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ithte gusIeg Merssenger.
J R. HAGOOD, Editor.
The Chicago Tribune, one of the
leading papers of the West, tells
a great deal of truth in a few words
in this article:
What tells as readily the stand
ard of a town or city as the ap
pearance of its paper? And its
youth or its age can as well be de
termined as by a personal notice.
The enterprise of its citizens i.
depicted by its advertisements,
their liberality by the looks of the
paper. Some papers show a good,
solid, healthy foundation,plethoric
.purses, and a well-to-do appear
ance generally; others show a
striving to contend with the grasp
ing thousands around them, trying
to wrench out an existence from
the close-fisted community around
them. An occasional meteoric
display in its columns shows what
it can do if it had the means, but
it cannot continue its expensive
work until support.. comes which
ought to readily be granted.
A newspaper is like a church ; it
wants fostering; then it can reflect
credit on its location. Take your.
home paper. It gives you more
news of immediate interest than
New York or other papers; it talks
to you when other localities belie
you ; it stands up for 3 our rights
you always have a cliampion in
your home paper, and those who
stand up for you should certainly
be w ell sustained. 'Your interests
are kindred and equal, and you
must rise or fall togel her. T1here
fore, it is to your interest to sup
port your home paper not grudg
ngly, b~ut in au liberal spir'it ; as a
pleasure, not as a disagreeable
duty ; hut as an inrvest ment that
will amply pay the expenditure.
W ill all the read1ers of the above
weigh the tr uths contained therein,
aind continue to act accordingly ?
TUhe new year of 1884 is now uponi
us. It is a time for the lormnation
of new resolutions, for the revis
ion of old plans, for the renewing
of energy, and for p)utting into
operat ion all those forces, that may
tendI~ to the uipbuildtiig of bo0th
publ91ic andl private interests. As
a town grows up, b)usiness firms,
andl all such like, grow with it. It
is to their interest to contribute
their share to the maintaining of
all the enterprises which are apt to
reCdoundI to the puIblic good1.
In soliciting fuature' patronage to
THE MEssENGERE, we feel that all
will be benefitaed bt The pa
per is read in many households,
and we are glad to learnthat t is
gerally. ied. e v it lo 'see
the enterprise nurtured in the fu
ture, as it has hein in the past.
Let all acept the thanks due them,
from the editor, for their kind pat
ronage, and now as we enter upon
the threshhold of '84, let us carry
forward this enterprise until it has
reaehed a high plane of success
Within the space of a few weeks,
we hope to have THE MESSENGER
enlarged. As it spreads out itself
before the people let all grasp it,
and let it be welcomed in every
househhold, in and out of the
County. The editor shall attempt
to make the journal worthy the
patronage it might receive.
The Postmaster General has issued
the following letter to postmesters:
"In consequence of the recent
reduction in letter rate of postage
postmasters are directed to ex
change for the public, as applica
tions may be made, three and six
cents de nomi nations of postage
stamps and stamped envelopes for
others of different denominations.
Postmasters are informed that un
der no circumstances must money
be given in exchange for stamps or
envelopes. Stamped envelopes will
be exchanged at their full current
rate. Stamped envelopes bearing
printed eards and special request,
as well as ordinary5' stam)ed en
velopes, are to be exchanged.
Also, stamped envelopes3, that
hiear printed addresses. Stamps
an en1CIvelopes of issue prS )Iior to
1861l must niot be exchanged for'
stamhps receivedl by postmasters in
exchange, but must be hield as part
of their stock in hind until noti
fled to return them to the Depart
ment. ~ ** -____
I NT~I< NAL ~ IIEVN 'E 1lI:PorTS. -
colleeCtionl have :nnonutIItedl to *.~> .27 -
rte corre'ssond'ngi, per'iod oif hist yeart.
lIn spiirits therei has beeni al total ini
crIea'fse of coll'ctions~ amiotinig to $2.
174,771 and1( in ferm'nted liquors an in
*irense of $49l!7. 3&8. TIhe Ii., a! de'crew--.e
inl t he c~olc~t lonl of ta xes onl t obalcco
has!' am~onlted(" to $9, 191,607; in taxes
from bianks~. and bankers *1 ,068,292,
andt ini misce'lhmeonsII taxes, $3,6$56,
--A t the suit of the East Ten
nlessee, Virginia & Goorgia and
the Louisville & Nashville roads,
the United States Courts have
granted a temp)orary ijunction
aiga inrst the Railroad Commission
of Tennessee t o restrain it from in
terfering with freight rates.
--.n bseribe for T'i i R M iMs ic'o E.'
-The saloon keepers of Law
rence, Kansis, have glten up their
fght againt. the prhibitory law,
and the saloons Are all closed
back doors as well 4e front.
Leading Drug Store,
Cor, Main and Wrashiington Sts.,
Pure Drugs, Medicines, Paints,
Oils, Dye Stuffs, Toilet articles,
the best brands of Segars and To
bacco, Notions, etc., at prices as
low as can be found in the State.
Polite and attentive Clerks, with a
full and select stock of Goods is
our Leading Inducements. Our
line of
cannot be excelled, as we have use
ful, as well as ornamental articles,
for your wife, husband, sweetheart,
child or friend, and all at bottom
prices. Don't fail to give me a
call, and you are sure to depart
hay~py. I am sol. Agent for this
county for the celebrated
the merits of which cannot be
Dec 21-tf
Dry Goods Emporium
Easley, S. C.,
Still lives, ami he desires to thank
he public for their liberatl pat ronage i
the past. al say to them that hi).
Stock of
NOtions, Iilts, Calls, Boots and Shoest.
lIard ware, heavy 11and Fame%. Groce ries.
P"aits, (ils. Ghss and Dy- St--il', are
com iple te at P A N IC PR1 ICICS
To 11he 1 .adlies I desire to say t hat am
Fall Stock of Milliniery has .inst com'e
in,. emubracing all the Latest Nov'elties.
anid Laitest Styles of Ihats, Bonniets,
IHibbon s and~ Neck wear, all at BOTI
TOM PRIGJ IS. Oi2all anad see mue
Oct J12-12mi ___
I Ienaterls for lDress Goods, Biack
aml Cd(olored Silks, Bhaek Cashme'lres.
Ileieitta Cloths, Albatross Cloths.
Berlgalhiie Clot hs, anid ini fact every
thinug ini
iAn exqIuisite line of Walking~ Jack
ets, Cloaks, LDohnians1, Paletot s and(
Thle onily place yon .vill find( Ev'itt &
Bros'. lFine Shoes for ie i~is, Misses
au(iniihien. TheyI~ have numel&ronsl
frietnl'a. It takes but one trial to make
for themx a customzer. F~or
Style, Fit and Comfort
they are tunexcelled
'Table JLinenP, T1ow els, Bilankets.
Niapkins and~ Doyles ini aundan(l lce.
sigi Come and( see~ us. Prices ani
inducemuent. Bargainis to be had1( at
J. HI. MORGAN & 11RO.,
R. M. MAcDONALD, Prop'r.
and Manufacturer of all kinds of Ma.
chinery, Brass and Iron Gastings made
to order
I am agent for the Judson Governor,
and can auplicate any part ; also the
which I can Ilt to any boiler. The
safest and simplest means of injecting
water luto a boiler. Informatioi
cheerfully fuirnished on application. I
have on hand Steam Gauges, Fittings,
Valves and Steam Pipes of all sizes.
My stock is first-class and from the
best manufactures.
Write for prices.
We have one of the Hancock Inspi
rators, No. 12J. furpished by you, in
use supplying ou 40-Horse Power
Boiler with water, and consider it
eqial to, it iiot superior, to any in use.
We cheerfully recoiend it.
Shumate, Grady & Nichols.
R. M. MAcDONALD, Greenville, S. C.
-Dear Sir: The No. 17J Hancock
Inspirattor -placed on my 50-Horse Pow
er Boiler by you, proved a success so
far in every particular, and as a boiler
feeder, I believe It has no equal. Be
fore I secured your 11spiator I suffer
ed fromt untleasiniess, besides the ex
pense of Keeping ouri steam pump "in
repairs." It does its work prompitly.
Can recommend it to any using a boIl
er feeder. Respect fully yours
George Putimni.
R. M. MACDONA LD, G reenville, S.C.
-Dear Sir: The No. 81 hancock In
spirator you put. on my Portable En
gone last stiuimer. I consider it far
superior to:n 1) 1 pump I have ever seeni.
In fact I could.l not get along without, it.
W~oul ailvi-we all ow ners af steam en
grines to use t heii.
IRespect fully yours
Dec21-ni14.'. F. Algood.
- Folt
Ali 8-page 40-coltuin Agriictultiral
'.JIurnal, the on1ly pap)e. ini South CIAr
ohna pubdilshed exclusively in uhie inter
est of thle Farmeri and1( Manuiifacturer.
The best and cheapest Agricuiltmual
paIIer inI the SothI.
oNiXr 60 OENTiS A YEA3E.
The oflici il organ of the State Granige.
Emlorsedl by the leading cit izenis oif
the Stute, ami by the best fm-mers ini
the State and the South(I. Send postal
for specitunen copies for yourself andi
your uneiglh rs. Adthress,
On the P~iedmuont~ Air-Line Rail
Roadl, of trainus arriv'ing at Faeley,.
No. 50, (Passeniger) arrive ..7:l 1 A. M.
No. 52, --- ...:.3 1'. I
No. 18, Local Freight " ....O:.15 p. M.
No. 51, (Passenger) arrive..I0:34 r. M.
No. 53, ".. 3:07 P. M.
No. '7. Low Freight '' ...5:13 A. M.
All of the above trains5 carry palseii
ge. s.
WYat ch Maker arnd Jeweler,
Main St., G reenvilie, S. C.
RIeasonable prices--WVork G tunra ued
Watches and Chains Replated1 wiih
Gold or Silver.
A nuice litne of 4 h ristmas Presents
01) handI, and~ att lowest rates.
De(c '21-tf
Show your ap~preciat ion of the
new enterp~rise by subscribing for

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