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The Easley Messenger.
VOrL1.EA, like t ford, /lAe RiOLrI it's Yook, ii EMBERt3
g5he ileg essenger.
Entered at the Postoffice (it Easiey,
S. C., as Secdnd (lass Matter.
One year, strictly in adlvaice ...... $1.00
Six miioniths " . 65
One square (1 inch) 1 insertion ...... 75c
Ea1chsubsequent insertion...40e
Liberal discoulit oil (!oiltnU1t.S Or by
the coliini, half or (uarter Cohnn111.
Marriagwe noti'es free anlld solicited.
Obitaries over 12 lines el-arged for.
Corresondets, to in'sire attention,
must give their full laddress*
We ai not. respolsible for the 0opin
!ons of oir correspolndenits.
All communiations. for the P'IPer
miiuist he amlddressed to the 'Editors;
ulinehss let tter, to the Pullblishri of the
N ESSE~NGER., lasley, S. C.
TI lover gavv the weddingr ring
I nto t h golbslith's hnd ;
"Irav me," , S h I sid," tenlder.
W-tiin tnhe golden hnl."
'lhe gobkismith graved,
vi Ie n-etia :1.1,
" 1Till death Vs p'n.''
Th I'l"weddingo hell ranm. (I'hully (),t,
Thet huIitsband ISa1id, " w ! wif,
Togth.1 11-r we S Ii shn-e th e grie f,
S.11whapiness of life.
I give to t le
1 hii nul. v 1-art,
Till death us. part.."'
'Twas she that lifted l now his hant,
(0, love tht. Ihis shouhlbe !)
TInII on1 it, 1)lae:eI t I gobIlei aImIl,
A.I l w )kI e l'(.(1 tel derl y
"T'Fill deatlh us join,
I' . :11 - art il1ineV
An mI non t hine.
AnIId( whe <I.lath jnwe never more
Shall know an ahing hmtart
Thi Upridal o1 th at hett1er ve
Dea th1 hIs no power to part,
'I'lit troth will be
For the1 and Ime
So up tlte hll :1 down th hill
Th'lrough-1 tiny chang.)ingp yea,11S
They shire1 ieh ote r's ein:1cIes.,
'Tlheyi dried each otliers ears.
A b11, aIs,
Such love nI part.
But one sad]ti da-she 5 o(d alonle
Bes"ide his na:1rrowv bed;
Shte drew~ theC ring' fromh of''her h:nn,1
.Andl( to thle gobl~~imit hi satid:
~'1Tjfil det.h sart.
"Nw rave four other words for me
"TIil l denth Its join.'" Ile took
With' solemn, wvistf ful look,
Anud wrougl'.ht1 with carelt
F~or love., not coin,
"TPill dleath is joii."'
-Thei mrotioni for* a niew trial ini the
case of N IB Freemian, selling liqjuor
behlind~ shut ters, I he Jilge refulsed thie
jail for six mnoniths or to pany a line of
1i20(; his counsel will appeal to the Su
ireme Court.
[From the Constitution.]
Marrying and Mating as the World
Revolves--The Cildren Forsaking
the Old and Clinging to the New.
"She took our dlaylight, with her,
The smies that w(e love best,
WiTh millnorning blushes oi bih cheek
And pearls upon1 h1r breast."'
One by one( they go. They are al
ways going,(, for Olhe boys; wvill run11 after,
tw he ils, aill t hy pull ' ein,. andi beo
'eniI all atter 'em, until t hey Stwret1
<der, ail tien Iley marry anud go.
1'hiTe is a sweet satliess about; it, aInI
for a while the house se(Ins tICso.late.
:and the good old fa1tthe'r ail( m11ot her
wua(ier arionil aind look lost ald Say
niothinug. .1 camne by one of these (he
sorted homes 11; ast Iightt, and Sawtv the
oli folks thiough the wilow. Thie
Illother wlas knitt in , in ih cornranl(
t he old 1nu3 looking fixei v i 1 1 1 (e bla
zing" fire a( nioking hisng pipe. I kinew
wvell what, tlwy were, thinking rabolt,
for a yunil. hni ia( emon1e after th ir'
011bd aind varrimi4 h er far awayv-thw
chil they a lul ouishiel :and lo've So
ln :ald lne -Ill IIh -y cou l'for, anid
now sl ' was rw !n, one for good. It
is the ()Iu' ot nature. but soinehow
it lunnlbles a1 1 fonI paIlnt. ill spite 44
n1111Ire, for a nuiiui, :a straner to hi,
blo)lI. to step inl bet ween3 tl stueal a
<hluihte's purle-t. telrstlve, :and
take her away. Some11 >w it reiinei1
u[s of our ag'e and i ntimit y. The oh!
pilbu's tha, Suistainled lhe h1 m.e :1*-! de.
Lying. and \\rakaingn wek ( the
(hibew seeks at new 1 ilore vi'gWor,0l
support. ()Ie by ole I hIvy g1 - 1
b vs an( lit( ;irls. :mld t b -oli 11 nv
.1 way g:a1:in. We :re t.hI:kil alnI
h11 ppy when fh -v 'ome. :nd ( know
1 ih r Jove 11:, still, but it is tuost aLIvar.
:a sarilice-a sacrilion of timte and mo
ney,: i ills ill peril thir bsil.
:Il opior( m iit ies. N evert hieless. I Il-I
Olgh. to con-ie, --fmr life is .-; hI wt :m1 1i
liltim iQ i.-e 1i3g,'' :nil t he ohIl filk- wil
.-oon be gmle. hi.-; (evotion to a!ed
parents is m1 ighy \ll sweet to me. I k11w
1 1114mn1 of your towil---a lIwver of
SL un lin :u, - d (ist inect ion-who, every
11nIDt h1 goes by m1y house i a hired
huggy malot spe.1s a dayi on a nighlit
w it I IIIs aIge 33d moi I h -- in lit( Iountains,
:nd(1i fimtorts her, and she hooks for
ward wit h delight t o his 313monliy vi-its.
:and foilies him to her bosoumi , ma
ble.-se him. ma wheIt(. lhe lavIes lr top
return t1 is wife mal( cliire3, he
knios (i It.ier prayers follow him, mal3
Il h v riis to I leaveu like incen'uise, miadl
lhe feels better am3l( nobler for* his pil
gr3imag1e"(. I res1.'ect tha 13:1 m heeauseC(13 3[
he re'srtst his good11( oblmothler, anld if
I luul a case for eourt l wolI( Subit)fi
it. to him with ai:ll contildeice, and3( if I
hP1( 1a 1hu-ige (estat1e and1( wan 1ted a 3 fith
fui eecutor, I wVoul (choose himt. .1
can't1 1h(lp erJiina(lng over thet.se
things' sometimeuts, for a3 fee(ling" of so1(..
11r ownI (hihi(renl whohai~ve le'ft 31s, aId
hare 1ow dlomilledt ini live dli!Yrenlt
S3ttes--from3 New'~ Yor'k to Floridla.
When'i sh3111 we all m3eet agi. AmlI
th ere'( arie m1ore to leave ius, an d by am31(
by they wvill all be gonle, and3 our h1opes
:uti .ioys will Iluitter :u11( tall like th a
h('aves u1 pon1 a wit hered t ree. Tht1 is
the way I feel at timles, but it is 11ot the
w:ay we ought to feel. 1t. is not1 the
wa;y I talk to) other plel. "bra
p.ohlgenla,'" I say,3 bra':ce up,)
W hy, t by w~ill keep) coninlg and going,
and1( y'ouri graml(leiilreni wilille to
see you.3 and1( von mu!st m~ake th1in)gs
lively. Frolic with 'en, play horse
anld bear. anto go hlinting with 'em,
and tell 'em Stories, alot hold you'
head up like a patriarch. Grow old
gracefully. and he always ready to
brighten llup the family leartl wit.h a
venerable smile. Ve' don't vant iy
ong faces in this suln)111ar16 world.
Cheer 11p), and inake folks glad to see
yoii. Never say die until yoor time
coies, and when it does eoite (1raw t he
drapery of yoIir e)ih abo.ult. vo, as
the )o(t says, aUl( lite. down to pleas
anIt dreillis.
* * * * * * *
LL~j ARup.
IEl.:'rLisa oil 1)1 Riarsei)s *y (7. & L.
At DirectImorxs of the
Greenville and 1-atuPeIls li:ailroad'Ilhl
a i neeting at minni's s .or. last,
Welilnesdayv. lPrezsilnt .11:11ili :nd,
all the Directors were preset, ISave
two, T. Q. Donaldson, Greeniville, anlI
Al. S. 1aily, Laumrens.
(apt. Kirk, Chieivf Eng1-inleer, made a
report of t he preliinh'iary Sinr-ve ys he
had lnelde. 'Ih l poiit. of entevin. the
city of Greesiiille was determilned.
which is ()n1 the rIght,* or ulpper )por
tion or samne, no \.ir-Line D epot.
About. live iilesof Ihe line all'iv beeni
4takevl, aill i rna v:aly for ih - con
trator. It1wa dkeerinlined toant as!
sool at" live Iiles iniorware 1h1.z -akd
Mnn reI-ady for. wxork, the Eng-inever will
oin t) this eii if the hlin :nni k
oif teII Iniles, VI .1 the gradillg will
begrinlt vachl (.nd, :nid t he workpuh
ed vigoroslyl V t e t u)1Iet iol 'II'
prospects are en1Cou1*11rging.v
GIptI. A. I IByrd, of rIein1ville, wa
elected Secreta -y iulTreasirer, rand
XIM. S. itily, resignred .aurens.vil~e
-Two I recent .t'IIinpts h tre been
111111( to wreck tl, pa-ssengevr 1t1rain on
i b - ( 'odlmbia :ndiGenieRira
ol the high eibankment at the InI
vert ini iiant~ 0( ~iIt I tIb lain Icr oS
t-i In th I trv II-k.I tIh iis In a n-dayv
O ih ll irst occa ISion1tI tm obhsi -t rei(on
WAs -eHn ill time to St op, but, on .\on
ohay nIiglh the t raini was lbouit.six hours
Ite. With the air-brakes out of lix, amld
wheni the cross-tie on t he rails Nwas seen
it waS imposible to stop, but wit'h re
Imarkale god fortlunie the whole train
passted over it wil.iout derailing a Sill
Ogle wheel. The fiimld who perpetrated
these ldeeds shotuld be caught at any
cost anld himseIlf tied to the rails be
fore al approachillg traini. llanMin(
is too good for him .-Aerson Juir
A 1.ISII 01" i 1* Wyn A'piw nmi s..
IIere it is, thle 231 (hay of Novemi)be r,
ad ou11 esteemd friend W. T. Little
johnd, 1iiing near JoniVlle, has handit
('( 11s a neat lit tle b)ox full of his see
ond( (rop of strawb;er, iCe. Thev were
n ot all- ripe(., lt t they were' of good
size, somie ripe andl some hailf ripe. If
last week 's frost hadi held otra few
iyas, Mr. Lit thejohnt could have boas
tedh of h rivin --a dIish of ripe strawber'
rui.-es 10 lmotered ini creamI," in the
miothI of N ovleer- Uniioni Tiumes.
SiEViERA 1 instances are quoted ini a
re'cenlt issue( of 1 hi. Salt Lake Ti ibun ie
of tuhe futile ('110rts of Genitiles to eni
gage inl busineCss inl Utall withI success.
Thie Morilou s even if theyW wanit to
trada~ else where, are compelledI to pat
ronmize t he " Lord1's Store,' 'run by the
chumreb,and e~very ellort is maitde inl un
derhand ways to break upj nion-Mor
11011 Store!'S
[From the Greenville News.J
A Rogue Trapped at Simsonville.
Plain. S. C.. Nov. 22, 1883.-S. J.
Wilson who runs a store at. SimsoVille,
foud about a week ago thatSomeC One
had1 prized it back wind(ow opel. while
he was at stipper, and had goie in an
robbed his money drawer of What little
(hn:1ge he left in it-. Of course he set
his wite to work to catch the rogue, and
at first tried it by waiting in a con
eealed position for hin, hut failing in
that, he set a gun with a wire attached
so th it the weapol wouIIl fire whleig
tlhe vWindow was entered. Last
11ight (Wedinesdav.) just before good
(hirk the dischla rge of a gun was heard
im the direct io of t he store and Mir.
Wilson 1 1 11 his clerk ran over to the
store ald fouil)I the vindO open.
Afler lookilg aro11(I thev foumd a lt
an(d pair of hoOt8 ntul exanininr closer
fouiid (blood iln several plaes oI the
gro) Afl. After further search a negro
byW the11 nam nie of .M ilSA Mcahim was
dhikcovered aboult-, liftyA, yards frioi t-he
Store, who had crawle1d there and hil
himself. Examinuatioi reveajed the fact
t hat a whole land of shot had entered
an11d lo(dged in his right leg about four
inch.Sabove t he knet, 1ad haul shivered
the Ione. Miles wvas raised inl this
nigiihborWh(ood and~ wais a stoult, able
boied unnt1'i )abou t twventy-Iive years
ol. lie h is borne a very had laime
for some time and has been gambling
:nd loafingt around from one phlae) to
nothI for the I.-st yetar or two.
lie confessed to having brokenI into
the sItw, twice before, and said Ie took
I hree dollars inl mlolley one time ani
six the ot her. 1 don't think lie was
after :1 miv.hing bt mIL ioniey, as nothing
else was found to he missing. All ti
neighbors. botlhl black aml white, seei
to thinlk it the best thing for the neigh
horihood that has lhappened in a long
thie. I guess it. will learn othiers a
less onII. Dr. D). C. Blennet camle dIonN
and dressed the woiil. ie thinks
that it- will be necessary for his leg
U) bw taken'' ofl, but. Miles is not willinli
to have it done. W. S.
-West ern grain growers,says an ex
(clialge, persist in plnting corn after
corn. The(! result is that they have
bred #I wvormn which-'eat's the roots and
which lives in thme ground from year to
y1ea'. As it is not mirgratory its exist
enee depmds on having corn' p1lanted
on Ill. s:Ln1e field ill SuICesSion1. G00d
liusbaoidry, which demands rotation of
ropws, will therefore rid farmers of this
-Thel governmiuent has nowV a color
('( St orekc(eepe ini this delpartmIent. HeI
hias charge of Mr*. .M. 11. Br'yce's (distil
lery. Ilis niamue is JohnI P. Wrag.
TPhis is the first colored man in thi
p)art of the State who has been honor..
edl with such an1 imp~ortanlt positionI.
Thme pay of governtunent sto0rekeeper1s,
we believe, ranges from $3 to $5 per
day.-Kxeowee (Courier.
Lit tle (drops of Priniter's ink,
A little typ~e "'dislayedl,"
Make our mierchanits bosses
Anid all their ibig parade ;
Little bits of stimigmless
D iscarding Printer's ink
Rumst t he imn of business
Andl sees his credhit sink.
mani elect from the 5th S. C. District,
wvas mfarriedl to Miss Adelaide .M.
Avery, of Morganton. N. CL, reently.

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