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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, December 07, 1883, Image 1

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The Easly Messe
rIl, like it forh, Iteo uare its shoal, it s/ ines
Eni tered al the Foxtojlce (It E asIey,
H.C, as3 Ac.n~ C111 asn Muller.
1iI' 1)GENS, IIAGOOl& C(O., Prop'rs.
One year', strictly, inl dve...1
Six .nou( h " ...... 8
R A'T ES OF' A11>vI1'1t1 .
(0ne sttr (1 inuch) 1 insertion ...... 75e
1.:eh S1 14su Ibse Ilent inserlionl .............I
Liberal diseoit on countraciets or hv
Ilhe -o u n '(111 u"Itlf or qulartker ou .
Mariag Otivesi fr-e. :and solicifted.
Obitmuries over 12 hles ch-11I.n-g(d for.
Corruespolieni: t, to insuire at iout ion,
11111-4 gi0ve I lheir ftill : llress.
We a re nt)I resp)ns1)1ev for I ih o )-1)1I-I
!ons of or1 orlr.pondt'u-.
'All connuuientk:1ions' for filw Iaperl
m bhe aildn:II'ssed woti Eitor- ;
I usies ltters to Ithe Pub~ -lIcer of thc
111m.:vou Iin, Et a l l y, s C.
Th -re's4 sminet hingo inl ih 11:111w (f K-ate
\Whicb nuiy will cidemn;
Bill li-lenl It(\w while I rel:h
The O 0111 1its dolw
Th. Sre's li taode) <bow,
A,!41l worthy )f wlo m o v ; -
S Ie d 1 i1111 e:111li( il ill frann
A1 11 1:e -s a c4.11
Her trail 1i nd) i; vver hent.
On telling" what -:. klmv..
Ihere's it li-h ate, h' (so obwu
'T i hard to taiti t& hr ~l o t e 't
Forsh tluu'igofn ver-yure
T(plf \m ll. wit's to rmllI,
'Ireari-Katea likebborn m-ad,
1 s1;e \.t v It' wav;
The envilling, roo rmllary jmle'(.
O itc s 1 t a1l t you . l .
Thee' alo--ate a peI et pI t
Mliutlh 11 4' A II v(I SI)I( e1 ii I, v ~I.
Iler. prat tIn i' n e 14 ' I e1n )14ever r vt
111 ' Ano helr rv ft .
Wio fails o (lin h-r poil4;
tHer case is q'ue!ite u nortinat c,
A!lsrc ly Ie )f join t.
Eiv-ano one will w\')Oo.
Thei thing" wold he asr'
she( is so) faithAless :111d un1trule,
YouI cannlot. take her. wrd.i
lAu. OON Dee.i llo I.- to I0Iuutc
F I pl' I I t )I 't iv cre , ,l to- a 2 1)
tl imth loil the( tal)I0. His Ilin'tioli
rv c 'ivv on( 01ly 01e. vmte-Ills mvni.
Ilomillate I. 'X('jpt iii' Owi I)0sttiUaiter.
I )pui V ~o-~tit US1'P )14 i l w~ as io1ll
iliated to helo~1ii'~~~r
I ')-Ii ,Xl ill thle ha~ll Wq tilt H ouse of
1(''iit fm.\- (id )fble ot lcS. Gen
cra](l~ e lI~iu Il ui thOf
yIN ~ ~ o III 01.CHS \i V'V~ \oib 111:4 ()h~jIS f
K1-4)1lckv du ll d o ilile ()f S\.: C..oiieo
VJIlI I ) ,-I 'e vsp. am ('liiiii;1 ofII
\\QPP ~ an *i~ll ~S 1 Idar.rvr (.If 1110lliaI:
I ):i 011. l iidi I u!n hwl's 'IitWee t'- i ltii
~ 1dle t l lieH 'Aeiii~i wa))11 ) v'
l . fmI~-ol o f is - )Ir. 'Alim.cHw
1i I('I'ClI h j1 1 lIvlm '( I ftw4'rloli.a
f1*(I ou id* . and :)iu~t,j~ u f oi. ' OX .Jilahi
of I )m l 11( ri otir Ioiliite \\. 1. 11:1c 1 .jl
If) f.i'-w. hIOimAto Ion -o h~l U1X1i4i' 4)
NJ( I0 I a P(i ve (;1 1~ ()f M~s Ot ,:t) I i I W ii
1ImQl i)1 Il fle.1" (AIrk ofl1 (. Hos m
1110l I aui Iio1o. The Iiikvaui11W 11101 V
:111(1 forV 1 tl~ilts I O l ( Scr fi-ealIteet
iiAi jieliller 11 l fI'tol 'itli t
I he hioj ol Stieeper. 'Sxl ilii I'llP ;i s
\ViCI.0 h111 o (;lIllbl iie'I- 1A'~'al I ~:
1):,14 l, d 11d alm pr stllt Ipi n
('V('i111,1a,1 1nt 'xIStI he llaor doi
I li Ior y-I a4kI I I e ( i ir :I P ClotIM(-I 'd,)II I
V)) IJ I llcu.,j ,1)1 1 l) c imil litt v '111iP
l)iISI: . lIk'ce( I)V Itii Vll 1(idiiIllv ato
ol I 0ue() inaPr li di I ot Ih (Alve ()fwi
Speaklie 1(f diue 11.-,of iprese 008.-1
.1il1d1 I ailhI t1.1. ; (wh lik p Sul5 h il i-v
vol th.1e rei iied il ~o Ic If 0-- ha esd
oIWl :ee a11011- li e~ior~ti Ijoty wef.I
the o 111.i Such. a) thesutivi l
Ivitor iiedi t I greatll( c iollt wet. to oni
(!radic eXclldtv'(" with IiII 1IOIies,~ veo.1
o111tu le Iaii( (501 stitldoml adlni lilis t. 1-1
tiOli of oin- p)ilw affhiirs. [->11t vol
have ye&t tiiei Ot her labhor to I)('rf0l1.
aiiitlluilkiio, vol fol- NN-iuit N()lli
III 11's Illes'.a-e 14) the Lv'-ish:ltr
GoVp. 1'iipouSt*1lt(S tha,'t hist yelltr
Uhe de~)t oft he State was s;3)571, 825 -,
(1111-1114) 1 he Nyear a fe.%% bondsk W 1re ik5I1I!(
iid C01tiUWSionl eail- telel *s11 0O( of;
bl)O dl-. leaviwui III '.lebt at this 4 iiie .~
5 31. 290- a noet ilicI ioul ofi al)Oilt $1VO.
(Y)9. Th1 e Stale C scel in itiesare all abov
l~o~iii dl(l, andii clanis-- arv' 111it
$311n~vil be ll .())0. ti 1111 thelj1Ki~t
livi lvts:i dliial1 Xlv
-Ind II(i .'IIL..l-c oI -~iiV' lie t! i S1li ch
W'il t. k"1)u(1,00 I':'1 I a iuil pIi v ti.. Itc
I.Iii t v -rii ll e M I~I, 1 I ni~l I'.; ill[
('(1011 o ( III Ii d tKIiona (n x e1 v
PIe IN Ve1 1 01t i I fIn r -2IO
11t.29 iii projr'it ca. payment I. t -, t) fiv
IIIvIii le(ti)U Cs111:11 . 1 o i t i o
dI w 11 Itielher bai0,0.) 11ve b dept--lii
1'Ile la reIrli oh.w S("I&II VES
,-Zonasul (wl lli v15.e 0.1- 10 1000
ro d n wr \8, 11 t.l l~Ii aI i in ec ("1, 'S1
PC~)IIi)I(1val tvl %a -iover fo\-r t111
I eit oI 1 vtiafv uint. I nul lli
CI I ( h11 . 1ii e 11t I I (.)~ s ,1VU-V I W Al)!uig
-stci I o f and ltat :at aiI'.
AC11(lil lto cme-id *til
1;') 7Svk i (1 9ole 8 ,a 938 vt.I(Ief lt
rinh Il venu 73oiwIl 44011tofs Hit! viii-e
I11ittt , - vur ( ) I .chlle
Th Iveat r lelot f i tl1O
th nit011mht cavi*r tcm pIydea,1- (2t1116;)-)
bl n 31 od.V);kl h
l)cIimolt, ill op;-r(oICnut 6 )2 1t
The5 .;eioo dCSaeb 1 ic 4( ay a 10 %iee 000
Win:s'!0 $133 04 for thi-1 yel I fr. tI
'Phereww (if 1.1w ( 1Oiii 1t1,11-1 i ml Ill"!e
Ovellar. Only '55 are white. The institnl
tiotl pays a rveVelie to Wi Suite of $12,
$27.000 and the la.or of 25 Iads Is
asked for tie Cohnniibia (clal this year.
Fert ilizers paid last vear-5,
aind the royalty ol phosphates amti)Uit.
NtI to $131,57.
0 ilmniigi-raits were Irough&lit into the
stat. by the Departmeit of Agrienl
'T'here are 72 compani es of Sltate
troops coitut ining 3,89:3 me ant 19
cmpanie-s of National Gt tr's wiut ht
958 mn.
L ISLAT IV v xEW.iuh Seitn
1te lI I F . riday io enlator Fie hl, o 'iekens,
introuee- a resolOn to am e( l t(he
constitution Zo 'as to( hatve the appor
tioniet ,Wfiii Se n -s :tat 'prese n IIta .
tives bmlwi (t the Ililtl States een
cals inteiid;I (l o),,, on n Spcecial tstate ((etn
s1 as at l-esil .
Senvwori Shaiklin. , Oeonee, p-est'i.
:l h I to) pro1hi "q i mi l ing I -inl W est
Iin steis :11,is41 a i etoa citv e.
\la t or' i~5iColist E 1e the, Sprente
a bill t O :ut hr' ize II !kt h ( f conviets
for i h ! CarOlina'i. Cmee(1rh)nI1 G".) ai
Chicago), Ma:1vImlah Vally, :.111 Uni1onl
-il Ril lerfonitnl ll ub, 11 k.
In IIIIwI(t helo se, I h e 1(nu Iten onl the
.udici')y reporuln fi'vonibly on a peli.
liuonl from enlorevil people of 'Alendatle
( are hibit the. int fACt r o f liubil .
fiail grrain inl tl state for., 0one A
Mr. A uisl preseint O e bills to --111'e
I hv naiute Texaimla Kelley o10 Texllin:.
Stronti;to) tunemil the! cbarter of the
a ti!,guot. Mils; to changtve tle ninte
(f .'alher 'A. Co-i'mn e liU Walter A.
aNmbrd sIt:n th o Inalie iin a legal heir
Thei legis1iatin t io <1a le ti lle ry
Mi tIve hr.se of the suprei
v(1ti IIItS le fg ('wi m I ini \.("d Iii''
lio n'toiiiserv or fouvr, years.1 orhi
A bill tos i troeei !d tIo mlfoify th"
raiiii walk lws:n ao tbrogiating t hi
wayI comuIIussion. It. will em'ise,4 a ivelIv
tih.A ninhlier of railway magnte'
are hwre inl th1c inerbaiest of thlie, bill.
S~~~vxARE nySunLYIN(Y.-Eit
ate oaf( .) lleti fton A y1iii holy
:11 ig t 511, )ltm o his cit vilt. 01 oi no 80 .
:r1al few evenlings- Since, anld hav
ing Sline(li ankilice to go they wenlt i
abIuggI yv. u) rin I e tvenIIing I (1 lte
hor1Set gO't loose from11 fhe hitchingo post,
und wnt ho e . Whenl Ienuhe timae for
deputlre plarrihved, it was liscovered
1i:11 he horse was gon emal the youl
ho1ly was persuaded by her- fI riends 1,'o
speind the( nlight ith d themi, and th!
gentlemen Iha to foot it home Me alotli.
1ic promi b sud , eIie hoeov , Semx for his
lcouldanin te melorni, an hdil o
him oalk hoe s o itthes nigh beoe,
heient ai' wheel barow aftr lyir, with
tht te wioni n fel ot on lihl wayil.
05000e liped S along ( in sigtio the iwhee
$1ro toS,0( seeI thejoewoke.mlh

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