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She tileg aeutenger.
J. R. H1GOOD9, Editor and Prop'r.
[email protected]'Mr. J. T. Arnold. after Feb. the
1st, will become the traveling agent for
-Read the presentment of the
Grand Jury.
-Read the new advertisements
of W. M. Hagood & Co. with re
gard to their guano.
-Miss Rosemond, from Mexico,
Mo., is visiting relatives in this
-Prof. Moore's large school is
still on a 'boom,' but he is going to
get a Music teacher, 'Will', for the
school and not for the young men.
-The Board of Free School
Trustees will meet on Saturday,
Feb. 2nd., at the store of II. C.
-Miss Lula (oodlette, a charm
ing young lady formerly from
Spartanburg, is visiting relatives
in Easley.
-Messrs. Ferguson & Miller
are having a guano house erected
opposite the store of'J. 1-. Lanning
on Main Street.
-Read the announcement of
the candidate for the oflice of Sher
iff. We will furnish the steps to
1.1w platforn for $5, from each
-Mr. J. T. Arnold has received
a beautiful buggy in which ht will
carry around his Sewing Machines.
ie isagent for The Messengrer
too. Hand in your names.
-We will call on you next time
Brother Cavis. This is a time of
progress, but the next Leap Year
Reception can't be an improv ement
on the last. Come over' and see
-Mr's. Isom Simmons an aged
lady of 75 years, who residled near
Pickens, diedl on Wednesday last.
She was a nmebe of the 'Moun
ta in Grove Babtist Church.
-Messrs. Gignilliat & Ihester
dleclinle, aftei' the 1st of Feb., fo
mrail any matter on the train, in as
much as our very efficient P. Mr.
derives his salary in p~art from
stamps canclled.
--We (lid not receive the new
Schedule of the Air Line road up
ti after we had printed the old1 one
onI our 6th page, andl being request
ed to publish the new one in this
issue, it necessitates us to 1:ublish
two this week. The new one will be
found on page 4.
--We regret to learn of the dan
gerous illness of Mr's J T Gossett,
mother of our t ownsman, 'Squire
J. R. Gossett. Little hopes are
entertinedm of he eco~-e.., she
being very old1 and the attack se
Presentmaent of the Grand Jury
January Term, 1884.
To the Hon. J. H. fludson, Presiding
Judge of the 8th Judicial Circuit :
We the Grand Jury. respectfully beg
leave to report to yotur Honor that we
have passe(d on all the bills handed to
us for our consideration, and in this our
general report beg leave to say that we
have examined the offices and records
of all tihe County officers, and find
them in good condition andl neatly
We have by a committee of our body
visited the Poor [louse, and find that
the paupers are properly cared for and
the farm in good condition.
We ha've also visited he :Collty jail
and find that the prisoner.s are well
cared for andf the jailor doing Il (huty
We recomiend that the jail buiilding
be repainted, the walls of the seconld
floor of the jail building whitIewasled,
and one of the outbuildings in the jail
lot he recovered.
We further recommend that the
County Commissioners (10 sell such
portion of the real estate owned by the
.0oniity in the town of PIickens as is
not necessary for County purposes, and
that the proceeds, or so nimueh ais may
be nec'ssary,be applied to the enlarge
Inent of the Court H louse building; and
we do recomend thit the Court IlIose
building be eIlrged, so as to meet the
Iecessities and wants of the Court ald
the people of the County, at the earli
est4 day possible.
We further recommend that the Coi
ty Commissioners do have the well in
the rear of the Co'irt H ouse deepened;
more shelving put lp in the Cleik's
ofilce for the better preser-yation of the
records of that oflIce; that they htive
erected a privy for ie convenience of
the pIblic, near the Court House
Square, anl tlLt they have the steps
leading upl) to the court roomn I epaired.
We find thatt h road leading from
Mt. Zion church to Synune's Mill; the
road1 leadin g fromi Easley to Liberty,
and the road1 leadling from Richard
I lest er's to Larkin H ughe's are in bad
cond(ition)1. We llind also that the
bridge aeross Rice's Creek near Lar
kin lutghtes's anid the bridge across
Twle Mile river near the mouth of
saidl river, on~ the~ road leading from
Nat hianiel Mah1lenl's to Ravenel's
bridge ro)ad are untsafe; we t herefore
:'ecomlmend( that the County r'onuniss
loners hive sai(1 roadls workedl out as
sooni as possible, the saidl bridges re
paired1, and iWh t th~ey have hanniisters
put up on all the bridges over the wa
tr couirses in the cotuinty.
W'ie presen~it Jamies Turmnter and1 John
Jam uison, who) resides in Central towvn
ship. Pickens Co, for retailinug spiritu
onts liquors in said counut~y without a li
eense in Oct,, Nov., and Dec., 1883.
Witniesses, Jacob) A'iuns, Rober't Chil
and1( Charles S. R binson.m
We1J( also pre(set aJ. T.' Andiere'on of
D~acuusville towvnship, Picens Co., for
reta iinitg spiritIIouis liquors ini said co)unI
tv without a licentse.from Oct. to .iee.,
1883. Wit nesses, .J. W. Tiurner and
.John Oi. D avis.
Wev also~ present G. WV. Earle of
Pickens, for retailinig spi rituious liig
our1s with)out a licensie inl 5.1id county,
from Oc t . 1883 t oJanu. 1884. W it ness-.
ses, J E. C'ox, Jesse ('ren shaw, Wmn.
\l. Wergnson. A tul1I'w (hritfln. 'lIhns
Anthony and Earle P. Taylor.
We also present James Pevk of Cei
tral, Pickeis countyfor retailing spir -
ituous liquors Insaild county withouta
license, from Oct. 1883 to *Jan. 1884.
Witnesses, Wm. Holcombe, John
Marchbanks and G R Martin.
We also present Wm R Price of
Eastatoe townshl), Pickens co., for re
tailing spirittiois flquiors in said county
without a lioense. from Oct. 1883 to
.Jan. 18k4. Witnesses, Wim A Masters
Joni Tirotter, Frank Lemnons,
Chvis. Anthony and Martin Terrill.
We also present Mansil IlLemphiAl, a
coloredi man [m-trred) and Saradh
Meades, a white woman, Pickens co ,
a)d townsh&iip. for adultery, from Jan.
1883 to Jan. 1884. Witnesses, Wim
Gilstrap, Math. Fergitson and Silas
We al-o presient Joseph iBurgess. a
col'd mant and M5illy Turn-Ier, a White
womian, of Pumpkintowi township.
Pickens co.. f:- fornie-itioi for the last
.2 years. W1ies:'s, J L Tro'r. WVes
ley Phi Jackson E Elrod an .1 ( K
We also pi-. eent Simn1v Marotin, a
col'd man [married] and S'sum Edtens,
a col'd womIlan, of Damnsville townihliip.
Pickenls eo., for a'-lultery from Atur, to
Dee, '25th 14 83. Witnesses-, rfinT
llenr(Iick4. Whlitenun Neighbor)s And
Albert Martin.
ve hereby tender our thanks to
your II 'n-r for coturtesies extended to
I[s aIld to tle atilng Soici.osI f, or the
sistanic( given i by 1 h1mb. All of
whieh is re*Ispecfully siiluit ted. Jim.
Term;i 1881.
S J NO. A. E Asi1s, Foriemn I.
[f(or Ie Messenger.
From A Depouty Marshal.
Mit. E OfwVn : la the hist week's
i-site of th - "Senitinel," I noticeI a!I
editorial commnenting on the actions of
deputty marslutls. I have no fight to
make inl deifeiwe of deptty marsh'als
who have impose.d on the peoplfe of
Piekens county, or who hLave over
drawn their salaries, ald I think the
pelliteltial. t h proper j)pace lfor them,
let them be who they m Iv. But there
is one laIse inl the editorial referred to
whieh I think : little too h:rd onl thel
" Boys who are emin plo yed to boom t he
grantI(d old party."' It is thitk
"4A1I i1 dirnectly everytin waiI ,) N-ts se~ire ne
and the trIateed uoflicials ee(iV1red
fr l t heir die wIitith 111-1it t o At
enaces n thei ace0)atomegrad inod
thne towar ti he paieto." toth
eryl o l onutyer a the nv sition
"emergled" bro prlivt ie, hankd ab
gootd ao commissiont'atideputiysior
citize of my wntv on wih "-nso
mkn, dintpme to "bygadom"
nparty, hor o e t act (10ery
tdo d onh makhe leittimately. At
lthestim I wante to provte to the
peopiea Of thine opty that heypodio
of depty marsha is an hono~rclal an
thofod honi Democraitck thmisI otn
ser a (iimea natie hon n(es.--not
Rmision l didn't proisaneto "bomiso
thy parstty oje. xettod t
Becte i for e:te moneyan havrese
every deputy marshal its ail ilusolenit
scoundrel, directly or indirectly, p
ple who depend upon their paper to
give the "truth and the whole truth."
must think "The Boys" a bad lot.
To my certain knowledge there ins
been n1o "insolence" shown the peo
ple of this coutnty by deputy marshakl
sluce last August court. I suppose if
:1 marshal has a Bench Ivarrant which
he endeavors to serve, and th' party
takes leg-ball, is overtaken, captured
and hand-cufted. (when he vouild have
otherwise been treated gentlem.anly.) I
sulppose this is called by some "inso
vhy doe' a a)Ipelr whIch so Strong
ly advociates tie cause of T'emperanvce
a(dVocate, in anm itudir'ect 1ma14nne0r, th.
traille of illicit (istliiln ,
A. W. F.,
U7. S. Deput y Ma r-h m.
(coMwmUN ICATE.]
MR. EDIro: The citizens q
Coluinmbia use all their influence anl
efforts, besides* all their persua
sions, to induce the members of
the Legislature to vote appropria
tions for the Lunatic Asylum, Pen
itent iary, Canal, and for the South
Ca-olina University ; andi then to
cap (lie elinax, the City Council
grants licenses to bar-roons anl
cock-pits right at the very doors of
the University. Suppose the bar
room keepers want to get rich out
of the Students. We think any
further appropriations should be
withheld, and if the city of Co
lumbia will grant authority to its
own eitizens ,-o sell liquor and have
cock-pits, then the Legislature
should take the matter it) hand,
and pass a law prohibitlog the sal
of any liquori within a given dis
tance of the University, or vote no
appropriation to it.
Remainjing il the P. O. at Easlev, oi
tihe 30th fJanuary, 18,5:
A-Mrs Kaute Arial.
BV-M II liowen.
C-R' (G Carver, Mis~s .Josephineh Carver.
C E (lar'k, ~Jamnes Cilrk, J TI
B Clardy, J1 A Cotichi.
1)-MaiIlind(a D arnel.
l"-J E LFerguson, D) C, Frheeman. (:2(,
11011z Fergu1o.
h-Bens'oni K~lfenmre, J1 A lKelley.
M-IIattie Mc:Uollmu.
0 - M rs Maiggie O'Shibld..
V-- M D. Vaughan.
Persons calling for' the abtove letters
will please say~ the a)'~tre adlvertisedl.
ArLoxzo M. FooJxaE, P. M
Married, Jan. 24th, by fI ev. J. 1).
TaIIlev, at his re'sidenlce, W. II. LE81,IIN
anid Miss J. L. NALL~Y, all of Pickens
(countt y.
A11.460 UNC E2MEA'S.
Thlie umany friends of ELIAS E
M AU LDIN respect fully annuounce hmis
name as aL candidlate for Sher'ifY of
Pickens counity, at the ensuing elie -
hti, subjc~t to aictionl of the~ Demo)
(ratie C'onvent ion. feb 1--t<l

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