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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, January 04, 1884, Supplement to The Messenger, Image 7

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Supplenieiit to The IMfessenger.
.II'1 R. AGOD, Editor and Pqropr.
ElUi Perkinsg Live Dr'umtunier.
Sheriff Wiggins, of Dallas, Tex
as, made it a prom i neit part of
iis business to ferret out and puln
ish comiercial travelers who trav
eled inl Texas withoitd a license:
but olle niornilg Ile iet his ilatch
-- --a genimille YiYkee drunmner.
-WhNlIat have you (ot to sell ?
.AyIivtlin Ii' asked the Sheriff., as
11v Inet tile ColllleetIelt linll oil tlle
1Oh, ves ; I'm selling me (licine
-patent iedicinIe. It's the best
thing in t he worl(l. You onolit to
tri a bottle. It will eure your
ag ter, eu fe rheum itat i sm-enre1 ( (eve
A Ind Nou w ill sc Ullme a case ?
-Sar-tenly, sir: ghl to.'
Tleun tI sheriff, houglit a case.
.Allt.iln o r aske(l the
Yesir I Want to see.cc r
license foi. Selling gOOds ill I exas.
That k IIiv (lilty. as the lhi'gi shierill
o)f I )tlaIInS Co inlyIt .
Tlhe dro11'11lullleowved liini a dom
*fIilllent, (i (d ll) g ol anti StV.n
in black and vlite. The sheri f
look ed at it maid plmnullced it
-all righdt.' Then turningc) to the
('ommrIcial traveler, he said
-1 don't klnwow. now that. 've
bougit this st uii. 1 hat I shalIl cever
waIIt. it. I r(ekoi that f inay a-s
wVell sell it to vou ag'ain. WINhat
will you !ive for it ?'
'Oh, I don't know that the stuff'
ik of any use to ime ; but seeilg'
it M you. sheri I. 1 will give you a
lollar for the lot of vou raly donit
want it.'
Th'le sheriff delivered back the
mdicin iie at fouru doltars dl Sisunt
fro~m his own1 p)urcha~se, and~ re
'Now,' said the drummer, 'I've
got a 1lest ion or tew to ask you.
11ev you g ot a drlummeh~lr's licenise,
a bout y'our triouisers, a nywhere''
'No; .1 haven't aniy use for thie
article myself,' r'eplijed t he shierifIf.
'Ilaini't, eh ? Wal. .I guess we'll1
see ab)out that p)rtty 'soon. Ef' I
under'stand the law, it's a cleant
case that you've been trad in' with
me. anld Iiawkini' and l)el(llini' P".
tent med icile o thle hioh wI1a, and
I shall iiformU o11n you---blhlaled cf
I don't "
When the Yaikee reached the
Court I loise lie ma1Cde h is com1
plaint, and the sheriff was fined
eight, dollars for Selling goods wNithl
out a licens(.
The sherifi' was heard afte'wardl
to say that 'vo might, as well try
to hold a greased eel as a live
Yankee.' Mit mad Iuimor of tle
lII: W I NS Evi:nv . T :- '1 am
Very sorry tor y, 0 sir, b IIt myW
u gte r I has b en ' owglit u1p to a
life of luxury, andl I can Iever al
low he t o become ) your wife.'
-iut you forget. .1 aiml a
perois broker.'
'Yes, I know :hut the markets,
ar R,01Y nueertainl, and youl may
be a Io -r man to-Imorrw.I'
-iut I own a rollitig mill, too.'
'.o I understand, bit the iron
business ik subject to g'reat 11uetua
t ion.'
'Alld I hav three wo( en facto
ries, am a Inem|ler of a johlbingo
firm awl owl a large amount of
'All of illem uincertain prpv~r
t ies. Even 11 re l state is- being2 r
ined by highli taxe'-. I1ave you
inothing () iCk '
';, 1 Iown'. a ne\wpape1'.
'( )i I b your pardoil. lake
lI Iy dear boy. Sh! i.. yoiurs.
N'jim j. I S I I )i ( Na II A I ' I~ IVY -,J OI 4ar M
wh'lo wa a p~cee:abe man i, marrl' ied1
R ver1 Sti i)'-ildcl Womnan, andl
soiet imI aft er. a friend, wio h ad
been abr'oamd , was a kin I Brown
aboutI lii m.
he has 4 j oi the sih nt .oajm, ity '
'Good heavensU hie ain' t diead, is
lhe? When did it happen ? I neveri
heard ot it before.
'Oh , no,~ he is niot de(ad.'
'Well, if lhe ain'It dlead, how
coubilihe have joined( tihe silent ma
jor'ity ?'
-P'oor man, lie's marr'ied. '*--- Ger'
--She is out of prIimat nmow--the,
w'omanlh wiho( wvent back on calico to
wvear' silk.
*-.-Mb at has Rllndom done that
SO manVy j1)O l shoot at Iim ?'
SiIoever thiIks a fault ess m chlan
TI'lilllis whlatl11'e1' \ nor 10 is, nlor C'C],
adopt that as their senti
muenlts, yet at the same time
they gul i-antee all possible
satisfitction to those who
may have dealinos with
them. Su-,Irrouniding. cir-C11
staiices, viz: close atten
tion to busiIcss, the (xpen
ditlre of eb1aracteristic en
' y, hinld accoml11odat ion
sh I wto cutIstoinelcs], a111d the
filling ny1) of their' storc with
a large Stock of
. I Ila ~ I)l'e s :1iltivi clitly che'ol1 ) to ill
voi e t i(.e : /'t 1 e io o I ve I* / i/ev Jhm1(|
eel.(itI t ( ) lO~ . 0 1lls v ly n ]II. 3 t I ve
Ia I 1 e 'V i l lllI. I ill a11 1 , / le pri I II
} 1 )1-rt Il o .11 all vaI~i lln it .o ill11ve(, Ill
\ ll). I ll|(* / f'/O(jo i t 1 I I I re is
I I ' i'l I i l/ I I0a 1 th C I V \\ I I:
bIte \vee ih : Int11 f Ib I I eopl
ye )I/( I I S I ' I
rvI I1y l i iS f;r I bl r a 1coniin I p
ro1 tI, Iy t i v Sh 11 rC/ iv i .
th iio 8 to a ul]l't
nel M.erchandi Z (,
Rla Fin'// Clas accommo
datie Soa / che
-r "I G'Y AN.D WAO
depair1' m , a/nO 1s harin
oa hand /hes Rate/s/or
o/ad /e hom /ne piEb/lc
hct lh e(2 de l .srel
i C072YM,,'', hazringI /he
.sigeeof a w'r// es/ab//*shed
It will be more than a ")ollar in
your Pocket " to examine
iniense Stock of DRY GOODS before
hluilng. Want of space forbids us
gmI'ivg anything like a full description
of -Ill the goods we keep ; so we can
only give a partial price list:
Ihome-made bed-ticking that will
hold water, 20, 22 and 25c. Extra
heavy (11111 74 :l(I 8c ; good shirtiig
5e ; lieavy slirtiln (r ; sheeting 1 yard
wbfle, 6., 7 and Se. We sell the best
10Ge bleached goods in the world, it is a
full yard wide, anid perfectly free from
starch. I leavy Jeans 25e, Georgia jeans
foe, North Carolina ,eans 27, 33, 4:0
and 415e. All--wool t willed red Fhniel
only 250e; half-wool dress goods 10c
ovat iful cl:imeable d,-ess goods 12je,
vorth 25c. Elegant Silk 0i0'eet dress
goods 25e, worth 4loc. Best line of
in the (ity. Ladlies cloth for (111lT.
LABS. all-wool, 1A yards w ide, in
b lack, browi, greii, garnet, bronze
and bilue, $1.00 :nl nI 8.10.
Walkin g .ac'kets an Gloaks from
I -adies :uiul gents 11muel Vests from
c. I1).
12 pair LImlies White I lose for 90e.
12 pair " colored %b -- $1.00.
We will sell you a full honed, silk
(.mb roidered, 5-look 75c Gorset for
5 . ; (om 't forgIet ihi-)
White lod sprlelds from 901.p.
Olr $1.40 h 'avy spre:d i a bargain.
titd comifowts e .0 ), $1..w, $1.M),
$1.75. $2.00. 42.50, $3 00.
We carr t le larigest stock of
in theP uippe(r part of the State. We
0 1',o h1:11f elle (reenville hKnit tingr 'Coft tol.,
0v. pr l); Kn111iln;. Wool 1 11 per
k.o $1.00 per I.
SPIM C1 A L- Ev vr enst omer hus
ing (Gmoods to ih -diitmit (f ONE )O',
LAl or more., will be presented wit h
one of our hiaulsome (II IiSTM AS
111LAIlES, vat ht one( (if I hr.em i:s a vwork
of A rt. :l for dleorat ing purposes
if you c(an not come Send for Sam
pIes and Price List.
Dec 2 -3m
One n Au,
I niVe jist Vece'IVer tl](.'iI.F'a][
nud Winter(21 stock of god,
C()ll'.isting of
DIrr G-o s
Notions, (Cloithing,
Iharthvare, (Groceries
and1( Grocers Drugs.
S&"Give us call asimu we( will he' sm
to selli to) you if low~ 1ices are desh'd I
Oct 12---l'1n

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