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. ghe fgsleg m essenger.
11itUh1n1s, Pastor. E very first Sabbath
at 11 o'clock. A. M,, and at 7:30, P. M.
Siunday.School every Sabbath at 3:00
o'clock, P. M.
Pleasant), Dr. J. R. Riley, Pastor. Ev
ery second Sabbath at II o'clock, A. M /
If. Elwell, Pastor, Every fonrth
Sal)ath at II o'clock, A. M.. and 7:30
o'cloc.k, P. M. Every Second Sabbath
at 7:30, P. M.. by Rev. 1). R. Brown.
Silda ly School at 9:30, A. M., every
seen W. S. Giuuo.uy, our Fore
mial, is authorized to receive and
contract for Job work, &c.,for TiuE
INIR. CRoOKSHANKS, of Greenyille,
was in town on Wednesday.
A SINGING School will be tauight at
Hlollybush next week, by V. Norris.
- Ink at 10 eents per pint at,
Ilnidgens & llidgenls.
W. FLEC' i ER SMnI has been
feastiig on wild Turkeys. le killed
lour last; veek
JI. 'T. JOHNSON, a younglawyer from
Lfaurveis, is paying a visit to Pickenis
with a view of locating.
VANTED, Ohe h'loIsa1(d bhe1Ils of
Corn. WN ill pay tie highest market
price in lcash1. OWNBEY BROS.
TIERE was a bear ham inl towi for
sale last week. The animal was killed
inl the vicinity of ILogback Mountaiun.
Ti-uxx will be a meeting of the Ex
eitive C3ounnittee of the Piethnont As
sociatioln at Easley, on Sittirday the
8th of.Djecember, at 2 p. m.
r. K. H-ILLJ. is havingthIe old Brooks
house near the Academy, relovated.
le expects to move into it wheni it is
TJ E hei(aviest hanle of (cotto'n e'ver sold(.
ini t his mnarket was sohl1 by A. M. Ma il
(tin to W. M. lHagood. & Co. last
Tuesday3. It weighted 9:30 pous.
'I'YLRAu, w~ants the peCople to kniow
undler thie turnips brought its by Mr.
E ASLEY is especially gay at this sea
son. She cannot be ot hierwise, when
so many enitertaijnmentts ar looked
forwvard1 to.
IT is clear no0w, and the young la
dlies are On t he streets again. Thle
clerks generally like to behold the fair
A sMALL~ child of Violet Boweni, col
ored, was severly birned last Wedntes
(lay. It was left in the house with
other children, and~ caught onl fire.
'lh burn is a serilous one.
'1T(OMAs HiiNTON, who1 liyes about
six miles belowv here, had1( his arm se
verely miashied last week b)etweenk two(
logs. We hope thut hie may sooni re
takeni place. Johtnnie N. and his falir
associate, wvheni returniing hiomie after
an evenfuig's e nioymnent, practiced sinl
gle-footin~g. Association as well as ex
peCricee is a wonderful teacher.
OWNBEY BROS. will have oni Exhid
bition for the next four weeks, many
curiosities hi CHRISTMAS GOODS,
Fire-works, Toys of every description,
&c. They extend t pressing invitation
to their many friends and customers
Who desire goods in that lie to call
and examine their immense stock B-4
buyling. 3t
LAST Mon(ay morning our towns
mtan, J. 0. Sheck, received a telegraim
with the sad iuteligence that hisfather,
wh-1o resided in Washington City, was
dead. Mr. Sheck left oin t h evening
train for Washington.
Tux Pidorian Society of the Piea
monlit Intitute, give at public debate
next Friday evening. Messrs. Maul
(lin and Bruce cross swords ill debate
with Messrs. Riley and Ellis, on the
uery Is the Pen inightier than the
THE many frieiis of Miss Florrie
Stacy will be p)leased to learn that she
is in town. She vill remain until af
ter Christ mas day, ainl vill rettirn to
her home, wit I our old bachelor, who
says 1 feels "'as happy as a big sim
flower," accompanying her and others I
of her frields.
THEgreatest quarry in the suirround
ing coIntry is at Pickenisvilhle, onte mile
b1elow Esley. D. C. Moore is fiur
nishtiI( rock to soime one in reenville.
It covers fouar or live acres, and it is
nicely wvorked withtoiit t 1 Ise of blas4
ing powder. Any size rock Cal be ob
tailed, the diflerent layers being of
various dimensions.
MR. WAIT1 will h:lve to carry his
hen to th' rear, as 'Squire G ossett,
of this tmwn, brings olne to the frott
this wveek, vlich conniinened laying ill
Janutary hist and contint ed daily (Sun
days not excepted) until the hatter
partl of A ugust, mtaking over 200 dhays,
an1d it is said that at t itites she Showed
a disposition to lay twice a day.
BARNE'T SMI' I, who lives nea
Glhassy' Mountan, recenitly killed1 a;
pig t hait was niot ten mioniths oli, whichi
Whiere pigs receive good1 at tenitioni
they wvill growv, fencee or nto fencle, wvon't
they .Judge.
R Ev. D). WV. HIoTT, st opped ini Eas
ley last Mon day niit. on is way from
Charleston, whewre lhe hadl beeni to at
(1end the meieting" of the State Baptist
C'onvenit iOn. Hie says there was a large
attendance of dlelegateCs ando th at t:hte
mteetinig was one of the mtost leasamnut
ando htarmioniious ever held by that
Mr. .J. A. ROINSON, anm enterpris
ing farmer of Daeusvihle TVownshiip,
left with us oni last Saturday, two of
the largest Turnips that we have seen
tlhis seasoun. Each one measured 21
inches in circumferenice, and the two
wveighed1 15.1 poundl~s. Mr. R., says
he sowedi the seeds5 about the 10t h of
Augrust, htavingo previously prepared the
land( 'well, anid as soon1 as the plants
were large enough ha plouighied thtemi
dieep and~ oftenm. Th'le Turnips wvere of
the White Globe variety.
T IIHE has been during the presenit
year' an unusual visit ationi of death to
t he o1(d people of Fair View comnmuunit y.
Oni the r'oa~d leading from Easley to
WVill iamiston, there wer'e 1ive deaiths,
one from each faily l ivini g adjoiningr
one another,within a'distance less than
one mile. All were persons of ad
vanced age, viz : Martin Pihilips,
Edith Marttinl, Marthat Wilsoni, E phram11
Smith aid J. Osborn Nalley. The
four first were citizens of Anderson,
imud the last, of Pickens County.
ON the evening of the 13th of next
month there is to be a grand Social En
teortainment in the "Mai 00111'' of the
El1aisley Academy. The young men
here met and appointed the various
Comm ill1ittees for the Occasion. They are
the following : Comiit tee on uivita
tions-otir old bachelor, C. V. Bowen,
Chairman. Sulbordinates, onr bridle
less youth, Eugene R iiion, and tender
ma11sher, Williamil Lann11ing. Th1e Coml
mnittee of Anugemnents has for its head,
the Electrie boy at tile depot, James
Hester, Johime Nickles, and the
"extra change'" mal, Illmptoni Bry
ant. Th. floor Coinnittee is made
up of youths both fast and' slow. J.
R. Hlagood, I h(", soliewhat anticipated
"George" is C hairila , while the
"WIVill" (of) Robinson, whici relies so
mu111ch in blasting powder to clear his
way, anid R. C. Gignilliat, who "'holds
fast" to wh it he's got. will participate
in the pleaSulres which lies before them.
Yoing ladies set to work to prepare
your Ceening costitunes.
N mEW A D' EirrI'ISEN'.-L~et all
read I hle new ad verise menlts which alp
pear inl this issue :
The Law cards of Alait C. Welborn,
a native of Pickens county, and Messrs.
Blyth- & Mayliel, all of the Green
ville bar, present a. neat appearaice.
Thly arve inen of So0und judgmiient, an1d
of ilie intelleet.
R.evad, too, the very ilmlportalt adver
I':semleiit of D. C. Moore, of Pickens.
ville, a I hrift y man, who leaves us sooMI
to make his hvme in Greenville.
Alko, note the advertisenent of J
A. Cook, dealer inl Stoves, Tinwarc,
House fumrnishingo. goods, &c.
And of Johnson &k Clelainl, Phofto
graph~iers, in ouir nteighiborin g city.
Give each firm a call whe li you go to
Grenville ; they wvill make yout glad
of thme opportuniity of payihng thenm a
Ownbey Bros. has a line lot of Xmas
tricks. TPhey also want I ,000 bushelsC1
0f corn 101' cash.
M~Ieeting of the General Assemibly.
The General Assembly met at noon1
onl Tuesday. Alt hioughi thereP was a
qutorum~l, m:m ty of t. ie memlbers wereb
absent. 'l'here hlud been no changes of
the miembehrs, save Mr. Bellinger, of
Barn~iwell. Hie resigned andi Mr. Mur
raiy was electedl ini his place, wh'io was
present and( was qualified.
'There were t hirty-six bills and reso
hit ions of unlinished1 business on the
Calendar. Among~ thlemi w~ere thue fol
lowving : A Resolution to pur1ichas'e a
sarcophangus for' the remainis of Johnm
C. C9alhouni; 'a bill requiring the pub11
lie printinig to be donew in the State';
"'bill to establish uniformity in the as
sessmuent of prioperty, anid thle collee
tion of taxes, State and( Muniicipal;''
"'and several billIs for te creation of
niew colunties," were anmng the mtfl
Mr.f lutson, of Hlamrpton, introduced
a joint resolution appIropriating $10,000
for' thle paymient of e.xpenises incutrred
in the trials ini the United States Court
of State otlicers.
T1he Senate conlvened at the same
iiour, and ieut.-- Ouv, Shephard wve
comned the Senators in a short addr'ess.
Rev. Mr. Judd.~ of rinjity Church led
In prayer. The Governor's Messag
was delivered to both Houses, which id
full in every particular. It sCeis that
before the permanuent close of the ses
sion, "Prohibition" will receive atten
tion. This subject certainly deserves
its proper consideration.
Our Cotton Market has been firner
this week. Sales for the week 16o
bales. We qiote :
Baconl..................,........ .........
Flour per barrel ............. ..... $6 $
Shirtin g----...... )[email protected]
4-4 - .7 (a3
Pin t( s.---... ... ,............5 @al
Yarns ......... . . . . . . .. ,
Eiggs ......15 20
I hi.ken . .. .....10(a)'20
Corn.................... ...70q7t
For Sile or Rent,
My llouse alnd Lot, situatedl at Pick
ensbvill. Dewelling houe has six
roo01ns, and unider. it a good collar..
On1e large Store-house, ' Coimnter and
Shelving comlete. Stab~le, with sevenl
stalls and large fodder loft. As good
a well of water as in the State. 'errn
Iibera l. Apply on lrweiises.
Nov 30-3t
S1ou1ld have their Pictures taken at
We are pre)ared to maike FERRO
Good Pictures made in cloudy
weather. Pay us nor no one else
for poor Pictures.
WLAF' The only Reliable Ferrotype
Galler'y in the South.
iNov 30-ly
On the Piedmionit Air-Line Rauil
Roadt, of trainis arriving at Easley,.
No. 50, (Passenger) arrive...7:11 A. M.
No. 52, ""...5:53 P. M.
No. 18, Local Freight " ....fi:45 P. M.
No. 51, (Passenger) arrive..l0:34 P. M.
No. 53, "".. 3:07 P. M.
No. 17, Local Freight '' ...5:13 P. M.
All of the above trains carry passent
Those indlebted to us for Guano are
notilied that they muust comec for'ward
alnd Settle at once, as we nteed and
mrnust have OIUR iMONEY. So do not
A LsO,
Those due us on Store Account must
settle up at once, so that we may be
enabled o supply you again. A w1ord(
to the wise is suflficient.
Nov 16--tf

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