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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, January 04, 1884, Supplement to The Messenger, Image 6

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_Supplement to rrle Messenter
One Bachelor Of Many.
There's 011 thing to the ladies I pli ly
- Vish to say
' na man of 110 Pretenses ; i fifty,
if a day;
i'm neither gay nor amiable, I'm fussy,
and I'm plain;
13tt, girls, you needn'to plot for me
all plotting Is in vain.
I never see the brightest eyes, and all
their witehery
Is wasted amunniiition. if its aim i.s
hurting me;
I never See the reddest lips, I'm proof
against all smiles;
I rather think I'm not the num for any
wolnIll's wiles.
I cnll snv oil Imy OwNl bittonis, myi11
stockings I enn mnd,
And -womien's hands around mly rooml
are not what I intend;
I wvant no0 knitted, net-t~d thins, no
t ravelingo bah n ni
'No slippers and no cOil nforters, no
pa inted paiiues, ino eap...
1 buy the things that 1 requine'; so, la
divs, hear Ie ay,
\ll sich atltentions s-pen1t. ol Ile are
simpiy thrownl away:41
So shuake yoi curls a nd gik e y r ltgi.ft,
bewihler all you can,
Biut just retieiiber, if you plea.-e, 1t hit
I aill not the man.
I've heard tler'tCs twe nty-one old
tunids consider me t heir "fAve"
Amd elever widows five orSIx that wikh
wvit h mle to mnate;
'I'here's pretty schol girls who ini-ist I
"1111.'t. have hjuld somelt loss,'
.\nd ay i'm "so romilt lie,''u h'n I'm
Wnly tired or* Cross.
Bl, ladies, all attentions fromi thi
(ate I hope will cease;
The 0onlyN favor tha-It I ak, is to he left
Vor I coIlsIder ( lc Iling -Ilr 1ts :my
t igcall bv
I will it milarry any girl, mil loe
shlllurry me.
That 's just e xact lv u h.t I.e :.aidh a boIt
Now. if youI could butt .see his roomst.
hey arie aIC perfect sho eI~
)f te'ttedl tlhings, and~ kicittedl things,
)f l)(i~ru)phi of faLunls 11uell, altd
lieilla lii iill.y jtiet*Ils'
le O1litthe Ieatl-stole si!s hlis wife
*--she's>. -.weet andii geod, I krow
\ndi~ if voni tell hini of th1'e ords he
saidl a year ag~o,
I ilsw~ers yoil, witlit. a luhshi, "()lg
t hat's~ the usual wvay;
No on believes a Hingle word old
ha'helors may' say;
Wheni th 'rightt antgel coimes aloing,
IhIay linirl-y utiy dliy.''
//arper's Mayu i fo Jan ay
n ol hacoieler hi i- in Ea'ev,
Who we're boun ( to think
las utsed expressions Sueh as le,
And n1ow stantding on the brink.
If so, let 11111 not wait anothe'r year,
But act, the part of the above,
And prepare tit once to shar
With either vidow, old Ima*'l or (ti 1,
h i s t r e l u m iy i n g o v .
- bnknown in Easley Messenger.
A Novici ExNGA GcMuEN'r l?1N.
Ile didn't bring the engalgement
ring to her the night he had prom
ised, because he was out walking
with another girl, and the engaged
girl had heard of it. So the first
thing she did wlen lie called on
her the next evening, was to take
him by the left ear and shake him
about at a painlfll rate.
'What's that ?' he yelled.
'T'hat , sir-, is the eng)agremlent
rinr-and it will ring just the very
same way every time I healr of you
w~alking out with another girl.'
K'entucky State Journal.
-A young lady, evidemdlv im
pressed with the idea that sh1e
knows all about it, says : 'If a fI
1ow is desperately in love With al
girl anid is persistent inl his efforts
to win her, he is sure to grailn his
Suit. Widlowers understand tis
point, and knlow extactly howM tol
make love and propose, and youV
will obServe they I e al avs SI-I
--Iov a woman e -an keep onl
talking* while she twists upl) hier
bac-k hair and has her mouth full
of hairpins is a iIy'stery not Vyet
Ixpline cd.
ena iIall ilids a dog l
lr in a piece of llince pie le feels
a little sorr for the dor, but his
sympac1this a ' ist y (0o)(nIt,1!t rat ed
on h imnselfI.
( Of ahl lie act ions of au man's
life his mnarriage (does least conm
(eirI o ther!1 lpeople, yet, of all no'
tionis of ourl life 'tis most mneddled1
wvith h)v other people.
-I*t isn't a great wvays to the
endo of a Cat's niose, butt it's fur to
the endl of it's tail.
--tis hiard1 to tell when a lie, a;
mlosqulito or a de'hlient subscri
her' is oiong to settle.
--A word to farmers: Widoow 's
weeds about an 01(1 bachelor' gar
denC! seldom (do anly harm.
m6ile W. S. Giax(oury, our Fore
man, is authorized to receive and
contract for Job work, &c.,for Ti
MESSENGERt office.
A visit to ONbuhey Bros. will coi
vlce yo ii hliat we canII sell VoII o )0DS
'ii lEA P as t he (IIE A PEST. Our
Stock is n0w on1 oplete, colsist ilg of
Floulr., Bacon1, Lalr, Cofl'ee, Suigr
Canied Goois of evely d(eS'rriptin
l'lainl and Fanllcy innli'ies inl endless'
variety. Ihtrdwa-re, Till indi Hollow'.
wvare. A full lne of
S T- 0 ~V~r ~E S
tha .compete with Greeiville prices.,
Our linie of Tobacco an1d Segaris is
large alnd varied, and will be sold at
priceS lnt will indiee alkleo)iv. If
vo lived anlything in the shn'pe of
k Ie lin(- If Cl( o, 1s\1 ill se
i ). .Jewri v I I( Iase al
hot II inl S ie -Ild price. 4
AnId ple :ae -Zv n0 rem br tha we I 1 1 VVIIA
theI highesI (. .t m II I-khet- price for prII n edcc
W (e I 1 0 11C ) I house renIt I)r clerk hIirn .
to py. anid enn sel vou any tAIhing' we
kee1 p at It very l( I\w est i)1ieS.
Vet-ry res:-pect filly,
(t12- 12mn
- A NI) 1) F.\.-I' IN
General Merchandize,
Easeye, 8. 7.
Invie the afttention of,
their pa)ftrn0118 and the gnt.(i
rl' public, to the larg52e 111d
attractive Stock of Goods
juwt o)pened, which (-nb races.
Dry GoGds,
1Poots, SI os, 1 ocer
'jes, Drug~s,
(lassware, (,rocey
&A. Woodenarae,
and( in) fact e~veryingiio uisual
ly kept in1 a stock ofi Gi1eeral
large STO C K of R1 E A I)yN A *' I)
CLOThING,,*JEAN'S and1( S~ltES.
YouI will 1find it to your1 initerest to(
e'X21nnineC ihemi beforie purchasin~g.
WhnVou want Flour o'all foi '.he
'' FR O(STl ;'' for a "' Choicoe lF:hoily
Oct 12--12mi
]Icdeb ted
To us for
Gbr 1) 1 VO t
or Ca i.,1- t
Ar earnestly re
I/u ested to call and
Don't wait for us to
"all~ on you-it is un-~
)lcasan tifor both yo u
,i iHt us-but come
raigh-t along and
W. M. Hagood & Co.
1A.Sau z, S. c.
Noi' 2--tf
Lime ! Lime! Lime !
iEasley. S. C.,
Eitj~her l in ~ a Loat Lots (or
>yr the single ba8rrell at ver'y
()ct .12-tf'
n all its branIIches, (lone' by)
Eaislev, S.(.

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