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VI .hS, Ileswnie.
J. R. HAGOOD, Editor.
ECASLEY, S. C., DEC. 14, 1883.
On the 6th day of'last Se. tomber
a 1 small sheet. 6x9 inches Was is
sued fromnthe1Joh Ottice of 'T". K.
llu(Igens & Bro. This little pap'-r
met with such favor that its pub1_1
lishers, with J. 1. Ilagood, W: W.
Robinson, Jr., and the writer, we.re
encouraged to Commence the puh
lication of TiHE ASLEY MEss EN E
in its present form. The first is
sue appeared October the . 12th.
Since that time111 its Success hats
been equal to our most sanguine
expectations. Ihe enterprisi ng
merchants of our growing ton
have supported it liberally by ad
vertising- inl its (.olumn1111s and there
are comparitively few homes eit h1
er1 in the town Or the vicinity,
where it is not a weekly visitor.
It. also receives a liberal patronage
from the county. 1 refer, with
pleasure, to its success at home,
buecallse the favor that any enter-I
prise receives at home is a. good
index to its merit.
Other interests renlder it nIececs
sar'y Ihat I sever my connection
with the pa lier, but ill doing so it
has lls best wishes and I heartily
comflmen( it to the public, trustil(r
it will receive a Libeial support.
and become a power inl building,
up1) and advanlcing thel educational
and material interests of mulr Pied
mont region. With thiis issue Mr.
dJ. R. Ilatecod becomies sole Edlitor
andl Prepritor'.
A. W. IIr1)Glss.
IroN assuminfg the entire charge
over TH'LE MEssENG;ER, wve dleclare'
nto pains shall be Spafredl in ma
kinug it an interesting jou rnal to all
its renders. It is a youthful en-I
tripri.se, but has met with n uch
favor. Our subhscription list is
gradually inmcreasing, andl soon we
hope to finid THIE MEssENOER
main its ingress into mgny
mforeC households. As heretofore,
it shall have for its object the up
buzildinig of tihe moral and material
interests of ouir town 1 and County.
It has la bored1 earntestly for' Eas
Icy and its edneatijonal interests,
and with what zeal we are b.lessedl
we shall coot inue to bring them
before the public mind. It will
give to its readlers the political
news of both the State and the
Union, and will gladly lend its ef
forts to the maintaining of a good
and an honiest Government.
.It is the only paper in Pickens
County established on tile line of a
rail-road. and as fresh news makes
its appearlee inl h1al1
f"de lacoizff t t2 h is of
"'I ]E fEPSENEl . 't give
the enterprise ied Ut vishes
and patronage, and let it be a per
mnaney in ein flii(1s1.
Everything sceei to be in active
operation at the State .()apitol.
The revision of the rail-road law.,
the formation of new Counties, and
the elietieunt* of a divorce law
Seem to be the most illportant
business before tihe Ilouse. It
seemns that the railroad companies
are not satkiiled with the effects of
tihe Rai lroad law , and are workinr
for a change to be made il .it.
Mr. Miniy's ill before the I louse
in substance is this: It '"takes
from the Railroad Conunmissioners
the power to fix the rates t. be
charged for the tralnportation1 of
Pas'e geri's and freilit, :and41 re
Stores this rihit to tlie companies.
It wants the comlpalies Of the diif
fereit roads., to fix their ( own rates,
and theni sui1.mijt tlhlm to the Com
m 0(issioners fi their cor-rection and
adoption. If t Ile com ai ' are
not theun pleased with the Coilulnis
sioners' work. they want to appeal
to the Suipreie Court, and look
there for help. It iappears that
the companies are anxious to make
out of the people )V
cha rg ingr higvher rat s thal allowed
by the Railroad Comnuission. The
rates fix ed y Iv the Conmission
shioul, inl our1 opiion, be tried a
lon ger timen. W byv make a sudden
change now, except iln cases where
there is a necessity for it ? Most
of the r'oads in the State are ide
penden (lt, an enn al secure enou11gh
capital from the prl'eent rates to
run them, and( make monev at it
tOO. The mass of people should
niot he imp11osed upon01 ini order to
mnakeC a comparatively small nlumf
berI rich.. As to tihe Divorce Law,
we deem it out of place for tihe
L egisl1a ture to act upon it uniless it
should be narrow in its limits.
he enlactmenit of such1 a law
would have a great tendency "to
license ('rime,'' and dIissol utions
of marriages. the most sacred of
ties, would doubtless be far more
The Stockhiolde'rs of tihe C.olumbiau
their annual meeting at the office of
the Picsident in the Central Unnk
building, CI;olumb Iia, last week. All
the presenht c fle~ers were re-eh(Cfred ex
eet'Jt thI ree Dilre*t ors, M~essrs. Geor'ge
S. Feott anid Calvin Brice, of New
York, and Johnu Ferguson, of Green
v'il(e, were elected jirctoirs. vice T1.
M. Logan, J. A. Rutherford and M.
B. Brow n....... .AhIlhading to a n n ua
giujli t die (A'lvt 1fthil I"(si:f~
'lI1k UAMA-l"'k :11'ii~ e iuoyjkiog
to ~V.;IIOb(h to! 'spetd thle whit P'11
eliiute of tho 6K1owC1N, Sat('''.j
m~1h~ iake al III ist aUkO.. Ilri1la is hot.
wvillin ' _ ~thle clintev sovcril (dvlth'vvQ
1h1lia~it to i i w'e (ilatv 10 tefolI)W.
lag Imloliult 101: W'il). 1). %V1rnler,
(of SouIth C'arolinia, no0w C.oi eIcj-alI
A"it aIt PItSSVl (hrf, to he ([ouisiti at
that; place. IBeekiford Machev, of Month
(';uroim:m, to he ( usuill lit. tio (.i ratude
(1e Sul1.. Fr-ank G. IauIvut.of N.
Y'.. to bec- oii at Nap les, vice B.
O'D ell Dutncati, of Solu i ti Cr(Iiila, ap
poinitedI Coisul lit ('atgalia ...()uI
Sat uidav Ilight last, 1 epuilt C ol lector
wvhi.. kvv w~ao(') il IIlioii eounlt . abuh(t
Theu, j'art it'S havingr the Nvagoul ill thevir
v( . , ' I Ie ( e I) I ilIe ca r ied 6( I I. nr reI i(I s(o f
...es........ Mr.. .1. WA. h oge'r. Sister (if
thle IL~ev. A. C oke SmithI, 4)f('iul
11I. m l,"n wVifIb (f t ie R(ev. Mr. Kl(oger.
i~q)(.1-at iolls 'f h11c Metlhodist E4pis~op)al
11Irll hol ii I~ lBazil, a rrivedl ill
BnroOK1yn. iN. Y., last wveek. S illi
prle Oot Ii be pr~siolt at Ill 'iifei'iie of
S11li.~ hi evkl...... O Sat iI lay%
at l~riii at.A a.. (of er1iiial as
~eit eee~ 1) 11' 1 h'Z'ei (ii *JI Ivii
I I ........ Pr:it l eulI: T nvh st I h - e it o
it-a ia ()f; Ol Ntittide (.11 f- 1 tis
infcaing nni~( ( lahm -at ti It nent ()fe
iMat t d'lk:m \and~ slca altoit gro. (J th
lID It- au E(ue- W.,ltt forC 01c lJni
iminiertl otheli Tria li im-r ee .loi'ut*~
iltI)1tIll1 ('Xiiilcase attillentrali. I hantiie
.iell a{loi l( c(bIhiII Sat iet tirha M11(
M at I-[ I m ei 1,112,ipa l herinaitne
ii'recl :1 v('vg(l liiiil 1114' fattier O OWf
lie11 V101iilitled to jaltigUl Pcl (i o
th 7hiwS1- ljml' tIt t1O l )1te (i ine'.11i
I'il (. All I i ts held~ taeit t
4Idellt)IN yi' Trial in t h''e Jolli road
!ue1ur Owt hpiiC itI 'C'y il ieu j
GOODS, &C., &C.,
Call on me aind examine the
"Excelsior Cook Stove"
before you buy elsewhere .
.nwwar'e anld Iloilse Fr
in t'shiny Goods al sho't-cropV
pri ces.
At Wh,1Iolesal(, lCheaper Ithan the
Nov 30-1y
TZhe Oldest,
Should b ive tIre i t i ict'mes taken at
We are prepared t o Inke FE RRIO
1'VP ES, PHilOUTG RAPIIN, Copy and
A T1.
A4 D& 61CE7Z D /iCES.
Good Pictures made in cloudy
'weather. Pay us nor no one else
for poor Pictures.
G.allery' in thle Souithi.
Nov 30-1 y
For Sale or Rient,
My I Ione( aund Lot, sit uat ed at Pick
ensvillec. IDwellIingp house has six
rIuIs, anid unde(Ir it a good ('eliar.
Onue larges Store-hous1e, C2ounter anud
stalls anud larvge fodder loft. As goodI
a well of wat er als ini t he SI ate. Terms
liberal. Apply on prem'ises.
i). C. MOOR E.
Nov 30--3t
TIra ctices in the Sta/e anid
Prompt atteiona to all business.
Dis 0flice in Law Range. "ti
Nov 30-ly
Counsellor at Law,
Tr~actices in the State and
V/. S. Courts.
Office ir. Cleveland Block, over Isaae
Weil's Clothing House.
Nov 30-1v

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