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gfe fjasleg esenger.
j* R. HAGOO, Edtorand Prop'r.
Rie'ed -t the l'ostofrice at Easley.
R. C., as A'econd Clains Matter.
One year, strictly iII advance...... $1.00
Six months, .65
(Me sq'are (1 linch) 1 inlsertiona ...... 75c
Each silmb ient liserilo ........... 40e
T'eral <iseolsilt ol coitraOlcts or by
the columnl, hallf or711uarter. column11.
Ma rriabge lotices.- free amd solleited.
Obituaries over 12 lines charged for.
C(orrespoldents. to isuire attention.
m11114t give their full address..
We are not respo nsilie for the opin
ons of our correspondiets.
All comm1 itmicaion.: forl theppe
m111st be dliressed to the E(Iitors;
111sines letter t- tho 1'l'Publisher of the
IESSE~NOER Easley, S. C.
[For Thl- Me ss.eh, Ir.
Gralui (rop~s, &c., About Ninty-Six.
MA. EArTon Allow me to give
vou a few dots from this part of
our State. The large acreare of
grain Sown in this section gives
promise of bread if we canl live un
ti har vest. The late sownII, 1how-'
ever, is aliost entirely killed.
A cons'derable tarmonllit of eot ton,!
held back from the last meagre
(rop is now heing brought in this!
market, and trade is lively iI
Quantities of corn is be'inrg sold i n11
this market, and the town is crow
dcd almost every day with wagons
fromt the countrV, seeking supl)lies
for the comiing Spring anld Sum
There is great excitement in the
neighhorhood of Ne!w Market over
1 Panther that has recently made
its appearance in an adjacent
woods. A crowd of gentlemen
w'ent inl pIIrSuit of it a few vights
ago, but dlid not suicceced in killing
or capturinhg it. The (logs seemied
afraid of it, and would not go near.
Tlhe pu1rsuiers could1( hear it scream
ing just ahead of them, but for
want of couirage, on the part of the
dgthiey couIld not ge(t upl with
it. Mr. George Rampey at one
timen got in sight of it, buLt too far'
off to make a successful shot.
Th'le dogs fial eusing to leave
masters the pursueris had to return
unxsuccessful. It has not been
heard since the chase. I sippose
it has taken refuge ini other parts.
The negroes appear' to be very
much afraid of' it:.
The p~eople of Ninety-Six, like
the atetdeluivians , are plantinig andl(
buIildingF butying' and selling, mar
ryin~g andI~ being given in marriage.
Editors of small papers likes
brevity, so I will try to please in
that respect. Success to THE MEs
SENoERt and its faithufulI. Fditor.
[For Tite Messweiger.
I stood. one witter's evening,
Wheni the Sin h1l gone to re4t,
Alone at an open windov,
Anl looked ipo the West.
A gow till gol an(1 cr1i0
Was spread far o'er th ! sky,
And t h-ongh this royal an-it le
There gleamied one star on high
WatIchiig beside ihl- window,
I behel the gloom of aight
W ray all the worbl In darkness*;
Yet still th-it. wonidrois light.
G. rimnson, :id trobi, was shining,
A- a beacon-ire mnigljt gow,
Uponl some di-;tant mlm il tain,
In ita w-itIiing'"-sheet of sn1ow .
I thugh..1t. this lovely rmli~inc
Hlow liki- to fahd h ,nblime,
flilminling life' cosngho''
With liyht at crelning tint;
'.1 h star- to., a ' - irin'
Seeled bm'nin in 1h - skv
T ) gu i -le t us to t h - ma1: r'iage fea.st
Of "Crliist the lauih.'' on high 1,
Al thenl, I tho111ught ofoe % h > from
This. eart 11 hal passed away -
Rweenr1ingi the prl h tc - word.;
SIev 11ut It d, day1) b (IaIy;
F-or whenl the S;1n taI ret1.1d gone.
ANld t wilighit veiled (terom
S' -a Sid, "T'lh - n igh t ik omling~ (0n,
Amdil st l(n o om."
On1cev more I lookedl upon thu We~st
I only aw t'e ta. -
For thet- "v aly ga-:tes" 1y. ng\
No lonlger bel 1r,
A night, of (d;in aud (tarkine
Hadl falhln 0:n MY Hny;
.For her. i h '- hidhen hory
Makes erre'lpasting ft/.
('reen r Mc. S. C.. Jan. 10. 1 8?1.
[ or t Ie MNesseIgf . -r.
meetinos or County commissioncrs.
The County Comllissiollers mnet
on the 5th (lay of Jebuary. A rtclr
receiving several petitions for new
roads, and appoint ingo committees
on the same, the Presentment of
the Grand Jury, in regardl to the
enlargement of' the ( oulrt I louse,
was takeni inuto consideration. The
Commissioners were of the opinion
that they have no legal authority
to sell the v1aant lot~s be~lgingi to
the County, neitlier have they the
authority to levy a tax for' said
purp~ose, without such aut hority
beCing" grantedl by taie Legislature
of this State. And if they shiouldl
undlertakc to build now they would
be complelled to bu111d on1 a credlit,
whtich1 would cost the County' about
twice as mneh as to buildl on a
cash basis. They have therefore
appointed~ Thi ursday. after' thea first
Mondlay in M~arch, to imake a thor
ough investigation of the inatter
and see whaiEt is pr'oper to be
The Commuissioners then listened
to an earnest alipeal, delivered by
Mr. Earle P."'Iavlor. Io reg--d to
the <lraiutge of 18 Mile Creek, and
appointed the 19th day of Febuary
to meet and attend to the matter.
--Ilev. W. 11. Kir toun, ini South
ern Christian Advocateo, Feb. 19th,
We have jut rec(ived a good
'puUding.' which was proj.--Ced
an1d s1pervised by Iholies of the
church at Pickens C. 1H. Bfro. W
A. Leslie -and wife, who always
inake good representatives, wer'e
constituted a committee to preseh't
us with imerotus packatges of 1Sub
stalit ial tokens of thoughtful kind
nless, and to inforim us that 11
Church inl Pickensli cilit s hoitIdd
excel them1 ill the grace of 1'ounld
iug.' T1:he h s. rice, flour, Sugar,
coffee, saissage, fish, turkey, fruit
--Canntetid and otherwoie-articles
of clothing, greenbacks anI ninany
others which were received, assure
us t hlit we have never been sent to
serVc 1 1110 1 e thoog4tfiul a1( kin1d
pe- .1) 10. 1 feel great. ly eno)u raged
inl vie.Nw of thilt possibil ities of the
Chu1 'ch in this part, of )ur Confer
eince territory. I expect to ill
Crelase the cire1l:tion of the Atvo
e cr I.:. We wvill Soon h-ave the
membeshipdividedl into classesl
so that the classleaders can (d') su
cesful w ork. We expect to raise
Ve Ce'r d o"lllar I o )ll1 aesseinll(ts.
[ see that one brother writes '100
souls for Christ.' I say two or 300
fl' Christ in the bo a i(ls of this
chare, rni oreif possible,
New Boot & Shoe Shop.
reim "el f'illy illifwil t ilt el iz'ns of
all I v.eility., th'it I llave
olp1end a Shoo Sip inl st(re-hiouts( East
0( .1. .\. Ralnnpvy's store.al wonhl b e
ples1.ed to have :1 har of t heir ets"Otin.
Firt -Zt a worki Im, with tli h st m1a
lterialI andt work dlone een per1 thtan t hie
cheap1 est,. guiaraniteed(. Repairingo a
.spjecialty. S'f" All kinads of OX)UN.
TRlY PItI) UCE taken ini payvinent for
work, at mariket prices.
fe b 8-hoi W. H. SMIT H.
Furniture House,
~\N D furnish you 011 1 ouses ini elegant
. svleforthe Sutinner withI a nice
[ine t of lbdsteads, Mattresse's, Bit
reansI 1, Tables,~ Sta;inds, Chalir s, Rockekors,
of Landscap;IIe (1hrom~OS ini 2'.3x0 inchl
frame1)s, cho(rd. &cC., all re~itly for hang
ing onii the walls. Also, on haind, a liine
- iz ph llotographl frnesl(. allI in a rtistic
style. Alwyis on hanni a full line ol
(Casket s andI cofhinIl', all sizes a 11d si v les,
ain1( prices. el t l hiouris t o wait
tl)a Con estomers. CJofli)s t r'innned(' in'
aniy style, and when~l so) desired, wiill ho
trintnedC~ anid shipped~ to anty poinit o1n
lRailroad firee of extirn charge.
Thnkin g you for' Past favors, anid
solictiting youri fur tther' lpatr1onage, I ami
R espeOct fully yours,
fehbA-Rin, .
$1 A YEJA?
W if1llCN YOU (O TO
It Witlle Inore tha a "Dollar in
your Pocket." to examine
InInense ~siock of DRI YGOODS before
buin.Wanlt of synee-( forbitis nwA
"iving'" :iy-thio. like 'a full <leseription
of all the gool% we keep ; so we (anI
onygive. a partial pr)ice list:
1 Ioiom-m:14le hbe(-tieking: that will
holdl water, 20, 22 :nl 25v. 1-1 xt ra
havy <drill 74 anid Se ; gool shirth-i
- e :lhe-ivy shir'tinig ; s h'ethig 1. ya ri
wide. 63. 7 and S(-. We sell Ithe best
10e bleace l goods in Ihlva world, It- is a
full yard wide, aml perfectly free from
s'tarch. leavy Jeans 25c, G(:orfi1la jeans
10', North ('arolina jeans 27. 33, 40
a l 43(. All-wooIl I willed edl l'honel
onll 25e; half-wool dress goods 10e;
beautifuil chaigeable dross good.lk 12.'(-.
worth 250 Elegant Silk iletdrvss
goods 25. vorth Best line of
inl the CitY. Ladies cloth for CIRC I.
LABS, all-wool. 11 vards wide, in
black. brown, green. garnet, brOize.
a 1l blue, $1.00 a md $1.10.
Walkiit)g Jackets and ioaks from
$1.25 n1.
I 1:liI's atl ( gentIs F lanneli Vetts fromt~
12 pair Ladlies Wite llose for O0e.
12 palir "' clore'1 '- - $1.00.
We will sell you aL full b)one(d, silk
embrhuoider'ed, 5-hook 75c (;orset for
50e ; (donu't forge't this).
our! $ I.40) hlvy sprIead is a bargain.i
lied comifor'ts 900, $1 .0), $1 .10, $1.00,
$1.75". $2.00, $2.50, $3 00.
W~e carriy th e lar'gest stOck of
in1 th Iupper)WI part of the State. We'
4aflndle Gree n ille K nit tinugCotton,
40. per l b ; hKnitt ing W ool 12.je petr
hi:m uk, 01r $1 .00 pe r l b.
SP'E(C IA L -E very cuistomeri buyW
inig Goods~ to the amounit of QNE DOL
LAR~ or' more, wvill be pretsentetd with
oeof our hulsomoe CHi ISTfMA S
PL1AQUESy each one of t hem is a work
of Art, andu for' decoratinlg purp'1oses~
If' y'ou cant not c'omie send( f'or Sam.
pies alnd Price List.
I e reenill, S C.
Watche,- Clocks, Jewelry,
&c., &c.
Dec 21-ty

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