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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, October 26, 1883, Image 5

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I think of all th n tt to ie,
I ('e1aii of what thon ca'*t not he
3.Nv Iife is rt w.;iv II I ith thI oughI 11 ts oi I1f the
Forever. anda forever !
Iy heart is full of r ief and woe,
I See thy fItce wherc'r I go
I woold, alas, it, wvere not -.
For. nA.eer ani forever !
Pereh'-wee if we-( hadl never ine .
I hadl be< 11 "pan-cd this- Intall regret,
This t-ith s sriving') to torget,(
Fore.ver :m(! forever!
Ivirelhlce if tho weit far away,
D)id l not see tlhre day by <Lay.
I 1h,11t again he [Ilit lie ainid gu,;y
F(Iever and forever !
Ahl, no ! I col nlot bear. the pain
Of never see.ing t 1e'ain
1 cling o. th)Oe w'-thl Inigh1t amnmdin
Forever un(d forever
All, l1\ave i.o not ! I Iove but thev I
BlesZinl!'; tor vilrse, whichb 0er thou h...
lh ! 1;e as thou ha]-t be1n 1 onru
Foever:nu l fore'veri'
Exitracts From ll A1p oi Bvevl( it.
M11r. I 1CCberT IS a Ismar IIt I II.
1lr. ieechcr is a thinker. but he
does 1 't know everytling an(d is
candid enilh to colfess it. I le
told The CoIstitition's rcporterI'
thit he didn't know as imtuh abthout
the neri-oesI as we f(l. :111d he don't.
When a northerin mal who Ims
heenhI rais1d :11l f'il on the hior
rmrS of Shivery coezdw mith
it take-(s him aboumt a year to get
lis eYes )pcil. 111d wheni he doe's
.vt thei opeII Ile is the po;rest
friend the negr- h1as grot. TheI
soulthern mianl who grew Up with
the ngosuuesad hm
le knows tei r good traits and
11teir h"dmlvnes. thelir ins1,tinects m.111
sulpeIstitioIIs n114 (--) otions' anld lie
knows Iow to deal with 'eil. ., r.
1(eecher is anl Iiracle, he Ias been
changin princeiples. andthele
all his life. Ic I I f, romIj1 g1t aICe mll
ro 0 i in. lie i s 'm.IIt bu1t he is
after all just human and there are
thousands (d mei jst as smar't
whoi( make no oi.,e in the wYorbl.
1 IV would ra8the r trulist I)r. Lebuu iil
mind1( and( his philosophiy to-day
onl most any sahhauet~ thtan 1r .
I lee('her 's. II e is beatter b alancedA(
I t)ios for fa ime. .\lr. Breeber' de
nounce'ts the (confession of faith and
the old theology as foumnded. on
hate and fanaiviismU 81( 58an it
aL religionI of lovet, It has.- takeni
him au long time to finii 1out thalt
our11 lleavenqly fathier wa a ( ;odl of
love and( that Jes us Chiist miade
love the v'ery sotul and spirit of' Ili~
tchIlings. I late and( faniism :~
I low lung has it beent 5Iince thle rev
teend gentleman wa8s wi ling to see
the souther'n p eople bu)tt(he'red,
their townis and. ('it ies burtned and(
thelir hintd made(1 desolate anld for
what was it-hate toward'(s us or
love for' the union01 and( the negr~Io.
1 wonmderi if hie neve (W''conisider'Is
how much(l lie :ontributed to this
war of hate ando dea2th anid arson
and( rapeC andt r'obey and1( desola
t ion. It is time10 the preaci(hler wats
discLovein ll. thait tru relk 'igion~ is
love ; but it is late-very late f'or
Mr'. R(eecherl seems to hiave no
objection to a wh~iite womlan marl'
r ying a negro if she wvants to, but
lhe thinks Mormonismn ought to be
S unn~ressed. I (dont know whether.'
it is the rekliionjoii of the Mormuojns
that excites him or their ha ving"I
more than one wife. If it is the
latter, there is some atoneimient in
the fact that they do it openly anld
publicly and not on the sl'. But
to the souitherin mind there is someC
thingo5 more horrihle aid disgistinlg
thal IM orman ism , and that is tle
amalgamation that lie says he has
no object 0ion to. 'Ve object, aid
we object so earnestly that it is
agai I-,t the orIder of iatu e
nginst the [Iliness of thingos, and
wvc Ie l de(inInnIee it. 1%lr PBeecherl is
still a fanmtic and his sensihilities
to public decency are lhuntedl.
A.l1 that we w:ant is to be let
a klone id the lneg:ro pr o len i will
solve itself'. it. is solvingo now.
'lhev have gonie to work and quit
podliie. The few" who got a col-I
1lcgc educaItion :u-e still r iingo.
.hmit hun11tingr for oilice, hut- (one by
onle they.\ drop 1 inl the changang rl tr
Cor some rascality. 'T'lhe masses
0 fthem aire (in l bet ter tlian tley'
have done since the war.
lHe loves, to work and he love
to( spenld, anid he enijoy s whAt heI
spendt s.
Thcy kIIw( that thy h:ve stron
arm11s an1d call gVet a doi(Wr a va
\V1wnever t he mewal t ub1 i< c mIptyv
a11(d So they hnan d h 1 :1n1 ' g a (
jOkt :1. d n cat :Ini -lee.p :a t liv e
witiit .ca re m.or a pprhensiol.
s m el timi es I v, :.a h 1. h1t. a little r*i
theI i r don'1 "t care. Anvbe th1w
wrlinkles 4-nd the Ca'v'O s feet
wo ubtlen t com ,Ie so0 f-r-t .
V0I lIi \Vie50h -
Iaid wI Nvh i eI tIh I (er Juln s Ki' n ev . i
K1 f1elle, was : resident oI thIe
'I ilieC ('I't, '1 'oug1(h lookin2 s'ee-.
ilenci ofJ lhe Califoirnia inearm'er burist
in upon 1ii On,1e11 (hi v \ ilh
--SyV, Kene, my wife has got a
it Jim Ki ~ eene Tlhompso n."
vra twentyhi do(l01lar gobol pice.
Ini abou d ti lin hour aniot her mani
thinik r We haIve buiilt a chuirchi uip
1Keene (Chape'l. C'an't you comie
''Well. I suppose I will have to,"
rpOl Iied( th Ii'1e 'v. , as he shele o'i('10ut
a1 ten do01lar piece.
wvith :
"G(ood mnor'ninmg, Judge. We
areC11 i bui lig a-. new sch ool house
neer' thet. (.reebk to he c'alled the Jim
Ka ne Schoo.l . W ant t()'oi ontibu1t(e
a few ?'
"Ye,"was the replI)y as a five
wa - passed out.
I1t wasni't overm t wen'ity inu ttes
beforel'( a fourth muan butstledl in
and( calledi out.
"Keenet. 1( discovered' a ne(w (1an
yon upI the coutr itiy thle otherci day,
anid I dledicated'( it to you."'
entlemnan as hie turnled in his
:dbai r. "'I want you to go hack
md1( h unt up allI the new b.abies,
schl(O hiouises, clii(hurcs, triotting
'iorse, enynven I lilntic. aylums,
br ying grounds and berry patches
n your county which are to be Jim
KCeened, and come back here and
give me the lot at wholesale, for
l'm blamed if I am going to fool
with lthe retail businless any longer.
G(od day, sir !"-aVIll Street
-A it d e fell overboard from a
"Save me ! Save me !'' he
shriekd 4 in mortal11. fear.
"IHold on a Lit vill you'.' sung
omit. a sailor.
"'Save jme ! I 'm siunking' !"' hie
yelled 'againl.
'No yIr ain't. Yer can't sink
-Sl'AI s A. (to liss H., who is
a1cCOmplalie( by a liti ltle(dog with a
stumny tail) "-I beir pardon,
does this svcet little bobtail belono
to on)l
1)iss 01. "Oh, no, that is the
-~ ~~~ ........... ..- --
leIre1'T arie -1 2 pe) lioIneis of thi('
lited ,-Statc's iII this State whot)
Sraw . ,:1:3 1 a l(o nit II froum1 1 he
r( Novecr I ineIt. f tI hese l)ai Ifort
clnt IIS th Ia reIs. t n1imhuer.
8 . IlI c _-ii..town tie sm Il est.
Oly 1 c n% (ie n i IIclle has 17 . An1
IerIsomn 22, S mrta n Iu rg3 :1, Lii
rens I 1IS . l'ickens I;; Oconee I1G,
AS hheville 1t.
Ir' -eem is 8 if there is oing to
bh e t ronhle regrarding rail-road
('oinni-ssiin has redneed the fare
in Ihe ow er portion() of tihe State.
they have no first ami sec!ommA elass
(11ches. hut. anyone is open to all.
(in the Air Line lload these40 CoacL
es ar.e retailned anld no() trlonhle has
Ii 1I i t 1l811Clles, (julle b~y
Ea-lev. S. C.
G~ iv u hima call an miisat isfaitio w)1~ ill
Octm 1 .-12m
OWNB~r1EY~ B3 ros..
A vi sit to O)wnbev Bros. wvill con
Vinuce yonI I hat w*e cenn sell y'on ( OOI S
as (ll1l'',AP as flue Cll 10A J*']CST.p Our
stocklI isiowi (omlet e, (ons.ist ing of
Cat nned GoodIs of ever y dlescriptd lon,
Phiini :nul( &neyC a uidie s ini emiletiss
varietyV, Iliardwaure, Tliin malt l(llow..
ware. A f'ull line oft
that compete with Greenille prices.
O)ur line of Tobacoe( :1nd( Segairs is
large amwI varied, anumd will be sol at
prices thaft Will indneeC all to) any. If
yonU need aunythuing in t lhe shape of
lFaring impleimnts, we keep it. We
k eep a fnll line of Clocks, and will sell
thsemi chieap. .le welry to please all
bo0th ini style ando price.
An pl1J~ease to remiember(' that we pay
t.hue highest market pice for prodIuco.
We hauve no0 honse renit mnor clerk uire
to pay, amnd can sell yon anty thing we
keep'l at th e very lowest. prices.
Oct 12-1l2m
Whoev.r thinks Ia faultless merelt
t o see.,
Thin ks what e'er was, 1or s, nor e'r
shall be."1
W. M. HAGOOD & 00.
adopft that as their senti
ients, yet at the same time
they guarantee all possible
satis4faction to those who
may have dealings with
them. Surrounding circum
stances, viz: elose atten
tion to bn)uSineCss, the expen=
dit ure of characteristic en
() and()
ergyV kind a.ccommi-loda-tion
showvn to customers, andthe
filling up1) of their store with
a lnge Stock of
vI'te Il a(teltilo of every oie, sIoh l1
pen2l to pr Ov( coCh( vely to) th I if
min14 of vever y iinkingi luanl, tlie prilnoe
il i lne :liot a1il nta e involved, i
g IVIivi i li frequeit valls. If thert 1
anlother. tirml inl Owh conn ryv who enn)
belermet th wantf- o)f thev peoplpI
"IMrally thanl th y t)- ~hn theyI will
viel the pahnl ;'' bIht S) lo g as evi
iy t hiig s favorable to ,I c(oint ilnln(l pat
10!inage0, t hey rut t 1t hey l:1 Ireceiv it
11n :ahlit ioll 1 o a full line (f
Gevlfera M6.13ercl11iald ize,
/C , pi// g/ad/9 accom/o
dal/e you1 in thec
depa)(r/mCen, alwa' )ys /Uar'ig
oni kand these &)elesJf or
sa/C. .'?ees/des thatI /1ey ared~
g/lad to 1n/Jorm /1e public
/iat /i hey deal e. i'enstr ely
.gey CI) of a ,,'cl established
anid reputable CJotton /iouse.
27ce hgest .)harket prices
are paid for this staple.
Come in anid see them;
yOur? preseceC is soliCited at
the S&ore of
W. M1. H(A(00D & CA).,
JA'asley, &. -C.
'W, iVt, 4 00DI & GO0,
Run a First Class Livery
and Sale Stable in connec
tion with their business, andl
will furnish
at L4owest Rates. IDon't
forget them when in Easley.
Oct 12--12mn

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