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J. R. HAGOOD, .E.ditor.
IN our absence last week, the
Foreman of the office commented
(1(litorially on the recent murder in
Greenville,and supposed the cause
to be whiskey. Upon this suppo
s-ition the "GU reenville Daily
News" takes issue with TiE MEs
SENGER, in the form of a brief ed
itorial. We allow our Foreman
space for a reply, and what he
says in this issue herewith receives
our endorsement
'Thle "(reenville Daily News'
takes us to task inl reglard to our
editorial reiarks on the recent
inurder committed Ithere. Ie says:
Speaking of ti. unIrer here, the
Ea4ey Me.ssenger says:
"Another. vcohlhhnnial mur1der inl
( reeiville #nI t SimiIdar. ott i coloredl
No etnise, n I 114tl I ikelof 't lhiws
weO sulppose G reen Ivill hI be . . 1)t-comeII
note-d for. Sneh r i lli the past t wo
year. 1 it t ha-ir bhad whi.skey , or are
thy nattn'-ahy v gamei?* We will charget
ilt o t h1 - aeccurse td wikher.
)ur esteemned votm('11 p'orny i in 4er
r1r. 'Ile rIl Mltler -a oie oft ha l
ful I e t f t w - ( rf et S briet , anI
hnI told IbI i - , I to aI -I - -V ai it i zti
perniciousl b1 thit Ofr frii from he
i i liv s of 1r yea r y il,.I mm i.
cil th f t e b vot -;I \avw h
are.1b1 r uhateen.-1 wolnt iel1 h.- of i h
people wi d lihy ( i n i wn brl.wOA- I I I
bealutifill :n lt' dep )-1 flimn ti bl ar
od , r i l.her.a . i 'y T, d I Iw ho r
meny whodi e t >m1 inIe1 . w!! lhe t r'&A- -
elliCI it' 'i'llM :4 f; iit whi
Whll wil <>r qo d n n their
e entl f or .ki v to w h.:-.0
r e in thI' e I) I a iel - i
no btker without iOnteminl leotinu
kilinst i. 4ilnt. annIuphtin
tillAOze trilth bun dopharm in m n
* the Wh iiy h 4) n hi t'o
dt ither etl'.so tra-ely. A!!'r -
Whe y idhe nit inver the' ntirse
:u-tIice Ti. s in.wich1u
reoul thon, afterlwhisey "as ' it I i s
setal rirwhiht to be i sICC->h
I es Jame01 c~s iM. ollourgh shont
Ephis Splaxont tugh' te he
d eayed ;i th rgol ith pray th
consequence of the too free use of
alcoholie drinks. Can tile editor
inform us whether the parties were
"'sober' or not, when tile row orig
illated the night. previous? Wve
wait for an answer. All mei that
are avqluainted with Greenville and
the history of its colored "frolics"
or "fairs,'' knov that there is no
such a thing as entire sober frolics
among the.n.
If he cannot allow a Pickens
county journal lo say anything
agasnst the evils of the city of
Greenville and its bar-rooms, we
have a igi-hit to demanId of him inot
to publil as "facts" Such arti
cles as appeared in his padper of
the 15th inst. in regard to one of
our citizens aiutl his family affairs,
which reads as follows
"CTTIm .\i.: !A I n I N 1 E NS.
On MIo:I; v nit. ThE. Ste'wart re
IlIriled I( il. h Iun e in (ik nlls c' nti v.,
having') vi ,Ited Ih- city d i' I') 11he da'r
I Iv putl- hli., m'ile inl the stable.1 11 m lwhe
il dissIt iStio a pp1re 1t Y wit-h tit, he-h
'tavior of' the :luliml.Ll hoigan~ beeating it
Ir. \\-tewari' wi ' anl (I uto hjer anld
oneml i h l . lo(w ml hevamil 4o (.1
-aeit is .1-. 1that all t hrve of t heml
r111 ilo l inio' the st ah!e. 'I'lh - <l ihter.
w h o111 is ) g , w V'. )hW In wI ie;(,
Ilu-ir fat hekr. The ihmg.eruse all ax
11- the h)y his kif, with whil he
la ugfrol y ha b d1 )r lie w.- in
,r times. Th N da h er inUieteI I
wound about Ht br iICh s d-eep inll t1
.iiv of brest a few i':cos belowv Ihe
Ibll ser.Ihis bto ht ia'o given wh 1 ib
h1: woundte 1 m1:m1 W. s t r-ying to es.
-pe. M .e 11i1:1lv wet wnvy r I~u %isa
)llatth. SI l0.'itioll t ta1t 1ee end
X ts ivr el.iou ls, . fata1 ith b e
Now woho lihas ii t)1 1 o s itt Ifn
ury, the --New s" Or T111.: MI..s
E':G1".It,? T P: i.s I:"Na in supp1))o
es fowd set f t ner in thle.
-Itv of tireenville wvere dru1n1k, andi
nill asserts timt rhea n I bears0.- uS
-t il that suppo)ition, taking the
uli g ofhitacon.o'te'f
air,, who ran :r;il, ei
manills atnothe in coldw floed
Aven4gin a I si blow wiath a pilaU, shot
aif etoe." hn t as i
Nowe who can, -ior ill, abelieve
lhti a "co o sober. man" awoud
tonoe andtit execut 4)ndsu (an atro
In realrdom Mr. Stewart.d i
failyt mattr, tf'lhe News"ds
Sir-I see l oin yu pper of yester-day
anl article headed, "Citting allir in
Piekens." There is not a word of triut I
inl the statement. in regard to my fani
ly . I was cut by some10 onc, and my
faimily fomid met! inl the road betweenr
my houseand stablles,aind commenced
screTMing anid vas heard by the neigh
bors. Your informait has, I preS1111,
told what he imagiied, or intended to
sander me and( my family.
R espect fully.
T1. W, STEwAer.
"TIhere is enough sin and sor
row in this world attributable to
(family feuds) without inventing
testimony against it. Such asser
tions as those of ("The News")
not only antagonize the truth, but
do hotrm in many ways.'
We h la( nothing to say in re
gardl to the Stewart affair last
week, as we were waiting for tle
(developilelt of facts, andio will say
to "The News'' that if it will, in
future, obtain facts inl regard to
our citizens, we will try al'd get
facts in regard to the G ree nville
negroes am~d lher //ei/~// bar
r'om C. O late we have notice(I
the ailertniess (if the "News'' in
seing u pon aIy hlapepings in
this ('ounty. ald she 11,y expect
to hear froi us occasionially.
We 11 Inow le-ave the matter, to
the peple to doecile whi'ih has
(101e1 th e most injury-Tlin: .Ms
SENG:R in //ppos//a 1)arty of
(.;reen ville negroes were (1rilluk. o
the "News" in axsYei/// that a
Pickens (Count y family 11had butch
ered the husband anid father for
.hieatinmg his own mule."
"'Te News," beingi: the only
Daily publishlel inl the , , upper part
of the State, should man flly ex
vrt i!self to suppress all evilS, es
l)(L'all suc11 h a; are almost weekly
resulting fromi the too free use of
GIreenville wvhiskev, ii as much as
it is the (list ributing p:>int ot that
beverage for its own, Pickens,
Spartanburg an U mon1 iiOicoun rties,
the last named thbree ( fortun mately')
1 )rAnii MIE(x1': Tlhings are
thmha fe'llow wvill drift aga~inst am
sngonce andl awhifle. Your corres
auger~(-ho0 i 'tle S.1)on .1 Iws t t h dei n lie
hiw'l him1. Yiet he4 will perSeverePt for..
ever amli a <hiv.
Theu rp~jort i-s curren't t hatL' theC editor
of T ILE MIFSSENG ER has just ret turned
from~n a visit to (Iharleston, whILre he
mt hisfate. We well kno1w if the walls
of his sanctiuml coubIl talk they' woull
spcak of nothiung but cherry lips, silken
B~obbyV its glorious, bu t we hope y'ou
d1(1id ot get accused of being a Ilirt.
Misses Essie Russ(el andI~ Lula Giood
ini Pickenis, leadinig sweetiess to the
mountain air. We grive them the mod
est intvitation to come again.
Two young ladies brought a drum
mier to the Thorniley Hotel the other
day amd ordered "chicken gizzard"
for his dinner. What about tOhat?. Its
pr1etty bad whenv a fellow Can't get
anything out of a girl but a (her) giz
Several of the young people up here
were invited to Easley Valenthine par
ty, but being lfinrmed that "gizzards"
was all there was for them, they en
tered a plea of "'not guilty."
Candidates are begin nig to nose
a'roun1d s.lt.hlomewht.
Lawyer T. C. Robiuson Ntill sooi
move bis family to tow*n.
The Methodists are collecting a good
Sabbath School Library.
St. Valentine carried around a few
love Imessaeges oil the 14th.
Thw boys of the "Mountain Boy"
hiterary Society gave aiot Supper, or
rit her Oyster Stipper last Friday night.
The cltouds5 darken, thickened and low
erd'(l a little while before iight, but
about assembintig time they "rolled hy'
:Unid le ft a clear atmosphere, and dal
eiln.g "tars. The oysters and the otiher
('atables Iwere served bv lads and lasses
to (e mples conlple-d iln cou1plinig corl(n'is
4111l they were goo1, but the non-eita
bles bent th.- entables. Everybody vt,
a:uw looked like they were havin'P a
nlice time, &c.,I mosatly the &c. 1It,
bor' realizedl a ni e little sutn of eah
to he used inl pmrchasinig books for
thcir LiarY. Tite did move on
cratlelce'bhot thle old Father after whffih
po I 'I o even on h It clock :1i
sail, "ti- w\ill ti for t h's jtim , I prom
.S(l V'I ie l 1 h -vre ik iI:w)ie in store for
vot''." The sirowd .lowl marche l u orl
a:1 . w"e all St:u-led ( 1 ho:ne we heard
W:I' fellow, ito had lecd IIh, lazy
?t,)11 of ti:-' s :
"Wh -.'ll w.e t wo mii eet ag d'.I?
In thi:ialer, in liitninig or i rain'''
L:'gal A dvet Isiug. --lartie.- having
bea :''a.vertiemlit0s to p hare
remboleI If -d t hI I here tII ,1 is n hIwIa\190 1II g v r -
inglo th m t IIIatt er, an gI I rd ian111!, m1d Imin -
i 1t to , I xe I Iors and ot h1 irs, ca Im
thierv nmiy de'signate. z&'' As Tiu i*
NI iE8N( ER. otffel's a utilleh lower r'ate
Ior sne'' wom'k than ha~s beent the rule
heriet otore ini thi,~ sect iont, those ha~ving~
theinerstof thir ch large in inid,
wil ae a nte( of tii faet.
Furniture House,
AINI D irn ishi youri I louses ini elegan t
L71 t yle for' the Shlummer' with a nice
L inie oif 1N 15tea(ds, Maittresses, Bu -
reu,- TLabIles. St :Iads, C hairs, Ilockeri*,
if Lo:iubiscpe chr'omos in 22x30) inch
framtes, chor)1d, &c.. ll read(ly for' ha~ung
ing on t he walls. Also, oni hawtl, a line
f eahuiniet. promUEnadeh panel and~ (e-ird
~ ,ize)1 pht ograph)1 fr'ames. all in arti.-t i
style. A\lwayrs on1 handl a inll line of
( a:sket S andi (I(nfline al~ l ize audS~ 1( style.
hlturial R~ob~e for each1 Ise x, a1Illal ities'
:Lnd prices. Ready1 at al 1hour Is t o wahi.
11pon1 (cstoiners. ('oflio tritimie-! in
trlmimed anid shtippedC to any point onii
hI;milro~uil fre.e of e xtra: charge.
Thnking yout for past favors, and
soiiigyour~ fur'ther pa:t.ronaIiige, I ami
feb 8--Smn

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