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Prof. J. H. Carlisle on Prohlibitioni.
We take the folowing extract from
Prof. Carlisle's Address delivered to
the voters and citizens of the City of
Greenville, on Friday night hast, as re
ported to "The Daily News
TIe speaker began by saying that
tvo days ago, beforeC ie had fully de
eilded to speak here, he was in a rooimi
where three banners were being pro
pared by young ladies. luiseriptiois
upoln those bainiers,-whieh le hoped to
see bornle in t rilinl ph, -fLIurInished h1t1n
With the ins~mpirationi LO speakIi to t he
people of Greenville ill bel(ial of tei
peraice. Upon the first balner wCere
the wvords "HomeSweet lome." How
proudly men wolld read tI(L hat. Seltelice
if the cause vas successfil ! It wa's an
American phrase and nli Aineriean
idea ; no foreigil Iaigutage lhad a word
which would correspond in ieanilg.
The drunkard had no home, for his
terrible habit spoiled it. An orphan
might carry that bainer ; we should
think of hiin and his lihome. The
speaker appealed to his lieirers to pro
tect our homes by abolishing bar roo'ns,
to fix their minds onl some homie which
was dlestroyed by liquohir. A mall
might receive a dispat ch ann11o1u1eig
the fact that four mien had been kil ed
inl a collision an 11 he would be sca reir
moved, bitt when he saw the bleedin&
bodies uponi litters t hen his hear t
would be deeply touched ; so if we su w
olle hioine destroyeol Def ore our eyes
ouItir sympathy wVould be awakened
Hoime was sacred all everv regu har at
tentit oni ar-Ol adelttSome.;
01r t1rle rlory was not in oulr gra|
railroads or in oulr hank stocks, if wI s
inl the happiness and sanctity of outr
homes. The Speaker said theo -wCondlj
bIllner which le saw- bore I he words
"Save tihe boys." le said that Dr.
David Ramsey in one( of his books haua1
said that drilkiling was the endelmic
vice (if South tarolina, anid that t lie
climiate predispossitspople to drink.
It was omr dlty therefore to comiibinle
our infiluences to protec tihe boys fromI
drink. 1'le next genieration wou'ad h e
comnposed of our lioys, anid we wonhl
give theml suich trmnospo lstoi
Solve that. their. heads wouluh throb.
We should therefore save muir boys.
The, speakel deprvecated the slightCSt
useof iqnor, le knew of y'oInoigi' mien
who hadl gotten drunk 1 lor the tirst t ine
. iust to see how it felt. It reind~t ed
himu of the anlecdote tolhl of y'oungm
biefore is ends remai:rkedl that hie wVoil
like to) feel thi' e'xcitemenclt oif beingI
slightly, wvoiunded by a p~oisonecd au-row.
ini a few hours the Prince wa wvouin1-.
i'd to deta th by poisoned'( arr.ow. We
shioulhl save the( boys for the girls n he'
want loving husbanids. lie ioted
from ani ob( book lhe bad on1ce readI
"A shrmotid is better fitan a bridal veil
if the br'idleroomu is or is t o be a driuik
ard."' We sh1ouild onltltiply our1 ma
(hinery~i to sav C he bIoys10. Ouri boys()V
shiold aini thiemi.-elve's with "Il will''
aml1( thle p)owe(r t o SayV --no.'' Our bors
ighit have to break away from so1me
and1( cea;se to followv themu because
those meni ha~d habits w hieb it was niof
wvell to imuitat('. Thej~ spe(aker saiid f h -
t hird. b~anner( bo:re the dice,' "'N o
Licenise." Thle wvisest piece of legisla.
tioni (vern enacl(te~l by thle Le~(gishaime
was tihe locai l oio law. lie w~ooh
not turn his hanud to secure'( the ('nlet
menit of aniy other law, it gave the
temnperan ice cause aill it coul iask. It
left it clear anud free from (nt angle
mient with other qjuestionis. * * * *
Now'h, theQ qjues'tioni for' each commniity
siun Jy wvas, "H avye we sulff('e( long
enough frmi bar-r'oomns?" 'Will you
v'ote for grog shops) ?" It was said t hita
pro'hibit 301n did( not prmohiit. We might
say thmat educlationl did niot educate amld
th-a G hristianity did -not Christ ianiize
withI equal force. ie believed that
.prVohibitionI did( prohibIt. lie re(ferred
to t he facet that there were nio att-prIo
hibition meetings, anid said it was be,
cause there was no0 apology or' argu
menit 01n thnft sile.
OUR FAJRME1S.-It is cheering to
ride into our11 cou) try and Ce the Ic
tivity and ciergy which are shown by
our farmers inl tie eff'orts they are ui..i
king to recpceIrat t hw losses 'they have
sustained by I lie failures of theircrops.
'lev are not only Sowing inore (Xtll
sively sinall giainl, bit a worg
-vC Nvorki11tY to
have next spring a oneh hirgetr sp
ply of home-dunie maiuI1res, than for
merly., atd t bus obviate IOhe ecessity
of spenling so ineuh money for gnami.
We? ieCI not ex pec ;t farn ing to pay
better thanl it ' has doine in tihe pa-st. aln;l
the soonIer all our fatrlIers a hanldol I le
ilea tI hat it, is cheaper t pirchmse tI heir
fertilizers hmi eveni to haul ouit, the
hoimie-miade ilaulres, when made for
theim, the beitter for themselves, the
bett e r for'I- their children and Lhe better
for I heir couIltt ry. ''ie experim)ents
which have heen male by our govorn
me1ll h-ave ( :lea rlv <ImoIst ratedl t.e
fact t ht 1 he heavy applientioll of comn
Iercial fel ilizers 11ot ( ly dI ..oes n11t re
munerate I he frimleor buit does irreltpara
Ifle injtury to 11s hl( Id.---Sente Free
-3Mr. .Jaunes Chesnuit, o f A labama.
kills the weevil inl hi corn thus : Hv
uimlls the crn. I irows it inl heaps o
I he ro ud, let in it- r ainih r
t h ree or four days. vN3yria ls of liti le
black nuts inainee iupoti tl- weevil
eg's aInd ever leave the sta:lks till
the hst itnsect i dere(d. Mr. Chest -
n1t has pralleed this procefs.s for
ye1's wit h1 ul tifolall suce(ss.
-All Amier:-on girl recentt 1y reinsed
an oiler of marriage, u-ignine av a
reason that lher flher hi:l too lhree a
fraimily to 'upport alr1'ady.
Practices inl the State alld United
States 011urts.
?.~&~ (i~f"OII e inl l it Oi llo e, "' I
Nov 9-1-v
-ANn ) im.LI . IN
General Merchandize,
Easley, 5. KY.
lInvites the attentio lofl0
theirP pa.tron) and th~ le gene
ral p)ubbei, to the large and(
attractive Stock of G~oodls
Dry? Goods,
N\oion s, ClYoiting ,
Bo~ots, Shtoes, Grocer
ies, Drug~s,
Giassware, Grockry
& W~ooden' twarIe3,
and in ftact every tingl usual
Jly kept in a sto.ck of General
We'( call (especial at teintion to our
large STOCK of R IE A l)YX-MA DE
You will 11in( it to your initerest to
exaini e them before pu rchatsing.
Whenci yott Wantt Flour catlI foi thme
*6 FROS'' ;"' for a " Choice Family "
it ha~ 11o Stuper'ior.
Oct 12.-1gm
IIe:ibplarters for )ress GoodS, Black
and C(( oloied Silks, Black Ca's I lm.(res,
lleuriet t a (lot hs, Albat ross Clot hs,
Bergaline Cloth s, and in faet, every
thing ini
Ani emilisite line( of Walking J ,ck
etClaks, llinulaeoS :
The onily place you -vill finl Evilt &
BIros'. FinIe( Shloe.s for Iadives4, ! sses
and Chihlren. They have iiumeroiis
frieids. IC taks but ole trial to iInake
for theimi a clistolier. ForI
Style, Fit andl Comf'or
thieyare uinexceliled,
Tabh' Linens, Towekils, Bhkt,
Napkiws ma doy inl abundance,
"mi ome all see us. Prices a'n
inul celd m eitn t. 11.-g ills to be hnd at
J. H. MOROAN & 11110.,
WhIole.:i I and U1itail Merlants,
Nov 2-:3n
One (nud All,
I laveI just ceived their Fall
~I I NN S0 'N &I(A (A 1.1' e
antid NVinter s-tock\ Of, goods,
consisting of
'Notions. Clo)thing,
llardware, G.,roceries
land (G'rocersI Drugs.
e ivus a vall and11 we w\ill hesm
I c iII t you if Iow price . re eired.
(OIt 12-m
A vis.it to Owabner Brs wvill eon
-dtock( is niow comiplete, conIsh'ltig of
Ca' tnned Goods of ev'eiy lehseriptIin,
Plai andjj~I( Faicy ainlies ini( endless.
ware.. A\ full line of
t hat comilIIett' wit hi G reen ville picest.
Our line of Tlolacel) :inul Seg"ar is
lar'ge andt varied, :nil will be soh~l at
kepa full line of Clocks, and will sell
tI betin eI ben p.IJewelriy t o plea1se all
bo(.tlh inl et \e at 1(1 price(.
A.indh lease to reiniemibe'r th a t we pay
Ith h ighet(st maret prJ)ice for prIoduIce.
We have 1no house ret nor clerk hire
toJ pay, andt emti sell you nuny thing" we
Very respeVctfuilly,
In all its branches, done by
E~asley, S. C.
Give hin a call and( satisfaction will
be given,~ both .-.s to work and charges.
Oet 12-12mu
Easley, S. C.,
To-day The "1Leadr (' Liw Prices.
Wve are iakinloi a mgifict d4iSpjay
of elegant ncwl i
]nall and.I "Q"rin-te-X
Wlen yon are out siopping, do not
fil tof)en I 1:11(1i Inspect (-)uIr I nm nenlse lInet
We hav e I he mnost Coipl(te assort nt
of Wors1te(s from 10c. per yard 111) to
iete lintesit I mploIed fabries.
.A iLr.ge Stock of Boots and Shoes.
Our variety is intexcelled for beaity
an1d duraiI1-bilityIF. I A s iIS, isses, a nill
chilre' Shoes, al m nII i nla'e ill tho 11test
Styls. We have a largo lot of the
'Cni 1 "10Sit ti 1 Hull'" Hoot, uisutr
pissed for beaulty, I anlod the lost (111ua
ble Boot ever Sol inl our own. I.rie o
Cotoni Bilyer for Exports to New
Eniglandi st ates.
Oct I2---2m
T.,( See Ihe1 Circus" will not. vreate the
exCitemlent that our Barigainis inl Beds,
Bureaus. Chairs, Tdbe, and (very
celegan1t :111l tdst eful fi unishiing of your
ous11 ie wIlItI edrooml :nd Po 11e I S0alr Nis
of all grl-nes. Come one, ebme alla:n i
an1d be conmvinlced ihat o ano e
nore goods for less money thank wo
give at
A general line of I;iulertaker's Sup
plie'.s alwavs onl hand.
GofIlinls imlmed at all houirs, and inl
sty!e to sulit purlchasers.
Proprietor 1u'1iruiiture 1louse.
Oct 12--12
AT p
A new lot of Ladies 1iats,
~Just rceivedI, a ne~w lot of
Special b~arg'ainls ini BIoots
and1( Shoes.
Just i celvedi, a Chieap lot
of (Groceries.
Givre ine a call1, andi I
guiaran11tee satisfaction.
Oct 12-12mn
Lime ! Lime! Lime !
.Easley, S. C.,
lEither in (Car L1.oad Lots or
b~y the sin gle b)arr1ell at very
Oct 1I2-tf
Job work of all kinds donle at
this offiee.

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