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The Easly Messengk.,
_rull, like a _oth, he muore it x shooh, it shines
'fi (.nsley 4fessuger.
J. R. IIAGOOD, Editor and Prop'r.
E ASILEY, 8. C., JANUaRY 11.
Cot weather and seighing are most
t1ked of now.
TirE young folkz, is well as the old
(r onles, h nve emi enjoying sleigh
rides. Willie R. slayed one or more
sweethearts recently, an(] it doesn't
na~ke any ditference if this is leap
IT has beem almost. cohl enough to
freeze the tear's on the cheeks of those
who have wept bit terly Ovr sad dis
Mis.smes Russell ati Ciyde, and
Messrs. Bowenl id111 Nickels, have re
i urned h'nue after making a pleasint
Sirip to Abbeville and Laureins.
.J. E. IIAO')O) left oi Monda
night for his home in Charleston.
II. J. GIGNILLIAT, our very 11e
conhnnodating Agent at the depot, left
114 on Wedetdla((y night l1st for Bir
mi'nghatim, Ala. iHe will return soon
with Mrs. Giguilliat, who has beeni in
BIirinughatm for Some time, visiting
TiHl Piedmont Institute openied onl
Monday last with 85 scholars. Mrs. .
I. Riley has been given charge of the
Department of noi.. It has beenI a
prosperouis school, and is likely to be
<iite successful in the future.
IN our last issue, in speaking of t-h
death of Riley Eads, we stated that he
hd been playing thv voliin at. a party,
which was a mistake. Thre was no
iArty at his neighbor's house where he
had been playing,
SM. MiRs. P. A. OWNBEY will boa rd
scholars for the Easley ligh School at.
reasonable prices. jan 4, 1881-2t
-We solicit correspondents in all
parts of our County, whom we would
be glad would furnish us wit h marriage
and death notices, and in fact anything
worthy of note. Please bear in mind
to make your conmmunications short
and to the point, as our paper is sma:ll
CAN'T a collection be taken up for
the purpose of furnishing the~ council
with sufileicnt funds for the complJletion
of their job on the well niear the dlepot.
it has stood1 as it is long enough
ScirooL~ opens next Monday. Give
Prof. Moore a large patronage this
READ the new advertisements of WV.
M. Hagood & Co.; also, those of Hutd
gens & IIndgens, and1 the "News and
Courier,'' one of the~ best daily papers
published In .the South. Look out too
for tihe neOw advertisement of Robin
son & Wyatt next week.
'-Subseribe for TulE MESENc4rII
HI y mencal.
Ere night hal withdrawn its sable
m11antle from this beautifui world of
ourS, we irose oil the morning of De
ceiner 20th, 1883, preparatory to a
trijp to the Congellial clime of th beau
tiful town of !'neca. We reiched
oiur destin.la tioll in Saftty. and were wel
co)ied there by firl forimls. who, comi.
plilientary tp 11s, felt an intereat in omt
toming Shur.ng their hitoa)ility we
ex perici Ied pleas1urs Indescriba ble by
our -fut ble penl.
The oceasion wlhih h called us there.
was the- marriage of Capt. JoaN W.
BUTLEx , of the Gate city of Georgia.
ld Miss SirE.ILA SCuInty,.of Seneen
City, South Carolina, i i the parlors of
[he Coleman hlouse.
It was al Oce-aClonl prodictive of the
mnost extrsemle happinless, no0t only t.
tOhose whl > were united in, the h1 >ly
bonds of Ituitaltrl:mony, bu11t also to those
who acted inl the capacity of attend
ats. A th'lilinr cene it was to be
hold the handsoie, stately groom.
with tihe fair anld beautiful bride leam
it)( 1pon his arm, with tihe circle (if
a'tendaits a they stood in their august
presence, to n% itnes the ntilioni of that
happy conlple.
Nearly a whole day was spent ii
compamy with Some of those who were
to )Irticipate inl thi graild event.
"'As th shades of nigl" began to
fall, tlh bride anid groom. imarehi'd inl
to il - presence of the ofliejatinig cler
gyman and friends., followed by the
following train of atteidaits : E. P.
Simpson, of Toccot, Ga., ami Miss Sue
E. Lewis, of Pickens. South Carolina;
J. R. ILtgood, %of Easley, South Caro
linia, and Miss Fannie C. Iloke, of At.
lant a. Ga.; Mat. v. Scurry, of Seneca:,
A9uth Carolina, and Miss Lizzie Yar
borough, of the same place; Dr. Rt. C.
Davis', of Seneca. Souith Carolina, anld
Miss Lizzie Dendy, of the samle place;
W. S. IHunter, of Seneca, Sout h Caro
lina, and Miss Alice Seurry, of the
samle place
The bride was dressed Iin all elegant
traveling suit, made of Hlenter's green
valour; trinmned with silver gray fur,
and)0 wore a green velvet turban.
Rev. J. J. Neville performedt thme eer
emnony in a pleasant mannmer, after
which. all repaired to a rich festive
board to partake of an elegant supper.
Then amid mfomenQ~ts Of joy milngled
with feelings of sorrow, t he happy
couple was eseortedl to the~ train, which
they took for their home ini Atlanta.
May their' happliness always he as in
tense as that of t he writer, whose me
mory revels 'mid the thoughts of that
leatsant oc'csio.-EI).
RE~V. WV. HI. K1TON preached in the~
Miethiodist church on Wednelsday night
last, andl though there was a smnall1 con
gregation there, ima ny more could have
been comnfort ably cared for.
H. A. RICHEY. while attempting to
slide ou the Ic.' on Wednesday morn
Ing lat, fell and hnrt him 4if quite
seriuITsly ". Ile was better, however, on
Thursday mtorning, and we hope fol.
him an early recovery.
IT Is cold weatler. atid a long time
hbfore the electiol. bt look out for
- i (-adidhates.
OUR frielnl, E. B. Owen, from
GIrenvvil'e. 1itsr inl town oil SmIday. I
If h had been better poste-d Iboit the
a'riva 11(al and de1par-ture of the trains he
Could have spent a1 lonlger while With
10n young friemd, ( h'rles 1. Dreln
nan, is now oil the road. and i repre
seltig six differeit. houses. In its manly
ditherent phrees. He can supply yon
withalmst mythng ou ant and at
sho t notice. and gnarntees a t isfac
tion. We wish himh 111 mich success.
AnvwRrrsovs widihing ch mges in
thair advert-isenlllits will hand theI i)
by Tesbly monings to i!Sure the
(haglires desired.
TnIl extreme cold wea' her here
is but a sample of what it is in
many other places. Snow and ice
cover nearl3 the whole country.
The largest snow storm that they
have probably had in Atlanta for
a number of years fell onl the night
of the 8th. Columbia is enveloped
in ice, and oul account of the bad
weather and unfavorable condition
of the roads, Judge Kershaw had
to adjourn court in Orangeburg.
The water-lipes in ( harleston
have been cracked badly, by the
freezing of the water in them,
A YoUNG man, who has recently
moved from Pickens to Easley,
went out to call on a young lady
the other night. le timed himself
as to how long he should otay by
the arrival of the train, and ''Hal'
H-. remarked that all the people
from Pickens had to go out to see
the train. They will get used tc
it ''Hal'', whcn they get the Caro.
lina, Cumberland Gap and Chicage
Rail Road. When the train is be
hind we wonder if that shall affe~ct
the duration of'your visits Mac?
Miss Pet Partlow, of Anderson,
left us for her home on Sunday
last. Hecr visit was much enljoy ed
by her friends.
Lit. J. R. RuLEY, preaches at Mt.
Plea sant next Sunday morning,
and in town on Sunday night.
Aliss Lizzie TJhornley a charm
ing young lady from Fickenm
passed through town on Mondlay.
The wife of Joseph Findley
who lives at Cross Roads died on
Tursday last.
MESSaIs. E. P. Taylor and K. L
Ambler, with "their horses, ettu'
age and hounds" caught a large
gray fox near MaIning Jones' tast,
week. One of their (logs was niot
in this chase, butl he appeared next,
morning with a ne-klace vontain..
ing a fox's foot.
Mit. Jonx SExKty, the builder of
the new Presbyterian Church of
Greenville, but now engaged in
the construction of a large Factory
in Newbery, is on a short visit to
Mrs. N. A. Green an(I family, of
this place, By the way, he is anl
old typo, al(I Showted that he had
not forgotton the art by "'setting"
some for uS yesterday.
CwPr. JOHN W. Butler anld
Messrs. Brown, Bradshaw and
Mackey all from Atlanta were iii
town this week.
MR. J. M. PArwicjK. Of the
Greenville Military Institute paid
Easley a visit last week.
WILLI Fotsaent, las been4 quiite
sick for several days past. We
hope to see him in the office sool.
Jiss MNicIs who lived with
William Stegall four miles below
heredied after a very brief illness
on last Saturday night
AUGUsTA, G A.,January 8.-The
question of Fence or No-Fence was
passed upon to-day by the Vote of
Richmond County. The majority
for abolishing fences will be about
600. This is an important ques
Ition, and public sentiment in Geor
gia is growing in favor of doing
away with fences on farms, and
in favor of fencing cattle and other
T URE : A HETifs.
Our Cotton Market has beenm qjuet
and~ loweri. Sales for' the week
bales. W e quote:
Bacon........................ @8.
F'lonr per barrel [email protected]
$ Shirting......................5)@6
Prits................................5 @
(Cot [email protected]
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C'[email protected]
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