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fit fnsleg pessrunler.
Hitelihis, Pastor. Every first Sabbath
at 11 o'clock. A. M., aid at 7:30, P. M.
Smuilay School every Sabbath at 3:30
o'clock, P. M.
Pleasant), Dr.'J. R. Riley, Pastor. Ev
ery second Sabbath at 11 o'clock, A. MI.
I[. Elwell, Pastor Every fourth
Sabbath at 11 o'clock, A. M.. and 7:30
o'clock, P. M. E4Ver'y secom i Sabblth
at 7:30, P. M., by Rev. ). I. Brown.
Sunday School at 9:30, P. M., every
AmL Goods ill our line at iid-sill
priees. OwNBEY Bils.
MAJ. 1). 1. BRAIElY, of the "Sen
tinlel", was inl town oniunay
-W1E lmv no "ossum" story for
this issue.
' As1Iv has beel alive wit b"comn
Imercial t ravelers'' for tie past veek.
M iss 1-LA (.iCLxYiiE, of Greenville, is
paying a visit to hler family who reside
in Easley.
N . P. McID. AiLEXANi-'R, of Pick
(ens, paid TI(E aESSENGAi 01o10 :
iit Ot Monday.
- est Creai Chveemse ill t ihe tark e ,
ait 0OWvNII ,;y I no.
ifllness; of voll'. Mr. Dalniel Rodgers of
t he P eiethno t. Ins1t it uit c.
Tll"E State Fair is golgu ol I his weeh
at ill an early i-'Sue w wiv h to give
our* r111emier a bri-fan-colunt of it.
"A it~ra killingo frost, onl Tule
thy Ioring~ was ghally welcomed1 by
Ihe farilers.
\VI.E thlnk t hos.e who hiave ivien i11
job work, mulidl'y. solicit, more.
--An.iother'u lot tine S'toves, just ar
t'ived(, at OWX~NBEY BROS.
)uni youthlfiul journeyma~n should he
eareful how~ he rides a //rk husr.e.
I ie mayu be phieed unilit fotr work.
ley with his pr'(5iesen Ont Momiy, but
shte didn't1 return to Piekenus with him.
Robinson & Watt haepaedbfr
the resutlt. of Mr. W. F. Wait's tailent.
J. A. RUobinson, of D~acusvile, thi
Colunty, lhaus beeni appoinited a Notary
pul)ic hy the GJovernor. If you want
y our land papers Ii xed, or want to
take a wvife, lhe will attentd to youlr case.
.JO1NN.IE N.! Washtington hadk'omu
pany from G~ reeniville you muust re memt
Quit workinig so hiardl aum obey I lhe
ictates of you h' t eat.
ONEi* of th e CIditor ilS iregrets~ tItt h e
was1 utnale to) be presenlt at. I he entter
tainmtient given by the PI.ietnout I[n
s.titte ont Fri lay night Ilast. It was au
full accot; of it.
D)i E) otn 'I'ttesday (eventin Ig Nov'em
ber 13th, Niss Julia Murphiey, dau~ght
ter of Mr. N im NIurphey, whoi( residles
near Mile Creek Post, Office, in I his
(Couty. 'To the bereavecd we e xtend(
nur1. synmne.
--Crackers, Candie' and Cand pri
zes, "way down," at OWNI3EY ROS.
OuR young friend, Eugene R., had
neither bridle for his tongue nor his
horse on t hat afternoon of great excite
ment. The wind und rain each did
their share to place tIhe fair form in a
Precarious condition.
AT this terin of the Court in Green.
ville W illian Carson aiid Thonas Good,
of Easley, are to be tried for the mur
tier of a negro, from Spartanburg.
William Carson is to be defended by
Messrs Bflytih & Maylield.
A'M a Ietinlg of t h Trustees of the
Easley Aemleiny last week, quite a
linie fil-alial report ws inladte by Prof.
Moore. iHe will be paid fully as nuch,
if not mnore, than w-Is gluIl'llteet to
'HEaE was a publiC sale. before t he
store of Robinsoni & VyItt on Sat,
irdlay last'. A sinall. gool looking
filly was s(ohl to the highest, bildler.
Mir. T. I. Me1a hu-n was O he puIrhi
ser. If we Juti't a court hollse, Ve
have sal.<arnatuii anili about.
ADI>En a new lot 'Musical Imustru.
Ileuent. OwNEY 1iROS.
-iIt. Ric'iAIl> i IILL, is receiving his
tlllher for 1ih. repairileo of his t1well
iIg. Mr. A It li has t Ie coutraet. :1nu I
a sooli as t tiwl louse is collplete(I Mrt.
1111h ant] f:nnily viill move inl town.
hIllines'M preva-Lil i Iw ('n on.um
W7. lte with pleasir th*. lii- slccess
willi whlijell our vounl) fri(leuis, Tlhtmuluas
1)iekey andi Aanningr Aui,)f Gre
ville, :r farming. In Collegwe :unlI 01)
the farim tbey are boinI to lank' Iheir
WI: return miany thallnku to th : an
thor for Iiir Coal ihtibn ) Io th ol
tinnas of1 Tl.usj %I~ssI~x(usa, to b~e
R4() tOhit bolb' -lor1 ient ii ' a nt h r~,
We 1) )t'(' (l li (111 leS hS v ) vl iji) V. i( t ,
rlieemlstCIl to hsoet hingo ;i t. atmi
meonial ('oa agion. ~ llo~-~l
C(tocK ilny, Tin a m lii-ae
\ E' Ieturi t hmankls 10o 3r. ('. TI. Mar
t in for :i h lar&e I uruuip weoig hin.g onelt
pile' to) MI raelt leaft S-)Vcies. Thei(
seel wereI4 to r wanltelo I 0NI1. 3Iralini
fromi I he A\grienult uura I 1)e par t me t'1 at
L. WV. 1KAY, oflicer from~ Grieenvilhle
Comle to) ourl townt 0n yesterdlay, amth
arrested I w(o of our)1 eli izens aIs witness
in thet (iuSe of t he Stat e vs. WmII. JudIge
Frteemnani, for A rsoi. TIhey wer
boundn ovler beflore Triah Justiee (Oos-.
se tt for t 11111 a ppearn a~ It t GIiree nvuil
Couri to-i hiy.
WE direect th rea '(1ders attetion to
the cand of J. TP. Nix, Esti., of the
Greeunville bar.
Also, to the advertisemuento ORoblin
50on & Wya,:tt. G~o :und set tle at once.
Also, to thle AdIninliStrator's Sale,
by J. RI. Gossett. Eso.,i
PICKENS C. I, Nov. 13, 1883.
DEAR ME1SENGER: As a snowy
(love trouping among crows, outshines
them all, so do the eveits of last Fri
(ay night bid other items of news re
tire to the rear in this letter. Whilst
the West yet glimmered with a few
streaks of (ay t he s)ectator's were seen
wendling their ways to the Piedmont
Institute, and at an early hour the
Comnencement lHall was full and run
ning over. Fronting the large auidi
ence was a tastefully arraligel stage,
auid just as the hantds of the watch
reached 7:30 the cuir'taini rose and about
one hulndrel stars in the McCashin
Riley crown stood on the stage lending
briglhtlnes to the cha:<deliers and wairb
ling forth a welcome ehant. This was
tlie opening of a brilliant entertain
ient vhieh was a com plete success all
the way through. We have not the
space to notiee all tihe pieces. They
were all gool, ait the actors ill vachi
eserve a personal colillielt, whicl
we hereby extend to thei all. withuIIt
inen tionkinlg their inaes. The three
)I(ces 1mo)t a(inireil were : "Mortga
-ing ti e Ohd Farm," "Ohi lele Je''
aid A Breach o)f ProInise 'Trial by
"Mmogaing- the Ohl Farm'' wvasz
Idti.',Y1):'d I
renIletreil ver'y touingmiily. An.I ol sil
Ve-he lul niidt his al40,44 wife vere
eated il t te stage, sIlromle( by a
grotup of extrIvaguant cllilhren wIh
WeIr lressingoU :nd living away t 1Ie old,
Ist at e. ''le ol ( folks, h their wrinlk
I's :Inl t e:n-s aund sigls over'ame the
chibbren :Uni succeedled inl hevaing the
fle d ob lme. There wa nuel inl it
to repres"ent rent life.:and it tnithit alm
exelhlenit m~oil.
"Ol dell'" was :a col)oredl piece, amin
I tell volt it helped h) ligest. IanI:LIy a
SuIIpperI.. It wus so finly that. t Ie
hilse rar11el Aith laughrilter all t he tilie.
E ven the vinegar--s eel ellows, who
SC('1elyV ever s1 1h theit eetl inl way
of sileik'. conl be seen with their
lioimt his own1 blowinug out ha ! ha ! h:a!
GW(or! IE Its (when blackedl) cann te-h
at negro how Ito% b.)e a nego.)
Wimt tok the writer's eve was the
Jtiry piece. Sluppose' it was hCeause he
belongs t) the he. al frat ('1r1it v. A) Jury
was emipan'llel anl emmuel1 ':iied.
T['it' Jut ige sat upon~i his Ma~t'st ie <tig
lity . Th'le plaiill' wa vs thlen ledilhe
fore(. thle ('om-rt. thle :nIIliece ini deaith
hangi'in'' onl her temp)Iles like ravenI
flleete, :iu wit\it hi a pair of 1 hmose kii of
eye-. whni 51 :'tmesu fellows als vonI a utl
tlontii(t that he was takeni prIione hv
proposlig to. the ii tit', whou said ini
subs)tanI ce:
"W\Xhien t.~t w Ioioe Summnllers wither ini
t heir' prit lt
A f t ermI i('t'e ex(rcises we ver)V , IHer.
S. 1". 11. Lw~ell delise(rted ani mlhlress4
spokeL of t he grea1t .inlterest lie tell mi
the inst ituition, aind how earniest ly het
wVihed it to be a compleu~tte maul las'ting'
siuccess. I110. gav 'uI t IterlanIce to 1)umny
pratWtit'al ftruhs onl Ithe subtjtect mail dis.
(eissed withl muchel forceM t het great (em1
wyhichl te'aceris shiotl keep ini v'iew, t he
dents and1( friendts faruewell1.
It was now 1t0 o'cloc'k, hut nione
stleeed tir'ed. Ini fact,* all looked as if
thety.coubll stay at the phit'e of aLmuise
neint "'t ill niight 's candlIes hiurn t. out,'
and till the strea('ks Of gray bIaed~ the
sever'ing" clois in the East:.
Fr'om t he ablove pireml)ises of course
ti he Con ilusioni. is logical Lthat t lhe enmter
taimn t)I was ai su ccess. T.Leachuers anld
studenut s all shoul take honor to thiemi
slves. It wats so good( t hat Lov'e it
would v'olunitarii l dop) oil' of a fel
low%' lipn.
sic scholars left imprisoned echo in the
listening walls where soft cadences are
still heard- C.
Sir W. S. GiEoiRy, our Vore
man, is authQrized to receive and
contract for Job work, &c.,for THiE
1MESSENGElt office.
iMalried, at the residence of John
Brown, oin Sunday evening, Nov..1 Ith.
by 'Squire Stewart, MI. J. F. LsLEY
and Miss M. J. IlUloil., all of Pick
ens Countv.
On Wednesday evening, Nov. 14th,
at. the residence of the bride's father.,
by R'ev. S. P. 11. Elwell, Mr. JOrN
KIRKsi-Y and Miss E'rTA Crym eld
est, (atglterj of J. B. Clyde, all of
Pickenls C"ounty,
Oi rutesday evenituc, 13th Nov., by
Alonzo "M. Folger. Esq.. at the Mletli
odist parsoiage, R. I. SMuIT and
Miss MINNIE L. ARIA,. all of Easley.
On t he 15t h inst., at the resideice of
t hec - bridte' G 'andlnothI(er, by Rev. S.
P. II. Elwell, HARDY GILsTrnAr and
MAJOn, all Of Pickens Co.
On1 sanne day, at th'b residence of
t1 bride's father, in Eastatoe, V. A.
G ANT'and iMiss MILY A.GhLsrYA,
all of Pickens County.
()ur ('otton lMaikct has beeii (ifer
this week. Sales for the week 135
bales. We quote:
l33i( ...................... ......... g
F lour p r barren .............. ......$01
SIrting....... ...............5)@0
1'. ........................8. 04
P~iint-S..............................5- i) Q~8
Yar . t r.....................................S @
' h ick e ................................ [email protected]
Tiose indebted to ns for Guano are
notilled 111ft they miukist comtie forward
andu Settle at once, as we need andi~
muitst have OUR MONE Y. So do niot
A LSo,
Thosel(. d ule nS on1 Store A ecountl must
sett c le u at once, so that we maUIg be
enabled () supplly you again. A word
to the wise is sniilict.
Nov 10--ti'
Adiministrators Sale.
Will beC sohl at Easlev on FridayV thet
30th November, 18Si3, all the'Per
sonial property oif M. Ml. JONES, late
of P1 ickens County, d~keeased1, coni 5st..
ing ini part, of T WO) COWS, 1 WO
11ORSE wagoni&c.
AlIso, ai coinsiderable stock of Mer..
chaindise, consisting of. PLOWS, SU
other G ROC ElRIES. Also,
Ladles IHATS, RIBBONS, and a
SM A LI L0LOT of' other IDry GAoods.
Ad ministrator.
N ov 10 -.-21
General Merchandize,
Easley, S. C7.

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