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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, December 28, 1883, Image 5

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J. R. HAGOOT). Elditor.
Rev. ' . I I. K i rtoll Nvi 1 p reach
ill th I AlC ctliodist ('1ut t'cli ill I his
on ulace (m8n1alext, at. lilf'-ast
Wll1 09 clock 'in the mirnIIilirr:111(1 at!
Zion ChurcI'(h at. .6 0 vlok ill the ar
'I'lle illcl men y fir tit Ni e nmtihet. tof
dlay for iiliaiiy liwiits. T'ie * otiiig peo
pof ' Funly tiiJld iip Of a hil ITIN>
I ieWe1li.' an ll4'fni-'Iu ~ l Ne e lei
811 1 lijm11 (bl a of all ' I mi t iom
" itc NN '~l It, -"I h r e i'd tee c. - a 1led
(41,k. b a tfu' ly Avt 1.1-:111i c y I 1, I t \
I Iihi N. it I~ It I1 api I N.l,: ildefi a 114_,
lit-li, l an W.l- 8u bvuit..~ I 1-'.k (.1 Feelv
nl. Il, Liiiiig 1 i114,1 W re.p l h.. .
NitN CVitl vouiiib. Men-z a- wh 'r.d ill thc
:z '",1l w1I lto-i st-yo.I r v c )\ I ide 1 h-)'
IiC I i .A I'l v I.di N
ii. in ~ v1~ a(nd o1 ' 111 h tI wcvV.1 W
I ,ii) t lU e -e c to. ii th L I o li
-It'lln W Xich-z w th lie:- t n~iio Irit .
iI1-i) ;h.ii' ()I ae~ heS i lieil &1W1( -f t .le.
111ec. Ile vts 9 nlot-1 blu\1'.iW.
i~il-jii l, VhItl) lir)oi ai nIil kivC,'ii :il
I ii:'~~ (11 ' Ii c I i 1)i 1'ii !, -c 1%\
\V'a 111A e( G'. st W . 'h Ii F~~o.I M1cil
livg hcnvIS (4ale 1;C1(, J.il I toi
!(isI'l-oiind W.cve W. H~l c )eihe. I
Klidi absetiec il Mi-. gre, (whihiu
-Ion, thle flt ~ igt, -e~U .:c(111t1ii)
tevcy(I~cic. toi- six ail the o .Tc
mtiight hour, the scelle of plalsue
w l ren.. to ve t i , t1he p i Iin to
-he ir rect i N j0ble)e e of rest.
Attni the :int ttraic e. feaIIres
t tet' hm) , Was I I - .xcept i o
line uni'sie rhisier e kl it. W. no,
lla omi \\ > ~e for l on- ()t h p-iano,
:w(Imii if ed we .a.
"an tler :e 1(' J W r ,wh vio..
-A)ur re s wil ( (,,lea har
with our snuiI nount of reading
Inatter andl the genera get-IyIo
t paper 1t is wek %hi t beinIgI
Chisias weec vk, In we v had to
tak, at couple of d11ayvs.
Il'i ekevns onypay inore
t a xe s than anv her iln t ho te
The fIgures hvie b he (,upply
al are 1 1 ni Ills fo )r thIIis C nty
%i eIt are for I nt rest re - t l ' rei rin
ra iroa bor)- n I )1 sd..z
coleredl, Nvas artlc-oIl on the 0btp
of dist I 111) i l otis1 services at
1ne of the eoloredt churches. lIIe
wVIAS Carr'a'i d bc fo )re Trial d u f:leec J .
()Z. (lo ,et, n \\'e v eIdI y, :a 11
costs in tle ca'se,
-ATAI, .t ENT.- A:W'..n..
thi of1 Decilwar, 18 , t. a so
Of WV'. UI. l'Pice, vhIo lives abuit
10 iil s aiove l'ickens-. A
1 r It w Is out. sI ra in'g. A It
happened( it divildd wn re~-hin
a$ h .u, e par t goI:g a - r int
01ne s4ide and the, "ecutfll aroun'i lhe,
(* I .*
()o llr- Y40.1 P ic
kefb e in th, w I r ~ r n!
511110.<' 11 a t I to liiet ('wil. T heL
NOSRaind i'ic wIa'1"sr1i..i'an~ilI
th hon1AM Ato joi hi ary one ofI
the beA. al no Iseei huntischarge
(theCQ abiln in 27(1 lint *rod abou la
fourtee yes LAR Dbl. er, exeal to
I HIas ret ulrld to 'I sley atnd opened
1 hik Photograph Gallery alew, antd
will be ghuld to serlve h1"s old casioiners
:1111 as mnany new ones as may <desire
wO1k inl is line I( rivin ig a guI ar-111tee of
at i.4fIiact ion 1. e \ill recina-in here all
I Iet ii 10W. dec 28-4f f
NN'cWhoevel' Ihillks a falltless m1151'0':L,1
1lhinks, whalt ne'er wasj nor i:-, nor01 V'er
Shall be."
adOlpt that as their Senti
lments, vet at the sam-.o e t ine
Ihev 2-u1'ar tece all pOssible
satisfnetiOn 'o thwi lt)w
11181 IlaVe dwllillg's witlhf
k ll lll).s A'l'O ll(IMlly' ar ell-.
sit11: s, eZ ' close rit cn
i101 to lillsiiicsS, it le an 11Q
(Iti' C131 t~ 's i 0 11
C g'\', l i 11(I. 8lCO'llllOlUAI 1011
fill.. 11tO 1) (f illl l' ' lid i l
llll2 11) of Il,'1, StOl' W;ili
. 1 I O ll of
b, l (a 7n 'i 6 lill'ent fi'. hel / /'Vin
811(1 Sl ( ' St OI ewillill' \0 h( ' cC
he;!er111 nie h v t o t w i i
'i'1 ll ' 1 ,i'h th lii'y,(l h tiie.s \\ nd
w I'll i fur i sh~lI''( ! *MIIlh i}d
ratn-, oy Iiaty s. r on't
ton get t/ /hee j 'hE/esc y.
-A.N D-'
[ifeadquart I'ers for Dress Good.i, BIack
nid CoreI Silks, Black C asila neres,
lenrietta Cloth1s, Albatross Cloths,
iegalinle Cloths, andl inl fact every
hing~ in
Anl exuinisite lile of Walking Jack
ts, ('loaklS, Dolmins, Paletots iand
The only phie( yon .vill findl Evitt (&
Bros'. FinIe shoes for Lad(ies, Msses
:nti ('hihiren. They have numerous
friendik. It takes bit one t Hal t.o imake
for tlevii a clIstoiner. For
Style, Fit and Comfort
theyar :u-euexcelhled
Table 1.inens, To'Nels, Bhinklets,
Ni pkins a1n11 Doyles ill abliIunhie'.
&+i" ('01e :111( see us. Prices :u1
intincenvt. B.11'g1ainls to be hodl af
J. H. M R(AN & 11110.,
WI(Ilesalo ani Retail Merchiants,
(G11EEV IIE S. C,.
N<v 2--.3m
WlEIN YOU G() '10
It will be inore th:an. a ")ollarI. inu
your Pocket " to examine
iinwnseiio' St ock of 1111Y6 GOODS lriore
h n W ant( f r sp1 co forhI i(t s uI1.
i\ ng nytin liw afin <ewription
fif~~ ~~ al lt (;l Ve kovp); .') \Ve eilit
nl giva Irti. (.2al riie h.t :
1 ~ *:i V in i l-ti 1ueing t.at- will
Mo lwater, mid2 :u 25c. F-'x\tr.a
'av. tI l'avv * a inl -, ( c: gin joli
-~c N : th vy irt in1. :)13 :Fh)tig l
n 1:10, ( A. 7 :nni le. \\I (" reditIw Ie,
H-e ~ea: h zill o is) in ih s w Ids. it iha
ulyudl Wie, 1 :uni pe ri'll fre frI n
%U r ~ -' NIt < r lna ,ian il 27lt' . 1
2 74i i I I )' I-t:I .'a i ; I .i,
a r Wd,. E lW ~ th oifee i d e -
k 1 7i5, wr b%. InA! w t in W. pf
i l te (* y. h l a i h n ro CI C -
Wlint.owaets :ut (:oiw ea
1)..a le a~l g :is1'nnn l\ tsf

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