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The Easley Messenger.
_rnull, lie a torh, 11e monre it s shlooh, it shinles.
.R. R. HIAGOO, Editorand Prop'r.
gii'Mr. J. T. Arnold, after Feb.'the
b4, will become the traveling agent for
- We had more snow on the night of
t he 16th, but it wasaslight one.
-We are glad to say, Our young
frienld and printer, Willie Folgrer, is up1
un a ork agAin.
ant(last %%R' m ii
-The appearance of the weathr
j.redicts snow. Maybe there will be
-Lookout .Mac, "whi'le the bell rings
(r t Itc whistle blows.'' It will be time
.t) get out of the way of - the train.
--OImN GAINES from Central, hias
i il general eharge of ti. wires In Mr.
(Gignlillijat's absence. lie is an adept iii
the art."
-r. J. T. Smith has nmade arrangue
ments, to build a two story dwelling on
his lot, below A. S. Akin's, soon.
Hurrah for Easley!
---1r. J. T. Ariold is rohig to build
a1 t wo story residellce sooni. lie has a
pretty lot and hi honse will be a gre.
(11rinallnt to th town. F. 1. Day has
I he contract.
-J. 0. Sheek will soon (erect a house
for Rev. J. U. lIIlsoni, oni his lot Iar
ih. Academy. Day & Sheck are boss
wok11mien and they can put up attraut
ive buildings.
-Let everybody be sure to read til
:a vertisemenit of Wilkins, Poe, & Co.
Of Greenville. They are amolig the
men that canl suit well, th11 farmer,
Ineehalic, and others out of their ex
teisive line of ha.rdwLre. 'Tiieir beau
tiful advertisement is bouild to attract
I he readers' eye.
-Then read too, the new advertise
ment of Robinson & Wyatt to be found
omi the 4th page. They are business
me1n, and know how to suit their cus
tomers, both in goods and in prices.
--Col. Black, formerly of th. Pied
mmonit lnstitute, was in town on Tues
dlay. We understand that he is to move
his family to Easley the last part of the
week, and, Wvill occupy~ the 0 obb hi mee
onl Table Rockc St.
-Ai very serious accidIent happened
to M1rs. James Hitt on T1hurisday la't.
while walking she slipped and~ fell oni
the ice, breaking hot h bones in her lett
altn, just above the wrist. Dr. Gilli1
land(, j r., was called in, and set the
b rokenI atrm.
--Misses Lalla Quillian and Blanche
Iluidgens have done a noble work this
week, ini raising a subscription for Dr.
J. R. Riley, who has kindly preached
-11. J. GIGNILIAT, o1r VC'y Cl
cient depot Itgeit, returne(d home with
his wife accompanuy1ing him, fromi Bi
mingh nill Onl Wedlesd ry night. The
railroad interests were carefily look
od after during his abse.ce, by hi ac4
'Mmb11adug "ubs," Dandy Jim from
Pumpkintown,'' an1 Wild 3o" from
-A CERTAIN Lair forimI III the vil
lage w h>, observing th.t ta rdiness of
JohInic W., iII asking her to ride to,
churche1t with jhim, i ealized a striking
similarity bet ween Johnniie and a dog's
tail. When plaeed inl the form of a
Conn tiidrI1 who ca n1 an iswer it? Because
each was behitid. She went to church
with - and received don ride.
--Will all the Po:t Master he very
careful about the delivery of T1'i
MlESSENGER. Be sire to pit the paperS
in the riht. boxes, and only deliver
thei to pr)p1er' persols. We have per
hipsl) beei at fault s-une, bit we woubl
request all otiers to be careful and
not let YIpers get misphaeed, or anly
other aiccident happen to th -m. We
s11 i Inake it a point to :havu them all
D~iAis.---A~ three year old sonk of
RbIet Jenkhlu., who resid,-. at Li)
ey, di dl of brain fever onl Monda,
last after ain illness of three days.
Sidney Cotich, wA 1) hal beeln inl
bad heaIth for som tim', died at clI.
ad vance I age of 74 yea rs, a few mile,
below here,'oni Sund-ty lasit an.1 waus bu
ried at Siloi (hurchi' graIyvyard inl Ali
dersn- Gonty
-The followi jig ii a 1i.t of the Grand
Jiirors for Picken,.4 conuity, drawn to
sevrve for th year 1884 :
GRAND JURoRi.--JameA S 11all,
Joinies AL hUghes, Josieph W Paee, Rial
Barnett, John ) Smith, James.E Oar
re"tt, 'Silas 0 Arnold, Albert 11 Arial,
Thomnas N. Huntel-, John T Childres;
WV K Boggts, BRtylis Gosse tt, W ill iam
Aikeni, William 0 Ic ihey, Jolhi A
E->sley, J B Rigdon, 1Frank P Berry,
Mattha'.w Gillespie.
Thie following is a 114 of the Petit
.Juirors drawnvt to serve at the appr~oalch
Matthiew 'T Smith, E II L-twrencee,
.JamesL kI Ga.ties, GJeorge M Maddox, 1)
M~cMahani, TFh >mals IL Mc1ahan, J C
Cooley, V S Jones, J E Gillesp:ie, C A
H~oleombe, J' $ Boweni. W W Plhlips,
A J IBradley, Reublen MIc~horter, Le
and(er V JoneVs, Jiohn E (G:'saw~ay, WV
D) Ilendricks, .J L Boggs, R IH Baker,.
L D Stephen s, J Rt Hunt, WV C Gaines,
ii L. Mauldini, WV A.. Smiith, WV J Iickle,
'ii' J .Findoley, Perrin A O'Dell, A~ ID
Blellotte, ~John1 '1 K~enniemore, Jones
King, A F McCord,'J If' Lawre'nce, J
II Hlagood, W C Harbin.
gg. Mus. P. A. OWvNBEY" wvil board
scholar's for the Easley High School at
r'easonable nrice. in 4., 1R 881-2
. -We retirn many thanks to W1iss
St. Lawrence Fleming of Spa'rtatntbnrg,
for an invitationl to attend a "Leap
Year Reception" ib the Merchants'
Hotel, On the evening of the 1'11 of
$hl1 uon1th. No doubt. It wIllI be a bill
int altair, an.td We nXAcept.. with pleas
ure the kind invitatibn. It people don't
beligve Spartanburg is the lace to vis
it, let themt try it on)ce, anld oe satishfed.
EA3I2EY, S. C., Jan. 115th, '84.
Te zattn1tin of the mIember-hip of
Enon Baptist Church are kindly re
(IestLed to be present at the next reg
Ular Cotnferenlce and Roll call on 1IL
20th intitan.
REv. J. W. IlrUTCINS, Mod'r.
J. A. URAIG, Ch. Clerk.
MRt. ED-ron : Please awiiuc
through yo ir paper that the S.. hool
lrilstees of Lety'tV 'OwIshi) will
mt'et at the town 1 Liberty on Mon.
day, dlh! 2$ 11 inst., at 10 o'clock, A. A.,
for the pu)rpoe ol locating selh ois and
employing teachers. If tie pat ron01S of
al ny schiool (k sire a _ch >l-hious4e built
ot of tuecr share of tile public futid:;
Lhey w'1l mtake It known- 01kh it day.
All pe.-rsonis intierested Will govern
i .melves accordiIigly.
L. M1AULDIN, Clerk.
[Por Th Me- engrer.
*Crop Re~ports.
Mu. EnItr) a : I peak a fev Jlnes inl
refeienc,! to the c.-op reports. These
reports f 1r:h soIle sold food for Se
riouls thotitIL when w( are about to
m1oun1t the high horse of extravagance.
CLe (etuls retutrl of 183,) show that
DaIeusville TownIh'p has a populatiotn
of over 1,700 people, aml producS
'9.73JO buieAs of grain, and 83.5 balez!
of cottoti. This TownS.Iip raised all
a veragecrop in '71. [L has about 32(
horses atl mules--70 bushels per li-ad
oil' for this stock (m] that is light feed,
they 0u1ight to have 90) bush +), leave
21 bushels per ctapita fo' the p 1ople.
TI'h it eentiper t 6Apita f-O r bLreal*d. leav es
eight bushel s each, ju st enou,.,h to fat
teni one' pig (a little oaie) for each per.
soni. TVhe cot totn net will g'ive thlemii
about $18 per capita for clothing, edut
eat ion, taxes al1 the legion of othtc.
I suippose these returtns arel' very
nearly correct - p~rob~ably rather large,
as sotme mieni are raithier dlispose.d it
boast4 o.f what erops lh -y grow. Il
costS en otugh mtoney too to in)sure the
Cetnsus takers to do their duty somnt
$)0 or $''5 for t h State.
'Thie sameI enicutlation1 for E. LSIe
TPownship withi her 3,OO00 peopjle out
450 horses, leaves ler with 10 .busheIh
per' capita, anud about $20 cottoin moUne.1
to buy the rest of h.er bread, meat andi
other necessairies.
Pickens come~s in with :3 bushels per
capita after feeding holrses, intdes and
people., and abouit $14 (-ash from hart
c'otton. ' iThis to Ime Is a sad picture.
Tihe other T'own~ships of t h.a county are
I think aboit with PIclkens ill p)Ilt of
Since this is be'foi'e is we must gin
and end'are it. But let us proth by
jand enlarge ther soon and fast, If
I po.jib'le, though this year we divded
theii by two. Halve the figures aove
If you please; live mid butild accord
ingly. Oatght we not try to get some
food inl our air castles. These Town
ships coipare favorably with otlers of
the State and very far i'had ofanany.
But few in the State produce 1ore
corn than those above mentioned. Da
cuisville reports 53,000 :and E4jasle-y3 5 0,
003, and Pickens 45,000 blush 'Is.
We produlce soinu things else, peas,
potatoes :6(I tlrlIps, whieb is iequIrted
to tuake up the food list. We hive
itulerous (logs, with a few milk cattle
that go very deeply hito the bread
Mr. Editor, I wish you weul(d have
sonie one to make a caulculatioi and tell
us what tie per diemi is among the far
merI, counting 3 0 days to a year and
Countmig a 1k )rSe a hanid (since le Is a
expen1sive a one as we have.
-A farmer entered4l a ce rtalin storn
inl Colutnbia lault seing the prolprietor
busywa1iting upon a utunblr of custom
ers, left, saving that he wouIld be back
againi. In a -I rt ie he returned,but
he fotml more custoners than before.
Again L went out., liui inl a half all
hmoumrretrii'nued. lie found the clerkS
than ever and growing desper
ato shmted out: "I guless there's., no0
ehance for lee to be, w tied oil here to
day. I'll go to sole store where they
( 't advertise." lie did so, and Wls
soon waiti-d on, for they lad no rush
there(.-Paliletto Yeoman.
. ... ............... . . . .
Married, by Rev. W. B. Singleton.
December 30. 1883, Mr. D. L. CONrLEJ1Y
I ud Miss E F A int M t, all of Pick
en&s County.
By Rev. J. 1). Wilson, at the resi
lence of tie bride, Oil Jan. 8, vM.
(iOvE, all of Pickenis cointy.
By the samie, oin Jan. 10. at the resi
dence of the bride, LEVI SToNE am nn(
enis county.
At th2 rlesileinnce of the bride's moth
CIr, on the 25thl of December, 188:3, by
lRev, A. C. Stepp, RoBlEtR MILLS
of Lauren1s county.
Our.Cotton Market ha~is beeni quiet
and lower. Sales for tihe week 32
Flourpe barrel ............. ...0$
i hr [email protected]
.. . ....................6 @S.
4-4 "' . .. . . . . . . ... . .. . .. . t ~
C'ot ton............................8}@10
E ......'[email protected]
B. te.......................52
O hickens.................. [email protected]

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