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-The license for retailing spirituous
ligours in cheraw for the present year
has been fixed at $300.
-Moniey is scareer in Oconee Coun.
ty thban it has been in several years.
-Corn in Wailhalla is selling at 85
vents per bushel, cash.
-Mrs. 1.. 0 illiam and her son,
Dr. Win. C. Gilliam, of Newberry, are
spending the winter inl Vienna, Aus
-Trin tty College, Norti h Carolina,
has nineteen Cherokee Indians as sti
dents this year. 'Tle State is py13hIg
for their education.
-Cliristmas parties in Tampa, Flor
ida, dined onl watermelons, cncumbers,
tomatoes, beans15, early potatoes aInd
-The public schools in FEasley and
in some of the other townships, Pick
cns County, will not run as long this
year as usual,ast hey have to pay debts
incurred in 1882.
FRANK JAMES, the famous out law
and the only survivor of the Jaimes
brothers, lying in jail at Kansas City
hopelessly ill wit h1 collsinuption.
SJNATroR BUTLEMR was one of the
pall bearers at the furneral of Senator
.Johin J Patterson's wife. By the vote
of Patterson General Butiler becamsne a
Senator the first time.
TIHE trial of young Nutt for killing
D)ikes, tihe slanderer of his ister and
the murderer of his father, has been
beguhl at Pittsh1trg. A jury has been
(etculre(d which is thiought to make ac
qulit-tal certainl.
Jas. C. Lane, formerly of1 New
berry. but now of Philadelphia,
has given $1,000 to 'Roanoke Col
ege, Va,
-In the Senate on Friday Sen
ator Brown, of Georgia, argued a
g ainst the constitutionality of the
bill that attempted to exclude Mor
nmons from voting.
-V-ennor says t hat the mildness of
i hese e'aly winter dyisaverilleat ion
oif his propheciee. I Ie now predliets a
su mmer wannlithi in mnid-winter, but.
1 hat we shall cat ch it hot -t hat k~ col
andt heavy alonig in March and April.
-Th colored Baptists of South
C arolini a have 550) churches, 3M) ordhin
ed in iisters; 20 alssocialt ions, and1( a
stat" C'on vention. Tlhey support a mis1
sion ini Africa andt help) aupport an ed-.
uteational inistitultioni.
--V'and(erbiltl's (aJp~ia of gold i~
greater than all the gold there was in
th iCworld-conquerinlg Rome in the
reigni of ~AuguIstus Coar~i.
200,000,00(0 dollars in golel ! or
350 tA lns of gold ! or
700.000~ pounls of gol ! or
11I.200,000 on ices (avoi rd ipois) of
gold !
Ilow amanmy freight cars wonl be re..
qutiredI to carry this gol? TPen, you
will s&ay at a julmp. No-thir t.y-five.
TIurn t he gol inito gobIln "engrles'
ten) dollar ('oins, lay them inl a eirele,
4bdges touching, what would be the cir
cuimferencee of that circle? It would
bie a ring over 300 miles in circumfer
encie.-Johni Swinton's Paper.
-Sn~bscr'ibe for THEI MESSENO ER.
TH1IE1lE Is some s1rprise'1ong Sena
tor Butlers friends at his modilc(d at
titude oin the repeal of internal reventue
laws. Ile appears to have adopted the
views of Mr. Phil. I'hnpson,of Ken
tucky, whose bill is said to be really
that of Speaker Carl isle, and represen t
a coml prom ise I h it the whiskey men a
gree to. As Senator Butler Is to make
a speech upon this subject, it may be
just as well to wait untilh defines his
position; but I am pretty contident
that It will not differ m.iterially from
his puiblished opinion in tihe News and'
Courier of last week.-Augusta 0 hron
RY.-A few day:s ago a white woiln
was fomd ii her room i Newb'rrv
County Jyin1g dead onl her h1 -Iia rth w%-i: i
bo1th her ans biiuled oiY. She was
the d(iighter of Me nel Kinard. a
white mn 80 years old, who Is a roo
doctor and whom reputatioln wals mnaulet
unsavory by tihe fact that le associated
entirelv with niegroes and hved with
a nogro Iwomanu, his daligiter livingr ill
a house in his yard. There are susp-i
cions of foul pliy, and the coroner's
jiry decliled to reinder a vertdict tuntil
the contenits of 111 dead oimn's sto- i
Imlael have been ainalyzed. ler fath'ar
adlitted hIvinmg giv"nI a lose of root
mlediciine, but denies that. there was an1Y
poison in it. lier name was, L aur1a and
she was 30 years old and recently ill-;
herited some prioperty. The whole
family is well to do.
-The grading on the Green
wood, Laurens and -Spartanburg
Railroad is rapidly progressing
fr)m Saluda River to Greenwood,
by the energetic contractors Rice
and Coleman, and their subordi
nate bosses and ,working hands.
By March 1st, they expet to have
the road graded from Greenwood
to the Saluda near Rosemount on
Laurens side, (old Cunningham
place) ; by 1st of May the construed
tion train is expected to reach the
river, and1 thent an iron bridlge
will be thrown across.
Terrible Slaughter.
Will sell at thme LOWEST figures,
the remnaindelr of their Fall
and Winter stockofg ds
consisting of o od,
D'E G-oons,
Notions, Clothing,
Hardware, Groceries
and Grocers Drugs, in order to
mnske room for their
We keep constantly on hand a
full line of choice Groceries, To
bacco, &c.
af'Give us a call and we will be sure
to sell to you if low prices are desired.
Jan 1R--129m
Easley Academy.
First Session for 1884,
will begin January 14th,
and continue Six School
M1~onth s.
Primary liep'm'nt, per nkmonth, $1.60
Intermediate " " 2.00
Academic "4 " 3.00
Select (ourse, " " 2.50
Iucidental Fee, per Sessioi, 50
Music extra.
Board in private faimillies, per
Month,......................... 10.00
Each1) scholar's pro ranta of Public
Funds will be deducte-d f roin his Tul
tionl <luriing thle Public Term, which
begins .Jaiiniary 1 4.
Or- For Pari (ticulars, address
C. WN. AMOR.lm, Prinicipal,
Easlvy, S. C.
jan 4, 188- -3m
News and Courier,
Daily $10 a year: Weely $2 a a1r.
ie Leadiig Paper of t he South-East
Largest CIrculation In the Cotton
.Jan 11--tf
cI, 0 T H I N
Dec 21-lyv
W. M. Hagood & Co.
wviii sell
the balance of their
Good Lot
Jan 11......9m

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