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pe %ansleg 5esenger.
g 'Mr. J. T. Arnold, after Feb. the
1st, will become the traYeling agent for
Legal Advertising. -Parties having
Legal advertli4ements to publish, are
reminded tht there is no law govern
ing the matter, and guardians, admin
i-trators. execuitors and ot ris, can
have their printing donle att any offlCe
they may designati. 1i As Ti
ME9SSENOI offers a much lower rate
for such work thai has been the rule
heretofore in this section, those having
the interest of their charge in mind,
will make a note of this fact.
--The farmers are buying supplies
(1uite freely now and trade rece'ntly
hias brightened up considerably.
-Capt. Thornley, wvith his estima
ble l.dy, passed through town last
-McB. has a slight idea of studying
medicine, and has already begm prac
ticing a little.
-Mis Lula Clyde has returned
home. and will of course liven ip the
drooping spirits of the. young men.
with her gentle smiles.
-W. S. Puees, the clever traveling
manl of the live house of M. C. & J. S
Keises & Co., of Atlanta, was in town
last week.
-Wonder if the climate of Charles
t1on effects ou1r editor like this climate
does? gives him a chilly sensation whuile
out promenading at night.
-The High School of Easley con
tines to flourish uider the manage
ment of Prof. Moore. It numbers now
considerably over 100 students.
-The guano houses in Easley are
)eing well illed with munerois brands
of fertilizers for the farmers.and the air
is much perfumied with t he odor.
-Attention is called to the new ad
vertisement of Grady & King, Guano
dealers. They carry good brands at
reasonable rates.
-W. M. Iagood & Co have ju-4 re
cived at new and beaatiful line of dress
good1s. The ladies would (10 well to
call and inspect them
--Kquestrhiismn is becoming quite a
fashionable amusement in~ our lit tle
town. T1he young ladies seem to en joy
it hugely, notwithstanding they
"'it's nice and muddy,"'
-We see a good many peop~le,
Pickens County (lancing attendance to
t he extra term of U. S. GCourt ini G reen
ville. Wonder if owr peop~le will nev
er learn to let "blockade" alone?
-Isaac Williams' advertisement for
the sale of guano will appeair next
week. His supply will arr'ive in a day
or so. H~e desires his friends to see
him before purchasing elsewhere.' It
--Messrs. Dobbins and Baker, of
Baltimore,Semmes, Bradshmaw, Browvn,
Peck and Ware, of Atlanta, and L. R.
White, of Liberty. Va., were among
the commercial tourists who visited
Easley this week.
--T'1he Paidorean Society, of Pied
mont Institute, Pickens C. 1H., are to
have an Oyster Supper next Fridlay
evening, the 15th., tihe proceeds to be
used in the purchase of a Library. The
young men will do all in thejir power
to make it an enjoyable occasion to vis
itora nscalnly
-Our Editor seems to be highly ap.
preciated in our midst. Onq. young
andy rekmarked, ho vas the smartest
and the sweetest young man In town.
We can't %ay much for Jier taste.
-Dr. S. W. Clayton and W. N
Payne, of Central, passed. throtigh
towii on Monday en route to Green
ville, drivhig a pair of splendid "bays."
with the "ealico" pair of ponies fol
lowing behind.
-We notiled Mesqrs. Robinson &
Wyatt are preparing to build a Ware
house in rear of their Store-room.
Their business continues to grow and
increase and of course more room i re
(lired. Success to you boys.
-A severe storm of wind, raini, hnIl
anI vivid light idng and.h -avy thunder
visited us on 'Ihirsday morning, about
3 oelock, and lasted for about two
hours. It was the heaviest storm th-it
has been witnessed here for some tiie
-Th_ Editor Is absent on a visit to
his parents and friends in Charleston
where it. is sure he will be taken c-ire (if.
Our readers will please overlook the
short-coning of the paper this week in
consequence of his absence. Ie will
be at his post. again next week.
-Our reader s need not fear whenl
Lhev behold our coliumns tilling ill)
w t'I adver'tisemenits, that they will get
no reading mItter, for if p'ronage
warrans it, we will add 4 pages inore
"%P1sh1" is our m1ol to, and we are on1
the high road to success.
-We unitentionally omitted last
week, to imention the serlo'is illness of
Mrs. A. S. Akins. - who his been con.
filed to her bed for several weeks.
She, we iliderstand, is in a critical con
(ition, but we hope soon to be able to
record leri recovery.
-\We have been having Spring-like
weAther for the pAst few dalys, and we
notice Sole of thi trees are "bud
ding," and if it continues through the
week, we may expect to see plenty of
peach blooms, but i h -y had better heed
Velinor's predictions, and hold in for
awhile longer.
-W. 0. Singleton, who resides on
the "'Old G r'anny Couch'' lant at ion'
off'ers. free of charge, 500 loads of good
wood, alr'eady cut, to any person who
will hasul the same away pre'viouIs to
March 20th. T1his is a fine oppotunity
'or those having woodl to buy to ecure
Sfree of cost.
-Our town seems lonely, espeially
to the y'oung ladIies, since our " 01(d
hachelor "' friend his goneto the coun
try. We veritably believe lie left town
for fear' of being "proposed to," this
being Leap Year. Never back ont
Waish; she wvouldI no dou,t build your
tires, and take good care of you. i~e
comes in town once a week, and gives
us a call but looks pretty shy.
-3Mr. Ben. Simpson, Special Agent
of the Postoffice Department, came to
this place on Saturday night last to in..
vesti gate the robbery oif the Postoflice,
committed last week. Wht h the nid of
our very clever and efficient Postmas
ter, they soon secured evidence sufil
cienit to cause the arrest of a young
colored boy, Quiller Owens. A prle
liminary hearing was held before Trial
.Justice Gossett on r1Tesda y, who bound
the witnesses over to appear at the
April TIerm of the U. S.-Court, to be
held In Charleston. The n~rison~er was
committed to jail at Greenville In de
faNult of h60Id. which was placed at two
thousand dollars2 The'-circiumstautlal
evidence against the accused wais very
strong. The Special Agent, lowcvqr,
kept back some of Is strongest and
best proof until the case comes uI) for'
-Miss Emma Geregory, who resides
with her nucle, 1in this town, returne
from a brief visit to her paretia in
Union, on last Friday. From haste
i her re urn, it would seem that she
has the Etisley fever, and had left her
heart here and hurried back to see after
it, although she was gladly welcomed
back by -all. At any rate, we shall see
what we (o- see, and will publish the
notice free grat i-.
-This is the Secold month of Leap
Year, and we have yet to heatr of one
propos-il frot our fair damsel)s.S. We
have waited patiently to record the
tirst mar-iage brought about by Leap
Year privileges. Recollect the eh'nce
only occtirs every 4 years, anld then
consider that 4 more years will be ad
ded to your age. The boys are waiting!
Better to "make hay while the son.
-Th- first Quarterly Conferece, of
Pickens Circuit, was held at the Meth
dist Church in this place on last Sat
rday and Sunday. A goodly itiuber
of Imeilbers wvere preseit, and the P.
E. congratulated them %it their large
ittenldanet, and good Financial show
hh,;. ')The Elder preachedt flie andl~ in
structive sertmois both days. ills sub
ject on Sunday was the origiu and his
tory of Methodisin, this being the one
h11111dredth year of its fo'undation.
-Great complaint is made about the
stopping tip of the country road leading
from the. Pumpkintown road beyond
Dukes Mill, in the direction of E. 11.
Bates'. People are forced to travel
much fartler and over mighty bad
roads to reach this place. We need a
public road into this section of the
country, and we call upon our live and
enterprijing bo.ard of County Commis
4ioners to see to it that this road is laid
out and built; it woutl add greatly to
the convenience of the public, and
wouldl be of inestimable benefit to our
townt. We hope the citizens will aid
the Comm iission ers in thi s important
Horse Stolen and Recovered.
On the night of the 7th inistant .some
one, wit h'Mut the fear of t he~ law btefore
his eyes, entered Mr'. Elias Day's sta
bles, just above town, and bridled one
of his h >rses aInd cameW directly through
Easley, tking tIhe roadl to Libert y. A r
riving ini about thrce-quarters of a mile
of Liberty ha abandoned the horse,
as is supposedl, on account of his slow
speed (althnngh a goodl hiorse). and go
ing to the station, was seen by a smrall
boy to secrete huimse~lf bet w( eni t hu
tender of the engine andl a box car and
"steal his way out'" miuoolsted. Ow
ing to t he early houir, and the dlistance
the boy could not tell whether he was
white or colored1.
Mr. D~ay and HI. A. Richey started in
p~ursuit as5 soon as5 convenient after
missing the antimal, and tracked him
directly to t he above-named p~lace,
where they found him taken care of.
Mi. Richey retuned to Easley with
the horse, wille Mr. nnuy went on to
Central with the hope of Interceptiig
the thief at thit.polnt. On his arrival
there he was informed that a man had
landed there that morning, answering
the deScription given of the free-rider
front Liberty, and that he was the cele
brated " Banjo picker and Clog dai
eer* "' of Greenville, and his tname wa<
"Babe" Douald4ou, and that he ha.t
gone to IIdy, Sprhigs, near old Pei
ileton. Mr. Day, havingloaeth
thief, as h,- thought, returned to Easley
on the 3.07' p. 1i. train, procured a
waranit for "Babe," and in company
with Mr. Richey, returned to Central
on the 5.52 p. in. traiti, and arriving
safely, proci ured a conveyance, and was;
soon in the vicinity of their game. Af
ter a little skirmishing and surveying,
they approached the house, inquired
after the "Babe," and was Informed
by his wife (for what reason they know
not.) that he was not at. home. They
insisted on seeing him, whereupon h.
stepped out with, "Here I am. gentle
men, wh'it will you have ?" 'Ihey hi
formed him, and he very quietly sub
mitted, but of course declaring his in
nocence. Tiey arrived here the next,
morning, aid placed the "Babe"-- not
in the cradle--but in the guard-house.
watched it close, pumped 1m, and felt
sure they had enough proof to convict
him. But be it said for Mr. Day, he
gave him every chance to establish his
innocenlce before seiding him to jail,
and after naming parties lie was with
iii Greenville on the night before,
until a late hour, Mr. Day proceeded
to that place and found his statement-s
true; but (uhring his absence Elias El
lison appeared and testified that the
"Babe" came over on the morning
train, he hiimqelf coming over oi the
satmie train, whereupon he was released
by Justice Gossett. Not damited in
the least, and h1 ving an eye to busi
ness. he procured a banjo, "picked it,
clog-danced," &c.. passing arounl the
iat, until he had sectired enough of
the needful to carry the "Babe" back
to his little cradle at home. He had a
narrow escape from theu clutches of the
law tnrough circumstantial evidenice.
The actual thief is still at large, but it.
is hoped he may yet be captured.
Our Cotton Market has been quiet
and~ lowetr. Sales for the week -
bales. We quote:
[email protected]
Floutr per barrel [email protected]$
I Shirt|0%.....................5G
4- " ................................... o
Prints ...................................... @ 84
[email protected]
Eggs................................15 420)
Butter............................15 r?.0
Shicke a ..................... ...1 O2
[email protected]
The many friendIs of EMIAS E.
MA ULDIN r'espectfuiliy announce his
niame as a candidate for Sheriff of
Pickenis county, at the etnsiug ee-.
tion, subject to action of thle D~emo
cratic CJonvenitioni. feb 1-td
g..The numierouis friends of 0. L.
DURtANT recspectfully aInnounce his
tinme as a canid~ate for rec-election . to
the office of School Commissioner of
Pickenis county, subject to Primary
election. feb 8-td
gg The many friends of J. B.
CLi'uE respectfully present his name
to the voters of Pickens county at Pri
mary elect ion, for the r'e-appoia nmentL
of County AudItor. feb 8-..td

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