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iiThe Easley _ _
* rn4, ike If tprru, 'the norn ifa zskoa&,i Aihins._
.... ........ ..... ....... 14,"1883.'N".1
She V*leg Messenger.
Entered at the Postoffie, at Easley,
C 6., as Scond Class. Mtter. .
J. R.. UAGOOD,:.Editor and Prop'r.
One year, stiictly in advance......$1.00
Six mouths ...... 65
One square (1 inch) 1 insertion...,.75c
Each subsequent insertion.........40c
Liberal discount on contracts or by
the coluni., half or quarter c6un'.
Mairriage notices free and solicitegl.
Obituaries over 12 lines charged foi-,
Correspondents, to Insure attention,
must give their full address.
We are not responsible for the opin
"ons of our correspondtents.
All coilnmunkmlAtions.- foe the paper
must be addressed to the Editors;,
business letters to 'the Publisher of the
MFESSEU-NoER, Eatsley, S. C.
Never Mind What " They" Say.
Don't worry and fret,
About what people think
Of your ways or your means
Of your food or0 your (rink.
If you know you are doing
Your best every day,
With the right on your side,
Never timmd what "thev" say.
Lay out in the mor'ninglr
Your plans for eadh hour,
And never forget
That old time is a power,.
This also remember
'Mong truths old and new
The world Is too busy
To think much of yot.
Then garner the minutes
That make up the I.ours,
And pluek in your pilgrimage
Ihonor's bright flowers.
Should grumblers assurc you
Your course will niot pay,
With coiscienice at rest,
Never mind what "they" say.
Too many have loitered,
Until the ebb tide,
While seeking ophdonsl
From those at their sid",
Too many good swimmers
Have chosen to sink,
Because they are martyrs
To "what People think."
Then letu, s, forgetting
he insensate throng,
That joistles us~ (ailly
Widle nlarching~ along,
Press onwar(d andi upwam 0,
.And tnake no' dlelay
And though people talk,
Never mind 'a lht "s they "sy
--The trial at Chairlotte, N. C., of
Mr. J. E. Adams, late ticket a'went of
th hid mchid .and Danaville Raflhtd,
and1( Calpt. Oscatr Nsbit, hate conductor
on the Air Line road, that was set for
at hearing before the Inferior, Court n
lIoZu kthh ian,. will not be hieard,
having bep continued t~o the next terini
of Cout#' hy reason of -a confesslon,
an4 of a p~!lden stgr? ht urn..insthe
aspect of the cagespiuyoJ'pg other liar
ties besides Adams ani 4esblt .-New s
--He was frnd 6f singing revival
ei hymns, an dIhls die ,uamed theit, baby
Fort, so thmt he m~ woul wa to hodt
[From the Constitution.]
A Day fullof Thanksgivings and Joy.
Trhanksiving day Was bright and
lovely. he* ' blessed stulgve us a
warm-trd genial light all the day long.
The fields so greei.with t entder-wiheat
seemed happle' for the day and made
a bealitifuil ontrast with the autmin
leaves that still linger upon th :tre
that adorn the hills and mountfthis
around us. DAme Nature'is verylind
to us.for even in midvintewislie spreads
t carpet that does 'not fade and is.al
ways griateful to t h3 sight. ~ It was .a
good day to give thanks In the counti-y
as well as the tOwn. We dident have
any turkey at our house, but we h id a
good dinner, nevertheless, and MMrs.
Arp made an old-fashioned .sliced po
tikto pie, with her own, little number
two haids, and whn she makes a pie
it is always fit for. a king.- At least- it
is saluibriouis ain(d respectf II to say so,
and I:Always doit.. Thanksgivingday
is one of the tifle stones that ia:-k the
joirney of life. Old father'Time don't
stop. but he makes his mark-he cuts
another notch and goes on. His tally
sheet is never closed. Like the song
of t he brook liecan say
"For mnl may come an'd men may go,
But I go on forever.".
Thanksgiving day is th day for the
nation to observe-for there Is n3o sect
otr class or color who can reasonably re
fuse to be thatkfil oncea year. Some
folks do not respect the Sabbath, some
have no revereiice for Christmas. some
care notlihig for the 4th of July or St.
Patricks day, or the passovoir, but
ayiv mantil or womiian, or child,. who I
out of jail and has eniouigh to ('at "nn
afford to be thankful and ought to be
thiikful. If a mian does not Ihelie've
inl God or immortality lie canl still be
thankfl-thankftul t" nature and hr
beneficent haws -thankfil for sunight
andtit air and water, and t h- seasons t iat
come and go and bring us food and
clothing. thankful for liberty of coi
scienlce. and the capacity to think and
plan mid enjoy. A poet wht loved
pature sail
"The world is very lovely; Oh, my
I. thank Thee th it I liv-..''
And it is lovely. It was made to
please us as well as to sustain us. I
don't know where in it I could be bet
tered, unless we were better. It would
ent exactly suit angels, who dol't eat
anythtig nor wear store clothes, but
it suits Its. I never see a rose or lily or
a beautiful evergreen or a bird of br ight
p)u~lmage, I never listen to the sweet
trains of melody, but wh'tt F think' that
all t hese t hinigs are extras, something
thrown in and not down in the bill's,
something we d1idebt deserve andl could
hrive got along without. And than~
there are pear'ls andJ dia mond(s, and ile..
licious fruit-and oysters, and silks.-and
satins and women, beautiful women,
all extras an'd inade especially for mnt,
that issatsfirst'. Bu Itiomnan was made,
shn caine in for a shi tre, 'of course, aiui
mnopQ~ised most all of the' prletty
thigs aill'( edptnried nian bes1ies.
A manti dlon't haive *to be: rich Lo: be
thankful. A poor! man with goodl
health is better og' thani most 'of 'the
ri'ch men that I know. IIealthr is
#Vdithi'mioi-e' tha'n 'rices, and(I the ate
couint is prwetty .equally bgtlancd 'aill
rotU(d.:...fliaAm vbo is aqueeding along
and( mIaking ~cntfortable liinrmas'iy
I~pise for g'run.jtng. I know a' oo
inaldrigit-'at dmen ho wrk htir
and don't get ahead anny. T11.10 hold
theu'owii and raise up their ellldrej)
and.keep pegi ng away An'd take life
happily. .- net-a.man the other-day
hIl your tqWE.n old friend, and I love
t6 n1iee h in"Or his face Is likd a flill
moon aid he.carriya weight yherever
he goes, and when. he speaks yon can
hearhin andif says. he. to ne-: - "Will
iaOn. my old ,frIemnd, I wantt-yo to
Come to see m.e and let us talk about
the (old School day's 'and revive' thos
old recollecti)is and resurrections an d
interjections as it.: were. I am over
here now with Maddox &. Rucker,
working hi Cotton. King cotton; you
never saw the like in your life, the big
gest warehouse in the State and there's
cotton in the ceilar and over the cellar
anIl -der thl.cillr and up stairs and
(own stairs , al(d in t h1. loft al(d aill over
tlv plat'f'rmns, and i the street and oin
the siiewalk, and I want you to see
the aventues and revenles, and corri
d(ors ald tuinnels, itnt NVestibules all(]
Synagogues, as it vere, nn1ihinig all
through ch~ length an( breadtli of t hit
wareh mse. Tliey 'tell Us there is a
short crop, but there is enough .cotton
im that. wvarehouse to make it a full
crop and Imlore too, as it were. . 've
travele(d all over the wNorhl of late,
plum froi )ahllonegia to Wost Point,
and avay-down to McDonouigl and1 up
to Big ShanI it'y antI about am1i aboit, as
it were., and I tell youi th rc I, cotton
(erywlehere. I hiavent seen the h1:1 if of
it,' but I'e seen eniough to make a
shirt apiece for all creation and have
several yards left as it were. The
onllltry is in a hopefuil state and con
(litioni, and l'm 11 proul to See it, al(d
this here city of Atlauta is progressing
a(l exagerating, as it were, anld is
likely to be the foremost iniand port
folio of the world. 1heire is tihe Kim
ballhmouse and capitol. and -The con
stitution" building and the Armorv
gnimig ah'ad, and Maddux and Rucke'r
h ive gotte n thin ..s ini a swinwg. Ir.
Evens come tround here thev other day
and peruised this vast concourse of cot
ton hales all standing up on end( so or
dIerly anid 'iform and lie sai I it re
mindel him of a congregation of peo
ple at c Inp ineetin-g, 1only they were
more (julet, and there was more money
Th-nksgivingday served a douibie
,Purpose at my h mse for it was the
birtliday of one of our hopeful clill
ren, and . urprised him with a new
gun. an of course he wanted to go
out and. kill something right away.
Hie brought hme a partri(ge .and a
y'aller-hil Umer and a rabbit, and omade
the feathers fly out 'f - a big '.hawk.
Th'lmse boys are always makhmig ths.
feat hers fly a 1id thy kill more birds
they can't dind than ehat they do fid.
Give a'boy a dog and a gun anid he is
thick in my~ family, andl Mrs. Ar.
thnikg a .heap miore, of. em thm~ I do.
Wedl, ii hit's natural. (bougI~ I reckon,
fadhe 111d moi'e'To do withi em than I
did,1 but poor' folks' chiIleiv ottght to
all be born. om. the--. 29th.of.-Februmary
and they. woI~ldeptL p.ome rtmd :soco
tenm. Nevertheless, Wve must all do the
best we aan for th'e offspring and be
tlh:Unkffdi. ..BnL AiR,
--ime~ijs mioney, but how little set
storge I,.ydI. 4fline~'(trthe houirs wasted
each~day..on trifle~s. or, iutoe.e.was.;de
Voted to impro~'ement it won1l1 makm a
ClTNTRAL.-O1 Wedneslay "The
Niews" published an acobunt of the
3isavery of the re ah1s of .auwinfant
iii .e back yard of .i hluse at Cent rat.
At the tine, of the pthticitibir6'a
rests.hadtbeen- mv.eler 'The ifblioming
41 '-Olirlotte Observeor" Cot) trtnsdi he
4atement made by "The. ews" that
proper. steps would be takeni to'arr'st
the stispected parties
"Considerable excitemenit was cia
ted down the Air Line road TIursdav
might over I he arrest of .iss Guntli),
.It Rack's St'itioni on 1i charge of I
fanticrie. She was carried to Octntril,
on -the Air Line road, for trial.' It up
itpears thlat Miss Gumthrop. who is a
datightel of the, bridge builder of the
Air Line road, resided %with hir mother
at Central. Some weeks ago the fam
ily moved from Centri l to Black's
Station, and the house vacated by them
Was nfIOve( into a few days qafte.rward
hy another family, who at once beuai
to Clean upl) the premises, and in doing
so inade a sh!cking' discovery In a
pile of rubbish In tlhe1 back yard they
discovered the body' of an Infant in a
partn ,I state of doComposition, sIhow
Ing that it hl been there for several
days. It was b)uried hut a, few inches
1nder1 th1 trash and its head was SpliI.
en tiiely in two pieces, sh wing thstan
infanticide had been committeil. The
Iews of the discovery created a great
excitement, - and suspicion at, once
pointed to Miss Ginthrop as the moth
er. of the child and the murderer. A
nurnmber of sispicious 0cir cu1nnitanc(as
were developed which led to her arrest
at Bhcks station night before last.
Her mother, Mrs. Gunthrop, was also
placed under arrest and carried to
Central to stand trial as accomplice."
-Greenville Daily News.
TON,-While a great observer of men,
and one of the most keen readers
of chracter. Brown took comlpara
tively little notice of places and other
objects of interest. A lady who knew
hmn well said that had a befggar ii4 rags
been seated by the most beautiful
statute, he would have seen the beggar
first. This neglect of places several
times brought hin .to grief. Once,
when going from Waterfora to Boston,
lie vent on board a" Steamer at Port
land late in the evening, and at once
retired to his stateroom. A storm was
threatening and the boat did not leave.
le arose early in the morning and,
going omit upon the landing, called a
hackman and asked to be conveyed to
the Revere house. And not until he
had broke the secondl commflandmnent
and had threatened to break the fifthm,
could he be pers'uaded that he was yet
in Poi tland.--Scribner.
-There are nineteen railroadl Presi
dents andl Directors in the new House
of Representatives. One of these geni
tiemen Is a Director of -eight railroad
coimPanies.' Tven ty-four are either
Presidents or Directors. of .national
barsks 'ive are itne~sted in other
lairge corp~orations. Ariinng two-thirds
6f the meibers of the House,"not In
eluding any of the~ above, there are 145
Jawyers .
--' -We eanunot Ib0pome liberal unless
we Moid pett motives.
---onetyi of purpose; mustrnot be
held .gs gyiden~co oft aiAity.5 s
-Fols' Will ettion' in'akr sticcess
where prudent neople fail.

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