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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, December 21, 1883, Image 1

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The Easley Messenger,
_ruI_, like n ord, the more it's' shooht. it shine.
Entered (it the 1osto fice At , Tasley,
S. C., as Second Class Maiter.
J. R. IIAGOOD, E'ditor and Prop'r.
One yar, strictly inl ulvantce....... $1 .00
Six inioliths " "5
One stn:wue (1 ine h) I itsert ion ...... 75c
1 nach 1Sbse(jIiueit insert ion ............-10
Liberal liscount oil contracts or hv'
Owhecollmull, hlfl or qrtrcoliluln.
U h '1riage' 11ot ices fre(et aln1( sol1i(ctite t.
S)bit I It ies' over 12 li Ies ch.r I tge1 l fw.
Correspollents, h) insure at I cnttion,
lluswt g)ive their fill] inhress.
We are not respolsible for the (pinl
!oins of' 01ur colrespoltients.
All emtitliUienti for15 th p.per
111114 he :itressed to the Ltlitors;
1,ttsinies! let elrs to tihe 1'll' lisher( of the
311:ssN1.nEasley, S. C.9
Au Hlonest Love Letter.
IDvar hadly, will y.oil kinrllyv lendl
A m bi ilttiollfo i a \\ 11. l ,l
Im tilt Il -' It llo to S i ill l ,
TO 0,M I Iir 's 111ile.
Inm f.t' loo (I1ull to n' I Ie Splii k.,
"I'm) bllllit to play tow beaut,
I'll askl -, <Imestion. pla1in :ndl brici;
Jl ist aIISvvI---YvS, to) No.
I (:1101t rave als lovers rave,
Nor lowear asls loer swar ;
.MY waly k ji'st t o p0:8s mny wmd <,
A ll I kee p it, ll'd' Sqiirv.'
Ill)n hml all hules lsillw's m a1:1
ASo all ly <oaling'rs sw,
A INIceilwh- a h:'K I t t he Stal t",
W simittple-- Yes (r No.
)If toml e Ik l101 -till wdn~ to talk
() lover voti as i~ll(it'
Xil onl know te 0'hoe'st wayt)
Of iing to nel t heatbs
I ('II\ kilm t tl l( o ile t he(hy v e ie
The (leepes wt ers quiet Sleep:;
Tlw Sihatilow, ('ulfluNril, Imv
[Ioallte vw I give to aus
I. U brictly-Yes No.
love you-ThatI's the impetrt
I ove vol ase, Iyv lifte
And all : havet or h 'pe t() ogain,
l1's give to call yul wife !
I've i you IM i' Since tfle. hoe we iet
'Twas ju 1 yea agIl*IO,
Antd after thinking fmr a, year,
S at io--Yes or No?
Sdonotprolisetha yOre life /
lilh.lbe c'aieam oith bliss, i li
h)n' pretendi iha(et'la i tcare(it
Will' vish tuouro ki's re
Views or our Senators and Represen.
ta h'es.
WAsu I NOoN., Dec beinher 14.
Your coorresponled at , Sseen nearly :III
the uimbers4 of t h. Sont h ('arolina <lel
I he propouised legishit inl) toluollify he
Sout h Carolina Railrowtul haw. Thel
sulbject being now before the L'gishl
I 11re, our. Sveltuors aind InIn-1bers ex
prIs a god~ <dca of i ten'st ill the
IlII.Itter. .Mlr. lI ibb Ile. I ItcIine t1 b e inII
Itervie wet for , t heI Nevws.,u -, ('oCIHe r.''
Bel~o' illt ler was Il1 . i lI-,;t per lstolIl
vi 4iI-i i r ply I t :a rei e-t ftr his
Ip)IIn the St enIItor iil I it he hat I
aIwavs favo . .( Ith e.I 1 : ta i et oiit(if a
Hai'lro:Id ( naision, :111d i opposeilv
now to ils b1olitlition. If, however, 11 i
haw I(tulr wh'Woh it i., organlizt-il is.; op
pr.-i 1 1r Iujt1 , it ough1t to be plod
i Iie4. He liad Ult read w he law \ util
r1. e nl Iv, 1)1 wa i; sailintl f r it :
!)Ur1 al that it cni l lit It be iil m with
:lvant a I. lo i hl - railro:als :114 the pj
I s I I t'et 1 0 c it i tI I r''li :1 11 -t I)Iv'
1:1\w (lue to I ih - inan111er (if it. venIfor)*(%'
lII 'it 11 hv t I li il 1e t be i I - i Il ' I: - ' ? ,
' " ' II I I k nIo I, It r ;Il b-r r ' I % .
'' f1 0I& I I i tl ' ' lI' It V, 1 1 01)
*'ti lil i i t)w rs f i ilf il :ll vt t it Ctl
1-inti . T .VI II - ht % w iteIl-I f -ip ri vet-t
Sli bV' Aailn)o 1 l . ) ilu t'u s (if le i 0 1 (0:
u If I lIie I. \' Iu 1 orl N ,V t 11 >
0'eU tl ::1it Ue :111(1 , llti I lit'e n ,:Ii i t1
il' of (o it) h t it w i IlIIl r veI ' . t ;ill lIIv
lt ' t illv il Ili-lit' s iI lwow 1 :ill'I : l
(ovn ruturp i . Il 1 ( tle p inlterit in
i he' ililai4 n lUl I \l hit i we'il ' I I. ta
q' It I i art'.id -lit, al it llt i I s bv ir I\
Io , \v iti i :1ppell to bl)W liait 11w,
Holt ()f It-.I cIllipally',i will 'lr ti t. N
tp t h -.whol(, I I binik it 1,1 h !0 11h,
,s -4 o tu Ie pe q lo 1t - h ' I:nnc
Iie 'ut ij ire Ih I w h :ds'
c'N I %,-:S.> .\ A i N IN I NS,
Ihi nlext genvlt leu:11n intlervii.eda . wa,
Ii )I l enII olla ht1 t a :Ilk liueh ()ti th .
subjhect, Ii hWeVCer, Cxpres)'I
iton inIII tre I i I thet 1011 (-1. 1lic ob
j1,( t. .t rongl ) I I he ( I prinlciplo in vol vel I
In14. V 1 W giin In nl1i Illitcd no lt h-)rwit v I
M Wt M,' 'Vell II I Vc l' e [10's0o 1 :I "I 14 i
eC uIlitis:-iollt'lS ha~ve- ''I( i I ab i l, r
h1 -Said eliphiat iecally* , "toa suippose 1t1ha1
.1 vo llilli illi cI it1. 111,1ll ' c :1 11 qle
Ie wo )sel wK 1. A c IIIII vIl k io:il aI l \vIt
I h it the comI mi.ionI w ill io I have
Iower to lijlre the railroaui property
of the State.
".S,() far as the personlel of the Com
minsion k'- eooerne4l, sh t he repre
:wnt:11ive ill e eliie,--I ha~Ve evVer1%
rea--onl to belieive ill its lu1tegrity :"Ind
honiesty. I believe I h1-Y are (1O ,.ein.i
1io yIv en arvvil out IIh - a1w.''
CONG E1-:.M A N lit1.I.M\N.
Mr Tih ,t :.A I : 'ThI I - -I ie (.:I *
:0 nf:[\vorI of raIilwa.y conunis io'
-I- :hou hats fon . :1114 other, States.
)abdly G(org2iha, have foliw 'd h -r
ev:1111ple, -withI sucvcss. A ) I llt e
wolr4 i 4 "- ()f I le la w. ':t a 11, hI:m su
o is sio Il nI, l ln not Ue p al ' I at4
(1aI. I hve pi erfe t l1e lkinIctl that
il 4 '. d h t::r will avl l :1(.t N\ w 1i1v ; ial
nunhfv Ie I h it n. too) le i n .' it ir
NN i I -';MA N I)A I A N
I it I I ll t he statellieill. hve y ;:.e l
itorll 1 r a1n' il4 e d .\N. l I phiv tN aii
I vu n-r.i I h Iw n vin, x .
:Ii y Ii :Ih e I t h t h e hI Ia l w a y I I
fS i t he hI t h11 :) 1. n 1
)I Iv i 'eii ;q a I eniI t I I i n I f rail -
wt.~i\ . lt s j (!ht'(ar y. 2 tI4 h s opi i( in
--(f aclit )iI () t I ht i - t w I jI- as lt 1inI
I a I I 'I I v p 4 1 1 1 a) kuInIIuice Iii
ie, huee of 1t .yl. S f r life iNu!
I to I h t- lpin s bl (r 11:1y epre
Iavi lia e :ta : Iai tlro I , I c I I IIk ,b
ing iet il h-e 4 cii-ion wh it.ee
I Ic e - l in1 11-r ing I tI ) i b t . I a \, m Ie
as~ it Ns 9 1 41 Cuu ee he1'< 1 wPni
Hikn" :ift~ iw il intr([( e-rt e)uedo
utenulel 111 1(.% he 1 co u i \ 01 inW
ih ,: Ie w n s n oe t. ( o lle al th.l
limt ( i h t ixp.; espitr,1)( a11 ,-t o im -
luone;.'% ik v ire h ( re:1m 1!.in l wn i f av
bya Mrr r. Wns ibl bo11 I) I I Iolc r s.
11ious e, :tluihe r e is o th re ,:,11 lawuhyi..
ill;,) t i lu r ia d il :it.
1?E(ovE1- Nu 'rmit.1)1 l, E(' 111'A x.- -
j tadiciary' Comnmittee i adv~ocaeY' otap
pl)iIt lIu g at comlliisoi to go tqo
Nva.;so-ratoii co t (te thelml( leot
oill Frflillin tOw (fil'Cet l-ax pa:id by
[Illa. 'I'll ~ )l pracical '1 i' e r~ o At wou 8 l d
bo to brink) bacllIo South Car(o')inn:
ONVt' *3t0),O.)O al11( ill addit ioli dl1(rtt
i *at llLia!ii o v lif 14 Iloilei 4,) vil1lid
thY \Iios lo'tiiri b.t' ace iii t he
rOl'iIt'i (oltax. '1ll 11*-: Is ".m ill : w iii
411'.v.i 1wI t a (lirecti a'-ax.s- Ll
--v\il ()I*1R(" the uniIadc Acd m or (In nc)
I~ill 44 tiLhe IiQ'.S Ot >2.ar1( y
Ih 1.1,1 (If *J t hf.movi'v will h~ii& o
tha lines i'kli er.lvi It lat.-; an ll thoie
.-MIN,' '0liehit vi hl a e S(t 'illll ) a oie ill
Oni*l~ ii enlin'T. ABrm~k the l It ()f
tis1 il iHi(' Nothwest 110 f S'll% is easli'.
:I \l that Iill ot)m Ibi). it inill r
vml lthe ils cnd l'sl whc IeenIy
>\N('rlis~o J'the':l into14 O. herclIt'
~~U~ 11 11 tIi''to \\ itl gets ihe U111.1xi2
oImm lles'' 1 of o ,].
I"io and~ li IN. e l-(i(IV t I I;~ti
hlII - V l- l'('ld t ion s.a prn
to VIllIil ll be ~loeil (lnua'y %2ot an
I hint wich it, wil 1-w caI' I lo eit foi.
Shovlt -w Aou' V,,1):4.It I I Shon'
,MV cmCWu AIIC')'S b " tLh(' t1) ig~l for
Tii lflc it Ml"htle raSEN(; and

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