
Iig)d to bea taught to greater perfee
tI on where boys aIre edt'ucated . The inl
1ltIence of a good school inl 3our1. idst
,will soon lave a I telling effect on thne
social coniditiont of your people. If
your Children have to be eiltivited
a broa you -Ire deIprive(d of the in tflin
viIe that aI grood !clool exerts over a
Coll mmunity. Flowers aitid fruit
hrought froin a di,tance may be as
sweet us th1osc ralised at hoi. but voll
do not enjoy half the f Ingraice lhat
you would if they grew il Vor Owli
yard. * * * * *. Then oI v)
your school a repIutationi you musi:t first
II(1e1ute I here your io w I Chihirei. a11d
when they go out into t he world it will
be the best advertist ment that. cn be
sent abroad.
This institution should be reg)arded
by you anld your chidren Is a Iiost
precious iiherlitce. All other Jpos
esVio:ns excelpt leariinin ig im.ay he swept.
tway by the.clIanges of fortluie, riches
may be wruig fronm the l.a lid of te
1mtost frugal money kinlg. Eerv ex.
penditure Whether for good or evil, is
liable to ditinish lthe miier's treasure,
butt lie whoi) gives f.om11 his store Of
knowledge is eirilebed by rivingt. li
who o tachs lears fastertI han1 thoe
wh'Io are ttgIhtt. ic1r() says that "he
who kinidly shiows tIhe way to a1 wain
(lerer acts as5 though he kindled a t oreb
from his owni light,' that will shi ine
nmone the less for hiimself whieb hie has
kindled for another, Ie who created.
thle earthI ont wihichl we live. elothed'( ii
with its intantle of beauity and ('ml(ow
('d it wit h its unt old trteasme s of
wealth, ie who crea tedI those dlistan t
worlds t hat 1)parkle like jewels 0111 the
imant he of tight, h as d eclared Ithatr one
humiani soulI out weights them aull, for lie
says :'What is a uman protited if 1e
gaini the whole worldl and~ lose htis Ownl
soul, or what would he give in ex
ebange for it," impl.\lng that thme
reasures of the whole uniiverse wold(
not redemi it. lTen if lie who cr'ea
I ed the ind). deems it a gem i of such
priceless value, lie will ntot obliterate
any work that you may (10 to enhIane
its beauty ai(ncease its value, wvheni
Hie claimis it to dheck His Palice ini
H~eaven. The tree of kniowledge
blooms and1 shteds its fragrance on
earth, but its fruit ripens to be entjoyedl
inl (eternity. T1hen say to thy souh,
(drink deep at tile fountain of wisdom.
plume thy wings for' a heaven-bound
flight, to revel amid worlds that circle
around the thtronte of the Great eternal,
and to rejoice in the flood1s of golden
Jight that emianate frcm the bro .v of
suipr'eme intelligence, ever approximna
ting nearer and nearer in know ledge,
power and perfection Ilim wh'io gave
the being.
-Peace in life springs from ac
quiescence even in disagreeable
things, not in exemption from suf
af Subscribe for the MESSENOER.
The widlow 19Is algerous1 t hh1g,
With soft, black. shining curls,
Anl looket i more bewvitchitig
Than I host of romping g irs
II' hirlgh is so ielicious -
So knilowing, clear', beside
You'~d neerdream hier thinking
Soon to bceome a bilde.
IL(er dressz, though Imade of sable,
Gives roundness to her form
A touch ( of somiethilig thought fiul.
A wit(ching&, wiit oloig cha Im ;
.Anl when she it,. donl by you.
Withb qulit, vasy grave,
A tevr- may fall imbiddein,
Or a smile lihlt. up her face.
ier voie i4 soft. nI lodiou1s,
Anid thiet-like in tone,
She soinetimes sigh'. 11 "' i radfuli
'I) ja-s through life :lone i'
Thenl shie'll tell yol, you reiimim her
Mf the loved one dead :nhl ii. i
Yomr step, yorfm1, yourl fea'tr-lbS
Thuis the. wioill runl oil..
Oh ! listen, yet he careful,
Fol well Ahe plavs he palrt ;
Ifer. lips4 diktil the niectar.
TImhtat (hah enslave the hea-t
Me gtunled, o smh' ill vOt
Vith sighs. -Ind : lsmiles UtI t ear-,
And u\hvln youi're' safely vthled
Slie miay~ box youtr sillyV e.ars y
A Wfif's Coinmanudnits.
1. 111011 shalt have no other wife
hut Ime.
2. Thou shalt not take into thy
house anly bealltiful brazen i mag_'
of a servant, girl, to how (down to
her and serve her ; for L aii a jeal
Otis wife, visiting, &c.
3. Thou shit not take the inme
of thy wife in vain.
4. Remenber thy wife to keep
her r(espectablv.
5. Il01or. thy wife's father al
miot her.
6. Iliou shalt not fret
7. Thou shalt not find fault with
thv dinnel.
8. Thou slhlt not chew tobacco.
9. TIhou shalt not he b)ehlind thy
10. '1hou1 shal t not visit the rum
taverni, thou shalt not covet the
tavern keeper's rum, nor his bran
dyV, ntor his gin , nor his wine, nor
anything that is behuindl the hafr of
lhe rum11 sel ler'.
11. Thiou shalt not visit the bil
liard hail, neither for worshipping
in the danice, nor heaps of money
that lie on thle table.
And the 1 2thI commnandmnent is,
Thou shalt not stay out later than
9 o'clock at night.
--YungMr. Tremle, who is
quite bright, was at a party one
night and lhe was quite well looked
at y hegirls berore he wasmi
he soon caught on, and1 was ma
king himself very popular.
"'Oh, Ia, Mr. T1rembhle,'" laugh
ed Miss Mollie at one of his witty
remaks, ''you remindI me so much
of a friend of' mine."
" 'Indeed Miss," saidl Trembile,
''in what way ?"
"Oh he looked just like he
hadn't a bit of' sense, but when
one knew him, lhe was just too
awfully cute for any use.''
--If there is a person to whom
you feel a (dislike, that is the per
son of' whom you should never
An Exstensive AuditorIum.
"Can you tell me,'' said an itin
erant preacher to a Texas cowboy
"how fiar it is to the church where
Rro. Stone is carrying on a pro
tracted siege against the strong
holds of satan?''
"Well, sir," replied the cowboy,
"'you're in'the church now, but it's
nigh on to four miles to the pul
"I do not un(erst'and you,'" col
tinued the minlister
"W'iall, it's this way :Preach
er Stone's pulpit is a dIry goo(s
box inider a live oak tree."
11ow I4 FEr.-"'I heard you
kissed the prettest girl inl the room
at the party last night,'' observe(l
an Austin youth in lle-glas s gog
gles to his companion.
"Well, I did, for a fact. What
of it?''
"Oh, niothi ng, but I'd just like
to know how you felt during tlie
sweet osculatio'."
"Felt like a heef'steak."'
" Like a beefsteak ?"
"Ye', simiotheredl il onions."
Texas Siftiings.
'INi-rnS AND PoSsN.-\ prini
ter namledl RHobert 11. Joles died;
in this cit y on Friday last froml
tile effects of leading poisoning.
Ile was a sober man, and while at
work Ie inlialed the (uist from the
type which he Was compelled to
hlaldfle. This dust is known to he
quite poisollolls. 'I le deathi of
this pool man lbhriigs out the fact
that alcobol is very generally re
garled as antidote for lead-poison
ng. This is at least a tradlitioni in
all well reguula ted nlewpamper ofhices,
ad it is for' this reason that prin
ter's are never' asked to join temn
per1ance societies. If they do
sign a pledge, it is with a mental
reservation touchiing lead-poison
ing.-New York World.
A vi sit to Ownbey Bros. will con
vince vou that we can sell you GOODS
as CHIE AI Pas the CiE AlPESTP. Our
stock is nuow complete, consisting of
Flour, Bacon, Lard, Cotlee, SIugar,
Canned Goods of evei y description,
Plain and Fancy aiu lie S inl endlless
variety, I Iardware, T1ini and I lollow
ware. A 11l11line of
that compe1)te with Gr'eenville' pices.
Our line of TFob~aco and1( Sega rs is
large and( varied, and1( will be sold at
prices that will. indneue all to buy. If
you nieed aniythilng in theO shape of
Farming Inplements, we keep It. We
k eep) a full l ine of Clocks, and will sell
them cheap). JIewery to please all
both in style and price.
And please to remember thiat we pay
the highest market price for priodulce.
We have nIo house renit nor clerk hire
to paRy, and canH sell you any thing we
keep at the very lowest prices.
Very respectfully,
Oct 12-12mn
"whoever. thinkhs a. fauilitless mlerchant
t.() See.(
ThhIiinks what ne'VL was, nor is, nor e'r
shall be."
W. H. HMGOOD &00.
adopt that as their senti
iments, yet at the same time
they guarantee all possible
satisfhetion to those who
may have dealings with
them. Surrouding cireun
stances, viz: (lose atten
tion to busincss, the expel=
diture of characteristic ii
e g', kind accomniodlation
sh . wn to customers, and the
filling up of their store with
a large Stock of
sold at pric.s, suflciently cheap to
inuvite the at tention of every one,
should SCeell to prove conlisively
to the mlind of every thinking man,
the primec importance andl advan
tage involved, in giving them fre
quent calls. If there is anuother
firm in the country who (.all better
meet the wants of the people gen
erally than they, then they will
"viehl the palim ;" but so long as
everything is favorable to a con
tinued patronage, they trust they
shall rceive it. In addition to a
full line of
General Merchandize,
they wi/i gjlad/y' actCmoJJ -
dale you in the
Idep ar/tment1, a/lwa(ys kar ing
on hand theese rhce b
sale. fies ides th at, t/aqy are
gladto inform the pubtlic
theat /hq~y deal ex/ensu'ely
'in 6'022'0v, /ing'~ thec
.'1gency of a well establish ed
(and reputablde CJot/on house.
7ce higheest .)J/arkel .prices
are paid ftr this staple.
CJome ini and see them;
your presence is solicited at
the Store of
WV. M. HIA(00'D & CO.,
i/)asley, 8. C.
W. 19r. *AGOOD & 00.,
Run au First Class Livery
and Sale Stable in connec
tion with their business, andi
wviil furnish
at Lowest Rates. Don't
forget them when in Easley.
Oct 12--12m

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