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The Easley Messen ger,
l (rutI, likle a orh, the more it'si sho h, it sine.
-the (zIq|} f .fesseger.
Entered at the Postoqiee at Easley,
R. C., as 2 econd Cla8 Matter.
J. R. HIAGOOI, Editor and Prop'r.
6ne y-ar, Stritly i advanCe ...... $1 0()
Six m1ioiths '' " ... 6'
One suiatre (I inch) I insertion......7he
panleh Subseqient insertion...........40c
liberal <liscollut on contracts or* by
(he colun, half or quarter column.
Mdarriage niotices free and( solIicit.(tl.
Obituaries over 12 lines charged for.
Corresponde its. ) inosure atte Ii tion,
11m4 give their full addlrvss.
NWe are not responsible for the opin
!onsQ5 of our correspolIneits.
All Comiiinhunic.-ationis for the paper
muist be a f1 bressed to the E ditors ;
business let ter's to the Iulblisher of the
IESSE4~NGER, Easley, S. C.
.__-This being Christmas week,
we issue HO Supplenliclt.
-F. N. Walker and sister, from
Spartanbmtrg, are Visiting relatives
in this place.
-Our young friend, E. B. Owen,
from Greenville, spent Tuesday
with his friends in Easlev.
--lorton Nichols, from Green
ville, was in town on Tuesday.
The fair form was not here to greet.
-We return niy thanks to the
young men of Seneca for an invi
tation to attend their 11op at the
Keowee Hotel on Tuesday evening
-V. W. Robinsoni left on the
train on the 26th inst., for a short
trip to Anderson and Wallhalla.
May she smile sweet;ly at you,
Will !.
Ml. Rampey has bought the house
and lot, in Easley, of Judge 0.
L. Durant, who resides at Pickens
court house.
--Capt. Hludgens and two of
his sonis are 'off to Laurens
on a pleasure trip. Every one
waited until Christmas (lay had
passed, before they left.
--W. H. Nix, of the firm of
Nix & Howard, has moved with
his family into town. Thley occu
py the residence formerly occupied
by3 B. D). Green.
--Read advertisement of Puh
lic meeting of Knights of the Gol
den Rule, in another column.
Also, of J. R. Glazener, wvho
has returned to Easley, and is
renay for.uness
-Prof. McCaslan. of the Piedinont
Institlute, was in town on Wednesday.
So, al1so wvere Sh1er-iff "Maul]d11In and
Capt. John It. Bowen, County Treai
-1Misses Essie Russell and Lula
Clyde, with Messrs. Nickels and Bow
en, accomlpanied Miss Florie Stacey
:Id brothelr to their home near (okes
hury.3 on Wedneslay mnorningo la-.141
We wi.h tIhem a pleasanlt trip. Thoir
faces will he ii:s<-d.
-The Legislature closed its
session at 2 o'clock on Monday
morning last. It worked hard,
and met at 12 :15 o'clock Sunday
night, in order that all the mem
bers might be at home Christmas
-Let all attendl the charades,
to begiven in the chapel of the
Acaidemy, by Prof. Moore and] his
Students on Friday evening next.
All who have ever witnessed his
exhibitions "know what to count
oil'' Friiday night. You can be
entertained for two hours very
-The Oak Grove School, taught
)y Mr. Boggs, in the neighbor
hood of Miles Singleton's, had to
be closed before the proper time
last week, on aecount of the burn
ing of the school house. It is
thought that it was the ac" of an
incendiary. The citizens are re
buildinlg, and the school will opeln
again b)y the 1st of January.
-J. A. Cobb and family leave
us soon to make their home in
Texas. We wish that much hap
piness may attend them. He has
a sale of household and kitchen
furniture, as well as soie wheat,
fodder, one two-horse wago'n with
harness, one senwin( machine and
an organ, farming tools, &c., on
Saturday next, at his residence oni
Table Rfock street.
-L. C. HIughson has our thanks
for a copy of the "'Collegian'',
published by t he Literary Societies
of the State University. It is a
spiritcd journal, and we hope it
may continue to b~e successful.
--Rev. W. II. Kirton, the new
methodist minister for this circuit,
arrived at Easley on the night of
the 24th. Iis congregation would
like to hear him preach next Sun
day morning, but as yet no an
nouncement has been made.
-For ot her LocalI matter see fourth
The Plain Statement of The Objec.
tions to It.-Who Stood Against the
Coluimbia Reg"i'ster, Dec. 23.
Tlhe calenidar was taken up. The
Railroad Bill was amended and
passed its third reading, and was
or(lered to be engrossed for ratifi
'.he following voted for its pas
Messrs. Byrd, Callison, Coker,
Earle, Ferguson, Gaillard, IHart,
Izar, Munroe, Patterson, Robin
son and -lowell-14.
Ilose Senators who voted agai nst
the passage of the bill are:
Messrs. Benbow, Buist, Field,
larilec, 1lendersonl, liartigue, J.
W. Mbore, T. J. Moore, Perry,
Smythe andfl Wallace-12.
Upon the announcement ot the
vote, Mr. Galliard moved to re
consider the vote whereby the bill
was passed, and to lay that motion
on the table. This motion pre
vailed, the same vote beintr cast as
upon the passage of the bill.
Mr. Smythe asked for the reason
governi ing the opponlents of the
bill to be printed in the journal.
They are as follows:
The und.rsigned submit the fol
lowing as some of their reasois for
voting against the bill:
1. Because the bill does not in
volve the principle of* the regula
tion of railroad rates by the State,
but only the method of (oing so.
II. Because the method adopted
by the last General Assembly has
not had time to be fairly tested,
so as to (lecide whether or not it is
IIl. Because the mnethodl sug
gested by the bil11 is crulde and1( un
tried anywhere, and there is no as
surance that it will prlove satisfac
tory, whereas the method sought to
be rep~ealed has beeni in suecessful
operation elsewher'e.
IV1. Because under' the presenlt
method the power to fix rates rests
in three Commissioners. Unlder
this bill that p)ower1 is v'ested in one
Circuit Judge, aht eadly over worked
b~y the legitimate dutties of his of
V. B ;cause we question both the
right and1( the propr'iety of impe
sing those duties upon the Cir
cuit Judge of the Fifti Circuit, or
any other Circuit Judge, in ad
(lition to his other and legitimate
VI. Because we question the
right of the Legislature to confer
upon the Circuit Court of Richland
county the appellate jurisdiction
conferred by this bill, a jurisdic
tion different from that of any
Circuit court in the State.
VII. Because the fifth section is
illusory and affords no greater re
lief than that now afforded suitors
under the law.
VIII. Because the seventh sec
tion imposes by Act of the Legis
lature arbitrary rates aid restrict
ions on the railroads without any
opportunity to have them consid
ere(l or modified.
Signed: T. J. Moore, Augus
tine T. Smythe, C. S. McCall, G.
B. Lartigue, George Lam)) Buist,
D). S. HIen(lerson, W. H. Perry,
W. Z. Leitner, William Wallace,
James W. Moore, Gerhard MullerI
W. W. Uarlice, HI. L. Benbow, WI.
T. Field.
The signatures of two opponents
of the bill are not attached to the
foregoitng "reasons,'' on account
of the absence of the gentlemen
Messrs. Shanklin and Clyburn
referred to.
Show your appreciation of the
new enterprise by subscribing for
Public Meeting.
Oin 'Tiesday. January 1st, 1884, there
wIll be a meetiig of Knights of 'The
Golden Rule at Easley, S C., at 10
o 'clock, in the Easley Academy.
(".(11t. It. S. Morgan, of Greenville, S.
C., is imvited to address the Piublic in
the Iiterest of this Benevolent and
Mutual benefit Association. All seat.
free andI~ invitai onisgeneral. We hope
t o h-tve mic and1( several features of
J. C. IIUnsON,
M rs. A . D). MoSL~EY.
D~ec 28-It
An1 8-page 40-colum in Agrien ituralI
Journal, the only pape'r inl South Car
olhna pub~llished( exclusive/// in thme inter
est. of the Farmer and Maulfacture'r.
Thme best and( cheapest AgrienituralI
paper in thme Southi.
The ofileil organ of the State Grange.
Endm(orsedi by the leading citizens of
t he State, andl by tihe best farmers in
the Staite an~d the' South. Send( postal
for specimeni copies for y'ourself anti
yonur neighbors A ddress,
W. J. McK(ER.Am Marinn . C.

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