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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, November 16, 1883, Image 2

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I 0 ctleicte thie 1)liblil. uniad, ik, fouail ll
I abli.lt.'(l namle. FTa'o. Moore lave- dit.
ku' 1Nash'v Wvli:11t' It) Othler t eavl t'l.
t'oiliidisliet. Ile has taiiij"iit ( lie, pubilic
tumid of thie priiIW i1111)ordlaee ()f vdtni
(cation. .11 (hoill!) [ hi-, tie( seflio l I I.
1-ieivetl a ~ai'i..eillat w~ill coimare
f:1voi'iblv wvit il anv wilti ipavilil ills!j
I Ieiii', I,:tre t'N(-,:t iolh;4.lv fiue, andt
art.. thhe se'1 . I)rl l
(Ied Hlv1 1nll hep 1ne\( r- :(rt.i
ilo thc1Ill ill. * '4I 1 82t- 1.IW v4 Al c t!cl v4
ZM'V~~'i Ci'lit'-4).fit o'
Ml( wciit (Ili o 1-hiC8 itclc upIli
.IlC tl't 15 tlai i 4)4 'l1 4 t will h ii
[loll'. qu ta110A 1 111evvle k'-ivtm (4 tLil- .,
(if 1ih11 erel 4he whichli~ t#
c*cilc ao, SIgt o IIM a~l fJ'l
merits i its. fAo loo vI I ~ l
sIlI ba WIle aVe 111111W li)1eIsgheing
thatO the Ilacic. 1 workin ofN sc
Ia. Ir: Ihng wol :I., t he (1001' of
teip)tAtion to II ile holder ninch
wVLel' thlit it, now St ands.t -
paritively few men are so depi'aved
as to bring finanlcial ruin upon a
feV persoIial friend--who have
been kilnl elotigh o sig their
ofliial boids-by het raying the
tiIIst. repose.. inl t hem ()n the
other hand, thelre( seeis ti) he 1i
incliit ion : ong malny pu lici 01-.
cials to pick fr n cv r N N (Teri-k ill
the publie erib that their keen eves
(111 iseri ; aild it' t his clw ss k nIe'
tI ht the pickinc - taken woul hd he
distributed ailonog all entire comn
I)nnitY IieI I t mp t N in to C' -they
well cir nxoh eieesd
Ag i it wanl b nj to force,
po ihiy 1" 0 nu i r yof the I( tax payv
1rt. to .win4'(O'ie dh' sulet i45ts 1 f
1Mail g ntwh they h1:d l e ter
C41 the1ir prc-t e)-t at the hallot-bo.
I I E A11 A M ATu.
We weboiiie the ' .\ha A! 1ater''
to mne exchange Ilist. ut hp b
lihdhv the l~u:n~uisnLit.
orIryv So bi ie- of the \\'4 \.:van
Ien:de I istiute. taluntomn, \n..,
:1 i1 ha. it 11 hea i i<is (ara ho
( \Iogan. an nt0 U!ee 1 uiv it ly
keenl to w arrant( its npina'-:I nte inl
ever hose , pbi or (rv0
t''tic i s li fe,":\1 '. ' wh re e it go- s l::.
k. , 1, ,i V I i ) Ij I i " 1 I i - ( ) ri r I -
:id in its cotie t t e 1, 4 (.,I( h
1enI a l r " ndklN b tIi tIll wo1aai -
hood . n ing iti - olr- in1
1hi(,f as We, klo, we pr, dieo- t 'or the)
''0A 1-1 Mater" '' a right u es
fori~lili thelleg y I ( f ' :antt I ; S
11)I 0eoH I,* . h"T iON I IN t1 I:Nt .-.
artt hn lin a he I t ~iijli il I A i'h i'o oe
t1 ht g -1.14n' a! -~ Nio edn I-'' ,.Ie
:1 iel i u ( 'iN-;t f'i l i ton;1f tio atte
in b 8t bitt 'le iuy New:,''l:.ellyhkmjown
il( ' pit'o t h r: it ab~o (UibIah. r t,
awt fornt id fonrip. honges ei t,-m
ab-iirab~u1(,1 el an Gre nbk tickneps..
t he t ra~ binmuan xord, mass. w1808,
ce'u pr 1et c o 'v. rythen t
10cl in s
41w )WCPul 811l )iporter otf( tt side of p ) I.
.les in I his $tate.-Gr eenIville N ews.
1DEATit ol jD. WINKIOi. DRev.
E. 1'. \Vin kler, 1. ) ., died lit his honie
aI Marionl, Ahi. oni Nov. l0th,~ le
'.V:1~ ~ la 11 I) N.11i h~.'t C I l *~
W Wls O of Ih It 1rip eSt, Sl h -S, h,
luoste chsie loit ondorz!Il :uIl vSeetned d1
vino till i li"l- a l i .Ae, g~g
[ le wa for a 14)1 "Iil mu ident~iflod wit hI
Ithe p e sof Ik <lo iIitlion,. having.
b oee In assi:-A 11 t ei r o I f t hI l Is It I I
f h , inI 18 5. ediit Il' of te Sotit heI n
1.I'Ip tist , at Ch arle st-on, ini 185-) >, .and
1 i litor of ( Ihe A!aIb:,iua ll"oI i.'
which w a tuuled in 187.1.
1/v"(h- your. lill-hend-ls, 'Letter
heonds, N oi--hoea lE eloAi.s.
~e-s e: V \'isiting ! :- l' , I nvitation
:11 THEi. ,t i.O.NGE lliCO, Wit h nea-t
l s : uid ileei I'h, tlla 'he oI
C4\dI\ nt: hi i de of (W( navrh 11 vln .
ATTM.'un%:Y A N11 CorM. i.:Innl~ AT LAW.,
Prails il the' Shite and United
slates Couris.
IN n ih in !:iElionl 1 4., (og4
Nov '.1 I
(DW NBEs: B3 OS.
A vi-it Io ()\wIb!y.v os will co4
v, In4 -k von I w e e :lw Iyo ;t ( ) IiS
I f 1.A IE
4. 1'j i u Ii. 114 1(hil-,:14 \~ .tl
.\ 4441E.\' a s ll1 - ~'ll4E.\ lEST.t hu
,too N ow ompNlee, BouiOS.g
I-'our i~n-n, I'dard. ('oircoe ,% 1,g-n
'.mli at i I 'I'll ll vs
va i .y llanh n\ Tin :tid 1iloilw..
I)Hr. .\. uII
hll ' 8tie1(', all. wil ye. a
Siltl l iv ' l 41 li t~''' ill i. I t) ' 1i[M' <>
l' illili, Illi b lt8, 'l) \ ot* nt i Shoe.
Iee a;.1 fuIll . - a' of ( I; ('lc , : o w ill ' e
i e li l1U': 1. .A \ t'C ' Ph I bCaS ea -
1'ie lltlc' o0) Mill' ul't'1'y 1aS j lh's'; liire
, IlIa : it g vall 1.ell . lit :llSt Novie.' \
it'i It \t'r tso wat rcs, Bnit~
1l'11('exoi illbel l \,l
O.t 12--l '..n
ij u Ts for
S I ITf)J1 jj/yTo
(~H! A -bINTgte
(pIe(sted to (all (tld
wt ait for "s to
c w(a1fo1 both ?I to
awl us- but come
right alony aTl
" KUI N''
W. M. Hagood & CO.
EA~s1r, s.. a.
.No-i 2
No. 50, (ai.senger) arive .. :2.4 A. M.
No. 52, ' a ...(i:08 i>. iM.
No. 18, 1 ocal Freight "~ ....(;:.1(; >. M1
No. 51, (Pa.senger) arive...:.1 1>. M.
No. ,'H " "' ..1U:3) A. Mi.
N o. l'7. 120-a l Fre igh t '' ...5):55~ A . M .
All of the above t rains~ carry passen.
Ini all its b)ranc~hes, done by
* .~le~(y , s. C.
Give hijin a call an(1 aitisfact ioni wl1
be given, b ot.h es to work anil ch a rges.
Oct 12-12nm
- bscr ~I b hEM~~~( U

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