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The Easley messenger. (Easley, S.C.) 1883-1891, February 08, 1884, Image 1

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The EasleyMMessnger,
* rutid, likte a 1or7h1.T/, ir more it's sho h, il shinesip.
Is it magnetism, Spiritua:kn-9r
What Is It I
.Near Cedartown, Gecorgia, lives
vears old, who is the greatest won
der of the age. The ( corgia news
papers for several weeks past have
c(ontained accounts of her marvel
onis feats, and hi u ndreds of people
hae gone 96 many miles fo witnes
her performances. The Atlanta
Constittion " 41 seit a miemiiber (Af
it:s staff to investigate and make a
full report and from this report,
; blisfie( inl the 'Ciomstitu1tion ' of
1h1c '70h insta."nt, wve lake thle follow
my.1 ext racts-;:
Th is is w hat: M i I l a1:1 tohd me
a0 out the beg i 1ing of the nIus Ste
ne ial* t$4wo luti ll i
tr I*() ( i . e M l re rM
, %10 Co"slCep, when -Iuddely the
bed se 1t. u a crackl, aml pop pm ,
the like of which I never heard
bfore. The erneking was ill all
lml(ther seobtld me f6r malking! a
noil. but I w a i n nofnt . I k New
nithKinj of it. Thie nloi.<,howvr
eesed., A we went, to slee .
inl the saIme bedl whhIl mv cous:in,
.I"4)ii lmI , et hI \v 1 . s n I
great er f orCk. v c n IzI I e
u m cth r m I i th r oom au- 11. N we
I~'5 i t . I (" it~ l l( w h I im
()!f the bed. Wev cNxaminekd 1th-1m
eurwi l Co\'I tlad 1")t hillg Ithe
caus d h eet ricitwl~-1 \Nv , but I tof
to experiment and soon decided that
there was no limit to it,as five men
coul not 1o(h a chair upon which
I sinply laidi my handls.
I'he following stoy is told
th3 fuiiy a 1 Mr.1 ur t,.. 11I1l I*i
vouched for by people who are
readv to make the most ir-oin bound
allidavits as to its truth
MiSs I'llla folIild C' i a;i IlIpIv
1 In! 1e'~ N14011(}On tlile foo! ()f lilt
bed it, Wol(I roll arPOullI I( I 0 1o1.
One liig llt it Wv .4 s1, ig)Ill Nw ith
in ~9 1
ito el'tic U l 1(1 ra pRT IXI S\\ W ilul.-l
lv said:
' I.,i . (ul I i l 11k1e. this 1o )
; I n lere IoIl I W lI t I (oN . (.'ommafv e 1: n I
it to) pop at thet hef'(lnibIadl
rI > W NN. I I li lI : ll ir . k il
tl' (r(ler Wa- gIvtl- fo>r the )f
V 0'~ 1' .
Itl tllo !Ih\' '.
v'l l euov e til l
tit i ) V t .t Ii . t
111 un,,1 1n theII i t , 1 ,"ar the
i ~II ill a ll - : 4i. 'I 'h I - iv h
nI t t. I.Ie 1 'Il : I 'I int ( It
p lat1 . I II a d' n i t h I a-i s I t
nIt l 1 e 111 t10 S eil th'>w 1h
us lil)eI lt' \ight bef o
COninntle(I w -% il )vc tal d14(,
(Jheyed Ilwr c( 1ul.l ii id n 11< (I il: vc( I
I thl*W . I 1 n IuuI her I t'! her
IIe el.f: I '' 3 i e) h~i': I W i r(
Ial UV. t W ln iA t-S ili
.Mr. IIurst laid an ordinary chair
upon the floor on it., back. ''Il
put your handl on it,' sait e
TheIM younlig hdy stooped down,
"a t 'he t ipA of two of her Afigeri t o
uk of ~tie.h i aCIi.-i
ately the piece' of furnitiur'e !ean
to back aroun1d the room at a live
Iv rate as; if 4lid along b V S01ome
Thie ebir H'w~s theni '1teo !p and
Ir. I er :l~l I wre a *<-( to
1T1 I. Ijil c, .U 111) rOV 10 w i l
hold it n i Hw thl),'. Poin er toomk
n i a I too thel ot Ih r.I \\ ,'(
p~t (ur hih' n at wr k to
kee i t S-t ilI. AM in I 1or., pla IIo
h a of~I be r I n tI o , I Ic k
io) the IQI. c aloir I s cam ing:Ad
l it.'it.1 ihtr..r te t eok the (bair
:uul~ ihl(aced herl i~ i shnd ude he
I I I I I1
pIfae botto wit he Ir p n I
St titi
S)pes. Sh'eo took o h?'- f t.l
I k Irvai m t,; , ig t hav I t r I
w i r o I. T u t 1 :
If Ih Ihair were Ih u I h e IfeetO 1 0
. i b t i'air i w ou'otI ow
1I ca , ' t1a ri\v In t I rI wit
eaIh iid !r. ( '.-!I!Il nr t, a I tan
nehhine n: a r, 200 poundsi, t henl
g)Ot up into) thec chair mal -,:t there
,1as Call.,)v a.- if he wore a b , it tingo
on ag te po t. 'lhns Misls Il rs
Su1ppo)rted th - cominiled weighst of
I he thu I upoe on thve pahnsI
'I dIot, kniow anyth ing ahilt F
1. t.)ok aheavy tick orywkiI
Jt!.1I N. id mo; 4. W. hao.
C"O'l u4id~ Ine J.llm W. Holi OK'
OI sk!O"lltint 1))(& 1a too Oth(Al i
Fac c i (oup~0le f1,acedl the hx
th 1'. We1 he. )It~ withra Ith' 8
C11 I ll l' h i. Tomt(CI1
(I1 \i-0111 t-1I.I u p l~toe( it, ry
hi~h < han a'iI'b1 tocheta Own t~e
her fti.r to t ( .:al 1111~' of liJ~k a. Il
.1ha Inwleave fo I o Ieen I~t if Iv
'j Ii 'I:1 10 1 iv cot1' tWO) llF 111 til tho
i I-t"IlMt. thay olg gI~t)~1 il 1)vr simply
A111 in l1 t ile e' of tht .l1) Aicg. (ith F 11 (
I ha isiia;. V hvat ~V t l' ies Iiiiit a h
Jt -i c I I)11.i Jli'Lv& Io b ~iig
n iI Ial a' I
I~~~ ~~ rlV Il~ Ii~il Ij I~i V Iet )'II
n..................ly 11.
fi- -Agi'e l. -t f(,I-% !-ia e is Selhi
ns fit frll t 1iviAwice.

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